The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, April 20, 1901, Image 1

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nr thx posTomcE at Lincoln
Office 1132 NBtreet, Up Stairs.
Telephone 384.
Subscription Rates.
Per annum 1150
Six months 1 00
Rebate of fifty cents on cash payments.
Single copies 05
Teb Gorans will not be responsible for toI
nntary communication unless accompanied by
return tosUfe.
. Communications to receive attention, must
be sixned by the toll name of the writer, not
merely at a guarantee of good faith, but for
publication if advisable,
American Educational Exhibit.
The educational exhibit of the Uni
ted State3 at the Paris Exposition
was awarded by the international
jury forty three Grands Prix, sixty
three gold medals, forty silver medals,
eighteen bronze medals and nine lion- subjects
orable mentions. Only France itself
made so tinea display. The space
assigned was comparatively small, but
the result was advantageous, as there
was no room for repetition. The
number of exhibitors was two hun
dred and fifty and their display cov
ered the whole field of school and col
lege education as it exists in this
country. The effectiveness of the ex
hibit was greatly increased by a sys
tem of statistical charts, graphic
diagrams and tables; by the use of
photography, illustrating school and
college architecture, and the methods
employed in instruction and results
obtained; by a display of students'
work in all grades and by a series of
monographs, freely circulated, and
prepared by specialists under tha gen
eral editorship of Dr. Nicholas Mur
ray Butler of Columbia University.
The effort put forth to make this
educational exhibit of the United
States a creditable representation of
the work of the schools, colleges and
universities of this country has been
well rewarded, not only by medals
but especially by the application of
the technical instruction committee
of the city council of Manchester to
the Paris commission for the loan of
the exhibit for a limited time. Al
derman James Hoy, on opening the
exhibit in Manchester, "made very
complimentary speeches in regard to
the educational methods in the Uni
ted States, believing them to be the
cause of American force and individu
ality. Interest in the subject has
prevailed throughout England and
an American observer states that "no
other incident in recent years has
created in England so much interest
in American civilization and Ameri
can schools as this exhibition of
school workinJdanchester.''
Mr.'Ernest Seton Thompson.
Mr. Seton-Thompson has the easy,
confidential, story-telling manner. He
deserved the largest audience of the
season, but he spoke to a few a late
Saturday-afternoon in Lincoln and to
fewer in the evening. Id the after
noon Mr. Seton-Thompson spoke espec
ially to the children. After the in
imitable fashion of listening, credu
lous youth, the children watched him,
as he stoodwithin-the rays of the
lantern; his shaggy head and rugged
features in alternate light and deep
shadow. To his personal, confidential
style, which possesses the fascination
of a low-voiced recital to one selected,
choice listener, the children were im
mediately responsive. To the habitu
ally pleasant voice of a naturalist Mr.
Seton-Thompson adds literary discrim
inaiioa and artistic ability as well as
a refreshing unconsciousness of the
excellence of his performance. A
more intimate and devoted friend of
animals than Mr. Kipling, who knows
them only in a literary way, by that
mysterious certainty of intuition by
which people who write know so many
they have not matriculated
not only in gait, colbr, height and
shape from every other horse, but
each horse lias a character as posi
tively ascertainable as his color, size,
etc. Mr. Seton-Thompson has chosen
to get acquainted with the psycholog
ical bear, wolf, mustang, fox or skunk.
No disagreeable odors or undemon
strated tradition have been able to
prejudice him against any wild ani
mal, large or small, which chance or
emboldened by the attitude of the
several members of the excise board
which Indicates that they really
wish to know the truth and the whole
truth, some of the saloon-keepers re
ported that in former years a contri
bution to the "Antl Saloon League,"
deposited on Mr. Wolrenbarger's desk
had resulted in the immediate witln
drawal of Mr. Wolfenbarger's objec
tions to the saloon whose nronrietors
his everlasting search has brought exhibited presence of mind enough to
into his neighborhood. His hopes and
beliefs concerning animal ratiocin
ation occasionally, (it seems to me,
but not conclusively; lead him to
ascribe a more elaborate intellect, to a
bear, for instance, than something that
goes on four legs, is all covered with
fur and that cas not talk, possesses.
join the league against, their own
Dusiness. After a few saloon-keepers
testified to having made these con
tributions to Wulfenharger or the
"Anti-Saloon League" others remem
bered contributions which they had
made to the reform and testified to the
same. Messrs. Billingslev and Greene
But he is more nearly-right than-were-also-accused of stilling consci
entious scruples against the issuance
of license to a saluon for a considera
tion of seventy-five dollars.
The alleged conduct of Mr. Wolfcn
barger has brought the local anti
saloon movement into ridicule, but
of course there are honest and sincere
temperance men and women who will
eventually rehabilitate it. It is very
difficult now to explain how saloon
keepers were induced to contribute to
the Anti-saloon League. In a few
months the incident will be buric(
out of sight and an explanation will
he unnecessary. In the meantime as
usual, after the spring excise-board
scare licensed saloons are running on-
those who think that instinct which
acts automatically and has no con
nection with reason, or conscious de
duction, and is given to every animal
in like quantity and quality, is the
only guide the beasts of the field and
fowls of the air have to depend upon.
J jc
The Annual Saloon Investigation.
Every year at this season in Lin
coln the saloon licenses are granted or
withheld by the newly elected excise
board. The members of the board in
vestigate the record which each
saloon has made during the year.
Saloons like animals have each a sep
arate and distinct character. The schedule time, and the proprietors are
for, Mr. Seton-Thompson is reckoned policemen are familiar with the pe
first among the great interpreters be- culiarities of each saloon and this
tween beast and man. The state uni
versity located at Lincoln is supposed
to be teaching the choice tluwer of
the youth the art and practice of lit
erature. There are other universities
here which advertise to do the same
work. Mr. Seton-Tliompson's English
and his exposition of his intimacies
with animals, as an example of how
to speak the English language cor
rectly, would be of more value to stu
dents than any number of perfunctory
lectures. There are perhaps five or
six thousand undergraduates in Lin
coln or near it. Not more than five
hundred people heard this specialist
who is first in his profession. But at
the university the sentimental Barrie
is the idolized model.
Mr. Seaton-Thompson s pictures and
Stories of the animals he had lain
under a garbage-heap for a day to
watch, were more interesting than
the printed stories of the same beasts.
When the middle-aged rellect upon
the number of favorite authors, whose
personal appearance has been a shock
and an insult to the pre existing im
age in the minds of admiring readers,
the statement that an idolized auth
or's figure, face, hair, voice, costume,
and manner is satisfactory and be
yond their wildest dreams of
tion for him, is sufficiently
Everyone knows who has investigated
the character of animals even super
ficially, that they can not be studied
in the mass. Each horse is different
year they have been induced to make,
before the excise board an unusually
frank analysis. The Klondike on
East O street is the theatre for cut
ting and shooting frays. The Lindell
saloon is said to open and shut with
no regard to the opening and closing
rules which the law establishes and
to which most of the saloons conform.
The Boyd saloon is also suspected of
disregarding the clock, the sun and
the law in opening and closing. May
or Winnett, Dr. Finney and Mr.
Woods believe they were elected by a
law and order element and that they or cake is squeezed otT and the patient
refusing all privileges to minors. The
thousand dollars they have just paid
to the city has demonstrated anew
the value of a license and increased
their unwillingness to break the laws
the penalty for which is the forfeiture
of the license.
"The Master Knot of Human Fate.""
Novel readers do not willingly read
a prob!em novel. A pill is occasionally
a necessity; but for my own part J
prefer to take it unconcealed by jelly
or bread or cake. The bitter, hard,
obstinate thing is there and in its
passage through the throat the jelly
must do what they can to enforce the
law limiting the evil of saloons.
For a number of years Mr. Wolfen
barger a temperance agitator has ap
peared before the board in the spring
remonstrating against the issuance of
any licenses. The peculiarity of his
petitions and objections is, that every
saloon is charged with the same sort
of lawbreatcing. The Hoover saloon,
the Klondike and all the rest are
can follow the journey of the pill to
the stomach with very little difficulty
The jelly coating is an aggravation
and a concession to squeamish ness
which adults despise. When a pill is
indicated it is better to bolt it with a.
swallow of water perhaps to smooth
its passage. On the other hand there
are people who have not learned the
futility of disguising bitter pills of
truths. In order to get the medicine
charged with selling to minors, keep- into systems it has been coninounded
ing open after hours, covering up the to cure, various social reformers wrap
up ineir tueones of how to make :t
windows, etc. Doubtless Mr. Wolfen
barge r years ago prepared mimeo
graph copies of his remonstrances and
he has only to fill in every year the
perfec- rather piquant names of the saloons,
strong, such as the Last Chance, the Little
Gold Dust, the Alhambra, the Abbey,
the Cathedral Close etc. By the same
token the saloon-keepers have not
lost all sense of humor. This year
theories of
wicgea world better in a story of love
and administer it to those who wilt
not read lectures or essays.
The Master-Knot of Human Fate,,
by Ellis Meredith, an unknown auth
or, (Little, Brown Co. of Boston
is the story of a modern deluge
Instead of Noah and bis wife and
their son and his wife there is a man.