The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 22, 1899, Page 6, Image 6

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Profeaional Directory.
Offlco 658
Dr. O. 0. Reynolds
lOlilco rooms 1810, 1 10 to 1 n
llurr Block V a to' ,).m
iHos. 2548qdt I But to
IDr. S. E. Cook
f Eye, Ear, Nobo and Throat
f 2-5 p m
I nm
1215 oat.
'c ""tor. Ben. P. Bailey 01
lo 671.1 . . f Roi
Evenings, by nppointmont. Suuuny a 12 to 1 p.
I Olllco, ZobruuR Mock j 9 to 10 n in
Resilience, 1313 C stroot ) 2 to 4 p m
in. nnd hy npiioiiitmcnt.
IDr. J. B. Trickey,
I RofiactioniBt only
) J 9 to 12 a. tn
VOfTlco, I035O stroot VI to 4 p.m.
gocial and Pergonal
I , . . , ( Ofllce, rooms 26, 27 arid J
oaico RaoALouis N. Wente.D.D.S. i.nrowoii Block, mi-
) f so 11th stroot. J
Lincoln Infirmary of Osteopathy,
Farmers and Merchants Building.
Bufiiiness Directory.
ORlco, 12, 10, Montjomory blk ) r i rUrmUavc S Ral Estate, Firo Insur
Phono 507. Res G4.r North 10 $ - VV. namDerS anco Surety Bonds.
rHKRlJsTiNE " "
8 AT S
There is none to eq ual it in elegance 2
The line is complete in everything.
: Riggs Pharmacy
LANDY C. 6LARK, Agent.
1009 O street.
Telephone 105.
Ur0lOtOOOC'0J9fM0 O 0310I3C'01001wU'0'
ftl?otO SPplJg8.
Ff fimgmmmLmmwmtmmlmmm
I I WillMilllllllllllllHraiKllllllKk
'L--r.,-TTmmmmmmmrrr. -T---J2XT
" -vtjwssf;
k:. irui n Qf
IW. 1UT1 V VJfc.
Llncoln, Nebr.
: k$ 4g Ms Ms $ Ms $ $ s 4Ns 4tk t -i 4K$
t a
1 6 6 -Vft " 6 - 6 - tt -" t 6 . 6 -" 6 -i
i o - & - fr
V aInn AnuoTHAMo
Ak S ) ( 1 7
Rooms 27-28 Webster Block, South 11th.
i viniiniiu ITllL. ?
jj And instruction given in Oil, Pastel, and Crayon 7
Ulf Lessons Every Afternoon.
ait? w v w v w v
Society folk have not boon entiroly Thoy wore Misses Annie Gregg, Blanch
idle this week, although no largo affuirp Farquar, Frances Crombio, Ida Wood,
have boon given and activities havo Charlotto Spurck.and Anna Smith. Mrs.
been confined largely to the "buds," Swan presided at a prottily decorated
pooplo of moro maturn years proferring table from which ices and cakes vrero
ub a rulo to remain quiet, tho two ex served. Mrs. Will Owon Jones played a
coptions in partioB of any hIzo being the
roception for Mr. and Mrs. Loavitt, and
tho parly given by Mosdamcs Hardy
and FosHlor for Mrs. AnBley. Tho N. N.
T's affair at Mrs. Macfarland's on Wod
needay evening was very pretty, and tho
presence in tho city of Senator Thui'B
ton's daughters was tho opportunity for
H M Dunn, dentist; rooms 20-7 burr blk Subscribofor The Couiuku $1 n year
Gluck-Joseffy number, Miss Jessie Lan
sing sang "Spring Song ' and the "Sol
dier's Love", Mr. Fred Shepherd made a
short addresF in which he spoke of the
regret felt by the people of the church
at tho coming parting from Mr. ard
Mrs. Loavitt who go soon to Boston to
reside. At tho close o? his ta'lc Mr.
tho gathering of tho Bamo "garden of Shepherd presented to Mr. and Mrs.
girls" and their attendants for a lawn
party at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. W.
O. Thomas on Thursday evening. East
Lincoln young people havo had some
festal doings Rnd thoro havo been a
number of dinners, small picnics and
various informal affairs.
Quito tho ovont of tho weok in Bocial
circles was tho garden party given
Thursday evening by Mr. and Mrs. V-
Loavitt a handsome etching, and both
responded in words of deep feeling.
MrB. Henry Hurtloy has received two
very interesting letters from her
daughter Miss Mamie who is in Manila
with Mrs. Switchenburg the inspector
general of tho hospital work of the white
cross society. They reached Manila
bay tho 23 of May, a typhoon was blow
ing at the time and they could not land
until the following day. The last night
O. ThoraaB in compliment to their on board tho transport a hop was given
cousins MiBBOB Grace and Jean Thurs- in their honor by the officers of the ship.
ton of Omaha. The lawn and piazza
The lawn and
were brilliantly illuminated with Japan
ese lanterns and headlights and tho
young ladies in their light tummer
frocks made indood a pretty sight.
Music was furniened by a Btiing quar
tette for those who cared to dance, and
spider webs woven among the trees wero
found upon unwinding to torminato
with favors, those for tho .young ladies
being pretty papor trifles from which,
by pulling u cord little caps could bo
drawn. Tho favors for tho mon con
sisted of hornB, whistles and similar ar.
tides. The bouse was fragrant with
nasturtiums and sweet po:iB. Lemonado
was served on tho porch by Miss Cow
dory and a delicious luncheon wjib served
on small tables on tho lawn. The oddly
shaped and gorgeously colored lanterns
threw bright lights over tho morning
dow faces of tho young girls and lads
whoBO fantastic headdresses made of
tho German favors made the idyl com
plete. Tho street in front of tho
The next day they went ashore and at
tho United StateB custom house met
Colonel Cotton and other officers. Miss
Hartley eays Manila is a most splendid
old city. Their hotol is a tine building,
tho room which she occupies is very
large, has in it four large pillars and a
number of long mirrors. She was sur
prised upon entering the dining room
for tho eight o'clock dinner to And tho
American, English nnd French ladies
present all in evening dross. During
the meal the entire company rose and
drank to the health of Queen Victoria,
it being tho good queen's birthday. A
ball was given that evening in honor of
tho anniversary. MisB Hartley says
that sbo is busy from seven iu the morn
ing to eloven at night, is happy and in
love with Manila which she pronounces
"the deareet place I ever saw.''
The T. N. N. club gave a dancing party
Wednesday evening at the spacious home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. MHcFarland.
T!aa Wil1niirlilt 1niA,l .- .U J1HKM
grounds was filled with tho carriages of a 7ZVSZ TT. T
fu.jnan,i ..,iion ., u.. 1L. and icoB wore Borvod between numbers.
ZZ n.;,r;;; r , : r " " Th0 broad ? " alluring resting
spontaneous laughter and evident en
joyment of tho guest?. Even those who
effect to diBlik pootry and all appeals
to and colob ration of color, light, youth
and music, yielded to tho fuiry spell
of a econo like this. Invitations
wore extended to MieseB Margery
and Nancy Lambertson, Gladys and
Louise HargroavoB, JeBsio and liuth
Macfarland, Burnham, Lillibridgo, Ray
mond, DhIop, Camp, Moyor, Fawoll,
Honeywell, Whito, Bennett, Funko,
Woesner, Outcalt, Hunt, Howard;
Messrs Macfarland, Muir.Houtz, Wheel
er, Dalop, Hartley, Mnrnuotto. Lau.
places Tor thoeo who were tired. There
wore present MissoB Outcalt, Funko,
WeeBner, Moyor, Hunt, Cornell, Bennett,
HargroaveH, Muir, Ruth and Jessie Mac
farland, Graco and Joan Thurston of
Omaha, Rose Lillibridgo of Chicago;
Messiri Ike and Arthur Raymond, Lau,
Stein, Fawoll, Giffen, Wheeler; Whit
mun, Brown, Orandall, Perrin, and
Mi6s Graco M. Black and Mr. George
Warren wero married Wednesday after
noon at tho residonco of Mr. and Mrs.
S.J. Dennis, 18U0 L stroot. Father
Bradley of St ThoroBa's pro cathedral
TomEor., Fritz and Edwin Funko, Reh- Performed tho ceremony, using the beau
laondor, Fawoll, Arthur and Iko Ray- titul und impressive service of tho catho
mond, Crandall, Whitman, Stein, Brown ,ic cnurh. Tho houBO wes elaborately
Gill'en, Burnham. ' decorated with llowera and palms. Af
ter congratulations olegant refreshments
A farewell rocoptiou was given to Mr. wore served. Mr. and Mrs. Warren
and Mrs. T. II. Loavitt, Tuesday ovon- hnvo gono east and after their return
ing at tho First Conbregational church, will rosido at Eleventh and B streets In
Miss Marion Kingsley, president of tho a pretty homo alroady prepared for
ladioB' socioty, assisted in recoiving the their occupancy.
nunurou or moio uallors. Refreshments
wero in chargo of tho young ladios of
Mrs. Loavitfs Sabbath school class.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Herman of (155
South Eighteenth streot entertained a
company of frionds Friday ovening. A