The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 29, 1898, Page 8, Image 8

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Harry Safer. Mr. and Mn. C. T. Mr. Frank
Thompson, MiM Gussie Orevling, Miss staff.
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WMiiaa urevuBg. i ow ui, -.. 0 , mot p,ettiDg
Urorge i-imo, r. Den runra, r. . tainioe eocial events of the
Mi. CrevliDB-. Master UBaries ;xhw
bob and Miaa Floaaie Nicholson.
Baekstaff, Mr. Aaron Back- aaeeeaaeaeeeaaaaaataaaaeaeeaawiiiiiii iaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaa
and enter-
season will
take place at the Oliver Wednesday
evening, Not. 2d. Longfellow's Evange-
Wednesday at one o'clock at the home Hoe will be produced in pantomineby
of the bride'e sister. Mrs. F.M. Barnard 160 of the beat talent of Lincoln and
occurred the marriage ceremony of Miss Judging from rehearsals the production
Helen Liddiard McCheane and Mr. W. promiaea to be not only the eTent of this
n t.ii. both of Omaha. Rev. Robert of y aeasons. Mies Mae
iTWTomen Folks
N. Turner officiated. Palms and chrys
aatheaums added beauty to the parlors.
These presant at the wedding were Mr.
aad Mrs. Henry Oliver, .Mr. and Mrs. E.,
E. Brown, Bruce M. Barnard, Mildred
Williams, Helen Oliver, and LeVater
Thompson of Lincoln; Mr, and Mrs.
Mount, Mkses Traeland, Sue Kane,
Hamilton, Margaret Mount acd Sarah
McCheaae of Omaha. The biide has
visited in Lincoln several times and has
woa friends by her vivacicus acd pleas
aat manner. Mr. and Mrs. Aztell will
reside at 418 South Fortieth street, Om
aha, and will ba at home to their friends
after December 101b.
Chancellor and Mrs. MacLean gave a
reception Thursday evening lo the sen
iors of all colleges connected with the
state university. Besides the two hun
dred students there were invited Dean
aad Mrs. Sherman, Dean aad Mrs. Bes-
my. uean ana jstr. rjugreo, jc-u lu
Burr will interpret the leading role aad
will beaupported by a cast comprising
many of the best known people about
Mrs. Mark Tilton entertained about
fifty ladies at sir-banded euchre on
Tcuesday afternoon. A delicious lunch
eon wss served at the close of the games.
The mrrried ladies' prize was won by
Mrs. J. A. Buckstaff and the prize for
ladies by Mks Louise Pound.
Strictly pure maple eyrup and buck
wheat flour at Han.on & Evert's, 1325
O street.
Mrs. A. R. Mitchell entertained the
young ladies of the Delta Gamma fra
ternity on Tuesday evening in honor of
her sister Mrs. Deutsch of Beatrice who
is a charter member of this chapter. .
hate to see Monday come. It means wash day
day. We have provided a plan to 'do away with
the whole disagreeable business a family wash
departmeut added to onr laundry. We rough
dry your wash, all ready to dampen for ironing-,
and iron the flat goods, for 4 cents a pound. No
bundle less than 50 cents. Called for Monday
and Tuesday mornings. Delivered in two days.
Cheaper and better than at home. Saves fuel,
soap, scrubbing and cleaning. Also saves tem
per and ill health. Send a trial order. Tel. 199.
Eters bavmdrvj Go,
Living in Chicago during jubilee week
is like being in a foreign city. If you
find the side walk in front of the audi
torium blocked you may know that the
Chinese minister is expected to walk to
his carrirge in full regalia. Or if you
herself, she considered her face hard
and uninteresting. Mrs. Palmer waa
dressed ia black with a narrow clinging
skirt demi train, embroidered in bril
liants. The waist was 'decollete with
coft, white net mysteriously arranged
about the neck. Her jewels were pearls
and diamonds. The Palmer box waa
next the president's aod later in the
evening she received guests of honor
hear the clatter cf ho-ts you must rush
The Woman's Bimetallic Lsague will to the wiaow ,, in all probability you
meet in the parlors of the Lincoln hotel : KM th president beioe escorted by there.
on Monday afternoon, October 31at. at ii,.iiiinUn.un rr in -hnnninir When the stirine airain-nr th. -a.
--- d . ..... ..... " ""- . rw m n , , .-. -UD uiw
Mrs.Reece. Rezent and Mrs. Morril. p. aa., Dy call ot the president, Mrs. W. th-re is an air of exnecUncy everywhere epmDiea "nner'were heard, we all
a i- n.-i:nra T?-..nt anrf L. Pomerene. .. u : i. --.-. v....;-. u"w mm presraens
Full line of nuts -new crop at Han
son Sc Evert's, 1325 O street.
The informal opening dance of the
Lincoln club at the Lincoln Light In-
The Iowa Wfakt club bad a pleasant fantry hall Thursday night was a big
first aaeetiBg Monday night at the home success. The full membership was
of Prof, aad Mra.E- H.Barbour. Light present and a very enjoyable time was
Rffreatasd Mrs. Rawlinga, Regent and
Mrs. Weston, Regent and Mrs. Goald,
Regent and Mrs. Voa Forrell. Regent
aad Mrs. Keaomer. The parlors were
decorated with red and white rosea.
Mason may be in the store buying maiM ' t -, tZy' " ""J"
. ., i. .;.. .-. m" 'V. .-,-w.iwh uur
one oi oh negugea iieo iu- iu ui w pnwiueni ass a nne nead and imposing
some other celebrity may be just around presence and I think friend or foe will
minute in all bis glory.
To begin, the jubilee
- . . . . loin in accordino' him fh.t ...- :
corner and oarst upon yon at any wjt If" S.Z " 7 ,. "".".
-' "" - iBviiag ue BSBar'
refreshments were served. The mem
bers of this club are Prof, and Mrs.
Richards, Prof . and Mrs. Fling, Dr. and
Mia. E. L. Hoi joke. Dr. and Mrs. A. R.
Helyoke, Mr. and Mrs. R. M.LsGore,
Mr. aad Mis. C. T. Munger, Judge and
Mrs. E. E. Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
H. Holm, Prof, aod Mrs. Kimball, Mr
aad Mrs. Don L. Love, ProT. and Mrs.
Mrs. A. R. Mitchell gave a euchre
party Thursday afternoon in honor of
her sister. Mrs. Ddutscb, of Beatrice.
Reese, vio'.eta and chrysanthemums
aaed for decorating. Palatable refresh
meats were served in tvo courses. Mrs
Frances Wilson proved to be the most
skiwf al player present and won the royal
prise, aad Mrs. W. B. Wilfcon took the
consolation prize. About twenty-five
ladies were present.
Mrs. Henry Mansfield (born Funke),
of Peoria, III., and children, is visiting
her mother, Mrs. Rosa Funke. She will
remain two or three weeks.
Pioneer brand tomatoes. 3 cans for 25i.
at Hanson & Evert's, 1325 O street.
Mrs Bryan has received word from
Colonel Bryan's physician that he is
better though still very weak and unable
to confer with his officere.
Electric wiring, gas and electric fix-
Sunday was
beautiful, but the supply of tickets for
the religious services at the Auditorium
bad been exhausted for two weeks.
However, the newspapers announced
that holders of tickets who had not
claimed them by 8 o'clock would find
their chain occupied by the general
public. This encouraged the
ence 10 me wnen, dunnsr the war. I
would come across McKinley's picture
hanging in the shop windows beside
that of poor little Alphonso.
The president's party left the ball at
an early hour but other celebrities re
maineJ. The box opposite the presi
dent's was decorated with chrysanthe
mums in honor of Japan, and in this
box sat some interesting people. There
was me ininese minister, mhn
tm WAM.
unfor- fond of American ladiea' anriotv .n d
tunate who had no'ticketa aad the side- jown BrSuIto , ldies'manat Wash-
.. j -.L ington. Tnen the minister from Onnta
walk was packed with an unmansg- aBO,t wonderful be.cokuS
able crowd from six on Even people of thirty hairs, which he is not allowed
with places of honor on the platform to grow until be m forty yea s old, aad
were not able to see what the doors of
the Auditorium looked like.
The third program of the Matinee
Maekale will be giren in the club rooms
oa Monday. October 3lst, st 4 p. m.
The business .nesting will be called at
3:45. Owiag to the small audience two
weeks ago, due to the inclement weather,
several of the numbers of the program
of that date will be repeated on Monday.
Ob Sabbath evening Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. BackstiC gave an elegant luncheon
for Mrs. Charks O. Robinson of Chicago.
A profusion of superb American beau-
which k far too precious to nnli -h.
embarassed as American men do. I no
ticed that later in the arnin u ik
Booker Washington, th negro speaker foreign curios took to the champagne
nl thai nvmninr imbmI tn h th iwtI in and Salted almonds in the mKanrmt ..
were tures and lamps a specialty. Korsmeyer interest to the president He ia a favor- Thntl0 "T1 0D Afresh-
Plumbing and Heating Co 215 South ite with a Chicago audience and is a man g!3fc ft? VlLSSHS K?
of intelligence, combining with it that ter, whom I do not believe baa lost a
gift of oratory which his race possesses. PSn( of ??1wit aI1. h campaning,
but each man triad to make us proud of whirling about everywhere.
being Americans if we were not already. The procession on Wednesday was
A person cannot expect two days of like m.0,t the" toWnd, good, but
u- it- not original. The crowds were inm.
sunshine in sucseaioa in Chicago, so thiDg dreadful and ought to achS
"the next day it rained." Some people authorities to tram the police in lam
saw in this ominous forbodings that the cities for such occasions, as they are
peace commissioners would not succeed, i1..", Londo,n- Only the proverbial
but other, not blessed with a good SSSjiSSJlSrd
imagination felt sorry to spoil their beet The only glimpse that Chicago had of
clothes in such weather. On Tuesday Mrs- McKinley waa when ahe watched
Eleventh street.
Mrs. J. A. Buckstaff entertained four
tables at duplicate whist Tuesday even
ing. At the close of the games a very
elaborate supper was served.
Mrs. K.M. Turner and Mrs. C. I. Jones
will give a card party Monday and on 3
Wednesdsy afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Turner.
Mrs. B. R. Cowdery and the Misies
Cowdery entertained a company of la
dies at euchre yesterday afternoon.
Miss Myrtle Stevenson will entertain
on Saturday evening for her sister, Mrs.
Henry Drummond of Kansas City.
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Marshall will give
a luncheon tomorrow evening for Mrs.
celebrated and T?" ?lf!!?1 .frm . wiDdo'r of the
Union League club aa it paned in front
ties adorned tr-e table. The guests were Charles O. Robinson of Chicago.
If re. Charles O. Robinson, Mrs. J M.
RobiaaoB, Kr. and Mrs J. B. Wright
Jadge and Mrs. Irvine, Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Brown,
Mrs. Smith and Miss Smith of Craw
fordsville, Indiana, are the guests of
Mrs. C. W. Chambers.
Mrs. M. Ackerman went to Omaha
this week to attend the Council of Jew
ish women.
Mrs. M.D.Welch, Misa
Welch, and
The time has COme tO "lay Mi-B Rata Bryan spent several days this songs.
. wrrxrrnTi-Da nrT wee ttbe "P0-01-- Mrs. Palmer, as everybody knows,
in your WINTER'S .GOAL J ...... ... . M.M,.-rm... .,. k.h ' -J:
and all eyes were centered uoon her.
night the great ball
ib eetwuiii was m unman aaair. x of th htmv nr tmA bi.i. .
never realized the beauty of the Audi- ant face and was becomingly gowned in
torium theatre until 1 saw it cleared of f? Tne .crowd waa delighted when
seats and stage with rotbing to detract stjllyCn,Xed hernd chewec enthu-
from the curve of those arches studded The banquet Wednesday evenioe wss
with electric lights. The rose color of one of the finest ever given in this land
the frescoes seemed to soften the effect The toasto brought forward our men of
of the whole. At the farthest end of glen" diwidnnn0fll theKwnoie un-
.v . mj- . .- . " " nned under the stars anil
the building waa stationed an orchestra stripes. One incident of tteiffair
in a long portico among the palms for seemed very uo American to me and that
the dancers, which played selections waf aTins' '"dies sit in the galleries
from Sousa and Strauss, whUe the S-hif Z22 "Iw ttdr..0n sand
... , . .. . 5icn " they cared for anythinz ta eat
orchestra for promenaders in the foyer It svored of a Chinese theatre and de
gave Schubert's serenade and dreamy tracted from the dignity af both oartw
l aayaeii prepared to read the speeches
next morninsr at hom- nj
from afar.
and wood. See Gregory,
corner Eleventh and O. be
tore bayinsr.
The Round Table will meet Monday
evening at the home of Mr. Albert Wat-
Judge and Mrs. Frank Irvine will en
tertain at cards this evening.
Mrs. R. N.Howell will give a Kensing
ton Tuesday afternoon, November let
One of her enemies, for she has them
like the rest of us common mortals, re
marked that anybody could look beau
tiful if they were gowned in the moat
gorgeous creation that a Paris dress
maker's brain could conceive, and as for
allocate arc as evrahis as
J. . lVeonxiarclt. ACD.
Otfio. 1427 O Sr., Lwcoiat, Nb.
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