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The marriage of Mitt Florence
Lllsworth. daughter of Mr. and Mr.
W. VI. ElUworth. and LeRoy Charles
Riiler, on of Mr. and Mrt. Charles
easier, o( Detroit. Mich., will take
place Thursday evening, June 15. at
ihe home of the bride a parenta. The
couple will nuke their home in
A large reception wit) be given for
them on the evening of June 23 by
Mtu ElUwonh'a titter. Mrt. John
Haarnunn, and Mr. Haarmann. in
their new home. UJ6 South Thirty
fifth avenue.
MUi ElUworth met her fiance six
months ago while ahe was appearing
in vaudeville in Detroit. The bride
elect attended Central High school.
Mr. Beiiler ii a graduate of the Uni
veraity of Michigan.
The nuptials of Miss Lucile Coop
er, daughter of Mrs. Grace Cooper
of Hooper, Neb., and Henry E.
Schemmel, icyi of Mr. and Mn.
Henry E. Schemmel of Hooper,
were lolemmzed Wednesday, June
7 at 4, in the First Tresbyterian
church, the Rev. Edwin Hart Jenks
officiated. Their only attendants
were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oehrle,
who entertained at dinner for them
following the ceremony. The bride
was gowned in a smart afternoon
costume of brown, and carried Mrs.
Ward roses and sweet peas.
Mist Helen Carmichaet. daughter
of A. W. Carmichael of Pawnee,
Neb., and niece of W. W. Car
michael of Omaha, was married
Tuesday, June 6, at 7 in the evening
to Leonard Wallin of Hordville,
Neb. -The wedding, which took
" place at the home of her uncle, was
solemnized by the Rev. A. F. Ernst,
and Misa Clara Edwards played the
bridal march. Only the immediate
families were present.
Travelers to China.
Lieut and Mrs. H. W. Johnson
of Fort Crook are leaving the first
of July for the summer camp at Fort
Snelling, Minn. They will be there
for two months and then, taking a
four months' leave of absence, they
will set sail for China with Mrs.
Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
arry L. Schleisinger of Atlanta. Ga.
Lieut, and Mrs. Johnson will return
to Fort Crook at the first of the year.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Ridgway an
nounce the marriage of their daugh
ter, Lucile, to Francis E. Dinsmore,
on Tuesday. May 30. Mr. and Mrs.
Dinsmore are at home at 536 South
Thirty-sixth street.
' Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Slobodinsky an
. nounce the engagement of their
V dauvhter. Rose, tn I. Plntlri
D. Plotkin of this city. No date has
been aet for the wedding.
Artist Paints Her Sculptor Husband
Wichita' Woman Saya
' Neighbors Thought She
. Would Never Get About
Again. But Tanlac Made
Her Feel 20 Years
"None of my neighbors thought I
would ever be up and about again,
but since taking Tanlac I nave
actually laid aside my crutches and
feel as good as I did 20 years ago."
declares Mrs. Flora Wilcox. 1902
W. Douglas street, Wichita, Kan.-
"I suffered from rheumatism 20
years and it was all I could do to go
about on crutches much less do any
housework. I had such awful pains
in my arms that I couldn't even
raise my hand to my head. I couldn't
eat anything without having a burn
ing and intense pains in my stom
ach, and gas pressed around ray
heart, causing such palpitation I
could scarcely breathe.
"Eight bottles of Tanlac gave me
a fine appetite, I am never bothered
with gas or palpitation, the rheu
matism is gdne' .and I can do my
housework with perfeot ease. I
prize Tanlac more than I can ex
press." Tanlac is sold by all good drug
gists. '
Mrs. Sherman Helped by
LydlaE. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound
Lake, Michigan. "Aboutona year
so I o.fferedwith irrecrularities and
times was obliged
1 doctored with
oar family physi
cian and he finally
said be could not
understand ray
case, so I decided
to try Lydia E.
Pinkham'i Veg
etable Compound.
After I bad taken
the first bottle I
. O TV
Margaret Lesley Bush-Brown,
portrait painter of note, has been
spending the week in Omaha. She
was honor guest at an informal tta
given by Mrs. A. F. Jonas Monday
afternoon when the portrait repro
duced above of the artist's husband,
Henry K. Bush-Brown was on ex
hibition. The portrait is now being
exhibited at Milton Darling's gal
lery. Mrs. Bush-Brown is on her way
from her home in Washington, D.
C. to Fonca-City, Okl., where she is
going to paint a portrait. Her
family ia remarkable for its artistic
talent in varied lines. Mr. Bush
Brown is a sculptor of great ability
and is president of the Washington
Arts club. His bust of Lincoln
stands in the Gettysburg cemetery,
and among hit prominent works are
equestrian statues of Anthony
Wayne at Valley Forge and Gen.
G. G. Meade. Their daughter,
Lydia Bush-Brown, has had a studio
of her own in New York City for
several years, and has chosen a dif
ferent medium from either of her
parents textiles, in which the has
developed batique work to its high
est possible decorative value. Of the
two sons in the family, one is an
architect and the other a landscape
Last March the Bush-Browns gave
a joint exhibition tof their work at
the Arts club in Washington, and
the collection of paintings, sculpture
and textiles was the subject of an
enthusiastic article in the April num
ber of "Art and Archeology."
Mrs. 'Bush-Brown herself it a
charming and unassuming person
who would much rather talk about
her husband and her daughter than
her own achievements. Among her
own paintings her favorite it a strik
ing picture of Ellen Day Hale,
daughter of Edward ' Everett Hale,
which wat presented to the national
gallery by Miss Hale's brother, for
whom Mrt. Bush-Brown painted it.
Miss Hale is also an artist and a per
sonal friend of Mrt. Bush-Brown.
It it of interest that Lincoln has
been a subject both of herself and
her husband. Some years ago Mrt.
Bush-Brown painted a picture of
Robert E. Lee, which was hung in
the Robert E, Lee hall in Blue
Ridge, N. C. Five years later she
received a commission from Blue
Ridge to paint, as a companion piece,
Lincoln's portrait, which now hangs
at the opposite end of the hall, the
only other picture in the building.
A Philadelphian by birth, Mrt.
Bush-Brown has studied at the Penn
sylvania Academy of Fine Arts and
for three years at the Julien academy
in Paris under Lefevre and Bou
langer. Both the and her husband
are interested in the project of
teaching plastic arts to the ex-soldiers
at the Mt. Weather institute in
Washington, a rehabilitation movement.
Problems That Perplex
AniwerH by
I "J 1
"I am 19 and considered slow at coming to decisions." writes J. C. E.
"So when I tell you I am in love with two young men, don't think I'm head
strong. I honestly love them equally and couldn't, do without either. One
is gay and the other inclined to seriousness, and they just suit my moods and
taste. My week is divided between them and they are the dearest fellows in
dividing time that way. '
"They have proposed and I was unable to accept either on account of
loving both. Now what shall I do? I can't give up either one. Please help
me out. I. can't understand why I should be in this sort of a fix. Help trie
to see my way clear."
Your way is clear enough. Nov
woman can love two men at once.
Either you love A 50 per cent and
B SO per cent, or you make some
other division of your affections. But
you do not fully and completely love
either of your suitors.
, It may be that you are m love
with love. It may be that you are
seUisitly bent on having all the de
votion you can get. But if you
really loved either man you wouldn't
be longing also for the affection of
the other.
A great English doctor has just
declared that no man can love two
women at once. He says that a man
may give to six women one-sixth of
his devotion or that he may be one
twelfth in love with 12 women. But
if a man really loves one woman he
can't delude himself by fancying
that he's in love with another.
The man or woman who finds
himself or herself with two "love ob
jects" may be sure that neither is
fully satisfying. A real love is a full
and perfect thing.
When a woman truly loves, she
finds in the man for whom, she cares
her true mate. And her lover is her
companion, her adviser, perhaps even
her "child." But however she sees
the man she loves, she sees him and
him only .
I'm not suggesting that love is a
prison. I'm not indicating that love
cuts a human being off from all in
terests and stimulations except those
it affords. Again and again I find
myself quoting the brilliant woman
who said:
"When I met John, the door of
my heart closed against all other
men. But not a door in my mind
There lies the point. Love is ful
filling and satisfying. If one person
finds his true mate in another, he
isn't looking around for a lot of
half or quarter mates. But to feed
love, we need to grow and keep pace
with the mate who means far more
than merely an emotional affinity.
A man "might easily outgrow his
early love if she stood still at the
point where he found her. when she
was twenty.
So- friendships and outside 'inter
ests enrich us and make us the more
j fit for love. But there is a line which
I no outsider need indicate to a true
i lover. One man may be a good
companion for golt, or a hue dance
partner, or a pleasant person with
whom to discuss the opera. But the
man who commands the key to a
woman's heart, does not have to
yield up a duplicate key to another
could see that I was getting better.
I took several bottles of the veeeta
bleJCompound and used Lydia E. Pink
ham't Sanative Wash and I am en
tirely cored of my ailmenta. You may
Siblish thia letter if you wish."
r. M Sherman, Route 2, Lake, Mich.
There ia one fact women should
consider and that is this. Women suf
fer from irregularities! and various
forms of weakness. They try this and
that doctor, as well as different med
icines. Finally they take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Compound, and Mrs.
Sherman's experience k simply an
other ease showing its merit.
If your family physician fails to
kelp yoo and the same old troubles
poviaVwhy Isn't it reasonable to try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound?
Camp Brewster to Open.
On Saturday, June 10, Camp Brew
ster will have its formal opening of
the season. The swimming pool, with
its purifying system, said to be the
finest in the state, will be ready for
inspection, and there will be an or
chestra and other entertainments
during the evening. For the re
remainder of the season Camp Brew
ster will have open house on Sundays
from 4 to 7. The tennis and volley
ball courts are now ready. Miss
Clara Brewster will receive visitors
Saturday and the public is invited
to visit the camp, which is conducted
by the Y. W. C A. for Omaha girls.
At the Field Club.
Among those entertaining at din
ner this evening at the Field club
will be Mr. and Mrs. James Hanley,
who will have 10 gnests, and Mr. and
Mrs. A. I Loomis, who will have
four. Thursday evening the Elks
, lodge will give a dance. t
Mrs. J. D. Ashcraft left Monday
evening for New York City to visit
her son, Paul Ashcraft. ;
Lane Axtell. son of C. W. Axtell,
has been confined to the hospital with
inflammatory rheumatism. .
Dr. George Boehler is in Lincoln
this week, where he is officiating as
examiner on the State Dental board.
Mrs. R. B, Rader, wife of Major
Rader of Fort Crook, left early
this week for East Orange, N. J., to
spend the summer.
Miss Josephine Schurman has re
turned from school at Bryn Mawr
to spend the summer with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Pegau.
Miss Dorothy Darlow is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Lloyd D. Burdic, and
Mr. Burdic at Herman, Neb. She
will be away until the end of' the
Mrs. William F. Denny leaves this
evening for Montreal, en route to
Wellesley, where she will attend the
graduation exercises of her daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Folda and fami
ly are leaving next week for their
summer home. Engelmar, which is
built on an island in Green Bay, near
Fish Creek, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Burgess had
seveji guests Wednesday at dinner
at the Country club. Edward Pettis
had eight guests and Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Peters 10.
Mr. and Mrs. C H. Walrath and
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Walrath motored
to Lincoln last week for the gradu
ation of Fred Walrath, who finished
at the University of Nebraska law
Mrs. Cyrus P. Mason left Monday
evening for New York. She will
spend two weeks in New York City
and 'will join Miss Anna V. Ross
and her party, who sail for a sum
mer in Europe from Montreal on
June 21.
Rabbi Fred Rypins of Pittsburgh
will arrive Friday to make a short
visit with relatives. He will be at
the home of an aunt, Mrs. Harry
Sunfield, 2515 North Forty-eighth
street. Miss Rose Bernstein, Amer
icanization teacher at Cass school,
and Nathan Bernstein are aunt and
Mrs. M..V. Robins and daughter,
Edith Victoria, leave Sunday to
spend the summer in the east They
go first o New. York to visit a
cousin, Chick -Sales, impersonator in
vaudeville, for a week; thence to Bos
ton, Dover and Allenton, Mass. Mrt.
Robins' father, S. H. Plummer, who
was called to Wisconsin this week
by the death of a brother, will meet
them in Chicago Monday and go east
with them.
Miss Jane Finn, retiring president
of Brownell Hall, will leave the end
'of the week for California, where she
has taken a cottage for the summer
at Santa Monica. Miss Finn expects
to be associated next year with Sarah
McDonald in the Arden school. Lake-
wood, N. J. She and Miss Mc
Donald formerly conducted a school
together. Miss Helen Loth -M. A.
and Ph. D., wilt be head of Brownell
Hall next year. She arrives about
August I,
Brownell Hall Ends
School Year
Miss Dorothy Ringwalt was elect
ed president of the Brownell Hall
Alumnae association on Monday at
the annual meeting of the aluiruiae
and trustees. Other officers for the
coming year are Miss Marian Towle,
vice president; Mrs. Kenneth Pat
terson, secretary, and Mrs. Jack
The school held its commencement
exercises Tuesday at All Saints
church, when Bishop Shayler deliv
ered the address. The scholarship
prize for the year was awarded to
Miss Gladys Roberts and Miss Fran
ces Harrison won the prize for Bible
At the reception for the' graduat
ing class Tuesday evening at the
Blackstone Miss Jane Finn, head of
the school, received with the three
graduates, the Misses Charlotte
Denny, Hartrice Minturn and Vera
Selway. There was dancing, and
several musical numbers were given
by the following pupils of the school:
Misses Katherine and Dorothy
Speice of Columbus, Neb.; Miss Mar
garet Jeffrey, Miss Margaret Shot
weli lnd Miss Ruth Stuart.
My Marriage Problems
Adele Garrison's Ntw Phase of
CrrisH lilt)
Riley Smith's Wife Get.
$100 Temporary Alimony
Mrt. Hattit Smith. Drake Court,
wat granted an order for 1100 t
month temporary alimony against
Kilry Smith, whom ahe it suing (or
Miss Lustgarten in RecitaL
. Cecil Berryman will present Miss
Ida Lustgarten in a piano recital at
the Schmoller, & Mueller auditorium
Thursday evening, June 8. Miss
Lustgarten will be assisted by Mabel
Edwards Price, mezzo-soprano, and
Miss Dorothy Lustgarten. violinist.
Mist Britt Honored.
Mrs. W. G. Spain entertained at a
bridge luncheon of 1Z guests at the
Field club Wednesday in honor of
Miss Atvi Britt of Minneapolis, who
arrived Sunday, June 4, to visit her
sister, Mrs. W. J. Brazell.
The Hint of the Menace Mtdgi't
Father Disclosed.
"Step carefully," Lillian admonish
ed in a whisper at we neartd the lit
tie jog in the old corridor behind
which lay the library door. "Let mt
guide you."
She grasped me firmly by the arm
and i topped me jutt before w
reached the door.
"Lift etch foot before you set it
down at if you were stepping over
an obstruction about a foot high and
six inchet wide," the directed.
"There, that't it. All right, Allen
at Mr. Drake noiselessly swung
open the library door. "We're here,
and the mine it laid. Now we'll get
down to burinett, and wait until our
little submarine ttriket it."
Allen Drake and my father were
standing with grave facet jutt inside
the door of the library. In my
father's hand wat a book, one of a
cherished set of hit favorite ettayictt
which had been privately bound for
him. He evidently had just finished
turning the leavet and hit voice wat
grave, at he looked toward me and
spoke pityingly.
"There can be no mistake, daugh
ter. I fattened a memorandum care
fully between thete two pages, to
that only detign, not carelessness,
could remove it. And it it gonel"
"You mean," I said slowly, "that
Katie mutt have taken it."
"Unless tome person from outside
the houre has had access to this
room," he returned. "Besides, it
was nothing any person would take
unless he or she" there wat s
significant pause had been directed
just where to look."
"I Had Forgotten.
T felt suddenly chilly, at if tome
evil, not fully known, were threaten
ing me. I knew Katie'e monkey-like
curiosity, but I would have staked
my toul upon her absolute loyalty
to me and mine. But the three faces
around me were stern and set.
Indeed, I fancied that there was a
look of something very akin to horror
In both Lilian's face and that of Allen
Drake, at they gazed at my father,
an expression so foreign to their us
ual inscrutable faces that I feared
something vague, terrifying, of un
usual importance, was attached to
this memorandum.
"Chief," Allen Drake began hesi
tantly, "pardon me if I'm wrong, but
it can't be that the missing paper
concerns the thing we were talking
tbout "
"Yes, my boy," my father replied
gravely. "It did concern that. In
deed He stopped as he saw my puzzled,
stricken eyes, and came toward me,
slipping his arm around me.
"I had forgotten, daughter," he
said, "that all this must be Greek to
you, and partly to Mrs. Underwood
ilso, although I think the knows
something about what I've been try
ing to do. But I shall not keep yon
in ignorance longer, although I have
not yet completed the thing on which
I have been working."
What Madge Feared.
He drew me to a chair near the
fire and motioned the other to seats,
and I held my breath as one upon the
brink of a tremendous revelation.
"Just a minute, Mr. Spencer," Lil
lian interrupted. "I want to be very
sure of something first."
She went to the door, opened it
cautiouslv. went down the corridor
to the stairway, returned and closed
the door. As she did so, I .again
heard just that faintest suspicion of
a tinkle and taught in Allen Drake's
eyes a glance of amusement at my
In a second I was hotly resentful.
Mattress Sale
Sae 7HUk infants invalids
Ho r lick's
the Original
.Avoid Imitation
PorTnfaatKiavridtrmdGfnf CMIdna Rich m!tk, raihed grain extract la Powder
The Original Food-Drink For AS Ash I No Cooking - Nourishing Digestible)
La Garde
The purse illustrated ' keeps bills or
checks, where you alone may find them.
'And in stylet, finish, materials, furnish
ings, these purses are the finest made.
Yet the La Garde may be purchased as
low as
Omaha Trunk Factory
"Lug rf Headquarter."
Steam and Domestic
Let Ua Quote You Prices
DAWSON FUEL SALES CO., Dawson, New Mexico
Tht air wat full of torn sinister men
ace, and yet he, in hit cocksure aloof
nets, could tpare time for a smile.
"All " Lillian rtoorttd laeen.
Ically, and my father began speak
I cannot, of course, reveal all that
he told tit in hit low monotonous
voire, but lone before he had finished.
I felt as if I had been held below
water (or a long time and wat gasp
ing tor breath, to momentout wat the
secret which ht wat revealine to me.
That parti of hit ttory were at new
even to Allen Drake at they were to
me, I taw clearly. And when he had
done, I realised that my father, whom
we had all thought had teen hit bett
yeart of usefulness, had evolved
something of the most tremendout
moment to hit country, but which
would be ol no account to hit coun
try at all. should its secret fall into
alien hands.
The significance of the missing
memorandum came to me in a blind
ing flash. He bad told Allen Drake
that it concerned hit work. And it
wat gone. And Katie
With a little half-hysterical cry. I
crossed the room to my father and
threw myself Into hit armt.
"Don t tell me that my keen nsr
Katie at a maid it to blame for this.
Father!" I tobbbed. "I-I cannot
bear it!"
Jury Frees Husband Who
Shot Wife During Tiff
Fred Sandert wat acauitted bv a
jury in District Judge Leslie's court.
where he was tried on a charge of
manslaughter for shooting hit wife
lest January in their home. 1113
South Eighth street. He testified
that the shot three times at him and
that he then wrested the gun from
ner and shot her.
Beauty Hints
By Louise Glaum.
That beautiful aetreti, Louise Glaum,
ayn "A girl or woman who ia paaeed
by without glanco of admiration baa
only hereelf to blame, No matter how
Irregular the featurea anybody who oa-
him beautiful complexion will attract
attention anywhere. It ia now poeelble
through the use of Derwlllo for anyone
to have a. beautiful roey-whita com
plexion." If you would have a beautiful
kin, eoft, emooth, and velvety, juet fol
low Hies Glauma advice. You can get
Derwillo from the toilet counter of any
up-to-date drug or department atore. It
ii famou for the instant reiulti It civee.
Put It on one tide of your face and
compare it with the other you will need
no further argument to convince yoo that
it ii away ahead of faea powder or other
beautifiers. Be euro to read largo article
by Kiel Glaum on the care of the skin
oon to appear in thia paper. In the
meantime get Derwlllo and try It today,
you will be aetonlehed at the quick re
iulti it givei. .
Week of June S to 11. Inclusive.
Large Claaa of Avalon Crape Drink,
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Choke of Special Ham or Cheeae Sand
wich ALL FOR IOc
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Girls1 Gingham Dresses
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To ask for "corn flakes" may bring you an imitation!
Look for the RED and GREEN package that bean the
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