Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 17, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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Taxing Shi)()ers
Li frlox k Owner of Teste rn
Nrliratki Over charge J,
Rate Investigators
Here Are Tu!J.
Though livrurxk liininit (rant
rt?rn Nrl.rV point on the
I n ion I'acilir railroad to Kanas
( i'y are rn ly way of the St, Jo.
;h & I if and ltan rut o((. the
Itiitflit tills are figured by the mile
of the Maryville rome whirh,
.'iuiii1 Kffey " Kn City, for
I une. 11 HI mile longer than the
h I r iiilctiliuB'T of the l inon Pacific
tultMr deiurimtnt admitted yeter
t iy afternoon in the jieanug before
the inteiAUie and the Mate commerce
loiiiiiiikoioni in the fnleral building.
Seeki to End Dispute.
Fratikrni)igr ilecUred h d'H not
V now "of Hu own know Mae that
tin? I'uion Paiilic on the St. Jos-
I'll & Grand Il.ind road.
The hrarmg will probably la-t all
thia week. It rcks to adjut .he old
iliIute regarding livestock freivht
rate from Nebraska toint to Mia
aouri river point. The Hurlington
road at present enjoya higher ratea
t'-nr the Northwestern and the I'nion
acific roaU. due to a ruling of the
Iittrrstate Commerce commiss'on in
1VI9. Burlington want the rat of
ti other two road advanced. Ship
per and livestock center want the
J urlington'a ratei reduced.
Chicagoan la Witness.
A. F. Cleveland of Chicago, as
K'sUnt freight traffic manager of
the Chicago & Northwestern rail
road, was a witness yesterday after
noon as was also II. A. Mentz, as-
Vi-tant general freight agent of the
Minneapolis & Omaha read.
" J. II. Tetrow is representing the
Kansas City livestock exchange; AV.
J. C. Kenyon. the St. Joseph live
Mock exchange: K. Zwemer and W.
II. Benn the Sioux City livestock
exchange: C. E. Childe, A. F. Stry
kor and II. Shackleford. the Omaha
livestock exchange. D. P. Stough of
Grand Island is present for the stock
Special Train lo Carry
Rotarians to Convention
A special train will be run by the
Union Pacific railroad to carry Ro
t.irians of the Sixteenth district to
l.os Angeles next month for the an
nual convention. The special will
leave here June 2.
Among those who have already
signed for the trip are Rev. Dr. and
Mrs. Frank G. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
M. Dow, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rosen
t pren,. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Abbott,
' Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelly, Mr. and
Mrs. C. B. Brown, D. C. Bucll,
Ocorge Lee, Ray Kingsley and D. C.
IMef City AViri
I'llm fur kin-rift" John C, lion.
hu, sell lUfl iMrect, iiUtl )etir.
lay U'T ili UniuM'iaiie aaniiiutiua
ur sheriff if pond tumiiy,
.VurkV i (,r4tluatr VHIe(trn
nurva it Kra.luuie I rum Hi No.
brash lrihHltl Kpiwopkl ouial
training h-Ium.I Wojiwoday ulnar.
May 24, t rmnienenint rvi
at th r ut MriinxiM thuriH. .
(rantttt imurve QortruiJ If.
MaiiMii waa grant4 divort-a )
lrdT front tir. Alfred . Mauaon
y Iiuirl.t Judis Kera, hhe t.
lin4 iit her liul'n. ti4 boon
rrul and indifferent the Ut four
"Jerry' ntilrut A voluntary
petition in IwMtkruinry ni-J ty
jrry ti't'unnor, irerltor tf the
Koulanhan ff, All Karnam
irt-ei, In th literal rotirt )ir
'In. II la In thr III III, 4 n4
ha auwia of only llvl. Anmni the
(rxlitora are a dtn aitrmno.
Ma 'un foe Kncrtlrm Out of
violmnra of th trartle law. Judi
W, V. Wiprh ordered rn nt
to drive annln fr varylnc term In
polie rmirt 'e-itriiy. II rro
piiwrt punlne jrllnw rrn on th
wlmlxhleld of h enr of vry eon
iirtl attaedT and l-rarntlna' lilm "a
yellow tn nniong ninlorlnia" a a
eur for apeedlng,
Father Iti'llly ft IMure The
llfih of ri- .f lii-turr In th
moot rourt room of th t'relchton
luw diinmint. Twenty-alxih and
rliftirnln trt. tindr th direc
tion of Kov. father Itollly. B. J., for
th polltlral eduritilon of womrn
will le Biven tnnlKht. rtiarl Hon-
tardt will Irrtiir on "Th Cummin
alon Form of fiovernnunt." The
enur, which la undr th aimplrca
of th uqiitira of America ha
ten well pntronlied by umnha
; 600 Fremont Children
I Participate in Pageant
j Fremont, Neb., May 16. (Special
Telegram.) Over 600 grade school
pupils will participate in the pageant,
"America, Yesterday and Today,"
to be staged at City park Wednes
day afternoon under the direction
of Prof. Reese Solomon, director of
music at Fremont schools.
Grocers Open on
Sunday Are Fined
I'ive Pay $3 Em-h for Violit
ing Cloiu)( Law; One
Ome more the distritt court will
be railed upon to decide jut what
constitutes grocery.
Aitornevi and Judge W. F". S'ap
pich could not agree on the uuettion
in ceutnl police court yesterday and
after J. L. Thoniai. grocer. Zili M.
Mary s avenue, had been fined $5
for violating the Sunday closing
laws he announced he would appeal
from the decision.
Thomas contended he sold delica
tessen ware on Sundays and kept
his grocery utock partitioned from
the prepared food counter.
"It obviously is not grocery un
der those circumstances." Frank Pi
neen. city prosecutor, declared. "If
it were, a soda fountain in a grocery
could not be operated on the Sab
bath." Arthur Rosenblum, attorney for
the Omaha Retail tirocrrs' asiocia
lion, told Judge V. F. Wappich
that the Sunday closing law defines
a grocery as a atore in which gro
ceries are kept in stock and that
the district court had confirmed that
"I'm not wise enough to know
what the Sunday closing law means."
Ji de Wappich "but I'll fmd
Mr. Thomas IS; he can't keep open
both Saturday and Sunday, si I tin
dertand th law."
f ive other were fined ti tth on
similar charges. They wer A, M.
tirant i.Uli 4ma ftknn, f II, Jll Amess I. U, lluufirl l.
1.1AI a .
jui mrs; narry pr.nKa. mji
North lcutieth, and John Bow
rrs. 1714 Ifiirimmih
ti., Ames, wis found
guilty, put srnience was suspended
Rev. F. H. aAndcrson
Church Moderator
Fremont, Neb, May 16 (Spe
cial Telrgram.) Rev. Krank II. And
erson, of flyinouth church, Omaha.
was elected moderator of the Omaha
Association of Congregational
Churches at the annual convention
which comes to a close at Arlington,
.en. tins aiternoon. Key. o. K.
Birch, Scribner, was chosen reg
Dr. O. O. Smith, Fremont, deliv
ered an address on "Roger Babson
and His Message," while his brother,
nr. rrank o. Ninth of Omaha made
the closing address this afternoon.
Keports trom various churches
made up the program of the two-day
conference, interspersed wilh bits of
entertainment and musical offerings.
To trn t Uulldlnr Th Hanker
Rerv Ll f company ha decided
to erect an ortlc building at Nln
lesnlh and Douglas at reels. Th
height of th nw structure will de
pend on th bid cf contractor.
The Widow a
shining mark for
the mining shark.
Elbert Hubbard
OmahaTrust rpmoanv
OaMna MaWon BaeJk BuiUInf
The. crowds that attended our Mina
Taylor Dress Sale Monday and Tuesday
completely exhausted our stock of styles
and sizes so we bought an additional
Mina l ay J
to be placed on Sale Wednesday
In Four Groups
If you were dissappointed Monday
or Tuesday- this is your opportun
ity to purchase the style you prefer.
Sale starts 9 a. m. Wednesday
No CO. Us
No Exchanges .
Burg-ess-Nash Mina Taylor Shop- Second Floor
No Will Calls
Many Unusual Values Wednesday
W ednesday--A Truly Wonderful Sale of
Rompers : Creepers : Bloomer Dresses
Sturdy little outfits for general or for play
'time wear are these kiddies' suits made of
chambray, linenc, suiting and gingham.' Bun
nies, chickens or flowers embroider peckets,
collar or yoke front; smocking makes tiny
shoulders fit snugly.
Pink, Blue, Lavender, Green, Tan, Yellow,
Brown, White and Combination.
Every mother will be delighted to find
that black sateen rompers are included,
at this low pricing. Made with flare
pockets and collar and cuffs of a light
color. Truly practical little garments.
Four Are Illustrated
Sizes 2 to 6.
Buriess-Nub lnuU' Sk Third IW
1 1 -- 1 1
Hand Made Blouses
200 blouses, odd
lots that you will
readily recognize
as much higher
priced blouses.
They are entirely
hand made of
batiste and dim
ity. Drawnwork,
tiny embroidered
dots, and narrow
lace edging trim
them. Flapper,
and Tuxedo col
lars and turn
back cuffs are
made to fit over
suit or sweater.
Special. $2.50.
Burgess-Nash Blouse Shop Third Floor
One M in u te Wash er
The greatest recom-.
mendation we can give
the "One-Minute" Washer
is the endorsement of
women who own one. Only
through actual use can an
article prove itself. That
is what the "One-Minute"
has done. It gives un
tiring service day in and
day out, bringing many
hours of rest and leisure
to its owner.
Now, during the warm weather, you will ap
preciate this electrical servant more than ever.
Not only does it save in time and labor, but its
method of washing saves the clothes by reducing
the wear to the minimum and by removing all the
dirt without the customary hard rubbing and the
use of strong soaps. ,
Sold on Convenient Term .
' We have arranged the most convenient terms.
Come in today or tomorrow and ask about them;
also see a demonstration. No obligation to buy.
Priced at $79.50 to $128.50
For Picnics
Picnics are often disappoint
ing because there is nothing
cool to drink, or because the
salad has become warm. Ther
mos bottles and kits keep food
and drink at the temperature
they are packed.
Lunch Kits
Black enamel kit
fitted with pint Ther
mos bottle. Complete,
Thermos Sets
Quart Thermos ' of
green enamel, with
nickel rim and cup.
Pint Thermos bottle of cot
rugated nickel. Priced at
r $1.50 t ;
Burftis-Naih Mala Floor
Hanging Baskets
Green pottery hanging bas
kets that can be brought into
breakfast room or conservatory
during the winter. Fitted with
wire hangers. Priced at SO. '
Cemetery Vases
Attractive pottery vaser of
adequate dimensions for deco-
rative purposes. Each, 50c.
Burg tit-Nub Fourth Floor
-0 00
-Fourth Floor
Notion Needs
O. N. T. and Silken Crochet
Cotton, . in white, ecru, . linen.
Three balls, 25c
Pearl Cotton, in all colors.
Large ball, 10c.
Organdy Bias Tap, all col
ors, 6-yard bolts, each, 35c. .
Rick Rack Braid, in white,
all sizes, bolt, 10c.
BurfCM-Naoh Main Floor
Dress Forms
. These are black
jersey covered forms
that may be adjust
ed to any height
. Sizes 32 to 44.
BurfOM-Nish Main Floor
Girls' Kiltie Skirts
Pleated skirts
for little girls.
These are full ,
pleated and
. made of fine cot
ton Rajah. The
are cut with the
skirt to prevent ' '
slipping. Metal
buckles and re
inforced eyelets,
adjust the length
of the. straps.
- Blue, rose, and
pongee c o 1 ors.
Sizes 8 to 14. ;
Burfoai-Naah Junior Shop Third Floor
' ' 0 0 0
Cedar Chest Week
- With the storage of winter garments
an immediate necessity now, this
selling, comes very . opportunely.
. Our Special Faarur
38-inch Chest
of cabinet construc
tion finished . in brass
trimmings, with dust
proof covers. All are
mounted on
. casters and
fitted with
lock .and
key. J
Ruffled Curtains, $1.95
More of those same pretty tieback curtains
that we had a short time ago. Made of nice
quality marauisctte in white and ivory. '
Marquisette, yard, 49c
This is a firje quality mercerized cloth in
dainty check or barred patterns. 40-inch
" width in white or ivory is low priced at,
yard, 49c. ' -
1 1 ' BurfMSNah Fourth Floor '.
Lawn Mowers
"Dundee" Lawn Mowers
M en 's Knit Ti es, 75c
The right kind of tie for summer wear with
soft shirts.- Silk knit in plain colors or in
fancy patterns of stripes or embroidered dots.
Well made ties with slip band. There are
plenty of black and dark colors. You will
want to select several from this assortment.
Burfo(-Naoh Mn'i Shop Mai Floor
Ball bearing, four-blade lawn
mower. Self sharpening. Easy
to run. All sizes.- Priced at
$8.25 to $14.85
Garden Hose
Best quality moulded hose
Priced, a foot
'.-in. hose,
H-in. hose,
i-in. hose,
Biirfooa-Naah Fourth Floor
1,500 Yards
White Goods
Yard 12V2C
This is an excellent quality 36-inch madras. Woven of
a fine, well-twisted yarn it assures splendid wearing
service. A value not to be overlooked. Limit of 10
yards to a customer. . .
No C. O. D.'a No Excha(e
No Refunds No Phen OnUr
Bur(oaaNaah Re Arrow Booth DowaoUlra Storo
All Sizes All Prices
the old "ice
box" con
sumes too
much ice,
causes the
food to.
spoil, often
causes ill
ness when
food, be
comes tainted
The modern construction of our
new refrigerators lessens the pos
sibility of such conditions.
Special Feature
70-pound side iccr, with oak fin
ish case,' white enamel provision
chamber, ' and rctinned wire
shelves, in' three-door style. The
kind of a box that is absolutely an
ice saver; strictly sanitary. '
Priced at $29.50
, BurtMt-Nath Fourth Floor