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    THE BEE: OMAHA. TUESDAY. MAY 10. 1922.
The Omaha Bee
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. . - . for April. 1112
DailyAverage 72,300
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: Backing Up to the United State.
New from Genoa thai a leeler has been put.
but iu the form of an invitation. to the United
States to'pirticipaie in a Ruxian inquisition ar
The lUjjue i nio.t interesting.,. Such participa
tion will U just .what the Harding tdmitiistra
tlon has sought to avoid, and -what the Uoyd
George policy has been seeking for months, tin
commitment of the United State to certain
definite engagement with regard to the future
of Europe. A broad and generoui willingnes to
f elp all responsible nation who are willing to
help themselves is not enough, apparently, to sat
isfy the tatemen of Europe, who are seeking
to formulate course of action for the United
Sltcs. flii country, according to their book,
must gc into the muddle and, tiind Jtsell to
nction that they will agree upon.
.Vhen thc invitation to Genoa was declined it
was because of the unwillingness of this nation
to take part in European politics. Secretary
Jf ughes on March 8 last sent to Italy a note de-.
cliping the invitation from that government, in
which he said:
I regret to inform your excsllency that, aa
a result of this examination (of the invitation
and agenda), it h&a peen found imposwibla to
eicape the conclusion that tha prospective con-,
ferenceils not merely an economic conference,
question appear to have been excluded
from consldemtlon without the aaUsfactory ,
determination of which the chief causes of
economic, dlaturbanpe must continue to
operate,but t rather ft conference of a politloal
character in which the lovernmant of the;
United gtltea could not helpfully participate.
lEvent hm established the accuracy of Mr.
Hjghe1 'diagnosis, "and faly "confirm1 his tidg-?
mint exoressed In the paragraph quoted, i If tht
Gno meeting Jibs broken dpwn, it is because of
the presence qf those political questions, inese
art for European, not American,' adjustment. It
is Irue thejr have a world significance, but, even
unar the constitution p( the League of Nations,
thsy are raters to be settled by the nations most
cojiMrnef. The Treaty of Rapille) did aettlf,
thim, soJfr as Germany and Russia are con
cerned, and with that treaty we have no right
tokinterfere France, because of its peculiar sit
uajjion, may: object and as far is." that goesJias
objected :mot-trnuously and-sejunipgly, . et-
feively,-fer even' Lloyd George has not suc
ceeded -in- patching up the break. ; i r
, :Whet5et the United States will take part in' a
consultation upon Russia at The Hague will
necessarily depend upon the. form in which the
question is presented. If it be purely economic,
tht answer my be favorable; but the politicians
of Europe may as ,well understand that this gov
eminent is net planning to accept a greater, share
of the world's burden than is its just proportion.
President Harding is ready to help, but- He ex-:
pects Europe to. do a little something in a con
structive way for itself. '
region. The first ettlent there were wade
early q the spring of 1871. It 1'ilgrim father
rain front Miflut, Wi.ror.iu and Xfrnne
iota. Then with great speed H history of early
Ameriian ei!emeflt was repea'ed. .
. The school children, of St. drd art toon
4 present their pageant revUualiiing tin event
from whith they sprang. Tie ope nlng c ill
depict the spirit of the wildrrnr.s, this to be fol
lowed by the spirit of Indian dy and the spirit
of the pioneers, th drama doting with the per
oni first wn of the spirit of today. The tribute
l;on of the early settlers, the founding of the mill
and the frtablithtnrnt of th school will appear
lit the.e dramatic episodes.
. ' ."There lias been enough historical materUI
for a wrrk' pageant," the local pewpprr de
clares. "One of thr Urge problem was iu de
termining what to include and what to eliminate."
Tbia mukt come as a revelation even to the citl
tens. A new community spirit and local pride
comes from such pageant of the west. It will
be splendid if more Nebraska town turn their
thought thus to their pat with music and song.
What a Protective Tariff Meant.
' The tariff bill i entering the final stage of
it passage in the senate, and before the week is
over w ill have been the subject of much detailed
debate. .In considering the tariff policy Ameri
can should keep in mind that our home market
is the greatest and most desirable in all the
world. The consumptive demand of the Ameri
can people exceeds that of any other nation. Our
way of living is different from any other, our
buying power exceeds any other, and all other
nations are anxious to bepermitted to sell here.
Jf goods produced abroad are allowed unre
stricted entrance to the United State, it is at
the expense of domestic farmers, manufacturers
other producers.- Any foreign-made article
told here displaces one made at home. That is
plain enough to be understood by anybody. A
day' work for a foreign workman, making arti
cle to be used in America, takes a day's work and
a day' pay from an American workman. That
also is plain and nerds no argument. The repub
lican party is pledged to the preservation of hc
home market for the home workers; good wages
and continuous employment, with opportunity
for advancement, to all. Under the protection of
the high tariff this will be secured,
, The democratic policy of free trade means
that goods produced abroad will be sold in the
American market to the exclusion of the home
produced, because they can be sold for less
money, "simply because of lower wage and
poorer conditions for the worker iu other lands.
No mistake should be made as to these funda
mental elements of a proposition, and the mind
of the public should not be confused by moans
emitted by democratic mourners over the situa
tion of foreign ink makers and the like, who are
excluded from the United States by a tariff suf
ficiently high to secure the home trade for the
J.ome workers:-
;;; j A Congressional Rolla; , ':i ,Jf
At 86 "Uncle Joe" Cannon' drops the remark
that he bW always desired to travel around the
world, but that he never had time, f?e plans to
top off his forty-six years of servite jrt tigress:
with a tour that will take him first to Japan una
then belt the globe. This journey, may be ex
pected to be as full of events as those rwrded ill
the old Rollo'MwQk. ,;" Ji'-yJ-t : '
;.A few: words ofadviee in farewell to this lively
tourist can hot' be'amiss,.' Anathe'r Tubtic figure,
the prince of Vales, is'n6w pn tlje last half of a
world tour; that has feeeft jiiiecwiw.-jROTy V
ventures and misadventures,. For one thing,
Uncle Joe would do; well to thrust aside th
temptation to play polo. The ' prince, is i now
sp6rting a black eye and a bandaged head a a
result of "his getting iri the way of a ball on the
nolo field at Manila. ". - '.' ,
" In Tokio the British . scion so far forgot his
ilignity at to get between the shafts of a jin-.
.it-Whs and null a-naval officer about. How-
, ever skittish Uncle : Joe may feel, he should re
strain his, youthful ardor. It as great
- 3. faux pas,Ainerifan stajegrnw ,tq update.,
a coolie hauling a jinrleksha as to attempt, to.
" order one over the bar.: Over m jnaia tne;.
prince, according: t rumor, gotihijnself shotrat.
Furthermore,-Hi coming waJt!wMrsw:eU d.
vertised ia advance, but there, were. a. number of.
towns where the population played a practical joke
and went to their homes in order to avoid "seeing"'
him. The best advice to Uncle Joe is to travel
inconspicuously, accept whaMribjutes ajre freely
pffgred, but not to be dowqhearteV if thr cham-V
bej of commer of- Bombay or TiBbuc11oe,
not have the municipal band down at the station.
This 86-year-old colt will have a lot to tell
the folks back at Danville after hjs return. If
he collects a black eye or gets Jn V Shooting
' scrape along the route h ha ample precedent,
but be should really leave the wild oats to the
prince. j ' ; V ..
; i Pilgrims of the. jalas ' -
f-Kebraska'brief history has been paefcad with-Incide"-
Citizeai of the old American colonies;
mujht not believe that enough has happened,, sfy
in the town of St, Edward, Neb., ta furnish ma
terial for a historical pageant. In New England
- a drama e-f this sort would start three centuries
back. - ; . : 't'-Ji'- ::"'
:Yet out here on the great plain? halt a cen
tury comes close to the beginnings. There is
ih m. dianitv and significance in the story of
- Baftne-rountv- ..Inal. isti.brC'ri4:'fll.
Chicago's "Labor" Camorra. v
Chicago police are unearthing the workings
of a lawless group that has terrorized employers
and worHers alike in the Windy, City for. many
months,. So far as disclosures have been made,
neither the honest worker nor the' honest em
ployer is likely to lose anything because a few
unscrupulous men have been checked in their
operations These men have apparently double-
flfl.sf d both sides, extorting bribe from one and
exacting contributions in the form of dues from
the other, and playing their own game in such a
high-handed way it is a marvel that civilized
authority would - permit. Violence in every
form,- including murder, has extended to every
form of industrial activity, an exhibition of the
prevalence of the direct aetjon theories of the
professed anarchists improved by the cunning of
the criminals who have prospered because of the
condition they were able to create and maintain'
while posing as labor leaders. If the authorities
Of Chicago and Coolc county sincerely pursue
these desperate adventurers to their extermina
tion, they will have done society a great service,
because they will have liberated industry from the
incubus of dread that has hung heavily over' it.
for many months, ' Legitimate trade unionism
will be the gainer, and the doctrine of collective:
bargaining will improve, because bargains will
be made, Ty men honestly seeking a working
agreement, and not by camorrista, supported by
gunmen. , ' '
The Old SwlmmW Hole
Potency of It Appeal I Not
Lost Just Because Boy Grow Old.
4 IM HHlIU 4 Pki. Ml '.
..4 k imw4 im ..ia v 4 t
tiU IM i4 UUm IM rv iMt Hi
A lionltmy look, out of Id indw I lie
d.M. i.rMily til th vprinktiiitf
ynn, liut aprnes r dfeivlnv, uu.
l asuity in th pirU(l lo Mm ia l rH4
Uk Irani ih "nld iwntln' hola" Khr'a Mori'li 10 It' . 'Wprinf fver!M hia
lrni dn iin; "pur llnr.'" hi it lirs
unap, Mriln, uttrrly an4 hoiwIfMly lavkm In
ini.iniin ar thr. Hpruts' fawrf tjisy?
Wlirit ih kklri ar tilii. when lh hud ar
nwalllna, and when th tird ar rlriii
ilircwiUT Tiivr' nmhum la H. !(' u(TBrlu
from ver tuntcin for th "old stw imitiin hoi."
Iu half th Joy ef th world to h a boy In
lh uprinv and lu har tli old pool ealltim!
Truant (iituni tli-ir atarnt clcx ks and rt
early In vain. Wttfc vr hnrd of atiyn hut
a boy nnditt ih old ImleT Th pnt is Jit a
crook In lh arm of th river. urtll ty rattl
in a piuitur nrarby. Th yellow vir mock
Ih nun. Th alitanin irout piny at prlonrr
hsM." They frl lh hrrath ft sprliif in lh
rapidly warming wtrs. and they wittat their
Pn with ai. They know ih "ld hil.M mo.
Th pout l o khatlnw in npnla that th lop
of your head aa "Hello" to your ahauldrrs
when you due. Th uarld trunks of th old
oak acniinrla ar spuing brittle. Willi all It
faults, th h"le U a Isk of dreams. Itoya divi,
dui k. quarrvl, aiilash. float, and swim there, frs
a th water tuolf. Worries li with lh cloths
on th hank, forgotten.
Th "old awlmmtn' hole" ha been passed
to us In sons; and atnry. It' as dir lo us aa
lh old okn bucket that usod lo hsnar In th
well. It Is an Anisrhan institution. l-t any
forrlaner claim if h dure! No man In this
country but remembers th "hole" of hi youth.
Th old soldier rtm-mbcr It Ions; after th
elory of hntil ha faded. The statexman prefer
It to til Florida beach. Th school board Ih th
only aad souls that hav no lltn for It. Why?
it awaken tha restless spirit of student and
entice them from their work. When th water
is wsrmlna; up watch that boy! Minneapolis
Kouth men Hc houl Southerner.
France's Interesting
An Interesting French project Is described tn
th Mortal HyRoIno Uutletln. From this source
w ar Informed that an x-soldler'a "mutual
birth-benefit aoclety" baa been formed with a
membership of inure than 250,000, to help in
dividual member lo make more nutiractory
adjustments to peace conditions and to lenxcn tho
financial burden or cmidren. Kvery meinner
who want to take advantage of tho "mutual.
benefit" plan must pay into the society's treas
ury Ave francs a mouth for five years, or 300
francs in all. When a child Is born to him tho
society acrees to pay him 250 franes in a lump
and twenty franca a month till the child in a
year old. To encourag French women to kIvo
their babies tha diet nature Intended them to
have, .an additional five francs a month are paid
lo tho family if the mother nurses the child.
No member, it Is expressively fttinulated. can
claim birth benefit till he has been In the so
clety more than ten months, but after that he
may havo any number of children and claim
full payment for every one of them wfthout in
creasing his payment of 300 francs spread over
flv years.
This ia not only an interesting social experi
ment, considered per w, but it is a development
of huppy augury to France, where the abnor.
mally low birth rate as compared with the mor
tality lists has Jong been a subject of appre
hension among; the thoughtful - patriotic ob
servers. Syracuse Jlerald.
Major Rowan's Exploit
Five days after the war with Spain began,
Andrew Bummers Rowan of the Hegular Army
landed from an open boat in Cuba, and carred,
a message to General Garcia, commanding tha
insurgent forces. It was an important message,
giving the Cuban leader the information that en
abled him to co-operate with the United States
against the Spanish army. Rowan had to get
through the Spanish lines and And Garcia, It
was a dlffloule and perilous mission. Rowan did
it with the matter-of-fact efficiency he had
learned at Wast Point twenty years before, and
Elbevt Hubbard made the exploit famous in his
"A Message to Garcia." ..
Although he had been in tha Army a(npe
1881, "at the time he went to Garcia, Rowan was
only a first lieutenant, lie retired in 1908, a
major. He was never decorated or rewarded,
for, although. General Miles recommended hint
for the medal of honor, no medal or decoration
for this eort of exploit existed then.
But tardy recognition is to be made of tha
man who did an Impossible thing; impossibly
well, and Secretary of War Weeks has receom
mended that the Distinguished Service Cross,
n- decoration authorised during the Great War,
be awarded Major Howan. .., :
Certainly he deserves it. 1 But a decoration
equal to that bestowed on Jiim by Fra Blbertua
years ago, translated into many languages and
read all over the world, is something that no
government can ever hope to eaual.-Worces.ter
Telegram- ' " .
How to Keep Well
QumiIm aaniBi( fcr.wM,
MM mm4 saMM l llllllii
mtt4 t P. I, by n.S.r. mi
Ik siill a..' SNMMlly
sukiwl M prf.e iMUUIIaa. kikkr a
ue4, s4MrM ssvIm W
!. Pr. Ihi fiM u
wtaMl Btstcnks lar hWIdiimI
Simsm. A lur. la ' f
lb M.
&rrikii l:i
Les Jeunes'
' Dief el Engirtes for the Mis jouri. -
' " There are some' advocates of Missouri river
navigation who believe the solution finally "wiU
b found in towboats driven by Diesel engines.
This "is what, makes the success of the, . motor
ship William Penn in. making a 30,000mlie ocean
voyage of great interest to middle wes'tcftfcr.
, ... Tbis is, the, only Diesel-driven freighter owned
by the United States Shipping board. Admiral
W, S 3enson, pointing to the, total outlay of $70
fet repair. on a run to Japan and return", charac
terizes, the experiment as the "most illuminating
and eejlfJusiye argument that the shipping world
has yet had of the advantages to be obtained
from the adoption of the explosive engine as a
mptor power In our merchant ships,
Less fqel-.wasr required, and the crew was re
duced enethird from that customary on steam--ships.
Such savings as these mean more, on in--land
waters-, than "on the seas, which, would be--navigated
at any cost, Omaha, may yet see light
draft: Deisel towboats pushing a fleet of barges
laden witli farm product down the Missouri,
Tvithaa crew npt much larger than that on an or
dinary Ireight train. Then will the day of cheap
, access to market have arrived. . ' . .v:".'.. . --9 "
Sir James M. Barrle has lately been urging
the organization of a league of youth.' Un
doubtedly Sir James, who was born in 1 8 60, is
the very man for the leadership of such a
, league, if he can but get it going. There is no
time in a man s lire when he feels the spirit of
youth singing in his soul so powerfully aa the
period when he is about 60 years old. And at
that epoch, being particularly anxious to avoid
the appearance of old age, he is jealous of age's
privileges and attributes, and is strongly in
clined to associate himself with the joys and
aspirations of youth. Who, in the meantime, is
the decadent, tha soorner, tha weary-hearted
pessimist, to whom the world ia jn its sere and
.yellow leaf? He is the man from 20 to 30. -The
propaganda of decadence at the present moment'
is in the hands of "les jeunes." '
It is possible, therefore, that Sir James M.
Barrie could dq jio better thing than devote his
sixth decade to the formation and stimulation
of a league of yputh, which, in the hands of
sexagenarians as full of youthful vitality as him
self, might hope to counteract the growing
senility of the younger generation. All truly
young persons, whatever their years may 1 be.
Will wish' him we!) ip his attempt. Restore eur
languid World, Sir James, to its springtime vigor!
It was Disraeli, we- belieVe, who said that every
thing great that ever has been done was done
by youth, and it is true, whether the youth who
accomplished it were 17 or 70.-r-Boston Tran
script. ..:.-'.
Mundny, warm, brlslit morning.
To work without an overcoat. Mn
day afternoon, wtsihrr turned cold
suddenly. WorUd late. Itml boms
on rat. On way horn Ml reld and
elillly, slightly achy end a rawn
In right no.tril.
He.lixe.l that I was catching rold.
Had not btfrn near anyon lih an
cut cold for rvrsl days. JU4
bt.ii in no crowd. This was the
tiri rid in trt ear In a wask. ,
Thought about Ih Washington
unMrstty contention that chilling of
III skin lowers th general letnpor.
tur. and th temperature of the
membrane of the nose, throal and
bronchial tube.
Think t roniranttd this cold from
myself. Auto Infection chilling 4lio
determining factor.
Though lit aching I ml les I
systomln intoxication, th Infwcilon
em to be llmliedto a rather
small, raw feeling area, in th tight
Night and some fever; profus
wet.ry dlschara from right "nostril.
Tu.pitny night. Aching Increased
progrewdvHy aa day went by. Fever
objectionable tn the afternoon. Tem
perature gt night I 101. Moderate
haduche, worse on the right side.
Trofiise watery discharge in right
nostril, nischsrge I acrid. Irritat
ing th skin of the upper tip. flkln
of no I sore. No slightly
swollen. Neuralgia of nerve sup
plying teeth in upper and lower Jaw.
KawneM extending to throat and
vocal organ. Mllght Irritating cough.
Eye suitdv.
Wednesday. Constitutional svmn-
tonis much belter. No headache, no
neuralgia. Liisctiarge from nose is
now mucus and less nbundanU-Mucus
membrane of roof of mouth
Itches Just as do the tissues In the
vicinity of a healing wound. Left
nostril slightly Infected. Rawness
now Involves tho trachea. Voca!
chords raw. Voice husky. Irritating
couch. A llttlo mucus raised.
Tiiursdoy. Dlschnrgo from right
nostril profuse. Mucus purulent.
Slight discharge from left nostril.
Deafness. Mouth still itches. Most
troublesome symptom Is irritating
cough. Trachea and bronchi raw.
Feverish and easily fatigued, but not
much other constitutional disturb
ance, y
Friday. Skin on nose and lips
penling moderately. Discharge from
nos.e, yellowish purulent.
rrincipal symptoms are those of
tracheitis and bronchitis. Coughing
up a good deal of purulent sputum.
And hero the diary must end be
cause we go to press. The "dead
line" la no respecter of colds nor the
aiaries thereof.
At this point I am met with two
criticisms. Oe Is that this Is the
dlsry of a eoalee and not a cold.
The second is that it should have
pen "The piary of a Coryxa."
My friend. Dr. J. W. Walker.
thinks we ahould get away from the
word "cold." since It has too many
meanings, none of which fits this
condition well; soma of the uses of
tn word are confusing and, finally.
coryza is a good, stmnle. easi v re
membered name for th condition.
Leaving these controversial oolnts
ann getting oacH to the case
Here wa an Infection which re
suited from chilling. The germs
were probably the man's personal
property. It started in a limited.
definite area in one nostril. . It
spreaa aioner tne surface or the rnem-i
brane. It skipped the tonsil and ton
sil area, as it so frequently does:vIt
traveled down the trachea and br6n
chial tubes.
Why cannot some one devise a wav
to gut ore an accessible, slow travel
ing, surrace infection?
F. S. The diary nart stoDned at
me aeaaiine. -
How to Anchor Stockings. ; '
M. F, W, writes: , "Will you not
say something as to the use of the
arouna-ine-ieg garters lor, . women;
O.UU KN IS . '
wow mat so many or us no
longer wear corsets, it Is a serious
question as to how the stockings can
be kept up properly. ... .
"snouia the hand be below the,
kne or above? .-. .
"How heavy an elastic? Is there
any better scheme than the elastic
band? Can it harm one?
"Stocking suDDOrters attached tn
a belt, auch as are sold at the stores,
I find very uncomfortable, and the
shoulder strap arrangements I have
seen show on the shoulders or 'heck!
wiien one wears mm waists.
, . : -REPLY. . !
Around the leg garters constrict
the blood vessels somewhat and thus
promote ' swelling of the feet and
varicose veins.
However, I feel certain the harm
ful effect is not great.
All in-all, J expect .the below the
knee location in better; Bince there
are two bones in that location th
venin n Brisrie;, are somewhat
better sheltered.: , v i- . ' ..
Can the stockings be fastened tn
the underwear with safety pins?
Many merf hold JheJr lacks up that
AlMiut l I'ettfral .
Oiiish. May 13 Tu lh Kdiier
of Th Hc; Th writer Its md
a dllint jh In all lb i.s
npcrr.'nit si flemoaraliil gihr
in... to s'risin lb prvMiit wbr
about i f lb puliiii iMii and editor
Mlin utiiil riM-snt month leni ntoi
of their inn Ihuiiiping lb publi"
n It w a iboiitt lo mil IK unoivmsq
aitenlinn lo Hi grvslrst legl.Ullv
m l vr ImiMiMtiiug til our republic,
th cmniihmnt or Miiirow
Wil.iui. autud by I'muI riitg,
autlior r. mid aviTpted by, and a
clttlined by Hi" di'iniHtiiiio r.itneri
a Woodrow Wilson's msslerplsi
his gift to suffmliig liiimsiiity th
ftilnrnl rkrva .v.ieiii. in rcui
innntb the pubhit bus roirlvod no
Ihuiup on It wlsbbnn; It stten-
linn i no longer i-Miiva t wnmirow
W lino if aclilevemint; lh former
pralMrM and ioliters-tu-wlili.irll
bsve vsnifhed. Tim wrlisr would
Ilk to know what bci'iiiuo uf these
HO.rallad piilitU'lsn. la It po.mliln
that they. tun. Ilk th let r us,
ar deHuted and buried? Their si
lnce speuk volume. Ar they llv.
tng on InleruNlionalisui, tsrlff.,
Iugtie or Nutiinis, bang or nations.
F.uroprnn trouble. hil siurvlug
at home? T. B. FKNION.
IVV North Forty-first Avenue, ,
None mi JIhikI.
A ruminlMion from th Philippine
Inlands Is coming to the Lnlld
Blutes to ileiuand linuiedlnte Hide-
pendeni . Wo haven t any. I'eoria
An association has been formed td bliy 9nd
preserve Kennmre, the home of Georee Wash
Jngtem'g brothern-law, at Fredericksburg, Va,
THe interior deeoratjons of this colonial mansion
wrt . Resigned by -Washington, In order- that'
Americans may not forget how their forefathers
lived, t is well to save more ef these eld homes
this estate Is about to be cut up for building lots
by a practkalrminded landlord. v'-
.- A few mor; receptions to train robbers, sueh
43 -that held in Arizona, may take some of the;
romance out of the business.
Onj "caei 'alwaya work up a tear for those
European' prmling 'ink rnakers, were it not for
their champions.
? - 11 1
'Omaha's building boom is not making much
noise, but it is keeping a lot of mechanics on the
pay roll.
Either way the Pennsylvania primary goes
today, it will not help the democrats much. .
Must a Race of Heroes Be Bred?
City life is contributing more to the heroic
.characteristics of humanity 1 any other
thing.' ' If motorists continue to be reckless and
to laugh at the law it will not be long before
the man, woman or child who can summon the
eeurage to eross the street during the rush
hours wi(l be a candidate for honors paid only
to heroes extraordinary,
Much. - is said about the hardihood ' of the
pioneers. '. After, all, they had an easy time of
it.- - AH they had to do was to fight Indians and
take a chance now and then of getting scalped.
The city dweller takes many ehanees every day
of beng injured by ppeed tiends who acorn the
law. It will not be Jong before the man" who
can cross the street without the slightest sense
of fear might intrepidly scale Mount Everett,
defy death in an airplane or become a steeple-
,,,.. i nu.. 1 t
Digging, Not Driving.
An experienced golfer invited a novice to a
game. Th Hovice, to the golfers dismay,
plowed up the ground all around the ball at
every stroke. The golfef stood it for a while,
but after a particularly vicious dig into the tee,
he remarked; i
"You've revoked." -
"We're playing golf, not whist," said th
"Yes." replied the golfer, "but you Just
played a spade where yeu should have played a
club. Boston Transcript.
Headed Rurht.
His name may not have any bearing on the
situation, but one of the eastern colleges an
nounces that it haa droppea ivory -jor poor
OThnlorahln Hllffaln EltireBS. . E -
Ireland sc.em.s nearer than evezao ucedoin...; ilacholarship. Buffalo Express
The Best Oils We Know
Keynoil and Locomotive
There is a chart at each Nicholas
Filling Station which shows just the
grade and the amount of oil your
make of car needs for efficiency.
Nicholas Station Attendants will
gladly show it to you or tell you If
you are using the correct grade.
A$k to Sec the Chart
Nicholas Oil Corporation
"Btuincu Is Cool Thank You
i V - ' 1,1 T f
"skti - J
An Opportune Sale of
for the Club
Exclusive models fashioned from ex
quisite materials, such as Crepe Romain,
Canton Crepe, Pussy Willow and
Every "dress has been taken from our
kotfow onrl mnra diatlnctivo tin anrl '
placed in one group. They are "one of
a kind' but there are several different
shades from which to 'choose. Many are
beautifully beaded and embroidered.
, A limited number only at $49.75.
Dreit Shop Scns! Flr
Be CircfuV With Diet.
Mrs, B. J, writes: "1. We are
contemplating a 500-mile auto trip
this summer. Do you thinlr -the
journey would strain or injure -in
any way a child 9 . years old?.. Tb
time required to cover the distance
would be from two to three days. .
1 "2. " Also," what food would you
advise for the child?"
. . REPLY, . . , ,
1. No. ' '' -
2. A child 2 years of age can
eat from the table. . Ko raw tnilk
should be fed. Give no corn,, un.
ripe fruits or-unneeled fruits." -! ': "'''
Broken-Out Skin and Itchinf
Eeiema Helped Over Night ' ?
. For unsightly skin eruptions, rash
or blotches' on face, neck, arms. or
body, you do not, have to wait for
relief from torture or embarrassment,
declares a noted' skin specialist Ap
ply a little MenthotSulphur and im,
provement shows pest day. "-
Because of its ' germ destroying
properties, nothing has ever been
found to take the. place of this sul
phur preparation. The pioment yon
apply it healing begins. Only those
who have had unsightly skin troubles
can know the delight this Mentho-"
Sulphur brings. -.Even firey, itch'
iiig eczema is dried right up.
Get a small jar oi Rowles Mentho
Sulphur from any good druggist and
use lt-Jike cold cream, --' --
Enjoy life
. Dont self-conscious
because of a badskin
Adopt the daily use of
Jtesinol Soap and
complexion fhaf will
: stand the tesfof the
brightest lights.
t PQthinc &nd Hetwlinq
Vplayer piano
Branded tn trie uaeK.'
' White Houm
700 600 495
The Art and Music Store
1513-15 Douglas Street
Comfort Your Skin
With Cuticura Soap
and Fragrant Talcum
lot, OvitBtent, TJcbs). Vr. wmymhwr. Bmmpim
Are You Traveling
in a
or. are you headed
toward a definite goal?
Saving money js easiest
when saved for a def
inite purpose.
The premium on v
life insurance pol
icy should be one
of the purposes for
which you save.
A fixed amount de
posited every week or
every month in a sav
ings account will en
able you to' meet your
premiums easilv as
they come due, and you
will be steadily build
ing a cash reserve be
sides. . ...
Inquire at eur un'mf
t department regarding
I our special service.
The Omaha National Bank
Farnam at 17th Street
Capital and Surplus, $2000000