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    .Marriage of Film
Star and Movie Art
Director Is Voit
rlur HflJ SuIjTt to ('rim
iual Phmtm for .vcoinl Mar
rlf,9 Within Yrr Mm
IittfrloeufWy Pmcf.
Lei Ana-h. May 15 TItc mr
flag tl Rudolph alenttnu, rtfe
rlor. nd Mix Winifred 1 1 u-lnut
motion picture art Hurtior. h
a MUmiiiH at u Mtkiro,
li.t Niturday, it und m California
mii .f ih bridrarooni hat nude Mm
rl( tubirt-t in rriitiinul procc.i, e
cording to judge of the nnerior
COtirt llflf.
Ih'k condition U due to the irt
that Valentino obt4tned an intrrltHU
tory decree of divorce Iroro Jean
Artr, his (irl tviir, on January ju,
iv.v, and that decree will not be'
tome eliective until neat January
In the meantime, actnrding to iba
judgei, V.kntino i Mill married to
Mitt Acker and therefore cannot
(gaily conirart another marriage in
California or anywhere ele.
Judge Silent
Whether Valentino would be d -
ciolincd bv the court w. not Mated,
Judue Thonw O. Toland. who
granted the Valentino decree, de
clined to dio the eae today,
judge J. V. Summerfield, who i al
no engaged in lieainf divorce cie,
concnted. however, to explain the
law. Judge Snmwcrhcld raid that
the entry of an inrrlocutory decree
of divorce wa nothing more than an
order of the Court that, nothing in
terferinc. Die nartiet would he en.
titled to a divorce after a year had
c'aptcd. If they aOempted other mar.
uage within that year, he aaid, the
reult was bigamy.
Inquiry at the l.aikv tttid ion, where
Valentino is employed, brought the
information that he -was out of town
for three weeks, He wa reported to
he doing onie divert location work
in the Imperial valley. The studio
management declined to discus his
marriage and what effect, if any, it
would have on his employment.
. To Go to New York.
Calcxico, Cat., May 15. The mar
riage of Rudolph Valentino, screen
actor, to Winifred Hudnut took place
Saturday afternoon in Mexicali,
across the border from here, with
Judge Sandoval officiating. Valen
tino was reported to have told friends
here that he and the bride would
leave immediately for New York, to
stay there "until technicalities con
nected with the divorce case are
cleared up," and then return to Cali
fornia. ......
: Iowa Doctors Honored
Washington, Ma 15, (Special
TetegramjT-The commissioner of
pensions hat appointed Dr. C H.
Johnson member , of the pension
board at Cherokee, and Dr. Oliver
Fisher at Onawa, Iowa.
Farm. Advances. Approved
" Washington, , May - 15. (Special
Telegram. The war- finance cor
poration announces that from May
1 1 tttrttidtr.appnrred advances of
$14,000 for agricultural and livestock
purposes in Nebraska.
! Ours is a "Specialty
Shop" featuring the
I rof a kind throughout
- our entire stock.
.'Giving value and a
' certain smartness of
c,siy.eis our uiu lor
your favor. Hun
dreds of your mends
always depend on us
for tmusua.Uy,"clever
;ciotnes vye win
rsurely try to please
HJeer fir
1621 Farnam V
feThey're Good j
Looking 5
? Individual
Woman Visits Boy Who
Claims He Shot Self
I i
.yi-. : -l ;
d -A
T-i: 1
if" If
1 I-- 'fit I
... V WjI
Mrs. Irene Connolly.
Motlier of Kratkv
Scoffs at Police
Suicide Theory
Dcclitros Son Who Lies
Wounded in Hospital,
Sliitlds Another
for Love.
The theory that Charles Kratkv,
20. 2751 south Tenth street, attempted
suicide by shnotiiiK himself throiiKh
the richt Kroin, is questioned by his
mother, Mrs. L. L. Kratky.
Young Kratky, who is convales
cing in St. Joseph hospital, insists
he shot himself. Mrs. Irene Con
nolly., 29, who entered the limelight
via her divorce petition mentioning
kissing parties, and who visited
Kratky at the hospital yesterday,
and rushed to his home scantily clad
when she heard of the shooting the
night before, remains silent.
Mother Scott s story.
Mrs. Krafkv scoffed at the story
told by her son. calling attention to
the failure of his two brothers to
find the revolver he said he threw in
to the weeds in Riverview park after
shooting himself. Detectives rer
ported they found a .38 caliber re
volver and a half empty bottle of
liquor there, however.
These detectives, Trcglia and Lick-
ert. Say young Kratky told them he
had shot himself because his mother
had been rebuking him for his atten
tions to Mrs. Connolly.
"A bov can't fool his mother,'
though," said Mrs. Kratky."Charles
is shielding someone. Perhaps I
should not tell, but it is not richt that
he. should make tin sacrifice tor
love." - -
Heart. Attaint Aired.
Mrs. ControHys heart affairs were
aired in court last week. W. G. Sears,
judge in the court of domestic rela
tions, yesterday ordered a special in
vestigation into the case.
Mrs. Connolly admitted that young
Kratky was a "not infrequent" vis
itor at her home, but exclaimed,
Why, he's just a boy." Her hus
band is Dr. James P. Connolly, den
tist. File Petitions Asking
Dorsey to Be Candidate
Lincoln. Mav 15. (Special.) Pe
titions asking W. C. Dorsey to be
come a republican candidate tor at
torney general were filed here this
afternoon. One petition was signed
by Lincoln residents and the other
bore signatures of Gage county vot
ers. Dorsey was a member of the
old supreme court commission. For
several months he has been aiding
Attorney General Clarence A, Davis
in prosecuting Omaha men indicted
by the grand jury called at the re
quest of the attorney general.
Dorsey was in Lincoln this after
noon and was reported to have told
friends he intended to enter the race.
Jf s toasted. This
one extra process
gives a rare and
delightful quality
impossible to
duplicate. .-'.'." '-'-s;.
Guaranteed by ' ' v
' 414-29 SKuritie Bid.,
Cor. 16th and Farnam St.
Dour. 5347
Festival on Koof
Garden for Good
' Will Candidate
M. 1 J'mifh 9i Ou lu Gic
I)mif ami Fiilrrtiiiiiictit
in Ddtdlf of Mi Anna
1 h p4iion rof uardrn t"P the
dew buiMuiK ot M. K. w k Co.
Mill le the nene of much merriment
and niiiic tonight, when a dance
and fettival will he given in behalf
( Mi Anna McNamara, that (!
pany't candidate in the liood U ill
All friends of M. E. Smith & Co.,
and of Mix McNamara arc invited
to attend the alUir. which promitei
to he one of the most uutmanding
events of the dec two. -
Can Study Astronomy.
To leiiu with, the roof garden,
with its terrace omlookinii the city
on the wett, should prove a great
attraction. There i a itaue, mod
erttly equipped, and the dance floor
it Urge and enticingly smooth.
On the terrace one may get a
breath of air and study agronomy
and things with one's partner be
tween dances.
Refreshments and Program.
There are to be refreshment and
entertainment as well as dancing.
The price of admission is SO cents
and no additional charge will he
nude for dancing. ' Karh ticket will
entitle the holder to a chance on a
J.'iK) phonograph which it to he giv
en as a door prize. There aUo will
be opportunities to obtain some of
the famed Miua Taylor house and
street dresses, and the Beau Iirum
niel khiits, which are manufactured
by M. 11 Smith & Co.
Entrance to the roof garden is on
Tenth street, between Douglas and
Farnam. Girls working in the in
terest of Miss McNamara's candi
dacy have a booth at the entrance
of the building, where every noon
cigars, cigarcts and candy are sold.
Burlington Girl
Makes Big Increase
(Contlnnrd lYom Pan Out.)
orchestra, composed of Omaha High
school students, at the Mexican
dance, held yesterday noon, at the
livestock exchange. A prize-winning
Shetland pony was donated by the
Thompson Pony Farm of Dor
chester, eb., 10 be auctioned otr
for Miss Kaufmann. The livestock
interests will hold a" smoker on
Thursday evening,
Miss Kathcrine O'BrieiK Burling
ton candidate,- accompanied by her
manager, left Omaha Sunday for" St.
Louis to spend a iev hours there.
She will visit 'Jsrookfield, Mo., St.
Joseph and Wyinore returning this
evening. Dances are to be held at
Superior and , Lincoln in honor of
Miss O'Brien.
Boosters of Ella Fenu will give a
dance at Krug . Park Wednesday
evening. The committee reports that
tickets are selling Tapidly and, barring
unfavorable weather, a record break
ing crowd is expected. Tickets are
55 cents including tax which entitles
the holder admission and dancing all
To Hold Show in Fremont
McCord-Brady have also com
pleted arrangements . for a four-act
vaudeville slrow to hfc given at the
Wall theater m Fremont this evening,
the proceeds to aid , Miss Fenn.
Omaha talent will furnish enter
tainment and people of Fremont are
promised a treat Participating are
the Harmoneer Trio composed of
David Robcl, Robert Sackett. and
Robert Anderson of the University
of Omaha; Henderson & Nielsen in
a comedy auto act, Dorothy and
Blaine Wahl, Omaha's most popular
juvenile performers in a song and
dance revue and Cyro Slingerland,
the clever entertahier at Krug park
this season, in a number of new
Police Held Blameless
for Slaying of La Velle
(Continued From Vus On.)
I heard no one say anything to the
men on the sidewalk."
Jess Ryan, 3208 Oak street, tele
phone company employe, told of
hearing someone say, "Just a minute
fellows," and that then the shooting
commenced, one of the bullets going
into his room and passing within
six feet of his head. He said he
dressed and got out of his room to
get out of range' of flying bullets,
went down stairs and looked Out the
door and saw an officer in uniform
snooting at two men who were re
turning the fire.
Mrs. May La Velle, widow of the
victim of the . shooting, and her
daughter, Helen, told of the visit of
the officers inquiring about the hold
up and she said she and her daughter
told the officers that Mulvihill arid
her husband were out looking for
the holdups and that they were both
warned. She said, she cautioned the
officers to be careful and gave " a
description of both her husband and
Mulvihill. She told of hearing the
shooting and of Mulvihill running
up the street yelling "Get the cops;
there is an automobile full of stickup
men up the streetshootingin every
direction." .
Mrs. La Velle told of finding her
husband shot on the porch of the
Pzsanowski home and of trying to
get him to speak to "her,, but that he
died in her arms without being able
to utter a word. ' "" '
Nervou'a Diseases and
Spinal Troubles
respond to Chiropractic Adjustments.
Dr. Burhorn invites you who are tick or
ailing to investigate what he can do in
your particular case, without any obliga
tion on your part.
Other. Get Well Why Not Vou?
"Office adjustments are 12 for $10 or
30 for $25. Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Lady attendant. Complete X-Ray lab
oratory. House calls made when unable
to come to the office.
Dr. Frank F. Burhorn
palMer school chiropractor
Says Labor Socialists
Are After Third Party
I iuculii. May 15. tSpecUI.)
I'dImiiMii tlii Mirk are Uhii!g
for dt vrlupmeut at ! iiiiJdil-ilie
road third forty inrttuu n'M ly in-
uructiu o be held at dr iii'l lund
tuiiioiiow far the purpose funning
a fourth poiniml tuny in Nchrka.
The hrodi of the third party are
e .penally mificird a the aiiiuuntt of
rnthuMf m, the number present and
the toiiuc dicidfd uikhi mean hie
or death to the third party. It i
known that no attrmpt lu been
made to circulate pemum Mr Ac
thur (j. Wiay nr I nitrd Mates ni
alur and J. N. Norton (ur governor,
printing the uuicome t( the middle
of-thp road inciting,
However, a quit t canvas in one or
two counties lus been made among
rridruts of these counties oiituing the
third party pact at Grand hland and
it is reported that everyone is atzree
able to the Wr.iy-Norton combina
tion. The third party leader are in
dined to believe that the prenent up is an attempt of labor-social-iu,
aided and abetted innocently by
W. J. Taylor and one or two others,
to gain control of the third party ma
chinery. More Petitions
Filed for Davis
More liackrrs for Attorney
General as Senator Than
Any Other Candidate.'
Lincoln. May 15. (Special.)
Three more petitions urging Attor
ney General Clarence A. Davis to
become a republican candidate for
the United State senate were filed
this morning.
One of these was from his old
home town, Holdrrge, and contained
ILK) names.
A second was from Lonsr Pine.
headed by O. R. Mounts, an attor
ney, and containing 63 nam.
The third was from Nehawka,
headed by A. F. Sturm, state sena
tor; with 25 signatures attached.
Petitions for Davis to run for sena
tor exceed those of any other candi
date so far, both in the number of
petitions and the number of signa
C. G. Bliss of Elm Creek filed to
day as a candidate for republican
state senator.. 'He was a member of
the senate two years ago.
Mothers's Day Observed
Fairbury, Neb., May 15. (Spe
cial.) Mothers' day was generally
observed in the churches of rair
bury. The more desirable flowers
were all taken at the greenhouses
Saturday ' by noon and the supply
was inadequate to satisfy the de
to feel better
Eat Spaghetti Heinz
Spaghetti the kind
with the delicious tang
of red ripe tomatoes
perfectly seasoned and
spiced and blended with
a famous cheese. Eat it
often, instead of meat
and so many other
things that cost more
and are not so good for
you. It's a real food.
Ready cooked, ready to eerve
TUESDAV. MAY lfl, 1922.
Irish People to
Ballot on Loudon
Free State Paet
I'mgrm Toward lVae He
ported ly Dail Kireann Cuiu
ntiltec To Hold Wee
tiona on June 12.
Uuhliu, May 15 I'rogre to
ward peace belwrrn I lie cppoing
nohtual factious and their support
ing armies is under. tcotf to have
been made by the Dail Kircaiui con
ciliatuig committee.
'1 he batia for an agreement it to
Vacating of about 15 seats in the
dad, occupied by lester light.
Division of their seats, according
(t the prctent political complexion
and a selection of more influential
men as candidates to take them.
An election on June 12. to be ai
ii greed election of all members pres
ent in the dad with the above named
exceptions to run again without op
Work At Assembly
The dail is to be elected to act at
a constitutional assembly working
on a constitution prepared by a com
mittee under the provisional govern
ment and yet subject to minor
That the dail be strengthened by
putting in heavier legislative timber.
Representation of labor and unionists
is a proposal not objectionable to the
Harry Holand has contended that
no issue should be decided at the
coming election but he seems to have
receded somewhat on this stand, and
the treaty will be placed before the
people with the constitution.
With the treaty endorsed, the oath
the dail members take will be that
of an incorporated treaty, and this
will permit the entrance of four
members from Trinity college, who
Special Offerings for
Boys' Department
"Here is an extraordinary bargain." Don't miss it it you have
a boy who can use one of these 6lzes.
29 Boys' Knickerbocker Suits.
Our own make of ALL WOOL FABRICS, colors and Scotch
mixtures that formerly sold to $15.00. There are only 29,
On Sale
Tuesday at
M.ea S 11 12 IS Ti la""i' l1 -
Kog. 1 8 8 g 6 3 7 7
Boys' All-Wool Two-Pants Suits
Full line ot sizes, and a fine collection of Blue Serges, Scotch
and Heather Mixtures, and the very popular Tweeds. These
suits formerly sold up to $25.00, -
On Sale
Tuesday at
Stzea ... 7 8 ! 10 U 13 13 14 15 16 17 18
8 7 9 15 14 11 16 9 8 17 6
Boys' Athletic Union Suits.
Here are some splendid garments for the Boys' summer wear,
and at a very attractive price., All sizes.
55 c Each 2 Suits for $1.00
Boys'. Ribbed Cotton Hose.
Medium and heavy weights, hard twisted cotton fiber that gives
long service and genuine satisfaction to parents.
25c Pair 5 Pair for $1.00
Boys' $2.00 Caps for $1.00.
Broken lots and sizes of CapB in tweeds and fancy mixtures.
One-piece tops and 8-quarter styles. .
Boys' Shirts at Half Price.
i One big lot of madras and percale shirts, fancy stripes and
colors. These shirts formerly sold at $2.00.
On Sale sr
Tuesday at 01. UU
Be sura and get your share of this offer.
Children's Top Coats.
, A small number of Children's Top Coats, Serges, Fancy Mix
tures and Tweeds that formerly sold to $15.00.
On Sale (to qj-
Tuesday at : 'pD,D
I i H
Grandmother knevricK shortening
was necessary inmaiWo' W
art uniotii.u. They irfu.ed to ttt
4lltgiiiie 14 the fmlit,e and tutt
never ILtu .ran. hrilirr r anion
de Vleu and Mmcarl O'Connor
will' he cfterrd or ill sume
ut ii i In coahtuxt government af
ter the election eeui undetermined
and doubuul.
Eleciian Announced.
Londuii. Mav IS -An lii.h rlrc
lion he held Ju I, whether an
agieement j. rrached ltee the
tree staler, and the republicans or
not. This is the deii.mii of the pro.
vuional government hut it wdl not
be uiiiiouiirei lr a lew tuy ytu
j It lu been subletted that an
' agreement might hue for it. ba-t
NO free naier and 40 republican,
j an even thai, gHd ptditual judges
ay, it a big coucrttinn U the repub
liitns, who ar not rupee led to hull
iiietie than Id seats in the conte.ied
election. The free state would gam.
however, by avoiding a period of
dionrdcr and the resultant hmerne.i
which would be turc lo lumper its
About 10 day before the election a
constitution will be published. Ihr
document is now practically complete.
At it stands it hat 75, hut
two or three tf these may be elim
inated in the final revision.
Attorney General Da via .
Helps Settle Land Ditpute
Lincoln. May 15. (Specirl.) An
old dispute over claims to lands in
Cherry county growing out of two
survey has been settled as a re
suit of a conference between At
torney Oeneral Clarence A Davis
and William Spry of Washington,
D. C, general land commissioner.
I'udcr the agreement, owners of
P'opcrty wlio find themselves in dis
pute over land originally owned by
the state but which, under a later
survey, it claimed by them, will be
given an opportunity to receive at
much land in another section. There
are. 569 acres of laud affected be
longing to Hiiro Ilein. Jacob Keu-
mayrr, Alfred Gouchrr and David
Read The Bee ail the wav
through. You will find it interest
ing. READY, $2.00 and VP.
Harry H. Abbott, Mgr.
Triumvirate Hack
of Chicago Death
Ring, Police Say
I'roof 1'urnMted I lirmich
Search of IWunifiitary 11 i
denee Srlted From LaW
Union Offitrr.
Chicago, May 15 !ercti ihrougS
(lit nu of dtHUiueulary evidence
teued in a spectacular serirt of raid,
on union labor headquarters hat .up
plied proof, according to the polite,
that recent murders, bombing anj
taw Irttnrtt resulted ffoui the eltuit
of a triumvirate to rule Chicago
I unions.
1 he three men liuutved, wlmni !!"
police said were among h 15J
seised tcvcial d ag alter the pa
liolmen who were seeling to arrrkt
four bombers, not only were living
off the unions, but were double
crossing them.
Gingham Frocks
Assume Neiv Importance
For Fashion has transformed them
from mere house frocks into mod
els which are, "chic" enough for
walking and smart enough for
shopping or visiting.
Then she checked them in most
any shade you may desire com
bined with white and trimmed
them in white organdie or linen. ,
$15 to
I Your Donation j
1 to th6
j Good Will Contest
! solicited for . - :
Our Candidate I
"The Red Cross Girl" I
Each $1.00 subscribed counts 10 votes for the candi-
date.- 94 of all money subscribed to be used by I
2 American Committee in France to assist in the most f
I devastated districts.
fi .
Mail your subscription to us. Hand it in to the booth
at our store or phone ATlantic 3000 and we will I
I gladly send for it. "
I DON'T FORGET the Big Musical Concert,-Brandeis t
1 Theater, Tuesday, May 16th, at 8 ;15 P.M. High-class t
t specialties. 50-piece band. Tickets $1.00 each -
I counts 10 votes for candidates. Buy tickets here "
il l l I I l I I l l i i l l I I I I i I I li i i i i
' It, til... memorandums, hurt, an I
run r H4urr, ii a tau,
.i.iry tf bow litest mtii u4 the
money lullected at union dm t lo cm
p'.cy s'lHUrlt 10 .l,n'ilst infill
bnt id their own union and lld
llum in line. Members of the ir.
unmratf, it it id, a!o c filer ltd
uiuney nnrily fioni the rnidovtr
id iiiuph jl'Ur iv settle ticket or
uinkr llireat ( needless strike?,
Amy lefiu 4.uit it
Head of (.liildren' Home
l iii.oln. May 15.(, Specif ) Mi
uu irten. siiitrriiiieiideiit of tde
I uie homt (or dependent children,
I iiuolii, tendered her retignaiion In.
J Cy . i!ie .tale lioard of control. Tlo
rr.miutiini. is to become etieriite
)iiw I. Mi.s Stevens brgan woik in
Ihr kihooi in m as field agent. Her
j home i Table Koek.
j Walton Postmaster Named
I Wa.lunttiuii. Mav 15 (Special
, Telegram )-l'rrry U Shield
, been appointed po.tinaMer at Wal
lion, Nrb, to leplate li. K. Linder
'man, rexibiird.
$25 W
Third Floor
i j i i i t i l l l I I I I I I I I 1, 1. 1 I