Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 06, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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Women's Quarrel
Ends When Judge
Makes Tlicm Kiss
FruJ Wa StartcJ (her Al
Iffpil Itciiiarki Cuiiffrii
lug Children! Dc
Vfifrd4y wit "rm!i5it day in
Judge Gemg HolmrV division of
municipal court, where two women
nifif.j, "nuJilcr l)io ft lien,"
d drparled with lints warm upon
their lip. Thry kitd c.h other,
not the judge.
The judge bflifvrs tlut the end
( juttii-e and peace nil earth Kill
have been smcd by omitting the
nam's ( thee woinm who tacupy
adjoining holm, on llorcnce boule
vard. One o( the diputatiou twain
brouiclti an action agaiu.t the other
it Lr-rfc lliff ik.'. Tli rat was
a!lrd (or hearing and the judge
quickly enird a neighborhood row
nhitli grew (torn ituctiially noth
ing. Neighbor! Adda Fuel.
One of the women charged that a
neighbor told lirr that the other wo
nan in tlii case said that Iter baby
had a hair lip, and the other woman
retorted by alleging that another
neighbor told her that the neighbor
of thin praec cafe said her baby had
Urge lund and a bump on it head.
! rout those idle remark by neigh
hurt the disputant! made (ares at
each other and otherwise displayed
ill feeling until one brought an ac
tion in municipal court.
The judge took the women Into
hi chamber and talked to them like
an uncle.
Say Lord' Prayer.
"Do you ay the Lord's prayer?"
aked the jurlRC of one of the wo
men, who replied that he did.
"Then repeat it here," added the
judge. The woman complied.
"Do you mean it?" the judge
?.!ked. -
The woman hung her head.
"Now, I want you women to kin
each other right here, forget all that
ha happened, and resolve to live
amicably hereafter," the judge con
tinued. The women kissed each other and
went their way, whereupon the
judge called the next case.
Drake Apartment
Groups Rechristened
Three apartment groups owned by
the Drake Rental agency, known
heretofore as the Dresden, Dartniour
and the Aberdeen, have been renam
ed as follows: v
The Dresden, composed, of two
buildings, will be called the Arlington
and Beverley; the Dartmoor, com
posed of five separate buildings, will
he known as the Ames, Colfax, Dal
las, Emerson and Bedford, and the
Aberdeen, which included four sep
arate buildings, will be called the
Avery, Burton, Chandler and Dud
ley. These three groups are being re
modeled, and lawns about them re
sodded. . y
Business Men to See Hog
Demonstration at Lincoln
. inxtcen prominent Umalia business
men will go to Lincoln today to see1
a demonstration of .Nebraska agri
cultural (tttdents outlining the ped
igree of a hog.
The following will attend: Carl
B. Gray, president, of the Union
H. Baldridge, Everett Buckingham,
M. L. Corey, R. L. Carter. J, M.
Gillan, H. R. Gould. 0. C Holmes,
.Frank Judson, H. F.. Mcintosh, H.
K. Mansfield, Frank Myers, M. C.
Peters. H. O..Wilhelm ,and C. M.
Wilhelm. '
Brief City News
Tu l'U t'rtrhratton r'ant.neU
Park ttlrbritiion ao-laiten will
hol t Ita nan meatitif Monday nihi
m in rtty hall,
IU.Ma ri)Pf' fc hnnl Fort Crook
orrti dtauMiinf th itvu.
bility ef oaubllahins ft stud.nt fli-art
hool t rort Crook.
Ilk r hew TrUJ Jta. hel
ftirikln4 and rum M. Muar flle4
a motion, far new trial in fOrl
inuri kiriay, Mi Otrukland
limther pl4 th f of 1,
" Talks at 11 TrwiiU- Vla Cu
nlr H Kinaabarr of htntion, P.
f , llt -tur on "Th Maehln at
Waahliictnn.' at the ltor temple
I I tunic ht.
Omaha Hanker tniiiet! liivlta
tlun hv liven t,nJt to Omaha
tiMitkara to attnt th ronfi-reni' of
group t of th Kouh Iki.i Hnk.
rV Moclatlon at Winner, K. U., on
May II.
To AdtlroM tiiu.lrnu Ir. Harry
J.rnni, irofer In th department
of roiomlra t l'nlvriiy of Wla
rnnkin, will addrM th L'nlvrity
of onialm graduating claM In Jacob!'
halt Jun I.
IM Alimony Mm. I.ydift Klnlry,
7 J, who uJ Iter aatd hmdmnd fr
arpara' maintenance, ta lo Imv IT
month temporary alimony until th
lane la heard, tt waft ruled in dlntrfct
court ypntvrtUy.
It main n Ikiftnl Mayor Paht.
man announced t'rdy that
father Klanatan would remain on
the puhlto welfare board, after ft vtait
to 8t. Joaeph hoepltat. wher Father
t'liinitn I under phyalclana' car.
I'ubllo Hrrrirtlnn Th newly com
pleted Htundard Oil building at
Klditeentli. Howard atrect and KL
Mary avenue, will t opened formal
ly with public reception next Mon
day. V lull or will be ohown through
tho building.
(omoiliaft Mrrt Charlea X.
ttyrnnce, ft comedian with Elnle
Janla and hr fang ftt th Hrandela
theater, wa married to Taulln Van
Camp. 18, of Kftww City.-her vleit
Iiik with her mother, by Rev. K. It
Jenka, yetiterday.
Injured In Fllit W. II. Itankln.
Ton partmenta, wa Injured
Thuraday night tn ft fight which oc
curred when he and ft friend re
entd Inaultlng remark alleged to
hav been rnnd by two taxi driver
to hla wife and another woman.
Pone Addlrt TcwUfy Four dope
adclk't teatlrted tn pollr court yea
terduy mornlna; when th charg ot
poKarwiInK and eelllng dop wa
brought aa-ninet Virgil Jackaon. On
of th four nald he had mad daily
purrhaae from Jackaon for tho last
two month. Jackaon denied that he
ever Bold dope.
Cat Anitoar In Court Judge It.
V. Patrick de-oldod in munlclpiil
court yenterday that Merry Sunnhlne,
pedigreed. I'emlan cat. whoae owner
ship waa contented, wa the prop
erty Of Mrs. C. H. Head, 2509 J-ar-nam
etreet. Mra. Dlxl Mack. l
North Elchteenth street, wa the
other claimant. Mr. Mead teallned
Merry Sunahino disappeared Inst
February. '
j 1
Memorial Services
to Be Held on Sunday
American Legion Memorial ser
vices will be held Sunday afternoon
at 3 at the West Lawn cemetery in
the American Legion circle.
Daisies, the American Legion na
tional flower, will be planted on the
grave of every exservice man. Be
cause of weather condition these will
be planted Sunday instead of waiting
until Memorial day, the committee in
charge explains.
Father Holsapple will conduct the
services. Among the speakers will
be Mayor Dahlman and William
Ritchie, jr., state commander of the
American Legion.
The following organizations have
been invited to . send representatives
to the services, which the public al
so is invited to attend: G. A. R.,
Daughters ;of Civil War Veterans,
UpfS. Grant, Custer Post, Garfield
Circle relief corps, D. A. R., Gold
Star Mothers, War Mothers, Dis
abled War Veterans, Veterans of the
World War, Overseas Girls, Army
and Red Cross nurses, 'National
guard, Boy Scouts, and High School
Bee Want Ads Are Best' Business
Boosters. V
Special Watch Values
for Saturday and Monday
14-karat solid white gold
Wrist Watch, 15-jewel
Helbros movement.
Special J
14-karat, 20-year gold
filled Wrist Watch, 15
jewel Helbros move
ment. 1 C 7C
Special ... . ; p 1 O 0
The Above Watches in Several Classy Designs
Gentlemen's Watches
Gentlemen's 16-size Thin Model
Watch, 14-karat, 20-year gold
filled case with 15-jewel Waltham
movement. A real 'a -i
buy at. ....... 0
Mail orders promptly attended to and shipped same
day as received. Add return postage. .
Brodegaard Bros. Co.
S. E. Corner 16th and Douglas
I I ' I I a 1 11V W I W
ff Ik Kiddie
Th Mother Uttri."
with tfoirWy Mson.
s. m. nd 10:41 a. m.
Hash Qxm
urn utr
ll Yw Imi U 0r
T Dnc7
If not. t invit you to
hsvt cup and tread a meat,
ur from 4 p. tn, to d p. m,
urcMa-alMll Tm K mm
tU r J
Saturday's Offerings Throughout the Store
The Forsythe Blouses
In order U tx sttracUvely and
comferUMy drraaed in a tailored
suit on itMda Mveral tailored, or
at lean nil-tllord, blouses.
The 'Foryth' blou, sold ex
clusively in Omaha at th Burts
Nash rnmpany, ta unequaled la style
and tailoring.
These blouaea ar mada of white
dimity, tucked and frilled, and soma
of them ara gay with colored ring
ham collar, cuffs, and tie. Peter
Tan, "V," and Tuxedo necklines at
carefully fitted to the suit coat
Siss 32 ta 44, $2.15 and up.
Siftt 46 ta 62, 13.85 and up.
urfwt-Natk BIum Sbwy Talrd FUr
Chocolate Cream
Assorted chocolate) creams
packed in fancy l ib. box.
Pound box, 38c
Bar(MfNti Mala Floor
Candy Specials
Cream Brazils
Pcrfeot whole nuts covered
with maple and vanilla fondant.
Lb., 56c
Cream .Taffy 1
In flavors of chocolate and'
Lb., 37c
Mint Chews
Fresh caramels packed in a
box you will know by the
balloon decoration.
PkfcT., 7c 3 for 20c - ,
BurgtH-Naah Mtiunin Floor
Mother's Day
Select cards now while our
assortment is complete. Cards
especially designed to convey
every sentiment.
To Mother and to Grand
To my Dear Other Mother.
To the Mother of My Chum.
To, in fact, every Mother.
Triced Se to $1.00
Recipe Cabinets
Oak finish cabinet complete
with 100 cards and index guide.
3x5-inch size. Ideal shower
gift. Special, 75c.
Writing Paper
French lawn high-grade letter
size paper in white only. Pack
age of 72 sheets, 25c .
Envelopes to match, pkg., 12!ic
' Burtti-Nh Main Floor
For These Rainy Days
Women's Umbrellas
American taffeta, 26-inch
Paragon frame, plain or carved
handle with heavy cord loop.
Each, $1.00
Burf tu-Nath
Men's Umbrellas
American taffeta, 28-inch
Paragon frame, plain mission
finished handle. Saturday
Each, $1.50
-Mai Floor -
Thermos Goods Hair Nets
Tharntos Bottle Pint size,
brown enamel case-. Priced,
. Thrmoi , Bottle Pint size,
nickel plated, corrugated case,
$1.80., . ,
Metal Lunch Kit Fitted with
black enamel pint bottleja$2.00.
Thermo Bottl Quart size,
with green enamel case. Priced
$2.50. - ;
Tharmo Bottl Quart size,
with plain nickel case. Priced
Carafe Quart size, with'
plain nickel case. Wonderful
value at $5.50.
Bur(M-Nah Main Floor
"Rita" Hair Nets, double
mesh, in cap and fringe; 3 for
"Bonni B" Hair Nets, sin
gle mesh, cap and fringe; 6 for
"Bonni B" Hair Nets, dou
ble mesh, cap and fringe; 6 in
box, for 75c. i.'''.
Hair Nt, with knotted ends,
large size, all colors; 4 for 25c
Elaatid Nats, fine mesh, large
size, all colors; 4 for 25c. - '
Bachelor Buttons, box, 10c.
Bon Underwear Buttons, 3
dozen, 25c
O. N. T. Crochet Cottba, 3
balls, 25c
. Burfaai-Naah Main Floor
Our Entire Stock
Hartmann Trunks
Our luggage department has been moved. As a special
feature to introduce its new location we offer our entire ;
stock of fine quality, smart-looking Hartmann wardrobe
trunks at 20 to 30 less than our already low prices.
Correct luggage for whatever your need at
20 to 30 Off
Travelers and vacationists who anticipate needs in lug
gage will, at this sale, accomplish savings really worth
while. Then, too, there is always a feeling of security
as far as the wardrobe is concerned when it is entrusted
to one of our "trunks. Smartness, convenience, service,
mark every piece.
Visit Our New
Luggage Department
on the
Mezzanine Floor.
Needed White Goods
Snowy heaps of white fabrics will fairly melt away
at this attractive price. For graduation or for the usual
needs of aummer no color reems quite so cool and fresh
looking as white. Our atocks are complete in
White Voile White Pique White Madras
While Poplin While OrganJj) White Balislc
And many other white fabrics.
Yard 65c
iut.Na n4 Floor
May White Sales Special
Handkerchiefs by Yard
MA well worth while savingH" unfinihhed handker
chiefs of fine quslity cambric- offered in our May White
Sale at a price that represents about half of their usual
100 yards of women's handkerchiefs, white with cord
stripe borders, 9 to the square yard.
200 yards in men's patterns, white with colored woven
borders; tan, green, lavender and blue; 4 to square yard.
200 yards white, with cord borders, 4 to the square yard.
No C. O. D.'
No Phono Or4m
Barf aaa-Nata Main Floor
Rf (undt .
Mall OroVa
The New Ribbed Hosiery
One of the smartest of new hosiery numbers is a silk and lisle
weave, in colors of black and white, cordovan, African brown, tan,
and navy. All sizes.
Pair $1.25
Gauze Vests
Pink and white gauze vests,
made long enough for comfort,
are an unusual value at this
low price. They are a fine
quality, in bodice and regula
tion tops, regular and extra
sizes, and all at the same
r 35c or 3 for $1.00
Burf eaa-Naah-
Kiddies' Sox
Just received in time for Sat
urday's selling a new ship
ment of kiddies' sox. They are
of lisle, in white and colors,
with colored tops to match the
little summer outfits of those
in years from 2 to 10. Half
and three-quarter length
Pair, 35c, or 3 far $1.00
-Main Floor ' "
Many New Styles in
4 Spring Oxfords for Men
Comfort Style Economy I
Common-sense lasts on newest lines
at a reasonable price. . Oxfords
that will hold their shape because
they were made of best grade
leathers by master, workmen.
Brdwn Oxfords
A nut-brown or dark brown
calf oxford in new brogue
last'. Plain or perforated toe.
$7.50 to $10.00
Black Oxfords
A black meure calf brogue
is made on wide toe last.
Fitted with wide flanged
rubber or leather heel
Priced $10.00 ' ' . ,
Burgeaa-Naah Shoo Shop Main Floor
OOO- :r
Special Purchase Sale
White Ivory 79c 1 29 149
Pure white ivory at less than half the usual selling price.
The "Dubarry" pattern in which plainness is relieved by a
scalloped edge. ' ' '
One or several pieces make an ideal graduation gift for the
young girl who is beginning or completing a set for her dressing
table. The following pieces included in the sale:
. Mirror Comb , Bruahea Tray
Candl Stick Perfume Bottle
The Various Manicure Piece
Burgtaa-Naah Main Floor
Garden Hose : Lawn Mowers
'Dundee" Lawn Mowers
Garden Hose
Moulded of best
quality corrugated
Ys -in. size
130 ft.
-in. size
14. ft.
-in. size
16r ft.
Ball bearing, four-blade lawn
mower. Self-sharpening. Easy
to run. All sizes. Priced at
$8.25 to $14.85
Bur(aa-Naah Fourth Floor
A Sale : Hats for Girls
$295 - $395
Through the purchase ef an
entire floor stork of Madge
Evans girls' hats, we secured
finest milsns that wo are ablo
to sell at a price several time
less than their real value.
They are banded and finish
ed with generous streamers of
wide gros gralned ribbon.
All fine taffeta tarns and
turbans, some embroidered
urui-Naat Hat Soap Th rat Flaw
Some Very Attractive
Pumps for Miss or Flapper
Patent and Ooze Combination
This three-strap pump is of patent leather, uith gray or sand
ooze quarter, and boasts the new inch and a half straight cuban
heel. A pair, $10.00.
Satin Pump with Low Heel
Lasting shapeliness is assured in this satin- slipper, which
chooses buckle to fasten its broad strap, cuban heel, at $10.00.
New Patent Leather Pump
As smart as anyone could wisn, lower than one could expect,
these new patent leather pumps with new cut-out pattern on vamps,
at $10.00. : 1
Burfoaa-Naafc Mala Floor
Some Unusual Values in
Golf Clubs : Tennis Goods
Golf Clubs, $2.45
More of those Burgess-Nash clubs for Saturday. Brassies
mashies, midirons, putters, cleeks, niblics and others. Each, $2.45
Tennis Balls
Spaulding 1922 ball. Priced,
Each, 50a
Golf Balls
The well known Beacon balls.
Each, 45c
Burt.-Nah Fourth Flow
Tennis Rackets
Cork covered grip handles,
$3.50 to $13.50
, Ball Bats
Boys' bats, of well seasoned wood.
25c and 50c . v
Exclusive in Our
Phonograph Department
"Where Those Who Know Prefer to Go"
Are display rooms of a beauty
peculiarly fitted to music-'
where you may enjoy an entire
selection without interruption.
You are invited to hear the new
records end
"Aristocrat ef Phonographs"
An instrument of quality
and distinction in which the
musical reproduction is un
rivaled. We will arrange
the terms that are conven
ient for you,
Burteia-Naah Phonof raph Shop Filth Floor
Just 500
Children's Play Suits
Dursble little garments of a quality that will wash with
out losing their pretty colors. They are made of blue denim,
chambray, gallatia. Six different styles for the. youngsters
of 2 to 8 years Limit of 3 suits to a customer.
No C. 0. D.'s. No Will Calls. No Refunds.
No Phone Orders.
Burf tta-Naah DowaaUlra Store