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f A
Mathews Works
on Reorganizing of
Defunct Company
Omaha Banker Made Trusty
in State Prison Stcnog.
rather Call to Tale
, Dictation.
Federated Church Raises
$1,000 a Minute to Pay Debt
Lincoln, April JJ.-lSpeci.!.)
1'ioiu the state nitentiary, W. V.
Mathens. (oniifr president of the
Pioneer State bank and Guaranty
Securities . company. viv he ia di
recting the ork of reorganiiatiun
committee ot the later company.
Mthcs has received many busi
wis caller; Int wife visits him
twice a week tnj hit stenographer,
.mi urairtre tieeiu. in charge of In
nice at uniana. use taken dictation
(ioiii him at the penitentiary.
Mathews wear an up-to-date litisi
tut suit of blue oerge ,a blue cap.
ruct liue. neat neRligce shirt and
necktie. Otlur prisoners wear
civilian cloihcs if thry can afford
Mathews lias Iwin appointed an
assistant to the prion steward. V.
.. Kir by, which nicaiu he is a
"Ycs.-Mathews i a trusty," War
den Fenton tip, "and hi- dutict
take him outside the walls, bfct not
auay from the reservation. We've
. not men who are trustify who get
u many if not more privilege than
"The greatest dirtVulty in inauug
ing a prison is in finding men one
tun trust outside orison walla.
Mathews, I believe, is trustworthy,
" ii nd that the reason he has thcie
privilege. After he finishes hi
work he ha permission to attend to
hi private affair, the aame a other
"If true he ii"abanker. ' But I
have men who dole a piece of bacon
and a loaf of bread who are trus
ties." , . - .
Kearney Gas Plant Is
Wrecked by Explosion
J 'Kearney. Neb., April 22. (Special
Telegram.) The Kearney gas plant
was partly wrecked by-the explosion
of a compressor this afternoon. The
compressor, was damaged beyond
.repair and the south and west walls
of the building were blown put.
'.Charles Adams, wording about the
plant, noted something wrong and
started to shut off a valve regulat
ing: the gas flow. The explosion fol
. lowed. Adams was blown out of
the building, his clothing afire. He
was severely burned about the face,
i nest, head and hands, but physicians
believe he will recover. Last winter
.the plant was completely destroyed
f by an explosion, followed by fire.
Consolidated School Will
Be Dedicated April 28
. Lodgepole, Neb., April 22. (Spe-
'' '. rial Th. consolidated school, locat-
?Was completed this year at a cost
j 'of $40,000. will be "dedicated April
1 28. Programs will be given in morn
i' ing and afternoon,, big basket dinner
at noon, music by Lodgepole com
munity band, and a play in the eve-
i ning. - i .
: State Superintendent John M.
Matzen will be on the program, and
J. C. Osborne of Omaha, state presi
dent of the Farmers Union, also will
"'peak. .. . s '
i ...
Ohio Congressman Boosts
. i Great Lakes Waterway
- Columbus, O., April 22. Opening
" of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence
tidewater project as the only sal
tation for manufacturers of the mid
dle west from excessive freight rates,
. was advocated by Congressman W.
W. Chambers of .Toledo, in an ad
dress here befo're the Ohio Inland
Waterway? commission.
'V. L. Harding, former governor
'of Iowa, and Charles P. Craig of
Duluth, secretary; of the Great Lakes
Sit. Lawrence Tidewater association,
',' also set forth the advantages of the
; proposed St Lawrence canal. '
Portuguese Aviators Fly
; 810 Milesxin Eleven Hours
Fernando Noronh; 'Brazil, April
22. Captains Coutinho and Sacadura
the Portuguese aviators who flew
from the Cape Verde islands to the
'' ' St. Paul Rocks, assert that they coy
's cred 810 miles in 11 ,1-2 hours. Ow-
ing to , a shortage ' of gasoline as
they nearcd the !t ram kocks tney
had to descend, notwithstandins
"the heavy sea. The waves quickly
demolished the hydro-airplane. - v
" The aviators say that they will re
main here pending receipt of in-
T structions from Portugal.
Difficulties in Chilean
Senate Are Smoothed Over
Santiago,- Chile.,, April 22. The
difficulties between President Ales
, sandra and the Chilean senate, which
developed to an acute staje Thursday
'! night "when a majority of the sena
tors pronounced criticism upon the
president.were composed today after
' long drawn out efforts by independ
- ' cut parties. . ".' .
Election. Contest Is
Rumored in Randolph
Randolph, Neb.. April 22. (Spe
cial.) The recent municipal election
. here may be contested, according to
unofficial reports. The contest is
planned in the Second ward, claims
being made .that the polls were
j closed before the designated hour.
'' No official action has been taken.
i Man Held on Murder Charge
' at Randolph Found Insane
Randolph, Neb., April 22. (Spe
cial.) A. J. Mrsny, who attempted
. to kill his .wife here in a shooting
tisn, inmf iim aoYt. has been ad&
- ; judged insane and taken to the state
asylum at isorioiss. rrosecution oi
2 the case has been deferred during the
time of his confinement.
Opens Headquarters.
Lincoln, April 22. (Special.) A.
H. Byrum, another republican seek
ing nomination for governor, opened
' political headquarters here. The head
r. quarters are in charge of" R. G.
Douglas of Osceola.
Columbus, Neb., April 22. (Spc
cut.)-Raitiug $30,000 in 30 minutes
the congregation of the new Feder
ated church here dedicated their e(!i
hce free of debt. The building
l-iiilt with a view to meeting the
need for year to come and i a
plrndid example of modem church
It i equipped for two motion pic
ture machine, which will be In
stalled later, and two dining rooms,
perfectly appointed. It incorporates
feature to be found in houses of
worship who'e member believe that
the church should link the locial and
the religion life of it congregation.
Everything Modern.
The edifice has ground dimension
72 by 92 feet. It i 48 feet high,
two storict and a full basement. The
two dining room in the basement
are so designed that they can be
opened into one large room with a
seating capacity of 350 and a kitchen
22 by 22 feet. N w ith built-in cup,
board and cabinets. There are also
class rooms for the lower grade ot
the Sunday ichool. The Ladies' Aid
society thoroughly equipped this part
of the building at cost of $1,500.
On the main and second, floors are
rooms for the higher classes of the
Sunday school, there being 20 class
rooms in all. so that every class has,
an individual room.
. . The main auditorium, including the
f.Uery. has a seating capacity of
550. 'With the Sunday school assem
bly room opened 700 people may be
seated at a service, all within view
and hearing of the pulpit. ' ,
The total cost of the building was
- Buy Pipe Organ.
"A new pipe organ, which will be
the largest in the city, has been
ordered by the ladies' society. It
is being specialty built to fit the or
gan loft and will be installed during
the summer at a cost of about $5,000.
In dedicating this beautiful build
ing, the congregation is realzing the
culmination of the federation of the
local Congregational and Presby
terian churches, which was effected
in 1914. The two churches had ex
isted as separate organizations near
ly half a Century. The Congrega
tional was founded in October, 1369,
and the Presbyterian in January,
1870. Only one charter member o
either congregation is still a resident
of Columbus. She is Mrs. Thcda
M. Coolidee. ,
" , Organized in 1914.
In 1913,' ot account of the serious
illness of Rev. George Munro. cas
tor of the Congregational church,
Rev. George Avilliauu, pastor of the
rresb)teriau, liHJ trmou smite fu?
the two congregation.- The advan
tage of a united orgauiition were
soon discovered and commiion
was appointed to draw up article
of federation. The permanent fed
eration was effected in July, 1914.
'1 he article of federation provide
that each church it to maintain It
identity, support the missionary and
benevolent agencies of it own de
nomination. All the organization
connected with the church are fed
erated. Auxiliary societies raising
funds for missionary purposes divide
the proceeds equally between the
two denomination.
Successful Federation.
There are many federated churches
in the state, but probably few. if
any, have achieved more mieccss
than the one in Columbus. The co
operation is excellent. Contribu
tions for the larger work of the de
nominations in this country and for
eign fields have greatly 'increased.
Two hundred and sixty young peo
ple are enrolled in the Sabbath sciioo
and the membership of the federa-'
tion is 382. Since the coming of
Rev. Thomas' Griffiths to the pas
torate in 1915. 216 names have been
added to the membership, and 60
have bee last through death or re
am l
Alter the federation was effected,
the woik 4 carried on uudvr many
diriuuliift (Hcasioncd by lack of
equipmrnt. J he new ehunli was fu-
nr.iin Iril ami ill I'liritFfktillit
wa U4 April II, In the mean
time, the old building had been
abandoned and the money derived
I ruin ihrir wte, applied toward the
cot oi the new. l or a ear and
half the services were held in the
V. M. C. A . and for the past 14
P'ohiIi the basement and Sunday
school rooms ul the- pew building
bast been in uc.
Extensive Program -,
in Kearney Arbor Day
Kearney. Neb., April 22. (Special.)
The Arbor day program in Kear
ney, as mapped out by the city
bcautiiul committee, included the
(riling out of 2HJ elm tree along the
cemetery road, extending seven
block north of the Lincoln high
way. These tree have beeu secured
by popular subscription, it being ar
ranged through the Chamber of Com
merce to purchase and set out a tree
(or $.'.50 each. The boy scouts plant
ed one tree (or every liuffalo county
soldier who died in the world war,
School children confined their Arbor
day nctivities to bcautific;uion of
school grounds with trees and
hedges, while the Women's club is.
lookuig to the need of the city s
park. The slogan adopted by the
committee was, "Every 1-amily riant
a Tree." This committee was repre
sentative of ciery civic organization
in Kearney. ,
Cotner Uiumsity Head
to Dedicate Veriion Churtlt
Stella, Neb-, April Ji (Special
Telegram, ) Ur, A. I. Harmon,
president ( Cotner university, will
preach the dedicatory sermon for the
new Chrilian church at Verdun
Sunday. Services will be held morn
ing, alter ii ooit and evening. The
Ladies' aid will serve free lunch at
dose of afternoon service.
C. V. Sorrel, 'who i finishing Ms
studies at Cottier uimei.ny, is pas
tor of the ihurch. Verdun rU Iu4
Christian cliuuh sime the early
day of the tow it, rvciity wiling the
oM building for a irsideuce and buy
ing nd remodeling the abandoned
Kvanitrlical church, making the edi
fice modern, with a valuation of at-
WaWys t' . V
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