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5 Free Lectures
America's Greatest
Dr. D. V. Bush
Author of
Will Power and Success
8:15 O'Clack P. M.
April 8th to 13th
Sunday, April 9th
8.15 P. M. Lib' Greatest Bet.
Scientific thinking;. The power of
the spoken word to attract and
build: also its misuse to destroy
' and kill. On of the strongest
and most important laws of
thought to understand and prac
tice. In this lecture Dr. Bush fires the
most tragic presentation of all living
platform orators.
Inspiration and Healing Silence.
What it is and how to as it.
Everyone Invited '
Asocial ion to
Aid Motorics
Formed in State
Organization, Hfl'uir
; lers at Lincoln, to Offer
Information ami "VuU
in'' Sen ice.
- To er automobile owner
throughout tie tt with Irsl !
ur, itiloritwtioii on rodd and 6r
ar. loc Atinu ( ItuirK teiaur,itit.
-li.rl, lujiiiinij and fishing grounds,
.loiirui camps, and hi oiHrr ways.
Hie Nebraska Automobile spoliation
lu been incorporated, with general
udiii' in Lincoln ami a branch olticr
fieorge t Mrfonti. Lincoln business
man ainl fiiuinrr, i pirsidc tit ol the
jif orgjiiijtinii: Kodiiry S. Ittmlan,
j'.rtiir edui'ator ami recently a grad-
tie from the l.iw department of (lie
I imcity oi Kebraoka. i vice rei
itrtit ami grtirul tnaiiiiKrr; Allan M.
WiNon. an militant, i secretary and
"auditor; Victor I'.. ilm is treas
urer ami chairman of the hoard cl
"dir-ctors, and W. I'. I'arriott, fx
.'supreme court commissioner, ii the
corporation attorney.
; Free "Pull-in" Service.
; II. I. ICrwin. Lincoln realtor, wilt
'If manager of the Omalu office,
which Hill lf located in the Hotel
I oiitenetlr. The association already
has a turps, of JU met in the tifM,
gathering information and establish
ing information bureaus and agencies.
Anmut membership fee in the
association is $10. The association
plans to establish information bu
'nam and active membership
n;ciiciet, in every city and town in
the slate.
I ntot ination in regard to highway
.conditions vi ill he distributed from j
headquarters to local bureaus i
radio telephone. The association will
"route travelers, select and recom-
mend to its members reputable deal
ers and repair men, and furnish free
-"pull-in" service in the case of auto
"mobiles disabled or wrecked on the
; Guide to Be Published.
- Information in regard to the prac
tice of insurance companies in ad
justing claims will be furnished and
a reward of $HH1 paid for informa
tion which contributes to the arrest
'and conviction of a thief of a mem
ber's car.
; An annual volume of information
for automobile owners ami drivers,
, containing routes, location of infor
mation bureaus, hotels, garages anj
camps, known as the "Nebraska
.Highway Guide," will be pubrished.
l.racli member will be furnished a
copy of the guide, membership card,
.car emblem and three "pull-in"
cards, it is announced.
The association will co-operate
-with local organizations in promot
'itvg establishment, improvement and
maintenance of highways, camps and
"other facilities used by automobilists.
Mrs. J. Barrett of Sioux City '
Dies at Daughter's Home Here
- Mrs. John Barrett of Sioux City,
who was taken ill on a Union Pacific
train on her way from California to
-her home in Sioux City, died at the
,' home of her daughter, Mrs. G. F.
IGorhan, .1819 Florence boulevard,
Friday night.
, Mrs. Barrett, who was 75, was the
-widow of the late John Barrett,
"pioneer Sioux City contractor. She
is survived by three sons, R.' W.
Barrett of Omaha, J. R.nd J. E.
.".Barrett of Sioux City, and four
-daughters, Mrs. G. F. Gorhan of
"Omaha. Mrs. D. L. Holley of Long
Beach, Cat., and Mrs. D. W. Thomp
son and Mrs. J. Bruce of Sioux
-City. -
.Detroit Detective Chief
' Wounded in Bandit Battle
i T)i.irn!( Mirli Anril R V.rlwarrl
til. Fox, chief of detectives, was shot
'and perhaps fatally wounded here
Jnte today, when lie engaged in a
Tivnlvr Hurl with thr bandits who
'attempted to hold tip a meat shop
,wnere rox, accompanied py nis wne
and daughter, was making a pur
chase. The bandits escaped in an
i Absent Banker Is Elected
Mayor by Writing in Name
llaiiilliill St'attrfil 0cr
Pat id City INiplit Before
lJrrtioii Win Victory
Reception Given.
David City, Neb., April 8.-(Spc
ci.) While he a absent in Cal
ifornia, the name l Arthur J. Vy
merchant and hanker, was writ
ten on the ballot fur mayor in the
city election. He was elected by a
big majority,
ii. A. Coufal and Alex Kiting were
the candidates at the primary. Lou
fat withdrew, leaving Filing the only
candidate. The night before election
handbills were scattered throughout
the town, urging Wyatt' name. He
was mayor in Ivlo-IVIH.
A biff reception was given Wyatt
when he arrived Wednesday trout
the west. He was met at the train
and escorted t t!ie public square,
where he nude a speech. Wyatt is
president of the City National bank l
and president of the Butler County
Bankers' asoeiatfou.
Other officers elected were: City
clerk. Robert Sweeniej treasurer,
Arthur J. Wyatt.
Frank Te'chek; engineer. S. Cling
man; school board, John Lberly, and
Mrs. J. I Keddy.
Boy Will Escort
Youth to Kearney
Kx-Reform School Lad to
Take Prisoner on Hia
Director of Minneapolis
Stmpliony Orclietra Quits
Minneapolis, April 8. The resig
nation ol Kmil Obcrhoffer .as direc
tor of tlie Minneapolis Symphony
orchestra was announced today. He
had been leader of the orchestra for
19 years. Mr. Obcrhoffer expects to
leave soon for Ktiropc, where he will
remain a year, he announced.
I. C. C. Suits Are
Ordered Halted
by State Body
Kirt Steps Taken Towartl
Getting DiruUal of In
junction Making Com.
mission Powerles.
Lincoln. April 8. (Special Tele
gram.) The Nebraska railway com
mission today isjued an order dis
missing all litigation in the United
States court between it and the In
terstate Commerce commission rela
tive to the increased freight and pas
enger rale order of the Interstate
Commerce commission, which wi
resisted by the Nebraska body.
It is the first atep toward getting
a,lismisal of an injunction against
interference in rate cases issued
against the Nebraska commission by
the federal court at the aolicitation
of the railroads and dismissal of an
order by the Interstate Commerce
commission, which held that the Ne
braska commission in righting the
rate increase order was guilty of
attempted discrimination against
interstate rates.
The Nebraska commission did not
make this order until the United
States (upreme court in a recent de
cision upheld the rate increase
authorized by Interstate Commerce
commission and turned down the
order of the Nebraska commission,
which called for a lower rate.
When the injunction is dismissed
it means that the Nebraska body can
function in regulating state rates, the
4Ue as in farmer years, subject only
to l condition tht uih regulation
.1 jll iui unduly discriminate agiut
nuet.ute commerce, H. ti, Taylor,
chairman, fvplauifd. Lver since the
injunction wa issued the Nebraska
commission ha been jMwerle t
handle rate question oi any description.
It. n He'll Hi Mtail Man ! tr sit'idav. i lulled vii!i shoidifiius! ! would be aue.iej on sonif majur
it I i . ir...,,-., I " . can I blud the mini withi clutge.
it sTiiirmru i rr .nir, ; ( ( !(fru (rflir4(.j ittse s;f4U j t)5c Sr4l, n,,tii Lawrrnte to
"II I Ii4 (a so o Kearney I'll) llairv ('.burr, ! whom Isw.h4IW t Kitirview borne and trmaiii
nt .1.. ' .,.t,.t .1..... .1 , '"''. t"'d Judge Vats that law. te.riird if an uncle in the east would
... ,..r lwf H4, .g w .,,ll4rf- ,u tlut ken, him
Lawrence l!o)len, Hi, wha was r- ii jtl.,ed to tontinue m hit '
'ainned before Juvenile Judje ' irriit rnviioument he doiillles- Bee Want A lt Produce Results,
Harry Grossman, 16. 812 North
Sixteenth, has been sentenced to the
State Industrial school at Kearney !
Yesterday he asked Juvenile Judge
Scars if he might return. The judge
granted his request, hut this time
Harry is to return as a guest, rather
than a prisoner.
Judge Sears promised to provide
him with a youthful prisoner to take
to the institute.
"I'll sure get him there," promised
Harry. 'I don't care if he is bigger
than I am, he won't escape."
This will be first time in the his
tory of juvenile court that one youth
has escorted another one to the
Kearney school. Judge Sears as yet
has not designated the youth Harry
is to take. . f
"Kearney is a good place to learn
a lesson," explained Harry. "I get
kind of homesick for it, too. II. V.
Clark, he runs it, and he and I arc
good friends. I want to see him
again. It's been two years since I
was there"
Harry says his father is dead. He
lives with his mother. Mrs. E. Gross
man, at 812 North Sixteenth street.
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Women of
ViT 1 11 A
micLcue Aoe
THE critical stage of a
woman's life usually
comes between the years of
45 and 55, and is often beset
with annnoying symptoms
such as nervousness irrita
bility, melancholia, heat
flashes which producehead
ache and dizziness, and pi
sense of suffocation. Guard
your health carefully, for
if this period be passed
, over safely, many years
01 pertect healtn
may be enjoyed.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is especially adapted
to help women through this crisis. It exercises a restorative in
fluence, tones and strengthens the system, and assists nature in
the long weeks and months covering this period. It is prepared
from medicinal roots and herbs, and contains no harmful drugs
or narcotics. Its value is proven by many such letters as these :
Denver, Colo. "I have taken Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
and I can not tell you the good it has
done me. It is good for young and old
and I always keep a bottle of it in the
house, for I am at that time of life
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ad. in the papers and said, 'You have
taken everything you can think of, now I
want you to take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound!' So I let him get
it, and I soon felt better. 'I took about six
bottles.' I keep house and do all my
own work and work out by the day and
feel fine now. I tell everyone about the
Vegetable Compound, for so many, of my
friends thought I would not get well."
Mrs. R. J. Liston, 1850 West 33rd Ave.,
Denver, Colo.
Metropolis, III. "I have taken Lydi
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
and it is all it claims to be and has
benefited me wonderfully. I had been
sick for eight months with a trouble
which confined me to my bed and was
only able to be up part of the time, when
I was advised by a friend, Mrs. Smith,
to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and ILiver Pills. I was so
much benefited by the use of these medi
cines that I was able to be up and about
in two weeks. I was at the Change of
Life when I began taking the medicines
and I passed over that time without any
trouble. Now I am hale and hearty and
do all mv housework." Mrs. Emma'
Ctjlveb, 705 E. 7Ux St., Metropolis, III.
Letters like the above do influence women to try
Lydia . PinkKam's
fedetable Compound
E. J. Davis
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Omaha. Neb.
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