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    i'HE BEE.v OMAHA. r'UlDAV, MAY 20, 1921.
- I
Marriag Announctd.
Announcement has been made of
the marriage of Miss Ruth Powell,
daughter of William Towell, to Fred
Hlankenship of this city, formerly
of Logan, J a.
The ceremony took place Tues
day afternoon at Papillion, Neb.
The bride is a former student of
Central High school and Mr.
Blankenship attended Creighton.
At present the couple are at the
home of the bride's father, but will
take an apartment about June 15.
Luncheon for Nurses.
Mrs. G. Alexander Young enter
tained at luncheon at Happy Hol
low club Thursday in honor of the
graduating nurses of the University
hospital, who will be graduated in
Lincoln at the commencement exer
cises of the University of Nebraska
on June o. Pink roses formed the
centerpiece for the luncheon table.
The graduates are Thclma Crow,
Arta Lewis, Irene McKown, Klla
Kictan, Grace Styre, Krma Ander
son, Thclma. Bassett, Marion Flem
ing, Frances Myattway, Emma Kihn
stud Thcda Waterman. .
Missis Laura Burgess, My.ra
Tucker and Nettie Fitch of the Uni
versity hospital were also numbered
among the guests.
Concert Patronesses.
Patronesses lor the sacred concert
to be jjiven Friday evening at the
lust Central Congregational church
j re Mesdames K. F. .Klokc, A.' W.
tiordou. C. W., Pollard. R. J. Din
ning, X. I!. Updike. K. K. Segur.
Louis Clarke, F. L. Loomis. Forrest
KCroxson, W. R. Wood and Harvey
A group, who will attend the con
cert together, are Messrs. and Mes
dames Samuel Rces, William Ram
sey, Ralph West, John K. Morrison
and George !s. Johnston.
. Prettiest Mile Club.
The last matinee dance of the sea
son for children of the Prettiest Mile
chili will be given Saturday. Chil
dren will be permitted to ; bring
A May party for the children will
be given Friday evening. May 27.
Phi Rho Sigma.
An informal dancing party will be
given Saturday evening by members
of IotaN chapter of Phi Rho Sigma
fraternity of the University- of .Ne
braska College of Medicine at the
chapter house.
Mrs. C. F. Cheshire returned Wed
nesday from an eastern trip. .
Rrtth Colin of Kansas City is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. William Stern
berg. .
Miss Lorcta Larscn will spend
the, week-end with friends in
Ccresco, Neb.
t. nr... w n VnrAvt. f
till, flllU ill I J. J VI i j . vs.
Los Angeles will arrive here about
May 28 to spend several weeks.
Gwendolyn McCoy . returned
Thursday from "Lincoln," where, he
Irene Barmettler leaves early in
Tune to spend a month in Cleve
land, O.
C. L. Shamp and daughter. Miss
Gladys, have returned from an east
era trip, including Wheeling, W. Va.,
Pittsburgh and Chicago.
Mrs. J. B. Klausncr, who has been
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Lester
Drishaus, for the last few weeks
leaves Friday for her, home at Los
Angeles, Cal. 1
tr anl fr T P Fallnn arr
planning a motor trip to White Bear
lake, Minneosa. for the month of
July. They will be the guests of
Mr. and . Mrs. Thomas Lovering of
St. Paul. . r
Mrs. M. E. Morse of Lincoln will
arrive Friday for a visit of several
weeks with her daughter. Mrs. Join
R, Golden. She will be accom
panied by her daughter, Mrs. Robert
B. Kelly, who will spend the week
end in Omaha. :.'. ?
Oliver Maxwell of Omaha had one
of the leading roles in the musical
Phoenix Hosiery
You will find keen, delight in select
ing your hosiery at PR'AY'S . . . for
you choose from an assortment of
Is Complete . . . and too, the "Homey"
atmosphere at Fray's makes your ?Mt
a pleasant erne ... ;
Men's - - - -
Women's - -
CM4reKs -
MS S. lltk St
IMS ranaa St.
Tht Horn ot PHOENIX
Women nd
Omaha Chairman
W -
firs. CJ.Hu.bba.Pd
' Kli-hiirt-8trrrn I'hiito.
Mrs. C. J. ' Hubbard is chairman
of the Omaha unit, League ot
Women Voters, which will combine
with other units of the Second Con
gressional district in an all-day con
ference 'Monday, May 23, in Oma
ha, at the council chambers of the
citv hall.
Woman's Club to
Hold May
At the request of Mrs. Charles Jo
hannes, the new president of the
Omaha Woman's club, the house and
home . committee of " the " club, has
arranged for a May luncheon and
party to be held at Camp Brewster,
Wednesday, at 1 p. m.
The affair is to be a get acquainted
party, and it is the'wish of the new
president that all club members at
tend. It is probable, that the club
will hold social meetings through
out the summer months, as Mrs.' Jo
hannes favors a year round club.
Reservations for the luncheon
should be made by Monday with
any of the following members of the
house and home committee: Mrs.
John R. Golden, chairman, and Mes
dames T. R. Ward, C. H. Long,
George J. Henderson, C. A. Sher
wood, Joseph Bushman, William
Bryden, William Davenport, Burt C.
Fowler, Philip Welch, James P.
Slater, A. B. Macphcrson. Charles
Trimble, Albert Hasson and Francis
Bowers.- 1
Members who plan to attend the
affair are requested to take the 12
o'clock "Fort Crook street car at
Twenty Tfourth and N streets.
comedy given' Tuesday evening in
Lincoln by the Kosmet club. Misses
Marguerite Fallon and Zoe.Schalck
of this city also took part. Dr. and
Mrs. Alfred . Schalck and Mr. and
Mrs. J." P. Fallon went to Lincoln
to attend the performance.
Senator J. H. Millard and Miss
Jessie Millard have abandoned their
plans for a trip abroard this summer,
oving to the recent illness of Sena
tor Millard. At present his condition
is much, improved.
Mrs. Sarah A. Bond and daugh
ter, Miss Ella Wheeler Bond, of
Ord. Neb., arrived in Omaha Wed-
hkiIiv mnrninor on their wav home
brothers and other relatives near
Madison, Wis. They are visiting at
the home of Mr. and (Mrs. C. W.
Rogers, until Friday morning, when
they will go on to Ord.
Freshman Play;
The Central High School Fresh
man Student club will oresent a play,
'Patron of Arts." at the Y. W. C. A.
Saturday, May 21. at 8 p. m.
Taking part in the program will
be Arline Shamp, Ruth Romsted,
Madaline Andrews, Helen Anderson,
Elizabeth Combs. Dorothy Quivey,
Margaret Carmichael, Minnie Good
rich, . Katherine Bullock. Margaret
Ziblcr, Jean Kanes, Mildred Zibler
and Louise Grant.
40c to $1.10
65c to S3.30
9 5 ' $t.o
HOSIERY tor Men,
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
Xo Use Mourning. '
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am a young
trirl of 20 years and am in love with
a younsr boy of about the same age
ana reany Know tnat he cares for me.
But for eome reason which I do not
know he broke on. "What would you
advise me to do? Thanking: you, I
remain, IMPATIENT.
That kind of disappointment must
he accepted along with the other dis
appointments of life. Just net so
busy with some other interest that
you will soon replace your lonesome
memories of him. He must be In
terested in some other girl, and there
Is just no use in mourning over
Fatty: If you are willing to do
housework, as you say you are, I
think you could And work in Oma
ha and if you go to a nice family, I
think you would be perfectly safe.
A girl's" best protection is always
found In her own desire to do right.
If you do eome to Omaha, I would
advise you to consult the Y. W. C.
A. employment bureau, before com
ing, and have a prospective position
in mind. The Big Sisters would
also be ready to offer yon advice
should you feel the noed of it.
I do not know how you could
make boys talk politely, but I do
know you need not liston. Keep
away from the people who do not
talk decently, anil if they start it
when you are around, leave.
, A Mother: The 12-year-old boy
you speak of sounds to me like a case
for the doctor. His flushed face
makes me think he has heart trou
ble, but really my udviue on this sub
ject might miss the mark sadly.
Better consult a reliable physician.
Kiglitecn: A girl is of age in Ne
braska at 18. She then does not
have to have her parents' consent to
marriage but what girl would dis
regard her parents' advice at so
early an age?
Two Question Boxes: What
makes you think I will tell you to
stav at home and study and not go
with boys? The company of good
boys is good for good girls and vice
versa. Tour letter sounds sensible
x v i. . i nitnti hnvfl An pve
on you, so I think you are not sadly
in need or aovice rrom me.
I cannot -tell you how old a gtr'
should be before she goes with boys.
That is something to be determined
by the girl's sense, not her age. Some
girls are never old enough to go
with boys: others are always better
for a broad-mided association with
the other sex. Keep right on using
the good sense which you show you
possess and you will be happy. As
for moles, electrolysis will remove
Meeting for Eighth Grade Pupils.
J. G. Masters of Central High
school wilt address all eighth grade
pupils and their parents of the city
Friday afternoon at 2 p. m. in Cen
tral High school auditorium.
The curriculum committee of the
Parent - Teachers' association, of
which Mrs. A. R. Fetters is chair
man, will be present with informa
tion regarding entrance requirements
of the various colleges of the coun
try. .
This is being done in order that
students registering for high school
may plan their course of study so
that it will fulfill all the requirements
of the college they may attend.
- Dinner Party. -m
r sn,t Mn W TV Hosford en
tertained at a dinner of 12 covers at
their home Thursday evening tor
Mr. and Mrs. John 'A. McShane of
Coronado Beach, Cal., who are their
. Our Variety of
White Footwear
AS the season approaches, our
stock is complete to the
smallest detail. Never be
fore in the history of this store
has the assortment been more
The sport ' strap and oxford
with low walking heels will
prove a revelation in ladies' foot
wear. Plain white oxfords in kid and
canvas, with brown and black
trimming, moderately priced at
$5.95 to S9.45.
320 South 16th Street.
Omaha's Biggest Sale
of Library Tables Will
Occur Saturday at
Union Outfitting Co.
Handsome Tables in Rich
Mahogany at a Wide
Range of Low Prices.
If you want to save .a handful
of dollars on a Library Tabic,
your opportunity comes at the
Union Outfitting Company next
Saturday, when their entire stock
of Library Tables in mahogany
and mahogany finishes goes on
sale at big reductions.
This big Homefurnishing Insti
tution, located Out of the High
Rent District, considers no trans
action complete until the cus
tomer is satisfied. As always,
you make your own terms.
Adele Garrison's New Phase of
Revelations of a Wife
The Question Lillian Asked.
I waited with a good deal of in
terest for the reappearance of Miss
Foster and Dr. Pettit at the hospital
door. They were possessed of such
diametrically opposed temperaments
that I wondered at the outcome of a
clash between their wills such as had
seemed inevitable when they took
the child of the wounded woman into
the hospital.
But .when they finally came out
again and walked toward the car x
saw that Miss Foster's youthful
volatile spirits had triumphed over
her own temper, and. the physician's
outraged dignity. She was chatting
volubly, and sinilling upward into
Dr. Pcttit's face in such : attractive
fashion that I did not wonder at the
almost fatuous gaze he was bending
upon her.
That the sight of his admiring look
embarrassed and piqued me, . made
me fujious with myself. I cared
nothing for Dr. Pettit, and had never
given a second thought to .his per
sonality or to his protestations an
assertion which I could not truth
fully make about Allen Drake or
Maor Grantland. innocuous as my
friendship with bothof them had
been but I could not deny that I
wished mvsclf anywhere else than in
the role of gooseberry in the drive
back to the Ticer house.
In mv desire. to appear matter-of-
fact and oblivious, I moved toward
the car as I saw them coming,
climbed into the driver's scat and
turned the ignition switch. At the
sound of the starting . engine. Dr.
Pettit hurried forward.
"That's right," he said. "You arc
very thoughtful. I am exceedingly
anxious to make Sag Harbor as
quickly as possible."
He hesitated, and I interpreted his
"Won't you drive, then?" I asked.
"I would not dare to drive as fast as
you could with perfect .safety."
"If you really do not mind!" he
said, with relief spreading over his
countenance. "If you and Miss Fos
ter will just climb into the tonneau
then. I've got something to -think
out, and can't talk this trip."
A Breathless Drive.
His face held the professional ab
sorption which I often had seen
upon it in the old times, and I knew
that no woman's charm, no matter
how potent, could stir him in this
girding up of his powers for the next
battle with death which he must
wage. I looked quickly, furtively at
Miss Foster to see how she would
relish this sudden shunting of her to
the background. She was gazing at
the physician with a speculative ap
praising look, in which I detected no
resentment. It was the look a child
ri rii ifT rriil 1 f" f
and for
might bestow upon a toy in which he
had suddenly, discovered a hidden
mechanism of potent possibilities.
I climbed obediently down from
the driver's scat and entered the
tonneau, closely followed by Miss
Foster. Dr. Pettit did not wait for
the closing of the tonneau doors be
fore starting the car, and from the
time we left the hospital gate till we
arrived, breathless and shaken, at
the Ticer farm, I gripped the side
of the car, expecting every minute
to be hurled into another world. He
drove as if a demon possessed him,
and I wondered, what attention he
could bestow upon any mental, prob
lem while going at such breakneck
speed, let I was sure that he was
studying his problem as calmly and
thoroughly as if he were in his office
at home.
I was afraid, and I think I showed
it. But apparently the speed he was
making was only a fillip to Miss
Foster's spirits. She sat erect, sway
ing with each swerve of the car, her
eyes sparkling, her lips smiling. That
the physician's skill in safely driving
the car at such speed was making a
most potent appeal to her was plain
ly to he seen, and again a sense of j
pity for my old friend swept over 1
me. !
. Hurried Farewells. " j
Miss. Foster was the sort of girl!
to admire and fall in love with the
splendid animal type of man, able
to excel in all sorts of athletic con
tests. If she had been bred in the
bull-fighting countries, the prize
winning matador would have been
her ideal hero. Staid, sombre Dr.
Pettit. with his skill in driving al
most his only spectacular achieve
ment, was doomed to dsiappoint
mcnt, it seemed to me, if he set his
heart upon the glowing girl beside
As he stopped the car before the
u J la-raT in i --i,-r--
Sunday Night Luncheon
after spending the afternoon in a
long drive to the country or per
haps the early evening watching
; your favorite "Movie" star you
; will thoroughly enjoy coffee and
sandwiches sandwiches made of
- delicious HARD ROLL BREAD.
A congenial crowd invariably has
' a vigorous appetite and no one
thing is so easily prepared or so
much in favor as the sandwich
made of HARD ROLL. Hard Roll
is well; it's different, that's all.
Also: Makers of Tip-Top Bread. ,
Ticer gate he descended hurriedly,
'tossing a word of apology back over
his shoulder, v -
"I'm sorry not to take your car in,
I Mrs. Graham, but I know you won't
mind. -Hurry, Miss Foster, please,
if you're coming, with me."
He strode , across .the lawn I
never have seen him run to his own
car, climbed into it, and set the en
gine running. Miss Foster had
waited for a hasty farewell to me.
yet she was before him, for she had
skimmed across the lawn like a bird
to her place in his runabout.
In another half-minute Miss Fos
ter's handkerchief was waving a
fluttering farewell through n cloud
of dust, and I turned to face the bat
tery of inquiries with which the
Ticers and Marion were waiting for
me. . '
Lillian, in the background, listened
intently, but asked no questions and
made no comment until the curiosity
of the entire family, had been satis
fied and iwc were once '.ifore, in our
own quartet's, with Marian absorbed,
outside in being taught how to milk.
Then Lillian spoke nonchalantly, as
. 1 , . , . , , , .
inougn xue.suDjeci naa dui a cursory
interest for her. -
"Is Dr: Pettit as interested in that
young" woman as he appears to be
onrnmea tomorrow. )
Use Bee Want Ads for Results.
Prices of Slip Covers
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Vfto'tl nred Mi revtr 1
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Phoaa VOCOLAS 8097 A
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A B-plcce Suite, veapkolateroS t
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Trr- - T Iff HTI TB f T
Birthday Party.
Mrs. V. O. Swanson eniertained
at her home Wednesday afternoon,
the occasion being the fifth birthday
of her son, John William Swanson.
Eighteen children and their mothers
were guests. May baskets and dec
orations appropriate to the month
were used. An out-of-town guest
was little Jane Levine of Shenan
doah, la. '
Luncheon for Mrs. Fels.
Mrs. L. M. Pcgau entertained at
her home Thursday in honor of Mrs.
'Joseph Fels of Chicago, guest of
Mrs. Karl Louis, v. overs were placed
for Mesdames ,H. M. Goulding,
Louis, E. H. Bruuning, Lee Huff,
Frank Smith, E.-A. Pegau, Claude
Uren and Miss Irene' McKnight.
For Mrs. Cudahy.
Mrs. Joseph Barker entertained at
a-luncheon of. eight covers .at her
home Thursday for Mrs. E. A. Cud
ahv of Chicago, guest of Mrs.jC. M.
Withelm. ' r
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Luncheon for Mrs. Esty.
Mrs. Eva Wallace entertained at
a luncheon at her home Thursday it
honor of Mrs. Harold Esty of Bos
ton. guest of Mrs. D. C. Bradford
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The Real Secret of
Rejuvenating thc Face
She holds the true secret of facial n- '
juvenation who haa learned how to to
move the dead akin particles as fast as
they appear. It's a secret anyone may :
possess. The aged, .faded, or discolored
surface skin may be gradually absorbed,
in an entirely safe and rational manner,
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old skin is absorbed each day there's no
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Tha mercolized wax, .procurable at any
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the best thing known for freckles, black- ',
heads, pimples, moth patches, liver spots .
and fine surface wrinkles. .....
For the deeper wrinkles, an excellent -recipe
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dissolved in oce-half pint witch hazel.. .
Bathing the face in the solution produoea
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Affords protection against In , ';
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How to Rid the Arms .'
of Objectionable Hairs
(Aids to Beauty)
A simplified method is here "given J-"
for the quick .removal of hairy o-
fuzzy growths and rarely is more "
than one treatment required: Mix. a
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tone and water, apply to hairy sum r
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wash the skin and ever hair haa "
vanished. ; This simple treatment f
cannot cause injury, t care shouW "I
De exercised to get real delatone. in-
Make Ctmcaara Soap
and Ointment 'your
every -day totkt prep
arations. Bathrwith
the Soap and hot
water on ming an4
retiring, nainppleBt
of Saap, best applred
with the hands.
Smear any signs of
pimples, redness or'
rouchness with tha
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