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    ''l'Hfci BUU: UMAHA, TUBSUAX, MAY. 3. 1921.
Logistics Kept Atlantic Fleet at Home
During Early Part of War and Prudence
During Latter Part, Declares Daniels
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Admiral Mara mmmrnr tA .ivTrfil.f In. th. iMmAn .Tnlftnitlnn if th. anw. .Wh.t Aiilli
hat hnipmrd had Derails emljeri brokta through U Brttlab cordon! Admiral Bodfera speclsl
Blwioa to Bsditj bj.
Form.r Secretary af ths Nsvy. 1921, tiy J.ha F. Dills. Cssjrlfht by Nstlsssl Niwuaiar Senlc. Cosrlht la flraat
Brllala. Caaada aad throuthsut Frssot. All tisht m.rws, laeludlaa rrasiistlM lata forslis
laaiuaaaa, Iscluilss. lha 8caodaaala. Uasuthsrlitd nsrlatlas, tor any surset lerblioss.
"Why don't you send Admiral Mayo and the powerful Atlantic fleet
into the war zone?" men asked me during the war statesmen, naval offi
cers, civilians.
Men still ask me why I didn't send Mayo and his dreadnaughts to the
North sea.
Probably the man who was most interested in the answer to this ques
tion was Admiral Mayo himself.
He wanted to go. He wanted a chance to meet the Germans. He
could think of all. sorts of arguments why he should be allowed to take
his fleet and lie in wait for the enemy somewhere in the North sea, and
every time he thought of a new one, he offered it
question upon which
division in and out of
It was a
there was a
the navy.
My own first inclination was to
dispatch our whole fleet, except a
few vessels necessary for coast pa
trol to waters where the chance for
a fight was more promising than on
this side of the ocean.
Blocked by Logistics.
Cut against this inclination, and
in answer to Admiral Mayo's per
suasion arose a very definite and
substantial argument
The naval and military readers
will understand at once what I
mean and the force of the argu
ment. Possibly my civilian readers
may be a little puzzled. It is rea
sonable enough to suppose that the
word "logistics" refers to logic, and
so to some well-considered strategy
or tactics. Commonly it does have
reference to logic, and. in its par
ticular use by naval experts, to what
might be termed the logic of hard
Before defining it further, and
showing its application to the prob
lems we are considering let me tell
a little story suggested to me by
this mention of logic.
A prominent and influential man
was one dav trying to persuade
President Wilson that a certain
proposition he had made was right
and wise and even imperative. When
lie found that he was failing he
summed up his effort in the em
phatic declaration:
"But. Mr. President it is
logic, the inexorable logic of
"Yes," said the president, '
would be all right except for
"What is that?" asked the man
in deadly earnest. His sense of
humor was unhappily deficient.
The president smiled, and then
said quietly, but conclusively:
;'There is no such thing as logic."
And the president was right in
the particular instance under dis
cussion. There must be no such
thing as logic if logic is to be an
obstacle to doing the big and brave
and daring thing in a time of emer
gency, or to doing ''the common
sense, practical thing.
Logistics Explained.
But there are hard facts, and
these hard facts constituted the log
istics ot the navy sucn lacis as
nad to do with oil and coal and
beef and bread and supplies of every
kind. '
An army "goes on its belly, a
navy on its logistics. They both
mean the same thing. The navy
term is more elegant, if less under
standable. In 1917 we did send over a di
vision of powerful battleships under
command of Admiral Rodman,
which served with the British grand
fleet to the end of the war and the
surrender of the German fleet. Their
splendid service won the admiration
of their British comrades, but these
battleships were coal burners and
did not interfere with logistics as
the sending of the entire fleet would
have done.
Our main reason, then, for refrain
ing from sending the whole of the
Atlantic fleet to the North sea was
because the allied powers and the
operating department of the Ameri
can navy agreed that the utilization
of the tonnage it would require in
order to keep it supplied with oil
and coal and food was not justified
by any chance there might be for a
sudden sally of the German fleet. It
was very difficult to supply fuel oil
enough for the British fleet. Our
destroyers and our biggest battle
ships were oil burners. To send
them over would have added to the
fuel problem.
Tonnage the Great Need.
Tonnage was in those critical
days desperately needed for the
transportation of troops and of sup
plies to sustain and munition the
troops. Everytliing else that could
be spared had to be sacrificed to
this supreme need. The allied armies
and navies were dependent upon
provisions which we must send. To
have sent any considerable part of
the Atlantic fleet overseas would
have meant depleting the scant
enough tonnage available for the
forces already in the war zone. This,
it was thought, Avould be unwise.
Logistics kept the fleet at home
during the first months of the war,
but there was another thought in
mind also when it was suggested
that we send over all our vessels.
This was no selfish consideration. It
grew out of the feeling that if
through any accident in fog or
storm German battleships or battle
cruisers should evade the vigilance
of the British fleet and make their
way into the Atlantic the only force
the world could look to for protec
tion was our Atlantic fleet.
If the Germans had possessed the
nerve and daring to make a dash for
the open sea; if tbey had preferred
to risk destruction and death rather
than accept the humiliation of sur
render, I think it is quite possible
that enough of their fast battle
cruisers could have broken through
to play havoc before they were over
hauled and sunk. In such event the
presence of the Atlantic fleet, unen
gaged and ready for instant action,
would have been the hope and com
fort of our allies and the proof of
our good judgment.
Germans Lacking in Audacity.
After our troops began crossing
Municipal Coal Yard
Chief Issue in City
Campaign in Lincoln
Lincoln, May 2. (Special.) A
municipal coal yard is the chief issue
in the Lincoln city campaign which
ends tomorrow.
Charles W. Bryan, brother of the
famous William Jennings Bryan, and
former mavor of Lincoln, is again a
candidate for mayor, following a se
ries of attacks on Lincoln dealers m
which he charged they were making
exorbitant profits on- their coal.
Bryan is running with a municipal
coal yard as a platform.
His chief opponent is Frank C.
Zchrung, also a former mayor. Three
present members of the city com
mission are candidates for re-election
in addition to five others. The city
commissioners choose their mayor as
is done in Omaha.
Bryan has declared that if Zcli
rang gets more votes than he docs
aid they are both elected to the com
ihission he will support Zehrung for
1 mayor and he is demanding that Zen
a ih amp with him. But
ichrung has aeenneo tu ;m
n agreement
Wayne Hospital Invites
Public to Inspect Rooms
Wayne, Neb., May 2. (Special.)
Wayne hospital is making exten
sive preparations to celebrate Na
tional Hospital day, May 12. The
public will be invited to inspect the
x-ray rooms where demonstrations
will be held. The operating rooms
in this hospital are supplied with
the latest appliances of modern surg
ery. Opportunity will be given to
visit the laboratory of research
where Dr. Lutzen carries on the
"vital center" investigations that
have been attracting quite wide
spread interest '
Cmnd Island Jail Breaker
Returned From Illinois
.Grand Island, Neb.. May 2. El
mer Eldridge, referred to here by
police as the "master mind of the
extensive automobile thefts discov
ered in central Nebraska some weeks
ago by Chief of Police Morse of
Kearney and Sheriff McCutchan ot
Grand Island, and who later broke
jail with two others and escaped,
was brought back from Illinois by
Sheriff McCutchan and is again held
for trial. Intercepted letters to a
s wcethcart -led to his recapture.
.Scotland, S. D., Loses One
Of Pioneer Newspapers
Sioux Falls, S. D., May 2.-( Spe
cial ) The tyans of the Scotland
Citizen-Republican, one of the plo
tter weekly newspapers of Scotland,
S. D.. will be moved to Parkston,
' here publication will be continued.
The paper will be continued under
lie i.aic o the Citizen-Republican.
Four Towns Anxious .
To Have Reformatory
T ;M!n Hav 2. f.Snecian Four
Moliraska towns with ambitions for
9 ctat rpfnrmaforv for voune crim
inals have asked the state board of
control to look over sites betore
coming to a decision as to the loca
tion r,f tVio new $300,000 institution.
which the recent legislature provided
.. . . ... . , 'T t .
should be bunt immeuiaieiy. inu
towns are: Ashland, Grand Island,
North Platte and Lincoln.
Members of the board stated to
day that a decision would be reached
in a short time. It is probable that
rliamhpr nf rnmmerc( rpDrescnta-
tives from these towns will appear
betore tne board previous to tne de
cision and a personal visit to the dif
ferent towns by the board is pos
sible. ' .
Man Given 90 Days in Jail
For Jumping Board Bill
Beatrice, Neb., May 2. (Special
Telegram.) Michael O'Leary, rep
resentative of the Defense league,
pleaded guilty to "jumping" a $40
board bill here and was sentenced to
90 days in jail. The case against
his "pal," L. E. Carter was continued.
The men, officers say, have cleared
$200 in Beatrice through the sale of
two magazines, "Over Here Digest"
and "National Warriors," publishers
of which do not exist They operated
in Kansas towns and at Wichita,
Kan., the two men registered as
Dewey and Allen Folk.
All Work GvaranUad
1513 Doiiflu St. . Tat.' Doug. 0188
ft i s.JM
the Atlantic in large numbers there
was always the risk that German
cruisers, would appear suddenly, at
tacking and sinking transports.
Looking back now I find it difficult
to believe that the Germans did not
attempt to do this thing. Had they
succeeded in even one or two cases
it would have meant much to them.
They lacked the audacity.
As things obviously approached a
climax and victory hung in the bal
ance in 1918, I felt the possibility of
a bold venture by the German navy
was so great that it must be con
sidered most seriously. It seemed
to me that the Germans were likely
to make one splendid dash in a risk
everything effort to win the war.
I dispatched a division of dread
naughts overseas under the com
mand of Admiral T. S. Rodgers,
with specific instductions to be vigi
lant fo rthe appearance of any pos
sible German cruiser, and, at all haz
ards, to give protection to the Amer
ican troop transports.
The British fleet and Admiral Rod
man's division were based on Scapa
Might Have Sunk Thousands.
If the miracle of escape had hap
pened, one German raider, free, and
in the vicinity of Brest, could have
sunk troopships with thousands of
men before it could have been sunk,
unless powerful dreadnaughts stood
between the transports and danger.
So Admiral Rodgers' division was
based on Bantry bay, in a position to
If we had failed to take this pre
caution and an enemy cruiser had
eluded the blockade, what would
l.ave been my condemnation? Had
we through such a neglect or error
of judgment lost the lives of any of
cur men I could not have forgiven
myself, and the country would not
l.'ave forgiven me.
But the Germans'' were too prudent
to make this venture. Under like cir
cumstances, I believe, sooner than
make possible an ignominious slir
itndcr, such as Ave witnessed at
Scapa Flow, the men of the Amer
ican navy or the British navy would
have died in the resolve to at least
go down in the last dash against the
Question of Rank.
There was a minor difficulty
which was involved in the proposal
to send Admiral Mayo and the At
lantic fleet to the North sea. 1
mention it only to assert emphat
ically that if considerations of naval
strategy, considerations affecting
the coiumon interests, had made it
wise to send Mayo and his ships,
this particular difficulty would have
been brushed aside as a man flicks
the ash from his cigar.
It lay in the question which naval
officers and others raised as to
whether Admiral Mayo, being sen
tor in command, would displace Ad
miral Beatty, commander-in-chief of
the British ,grarid fleet, or be sub
ject to his direction.
It was a question of rank which
in peace maneuvers would have
been a question of much importance,
but in the world's hour of agony
and need it mattered far less than,
other things.
Mayo Eager to Go.
At least so thought Admiral
Mayo, whose only wish was to get
into the war zone and to be where
the biggest chance lay for a big
fight. He would have gone gladly
conceding the ranking position to
the officer who commanded the
largest fleet and who .was most fa
miliar with the fighting ground the
North sea.
It is one of my regrets that
Mayo and Beatty and Rodman did
not get the chance to go after the
Germans together. I have an idea
that had they been turned loose and
told to "go get 'em" they would
have found a way.
(Another article by former Secretory
Daniels will be printed tomorrow.)
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Omaha Bee's 125,000
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again in next Friday's paper and will include the votes that are received and counted at the H. Y.
S. Club office before 8 p. m., Wednesday.
In order to insure accuracy, a Burroughs Adding Machine is used in tabulating the votev
THE $25,000.00 LIST
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Mina Lusa
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Campaign Closes June 25th, 1921
The Omaha Bee
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O. Flnkle. 2018 Manderson 5,000
Mrs. R. E. Moore, 6002 N. 28th Ave... 5,000
Will Include all territory In the city
of Council Bluffs, including the Mana
wa district.
One Sl.US.OO Maxwell, one 200,00 B.
L. Deposit and one $100.00 B. L.
Deposit will be awarded In this district.
Mrs. W. C. Riley, 109 Angle Ave.. .. .10,250
Gertrude Sullivan. 813 Ave. B 16,860
L. R: Roberts, 162 W. Bdwy 6,400
Ray C. Wilcox. 627 E. Bdwy 6,180
Helen Neal, 2002 Ave. G 10.340
Anna Ward. 1006 5th Ave 17,810
Mrs. M. A. Smith, 2304 Ave. D 16.660
Florence Yarwood. 1020 Ave. B 16.400
Rev. A. F. Catlln, 129 4th St 10.480
A. W. Geiger, Jr., 4 1! G Damon 16,810
Dorothy -Lenllian, 652 Harrison St. ...10.160
Mrs. Ada McLaughlin, 1908 3d Ave.. .21,510
Harold O. DeVol, 1012 7th Ave 6.310
Mrs. W. J. Rclnts, 1222 0th Ave 17.800
Wm. Knlcely. 631 W. Broadway 11,890
R. P. Bolin. 2003 4th Ave 12,690
Mrs. Peter Jenson, Oakland Ct 21,660
Dennis Johnson, 1281 E. Pierce 6.360
Mrs. F. R. Scholes, 641 Mill 6.490
Lawrence Gallagher, 2408 Ave., A 6.360
Van Llddel. 2401 Ave. A 6,800
A. W. Anderson. 3431 3d Ave 10.410
Mrs. Iva M. Ford, 305 S. 18th...
K. D. Edwards,. 2310 Ave. C
Mrs. J. W. Head, 3485 3rd Ave...
F. H. Moran, 114 S. 1st St
Mary Cahlll, 122 W. Broadway..
John Kennedy, 1921 4th Ave...
Ernest Taylor, 2407 Ave. C
V. McGee,. 218 3d St
Mrs. L. C. Davis. 1417 Fairmont
M. Greno, 1022 E. Broadway
Paul Brackney, 20 N. 1st ...
Marcus Peterson, Co. Bluffs. . . .
Lou Dunlay, Grand Hotel
Mrs. Wm. J. Ryan, 2026 Ave. A.
Katherlne Malone, $11 Ave. A..
Ave. 6,080
Will Include all the territory In the
stote of Iowa outside the eity of
Conncll Bluffs and the Manawa dls
tr'et. One $1,118.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
B. L. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
ft I.. Deposit will be awarded in this
Francis Delanty, Humphries ..10,850
Emma Marsh, Vllllsca 12,010
Thelma Lindsay, Sidney.. 17,890
Alice Hubbard, Persia 17,760
Myrtle Rogers, Percival 11,810
Audrey .Nlpp. Mlneola 11,720
Mrs. June Flckel, Hastings 16,420
Al ChrlBtensen, Weston ..10,560
Thomas Page, Honey Creek.... 6,280
Harlen Klutts. Mondamln 63,810
Helen Holbrook, Onawa 6,410
Mrs. Nettle Batchelder, Rlverton. .. .16.890
John Glllete. Atlantic 11,460
Sadie Hughes. Griswold 5,980
E. E. Axthelm, Glenwood 11,980
Glen C. Sillik. Missouri Valley 15,980
Mrs. Gladys V.. Russel, Logan 10,580
Mrs. Ellen Tucker, Weston 11,46)
Arizona Byrd, Henderson 6,09.)
James Atkins, Neola 21,840
Marlon Caughell, Carson 23,490
Ruth Knight, Glenwood 17,950
Betty Eacrett, Malvern 17,810
Rev. G. B. Baugman, Mlnden 5,690
Chas. Ehle. Walnut 17,900
Onyle Wolfe, Malvern 6.140
Mrs. Blllle Iwen, Schleswlg 6,160
June Ovlatt, Shenandoah 53,840
Francis C'laussen, Manning 10,280
B. I. Mart, Emerson 6.160
Mrs. Ona Johnson, Pacific Jet 63,830
George W. Moore, Bartlett 6.190
Bert Graham. R. 1, Logan 6,000
Nellie J. Snlleder, Thurman 6,0
Gladys Ms vis, Harlan 6,0'ift
Kva Hough, Oakland eiooo
Mrs. Glea Harris, Avoca 6,000
Bernard Franklin, Hamburg.., 6.000
Irar Averlll, Stanton 5,000
Merle Andreas, Oakland 5,000
Will Include the following counties In
the state of Nebraska: Cass, Harpy,
Douglas (outside the city of Omaha),
Saunders, Butler, Polk, Merrick, Nance,
Piatt, Colfax, Dodge. Washington,
Burt, Cuming, Stanton, Madison,
Boone, Antelope, rierce, Wayne, Thur
ston, Dakota, Dixon, Cedar and Knox.
One $1,115.00 Maxwell one $200.00
B. I. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
L. Deposit will be awarded In this
Mrs. Lulu Owen, Ashland 62,690
G. P. Hobak, Nehawka 7,480
Zetta Lower, Valparaiso 16,890
J. H. Domingo. Weeping Water 5,420
Roy Combs, David city 34.710
V, II. Hoerstmann, Fremont 63,890
George Jacobs, Cedar Rapids.. 10,580
L. N. Warrick, Blair 11,710
F. J. Bortuslah, R. 4, Clarke ,..6,610
John Otto, West Point. 10,370
A. II. Chrlstensen, Stroinsburg 15,810
Louise Flgenbaum, Springfield 10.480
Winnie McMillan. Shelby 6.890
Wm. Andrews, Bellnood.. 17,820
Emma Wlttmus, Chalco 10,280
Mrs. Carl Bush, Creighton 17,610
Vivian Dee. David City 16.610
Gladys Hendricks, Elgin 20,060
F. R. Hoppock. Fullerton 11.680
Carrie Monahan, Gretna 17,380
Sarah Rauach, Lindsay i 6.560
Goldle Young, Meadow Grove 17,620
W. L. Scott, Osceola 6,420
Eusie Plnson, Platte Center 6,42o
Wm. Ryan. Pllger ...11,280
Rev. McClenhan. Primrose 17.480
A, P. Allen. Decatur 6,860
E. C. Wilde. 823 S. 8, Norfolk 6,480
A. M. Sanders, Plattsmouth. 63,680
Willis Lawrence. R. 1. Platte Center. .6.270
F. L. Brown. Schuyler 6,820
Helen M. Wyncoop, Central City 6,890
C. J. Havlland, Norfolk 5.260
Floyd Buchanan. Silver Creek 6.1,870
Henry J. Haynes, Oetavla.... .11,710
Sam Davles. Wayne..- .....63.740
R. V. Kennedy. Tckamah ,.40,820
Joe Krajieek, Arlington 17,460
Fred Boas, Columbus 6,20o
Mrs. Mary Harvey, David City .11,430
Elmer Nordland. Columbus 11,860
a. Koch, R. 3, Columbus 6.420
Opal Adams, Valley 17,230
D. P. Hill. Genoa 17.380
Henrietta Miller, Oakland 53.820
AV. C. Halsey, Oakdale 17.420
Clifford Cunningham, Wahoo.'. 17.820
James R. .Irlinek. Plattsmouth 17.620
Herman Buhk, Heoncr ....6.860
K. C. -Battler, Plattsmouth ......5,410
Allen Block, North Bend 5,260
H. A. Homann, Elkhorn 5,370
F. T. Wlgington, Schuyler 5,840
Gordon Smith, Lyon., 5.490
A. E. Stafford. Rising City 11,390
August Retnklng, Papilllon 5,810
Alvln Barton, Lyons 37.900
R. E. Strasburg. Polk 37,980
Mrs. P. E. Buck. Fremont 6,290
Mrs. Wade Prultt, Humphrey 6,000
Anton F. Votova. Schuyler 5,870
G. C. Smith, Albion 12,020
Charles J. Svoboda, Prague 5,160
Chas. Rlepl, 1730 No. D, Fremont. . . .5,260
Anna Blumm, Scrtbner 5,470
J. C. Olcott, 3420 17th, Columbus 6,280
K. F. Cushman, Kennard 6,120
B. W. Stlts. Wann 6,010
Frank Pallas, Pender 5.030
Mabel Brazda. West Point 17,020
Nellie Dwyer, Colon 5,010
I). E. Hayes. Herman 5,000
Jessie B. Kay. Wlsner 5,050
Ida Ruther. Stanton 5,000
K. J. Muff ley. St. Edward 5,000
Jens Jonsen, Lyons .....20.050
('. E. Anderson, R. 4, Norfolk '..6.000
Cedrlc Anderson, Wausa 6,110
J. M. Fox, Gretna 6,000
Sarah Gllmore, Blue Hill 17,
Mrs. B. Anderson. 1324 H St., Lincoln. 5
Mrs. B. F. Jordnn, York 17,
Mrs. Marie Morris, Hebron ...11,
TIIllo Nolte. Auburn, R. 2..; 37,
Mrs. Mark Hall. Auburn '.62
Robert Moore, Nelson 11,
Knipn H. Stewart, Auburn ... 6,
Dmma Woodle, Peru 62,
Mrs. N. Mclntyre, Nebraska City 6,
Will Brookley, Edgar ...17,
Mrs. D-on Kite, Auburn -62,
Velva Balr, Fairmont... 6,
A. C. Bek, Seward 5,
I'eter Fischer, Clay Center 5,
Rev. L. A. Mojer, Harvard 16,
Vera Grosshaus, Sutton ...6,
E. L. Knitz. Deshler ....5,
Margaret Ahrens, Falls City 6,
Mrs. Ella Sedorls, Brownville 6,
Mrs. Thomas Brown, Geneva .,..6,
Agnes Krasmoil, Aurora 5,
Gall Parson, Humboldt ?...6,
A. E. Pratt, Tobias 6,
Will Include the following counties In
the state of Nehraskat Otoe. Nemaha,
Kichardsen, Pawnee, Johnson, 4,age,
Lancaster, Seward, Saline, Jefferson,
Thayer. Fillmore, York, Hamilton,
Clay, Nuckolls, Webster and Adams.
One $1,115.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
p. tt I.. Deposit and one $100.00 B. ft
I.. Deposit will be awarded la this
Mrs. Otis Wolford, Clay Center ..8,960
Mrs. L. C. Oden, Beatrice 6,380
Mrs. Clyde Foulk. Beatrice 11,040
T homas Foster, Beaver Crosalng 5,710
Ruth Wells, Blue Springs 17,860
Gladys Say lor, Brunlng 10,480
Kattle Stables. Carleton 5,300
Mrs. Emma Howard, Chester 10,760
Lillian Klersey, Dunbar.. 5,820
Eleanor Shoff. Falrbury 17,860
Ed Octer. Glenvll 6.280
Geo. Whltesell. Kenraaw 16,680
Mrs. Martin Layton. McCool 6.120
Luella Krtter, Odell 5.4G0
Thelma Nelson. Pawnre City 18,160
Mrs. Lyda Wolfskin, Superior 12.140
Francis Hlmburger, Wymore 10,810
Elsie Wellman, Waco.. 5.360
Nellie Oglenby. Tobias 17.610
Frunk C. Brunlng; Milford 6,48o
Mrs. W. L. Chapman, Gtltner 19.470
Harriett Schacklcton, Beatrice 17.310
Chss. Launle, Alexandria 17.460
Mrs. Dick Harper. Davenport 11,580
Raymond L. Crosson. Hastings. .... .13.010
J. O. Pelham, Beatrice 5.280
Will Include all territory In the stale
of Nebraska not Included In District
Number 0 and 1, also territory In South
Dakota, Kansas and C olorado.
One $1,115.00 Maxwell, one $200.1111
B. ft L. Deposit and one $100.00 B. ft
L. Deposit will be awarded in thl
If. a Helme. Scottsbluff 1
Mrs. V. Conner, Kearney, 1407 Avs 8.12
A. C. Monkman, Elm Creek 10
W. B. Shelton. Paxton 20,
Martin Nlelson, Dannebrog 17
Julia Burkland, Sutherland ....17
Mrs. E. T. Bigelow. Smlthfleld 6
Lick Pullman, Sargent 13,
Ji hn Runge, Ravenna 16
Ed Hale. Parks 6,
Elizabeth Ralston, Orleana 52,
Eugene Henry, O'Neill 11
Mrs. B. I. Harshbarger, Oconto 10.
eva Wetzel. North Loup 17
Mrs. Merle Spotts, Imperial 5,
Mrs. Minnie Cslnier. Gothenburg. . ..10.
Mae Dick. Cambridge 17,
Mrs. Ethel Copeland. Bridgeport 33,
Gladys Moore, Blonmlngton ...10,
Mra. C. M. Taylor, Renkelinan 11,
Esther Smith, Bartley 6,
Hilda Jarohson, Araphoe 17,
J. K. Williams, Alliance 18,
Mrs. Margaret Mllligan. Arnold 5,
tigna Peterson, Eddyvllle II,
Oscar Peterson, Sumner 5
Marie Lewis. Anselmo
Mra. D. F. Lewis, Kearney 19
J. H. Bragg. Wauneta ....5,
I3ert Brownell, Chappell 62,
P. J. Mlnner, 109 W. 6th. Grand Is.. 87
Mrs. A. Callahsn. Gerlng
Dr. D. A. Rundstrom, Curtis...
Mrs. Walter Borden. Gordon....
J. P. Cooper, Arcadia
Mrs. Edna Isaacson, t'ozad
J. T. Warders, Maryvllle. Kan..
Mrs. Bertha A. Ebcr. Kirk
H. H. Edwards, Scottsbluff
W. K. Harris. Bertrand
Mrs. Grace Redtfelt. Mlnen...
George Gardner. Bavard
Melba Philbrlck. Ord
C. B. Dosset, Axtell
E. G. Nlsley, Lexington
wm. Halsey, Lebanon
Fern Gates. 8tamford
Chas. Johnson, Jr., Manvllle
Mrs. Emit Stelnke, Hnldrcge
Mrs. Clay Funston, Ogallala
A. R. Lee. 719 N, Locust. N. Platte
Mildred Reed. Lexington
Blanche Myers, Sutherland
H. H. Stevens, 320 S. Vine. N. Platte 6,
Mrs. H. C. Rosecrans, Julesburg 6,
C. H. Blackburn. Mitchell i.
Fern Betts, Franklin 5.
Ante ivlchols. 914 N. Syc. No. Platte.. i
C. E. Orlshsin, Vodgepole -.3.1.
John Firth, Long Pine 6.
Mrs. Ray Rathbun. Hayes Center J,
I'nuip iercier, CampDeu ,.j
K. C. McKak, St. Paul 6,
A elma Weatherwsx. Sidney ....6,
Edw. Nnriandcr. Keystone
Address Your Entry Blank and All Communications to THE OMAHA BEE "Help Yourself Club' Omaha, Neb.
For further information, subscription blanks, etc, call, write or telephone
Office Opens at 9 a.m. 312 Trust Building (Bee Building) Telephone Tyler 1000
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