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    THE BfclE: OMAHA. THURSDAY. APRIL 28. 1921
OMAHA organizations are not the cold, heartless groups we have often
been led to believe, but rather they are tho most appreciative and
wish to show their kindly spirit on all occasions. The society of
Fine Arts is no exception and on Tuesday, when their president f the
past two years, Mrs. Ward M. Burgess, was honor guest at a luncheon
at the Country club, given by the board of directors, she was the recip
ient of a gift from them. Three volumes of Ruskin's "Stones of
Venice" and five volumes on "Modem Painters" were found at her
place when she arrived at the affair. The books were bound in mo
rocco leather.
Roses and spring flowers formed an attractive centerpiece for the
luncheon table and a grate fire burned cheerily in the room. Covers were
placed for 15.
Alice Nelson Bride
of George C.
The marriage of Miss Alice Nel
son, daughter of Air. and Mrs. L. H.
Nelson of Humboldt, la., and
George C. Shedd of Omaha took
place at high noon Wednesday at
the home ot the bride s sister, Mrs.
M. M. Stucker. The ceremony was
performed by Dr. Kdwin II. Jenks.
Snapdragons and sweetpeas were
used through the rooms. The
couple had no attendants.
The bride wore her traveling cos
tume of navy blue with hat to match
and her corsage bouquet was of
sweetpeas and sweetheart roses.
Immediately after the ceremony
breakfast was served for the guests,
who included only immediate rela
tives. The bride attended school in Des
Moines, la., and has recently been
making her home in this ctiy:
Mr. Shedd is a member of Phi l'si
fraternity at the University of Ne
tf, braska, from which he was grad
uated. He is well known as a writer,
having contributed to current maga
zines and having been the author -f
several novels.
Mrs. II. H. Shedd of Ashland,
Misses Julia and Minnie Nelson of
Humboldt, la., and Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Shofstall of Kansas City were
out-of- town guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Shedd left Wednes
day afternoon to spend several
months in Colorado, returning to
Omaha in the autumn to make their
Clio Club Celebrates Birthday.
The Clio Study club celebrated its
21st birthday anniversary with a
luncheon at King Fong restaurant
Tuesday when the following officers
for the ensuing year were elected:
Mrs Charles Powell, president; Mrs.
F. Fales, secretary; Mrs. Edward Mc
Eachron, treasurer.
Mrs. W. R. McFarland entertained
the club at a theater party at the
Sun following the luncheon.
Other members of the club are:
Mesdames Robert Mcliachron, R. M.
Cathers, W. D. Pcrcival, A. N. Eaton,
T. L. Travis, W. C. Ross, Brice
Crawford, i B. F. Betebenner, J.
Marrow, D E. Jenkins, O. A. Scott,
Ed Story and Miss May Evans.
For Miss Ellsworth.
Mrs, John C. Haarmaiin enter
tained at a dancing party Tuesday
evening at her home in honor of her
sister, Miss Florence Ellsworth, who
is appearing at the Orpheum theatc
ihis week.
A jazz orchestra, composed of
.former school friends of Miss Ells
worth, furnished the music.
The color schenfe "was carned'out
in orange and blue? roses and spring
flowers being used throughout the
Fifty guests attended. '-
Afternoon Tea.
One of the loveliest affairs of the
week will be given Thursday after
noon in honor of Mrs. George N.
Quillman of Dallas, Tex., by her
daughter. Mrs. W. A; Fraser, whom
she is visiting. The event will be
a tea at the Fraser home. Assisting
the hostess will be Mrs. John L.
Kennedy, Mrs. James Love Paxton,
Mrs. Mil Gates, Erna Reed, Louise
Clarke, Dorothy Judson, Dorothy
Belt, Elizabeth Barker and Vcr
nelle Head.
Luncheon for Nurses.
Mrs. W. P. Haney entertained the
members of the graduating class of
nurses of St. Catherine hospital at
luncheon at her home Tuesday. Cov
ers were placed for Misses Mary
Kemp, Catherine Coughlin, Louise
Fitzpatrick, Lenora Grady, Alice
Keman, Mary Lynch, Frances
Pritchard, Christine Schell and Helen
Walsh. The commencement exer
cises will be held Saturday evening
at the Creighton auditorium.
For Mrs. McShane.
Mrs. H. H. Baldrige was hostess
at a luncheon at her home Wednes
day in honor of Mrs. John A. Mc
Shane, who is here from Coronado
Beach, Cal., visiting at the W. D.
Hosford home. Covers were placed
for 12.
Tea for Mrs. Stallard.
A tea will be given Friday after
noon by the women of the Foreign
Missionary society of Hanscom Park
Methodist church in the church par
lors in honor of Mrs. F. W. Stallard,
who leaves shortly to reside in Cali
fornia. -
Mr. and Mrs. William Spear have
returned to Fremont following
their eastern honeymoon trip. Mrs.
Spear was formerly Miss Marguerite
Schneider of Fremont and is well
known in Omaha.
Mrs. Sidney Beach of. Chicago,
; who has been visiting her sister,
A Mrs. Lester Drishaus, leaves Thurs
I. day to return to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gilchrist will
return next Monday from Excelsior
. Springs.
Junior League
. Two of the most beautiful numbers
in the Junior league revue to be pre
sented May 7 at the Gayety theater
will be the "Ballet of Flowers' and
the "Swing Song."
The Ballet of Flowers will be led
by Miss Adelaide Fogg, who will be
assisted by Misses Emma Nash, Jane
Stewart, Margaret Lee Burgess, Eli
nor Kountze, Dorothy Higgins, Bar
bara Burns. Marcelle Folda and Dor
othy Davidson.
In the "Swing Song" will appear
Mesdames Jack Webster, Harold
Pritchett, Harry Byrne, Jack Sum
mers and Messrs. Charles Allison,
Philip Chase. Judson Squiers and
Norman Curtice.
Captains for Christ
Child Flower
Headquarters for the annual May
day flower sale Saturday, for the
benefit of the Christ Child society,
will be located at 203 South Nine
teenth street, with Mesdames L. C.
Nash, A. V. Kinsler, Arthur Mullen,
J. V. Kennebec, W. T. Burns and
Miss M. L. Proulx and Miss Nan
Murphy in charge.
Following are the captains and
some of the assistants:
Meads mes
VI'. J. Hynra.
W. M. Jeffera.
M. J. Coakley.
NI1I Klti'hn
Thomas Hwift.
.Tames O'Neill.
8. .Salerno.
.1. A. ('. Kennedy.
Teter Jolly.
Oeorge Morton.
Thomas yulnlan.
J.upsa Brlrk.
Frank Selby.
Thomas Onldcn.
Mark Coad.
W. 1j. Carey.
John J.. Kennedy,
K. A. HlRKlns.
Alhan Sommar.
Leo Marilgan,
Orella Narhtlgal.
John Hussle.
N. Seller.
John Mcfreary.
Mary McOreary.
Alvin Johnson.
Penn Fodrea.
T. P. Redmond.
Jack Schall.
W. H. Roberta.
.1. Delaney.
M. J. Schwartz.
F. J. Srhller.
James Reed.
James Fltigerald.
S. B. Doyle.
Misses .
Ohpeila llayden.
Blanche Kinsler.
Margaret Mcllufh.
Tiara Conlin.
May Mahoney.
Mary English.
Mary Cotter.
Ruth Wall.
Ellen Creighton.
I Fox.
R. Rosshach.
M. T. Riley.
Marlon Coad.
Roy Byrne.
A. J. Tusa.
'harlps Knowlei.
M". (.' Lansing.
J. K. Elklns.
F. J. Ilespecher.
T. H. MrDearmon.
W. H. McKnight.
J. A. Bender.
J. A, Sanders.
I.eo Hoffman.
M. Lewis.
W. N. Jainleeon.
James Burke.
W. J. Alltngham.
Arthur Offerman.
Hobson Manllck.
Jack O'Brien.
John Jamleson.
W. A. C. Johnson.
W. M. Anderson.
Will Coad.
J. M. Harding.
Frank Thomaa.
E. .1. Dea.
J. Welch.
Will Thomas.
J. J. Rossbach.
B. '. Reefe.
P. F. O M alley.
B. J. Dugan.
V. J. Creedon.
P. J. Gillespie.
Will Wood.
A. T.- Crelgh.
C. F. Crowley.
C. F. Walker.
Genrga Sutton.
Agnes Tighe.
Mlnette Rousseau.
Clair H. Woodward,
Alma Hagan.
Mar.lorle Barrett.
Allco O'Brien.
Irene McKnight.
Kate Morrlsey.
Kvelyn McCaffrey.
Etta Wallace.
Mary O'Brien.
Keglna Connell.
Patricia Naughtln.
Mildred 'Srack to
- Wed A. L,
. Stewart
Announcement has been made of
the engagement of Miss Mildred
Srack of this city to Augustus L.
Stewart of Fremont. On Saturday,
April 9, an announcement party
was given in Fremont, Neb., to 24
of Miss Srack's intimate friends by
her aunts, Mrs. Grovcr Spangler of
Fremont and Mrs. John Ryan of
Omaha. Miss Srack is the daugh
ter of Mrs. George C. Johnson of
this city.
The wedding will be a quiet
home affair and will take place on
Wednesday evening. May 11. Rev.
William H. Buss of the Congrega
tional church of Fremont will offi
ciate. Miss Catherine Huscnetter of
Fremont will act as bridesmaid.
Mr. Stewart is the son of Dr. and
Mrs. A. E. Stewart of Cedar Bluffs,
Neb. He attended Wesleyan uni
versity and also the University of
Nebraska at Lincoln.
Miss Srack formerly lived in Fre
mont but for the past several years
has resided in Omaha.
Mrs. Walter Dawson will enter
tain informally at her home Thurs
day afternoon, complimentary to
this bride-to-be. The guests will
include only intimate friends of Miss
For Recent Bride.
Rose McNamara and Elsie Reiter
entertained at a miscellaneous
shower for Mrs! Harry Mitchell
Monday evening, at the home of
Miss Reiter. Decorations were in
green and whjte. Mrs. Mitchell was
formerly Miss Mildred Clough.
Those present were: Mesdames L.
B. Clough, C. C. McCracken, A.
Masilko, Ralph Zimmerman; Misses
Cassie Bierman, Anna McNamara
and Grace Simpson.
Dancing Party.
Miss Gertrude Stein will give a
dancing party Monday evening, May
2, at Hanscom park pavilion. The
honor guests will be Mrs. I. Rosen
blatt, formerly Miss Etta Faier, who
was an April bride, and Miss Molly
Stein, fiancee of N. S. Rothenburg,
who will be married in June.
Dance Rehearsal.
Piinils of Miss Adelafde Fotre. who
will be presented in a dance recital
Saturday evening at the Brandeis
theater, will meet at the theater Sat
urday afternoon for a dress rehearsal.
Women Magistrates
(Br International wa Service.)
One of America's leading judges
is Miss Katherine Sellers, whose
word is law in the juvenile court of
the District of Columbia. It was
while practising law in Washington
that Miss Sellers attracted wide at
tention, so much so that she was ap
pointed to her position by former
President Wilson.
Adele Garrison's New Phase of
Revelations of a Wife
What Happened Beside th Lonely
The young son df the car owner
who had been so discourteous to us
stared delightedly at Lillian 'when
she finished her summary of his fa
ther's needs after the youth's
apology for the treatment accorded
"Oh, I say!" he exclaimed. "That's
simply ripping! I never thought of
Dad before in just that light. But
it's tt truest thing that was ever
said about him. He does need
something to take hiin down, but
you see he has more money
than is good for him," the young
man's flush of embarrassment grew
deeper. "There's no one who has
any power over him. So I'm afraid
there isn't any chance of his getting
put in a corner say, that's an awful
ly funny idea!"
"One never knows," Lillian re
plied demurely, "sometimes the most
unexpected things happen."
Gym Classes
to Present
The evmnasilllll classes of the Y.
W. C. A. will present a pageant,
"Festival of Play," at the City Au
ditorium Tuesday evening, May 3, at
8 o'clock.
Mrs. DeWitt Babbitt, as "Ameri
ca," presides as queen, with the
"Spirit of Fellowship," Miss Mary
Tewell at her side to direct the fes
tival as the queen commands.
American girls, home-born ana im
migrant, from many lands play their
merriest games before the throne.
Girls from other lands shyly watch
the happiness which they have never
known. America sends the Spirit
of Fellowship to bring them to her
and each one tells of her longings.
America presents their plea to her
own daughters and calls for helpers
to free them from their burdens and
to teach them the games of all na
tions which the American girls play.
Mrs. D. J. Adams will take tlw
part of the "Chief Trumpeter," and
the Girls of Other Lands are: "Chi
na," Miss Bea Swansou; "India,"
Miss Svea Johnson; "South Amer
ica," Miss Dorothy Gray; "Africa,"
Miss Leta Hines; "Mohammedan
Lands," Miss May Leach.
The program will -include a Swed
isfi clap dance, highland fling, Jap
anese dance, Norwegian mountain
march, Zouave drill, Indian club
iiriti ant he following American
games: "Hark, Hark the Lark,"
"Twinkle, i winkle Little Mar,
"Yankee Doodle" and a Virginia
The pageant, which was written by
Miss Florence Dtirkee, will be di
rected by Miss Lucy Jane Giddings,
physical director. More than 400
women and children will take part.
Baptist Mission Quarterly.
The Woman's Baptist missionary
quarterly will meet' Friday at the
First Baptist church, Twenty-ninth
and Harney streets.
Mrs. Carl Gray will lead the de
votionals at 10:30 a. m. Luncheon
will be served at the church at 12:30
and Mrs. W. T. Elmore of Lincoln,
a former missionary worker in In
dia, will speak on "Foreign Mis--sions."
Amateur Musical Club.
Members of the Amateur Musical
club met Wednesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. W. H. Smails when
Mrs. Smails and Helen Smails acted
as hostesses. Taking part in the pro
gram were Mrs. Walter Silver, Mrs.
W. H Smails, Mrs. George Barker,
Mrs. Conrad Young. Mrs. William
Schnorr, Mrs. E. A. Baird, Mrs. Har
ry Nicholson, Mrs, Harry Steele,
Mrs. J. A. C. Kennedy, Miss Belle
von Mansfelde. and Miss Helen
Smails. '
Kappa Sigma.
Kappa Sigma club of Omaha and
Council Bluffs will entertain at a
dancing party Friday evening, May
6, at the Fontenelle ball room.
Members of the active chapter at
the University of Nebraska, Lincoln,
will be guests of the local alumnL
On Saturday evening the Ne
braska chapter will give a dance in
Lincoln which a number of Oma
hans will attend.
Candle Club.
Mrs. L. D. Wells entertained mem
bers of the reading circle of the Can
dle club Tuesday evening at her
home. The circle . will meet the
fourth Tuesday of each month here
after. Miss Carlotta Corpron -read a
group of poems by Rabindrath Ta
gore. When residing in Bombay,
India, Miss Corpron entertained in
honor of this poet.
Fine Arts Society.
The Omaha Society of Fine Arts
will hold its annual election of of
ficers Thursday, 2:30 p. m., at the
Fontenelle hotel. The president,
Mrs. Ward Burgess, requests that
all members be present.
Card Party.
Vesta chapter Kensington club will
give a card party Thursday afternoon
at Masonic temple.
a safe, reliable skin treat
ment used for years to heal
czna and other itching,
banning skin affections.
The remarkable soothing,
healing action is dua to
ingredients so gentle and
harm leas as to be suited to
baby's delicate skin or
tha aaast irritated surfaces.
Sold fry oil drucgut.
Tstal reuaast .
Tvt. 4-T. B jl.
BaMaMra, 114.
The young man started and looked
at her much as the chauffeur had
c'onc, then he also slnilcd as if some
sudden amusing thought had struck
"Say, but it's awfully good for you
to take-it like this!'' he said heartily.
"I shan't forget it. I'm afraid Dad's
going to try to do something un
pleasant like bringing a motorcycle
cop in lure if he can find one, but
if he does, I'll"
"My dear boy," Lillian interposed,
"you will hamper me 'very much,
and do yourself no good if you so
much as open your mouth in our de
fense, , no matter what your father
chooses to do. Let mc assure you
now, that powerful as your paternal
ancestor appears to think himself,
he is absolutely powerless to em
barrass me or alter my plans in any
way if he should bring a dozen mo
torcycle cops with him instead of
"I Hope You Succeed."
The young man looked at her
searchingly again, then he laughed
"I hope you succeed in providing
the corner," he said understanding
as he lifted his hat and went back
to the big car over which the chauf
feur was stooping.
Jones raised himself and touched
his cap as the young man ap
proached. Then the two entered in
to a low-toned colloquy, dotted with
chuckles and discreet glances in our
direction. Jones did something
mysterious just under the plate hold
ing the speedometer and the clock,
and in a few seconds the motor as
mysteriously returned to life. Then
with Ted walking back to give any
necessary warning, Jones began to
A Happy
Thought 1
v 'ft YVr
The thought of them puts
your appetite on edge!
Sweet as nuts ! Richly fla
voredsome with the deli
cious tomato sauce for
which Heinz is famous)
Easy to digest 1
That's tin s secret of their
unbroken jackets and mealy
centers, their sweet flavor,
ease of digestion, and body
building nutriment
Which kind
do you prefer ?
HEINZ Baked Beans with Pork and
Tomato Sauce
HEINZ Baked Pork and Beans (with
out Tomato Sauce) Boston style
HEINZ Baked Beans in Tomato Sauc
without Meat (Vegetarian)
HeInZ Baked Red Kidney Beans
One of the
back the big machine over the wind
ing road.
It had not yet turned the first
corner when the siren of a motor
cycle sounded warningly, and Jones
in answer sounded the powerful
horn of the big machine. I saw Ted
throw up his arms as a signal and
spring aside into the bushes as a
motorcycle came around the corner,
skidded sickeningly, then came to a
full stop while its uniformed rider
a slight youth not much older than
Ted fairly tumbled off.
"She's a Dangerous Character."
"What's the trouble here?" he
asked a bit chokingly from his
sudden stop.
Lillian advanced to meet him.
"There is no trouble," she said.
"Why are you here?"
"Why!" he began, blustering a bit
until he caught Lillian's glance, and
then suddenly changing to a more
respectful tone. "A gentleman on the
road outside here just called me and
told me that 'some people were stag
ing a riot in here and obstructing the
road, and building fires and I don't
know what else. He's a responsible
party. I've heard of him," his tone
breathed the awe of wealth and posi
tion which affects many minor of
ficials. "Of course, I'm bound to look
into things, but maybe "
"Officer!" The word sounded
raucously from the throat of the
pompous individual, now hot and
perspiring from his hurried walk in
the wake of the motorcycle. "I de
mand that you" arrest that woman.
She's a dangerous character.
The motorcycle officer hesitated,
looking helplessly from Lillian to
the heavily breathing owner of the
big car. Ted started forward violent
ly and paused, at a warning glance
from Lillian. Jones, the chauffeur,
who had stopped the backing of the
big car at a gesture from his em
ployer, sat stolid as ever, watching
everything from tinder the visor of
his cap. A furtive glance at him
showed me a gleam of quiet amuse
ment in his eyes, and I knew that he
y-r ajt u Ha.
anticipated seeing his haughty em
ployer discomfited in some way.
At the word "arrest" Marion gave
a little choking cry and clutched at
my hand. I bent to herewith a hur
ried whisper:;
"Don't you know that mother al
ways comes out all right? Just
fiirySoMMlle.HI .
A sample page
from Iten's Handy
Helper, which has
82 pages oj valuable
hints for prepar
ing lunches and
i. h. n. t
Just a Word About
The Nebraska Power Go. asked the city commission for
increased rates to give it greater revenue.
The city commission decided that the company was not
entitled to additional revenue.
The commission found that certain large users of eleq-,
trie power were paying less than cost some as low as
5 of one cent per kilowatt, while the average home
consumer paid 6 cents, or seven times as much.
For Example-;
In 1920 one of the large
packing companies paid
$122,533 for the elec
tricity it used.
The city commission determined to wipe out this dis
crimination. It raised the rates of the big users and cut
the rate of the "little fellow" from .6 to 5 J .cents.
The big users didn't like it. They have objected. But
the majority of the commission went ahead and lifted
the burden from the "little fellow."
URE as City Commissioner
led the fight in the city commission. He conducted the
principal investigation of light company evidence. He
pointed out its flaws and weak points. He drafted the
new ordinance which cut the rates.
URE is up for re-election next Tuesday. He should
be re-elected.
Vote For URE
watch her, Marion, and see what
she's going to do."
Every one was watching Lillian,
and if we were unconsciously look
ing for a sensation she provided one.
With her eyes fixed steadity upon the
young officer, who stood nearest her,
she drew from her gown a tiny
Tten's Handy Helper
16 Marguerites (24)
' Standard recipe with boiled 'jcing:
1 c. sugar. i c. water.
1 egg white. 1 1. vanilla or
'i Tb. lemon juice.
Add. boiling water to sugan Boil gently
without stirring .after boiling begins. Boil
until the syrup spins a thread more than a
foot in length when dropped from the
spoon. While the syrup is boiling, beat
the egg white until the bowl can be in
verted without the egg slipping. Add the hot
syrup slowly to the egg, beating constantly
until the mixture is of the consistency to
spread. Drop onto crisp Iten Fairy Soda
Crackers. If the icing becomes stiff be
fore the marguerites are made, mix in a
teaspoonful of hot water and set the bowl
over the tea kettle or in any other hot
Marguerites should be served the day
they are made. If they are to be served
later they should be crisped in a hot oven
for a few minutes.
1. Add to icing, just before placing it on
the crackers:
(I) Vz to 1 c. nut meats ground or
cut fine.
One whole nut meat may be
placed on top of each marguerite.
(D 12 to 1 c. chopped figs, raisins,
dates, pineapple or any com
bination. A piece of fruit may
be placed on top of each mar
guerite. (3) Vi to Vi squares melted choco
late. (4) 1 c. shredded coconut.
(5) 14 to 12 lb. marahmallows cut in
small pieces and melted over hot
( Continued on Fas 7)
badge and a card, and held them to
ward him and said:
"You perhaps would like to know
the identity of the person you are
(Continued Tomorrow.)
A coating of pure linseed' oi! will
lengthen the life of willow furniture.
A postal card re
quest brings you
a copy of Iten's
Handy Helper.
Address, ITEN
1246 Capitol Ate.,
:-Kx fx V
The same quantity of cur
rent would have cost ordi
nary home consumers
$682,650. '