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Kingdon Gould
Pays $90,000
End Court Suit
llmt ti of Promise Caw Dis
missed When Defendant ami
PlabtJff Finally Agre
on Stftlwuent.
'' '
; .New York, Feb. 8.-The $500,000
,rrh I proruit suit fiitd against
Kinfdon GouM. oldtst son oi
ror g Jay Gould, by Mrs. Elsa
filum ended Monday when the
principals entered into an agreement
( compromise. It Is understood
that Mrs. Ulum received fXl.OUO,
Tlit compromise followed a three
liour conference between Mr. Gould,
Mrs. Blum. Kobert Knowles, eotn
el for Mr. GouhJ; Norman V.
SchloM, attorney (or Mrs. Hlum
and lr. OartUlomcw IXkovitch,
father of Mrs. iilum,
Mr, fcchloss entered a motion be
fori uetire finch In supreme court
this rooming asking that the( ca
b stricken front the docket i )
"There will b no. statements,"
Mr, Jkhloss stid. "The case has
been settled and w have an agree
ment to that end, 'I lie case will be
taken out of court and all issues
The suit was filed nearly two years
Kgo following Mr, Goujd's marriage
to Miss Anmtnz'ata Camilita Maria
J.uccJ, a governess in the Gould
household. I
Ban Put on Sunday
r . r i i
Columbus, Neb., Feb. 8. (Spe
cial.) (-Complying with a petition
endorsed by a public meeting of Co
lumbus citistem, the city council
assed a new ordinance forbidding
public dances on Sunday night and
imposing strict regulations on those
lidd on other flights of the week.
The ordinance requires a permit
t conduct a 'iublic dance, with a
fe of S and forbids any child un
der 16 from attending a public dance
unless accompanied by a parent. It
rmirei public dances to loe at
la. m, and imposes penalty of a
ffnt not exceeding $100 for violation
Tit its terms. A specially appointed of
ficer will supervise the dances, pre
serve order, prevent improper danc
ing and make arrests if necessary.
k.ii ! ipnir III II .III II .1 . 13.1 11 9 f
AI!fgi(I Merchandise Thief of
- Omaha Dreuki JaU at York
John Holoubek, rrfited for nifr
thatidiW thdin, lrokc juil again In
York, Neb., Monday night and is be
lieved to be on his way to Omaha
where hi brother, W, whom he
failed' to Implicate hi. the thefts, is
now in Jail awaiting trial in tli dis
trict court on chargeji':of receiving
and concealing stolen property,
John escaped the York jail once
Mid wis captured in Lincoln.
. TMs last tinm he was found guilty
of robbery and sentenced to from
one to 10 years in the slate peniten
tiary. "fc .
Omaha police ar.ejontlis lookout
.for him. 1 . ;
Modern Woodmen (lodge al
llcbrou Installs Officer
Hebron, Nrb., Itb, 8.- (Special,)
lltibbell ode, ,f. W. A has in
stalled the following officers; V. C,
William "Van Camp; VV, A., Joseph
Lovlc; clerk, V, G. Marvin; banker,
I. E. Sprague; escort, Albert Young;
entry, Claude Ctirtlt; v watchman,
Charles Voungr trustees, A. F.
Towiwnd, Joseph l.ovfc and I). W.
firown, ; j . .
' Air IUfJe $oiously Hurt
' Nebraska City, h., l-'cb. 8
( SpeciaS.) A 4-y;arUl son of Mr.
and Mrs. K, J. Kidle'y, who with his
mojher is visiting hi the city, was
painfully injured yesterday by an air
rifle. 1"he child found the weapon
and in trying to the
plunger penetrated his hand, causing
a dangerous wnund.J - '
I wish I could dls
ccnflrpetual 'MotionVnenlm
Corn Flakes
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) "wt r amain atr ' "J
Indians Deny Use of
- Peyote Bean Harmful
Lincoln, Feb." 7-Nebraska In
diana of the Winnebago and Omaha
tribes, appearing before the legisla
tive committee on medical societies,
dented that the use of the- peyote
bean was harmful or that It was is
the nature of s narcotic The com
mittee had under discussion the bill,
to regulate the use of the bean and
Tha superintendent of ihe Winne
bago reservation, together with
physkan and a missionary, testi
fied tha the effect of the use of the
peyote -bean is similar to that of
whisky; that it kills energy and that
it might lead to insanity or death.
The Indians, however, presented
different picture, declaring it had
curative properties and had . long
peen used by the " tribesmen with
benefical effect
Dght Gmpany Fails
To Get Rate Increase
Nebraska City, ' Neb., Feb. J.
(Special.) The Nebraska City
Water and Light company will not
be allowed an increase in residence
lighting-rates, power rates or water
. - f - Tl - ' . ' . .
reman, i ne city commissioners ce
cided last night that the present rates
must stand and the application of the
company for an increase was denied.
The commissioners also went on rec
ord as against Senate File No. 230.
which proposes to place all public
utilitiy rate matters in the hands of
the railway commission. The commis
sioners take the stand that the enact
ment of the bill would take the
regulation and control of local utili
ties out of the hands of municipali
ties and would infringe on the rights
of cities and 'towns in the state.
Fremont Dentist to Be
Tried on Liquor Charge
Fremont, Neb., Feb. I. (Special)
Dr. F. B. Ifensel, prominent den
tist of this city, and Tom Hooper
were arrested, charged with the
violation of the prohibition laws.
Sheriff Condit alleges that Hooper
has been a bootlegger for the patt
three years and 'that- he caught
Hooper selling Dr. Hensel a pint
of booze In, the rear end of the
Swanson soft drink parlors.
' Hooper was sentenced to 60, days
in jail for the possession of liquor
and will be tried on a charge of
bootlegging In a later trial. .Hensel,
charged with the . . possession i of
liquor, will be tried on 'that charge
Wymore I. O.' 0. F. Lodge
Holds Installation of Officers
Wymore, Ne! Feb; 8. (Special.)
Wymoravlodge, No. 105, I. O. O.
F., held its annual installation of of
ficers last Friday night and a class
of 13 initiated. Over 200 attended
and lodges from Blue Springs,
Barneston and Liberty were repre
sented. Dr. Dale Haworth presided, and
District Deputy D. K. Brown acted
as toastmaster at the banquet which
closed the program.
Derrick for Oil Drilling
Completed Near Stoddard
Hebron, Neb, Feb. 8. (Special)
I he top section of the large derrick
erected just north of Moodard to
be used in drilling for oil has been
completed. The 80 feet
high. The drilling machinery will be
on the ground within a month or six
weeks. 1 .
Thousands .of acres already have
been leased in the central part of
Thayer county Where there is every
indication ot oil.
Liquor Case Dismissed
Because of Technicality
neatrlce, Neb., Feb, 8. (Special.)
The case of the state against
Frftnk McCabe and Henry ; Yocket,
charged with intoxicationf wmcn
was appealed to the district court
some weeks ago frem the police
court, was dismissed by Judge Colby
bocause a mistake "had been made in
drawing up a complaint against, the
defendants. '
Cortland Farmer Placed
, - Under Peace Bond of $500
Reatrice, Neti.,' Feb. 8. (Special.)
John Dutes, Cortland farmer who
was brought here on the charge of
threateningf his neighbors, was put
under a teace Bond of $500 by Judga
Kllis. He Is being Veld in Jail. TheJ
insanity board of commissioners was
first called upon -to pass . on Lutes
mental condition and pronounced
him sane, ', 4 -. .
' ' '
Reward American Legion ,
. To" Show Overseas Rolics
Seward, Neb., Feb, 8, (Special.)
Re lirs and souvenirs brought home
from France when they , were in
overseas service 1 will be exhibited
"in the assembly roof of the court
house here Friday bv members of
the' local post of thf American
ft.. y..W.,T,. .lT
Every Mood
Yawv Old
Piano .
in Pari
New Evidence in
Mooney.Case Is
Found by Walsh
Attorney for Convicted Man
r . ktfi t- xru
Geta Affidavit From Wit-
nev woo Lrectarei ue
Perjured Self at TrUL
) I - 1 TV
New York, Feb. 8. Frank P.
Walsh of counsel for Thomas J.
Mooney, convicted of murder io
San Francisco in connection with
thm nrrrednei dav bomb explo
sion in 1916, early today telegraphed
San Francisco authorities apprising
them of i aa alleged confession by
one of the witnesses in tbe'ease that
he had given periured testimony at
the trial A pel graad jury now
is investigating an alleged conspir
acy to convict Mooney. '
The witness named by Mr. Walsh
was John McDonald, now a resident
of Trenton, N. J, with whom Mr,
Walsh bad a long conference last
night. According to Mrr Walsh,
McDonald declared in an affidavit
covering 1J typewritten pages, that
the case against Mooney. was a
"frameup." . ' -
Couldn't Identify Mooney.
"McDonald swore Irf his confes
sion," Mr. Walsh aid. "that he
could not Identify Mooney as the
man he had seen with a suitcase
prior to the preparedness day ex
plosion, although he identified
Mooney during . the trial. He said
District Attorney Fickett, the San
Francisco prosecutor, had Jorced
him to make the identification.
Mr. Walsh quoted McDonald as
saying he stood in Stewtrt street
near, the .corner of Market, in San
Francisco, at about 1 o'clock' on the
afternoon of July 22, 1916. He said
he saw a man set a suitcase on the
sidewalk, then, accompanied by an
other man who came from a saloon,
walk away.
Told Officer Next Day.
McDonald is alleged" to have fur
ther said that he then walked down
Market street, and in a ahort time
heard an explosion. He thought it
part of the preparedness celebra
tion.- Next day he met a policeman
named Hextron and told him what
he had seen, but asserted he could
not Wen til-' the man. .v-,
He wc induced, ' Mr. Walsh
quoted ' fu jher, to go to police
headquarters, where he was ques
tioned by District Attorney Fickert
and Captain Matluson, and' fold
them he did not know Mooney, who
was suspected.
He subsequently was taken to
Mooney'a cell and to that occupied
by Billings, another defendant. He
asserted, according to Mr. Walsh,
that Fickert remarked: , "These are
the men you saw.",
Witness Was Coached.
Further, McDonald is alleged to
have stated he was coached with
other witnesses in testimony to he
given. He asserted he fixed the
time of seeing the suitcase dropped
at 1:50 o clock in Billings trial. In
the Mooney trial he stated that at
the instance of Assistant District
Attorney Edward Cunha "he
changed the, time to 10 o'clock, in
order to break Mooneye alM.
Nine persons were hilled in the
explosions Mooney was sentenced
to death and Billings to life Impris
onment. After every appeal from
the sentence had failed, President
Wilson interceded in Mooney'a be
half and Governor Stephens com
mitted the sentence to life imprison
ment. ...;.- ' (
New Model Battle Tank
Is Put Through Paces
Washington, Ieb. 8. Ihe army
held a "tank show" today; putting
new types of land battleships
through their paces in Rock Creek
park, with Secretary Baker and
War department officials watching.
Many spectators saw the machines
rumble up and down seemingly im
possible slopes, leap- obstacles and
push down trees. Among the tanks
was a new model Christie, armed
with, a six-inch gun in a turret, the
"last word" in tanks. It has develop
ed a speed of 20 miles an hour over
broken ground, officers said, and 30
miles' an hour on ordinary roads
without its caterpillar tread, ;
Court Refuses to Enjoin -
Lincoln $1.53 Gas Rate
Lincoln, Feb. 8. (Special) Judge
T. C Munger in federal court here
refused today to enjoin the latest
ordinance passed by the Lincoln city
commission fixing the rate . to be
charged for gas by the Lincoln Gas
and Electric Co. at $1.53. The court
said .that he wanted to give the rate
St least a month's trial The com
pany desired to. put. in a
charge, S. L. Geisthardt was named
as special the court to take
additional testimony.
Man Shoots Self in Foot
While on Hunting Trip
? Nebriska City, Neb., "Feh. 8.
fSoeeialWRov Burst of .this city
was severely injured "while hunting
outh of the eky whert'the gun he
w earrvinar was acicdentally dis
charged and the contents penetrated
the left foot.' Me waa taken tome
Fegera hospital. The extent of his
lnjurieswill not be known for 'sev
eral days. " '( -: ,'
..!' V 1 ' K ' ' P 1 V
Pension Surgeon Nanied
Washington. P. C, Feb. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Vt, W.; U Uaruett
hi been anoointed pension surgeon
at Orient,. Neb, y . ; .
Woman, M Yean Old,
Dies at Seward Atter
Unexplained Stupor
.;nl: Neb.. Feb. 8.(Snecial.)
Mr , Charlotte Lyons. 1U1. aiea
Here last evening, followng a pe
culiar illness of several weeks, dur
ing which time she lay in a sort or
tunnr. PhvsicianS were puiiled
and pronounced the case not sltep
ing slrkness, m ,' . ,
Only last Tuly 31 Mrs. tyons
celebrated her lOlat birthday an
niversary with a party ,; which In
cluded everything to tne oinnswy
cake, At that time she was in full
possesion of her faculties and sp
peared in good health. , Her strange
malady followed a a!igh attack ot
Earalyais which affected her lower
mbs. . . ;
Nebraskans and Iowans Thought
, To Have Claim to Coney Isknd Site
( Atlantic, la, Feb. t. (Special.)
J That the land which is the found a-
hion of. the supposed . $800,000,000
Wyckoff estate, to which there are a
j or more of fceirf ,outhwest.
era Iowa and Nebraska, -lies within
the confines of what is : now the
Thirty-second ward of Brooklyn. N.
Y., embracing ,tb present ' Coney
Island pleasure park and what many
decades ago was the ,!d town.ff
Graeend. is the report made by a
firm of Gotham lawyers to Swan,
Clovis & Swan, attorneys here for
John A" Walker, one qt the numer
ous heirs, '
This i the first definite Informa
tion received by the beirs regarding
the location of the land which Feter
Wyckoff received from the govern -
mcnt m recognition of his services
as a soldier in the revolutionary war.
Even yet the exact location of the
property is shrouded in uncertainty.
The New York attorneys are making
diligent search for records which
will definitely establish the boupd
aries of this now almost, priceless
real estate, . A
: Genealogy Traced.
Another interesting development
in the case is the establishment of
the genealogy of the Wyckoff family.
The founder of the family in Amer
ica was Claes Corneliszen, native of
Holland, who came to this country
while what now is the state of New
York was nq'gr Dutch " rule and
Pairymen Pay
Only 13 Cents
Gallon for Milk
Farmer . Tells Woman's Club
Price, Paid lor Milk Has
Been Reduced 55
- Cents. ',
The political and science depart
ment of the Omaha Woman's club,
of which Mrs. H, J. Bailey is chair
man, met Monday afternoon and in
dorsed a movement to obtain lower
milk prices in Omaha.
One of the contentions Is that the
reduction of the price paid by the
dairymen for 'milk at the farms has
not been reflected in the charge be
ing made to the consumers.
. The decline in the prices of icattle
feed was stressed by' some of the
Farmer Quotes Figures. ,
T. E. Price, ir farmer near Flor
ence, offered some figures from the
standpoint of a milk producer. He
asserted that the dairymen now pay
$1.95 per hundredweight for milk at
the farm, the test to be not less
than 3.4 per. cent butter fat. and a
deduction of 40 cents per , 100
pounds is made for hauling. This
nets the farmer $1.55 per 100 pounds.
which figures 13 cents per gallon
of milk, i
"When you comider that we. are
paid 13 cents per gallon , by th
dairyman, and if you know what h
charges per quart to the consumer,
you can easily compute the per cent
yuu tan easily tuiiijjuic mc per ttni t
of profit from a farm near Florence I
i . ,i. . i t ( i.. i. I
for instance, and the householder in
Omaha," said Mr. Price.
y' Seduction 25 Per Cent.
Mr. Price also asserted that last
year the dairyman paid $2.50 per
100 pounds for milk, subject to'a de
duction of 40 cents per hundred for
hauling; leaving $2.05 net as against
the present price of $1.55 net, or a
reduction ,of 25 "Per cent, which be
gan January 1 of this year.
' Mr. Price explained that the . fig
ures he quoted referred .to the
kMamito company of Omaha,
T' guw,.i ,, ,.,
Four Business Houses in
Colon Destroyed !by Fife
Fremont. Neb.. Feb. 8. (Soecial)
Four business houses and the state
bank at Colon were destroyed by a
fire starting early ' this morning
through a defective chimney in the
D. A. Harris Merchandise store
ther. A crippled water system made
it impossible to check the blaze,
which spread over the entire north
(tide of the main street. Total !o6S
s estimated ar about $75,000. "
Treasury' Authorized to
Buy Many Farm Loan Bonds
Washington. Feb. 8-Unanimoua
approval was given today by the
senate sigriculhire committee to a
measure by Senators Glass and
Swanson of Virginia, to anthorke
the treasury, to purchase $100,000,000
of farm loan bonds so as to make
available, funds for loans to farmers.
The Swanson-Glass measure will
be incorporated in the agriculture
appropriation tiU. ; t- vi,..-
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Turrn7rm-JM,Tirr nil Ml
We Arc Of farinf, as Long as the Supply Lasts,
ILLINOIS LUMP at $10.50 ton
ILLINOIS STEAM at - -$5 ton
All Coal Thoroughly Screened at Our Yards "
Tyler 3670 13th and Charles Sts. . Tyler 4296
J known as the New Netherlands. This
was in 1636.
A generation following the com
SxitF fit Clara Cnrntiszi. member
of the family became a magistrate
of the colony and took as a family
name the Dutch word for the office,
which .was W'yckofL, - Henceforth
the: family was known bv its new
name and it was from, this family
mat feter Wyckotf, founder of tne
stow' famous estate, sprang. ?
Estranged From Brothers. "
The report made by the New York
attorneys, based on their investiga
tions, shows Peter had two brothers.
samuel and John. who. because Pe
ter was a bachelor, were his sole
heirs. Family tradition, says the re
port, shows that Peter became es
lronu.t' othr' .and.,.n
order to keep them from sharing his
property when he died, made a long
term lease. On the finding of some
record of this lease largely depends
the success of the claims of the Iowa
and Nebraska descendants of the
The three Wyckoff brothers,
Peter, Samuel and John, were born
in the fifties of the eighteenth cen
tury. John ft. Walker of 'Atlantic,
according to the genealogy of the
family, can trace his ancestry in a
direct line from John Wyckoff.
The Wyckoff descendants living
in this- part of the middle west will
hold a conference on Fe4ruary13 at
the home of Mrs. J. W. Lt'cas, of
Glenwood, one of the heirs.
Butter Ruling
Not Effective
, Until April I
Commissioner Sets Hearing on
Order Requiring Manufao'
turers Using Alkaline Pro
cess to Pay 10-Cent Tax. '
i ... i
- ' By E. C. SNYDER. -WMhlngtoa
ConMpdeat Omaha IW.
Washington, D. CyFeb. 8. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Since Commission
er Williams of the international
revenue bureau promulgated his
sensational orders that manufactur
ers of all butter made ot sour cream
which had been neutralized by lime
water or other agency must pay a
tax of 10 cents a pound on the theory
that it was adulterated there has
poured in upon the members of
congress a world of protest from
tha dairymen of the country. With"
the permission of t Attorney General
Palmer, , whose opinion made the
original order possible, the commis
sioner announced today that the
ruling affecting the butter industry
in United States would not go' into
effect untif April 1.
While bowing to the weight of pub
lic opinion, Williams tor some un
accountable reason, has called spe
cial bearing on February 25. seven
daya before a new administration
comes into power, "to grve careful
consideration to all the chases of.
the esse."
This same Mr.. Williams was at
s vuucvicu wi ic Jvc(Jiii-
ment of Agriculture and in the courso
uin tG'.i -
one time conected with the Depart
of his official position issued a rulihcr
that would have proved disastrous to
the manufacturers of flour through
out the country, , But such a mighty
protest went up that the ruling was
rescinded. According to the, attorney
for the creamery interests they are,
mustering their forces for the hear
ing on February 25, and they will
submit weighty evidence that butter
made from sour, cream and neutra
lized by lime water or. other alkali
is neither injurious or deleterious
and does not belong in the classifi
cation of ."adulterated." ."
A - , i ,1, ;
2 Boys, 13,'on Way to Become
Cowboys, Taken From Train
Headed for North Platte, Neb., to
become real cowpflnchers, Joe Popes
ky, 13, and Andy Sanda, 13, Youngs
town, O., boys were . nabbed by
Omaha polite Monday night from a
train at Union station.
Youngstown authorities' reauested
such action. The boys left home
two days ago. Joe said he took $50
from his parents and Andy $.30. This
was to pay their 'expenses, The ju
venile authorities have thein now
and will keep them until a parent
comes after them.
Columbus Movie Raises
$110 for European Relief
Columbus, Neb., Feb. ' 8. (Spe
cial.) Through the , medium of a
forenoon matinse at the North the
ater,- lJpO was raised toward the fund
being created by movtc shows
throughout the country for. the re
lief "of starving' childrpn- in central
turope. " , v.k-i v. -
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hardly get about, just get a jar of
Rowles Red Pepper Rub, made from
I red peppers,, at any drug store. You
win nave tne quickest reiiet Known.
jTranSshipilient of
Liquor Through
U.S. Prohibited
Acting Attorney General Neb
eker Hands Down Decision
'At Request of Treas
ury Department
K Washington, Feb." 8. Transship
ment of intoxicating liquors tor
bererage purposes from one for
eign country to another through
the United States is prohibited by
the national prohibition act. accord
ing to an opinion of Acting Attorney
General Nebeker.
The opinion was In reply to an in
quiry of the Treasury department as
I whether prohibition laws affect
provisions of the customs laws
which permit merchandise arriving
af any port and destined for a for
eign country to be conveyed through
the United States without payment
of duties.--
... "The national prohibition act," Mr.
Xebeker declared, "applies to all
territory '" not otherwise excepted,
and. extends to all waters within hs
territorial limits, including a marine
league from the shore. Within thes
waters the manufacture, sale trans
portation, possession, etc., is pro
hibited, t
Transportation, of liqupr through !
l. T- . J
ine ranama canai ana on me rana
ma railroad, the acting attorney
general said, was expressly excepted
by congress.
Both transportation and posses
sion -of intoxicating liquors for
beverage purposes, Mr. Nebeker
continued, are prohibited except as
authorized, regardless of the place
where they ate to be consumed. The
prohibition . act, therefore,, he con
cluded, "prohibit 'in transit' ship
ments of such liquors touching at
the norl or moving through ttie
, o - - -
United States though same originate
in and are destined to foreign coun
tries." - . . , "'
v Father of 22 Dies
Columbus, Neb.. Feb.' 7. Michael
Schaeffer, 78, father of 22 children-, is
dead at the home of his son near
here. 1 .
The production of cooper in the
United States has increased more
than 25-fold since 1880.
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nf rsVarul
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milk and can
Closing Out
- All Winter Linaa ot
Clothing and Shoes
$10 Extra Trousers. .86.48
$7.50 Extra Trousers. 84.48
$5.00 Extra Trousers. 82.95
$15 Boys,' Overcoats.. 87.50
$12.50 Mackinaws.. . .86.00
$10 Harlow Shoes. ... 86.00
$5.00 Work Shoes... 82.95
$4.00 Misses' Shoes.. 2.39
$1.00 Ladies' Rubbers. .39$
25c Gloves. ... t ...... . 14
BBsl : . a a hwi a a wa -
1 0
Clear the Slrih
Swa.Oliai.VMJSW.iM,S -
Bntfl. BHa,
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from Daa-
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, ntniin Met.
nd nature vill tin
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vyauu w on. it
Guticura Soap
f Xi5rl REMOVCf
It i v
1 u
I Fremont Wife Says
Hi it n 1 .
USOand S KclatlVeS
f . .
Had NO Use lOr Her
! Fremont. Neb.. Feb. 8. Special.) ;
i Alleging that her husband's rela- j
lives resentea cer marriage to
Arveen Brown, 31, and returned I
bridal photographs to her marked
with insulting and degrading mes
sages, Alice Brown ts suing lor
divorce. The couple were married
in ivit. iirs. oicwu ncg ui
hen she sent wedding pictures to j
her husband's relatives they cut out
the pictures of the groom and re
turned the part displaying the bride.
She says insults 'and slurs were
written pnthe photographs in evi
dence, that she was cot wanted in
ihe family.
Sonie time ago the husband filed
"f ape's i Cold Compound"
Don't stay stuffed up! Quit . blow
ing and snuffling! A dose of Tape's
Cold Compound" taken every two
hours until three doses are taken us
ually breaks up a cold and ends all
grippe misery. ' "
The first dose opens clogged-up
nostrils and air passages of head,
Deaf Eleanor:
RlM at Hotel Wfcit
eorab (rem $2.00; 400
outaM rooms. Writ
for folder containing
map af city.
Mar. ,
Without regard to
brand, color, style
or size, every hat
in our store will
go a. . . . . . .
i' f
. . - -
v, . '
y 4-
Most of Our Patrons Ara Acquainted With
the Quality Standard Brand Wa Carry.
All of our high
leathers of, mocha, kid and cape
in color 8 oi ' gray, brown and tans
in every wanted size.
' ; i I I i Tl 1 a
Lump, Egg or Nut Size
"It Pay to Burn Good Coal"
! petition lor divorce, charging the
I oretty Toung wife with mtscocdocl
n4 famUtttnty wnn a cai Business
! win. He later dismissed the action,
I The couple nave oeen separated lor
I cumber of months.
Seward Couple Celebrate
49th Wedding Anniversary
Seward, Neb, Feb. 8, (Special)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lyon cele
brated their . 49tb wedding am
niversary here. . Four children and
many grandchildren were present
- ,
for the observance.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyon came to 'their,
homestead in this country from Lin
coin 49 years ago. immediately fol
lowing their marriage there. Tbey
traveled here in a spring wagon
drawn by a pair of mules and spent
their honeymoon in a 14 by 20-footi
one room house.
is Quickest Relief Known
stops nose running; relieves head
ache, dullness, feverishness, sneez
ing. 'Tape's Cold Compound" is ths
quickest, surest relief known and
costs only a few cents at drug
stores. It acts without assistance.
Tastes nice. Contains no quinine.
Insist upon Pape's.
v San Francisco, California
Here's the Fine Arte Palace, beautiful build
ing preserved from the 1915 Exposition. I wont
. through it yesterday with an artist. He rays
the collection of pointings Otero Is very fine.
There sure eereral morals hung up that were
on other Exposition buildings. My friend, the
artist, waa so enthusiastic, that we did much
walking. Imagine my relief when I got back
to Hotel Wbitoomb and sank down In one of
those comfortable chairs in my room.
Hotel WmTCOfctB j
Cmc Center "
A Real
Clearance of
High Grade
grade Gloves in
S. E. Corner
16th and Harney
Tyler 3424