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ounsel Lambert
-Opposed to Muny
Light Measure
Attornfy Says Bill Would
Force City to Accept Current
From Water Board Re
gardless of Cost.
Brief City News
Salt For Suit Minnie Suit filed
nlt for divorce against her husband,
Rert Suit, In district court yesterday.
Minnie allegnd Bert left her In 1916.
PwachMi Tonight Rev. A. E.
Hallen of Rockford, III., will preach
in the Swedish Free church, Twenty
seventh and Marry streets, this eve
ning. Iave For. 'Frisco Lieut. Col.
Robert Ioghry and his wife will
leave for Ban Franolsco this morning-
following a three weeks' visit
wlthhla parents' in Omaha.
Bernstein To Speak Nathan
Bernstein will epcak tonight at 8 to
members of the Omaha Business
J Women's club at the Y, W. C. A.
f. C. Lambert, corporation coun
sel, is opposed to house roll No. 1
a'tiilf utnirh uAiiM o-iv " th Met.
ronolitan Water board the risrht to I Wo"'1 liiate Corn C hase coun
ropoiiun axer Doaro trie nnt to t fa throuKh Carro. Pcter-
fmt.ate a municipal electric Sight and son have notlfl9d u. Burr onea tnej
jjuwrr jJidiii, 4 ritfin w 1111.11 is i)Ow
vested in the city council.
Mr. Lambert, who has given years
of study to public service problems,
stated that he has pronounced con
victions in exnlanatinn nf Wta (in.
position to this bill and he added ,7ft1't""8,0-8' l"J"'
that his opposition was reached after
a careful study of the bill. '
"I am opposed to the bill, in the
first p4ace, because it proposes to re
quire the city to accept current from
the Metropolitan Water board for the school district will be paid 1102,-
street lighting, regardless of anyi&i'.
proposition which might be received Motorman Improves Leonard
Wife-Slayer Is
Sunday School
Boy. Says Mother
Son Always Dutiful, Never
Used Liquor,. Declares Par
ent, flere to Fight for
Prisoner's Life.
wvuld donate a carload of corn for
the starving children of Armenia.
Bank Clearings- Hank clearings
for Omaha during January totaled
$173,039,391.13, showing a decline
from the total for December, which
1920, the total was $306, 287,688. 15.
Adjust Losses Insurance com
panies have adjusted their losses on
the Hisrh School of Commerce fire
which destroyed the new school
building the night of January 1 and
Curncll Lawsou. 21, held in coun
ty jail without bail for the alleged
murder of his girl-wife, Jeanette, at
tended Sunday school regularly
when at home, according to his
mother, Mrs. Hope Lawson. t'
Mrs. Lawsou, who arrived in
Omaha yesterday from Little Rockvl
t i . r r 1 !:.. -. I i
.rK., lo ngm lor nrr sons mc, aiso i - j
declared as far as she knew ISurneil j knglcUlCi 311(1 1302111
never used intoxic.itincr linuor j ! O J r
been away from
uossiMc, tluua?li," she said. "He
, was always a home boy and so many
little things have happened since he
left home. I know he'll bt interested
iu hearing about them.
Never Met His Wife.
"Yes, I want to stay in Omaha
until the thing is all over witm I've
never had any experience in this kind
of thing, however, and the judgment
of our attorneys will decide my
course of action." ,
Mrs. Law.son said' she had never
met 4Scr son's wife, but had heard
since the tragedy the girl was from
Little Kock or the near vicinity. She
showed no interest in the womau and
changed the subject when she was
IT. K. Padgett, brother of Mrs.'
Lawson. who accompanied hefhere,
declared Hmnell had been very dear
to him. He would not comment on
the circumstances, asserting he knew
little about it as yet. ;
by the city from any other plant,"
said Mr. Lambert.
Limited Number of Patrons.
"I also am opposed because the
service which the Metropolitan
Water board would give could be
used by only a limited number of
y'patrons for at least several years
and it would be necessary for 96
Jer cent of the present electric light , hpraId9 rf-droD In the oriea of caa-
Culllson, motorman, severely ln-
Jurey in a rear-end crash of two
street cars at Thirteenth and Wil
Hams streets Saturday morning, Is
reported improved at St. Joseph
Gasoline To Go Lower A drop of
og-cents a barrel on crude oil was
announced by L. V. Nicholas of the
Nicholas OH company yesterday. The
decrease Mn the price of crude
and power users to share in bearing
the financial burdens of the enter-
ollne, he said.
Corral Witnesses United ".
prise without being given the benefits Depty Marshals Emmet J. Qulnly
mtil the service of the board would , and Earl Young spent Sunday cor
1 extended to them and that would' j railing 69 witnesses for the federal
he a matter of years.
"Anothrr reason why I am op
posed is that there is now ample pro
vision in our laws to give any relief
hc city needs in the matter of build
ing a municipal plant or acquiring
the existing plant. I see of no reason
for enlarging the powers of the Met
ropolitan Water board at this time
and I have full confidence that the
city council will be competent at
any time to meet any situation of
his nature, should it arise."
Says Proposition Unfair.
Mr. Lambert says he does not believe-
that the city should be com
pelled to accept the street lighting
ervice from the Metropolitan Water
board even should this board start
Ha electric light and power service
irom its Florence plant, as it seeks
10 do under .the terms of this bill.
Ee maintains that the city should not
I tied down to any such require
ments. He says he believes that such
t -proposition is manifestly unfair
Jusd wotila not stand the acid test.
He has gone over the existing
Itwi en the subject, placing them
gainst house roll No. 1, and ''finds
that the present laws are fully ade
quate to enable the city to go into
the electric light and power busi
ness any time the voters authorize
it, r to acquire the plant which is
Irow in operation.
The bill will be discussed this af
ternoon at Lincoln before the house
committee on towns and cities.
Mr. Lambert's expressions on the
Subject ' are the most pronounced
utterance s 'against the bill which
have come out of the city hall.
Omaha Business Show
To Continue All Week
The Omaha Business show, held
this week on the fourth floor of the
Orchard & Wilhelm store, opened
ytcrday and will continue through
t lie week. There are 27 exhibitors
and 25 booths displaying all manner
of office equipment and fixtures. The
bhow will be opened Wednesday
One of the features 'is the typing
exhibition of William P. Oswald,
Jv'ew York, world's champion typist,
who has a record of 143 words a
minute for an hour's writing,
grand Jury which will convene Wed
nesday. Qulnley confessed ' he lost
his way once during the day. :
"Cupid" Worried Only 21 mar
riage licenses were Issued last month
against 276 in January 1920. "And
yet they talk about Onward Omaha"
said "Cupid" Stubbendorf, marriage
license clerk, when he compiled his
records for January with, a wry face.
Many Ask Help Not since the
winter of 1914, when soup lines were
established, has the demand for
charity on Omaha been so great, ac
cording to MaJ. F. A. McCormick,
of the Volunteers, of America. "Wo
are receiving 60 applications a day
for help" he said yesterday.
To Tallr on Radium Dr. D. T.
Quigley will speak on "Radium
and its Uses" 'tt the noon meeting
of the Ilotary club Wednesday. N.
C. -Leary will be chairman of the
meeting, after which the club mem
bers will visit the business show at.
Orchard & Wilhelm company's store.
Family Pet Dies Jack, a watch
dog belonging to the five children at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Pat
rick, died Sunday. Jack suffered an In-
Jury to one of his front logs some
time ago and a . large swelling re
sulted. " An. operation wan per
formed 10 days ago but the effort to
save the dog was futile.
Three Burglaries Three- r bur
glaries were reported to police
Sunday night, A violin was stolen
rom the rooms of Mrs. Lonnle
Bodiene, 707 1-2 North Eighteenth
street: $50 worth of. Jewelry from
W. JJ. Heller, 413 North" Twenty
fifth street, and h overcoat from
Chin Tep, 1409 Douglaa street."
Wedding Deferred A would-be
brldegrporn telephoned . Herbert
StiAbenrlorf. marriage license clerk.
Sunday to come to the court house
and Issue him a license. Good
naturedly "Cupid" compiled. When
he arrived at the court house and
got out his books, he learned the
applicant had been divorced only
two months and the license was not
tie had never
home long until last March," she
said. ''He either wrote or tele
graphed me regularly until in De
cember. "The last time r heard from him
was in December. He was in Kan
sas City, Mo. 1 didn't know he -f!ad
come to Omaha untiT I heard the
terrible news of the tragedy.
Always Dutiful Son.
"I didn't et'en know he was mar
ried. He had always been a duti
ful son, but he had never confided
his troubles to me much. He had
never beerf in trouble before, I don't
know much about the circumstances,
but I think there must be something
in his favor."
Because of illness Mrs. Lawson
was unable to visit vher son in the
county jail up till 3 o'clock this after
noon. "I want to see him just as soon as
Friends to U. S., Says
Jap Minister Here
There will be no war between
Japan and the United States, ac
cording Vo H. Yamader, minister of
t he department .of home affairs of
Japan, who arrived in Omaha yes
terday from Tokio. The minister is
transportation and city planning ex
pert in Japan and is here to study
cities and railroads.
"Cities of the United States are
laid out on a large scale. Iu Japan
the cities often have narrow, dirty
streets," he said.
Speaking of an alliance between
Japan and Great Britain the minister
said, England and Japan are the
good friends ot America.
ojuxdy tin boxes ot 12 tablets cost but a few eenU Larger package.
ok enuxnju
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Relatives of Woman III
Kansas City Not Fount! Here
No relatives of Mrs. Hessic
Handler, whose clothing was found
to conceal $406.25 when she was
taken to the general hospital in Kan
sas City, could be located in Oma
ha yesterday, although the woman
was identified by a daughter, Mrs.
Ida Schulman, as her mother from
Mrs Handler told Kansas City
Snen'al tnvitatrnn liau. k ; nolice 'she had Rone there to find
Are Weak Nerves and
Thin Blood Making a
Failure Out of You?
Iron starvation .of the blood weakens the will power, robs you
of your bodily and mental vigor and often keps you from
making the money and success you should
out to all commercial, industrial and
civic organizations and to pupils of
public schools and students in busi
ness colleges Jo attend.
Suspect Captured in Hotel
After Spectacular Chase
Follbwing a spectacular chase
through the corridors of two floors
of, the Paxton yesterday afternoon,
Conrad Beck, Eighteenth and Leav
ornyorth streets was captured at 3
o'clock by Corbett Mills, assistant
manager of the" hotel, and a number
pi. guests who joined in the chase.
Detectives arrived at the scene
just as the fugitive was captured and
-took him to Central police head
quarters for investigation.
Beck is suspected of attempting to
ransack several rooms in the hotel.
- He is also suspected by the police
of being implicated in a number , of
recent robberies of offices in down
town buildings. '
ru i -
Man Is Sentenced Pen
; Second Time for Forgery
Fred H. Denker was sentenced to
i the penitentiary for one 10 20 years
t. by District Judge Troup yesterday
for forgery.
This will be his second term in the
Nebraska "pen" for forgery. He was
sent there July 1, 1913, for a term
of one to 20 years, but was released
after serving three years.
At his first trial on the present
charge of passing a forged check on
the Nebraska Clothing company the
jury disagreed. At his second trial
a month ago a verdict of guilty was
Full Meal in Samples to Be
. . Given Away at Exposition
A full meal in samples will be
ghen away at the Onward Omaha
. exposition which opened at the Bur.
' gess-Nash store yesterday. Copkies, '
syrups, butter, flour. Skinner
inaceroni, meat products and coffee
sre among the "handouts." Mint
Taylor dresses in the making and a
play store are other features of the
show. " ;
' Queen Seeks ph'orce From
. King Who Abandoned Her
, Jmes Wilbur White filed a peti
tion for divorce in district court yes
terday from his wife, Queen, alleging
. cruelty. Rex (King) Fike was sued
for divorce by Woneta Fike, who
claims, he abducted her three years
go. Thus the king and queen seek
legaj Jelicf from their consorts."
a aaugmer wnosc nunuauu a name
she could not remember, and ap
pealed to them for aidr-saying she
was out of funds.
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Divorce Court
Dirorca Petition.
Paul Huntate against Bessie Hungate,
Bernlc Welch against Fred Wtlcn. non-support.
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Contract for Painting ,.'
Court House O. K.'d in Court
The contract for oaintine and dec
orating the COUrt house, awarded by . until in your weakened condition you con- the
... -.m,4ccint,'rc tn the Ten. ! tract some serious disease, but" consult wh
the county commissioners to trie jen- , . .. hvai n(, h.v. him take
sen Painting company for f4J,uuu,
was upheld bv District Judge Wake
ley in a decision rendered yesterday
in the suit brought by am Newman,
a bidder whose figure was $8,000 less
than the Jensen bid.
Judge Wakeley held that the, .con
tract .involves artistic qualities and
therefore is not subject to cempeti
tive bidding on a purely pecuniary
basis. '
all ihe neva
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BU8GESS-lita tafc
'BvurrooDYb stork"
"Onward Omaha Exposition"
Featuring the Largest and Most Varied Manufacturing and Industrial
Exhibit Ever Assembled in Omaha ,
Tuesday, Is Bargain Day
In the Downstairs Store
Embroideries '
2c yd.'
Embroidery edges and
colored lace, edges at 2t
Laces, 5c yd.
One lot of Torchon, Filet,
Cluny and Val. edges at 5e
, From 9 to 12 A Hat for a Quarter
Winter Hats
Consisting of both trimmed and' untrimmed
velvet hats, the lining: alone is worth the price
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22c each
Large size hemmed buck
towels, a very absorbing
quality, 22c each.
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$1.25 each
Bed sheets, a quality thai;
will give good service, in the
large 81x90-inch size, neatly
hemmed, $1.25 each.
Damask Napkins
2 doz., $1.10
Bleached damask napkins
of splendid, quality in size
21x21 inches. Much under
priced at, half dozen, $1.10.
Batn Mats
Large size bath mats for
$1.50. An excellent qual
ity, in colors of green or
Table Damask
.$1.10 yd.
Bleached tabUvdflmask of
extra heavy weight and
splendid quality. Good de
signs, $1.10 yard.
Pillow Cases
25c each
Pillow cases, a fine ronmJ
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inches, neatly hemmed ends,
25c each.
A Bargain Square of Bargains Tuesday
1,000 Odd Garments' for Women, Misses and Children, at
5c 10c 15c 25c 50c 75c $1,00
' ,
This great lot consists of Gowns, Envelope Chemise, Sweaters, House Dresses, Aprons, Dab) V ests, Hose,
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Spats, $1.00
One lot of women's newest style
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the lot. On sale Tuesday, $1.00 the
Union Suits, 49c ,
Children's fleeced union suits, high
neck, long sleeves, ankle length. 8 to
16 years. For Tuesday only, 49c a suit.
Sen's SHOPS "e
Boys' Tuesday
These are odd lots taken from our
regular stocks and are on the tables for
your convenience.
One lot of bos' shoes, sizes 1 to 6,
One lot of Inisses' shoes, sizes 11
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One lot of children's shoes, sizes 8&
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One lot of children's shoes, sizes 5
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One lot of infants' shoes, sizes 1 to 5,
Fiber Rugs
27x60-inch heavy wool fiber rugs,
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Texoleum Mats
, $1.00 1
Texoleum mats, size 36x36 inches,
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Men's Hose
300 dozen men's hose, medium
weight, reinforced heels and toes, elas
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$1.00. I
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