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- - , ,
Holding .Husbfuul
Garrison's Krv Phaseol
Mentation of 'Wife J
' ora wonder, -Mauil had built
the fire' 4 .Mother Craiiam's bed
room with "njatne ttid dispatch."
It. was blaiing merrily when I went
in to inspect it. "After turning down
the sheets and running a hot water
bottle over; them.. that tie'rc might
he no possibility of a chill for. her,
I went back to the flitting room,
where she sat mill shivering,, though
her heavy bathrobe Avaty wrapped
around her, and " she va huddled
over the fire. -. . i, .
"Come, mother," touched her
shoulder, and she looked up at mc
pitifully. ' . i ; ' '
"Do you suppose I'm going to be
ill, Margaret?":.&he 'asked, tnd there
. . was distinct iri.;ht in hep yes.
"Not seriously, at any. rate,". !
-evaded. "I thrhk you are o.verltircd.
and have-taught rvfea cold, - But
we II have you all right shortly. And
... you'll feel i great leal better, in beji.
Just lean 'Hfn me. I have everything
- ready for you." ' .' ." '.
-.. "1 guess I don't have, to be car
ried yet," she .said with avflash .of
ihe spirit she had "shown a fwv min
utes earlir. So I steed "hack to
let her try) the walk tlone keeping
her- enough, "however," to 'catch her
; if ' she should have .over-estimated
her strength. ' 3 r- V
' My mother-in-law. however, js one
of the pluckiest women I eVeriave
known. I was. certain .that, '. she
w ould not ask my assistance, unless
shr wrr compelled to dorso.' And
?l' wns fight in itiysurtnise.i; Her
indomitable spirit tarried .''' her
. through the rooni. wjierc 'She sank
panting but triumpnant . upon Jhe
' bed. '' .
"There! Vou see?" she said chiW1:
ishly. and I smiled dotvrat Iter .In
dulgently., -; :-i,t- ' -.'.
; Mdgeat th Hdlnf " ; ' ,
"I see that you're deteftnine'd to
have- your owu way,1 1 said, gayly.
... "Bt now I'm" going to hive mine.
Just cuddle down" twder these- coy-:
i cn-and let mc. take your shoej 'and
i . as .
i 11
the hot '.water bag 'V comfortably
; againsfher spine.- "I'll ge,t another
for your , ftfet directly, "and ; we'lr
soon get Vou warm.'! -;Vv
J- ."II-doB't believe I'll eycrHget
i warm again," she-said, with that-
iering tecthi and I saw that she was
i siffcnng a reaction fr6m the-burst,
of plrit which had carried her acros
1 ithc luiiu yr-' ''
"Oh'.' yes. you ' will!", I said,-' al
though wy1 heart was heavy witb
fdtfUpding. 'Illness ,it,M6ther; Ora
v ham .always-alarms me greatlypbe-
cause of her weak-fceart.' although
jihe has been in betttr health during
the last year han anv any time since
I have "known hef ! ' ; 2 Jft-
V "Working swiftly; -I took,- off her
f sshoes and stocking's, '0ut another not,
V- JR'ter Bag, to her leef, piled covers
''M her, prepared a dose of .herVheart
4 drbpji,, and gave it- to'r. ; As I fifl
' viShed.adtninisteHnl ft, light knock
.loundeil thj j6tjr. " . r i. ; -
. 1 - K- nnmU Alrid. t, -
commanded, and I remembered Tier
'aversion to havmsr any stranger near
her' when she is ill- -'; i.wAV.
, won't.''tf promed;.as I opened
, the -door W , stepped into . the lull,
, : '. At" .Kn a. !.. VI.. ..
j.irfl-..-. .V.. ' . , . :Whv shouldn't 1? Jt
. "1 fancy it Is Mrs, Lukens " I an-i Clire I know of. It s
"syvered V t.',v? , f , '! quickly .it cart break up
"W.ti Jnn't W. Inr in here !' she fness i the , throat. 1
, . IT VI I v v -i - r
4. "As I guessed," Mn: Lukens Wash- What.f rt does annoy
' : standing in the. hall. and. one look at-f ; Aeef or have to do busuie
her, calm, kind aace aiadc my heart .a
hit lighter at ftle pYospccf of facing
thct care of a skkpersxui iina land
y stratige'to me.. ' -.' :S
"I tlephotied Jhft J'aigcj'; she iatd,
tersely, characteristically vesting' no
v words.' "and he will be here almost
at ohcpv c'Now; iftha is the matter,
- and what' cart I do for you?" y t
"1 am afraid Mother Graham has
'v,' influenza,?-, I said, secretly quaking
1 for fcCr she -might, think we ought
1 to .tike' hcr'io a hospital if she 'were
, , injifferingi from'' so infectious xa dis
ease, but determined not to mince
, mktteM. "Of course. Dr. Paige will
i'knowbut her symptoms are very.
; nuich like those of the rest of us.
,; who all had it last winter. So, of
:7 ejourse, you must ftof come near. But
, if Maudy could Yook us things ?
yk "Don't worry.'child.", ' She laid a
, A-'ff Capable, 'thin-veiled hand ' on my
..shoulder. '.'That's what we're here
for. to help, each, other." A nd.every
" body in hc to mi has hid itifluenza,
v so' nobody's afraid of it Mandy, of
courscj' will-do anything yon. wish,
V -and so will 1."" W7;"- .
' ; "Margaret!" ' My mother-in-law s
v liigh-pitchcd voice , called ;,rac pef
. ''-cmptoriKv , - '
. . Mrs. fiakc)is smiled cheerily,
-i'SendVMandj over-4.for anything
lyou want.? she admonished, vanish
, ng doKBthc haU. leaving; behind
.her an assurance of aid and good
will that strengthened mc to meet
whatever might be before, me. s
Many Beecher Sermons
v , 7! , Burnjft Fire in CKutch
ew York, or. 24. Priifceless
k n.anuscripts iuid rtlics wfitten and
collected by Henry Ward Beecher,
' including jnany' sermons in his own
"handwriting. wcre consunied by a
fire early today that destroyed the
Sunday" school buildinar adiokiinz
ilte; histdric. Plymouth'"-, church,
Brooklyn, the famous pulpit
rator. was pastor' -for many years.
The old, church edifice jtsaH, erected
y, narrwiy escapes oesiruc-
: tioiu
PclfehU Problems
: IV.' How can a bqsyfadier"jkeep
" touch (Wth the interests of his
'7 '-Hldren?. -." :fi.MVv'
x Bys BpenJjftg a. little tinie .with
viach of them' every, day if .only n
' icw moments,- No atl 4!too busy
ror .this no -father. . One ofy the
busiest of, the judges of the swpremc
, , ;c urt of the United ' States ;,walks
77 v his young daughter's office door
'V vith her every tdotning,. ...jf..,-.' .
--- - ADTgimiitKMgxT ' ;''1;'7
.! T ' Faa. Curl 1 .$ to U Days '
iruesll- Ifdn4 money ,lt PAZO OISIT
MKN'T fU t cur ItchlBB, Blind.' Bled
. pg or- Protr'udlrft PttA ItuUntly itr
Y - teveti ftohlPUe. nd yOo cma rt rt
9 tta WW nec' flt ppllctlii. ' - 0c.
K HUHT-a faila la tM '
tate)rtnTCR.aCZXMAA .
votkeritchfaaaHadiMsas.Tr ,'
' 5J Ii'
More Truth
I have noticed something mWsing m"hc jgoviw,
Though I couldn't figure just exactly ..what." ij. o . .
But I felt that there were chances for big,-brave, red-blood
" " romances 1 ' " 't&
, Which. the brightest of producers hadn't V
But since I have aeen the latest London iTwpers, ". .v';.; 1,
;;'- What for many years has puzzled me,,I-know, . iV. . i
though most literary persons have , been writing bad jiiid
worse 'uns, ' V " -"''; A -rfr
Mr. Kipling never wrote a movie showi? V if.: S
We have missed, and never knew it, big Mulvney '? ;
And the Paythens that; he, joyfully. destroyed. V'f i
, A'nd;(8;now,we see quite plainly)1 w have, watched the pi'c
' tures vainly v -y . v' '. 2
.' Missing Ortheris, and hulking JockXearoyd. f'
Put these three heroic figures on the f ilium V' , , k
r r' (As they. will, whert Mr. Kipling stgts to'write) ' ' ',
Let 'em gain the fighting glories thai they ysed to in the
' stories' .;: . ,..'eV'iv' 'Vsic- ?S
And they'll pack the picture housel ivory night. . :.,
. . .. . , v'. : ' .-
There is something rough and real-about 4he fictioU1, ,
That proceeds from brother Rudyard's ready pen;' '
There's a zip and an attraction in his 'slashing style of, action
v That you'll go to see and go to see "again, A , . ' 7 '
Though he writes of poaching seal Inside, tire Circle, ' '
Or of tiger hunting down along' tMe line, ' - .,
Or of barrack room carouses he will always f ill, the houses
Anywhere tbey put his name up on the sign.
In the future we are going to save our Quarters, ,
,For we're overfed on cowboy stuff and such,
And the rough house and" disordered the shootinj
'border '"V ' '. r . ' i'"
Have been played, we set of feel, a lot too much
But when- Mr. Kiplingi. jHips,in "h pajamas
Ann pruceeus au wnw.a jhctoi
Of the Paythen or the Hindo, is we know (flarw 'well he .kin )dd,
v Every time his narni is out,ave're gcSnf te gol.fxJi ' ?, "
.The'fact that Mr. Bryan has asked the" presidenttf esigiif rouses
the suspicion that in 1917 the president made, the
t If we could only clamp an iniport daty'oh the gow-Canaili is now
sending to us, fhe expenset of the war would soon fff j
' It seems impossible to eqiip the peak of high p'rices with t& toboggan,
; slide. .t,.. .- ' ' ' ' V: ' -Af" ''V v; V'vt- ' , I '
I'M'THE GUV who eats garli
s tht best
surprising how
any sore-1
have great
faith in garlic and use it every time
t get the least bit of, a com.
. ' i like the taste oj garlic, too: it's
like eatinsx fried onions in pill form,
and I don't mind saying I'm strong,,
f P. ' 1 ' . .A-I- A 1
;or inea oionssleaif or no -iieaiy
ss with?
ybat Jf it docs almost asphyxiate
r.vvyone m tliq street car, or the 01
ticel I can't help that. '7 1 don't
mind the odor in the least, i I've' got
a cold auywa so I don't get-it. ,
If you don't like the smell, keep
r.vay from me, If you find it over
powering, get a gas mask.' Yotit,
senses of smelt may be delicate, but
mjnd isn't. .. ' . ,
Ccpyright, 1IS0. Thompjoji Feature Service.
.r, A.
' Does ' Mean Per 'Cent?,;
(Copyright, J920, by The Wheeler
j - i Syndicate, Iijc.) .-.
While practically all works on
mathematijjs and the. history of
4he , shorthand symbols , which
have vcome to represent ' ''plus,'!
."minus." ,','divjdcd by," anet .the
iikc," ' distinctly hazy? with
reference- to the derivation of the;
percentage mark, the following
theory has beef1. nd.'?.n;c,d by sev-;
eral experts and appears to be.,
well' founded. '" '.7
; Granted that the figures -j'00"
"represent the hundred, or' the
vLatin centum the figures 1, 2 or
3 placjfd in front of them signify-4
injjr oc;iy the number of hundreds
and remembering that one of
the meanings pi per is "through'.,
then the Biagonr.l ' line drawn
through,, or between ,the two
Ciphers will give us 'the exact
meaning of the symbol "a
line drawn, through per. centum."
If is als6 reasonable to suppose
thatthe connecting link between
the first "0" and the cross-line
came into being through, the
rapid writing of the symbol. asi
the hand would raturally.'follow'
through upwards, but would not'
be likely to connect the final' "0."
''" - ,', , 1," " " ' ' '
"A Peep Behind tha Scenei," 7' is7 ; 7.
with Maurict Downey ,... "FelfteV. of VadaV.iIU,
"Th Inabriata- Bachelor" V.- '; - v'..-- 'f jpOf: '."
in Something Different. , i . "The Evorglade'' ''-'
" . . " i '. . '
'-'; 'Y"v ; PHOTOPLAY ATTATII; '-;V'"
v v EDGAR LEWIS7'T::.-'
' . V' .: ,7Pr..Ju.i' 77.'7V . 7
. 1 "A Beggar in Purple"; ; ;
. Based' on the Novel by' Andrew Sowtar 7U .
'; i t . ?i . .....
:'V'" ?CK SENNET COMEDY -' f " '7 rNVfi" i.'-;'
Than Poetry
on the
.ARE' EVEN-' i'iP:'' i .'. ' v . "v
Bog HiU Pirigrah
By 'Georges;.
" There "s, a ,'nioyj.nj htpn fobt to
have .the hunting lieejises foa.'Slira
Pickens exempted, he never, yet
has been known to hit anything. He
shot .at. . , 'ii!" ' .v' V
It is riimbred that the old miser
of Musket Ridge ha? the small-pox.
but Tobe Moseley, says nobody will
get seared over it.Jvasrhe -;old man
neer has been knowrt to-fgive any
thing to anybody. 77 ,. ' ,7" , ' f
''.''Atlas Peck 'says' he ysed to be
neve . sileiK . was i golden,, but .he
don't, any more, :as he sat right, still
thd other 'day -and JeKa fellow talk
him out;;of $6.u" !.. .,.''',.;. , .t.
Wilson' Pardons German, :
7 But He "Must 1-eave U. S.;
Washington, Nov,f24.---President
Wilson has commuted thp sentence
of Franz von Rintelitv a: German
convicted of ; .war-time . conspiracy,
on condition,, .that1 , -he,, Aleave. t the
United Stateg" before hextJanuary 1.
Special Entertainment
" " For Ben.Hr Daftcers
Thanksgiving Nifht
' At i Bep-Hur )ncipgv
; Academy
' 28th a Faraam-StreeU 55
.' CHAPTER, I. i. ' . :
.Working For Mr Crow.. , .
"bl'd'Mr. Crw had xfecided that he
would 'not fly south' to spend -"the
winter. lie said he. was getting al
most:' too old for .sucli: along jour-r
A I 1. 1 I. . . 1 - A
ncy. .tau ic rcui;intcrcH,-too,, inai
he had 'heard X he' weather. was going
to be mild that winter. .,;.;
.' ijiere s just one. tiling- tnat wor
ries me," he told Aunt, Polly, Wood
chucVone day, when he was - talking
How -much will'you pay n&T,
S?a,U AJ V;r! T,
.' i
'I, don't
the, liiattcr overwith' her.,?,
knowvwhat I ' shall liaVe? to
"But Mr. Crow said .hewas a lighf
sleeper aiioVthat"' icou,ld. no Inorj.
sleep tlw whJle winter 'ong dhan
Aiint Polijrr' .ouWrfly.' Vf.' "
""Then, whydqii't, yon" . store .up
some cbW-ttlhe w-Sv: tfie7 Vauirrels
co?",sheasked. him. jTbere-as
thing abotjt 'Aunt Pbliy she,, always
had .a rerdjtfQrf.evSerything.s
t "That's a good;, idktMr,', Csow
told her.;"'"Mayt5cU ian, .set ,s6me
body tpelpe-rtod-p-:' .
And. that if cry .day he t-weAt to
Sandy Ghipmunk tnd asked him if
he didn't want to gat lief, sortie food
for him:. -.''.' ;?n ' '7"':r'
V "Hw "'much WilJiyoupay me?"
Sandy' asked him. ' . : ' - ;
T'il give vou half, what you gather
for me,'.' said Mr, CrW7 "And that's1
certainly .air. I'm"sure. . It's often
done. ' ArwMt's calie ;'i!or;king at
thchalve.' " . 7' M'
It ' seemed lfaisi t9 "Sandy Chip
munk, too. , - t-'A
, "That's a;bargaik" hsaid.7"I'lt
Old. Mr. Grow told Sandy to put
it in his house; h Jhe top of the tall
elm tree. - :'j ' t 'i
" "1,' don't like to climb , so high,?
Sandy objected. "You know I m not
so good a climber as Frisky; Squir
rel. He"..vouldli't .mind5 climbing up
tS your iiduserj-8ut' it "might make
me dhz" . ' '7 5 -' '
"yell,'t '.said. 'Mr. 7 -Crowy -"why
A Friday A
. . . - u i i. i. ,
Saeclal Marine for. La Diners To
'?.- day at 3 p-vlaV " ";7; -
' ' Uala Holiday Attraction
7 ...I.' ' :. .
The Famous :
Grand ind
Comic Opera;
In the Muticat Corner Hit
Nights 50c to $2.50; Mate. 50e W 2.
'"Whyydxv can sleep (Juntil spring,
jtt( as,l do,'' Aunt Poliy, said. "Then
you; won't fwapt 'anjihirfg to eat." 'f
want itp ibflfeithe fbbd,1oJ-,,yb;ui
Mr.-" Coxvtti'im , . r v7
I ifeT Ul&dMUOl L47'.
l Nlfhte 60c, T5c, $1, S1JSO and 92. , B ' J
II Popular Mitineo - Wedaeaday . . ,t '1
gitfsjlWll " A-Vt w Vly. u Mfyit as j es wVEI
7 Han aMis ii.w.' " f . . a... .... . n . .
H-T atarTJi Ifl ,iiiTr.;.T7lt rqicii .
hwi11.! I ll V;.ifc. .J.jt LaurtMlaallBa
M.-rVL'A L E'S
fdon't yod'hring the food to'theoot
or my tree antl get Hirskysbquirrel
to carry'it to the topi ' -
"I'lldo it," 5aid Sandy ChiR
'm'unUf Frisky is 'wTttiiig." So he
went" off .to find Frisky - Squirrel,
who proved to be . muchi.interested
in the clan. ' tti "'
, "How-much will you paynfte?5' he
asked Sandy Chipmunk. - 0
"I suppose voU - ought ' to have
half, the food."'.Sandy said.' "That's
what'Mr,. Crow is paying -me." ;;
Frisky Squirrel said that that
seemed fair. So .they , set to "work
Ht once.'' And every . time Sandy
brought a load of food to the foot
of the tall elm. where- Mr.-Crow
lived,' he . found - Frisky Squirrel
waiting for hirn. ify
'Let'i,seef-,S Frisky said,, vwhen
Sandy ,broigKf the first load--Tsince
lift -to get half, 'I'll take everything
ypvu bring in youi?x left cheek-pouch.
And you can take" wrtat you bring
in wle right one..",, . ' ; ' ';
; Sandy 'Chipmunk said that vthat
?emed. fair." So each time he, came
tq the elm he left with, FriskyV only
Vhat he carried 'in his 1 left cheek-;
jjOuch)7 And before ratherjng m&re
tood.;hsc(mpered nome to Jf ire
away his own share. '. '; ' '
''Jfa the 'day; '.passed. And . Vhn
evening' came, an d the sun was
dropping out of sight" inkthe ve&a
Sandv'wid' Firskv decideduhev bai
worked Jong enough' for MrCrovvi-
ts yu i- suppose ne
eriougij food by this time?";" Sandy
askeJ.1' He looked up at Mr. CroVs
house, -"We mustn't fill; his '.house
too fulL'S fiot'Said.. "He has to have
loom. for himself.'you 'mow."' ' ;
. "l on'Uhink'he'll haye a,ny tfou
i'el answered. '; " -. " ii : . 1 i
"WpIIa- T'm erlait 'vivW tiplnert .W1
Sandy told him. -"If :it!didn't;make
me dizzy to climb so hieh I'd likc td
take, a look' at Mr. Crow's food f
hope hell be pleased".-' :
; ,M' hopehoi will,". .Frisky jSqmrrel
agreed.' 3-.-- ..J.i
Sandy i Chipmunk , noticed thaf.
Ffisky SquiVrel . was smiling. ' ,;.Bnt'
h'ej.thought that . it :was only, pecagse
. v !'". "nMitiit: fiin i Center" V ..
Preant. I San OF. lUDrlttlRI P'Mnleat
let v"" "". Barieaj
Wlthjfull Out) Cuper and lameBMe-eatt. 7-'
Bim Brof. Sho Baad T, Typical Marlea . Bttut
Clierua. Thteknlvtei y Matlaee at iM. &
8t., Mit., Wt.: Chu. Howard in "BntDHT 8niDs"
: , . . ' , - -
htnkax.Tiag- :
:'!?4 Matinee Totfay '2t44T
.7,.V Tonifht 8:15 .' - V
CENEf "La Cractoaa"; Ray dmliq:
Elly; ,'Tople.of the Dajr", KlMpma.
MatihMl lSe to SOc; lew TSc aart.00
Satnrdar and Sunday. I Night 15c to
4ts.. r .,- ';-'-' .
v Co-OperatiVi
Pay, Dividenekl to - Those) Who
Do tb. Work 7, .-'..;.
r -
i.n.wa, 1 1 mmm u - i i .1- 4 . ,. ..n.p.i f , ,
7i r MACK CONNERS. Mgr. 7
. Omaha's Magnificent
Special Thanksgiving
Dancinf Matinee Thanksgiving Day, Admiaaion 25c.
, Thanksgiving Ball ait Night. Admission 5Sc.
tootinuous ujncir.g z
ja ' . r- am a aa
L?; iv;v LHENSIf AW
v v ; ;,.'. i.
... . t . f .... -a i, - ' . . . m a
J en Lowse IJlateWmner,
ml Music K .
he was ..thinking .'about Mr. Crow,
and how happy he would be.. X.
"Let's , wait 'here' iM he comes
home," Sandy suggested.
But Frisky Squirrel said that he
was gping to bed early that night,
because he expected to have a race
with the sun the next morning,
j.; "I'm going to try to beat him,V he
explain chI. "I'm going .te. see if I
can't get up , before Tie d9."
So Frisky said ogod-night and left
Sandy to wait for Mr. Crow alone.
Copyright, GroMet A Dunla.
Auction Sale of Many
,t)KveThomas? Gifts
Brings in $26,000
New -'Vork, ' Nov. , ?4. The first
day's sale of OlivevTbomas' personal
belongings .at 7 public auction
brqught; $26,000. Fiye years or so
ago Olive h,ad been aft employe of a
Pittsburgh department? store at ;$3
per week. . V - . .-'
Yesterdav- society leaders vied with
stars of Stage and screen In bidding
for, theettects ot tne wire? ox jacic
Pickford, who died from the effects
of mercurial poisoning in Taris last
September ;h . ' ,
'. The.goods include a platinum diar
mod ring, several pearl necklaces,
two fur coats and two automobiles..
Over 100 articles were sold, rangT
ing from the expensive jewels , to
chic little velvet sjcirts and waists,
New Amusement Place
m A . ' - a.
p; . to i:3U j. n.
.X' 'i
- ...... i.i .i .. iT - -...-- - . .... i.i i a ,..' - eV. I't f T W JK l srw K
Iff0 7f If tznftfi9'- I :
CQPJD, TNI .fCx ' , ,; , 7LEWISRGENTvL'(
II " ' S ,1v' . . , . ADDED FEATURES r- J ')i I
Keuter & faul's Wative 4 4 n Li ' IL "1. "Ap " '
Hawaiian , m Brfljiibition, 1 I 7
; II v I ....'l: ITrKl..A. . ., l BT. --.n- It;: . . -1
mi A c...u:.a. r?i-.. ii , a a iuisci ; ' : " , - ; ' ' ; in i
ill r&vuuvuuic wwiuvwiwi ii; - ' . null . " 1
h ii ;... .. ..... . I-'SfX h-.M-' ' . I'-: ' ,K
' "Thp Pill -lliibwi,, i yr iv.t - f;v .''.; I.-'"?,'-' " ' T
-r1-' f 'a. ' . '. I ' ' sunul fM 1 V ''T.. fct- "'1 I .- . I
q V'lRi . - f f ' 11 vi.,7 I1-; 1 ;- m"v" - .v-'.'v'l I I
I With An All-Star Cast I
;Gfrnival Night .. " '
an? Cabaret 7 - '
' ' . ,'v'
ValUy Sweets
Omaha's- most bequtiful
confectionery parlors
Special Thanksgiving
. v 7 Candy, .
Extraordinary . assortment
.of fancy boxes.
.(mmpn Sense.,,
V'i By J. J. MUNDY. , , .
:JuiSf 0ttt MrJllan.' ,; . i'w
lai comparing your positjpn .today,
whh what it was a year ago, what
An vntl fill fl?, 1 - '', '
do vou find
Isn't it Droven to you. that you are
no hettet off financially, ii, , no ' bc't.Varf Winkfe Go.g to sleep tilt it it
position, with the firnv have no betl7" , . ,a,, " j . ,
You arc, dissaiisheci possmiy
slackening your, erfoit.' ' ,
, But think What you have done a'l
the nast year just drifted along the
way of least resistance. Isnt
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You have , thought it' -not" worth'
while to fii'ove yourself wr.any par
ticular value to the firm.
You have. thought' - worth
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Th photopWy Jto h, nfioyetl by?,. thvv
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i ' reproduction of a scene f rom .)lticture. ?
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"Kiddies Matinee
SATURDAY Our. regular
' Tail. So aend the Tounratert
29th and
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A Ph'oWrlV : the Famous Story by
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' in a irivid dramatic story'
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The De2dlierSex':
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Kill That
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7" ( Neglected Colds are Dangerous ' ' ' 7'
rTake no chances. Keep this standard rented handy for the first anteie.
Break ap a cold to 24 hoars RsHsvoe 7, 7 '; .
. , ..Grippe in S daye Escdlant forHeadadte '
Quinine in this form doee not sSect Ae head Caacara is beet Tonic
Lasative No Opiate in Hfli's. , V'v ' 1 ' r
while .lo figure any wys to'
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1 Do you really want to be any in 2 . L'
ttr off If it means you have to make I f ;
tion? M " ,. ,
Wake uo. What arc you, i aid
on late to do ativsood?
Tan vnii honestlv' sav ' that 1 yotl
Reserve ' any i more than youhaver
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LThc Liberty shipyard plant In i-Wil-
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bjr that city for $37,500. Theyard
was used to build vessels, tor the
government during the war andwill
tiow be tfyq as a nuyit.ivi uyy".
3. 4:45. 8:11 94S-
child'a riee. will pre-
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Today and Friday.'
"His Majesty, the American" .
, SPECIAL v i.
-Matinee at SiOQ. p. m,
t. : Toaay.
1st His Latest Pictur
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