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    "Guilty" Say Six,
i Prisoners, All
:j Are Sent to Pen
$ ' ' , . ....
Jt ur Thief Arrested - Last
:;Week, Now He Is on Way
;, To Prison 6 Sentences
Aggregate 43 Years.
Sentences 'with maximum aggre-
sates of 43 .years art the penitentiary
lM Tfre imposed on six men who
jf V- pleaded guilty to various crimes be
i fort District Judge Goss yesterday.
1 1 None of the prisoners made any
I Jlea, vmerefy mumbling the single
word "gHHty. ' .',
jj ' 'Nick Maksinionich, who was ar-
rested last week for 'stealing furs
f from the establishment of Dreshcr
'"f I?ros., cleaners', where he was em
i M ployed, pleaded guilty to a . charge
' of grand larceny arid was sentenced
tj one to seven years in the peni
tentiary. , Maksimonich was fol
lowed bji other employes of the
cleaning establishment one evening
when he' is alleged to . have stolen
a mink skin cape. He took it to a
prearranged place and received a
check fox $200 for it. The cape was
yalued at $800. s
Stanley C Peters, having imbibed
a'" larfte quantity of Jamaica -ginger
the night of October 26. broke intos
the Jiome of Barney H. Feltman.
260r Mason street, and was stealing
Jany things when he was caught
He was sentenced to one to seven
years.- - --,,
Floyd Baker and K. TDavidson,
both colored, hrnloe inrn th iM
of Antonio La Bue. 323 North Fif
teenth .street, the night of Novem
ber 8, and stole money, ; cigarets,
candy and chewing gum to the value
of $97,50. They pleaded guilt to
day to charges of breaking an? ien
,tering and were sentenced by Judge
i Goss to one to 10 veara in the neni-
tentiary. -,
, 'James Roberts, alias Loney White,
pleaded guilty to receiving some of
the stolen goods and was sent to the
penitentiary for a term of one to
seven years. ,
Tt A. XT --.! . I M. .
"j -iwucn iNcai, picaaing gamy 10 a
iV charge of carrying concealed wea-
1 pons, was sonf to the penitentiary
ior a term not to, exceed two years.
7 j
Ghurcli Refuses to Aid
;! In Red Cross Campaign
' Goshen, Ind., Nov. 17. The
church of the Brethren of Goshen,
by its social welfare committee,
notified Elkhart county chapter of
ttfe American Red Cross that it will
refuse to co-operate in the member
ship drive to be conducted here and
that it will advise all the members
ofi its populous congregation not to
subscribe to, or .contribute funds to
Kthc Red, Cross because that or
ganization had distributed and is dis
tributing, tobacco to soldiers in the
United States army and navy and
because advertising matter for to
bacco" firms is accepted for publica
tion in the Red Cross magazine.
The church holds that eminent au
thorities declare use .of tobacco to
be injurious to health and vitality. !
1 Better Elements
Ban Nisht Riders
All Forces of Southern States
I o-Operate Now to Prevent-
Further Lawlessness.
Little Rock; Ark., Nov. 17. Re
sponsible sentiment in this state is
running strongly against night rid
ing which has been undertaken in
this and other cotton growing states
to prevent the ginning and market
ing of cotton at the present low
price. Representative ' planters,
bankers and business . men feel
strongly that this lawlessness is giv
'nar the south a "black eye." '
At a recent meeting of the Arkan
ca division of the American Cotton
association here, night riding' was
condemned as an act ot gross ignor
ance. Governor Brough has taken a
vigorous stand' against night rid
ing and he has had further support,
among others, from Claude , Fitz
oatrick president of the Arkansas-
Bankers' association. All the forces
of the state and local governments
in Arkansas are now co-operating
to prevent further lawlessness in the
cotton ginning centers.
ii t ' tr:l. ......
i Many gormm vi viuicuvc.
I. This counter movement is believed
to be doing much to stdp the activi
ties of night riders. Mass meetings
have been held hi many towns and
the co-oneration of the citizens has
been proffered officers in maintaii;-
ing order.
Acts of violence for which night
rulers have been given credit in Ar-I.-nnsas
have taken various forms. In
addition Jo the burning ( of gins,
warehouses and other ' property,
fumers v. ho attempted to market
tbtir cotton have been threatened
with death or severe t punishment,
and in some cases have been badly
maltreated. ,, ? -
l Families Are Intimidated.
Negro families have been- in
timidated "and driven from --their
homes irccause they sought employ
ment or- worked as cotton pickers.
Hundreds of cotton gins in various
sections of the state lhaye been' post
ed with warnings against continuing
to buy and gin. cotton, the threaten
ed - penalties-, for not ' heeding the
warning including destruction of the
plants and forefeiture of the lives ol
the owners.
In one county-eight men now are
awaiting action of the grand jury on
a charge of setting fire to a ginnery,
sud in another section of the state
three white farmers have been sen
tenced to a vear's imprisonment and
Lassessed heavy fines for intimidation
of negro cotton pickers. . . .
A motor operated tool in which
knives are revolved has been de
signed for stripping insulation from
the ends of wires. -' .
Bee want ads are best business
getters. - v. - I
Delegates to
League Assembly;
In Warm Clash
Hot Debate Staged Over Ques
tion of How Open Discus-
sion Might'; Apply tov
'. Work of Body.
By The Associated Press.
, Geneva," Nov., 17. How. far the
principle of open discussions might
apply to the work -of the assembly
of - the league of - nations was a
question which furnished the feature
of 'Tuesday's sessions. - Ir brought
into contest for the first time in a
sharp debate two of the chief fig
ures among the delegates. Lord
Robert, Cecil, representing South
Africa, contended for open meetings
of the committees as well as of the;
full assembly. Kens Viviani, ot the
French delegation, stoutly defended
the parliamentary tradition of pri
vate committee work with subse
quent publication of the minutes.
His view prevailed after a "pro
longed discussion. v
Lord a Kobert pieaaea strongly
that the assembly make a stand in
favor of the full openness ot discus
M. Viviani pointeed out tnataii
precedents were to the contrary. In
the disnatch of a nuss of business
before them, committees, he said,
were obliged to talk questions over
privately. -
r Lord Robert said that British pre
cedents differed from the French.
A compromise was finally reached
between the two by which the com
mittees willbe permitted to hold
.open session when they see fit, the
minutes of the deliberations to be
published as soon as possible after
the sessions.
Signor Tittonv Italy, M. Viviani,
Lord Robert Cecil "and George Nic
oll Barnca engaged in another live
ly clash after recess over the pro
posed rule that questions on the
agenda should be considered in the
assembly with the eommhtces be
X?rc the latter deliberated. 'Mr,
Barnes called attention to the im
portance of "onimittees having the
views of the assembly on such im
portant matter, before they began
work. -
Relief From Legislation -
Asked by Gas Companies
Newe York, No 17. A pica that
gas companies be relieved from the
rigidity of statutory- enactments and
that legislation governing gas pro
ducers be simplified, was made by
George ;B. Cortelyou, president of
the Consolidated Gas company of
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ful sleep after first application. 60c.
New York, at' the 'opening session
of the second annual convention of
the American Gas association today.
More than 1,000 delegates,"cpre
senting 85 per cent of the natural
gas industry, were present.
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The) Readers of The Bee
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The Brogue
A Smart Locking ;
'Shoe for
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Golden Oak Dining Suite Bargain ! 1
Here is a beautiful and complete dining" suite bar-
HH gain finished in the beautiful golden oak. Has
. large round; extension table that is very sturdily
g constructed and six chairs. Chairs have the long
H wearing imitation Spanish leather seats; This is'
indeed a bargain that can't be duplicated anywhere
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" g : t In oar Prothetic Deptrt-
I :W ment done vrf employ four of
.;;H the best operators in the prd
i S fession. This .work is in
Kf charge ot and under the com
Jjl plete control of a man who.
was formerly at the head of
v :I Boston's largest dental labora
i s tory and by securing his ex
If , j pert services we have been in
N position to establish the only
Ifg TORY there is in this part'of
!, ' s the country. Vi
vi I.
" 1 S 3 ,
He . specializes in making
the Porcelain Shells, or new
enamel for the teeth, a pro
cess that restores the natural
appearance of each disfigured
tooth so perfectly that you
cannot distinguish it from
your other teeth. This method
of restoration permits the
saving of the life of each tooth
so treated as there is no occa
sion whatever to kill the nerve
which is the Blood supply.
'This is a prominent feature
and ftjis well deserving of your
investigation. , ,
I G i
Vie Pres. & Gen. Mgr.
You Can Safely
- Recommend
1 1
.. ,s
Seven Years Ago
Dr. Shipherdfas vice president and general manager ;
of the Bailey Dental' Co., recognized the neen of a plan
in dental science that would eliminate many of the un
satisfactory practices then prevailing. He studied and
. experimented with untiring energy and the remark
able growth and progress of, bis organization Is a
splendid tribute to the soundness of his theories. ,
- '
Dr. Shipherd was among the first to Introduce the
X-Ray in Omaha as applying to the practice of den
tistry and thus he completely revolutionized one of the
most- Important features of dental diagnosis. Another
Important move by Dr. Shipherd in his efforts to put
dentistry on a higher plane , of satisfaction was, theN
naming of ONES FEB tocover the patient's case. In.
other words, he Introduced a plan that 'absolutely .,
eliminated all uncertainty In: the patient's mind as toi
what the expense would be in completing every feature
ot the work required In their case. r,
- - i . ' '
In pursuing his aims toward BBTTER DENTISTRY .
Dr. Shipherd determined upon the pol of telling
every one of his patients just exactly what needed to v
be done for their best interests. Many times he lias
sacrificed the privilege ot caring for a case by refusing
' to perform a service in such a way that the ultimate
3 results would he disappointing to the patient
- . i '4- '
' The high regard In which BAILEY- DENTISTRY, is
held by the thousands ot people who, have been our
patients Is a justly earned compliment to the Meals
. conceived by Dr. Shipherd seven years ago.
Seven, years ago Dr. Shipherd had only four asso
ciates, while now fifteen people comprise the organiza-'
tion. . Each and twery member of the Bailey staff pos-
uses me aouity tnat nas neen nroaaenea ana multi
' ' -' , "t'"
(If you are ia need of dental treatment and appre
ciate the soundness of our policies, come In -and talk
things over freely with Dr. Shipherd. He will give you
personal attention and the utmost consideration. EX
' . ' "r . ' ' J". " , -
' Bailey Dental Company
' Dr. B. IV, Bailey, Fresldest - '
, laeorporated Deities. ,
- City KaUoaal Bask Lldg. lth aod Hsrsey.
.'r Pheaeii Desglss W20, Douglas 8431 , U, ,
5 The following facts in re-
TRY are points which are of H
vital interest to you: - s
Dr. Shipherd gives each and '
every patient his own person- j
'a supervision. The XRay S
tells him just exactly what s
condition your teeth are in and W
he records their status on your f
chart and from this outline" H
your case is studied Jn the m
most exacting detail.
, He disensseswith you and W.
: explains every feature so fully
, and carefully that you appre
ciate . the need and value of
such, ', conscientious diagnosis. ; m '
4 He tells you what the cost will "-pi
be it is ONE 'FEE and, it
Zcovers your case first and last. s i
The price is base4 on the high- " j ,
est type of service and the :
i kind, that will give you satis' '
..factory results this is what
you want and expect BAb ,(
.request you to comet in for an
examination ot your work.
I from time to time and, any al-
terations for the1 betterment ot
the work we have done are
The ONE FEE has covered it.
- ',11 - . v l ? ' -v.-v. :.... ;
I ;' I" 1 gyy ' Pheaesi , Desglas W20, Douglas U3L, y ..
I J i.:,L:.i...:..ii....-.A. ' ; :.- i:- - -
1 I g""UiwiHi.inwii?illiiiiHHinni fu. 'rr.l . nMUMfiiini"""""1"""" jl!,J
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Comfort Rocker
m :
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Oak .Heater
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i a am
Sixteenth Bet ween-Harney-and Howard
A very practical and useful rat .4
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Sr. ",. v11" kr ov ht
burns -fllther coal or gas. and has
high warming closet. Nickel and
porcelain trimmiBga. Four coal
holes and four gas heaters.
11-.- h ' . : -V-,-., ' . v
k,' ' -..s ' . . .. " ' r : ". " " ;:'