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Says Tanlac. Overcarae Her
Ten Years , of i.Suf fering--
Gains. Eloyn-Pounds,; : '
"Ate ten yeara pC'sufferimSr -I
flow know wfcat it -mean to -enjoy
jrood health, and I give Tanlac. all
the credit for my wonderful im
provement," aid Mrs. C. P. Ken
nedy of 523 East Colorado avenue,
St. Joseph, Mo.
"I had suffered so long from in
digestion, disordered kidneys and
nervousness I had about come, to
the conclusion that' I would never
be free from my troubles.'- Nearly
everything I .ate lay heavy on my
stomach and gas would form and
give me a bloated,'- uncomfortable
feeling that would last for, several
hours. I had awful pains in the re
gion of my heart and I would get
so short of breath I couldn't walk
any distance without having to stop
and rtst Often 1 had -smothering,
dizzy spells so bad I 'could hardly
see and I was also subject to se
vere headaches. My kidneys wor
ried me constantly1 and I had 'sharp
pains in my; back all the way up to
mv shoulders. Nervous sDells some
times came on me and at- night I
was too restless to ever get much
leep. I became sa weak., and list
less I had to give up "my housework
and I felt thn a nervous break
down wasn't far off.
"But 'i don't feel that way now,
for Taojlac has made a different
person ,6ut of me, and I am once
more enjoying splendid health and
am abIeto do my housework for the
first time in years. .No one could
want a better appetite than I have
and everything I eat digests prop
erly. My nerves are perfectly calm
and steady and I am no longer
troubles with dizzy spells or head
aches. My kidneys don't bother me
one bit ("and the pains have all dis
appeared from my back. I sleep
like a child, have been built up in
every way and have gained eleven
pounds in weight. A medicine like
Tanlac deserves all the praise that
can be given it." n
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rest and Meany Drug Company in
South Omaha and the leading drug
gist in each city and town through
out the state of Nebraska.-
Ladies! Use Buttermilk
To Beautify Complexions
This Delightful New Vanishing
Cream Containing True Butter
milk 1e Guaranteed to Make You
Look Younger or Money Back.
uet - a imiit
quantity at any
pharmacy by aim
ply asking for
Howard's Butter
milk Cream and
massage it daily
into the 1 a e c,
neck, arms and
handg. The direc
tions are simple
and it costs so lit
tle that any girl
or woman can af
ford it. Your
complexion must
quickly show v decided improvement or
your dealer is authorised to return your
money without 'question should you be
No matter whether you are troubled
with wrinkles, iiard little lines around
the mouth and eyes, coarse, sallow, faded
looking akin. tr simply roughness and
redness jjcaused by wind and sun. you
will find that all these trials quickly dis
appear with the vse of this old-fashioned
beauty recipe brenaht up to date.
Howard's Butterit)ilk Cream Is only sold
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Cocoanut Oil Fine
for Washing Hair
It you want to keep your hair In
good condition, be carefu what you
waen i witn. , .t
Most , soaps and prepared sham
toos contain too much aikalK This
dries the scalp, makes the hiir brit
tie. and is very harmful. Mulsified
cocoanut oil shampoo (which 1 pure
and entirely greaseless), is much bet
ter than anything else you' can use
for shampooing', as this can't possibly
Injure .the hair. 4
Simply moisten your hair with w&
ter and rub it In. One or two tea-
spoonfuls will make an abundance
of rich;- creamy lather, and cleanses
the hair and scalp thoroughly. The
lather rinses out easily And removes
very particle of dust, dirt, dandruff
and excessiv oil. The hair dries
quickly .and evenly, and It leaves It
fine and silky, bright, fluffy and
easty to manage.
You can get Mulslfied Cocoanut oil
shampoo at most any drug store. It
is very- cheap, and a few ounces Is
snough to last everyone in the fami
ly for months..
A Home Cure Given .By.One
Who Had It
In the spring of 189S I was at
tacked by Muscular and Inflammatory
Rheumatism. I suffered as only those
who have it know, for over three years.
I tried remedy after remedy, and doctor
after doctor, but such relief as I re
ceived swas only temporary. Finally, I
found a remedy that cured me com
pletely, and it has never returned.
I have given it to te number who were
terribly afflicted and even bedridden
with fiLheumatism.i and it effected a
cur in every casei
I want every jpufferer from airy
form af rheumatic-trouble to try this
marvelous healing P power. Don't (end
a cent; simply mail your name and
address and I will send it free to try.
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proven itself to tie that long-looked-for
means of curing your rheumatism,
yon may send tde price of it, ene
dollar but understand, I do not want
yoor money unless you are perfectly
satiafied to send it. Isn't that fair!
Why suffer any longer when positive
relief thua of faced you free I Don't
delay. . Write today.
Mark H. Jacksch, No. 5(1 F, Gur
ney Bldg., SyracusW, N. Y.
atr.Jasinca Is renouiele, Abota statement true
"ir Bee .Want Ads; Are Business
Pennsylvania Senator First
Charged Navy Department
...With Procrastination, Sec
retary Tells Committee.
Washington. May 18. Senator
Penrose, republican, Pennsylvania,
tid..not Rear Admiral Sims orig
inated, the basic chafgrs against the
navy department contained in the
admiral's letter of January 7, Secre
tary Daniels asserted today before
Ihe senate committee investigating
the naval conduct of the war. Mr.'
Daniels recalled that the. senator in
a' speech in the senate August 24,
1918, declared that procrastination
on the. part of the secretary delayed
the termination of the war at least
three months, cost $15,000,000,000
and many lives. ,
The words used by Senator Pen
rose were f almtist identical with
these used by Admiral Sims more
than a year later, Mr. Daniels said.
"Either Admiral Sims is a plagar
ist and appropriated his views and
clfarges from Senator Penrose or by
the new science of mental telepathy
the views of the senator were con
veyed to Admiral -Sims," continued
Mr .Daniels. Penrose comes from
Pennsylvania and Sims was appoint
ed to the naval academy from that
. "It-is. also' worthy of note," he
said, '"that at the very time Penrose
was making this speech, Sims was
writing to Captain Pratt threatening
an investigation of the conduct of
the war." v
Mr. Daniels said he would not
answer the Penrose charges at
length, because his answer to Ad
miral Sims covered, the matter fully.
He devoted the rest of the day to a
resume of the Navy- department's
war construction activities compris
ing approximately 1,000 vessels,
ncarly three times as many as there
were in the entire navy when the
war started.
Armed Men Present Demand
For Resignations in Court
Jonesboro, Ark., May 18. Armed
men arose from their seats and de
manded immediate resignation of the
commissioners and attorneys of the
Black Oak-Hancock road improve
ment district When Chancellor A.
Wheatly convened court to hear the
application for an-injunction brought
by the taxpayers against the dis
trict. The resignations', were- already
written and were presented to the
two commissioners present and to
their attorneys with the demand that
they be signed immediately. They
signed the resignations and with
drew from the court room. Judge
Wheatley adjourned court and left
the city.
It is said this district was created
in one of the special legislative
sessions over protests of the prop
erty owners. ; ,
Baccaaluree'Servjces" s
For 28 Ashland Graduates
Ashland,. .'Neb., May 18. (Spe
cial.) The baccalaureate
for the class of , 1920 of Ashland
High school were -held at the. Con
gregational churchSunday evening.
Kev. J. K. bhelienberger, pastor ot
the Christian church, preached the
sermon on the subject, "Images of
God." The senior class play,' "At
the End of the Rainbow," will be
given Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings. The commencement ex
ercises will be held at the auditori
um next Friday evening. The class
of 1920 enjoys the distinction of be
ing the largest class ever graduated
from Ashland High school, there be
ing 25 girls and eight boys who will
receive diplomas.
Grand Island Makes, War 3
On "Yellow Peril" of Lawns
Grand Island, Neb.; May 18
(Special) Under the auspices of
the chamber of commerce ' Satur
day, May 15, was observed as "dan
delion day" and a special, war - was
made on the lawn's yerjtyw peril. The
Boy Scouts turned out In force, to
gether with about 75 high school
and parochial school boys. Most
of these were employed by the city
in cleaning up Pioneer park.
Arrange Chautauqua Program.
Beatrice, Neb., May 18. (Spe
cial.) The Beatrice Chautauqua as
sembly will be held at Athletic park
the week of August 8. The manage-i
ment yesterday, closed a contract
with "Billy" Sunday for an address
on Sunday, August 8.. Other speak
ers on the program are being se
cured. T7
Money back without T r1--
ii nwns
ma treat Of ITCH, aXCZKMA.
other itching akia diseases. Try
a 75 cent boa at our risk
McConnell Drug Co.
Cuticura Soap
For the Hands
aMraw: OaMwaUkmtorlMsSXJtaMKassJ
There la one aimple. aafe and aure war
that never fail to set rid of blackheads
and that ia to dissolve them.
To do this set two onneea of ealonite
powder from anjr drus atore aprinkle a
little on a hot, wet aponse rub over the
blackheads briskly waah the parts and
son will be surprised how the blackheada
have disappeared. - Bis blackheads, little
blackheada. no matter where ther are,
simply dissolve and disappear, leavins the
parte without any mark wbaUver. Black
heada are simply a mixture of dust and
dirt and seeretions from the body that
form in the pores of the akin pinching
and aqueeiins only cause irritation, make
larse pores, and do not set them out after
they become hard. The ealonite powder
and the water simply dissolve the black
heads so they wash risht out, leavins the
pores free and( clean and In their natural
condition. Anybody troubled with these nn
siaatly blemishes, ahould certainly try this
simple met ' - . - .
Big Chickory Plant at
O'Neill, First One Built
In America, Being Razed
O'Neill, Neb., May 18. (Special.)
The p'Neill chickory factory, the
first of its kind in the United States
and later the largest chickory manu
facturing plant in the world, is being
torn down. The immense buildings,
built of knotless lumber, a material
now unknown, are being wrecked.
The material will be used for build
ings on the farm of F. J. Dishner, on
which the old factory site is lo
cated. . .
When is is done the last landmark of
an industry which at one time ex
ceeded the beet sugar industry, will
have disappeared entirely from
The chickory industry was at its
most thriving period in the middle
nineties and the plant put in by G.
C. Hazelct, backed by local and east
ern capital, was located southwest
of O'Neill, on the old homestead of
General O'Neill, after whom the
town was named. Around it on the
fertile bottom lands of the Elk
horn river chickory grown as
intensively and extensively as beets
are now around Scottsbluff and
Gerin. One big concern put in an
irrigation system.
New State Bank Will
Open Soon at Wood River
Grand Island. Neb., May 18. The
organization of a new bank for
Wood River has been completed. It
is the Farmers' State bank, the third
in that city. Its capital is $50,000,
all paid in. Until the regular meet
ing of stockholders, the following
will serve as a board of directors:
Rudolph Durtschi, M. J. McDer
mott, O. Oldfather, VV. A. Francis,
Maro D. Lyhane, A. E. Hauke and
W. T. .Schooley. Edward Person,
recently cashier of the Citizens'
State bank of Wood River, will
serve as chashier.
Drilling Contract Is Let 1
For Oil Weils at Beatrice
Beatrice, Neb., May 18. (Special.)
The Holdrege oil interests have
let a contract to the Dempster Mill
Manufacturing company of this city
for drilling wells near here. It is
said the work will be started in
about 10 days. About 40,000 acres in
this county have been leased by the
Holdrege interests.
Plymouth Has Electric Lights.
Beatrice, Neb., May 18. (Spe
cial.) The electric line between Be
atrice and Plymouth has been com
pleted and current turned on. The'
town, is now lighted by electricity
for the first, time in its history.
A number of farmers , along the
route will use the service. The juice
is furnished by the Beatrice p1ant
Oh! How the Housework Drags!
and painful derangements of women. It can be procured
in liquid or tablets at' any drug store.
Wapkosha, Wis. "I have used Dr. Pierce's medicine and receive.'
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have so I began taking Doctor Pierce's Favorite- Prescription, and it
cored me in a short space of time:, j have never had any return of
my aOmect. I do certainly recommend it as being. good." Mrs.
Mown SroigLOFT, No. 739 Pleasant Street.
- Str. Paul Mwn "For several years, I suffered with woman's
trouble., ' I read an advertisement in the newspapers about Dr. Pierce's
Fmrorita Prescription, and decided to try a bottle. In all I took about
x bottles, and it helped me right from the start ; it actually cured me
of the pain and inflammation in a very short timeand I think it a
very wonderful medicine for women." Mrs. Harey Frederickson,
No. 594 Thomas Street.
Earlier Departure Train No. 25
Effective May 16, No. 25 leaves Omaha 8:00
A. M. instead of 8:15 A. M. Arrives North Platte
same as formerly.
Improved Sleeping Car Service
Between Omaha and Cheyenne -
Two standard sleeping cars are now operated
between Omaha and 'Cheyenne, affording Pullman
service to all important intermediate points west of
North Platte.
Leave Omaha ,. 4:25 P. M.
Arrive Cheyenne 10:30 A. M.
&tyn This saves the business man's day.
Vf gaave Omaha, 1:20 A. M.
Vrive Cheyenne 4;05 P. M.
TKfc car (ready for occupancy 9 :30 P. M.) -will
be convenient for the traveler with evening engage
ments in Omaha. Passengers for points on Haig
Branch should use this car.
Eastbound, , both cars 'leave Cheyenne, 3:30
P. M.; arrive Omaha, 7:05 A. M.
Gnral Passenger Agent.
Passport Restrictions in Con
. sular Bill Declared Un
American and Un-Democratic.
Chlraco Tribune-Omaha Be Leased M Ire.
Washington, May 18. In spite of
an appeal by Republican Leader
Mondell the house rejected the con
ference report on the diplomatic and
consular appropriation bill because
of its provisions making permanent
wartime passport restrictions. For
mer Republican Leader Mann
played an important part in the re
volt against the house leaders who
were lined up for the measure. Mr.
Mann declared that wartime restric
tions would be removed rather than
extended and strengthened.
"The vote on approval of the con
ference report was 96 to 192. The
bill was sent back to conference
where the objectionable sections,
which were not in the bill as passed
by either house but were injected
by the conferees, will be eliminated.
The rejected measure made per
manent the wartime requirement
that no alien could enter the United
States without a passport from his
own country vised by an American
consul. It also made it necessary
for American citizens to obtain pass
ports when leaving the United
States for . other than adjacanet
countries. .
Australian Laborers Think
Prince Is Wasting Money
Melbourne, Australia, May 19.
The Melbourne Trades Hall coun
cil has decided that it will not be
officially represented at any func
tion connected witn ine prince oi
Wales' visit here, because the
money that would be spent on such
functions could be used m the in
terests of the wage earners, where
as, the council asserted, the pro
posed expenditure would bolster up
the capitalistic system. The resolu
tion also requested trades union
ists to refuse to allow their children
to participate in the welcome to the
prince or any similar function.
Columbus Camp Ground.
Columbus, Neb., May 18. (Spe
cial.) Diamond park here will be
equipped aS a camping ground for
auto tourists who stop over ' in
Columbus this summer.
Who does not know
women and young girls
who are continually in
tears who always see
the dark side who have
frequent fits of melan
cholia without apparent
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription exerts a
wonderful power over
woman's delicate system.
It is an invigorating tem
perance tonic and is pre
scribed for the peculiar
weaknesses, irregularities
Dodge County Rural Schools
Organize for Club1 Work
Fremont, Neb., May 18 (Spe
cial.) Club work for boys and girls
in Dodge county has been organized
in 18 rural schools, with a total
membership of more than 250 de
voted to raising pigs and calves,
gardening, cooking and sewing.
County fairs and farm organizations
have hung up cash prizes for the
boys and girls producing the best
Large Graduating Class.
Sidney, Neb.. May 18. (Special.)
The local high school will grad
uate 27, the biggest class in the
school history, Thursday. Robert I.
Elliot president of Chadron state
normal will deliver the address to
the class.
Will Celebrate Fourth.
Loup City, Neb., May 18. (Spe
cial.) At a special meeting of the
Commercial club it was decided to
co-operate with the American legion
of Sherman county in a celebration
to be held at Loup City on July 4.
Special Luncheon, 75o Paxton
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