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Teams of Pastors Bearing
v World Movement Message
i For Financial Campaign
Close Conferences.
I The third day of the tour of 100
prominent Nebraska ministers, who
are taking the plans and messages
of the Interchurch World move
ment into every county in Nebraska,
found the 21 teams into which the
preachers are divided, in widely
separated parts of the state.
With one team in Scottsbluff, an
other in Fremont, a third in Spen
cer and a fourth in Alma, with the
remaining 17 teams in as many dif
ferent counties, the interchurch mes
sage was yesterday being delivered
all over the state.
; From reports reaching headquar
ters in Omaha and Lincoln, the
conferences are being unusually
well attended.
Douglas County Conference.
' The Douglas county conference,
the largest in number of delegates,
will be held today in the First
Presbyterian church. The program
will begin at 10 a. m. with a 15
tninute devotional exercise.
The team which will deliver the
interchurch messages consists of
Rev. W. E. J. Cratz and L. D.
Young of Lincoln and Charles E.
Cobbey and Wilson Mills of Omaha.
A feature of the Omaha conference
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; The B. W. Rote Co.. Cleveland, a
will be reports on the home and
foreign surveys, which have been
conducted by the Interchurch move-
ment ... . ..
Rev. Mr. Young of Lincoln will
hold a meeting for young people
between 4:30 and 9 In the evening.
This meeting will be held in one of
the rooms ot the First Presbyterian
, The Scottsbluff conference, in- the
e;ttreme western part of the state,
was one of the important confer
ences held yesterday. The inter,
church team holding the conference
consisted of Rev. W. C. Rundin ot
Mitchell, G. W. Snyder of Gering
and B. A. Fye of Scottsbluff and
Mrs. C. E. Garner of Bayard. Mrs.
Garner delivered- the message to
the women.
The Boyd county conference, held
yesterday at Spencer, was addressed
by team No. 18, comprised of Rev.
E. M. Baber of Omaha, E. J. T.
Connelly, Norfolk, C. L. Meyers,
Oakdale and George A. Wickwire
of Creston. and Mrs. W. L. McAl
lister of Neligh.
At Columbus, the riatte county
conference team was composed of
Rev. A. V. Hunt of Plattsmouth,
O. T. Moore, Benedict; H. G.
McCluskey, Plattsmouth, D. S.
Honsaker. Fullerton. and Mrs. Wil
liam Luce of Fullerton.
Today Is Last Day.
Othpr rnuntv conterences held
yesterday, Gage county at Beatrice,
Dodge county at rremonr, rmmore
county at Geneva, Stanton county
at Stanton, Dixon county at Allen,
Hamilton county at Aurora, Phelps
and Gosper counties at Holdrege,
Harlan county at Aima, i-incoiu
o,ifl MrPhprsnn counties at North
Platte, Garfield and Loup counties
at Burwell, Sheridan county at
Rushville, Hooker county at Mullen,
Chase and Hayes counties at Im
perial, Cheyenne county at Sidney,
Rock coimty at Bassctt, Saunders
coiintv at Wahoo and Howard
county at St. Paul.
Today is tne last aay oi tne con
ferences and when the 21 teams
Knich thir work this evening in 21
different counties, every county m
Nebraska, and every church of the
30 denominations working under the
name of the Interchurch World
movement, will have heard the mes
sage of that organization and a
county cabinet will have been or
ganized in each county of the state
to carry on the united simultaneous
financial campaign during the week
of April 25-May 2.
James Walsh Urges
Whole Hearted support
For General Pershing
"Why, of course I want to see
funeral Pershing, carrv this state
at the preferential primary April 20,"
said James Walsh of Benson, one
of the wheel-horses of the republican
party and one of the most widely
known men in Douglas county.
"General Pershtng, he continued,
is entitled to the support of the
Nebraska republicans for president
of the United Mates. State priae
alone ought to lead Nebraska repub
licans to whole-heartedly support
his candidacy.
"In Genefal Pershing Nebraska
has a candidate of her own with a
record of great achievement to com
mend him. He is one ot the world s
most illustrious men. In the history
of thi country his name will be
linked with that of Washingon and
Grant. Perhaps some of our people
do not quite understand now that in
the years to come this modest Ne
braskan will stand forth as one of
the greatest figures in our national
history. Nebraska is proud of what
he is and of what he has done. She
will honor herself by honoring him.
I sincerely hope that the republicans
of this state, which is now his home
state, will heartily support his can
didacy for the presidency.
General Pershing is not a great
soldier only; he is a great organizer,
a great administrator, a great ex
ecutive, a great diplomat and he is
a great American withal. He knows
how to work with and through other
men. If he should be elected presi
dent of the United States, I have no
doubt that he would form a cabinet
from the very best material he could
lay his hands on and give the coun
try a thoroughly business-like administration."
Elks' Lodge to Install New
Officers This Evening
New officers of the Omaha lodge
of Elks will be installed Friday
night. They are Judge Willis G.
Sears, exalted ruler; Walter C. Nel
son, esteemed leading knight; Moses
P. O'Brien, esteemed loyal knight;
George C. Winterson, esteemed lec
turing knight; J. W. Minar, secre
tary; Charles L. Saunders, treasurer;
John L. Killiam, tyler; John C. Bar
ett, representative fo the ' grand
lodge, and James A. Hammond,
trustee. '
For Boys and Girls
W Ideas
A Fisherman's Fly Book.
Various kinds of food fish, among
them the much-desired trout, are
fished with flies. Every good fisher
man knows that trout have local
fancies. It's no use trying to hook a
trout with a gorgeous colored fly,
such as he has never seen before.
You're more apt to scare him than
to lure him. He will rise most
readily to the fly which is his regu
lar daily food.
A boy who wants to make money
in dressing artificial flies should be
gin by finding out the favorite food
flies of the trout in his neighborhood
and by making flies something like
them. '
The work is not difficult, but takes
care. It is more easily done with the
aid of a small vise. Hooks of the
right size and pieces of gut can be
got for a few cents from the local
dealer. A little bottle of thin spirit
varnish; various colored silks
glove silk is the best and a small
piece of harness-maker's wax are the
main things needed.
For feathers, take the hackles at
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Runaway Girls Return
To South Side Homes
Two South Side high school girls
who ran away from their homes to
make their own way in the world
( returned home yesterday.
i ihe girls Minnie Lane, lo years
old, 4421 South Seventeenth street.
and Pearl Greenlee, 15 years old,
1811 M street, said they left home
because they had cranky papas.
The girls were found at the home
of Pearl's aunt, Mrs. Mary Ruby,
in Crescent, la.
Free Iris Flants All purchasers
of seed or nursery stock, regardless
of amount bought, will receive free
Iris plants this spring. We have no
agents. Meneray Nursery and Seed
Store, 3341 West Broadway, Council
Bluffs, la. Phone 1698. Adv.
How Ladies Improve
ATM 1-nlit anil TAnnff. ftllf f T
round of torture with their nerves, and
Many are so frail, thin and bloodless that
their splendid features are lost sight of,
while a vain attempt to conceal the angu
Urltr of the figure deceives no one but
themselves and really excites the pity or
ridicule of tha world." said well known
lamly employed practicing' physician, in
recent lecture at a young ladies' eol
m, "I do not mind exposing a little
secret of mine to all such, as it can do no
Sana and may result in much happiness
nd health.' It is simply this: Any thin,
bloodless, nerve-tortured man or woman
an become as fit as the fittest by taking
Vegularly for several months an easily
Obtained pharamceutical product known
by the profession and pharmacists as
three-grain hypo-nuclane tablets, put up
ia sealed, packages with directions for
the neck of a young rooster which
has been killed for dinner, or at the
market, a few peacock tail feathers,
some barbules from an old ostrich
feather ready to be thrown away,
and feathers from caged birds which
are moulting. Bullfinch feathers are
good. If you know any one who
keeps a parrot, some of those will
come in handy, too. Of course, use
only the barbs and barbies, or
little bits of the feather cut off from
the quill.
Lash the gut to the hook. Bite the
gut along the length where you are
to lash the feathers, to keep them
from slipping! Wind the silk with
the twist, not against it. Some flies
are fastened at the shoulder only,
others full length. In the green
drake fasten at the shoulder; in the
moth, fasten the whole body leaving
the wings free. The larger illustra
tion shows a good type of fly. All
dressing must be varnished.
If a bov lives in the city, let him
find out the most popular flies from
the local tackle-dealer. A boy and
his sister make a good team, though
t takes a liking for the work to do
it well.
(Tomorrow : Running a Communi
ty Kitchen.)
Every Day Science
for Boy
s. wviwium v
Railway Block Systems.
"When I was out in the country
today, Daddy, stood by a railroad
signal post watching a train go by.
Just as the train got out of sight, I
heard something on the post rattle
and one of the signal arms which
stood straight out at the top of the
post dropped down to a slant.
Pretty soon the other arm dropped
down. Who moved them? There
wasn't anybody there."
"The train did, my son," his
father answered. "It was the sig
nalling. The first signal meant
'Caution I The second signified 'All
Clear!' You were standing beside
one of the automatic block signals
by which a train warns the train
behind it to keep from getting too
close. "Most railroads have such a
"Railroad trains are dispatched or
sent over the line and their move
ments regulated by officials known
as train dispatchers. . They are sta
tioned at division headquarters,
about 200 miles apart. They tele
graph their orders to the next sta
tion the train must pass. and the
telegraph operator takes the orders,
which are delivered in writing to the
conductor and engineer. But when
trains are between stations, the dis
patcher cannot reach them. That's
where the safety of the block sys
tem comes in.
"In the usual block system, the
railroad line is divided into blocks,
each one mile long,. with signal posts
at each end. Each post has two tar
gets or arms. As a train enters a
block, the signal behind it immedi
ately shows 'Danger! Stop!' with
both targets horizontal. At the same
time, the signal one mile further
behind shows: 'Caution! Go slow!'
with the lower target horizontal and
the upper target at an angle. When
there is no train within two miles,
the signal shjows 'Safe!' with both
targets hanging at an angle. At
night, the hanging targjts show
white lights and the horizontal tar
gets red lights. This is the system
used on double track-lines.
"The signals are operated by the
train through an electric circuit
made by the rails and the car axles.
Thus a train, as it 'moves along, is
constantly in a safety block, pro
tected by 'Danger' and 'Caution' sig
nals. Watch the targets operate
the next time you ride on the back
platform of a train.
(Tomorrow: What Shall I Be?
A Fire Chief.)
Dutch Twins Dress for Church.
One Sunday morning in early fall
Kit and Kat woke up and peeped
out from their cupboard bed to see
what was going on in the world.
The sun was shining through the
little panes df the kitchen window,
making square patches of light on
the floor. The kettle was singing
on the fire, and Vrouw Vedder was
already putting away the breakfast
things. ,
Father Vedder was lighting his
pipe with a coal from the fire. He
had on his black Sunday clothes, all
ready for church. Father Vedder did
not look at Kit and Kat at all. He
just puffed away at his pipe and
said to himself.
"If there are any Twins anywhere
that want to go to church with me,
they'd better get dressed and eat
their breakfasts."
Kit and, Kat tumbled out of the
cupboard at once.
, Vrouw Vedder come to help them
I can't tell you how many petti
coats she put on Kat, but it was
ever so many. And over them all
she put a skirt of plaid. There was
a waist of a different color, and over
Over The Political Fence
Today will be the last opportu
nity to register for the April primary
election. The election commission
er's office in the court house will be
open this evening until 9.
The Nebraska itinerary for Hiram
Johnson next week was announced
yesterday as followo: Omaha, Mon
day evening; Lincoln, Tuesday after
noon; Seward, Tuesday evening;
York, Wednesday morning; Has
tings, Wednesday afternoon; Hol
drege, Wednesday evening; Kearney
Thursday morning; Grand Island,
Thursday evening.
. 1
'Several inquiries have , been re
ceived concerning the republican na
tional convention which will be held
in Chicago, June 8. This conven
tion will be entitled to 984 delegates,
apportioned to the various states,
District of Columbia, Alaska, Ha
waii, Philippines and Porto Rico, ac
cording to congressional representa
tion. Nebraska, for instance, has
six congressional districts, each of
which is entitled to two delegates
and the state in entitled to four dele-gates-at-large,
making a total of 16
delegates which will represen this
state at the convention. New York
state tops the list with 88 delegates.
"I'm not going to vote the way
my husband tells me. I'll tell the
world I will not." was the declara
tion overheard during a conversa
tion between two women waiting to
register yesterday afternoon in the
election commissioner's office.
T. F. Stroud, republican candidate
for county commissioner from the
Third commissioner district, an
swers the question of availability
and desirability. He has a broad
business experience and has taken
time along the way of his busy life
to give attention to the refinements
which make for the well-balanced
citizen. He was one of the promot
ers of the House of Hope and inter
ested in Red Cross work. He re
cently gave up a $50,000 a year job
to retire and then consented to
setve his community as county com
missioner.' He was asked to file for
the office and believes that it would
be fitting to give this public serv
ice to his community. The salary
of the office was no determining
factor when he agreed to make the
race. He has lived in Omaha 25
years and is a member of the Odd
Fellows, Elks, Chamber of Com
merce, Automobile club and the
Athletic club. He is a civil and
mechanical engineer by profession
and has laid out and constructed
200 miles of county roads in Illinois,
Indiana. Kansas and Missouri. His
knowledge of good roads would be
a valuable asset to this county. Vot
ers of the Third commissioner dis
trict owe it to themselves to nomi
nate Mr. Stroud on April 20.
C. R. Sherman, member of the
Metropolitan Water board, is a can
didate for nomination at the pri
mary, having served on this board
since January 1, 1909, and chairman
of the board for three years. His
service was started three years be
fore the water plant was acquired
by the city. Mr. Sherman promises
to devote his best thought and ef
forts to the problems of furnishing
the city with gas at the lowest pos
sible rate when the gas plant shall
have been turned over to the water
board for management. He is be
ginning his 40th year of residence
in Omaha. His public service in
cludes membership in the state
board of pharmacy examiners and
he has been president of the Ne
braska State Pharmaceutical asso
ciation. He believes that his long
experience in water plant affairs will
enable him to give even better 'pub
lic service if continued in the offce
he now holds. He also states that
he is anxious to participate in mak
ing the gas plant a success under
municipal ownership.
Frank L.1 Kernan, republican
candidate for state representative,
has lived in Omaha a quarter of a
century and is making his debut in
politics. He earned his own way
through the Omaha grade and high
schools and is now the manager of
a large diary company. During his
school years he worked as newsboy,
in factories, on farms, shoveled coal
and otherwise maintained his finan
cial independence. He has been
identified with the initiation crew at
the Ak-Sar-Ben den. has done fly
ing stunts in an airplane and has
many friends who are determined
that he shall be one of the republican
legislative nominees on April 20.
"I want to go to the legislature
for the experience in public service
that I will receive," he said. "I had
no thought of becoming a candidate
until some of my friends came to
me and promised me their support
if I would file."
John N. Baldwin, republican can
didate for public defender, has prac
ticed law in Omaha since 1911, with
the exception of two years he was
in the armv. He is known to many
as "Jack Baldwin." There are 13
aspirants for the republican nomina
tion for the . office ' to which he
Former Opponent of
Joe Gans Committed
To Insane Asylum
Fremont. Neb., April 8. (Spe
cial.) William ("Kid") Parker, who
fought Joe Gans for the lightweight
championship of the world 21 years
ago, was committed to the state
hospital for the insane today. A
blow on the head suffered during a
fight is said to be the cause of his
insanity. Parker is now .43 years
old. 1
Until his fight with Gans Parker
had met and vanquished some of the
best of the lightweights, most of
his battles being staged in Denver.
There he met Gans and was knocked
out, never to draw on a glove again.
In 1908 Parker was sent to the
Norfolk insane asylum, but later
discharged as cured. The old trouble
recently returned, the "Kid" suffer
ing from religious mania. Of late
years he has been living with a sis
ter at Arlington, Neb.
First Funeral Ship From
France Brings 87 Bodies
New York, April 8. The trans
port Nansemond, first American
funeral ship from Europe, arrived
here early today with the bodies of
87 soldiers who died in base hos
pitals in England during the war.
Relatives and friends of the dead
assembled at the dock to receive the
nag-draped coffins.
that a kerchief with bright red roses
on it. And over the skirt she put a
new, clean apron.
Kit was dressed very splendidly,
too. He had full baggy trousers of
velveteen that reached to his ankles,
and a jacket that buttoned with big
silver- buttons. His trousers had
pockets in them.
Kit and Kat both wore stockings,
which Vrouw Vedder had knit, and
their best shoes of stout leather.
WVipn thpv wprp all HtpsqpH
Vrow Vedder stood them up side by
side and had them turn around
slowly to be sure they were all right
"Now see that you behave well in
meeting," she said. "Sit up straight.
Look at the Dominie, and do not
"Yes, Mother." said Kit and Kat.
Then she tied a big apron over
each of them and gave them each a
bowl of bread and milk. While they
were eating it Father Vedder went
What Do You Know?
If you have pimples, act at once on this
suggestion there can be no harm in it
and every probability of wonderful benefit.
Get some Poslam and apply directly over
the eruptions tonight. In the morning ex
amine the skin for improvement. If en
couraged, continue as necessary and you
will doubtless marvel at the rapidity and
effectiveness of this treatment. Now that
you know what it can do, you will find
many ways to utilize the healing proper
ties of Poslam. ,
Sold everywhere. For free sample write
to Emergency Laboratories, 243 West 47th
St., New York City.
And Poslam Soap, being medicated with
Poslam. will benefit your skin while used
daily tor toilet and bath.
(Hare's chance to make your wit
worth money. Each day The Bee will
nnhllah series of Quotations, nrepared
by MuDerlntendent J. II. Beveridge of the
public schools. They cover things which
you snouia Know, j ne urst twiiiyicw ub
of correct answers received from an Oma
ha reader of The Bee will be rewarded by
Sli the first from outside of Omaha will
win the same. The answers and the
names of the winners will be published on
the day Indicated below. Be sure to give
your views and address In full. Address
"Question Editor," Omshs Bee.)
" 1. Where is the Alamo?
2. What bishop of the Methodist
church established the chautauqua
3. When was the Panama canal
4. What Milwaukee socialist has
twice been denied a seat in congress
after being elected?
5. Who is generally credited with
the invention of the reaper?
(Answers Published Tuesday.)
1. Alexander Stephens.
2. A custom of filling govern
mental offices with one's own po
litical friends.
3. Lawrence in the war of 1812.
4. Thomas Jefferson.
5. The United States claimed that
Oregon extended upward to thi
parallel and Great Britain utterly re-
j iected the claim.
Winner Helen Markwell. 500
jDampn street, Council Bluffs. Ia.
out and looked at the pigs, and
chickens, and ducks, and geese, and
smoked his pipe.
, When he came in Kit and Kat
were quite ready. Vrouw Vedder
had tied on Rat's little white
winged cap, and put Kit's hat on.
She kissed them good-bye, and they
were off one on each side of
Father Vedder, holding tight to his
Mother Vedder looked after them
proudly, from the doorway. She did
not go to church that day.
They walked 'slowly along the
roadway in the bright sunshine.
Many of their neighbors and friends,
all dressed in their best, were walk
ing to church, too.
(Rights reserved y Houghton Mifflin Co.)
Lighting Fixtures,
den. Adv
Announcement of
For the Republican Renomination
for Representative in Congress
I respectfully submit to the voters of the Sixth
District my candidacy for renomination for Congress.
I believe the record of my 17 years of service is a guar
antee of the efforts I have made in their behalf, also
of their confidence in the success of those efforts.
Great changes have come in that period. Agri
culture has become to be recognized as the most im
portant of our industries. Irrigation has developed
new areas of cultivation, and must "continue to do so.
Potash discoveries in our Sixth District has made it one
of the greatest factors in this country in furthering
agricultural development. i ,
My long service has placed me at the head of the
Committee on Irrigation-of Arid Lands, besides giving
me advanced positions on other committees, and has
otherwise afforded me an opportunity to be of still
larger service to my constituents, and it is because I
feel that I can render that better and larger service
that I submit my candidacy again to the voters of the
Sixth District.
I maintain there should be a more equitable di
vision between the price realized by the producer and
that paid by the ultimate consumer, and that this should
be accomplished largely by the firm enforcement of
existing federal antitrust statutes.
The cost of labor is regulated largely by the cost
of living, and American labor has the right to expect
a living wage, commensurate with American standards
of living as compared with the lower standards of
foreign countries.
I favor the reduction of the present heavy federal
taxes as fast as may be consistent with the actual ne
cessities of the government, based upon truly eco
nomical management, outstanding obligations, and the
maintenance of the integrity of our national credit, and
that the masses should be relieved in a measure by
shifting a portion of their tax burdens to the shoulders
of those who realized immense profits on war contracts.
Shall support the Soldiers four-fold adjusted
Compensation Bill, recommended by the American
, Am opposing compulsory military training in ac
cordance with the majority sentiment of my constituents.
Is' Wood Alcohol Fatal?
Copyright, 120. by The Wheelur
There is not a single property of
wood alcohol, except its poison
ous effects, by which anyone but
a chemist can distinguish between
purified "wood" and the ordinary
or "grain" alcohol. The appear
ance, odor and taste of the two
are so striking alike that : even
chemists who have had much, ex
perience with them are unable by
these properties to distinguish be
tween them with certainty. .This
difficulty is greatly increased
when flavoring matter or coloring
material of any kind is added.
The action of wood alcohol
upon the human or animal or
ganism is, however, entirely dif
ferent from that of ordinary al
cohol. When the latter is taken
into the body it is rapidly con
verted into water and carbonic
acid gas harmless substances of
which any excess is promptly
eliminated by the kidneys and
lungs. Wood alcohol, on the other
hand, is not so changed. It re
mains nn the body for a consider
able time and is slowly made over
into formic acid, a poison which
is found in the bodies of ants.
This poison, together, with an
other from the same source
formaldehyde attack the brain
and other organs, causing blind
ness or death. These effects have'
resulted from as small a dose as
two teaspoonfuls of the poison
and chemists agree that it is at
impossible to produce a non
poisonous wood alcohol as it is
to make a harmless prussic acid.
Tomorrow's Question Why is
there a hollow place in a boiled
"20 Minutes to a Club House"
"Still Arguing"
Versatile Venders of Varieties "
Cycling and Roller Skatinf
Photoplay Attraction
Frank Keenan
Sunshine Comedy
Pathe Weekly
i assr mm vauosvih.
RHEA; Bert Hanlon; Duffy & Caldwell;
Pisano; Topica of tha Day; Kinograms.
tG4tW tfT3 1 Daily Mat. 15-2S-50C
JJCfyt Evngs.. 25-50-75C 1
Last Times Today-2.1 5-8:30
sRS:r London Belles ."MS.
Tomorrow (Saturday) Matinee aim Wee
Athletic Program
Johnny Sudenberg
of Omaha
Fighting Indian
of Walthill, Neb.
Five Other Good Six-Round
Tickets On Sale
Ernie Holmes Pool Hall
Townaend Gun Co.
Mickey Gibson'
And other leading cigar
Another Big Dance
De Luxe Dancing Academy
Rohan's Orchestra
Brandeis Theater
By Omaha Opera Association
Tickets SOc to $2.50
You'll miss 1,026
laughs and grins
if you don't see it.
Tom Moore
in 'Toby's Bow'
A great novelist one hour
drunk and dead broke the next I
But he reformed. Yes, there
was a girl in the plot! .
Usaaai I mi UaMMM -mmmmm
Frankie Mann
' and
Stuart Holmes
The Glory of Unknown
Lands! The Thrill of
Strange Peoples! The
Charm of Foreign Civ
ilization! The Love of
Adventure Which Burns
in Every Human Heart!
The Longing for New
Sights, Strange Experi
ences, Brave Deeds,
Danger, Thrills, Changed
Life, Love! .
Distributed by
in a stirring drama
A Big
Double Bill
That IS