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Canvass of Public Men Visit-
1 ing Washington Serves to
Intensify Rapidly Crys
tallizing Sentiment.
Washington, March 23. (Spe
cial.) Whjle Washington headquar
ters of other republican presidential
. candiJates turn out reams of copy
daily extolling the virtues of their
respective entries, sentiment in the
east i rapidly crystallizing for a man
who has no headquarters and no
paid boomers in the national capital.
The inan is General Pershing,
who is not actively a candidate, but
tor whom Nebraska neighbors and
friends started a movement a few
weeks ago that has the avowed
candidates wondering if the Persh
ing boom is not very shortly going
to vreck a lot of other boomlets.
The best evidence of the healthy
state of the campaign that is being
made for General rershing is re
vealed in the hotel column of the
Washington Post. This hotel col
umn .is an institution. If there is
an open forum for unadulterated
public sentiment in America the
Post hotel column is the place. It is
conducted by Harry N. Price, who
is known to every public man in
America. The topics discussed run
the gamut of national and world af
fairs. Four interviews appear daily in
'this , column, from visitors from
every section of the United States
or from foreign lands. It is sig
nificant that almost daily some
prominent visitor to the national
capital has had something to say
about the growing sentiment for
General Pershing.
There is every evidence now that
the democrats are not going to be
beaten lying down. They are get
ting together a big campaign fund
and have been flirting outrageously
with Herbert Hoover.
Another thing which shows rather
conclusively that General Pershing
is becoming a dangerous factor was
the recent copyright article of Wil
liam Jennings Bryan in eastern
papers warning against a military
candidate. But here Mr. Bryan
misted the mark, for of all the talk
heard of General Pershing, it is not
because he is a military man, but a
big American, who can be de
pended on to give the country a
business administration.
Novelty Styles
Suits and Coats
? I for kaster
Hundreds Flock to
See the Faith Healer
(Continued From Flrat Face.)
son treated by Mr. Hickson. The
healer stepped into the ambulance
on his way from the rectory to the
church and talked with Mrs. Law-
son for five minutes.
Jesse Bacon of Hiteman, la., who
is suffering from a broken back
sustained three years ago, was
pushed into the church in his wheel
Mrs. A. C. Karr. livtnor eight
miles south of Council Bluffs, was
so crippled with rheumatism that
her husband required the assistance
of Patrolman Ed Barrett to help
her into the church.
The son of Mrs. S. B. Jones of
the Hotel Merriam, Omaha, picked
his mother up and 'carried her up
the tteps in his arms.
Nebraska Blind Women.
Four blind women from the Ne
braska School for the Blind attend
ed the mission. They were Mrs.
E. S. Glaze of Pierce, Neb.; Mrs.
Ida Douglas of Hastings. Neb.;
Miss Elsie Carruth of Scotia, Neb.;
and Mis. C. Reese of Nebraska
"I am not a 'miracle man'!" said
Mr. Hickson. "I have had henling
powers since I was 14 years old,
but there is nothing 'miracu
lous' or new about my work. My
mission is simply a revival of faith
healing in the Christian church.
"There is no question but that
God is capable of healing physical
as well as spiritual illness. But the
extent of His ministrations is con
trolled by the limitations of human
faith. Faith healing is as old as the
Christian church. ' 4
"It is sacrilegious for persons to
say T have tried .his and that, now
I will try faith healing.'
No Power of Own.
The entire congregation joined in
the Lord's prayer at the opening of
the .services. The rector, Rev. W. E.
Mann, then offered a prayer for the
sick. At 10:10 Mr. Hickson stepped
into the pulpit and gave a 20-minute
"Jesus Christ is the only healer, I
have no healing power of my own,"
he said. "Faith healing is sure, but
it is usually gradual. Men need a
fresh vision of the presence of Jesus
Christ. If I did not believe that
His living presence is in this church
this morning' I would not dare lay
my hands upon you.
Diseases of Soul.
"Men should awaken to a need of
deeper understanding of religion.
There are soul as well as body dis
eases. Every person who has a dis
ease is under bondage of spiritual,
mental or physical ailment.
"Faith healing is not pew. It was
even common during the first 100
years of the history of the ch'urch.
Then its practice became lax until
the present time, when there is a
new movement to revive it.
"Disease and sin to Christ were
real. Medical science and medi
cine were created by God. Faith
healing in no way conflicts with this
practice. They work together."
"Let there he no whispering or
looking about," warned Mr. Hick
son at the close of his talk. "Pray
for your brothers, but don't stare at
Mrs. C. F. Bellman, 818 South
Fiftieth street, a member of All
Saints church, arrived at St. Pauls
church at 4 a. m. She remained until
treated by the healer at 11. Mrs.
Smaller, Thirty-second and Wool
worth avenue, another Omaha wo
man, came early to attend the mis
sion and drove away hurriedly after
being treated.
.Feels Magnetic Thrill.
R. V. Cox, a train dispatcher
from Alliance, Neb., who has suf
fered from paralysis for three years
and 'entered the church on crutches,
verified the boy's statement about
the strange sensation. He said he
felt a magnetic thrill when the heal
er put his hand on the back of his
Mark Daniel Nelson of Manches
ter. Okl., was another 10-year-old
sufferer treated by Mr. Hickson. He
is paralyzed and unable to walk. He
was accompanied by his father, A.
J. Nelson.
Mrs. Bertha Smith, 2915 Mason
street, Omaha, had to be carried
into the church, but felt so much
improved that she succeeded in
walking out with assistance after
treatment. She is suffering from
paralysis' of the right side and had
been bedridden for five years.
Fifteen-year-old Alfonso Fertig,
2408 Cass street, a student at Cen
tral Park school, said he felt much
better after meeting the healer. He
is suffering from paralysis of the
limbs and is a hunchback.
Confined to Wheel
Chair Three Years,
Visits Faith Healer
.vwi.v.-.yw mn - : U&KMBW
Jesse Bacon of Hiltman, la., in the
wheel chair to which he has been
confined for three years, since an
accident in which his back was
broken, receives treatment from
James Hickson Moore, faith healer.
Americans Paying
Billions to Support
Civilian War Machine
(Continued From First Page.)
a partisan, I am frankly of the opin
ion that there will not be a dis
mantling of the War department
until the republicans come into jiow
er with new chiefs at the head of
departments and bureaus dctei
mined to retain those who are effi
cient and necessary and at the same
time discharge without delay those
who can be spared and who are in
efficient." ,
Small Reduction Since October.
There has been a reduction of
only 2,840 employes since October
31, 19W, when the figures stood
thus in the principal executive
Nov. 11, Out. 21,
April 1,
. . .S.2S5
. .6.376
191 K.
S.ijti 1
. 1,227
Interior 5.294
Govt, printing 3.996
AKrlculture 4.200
I'liHtofflre 2,097
Commerce ,...1,650
Shipping hoard .... 22
Supt. bullillnga 1S7
I'ppartniPUt of labor ....
TVpartmont of Interior
War department
Department of jumite
United states civil service...
Public printer 6,097
Department of commerce 12,755
Department of agriculture 20,454
Department of state 79S
Federal trade commission 4!3
Navy department 104,422
Poatoffire department 291,234
Treasury department 71,07
Federal reserve board 405
Interstate commerce commission... 1,785
Smithsonian Institution 463
Shipping board 2,500
Panama canal no
Omaha's First French War
Bride Baby Arrives in City
Omaha's first French war bride
baby arrived at Methodist hospital
yesterday afternoon, when a boy
was born to Mrs. Jacqueline Law
son, wife of Homer C. Lawson,
3221 Harney street, who went over
seas with the 341st machine gun
battalion and returned with his
French bride last July
The international baby voiced his
enthusiastic approval of Omaha as
a birthplace, 'hospital attendants re
port, and "doing fine" was the an
nouncement from, the mother's bedside.
Free Iris Plants All purchasers
of seed or nursery stock, regardless
of amount bought, will receive free
Iris plants this spring-. We have no
agents. Meneray Nursery and Seed
Store, 3341 West Broadway, Council
Bluffs, la. Pho!! 1698. Adv.
The Styles
Are Individual
Cost less than
ground floor prices.
An average of $10.00
to $15.00 saving on
every garment.
How About Some Shirts?
WE have a very large
and complete line
of Shirts for Spring and
Summer display. Shirts
will not be any cheaper
in fact, they will cost
more next year, and if you
would be thrifty it would
be a "good" idea to
stock up for this season
and next.
' New patterns, rich colors.
All fast colors Percales,
Madras, Silk Mixtures
and Silks.
A Special Assortment
Real Buys at $3.00
S. E. Corner
16th and
Phoenix Hose for Women and Men
Thursday Designated as
"Cheap Cut" Day in Local
H. C. L. Campaign Butch
ers Co-Operate in Fight.
Mrs. C. G. Ryan, federal fair
price commissioner for Nebraska,
working in co-operation with the
members of the Retail Grocers' aiid
the Master Butchers' association of
Omaha, has selected Thursday of
this week as the first day when the
public will be urged to purchase
what is termed "cheap cuts" in an
effort to lower the high cost of
It is the plan of the grocers ano
butchers to offer special inducement
to their customers to use "rough
cuts" of meat, including lamb and
mutton stew, veal stew, pot roasi
rnd boiling beef, ham ends and
hocks. These cuts will be offered
to the consumer at about one-hall
what the better cuts cost.
To add impetus to the campaign
and to bring it before the house
wives of the city Mrs. Ryan yester
day morning arranged conferences
with the Omaha Women's club
economic department, Dundee
Women's club, the Benson club wnd
also representatives of the packing
industries and the meat dealers.
Less Costly Bills.
"The day has been set apart by
the Department of Justice to intro- 1
duce consumers to less costly beef, I
so that they may use parts of the
carcass hitherto neglected and here
after vary their diet and lower their
bills." said Mrs. Ryan.
"The public ought to know about
short ribs, for instance. Short ribs
have been selling for IS or 20 cents.
Prime ribs sell around 33 cents.
"Short ribs come from the same
animal and almost the same part of
the animal as the prime ribs. Vet
customers in the Omaha markets
take the prime ribs home after pay
ing higher prices.
"Husbands downtown for lunch
eat the inexpensive cuts at cafes and
restaurants, yet they go home at
night and expect the more ex
pensive parts of the steer. Why
don t more housewives learn, the
inexpensive cuts can be made just
as tasty? The housewife holds m
her own hand the remedy for very
ugh meat prices.
Rules for Housewives.
Several little rules for housewives
have been laid down for the Thurs
day meat buving campaign against
high prices. Some of them are:
'Huy the neglected cuts.
"Eat chuck steaks and New Eng
"The Store for Women"
Particularly Featuring i
Smart New f
Spring Suits
This is an unusual value,
both from style value and I
the intrinsic value of ma- f
terial and trimming. 1
Tricotines, Serges I
and the Popular t
Velour Checks I
Z in a variety of models that I
I reflect the advanced modes 1
I of the season. A typical I
I Haas Brothers offering -
: $49.50. :
I Haas Brothers ;
. Balcony Floor, Paxton . Block m j
I 16th and Farnam Z
I Use Elevator Entrance on 16th St. Z
i For Your Victor Player Piano ?
: si.oo $1.25 :
. 10c extra 3c extra r
- by mail. by mail. "
MOsric Co. I
1807 Farnam J
land boiled dinners Thursday and
tomorrow you will find the sirloins
"Buy short ribs."
"The stockman produces whole
steers for us. We must eat the
whole thing."
The meat crusade is not to be
confined to one Thursday, but is to
be continued, Mrs. Ryan said. This
idea originated with the grocers and
butchers of Omaha and will not in
terfere with the Save-Money-On-Meat
Week inaugurated by the De
partment of Justice and which will
begin in Omaha the week of April
Nebraskans Confer on
Service Bonus Bill
(Continurd lom Flnt Tat".)
unjust and uncalled for because this
, was the first time the legion had
I agreed among themselves and there
; was "no buck" before congress for
: anybody to pass. He said that er
I ratic messages sent by the Douglas
county post to representatives in
congress would prove of little bene
fit to the cause.
In his reply to the telegram, Sen
ator Norris took occasion to say
that the statement made about
"passing the buck" was "wholly un
warranted." Continuing, he said:
"Your telegram is the first intima
tion I have had that any member of
the Nebraska delegation is trying to
dodge the issue 1 believe that
member of the Nebraska delegation,
as all other members of congress,
desire to do everything they can
for the benefit of our soldiers. I
think they will go any distance that
is possible and construe every doubt
in their favor."
Opposes Military Training.
Apropos of a petition signed by a
number of citizens of Phelps count?
in opposition to military training,
which Congressman Andrews rc
ceived today, the latter placed in the
Congressional Record his views on
this very live question. Mr. An
drews says:
"Before beginning to spend bil
lions more to prepare for another
war, we should do something for the
boys who won the last war. If a
bill should be brought ' before the
house to establish compulsory mili
tary training. I will vote against it.
1 will do all I can to reduce ex
penditures and thus prepare for the
reduction of taxation."
The Silk Shop
Woolen Coatings
A truly unusual assort
ment is being displayed just
now, essentially fashionable
woolens, such as batavia,
patinette, peau de gant,
vermond, glove cloth and
fabrique d'or.
Sport Silks
All the lustrous weaves
and mellow colorings that
Springtime brings are, in
readiness for warmer days,
Dewkist, Mignonette, Kum-si-Kumsa,
Mirette and Fair-
way Crepes.
We shall be more than
leased to shoH you the
Spring fabrics.
Children's Hosiery
A most dependable pur
hase is Pony Hosiery; they
are very nearly indestructi
ble and have the closely
fitting good looks so diffi
cult to attain in children's
For girls, Lisle and Silk
Lisle Hose with triple
knees, heels and toes, are
to be had in tan, cordovan,
black or white, for 65c and
75c a pair.
For boys, medium weight
Black Hose, with triple re
inforcements, are also to be
had in black only for 65c
and 75c a pair.
Misses' Silk Plaited Hose,
finely ribbed, come in white
or black, 'for $1.50 in the
small sizes and $1.75 in the
Inquire about our half and
three-quarter Hose for in
fants and children; roe have
a most unusual v showing of .
styles that are not to be found
Hosiery Main Floor.
An Unusual Sale of
Chapeaux Chic for Easter
Fbwer Trimmed Hats
Shiny Smooth Straws
Shiny RougK Straws
Dress Hats
Off the Face Hats
Roll Brim Sailors
Hair-Brim Effects
Raffia-Trimmed Hats
Dardanelle Sailors
Picture Hats
April Fourth is Easter Sunday this year and it is therefore
highly advisable to make your millinery selections now when
our stoclis are largest and our assortment complete. Tomor
row's event brings to you many unusual values hats that
ordinarily would be marked considerably more.
May we suggest to our patrons that early
morning shopping has many advantages.
That Scarcest of Garments
A Large Size Tailleur
With the straight, perfectly taifored lines
which slenderize and the finer distinctions of
trimming which make them attractive.
Sizes forty to forty-eight
An all-inclusive showing of Tricotine and
Poiret Twill Suits in navy blue. They are beauti
fully hand-tailored and in a number of cases
hand-embroidered, and the extent and variety
of the collection is all that could be desired.
Priced from $9830 up
Large size coats in tans and navy
blues are also being shown
Apparel Section Third Floor.
A Sale of
and Bandeaux
You will undoubtedly
be able to find several
worth-while savings in
Wednesday's sale of
odds and ends.
All priced 69c
Corset Dept. Second Floor.
Dainty Edgings
and Insertions
Swiss, nainsook, and
cambric edging and inser
tions in charming designs.
Wide flouncings, from
12 to 27 inches wide.
And a most complete
showing of headings, seam
headings, bandings and in
sertions for dresses.
North Aiile Main Floor.
Orders for
All descriptions of
needlework, embroider
ing, hemming, crochet
ing, and the like, stamp
ing on every sort of ma
terial, and lamp shades
of unusual beauty are
executed to your order
by competent workers.
Inquire in the Art Depart
ment on the second floor.
Fine Madeira
A very soft, sheer
fabric, quite free from
starch or filling, which
is admirable for dainty
undergarments. A spe
cial value is offered
Regularly 55c a yard
$5 a bolt of 10 yards
Linen Section.
New Mode? in Spring
In these charming de
signs Milady will find
particularly evident all
of those delicate femi
nine refinements that
have made Fry 3hoes
the essential footwear
among women of care
fu 1 discrimi nation.
Many new models have
just been received
both for informal use
and formal occasion.
Priced as Low as Good Footwear Can Be Sold
lbth and Douglas
To get in or out of business, use
1 1 he l&c Wa:it Ad columns.
Am American "Spa" B taring
Favorablm Companion With
E'cIumiv Foroign Rmiortt
loO acres of wooded ground-, lo
cated upon high hills; one of the
most desirably situated hotels on
ins continent for people requiring
absolute Rest and Recuperation.
A Mineral Water beneficial for
Uver and Kidney disorders.
Scientific Massage and Baths for 1
Kiieumatic ailments.
A Cafe operated upon the kuro-
pT..P an,-with "Tab'e d'Hote"
and A la Carte" meals at sensible
Information and Boekltts Can Be Had
at tha Rtaort Buraau of thli paptt
r by Addrtaalnr
James P. Donahue, Proprietor
Hotal Colfai and" Mineral Sprinti,
On tht Rock Itland Lintt
Bee Want Ads Product Results,