Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 01, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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Hagob Abajian Comes to the
United States and Learns of
Massacres at His Old
Home Town.
From a'humble rug salesman and
repairer in one of Omaha's big fur
nishing stores to the proprietor of
a 2,000-acre estate, underlaid with
rich coal fields, is the prospect fac
ing Hagob Abajian, 2212 Farnam
street. Abajian, known as "Jack"
to his friends, is employed in the
rug department of Orchard & Wil
lielm's store.
Twenty-two years ago when lie
was 16 years old, Abajian bade
farewell to his home near Sivas,
Armenia, in Turkey. His father
was one of the wealthiest and most
influential men of the country. The
Armenians at that time were liv
ing at peace with their obnoxious
neighbors, the Turks. Abajian
tells vividly of the beautiful coun
try about Sivas, the elaborate home
m which lie dwelt and the happy
cnuunooa days he remembers.
Comes to America.
tie went to Paris, a lad of 16, to
study, preparatory to returning
home to take his place with his
father. In 1898 his allowance was
suddenly cut off and he heard re
ports of Turkish outrages back
home. Without means, he came to
America. Letters received during
the next few years told of the
Turks' oppressions. "My father
was thrown into jail at least three
times, the Turks taking this means
to force him to give up money,"
says Abajian. "This letter told of
the persecution heaped upon the
people of my boyhood home. My
brother, Dick, fled from Armenia
to America and is now with our
army in France.
"Nearly four years ago the letters
stopped. Since then I have read re
peatedly of massacres about my
home town, and that locality was
included in the deportations. I have
no doubt that my family, if any of
them yet live, has been scattered
over that land."
Seeks News of Parents.
When he learned Dr. and Mrs.
Gannaway of Stuart, IVeb., were go
ing to Armenia to do relief work,
Abajiau went to them with the re
quest that they seek to learn some
thing of his parents, if they are alive.
He also asked Dr. Gannaway to
take occasion, if he visits that part
of Armenia, to ascertain whether
the Abajian homestead is still intact
' I have no doubt the Turks have
taken it, and probably, under Ger
man supervision, were mining the
coal," said he, "but under the new
order of peace, with provisions that
are certain to come from the Dig
congress at Paris, I hope our land
will be returned. I will return just
as soon as I can to look up my par
ents myself."
While playing about his father's
home when a' child Abaj'an saw
the Armenian rug-makers at work.
He enjoyed playing with them, he
said, and in that way learned the
art of making rugs. Part of his du
ties at the Orchard & Wilhelm store
is to repair costly rugs that , are
worn, Or torn, and he finds the craft
learned during his boyhood play
days of great value during his life
in America.
First Day's Business
of the White Elephant
Sale Netted $2,500
All bargain hunting and recrea
tional roads lead to the White
Elephant sale conducted at the
Auditorium by the National League
far Woman's Service, for the benefit
of the near east war relief fund.
Proceeds for the first day's busi
ness Thursday total close to $2,500.
If the stock holds out, the total pro
ceeds for the sale which closes Sat
urday night, will exceed last year's
record of $6,000.
"The Belgian and Duryea relief
drives for clothing and the two Red
Cross salvage department's activi
ties for the past year have cleared
everyone's garret of 'white ele
phants.' That's why we have a
iiard time keeping our stock re
plenished," said Mrs. A. L. Reed.
"The ban on raffling articles and
additional expense for renting the
building and music will cut into our
proceeds." said Mrs. Arthur C.
Smith, chairman.
Dancing, fortune telling and an
excellent chicken dinner are the
special features for tonight, aside
from the sale.
Keeping an eye on lost children
was the principal business of the
women in charge during the rush
hours of the sale Thursday. So en
chanted were the women bargain
hunters that their children wander
ed away.
Mrs. Arthur -Smith and Mrs. J.
Clarke Coit held infants while their
mothers made the rounds of the
shopping stalls.
Railway Mail Employes
to Get Increase in Pay
An increase in the salaries of the
railway mail employes "has been an
nounced in a telegram received by
the department
This increases the entrance salary
from $900 to $1,200 and the maxi
mum sa'ary from $1,800 to $2,100.
Travel allowance was increased to
$2 per day and the age limit for rail
way postal service reduced to 60
This bill has just passed the sen
ate. The retirement bill has been
reported favorably to the house.
Girl Swindler Bilks
Stores, Jumps Bond
Beatrice Littlejohn, 19-year-old
octaroon, who secured more than
J500 worth of wearing apparel from
Omaha stores, having the goods
charged to leading society women,
jumped a $500 bond in police court
and has left tlje city. She was ar
rested January 9 by Special Officer
Finn and was to have been tried to
day. A continuance was taken until
March in an attempt to locate her
present whereabouts and return her
to Omaha for trial
J ' '
Sergt. Leo W. Gardner, reported
wounded July 15, and whereabouts
unknown, writes his sister. Miss
Laura B. Garner of Florence, that
he expects to return soon. Much to
his regret his wounds will not per
mit his returning within two
months to his company. Sergeant
Gardner was with the first on the
firing line.
RAISE $40,000
Receipts of Double Triangle
Campaign to Be Used for
Educational and Ameri
canization Work.
"Few people realized the scope or
importance of the work which is
done by the Y. M. I. A. among
boys, and along educational lines,
said David Call, head of the double
triangle drive.
"In the course of a year about 850
different boys are members ot the
association, joining in the various
activities which help to . produce
clean livinsr and strong character.
"Approximately 250 high school
boys this year alone are joined to
gether in clubs which are designed
to raise the morale and standard of
living among the high school fel
lows. Literally thousands of boys
in the community are touched by
the association program which is
furnishing them a profitable way to
spend their leisure time and con
stantly pullinsr them toward better
citizenship and higher ideals, just at
a time in their lives when their
ideals are being formed, and serv
ing as a working basis for their fu
ture lives.
Hundreds Take "Gym" Work.
"Many hundreds of young men
are also lined up in the gymnasium
and athletic classes in a program
which will make them more fit to do
their day's work and make them
stronger and better leaders in the
The educational department en
rolls approximately 900 men each
year, who are taking advantage ot
their spare time to make them
selves more efficient in their work
and to increase their earning ca
J. his department this year has
conducted a large number of
courses to help men to prepare
themselves very definitely to give
better service to the nation in its
military activities. Now that the
war is over this department is
bending its energies to fit young
men to re-establish themselves in
civil life in a better and larger way
than they could otherwise do.
"The department has been active
in teaching English to coming
Americans and assisting large num
bers of men to prepare and secure
their citizenship papers. .
"These are some of the activities
in the regular work of the Y. M. C.
A for which its share of the $40.
000 double triangle campaign will
be spent.' This campaign is in co
operation with the Y. W. C. A., do
ing similar work for girls without
regard to creed or race.
"This campaign will take place
February 3, 4 and 5, and many
teams of both men and women are
formed and ready to take part,"
Mr. Cole concluded.
Amended Charter Will
Make Street Car Folks
Pay for More Paving
The city commissioners decided
unanimously yesterday to en
dorse an amendment to the Omaha
charter which shall make the street
railway company pave the street be
tween its tracks and for a distance
of 13 inches on each side. At pres
ent the company paves only be
tween the rails of each track.
Other amendments were agreed
on. One is to create a "revolving
fund" for paving and other street
improvements. At present warrants
are issued for payment of such work.
Contractors in many cases have
found these warrants useless as col
:ateral. The amendment would pro
vide issuance of 20-year bonds in
payment for such work, together
with an adequate sinking fund for
retirement of the bonds.
The city wants to have the power
to initiate public improvements all
over the city instead of only within
a radius of a mile and a half of the
city hall, and an amendment to this
effect will be asked. Amendments
will also be asked to provide better
methods of receiving bids, designat
ing materials, etc.
Municipal Movie Machine
' Proves'a Great Success
The municipal movie machine was
used for the first time last night at
the community center in the Mason
school. Frank Elias, who operated
it, says it was a great success. Com
missioner Falconer will speak at the,
West Side school tonight. Other
community center meetings tonight
will be at the Lincoln, Castelar, Ed
ward Rosewater and Monmouth
Park schools,
pring Suits
In Modes of the 1
New Tailleur Type
There never was a season when style was
so essential, and these suits are replete with
all the charming
style features
that are exclu
sive and different.
1, (QUITS possessing
s m a r tness, without
me seventy one usu
ally associates vnth.
the tailored suit.
They are in line, fa
bric and coloring a
reflection of the
Parisian designer's
joyous spirit of Vic
Owing to the early, ad
vance of the Spring Season,
suits are being sold and
worn right now, so eager Is
every woman to secure for
herself one of the fascinat
ing new models, now on ex
hibition in our department.
IV Floor.
in -, : n
t. i -s.
I 1
l lit M I MM"-J II VI If 11 VI
Til i. A rv s-i i. nr i a VI
Thise Sellings for Saturday
pea cc;vij:c ohaha
Store Hours 9 A M. to 6 P. M.
Sweet Peas, largo bunches 494
Large bunches ot Violets, per
bunch 194
Cyclomnns, Primroses and many
other beautiful blooming plants,
priced up from 504
Boston Ferns, ea. 594 and 694
Japanese Ferneries, for table
decorations, up from 1.00
Main Floor
Exceptional Advantages in Our Sale of
1 1
11 lrw (ULIL HU
A most important opportunity for women who desire to purchase
high quality furs at prices assuring a substantial money-saving
Coats, Capes, Coatees, Muffs, Scarfs, etc.
All Fur Pieces Included. Nothing Reserve
A very large assortment to choose from qualities that are of the
finest, styles the very best many women are buying now. We
quote here a few of the offerings: -
One Muskrat Coat, reversed I One Taupe Muskrat Box
border, Australia Opossum Coat, hip length; regularly
$i8, now ffll&fi
1L dVrk
- " ''faun :
$econd Floor V
Collar and Cuffs, regularly
$375, now $250
One Natural Raccoon Coat,
fine silk lined; regularly
$198, now 132.50
Select Hudson Seal Coat,
regularly $600, now $400
One Select Muskrat Coat,
regularly $322,
now 214.67
One Mink Cape, Stole front;
regularly $585, now $390
One Marten Stole, tail
trimmed; regularly $125,
now 83.34
One Jap Sable Cape, tail
trimmed; regularly $275,
now 183.34
One ' Taupe - Squirrel and
Hudson Seal Cape; regu
larly $185, now 123.34
One Mole Cape, for Scarf
Collar; regularly 118.50,
now $79
A Special Purchase and Sale Of
900 Girls' Tub Dresses
at 1.39 Saturday
THE important savings suggest liberal buying. Frock3 of cliambrays
in attractive colors or of fine ginghams in a variety of colorful
plaids and checks. Five chic styles are pictured.
Ages 6 to 12 Years Values 2.09 to 3.09
Every foresightcd "parent reading this announcement will immediately
realize the unusualness and importance of this offering. The price, 1.39,
would scarcely pay . for the material used in the making of these dresses.
Second Floor
Thread Silk Hose at 1.50
A Very Special Offering Saturday
Women's Thread Silk Hose, pure dye, In black,' white, fancy colors and shoe
shades; full fashioned; some all silk, others have lisle tops. This is a special lot,
worth 2.00 and 2.50; priced for Saturday only, pair at 1.50
Silk Boot Hose
Women's Silk Boot Hose, In white, black and fancy
shades, fashioned and seamless, regular and outsizes.
These are thread silk and fiber; all sizes. A big lot
of 1.00 values, pair 69V
Children's Hose
Children's Pure Dye Thread Silk Hose, in black only;
sizes 6 to 8, fashioned and seamless, fine ribbed,
good quality, worth 65c ; special Sat. pair at 390
Main Floor
( 51
A Large
A complete as
sortment at
prices to Butt
svery purse.
From the little
"Comics" at le
each, to tbe very
elaborate "Cut
out" designs; Ir
beautiful color-logs.
Prices lc and Up.
Mala Floor Book Stored-
Real Corset Service
Essential to Style and Comfort
WEAE, in corsets, is a matter of fit.
If your corsej don't fit well,- if
,ie boning is not placed exactly right, so
as to rest flat against the body, the cor
net will soon tear and get out of shape.
Vou buy a high-class corset when you
buy Madam Lyra Corsets; your style wilj
fit perfectly as though made for you.
Madam Lyra
Featured Saturday at
These Prices
at IB
In handsome silk
figured pink broche,
very low top, long
over hip, well
boned, high class
corset, popular
For slender figures
in popular topless
model, wide ribbon
band all around top
of corset, long over
hip, lightly boned.
The fitting service of our trained corsetieres assures
one of style, comfort and perfect fit the service is
at 5
A low top, free hip
model, in the
Madam' Lyra cor
sets, made of fancy
, broche, a remark
able value for Saturday.
American Lady Corsets, 1.50 to 5.00
Third Floor
The Boy's Section
Noteworthy Values Await Parents
The Importance of these offer
ings are so unusual that we feel
a great many will surely avail
themselves of these excellent
uargalna, for Saturday only.
At Special
Prices Saturday
Smart, snappy suits of reliable fabrics, In dark
and light mixtures. Some are all wooL Many have
double seat and knee; specially reduced for Sat
urday to these pricings:
At $15
Choose from the
20.00 and 22.50 Suits
I Iff i I
u .Jr
2nd Floor,
Af $10
Choose from the
15.00 and 17.50 Suits
2nd Floor,
Men's Bldg.
Boys' Knickers
Exceptional quality corduroys and
wool mixtures; well tailored.
About one-half are odd suit
pants. Plenty of every size, 6 to 17
years; values up to
3.50 pair, at
Boys' Flannel
Blouses and Shirts
Extra Special
Unusually well made, with two
breast pockets with flaps. In colors
of gray, olive, drab and khaki. All
sizes In the lot Former selling
prices to 2.50; choice- " Zf
Saturday, at l.Oy
Sale of Family
First aid necessities for the home medicine cabi
net at special prices in our large drug section.
Main Floor. j
Azurea or Le Trefle Face
Powder, all colors. Special
Glover's Mange Core 60c J
LIstcrlne Antiseptic 1.00
size bottle,' at 69
Stanlonlnd Liquid Paraffin
Oil, 75c size, at 4Q
Fozonnis Face Powder, COc
size, at 38fr
Java Bice Fowder, 50c
size box, at 33
laxative Cold Tablets, f
25c size box, at 19
Packers Tar Liquid Sham
poo, 60c size, at 39
Seareco Tooth Paste, 85c
size, at 25d
Lyon's Tooth Fowder, 25c
size, at 19
FInaad's Ean De Quinine,
65c size bottle, at 49
Hind's Honey and Almond
Cream, at 33
Benzoin and Almond Lo
tion, 35c size, at 19
Son Spl, special at 334
Ext. Witch Hazel, 8-os.
bottle for 19,
Epsom Salts, 1-pound pfeg.
tor 84
Senipre Glovlne, COc slzo
bottle at 494
Milkweed Cream, 50c she
jar, at 39
Rubber Gloves, Heavy, spe
cial, at G06
8-qL Maroon Fountain
Syringe, 1.19 value, 79
1711 White Rose Gly.
cerine Soap, at 104
Olovilo Soap, (or the toilet,
bar, at 84
Essex Peroxide Soap, spe
cial, bar, at 84
Jap Hose Toilet Soap, bar,
t 84
Locust Blossom Perfntne,
at, oz. 294
White Rose Perfume, spe
cial, per oz. 294
Bed Rose Perfume, spe
cial, per oz. 294
Victor Records
The February
List Ready
, A snappy, np to
the minute all bit
Come In and hear
them In our sound
proof booths.
Main Floor Fompelan