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Had Almost Given Up
Hope of Getting Well
When He Bagan
Taking Tanlac.
"Well, sir, I don't know what the
: ,,?ople will think when I tell them
I have actually gained fifty pounds
in a little les3 than three months
', by taking Tanlac, but it's the truth,
I'v.nd I don't believe I could feel any
I better than I do right now," said B.
,' P. Hubbard, foreman of the Amer
' jean Express Stables at Lincoln,
Neb., and living at 1000 L Street,
; "I had suffered from indigestion,
nervousness and rheumatism until
! I had just about given up hope of
; ever getting well. My appetite left
! ma entirely and what little I did
J cat seemed to do me harm instead
; of good. Gas would form on my
stomach and almost cut off my
J breath, and I had such awful smoth
1 cring spells at night that I could
(hardly get any sleep. I was badly
J constipated, had almost unbearable
headaches and would get so dizzy
at times that I would almost tumble
'over. I had rheumatic pains all
! over my body, couldn't raise my
' hands to brush my hair and my legs
were so stiff and painful that I
! could hardly walk and my wife used
J to have to help me in and out of
the buggy. I had fallen off sev
', cnty pounds in weight and was just
J a skeleton of what I was when my
'troubles began.
! "I was in miserable shape and do
(what I would I got worse until I
began taking Tanlac. One day I
.'saw in the prtper where a man had
;been relieved of similar troubles to
mine by taking Tanlac, so I got me
'a bottle at once and have never seen
.anything like it.- In just a few days
;my appetite was so big that I could
! hardly eat enough and from that
Itime on I have picked up in weight
;nnd strength rapidly. My stomach
trouble, rheumatism and nervous
ness are all gone. I don't have a
jhcadachi nor a pain of any kind and
I slocp good and feel fine all the
,'time. My wife has also taken Tan
Iac with splendid results and we are
'glad of th chance to tell everybody
'about it."
I Tanlac is sold in Omaha by all
;Sherman & McConncll Drug Com
pany's stores, Harvard Pharmacy
jnd West End Fharmacy under the
personal direction of a special Tan
lac representative. Also Porrest
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'state- of Nebraska. Adv.
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56th and Center. Office 15th A Harney.
I waa badly ruptured while lifting a
trunk several year a;:o. Doctors said my
only hope of cure was an operation.
Trusses did me no good. Finally I got hold
nf something that quickly and complete
ly cured me. Years have passed and the
Rupture has never returned, although I am
doing hard work as a carpenter. There
was no operation, no Inst time, no trouble
! have nothing to sell, but will give full
Information about how you may find a
complete cure without operation, if you
rrite to me, Eugene M. Pullen, Carpenter,
181-E Marcellus Avenue, Manasquan, N.
1. Better cut out this notice and show
It to any others who are ruptured you
inay save a life or at least stop the mis
rry ( rupture and the worry and danger
f an- operation. Adv.
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f Beautiful Hair
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x Praise.
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A massage with Parisian sage is a real
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Early Attitude of Resentment
is Giving Way to Friendli
ness by. Germans in
Occupied City.
Coblenz, Dec 18. (By Associated
Press.) Throughout the sector held
by the Americans, the men have set
tled down to what may be weeks of
occupation. Hms and Nassau are
two important towns which have
fallen to the French who were sent
into the American sector, but Xeu
wied, a big industrial center, and all
the other towns in the northern half
of the sector are held by the Ameri
cans. The Americans have followed
th" policy which characterized their
first days of occupation. They have
promulgated no drastic rules to gov
ern civil life and in every way have
endeavored to make the inhabitants
feel that they will not be molested as
long as they do not interfere with
the military duties.
On the first Sunday the results of
this policy were shown. , While the
people of Coblenz were still some
what resentful in their attitude, the
residents of the smaller towns
evinced none of this hostility.
Dressed in their Sunday clothes the
Germans attended church services
and appeared surprised to find
among the congregations in some
of the places a few of the enlisted
In the afternoon the children in
the villages made love frankly to any
of the soldiers who would permit 't,
clambered over the trucks and de
manded their turn to snuggle into
the seats on the guns in the artillery
parks. They were unreproved by
their parents, who smiled their toler
anre. The older among the men
and women not only made no ob
jections to billetings, as did many in
Coblenz and Treves, but frequently
showed a desire to make the men
feel at home.
Wherever bands were in action the
people crowded the street corners to
listen to the music, instead of hur
rying to their homes, a situation that
did r.ot exist when the invasL.i of
German territory was begun two
weeks ago.
Applications for 'eave of absence
are already largely on the increase,
but it is noticeable that the men are
not asking for permission to visit
distant points, but merely to make
excursions into the picturesque
Rhine regions, where almost every
valley 13 guarded by the ruins of a
medieval castle.
Three American Divisions
Holding Coblentz Bridgehead
American Armv of Occupation.
Dec. 18. (By Associated Press.)
l rom lett to right the first line
American divisions in the Coblenz
bridgehead area are the Second, 32d
and the First divisions.
The Second division occupies the
right bank of the Rhine to Honnin
gen with its headquarters at Hedes
dorf. The 32d division line runs
from Brietscheid, east to Hersch
back, where the line extends south
east through Alsbach to Sayn.
which is the headquarters of the
division. The First division is lo
cated between the 3Jd and French
headquarters at Montabaur.
The dividing line of the French
and American portions of the
bridgehead is the Lahn river from
the Rhine to the region of Ems.
whence the line zig-zags northeast
to the region of Maltneseicht, di
rectly east of Montabaur.
YOU have made many
pictures during these
war times, which, from
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1813 Farnam St.
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Casuaty List
. .The following Nebraska men are
named in the casualty list sent out by
the government for Thursday morn
ing, December 19:
Corp. John R. White, Bethany,
Electrician J. H. McCulloch, 2616
Brown street, Omaha, Neb.
Jasper A. Madsen, Heartwell,
Adam B. Young, superior. Neb.
Albert F. Harrison, Indianola,
Frederick Hynes, Crawford, Neb.
Roy E. Ingraham, Stromsburg,
Andrew Else Peterson, Utan, Neb.
Sergt. Fred E. Shockley, Arbor
ville, Neb.
Sam Peltz, 1514 Nineteenth street,
Omaha, Neb.
TERMINED. David J. Delph, Red Cloud, Neb.
Dewiett W. Keefe, York, Neb.
George J. Rogge, Tamora, Neb.
Dominico Dilugo, Lincoln, Neb.
Corp. John H. Goldner, Drexel
Hotel. Omaha, Neb.
Walter E. Blum, Rushville, Neb.
The folliiui.-ig Iowa, South Itakota anil
Wyoming men nre named in the casualty
Hut Bent nut by the government for Thurs
day moraine December 19:
t.lenn S. Calhoun, Bedford, la.
Sam Means, Whitentone, S. I).
lien Kuufman, Lake I'arU, In. f
l'rederlrk Soliauer, Sibley, S. 1).
Trirate Paul Joe limning, C.renville,
S. 1).
Trivate Ole S. Ilrattiet, I.emmon, S. V.
Nick ZornhowtKy, Sicux City, la.
Warren W. Hark. White, S. D.
Frank Kurnl, Fairfax, la.
Tehho 11. Knock, Lennox, S. I).
Kd W. tlacnhsnn. Sloan, la.
Timothy I.. O'Boyle, Vail, In.
Vernon M. Staples, Clinton, la.
Theoyhiel Tract, Hartwirk, In.
l.nrln I.. Jenness, Ionia, la.
Harry X. Owen, Iowa City, la.
Sergt. Bert C. Court, Cedar falls, la.
Corp. Arthur W. tloehrlnic, Ottunvna. la.
Mechanician Paul Jenson, Thermopolis,
W yo.
Ilnyard A. Dodge, Webster City, In.
Joseph Christensen. Forestburg, S. D.
Claud R. Mcf lain, Scranton, la.
Carl C. Coy. Arlington, S. I.
Harold Christian Anderson, Mason X'lty,
. Clarence F. (ilasgow, Cambridge, la.
Harry D. Hunt, Cincinnati, la.
Cinnard K. Liluequixt, Stanton, la.
I.eo V. Moynihnn, Marengo. la.
Elmer 1'. Hand, Laramie, Wyo.
Oscar W. Paulson, Del Rapids. S. D.
Harry Robertson, Sioux City. la.
Raymond M. Schmide. Dubuque, la.
Robert II. Seegrist, Lakeview, S. D.
Owen T. Staley, Bonne. la.
John Schroeder. Xew Hampton, "la,
Archie Hildebrand. Fulton. 8. D.
Mike Knokson. Williams, la.
Claude J. Kruse, Manning. Ia.
Robert K. Lemnr, Laramie, Wyo.
Fred Baumgartner., la.
Vincent J. Hogan. Farley. Ia.
Lars C. V. Olson, Beresford, S. D.
James W. Reese, Boone, la.
Lloyd II. Seitcl. lake Andes, S. P.
Clarence Sidwell. Moulton. Ia.
Rudolph M. Stelnlicht. Mllhank, S. D.
Ray W. White. Corwith, la.
Harvey L. Liming, Staman, la.
William H. Reutkemer, AllanUee, la.
(.force Corded, Athelston, la.
Carl A. Ifschult, Sloan, la.
John M. MeCullough, Montpelier, ta.
Corp. Riley D. Addison, I.eesvllle, Ia.
John Bnrtnan. Corsica, S. D.
ieorge Schramm. Arthur, la.
Alvin (iorence, Buffalo, S. P.
Hans II. Hinrlchs, Oemanche, la.
Charles J. l-ager, Adair, la.
Edward Stamp, tiorwin, la.
F.nrl C. Compton. Arthur. Ia.
August F. Conle.v. Auburn, la.
Roy E. Kiich. Williamsburg, la.
John C. McOuire, Crystal Lake, Ia,
Charley E. Xelson, Langford, S. D,
Must Still Conserve Wheat,
Says Federal Food Board
New York. Dec. 18. The neces
sity of continued conservation of
wheat was emphasized today in a
statement by the federal food board,
which declared that despite restric
tions imposed last spring, there
was less than 10 days' supply of the
product in American when the 1918
crop was harvested.
The board asserted that the
American public, by restricting its
use of wheat early in 1918 to the
barest necessities, enabled the gov
ernment, with a surplus of only 20,
000.000 bushels, to distribute 141.
000.000 bushels among the allied
No Public Buildings.
Washington, Dec. 18. There .will
be no general public building next
year. The house buildings commit
tee so decided today on a tie vote.
Distinguished service cross has
been awarded by General Pershing
to the following Iowa men for acts
of extreme heroism as follows:
Private (first class) Edwin D.
Bramble. Headquarters company,
102d infantry, for extraordinary
heroism in action at Marcheville,
France, September 26, 1918. Private
Bramble performed valuable service
in maintaining communication by
voluntarily repairing telephone lines
under a violent artillery bombard
ment. While so engaged he was seri
ously wounded. Home address, John
H. B. Bramble, father, Mapleton, la.
The Ideal Gift
Th Personal Writing Maehlnt.
It will be appreciated by each mem
ber of the household.
Weighs but Six Pounds and gives the same satisfactory service.
Supply limited on account Government orders.
Corona Typewriter Agency
Douglas 4121. 1905 Farnam St
Owners of Property Are Com
pelled to Flea by Conditions
of Anarchy Which Are
Warsaw, Dec. 18. (By Associa
ted Press. 1 Every train arriving
here is bringing the families of the
Polish nobles, land owners and su
gar manufacturers, refugees from
Ukrainia and Lithuania, where
bands o peasants are mas?acring
and robbing. This is particularly
:-ve of Ukrainia, from whicli place
the Germans, are slowly departing.
The correspondent talked with
Count Roman Potocki, who was
obliged to tlee from his estate ad
joining that of the Countess Josef
Gizycki, formerly Miss F.. M. Pat
terson of Chicago in Volhynia. The
rountess left at the beginning of
the war. Count Totocki said:
"Last year the peasants burned
a.ul robbed but this year they are
killing since they want the land.
They noted that during the Ger
man occupation the owners came
Lack, and so now they intend to do
.iway with the owners and do not
",-ish to destroy property, which
they later expect to own.
"It is necessary for the allies to
enter the country to replace Oer-
man troops, who have kept some
form of order. The Austrians, hav
ing sold their arms, left long ago
Fighting for the possession of
Ukrainia began weeks ago, the Skor-
onadski regime neing opposed ny
Pctoura, who is 40 years old and a
former music hall dancer, lie was
overthrown during German occupa
tion of the country, but as the Ger-
mans witncirew ne returned ana re
established himself. He has formed
a republic, but his domination of the
peasant bands is loose."
400,000 Armenians
Are Desperately in
Need of Outside Aid
Saloniki, Dec. 18. Charles A.
Dana, former executive secretary of
the Armenian and Syrian relief com
Inittce at Rcirut and Constantinople,
and William S. Nelson, former
American vice consul at Tripoli,
Syria, who have returned here from
Syria,' declare that there is urgent
need of relief among the survivors
of the deported Armenians now in
Asia Minor.
Both men agree that out of the
2,000,000 Armenians deported by the
Turks, 400,000 survived and say that
not more than one-fourth of the
Armenian population can survive
until the next harvest unless there is
outside help.
Two Men Shot in Quarrel
in Southern Pacific Office
San Francisco, Dec. 18. . H.
Hardy, chief freight agent of the
Southern Pacific company here, and
James Light, z friend, were shot and
leriously wounded in the ofhees of
William Servos, transcontinental
freight inspector of the company
here, early today during a quarrel
they were alleged to have had with
Servos. Servos was placed under
The Abandoned Room
By Wadsworth Camp
Dr. Groom is Surprised
Katherine started impulsively for
ward in an effort to stop him.Black
burn waved her away.
"You trying to scare me, Katy?"
he asked suspiciously.
"Evidently," Robinson commented
to Graham, "Howells wasn't as dull
as we thought him. Go on, Mr.
Plackburn. Wry were you afraid of
your grandson?"
"Maybe he can tell you better than
I can," the old man answered.
' Don't see any use raking up such
things, anyway. Maybe I'd been
pretty harsh with him. Anyway, I
knew he hated the ground I walked
on and would be filad enough to see
me drop in my tracks."
"That isn't so," Bobby said.
"You keep quiet now. You al
ways talked too much."
So the old feeling survived.
"Go on," Robinson urged.
"I'd always been a hard worker,"
Blackburn whinedfi "and he was a
waster. Naturally we didn't get
along. I'd decided to make a new
will, leaving m ymoney to the Bed
ford Foundation, and I wrote him
that, thinking it would bring him
hot foot to mae it up with me. I'd
bee nnervous ahout him before, be
cause I didn't know what might
come into his head when he was on
these wild parties. So I'd spoken to
Howells, thinking I'd trip him if he
tried any funny business. When he
didn't conic that night I got scared.
II: knew I wouldn't make the new
will until morning, and since I
couldn't see any man throwing all
that money away, I figured he'd
guessed he couldn't turn me and
wouldn't waste any time talking.
"When you got a lot of money and
a grnndson who hates you, you have
to think aof such things. Suppose, I
thought, he should come out here
drunk when I was sound asleep. I
knew he had a latch key, and he
might sneak up to my room before I
could even get to the tclepl. me. Or
I was afraid he might hire some
body. You can buy men for that
sort of work in Xew York. I tell
you the more I thought of it the
more I was sure he'd do something.
You'd understand if you lived in
this lonely place with all that money
and nobody you wanted to will it
to. I nearly sent for Howells right
then. But if nothing had happened
I'd have looked a fool."
"I wanted you to send for a
man," Katherine cried.
Bobby leaned against the wall, re
peating to himself the words of
Maria's note which accused him of
having made the very threat his
grandfather feared.
"So," Blackburn rambled on, "I
decided I wouldn't sleep in my room
that night, and I picked out the
least likely place for anybody to
find me. I was more afraid of him
than I was of the old room, but, as
I've told you, the old room made me
forget Master Robert."
Robinson stepped to Bobby's
"All along Howells was right.
Tell me what you did with that evi
dence." Bobby turned away. Katherine
tried to laugh. Graham beckoned to
"What's the use of bothering with
evidence against a suspected mur
dered when the murdered man
stands talking to you?"
Robinson frowned helplessly.
Parede sprang to his feet.
"You're taking too much for
granted, Graham. There was a
murder. Blackburn was killed.
We've as many witnesses to that
fast as we have that he's come back.
This man who talks with us, accus
ing Bobby, may not stay. Have you
thought of that? I have noticed
something that makes me think it
possible. I have been afraid to
spea kof it. But it makes me hesi
tate to say that this man is alive, as
we understand life. ' We have to
learn the nature of the forces we are
dealing with, exactly how danger
ous they are."
They started at a sharp rap on the
front door.
"Now who?" the old man whined.
"I wish you wouldn't look at me so.
It makes me feel queer. You're all
"It's probably Doctor Groom,"
Bobby said, and stepped to the door,
opening it.
It was Qroom. The huge man
walked in, struggling out of his
coat. At first the others screened
Silas Blackburn from him, but lieyac
knowledged their strained attitudes,
the excitement thai, still animated
Paredes' face.
"What's the matter with you?" he
asked. "Found something, Mr. Dis
trict Attorney?"
Robinson moved to one side, jerk
ing his thumb at Silas Blackburn.
Thecoat and hat slipped from D z
tor Groom's hand. His mouth
opened. His great body crept slow
ly back until the shoulders rested
against the wall. He placed the
palms of his hands against the wall
as if to push it away in order to ?s
surc further retreat. Ahvavs the
little, infused eyes remained fixed on
the man who had been his friend.
Such terror was chiefly arresting
because of the great figure con
quered by it.
Blackburn thrust his pipe in his
mouth. He laughed shakily.
"That fellow Groom will have a
The Doctor's gereting had the
difficult quality of a masculine sob.
"Silas Blackburn"
"Who do you think?" the other
whined. "You going to try to fright
en me out of my skin, too? These
people are trying to say I've been
lying dead in the old room. Hoped
you'd have enough sense to set them
right and tell me what it's all
The doctor straightened.
"You did lie dead in the old
His harsh, amazed tones held an
unqualified conviction.
"I saw you there. I helped the
coroner make the examination. You
had been dead for many hours. And
I saw you bolted in your cofiin. I
saw you buried in the graveyard
you'd let go to pieces."
The others had. as far as possible,
recovered from the first shock, had
done their best to fathom the mys
tery, but Groom's fear increased.
His reddish eyes trrew always more
alarmed. Silas Blackburn turned
with a quick, frightened gesture.
facinng the fire. Pacdes drew a deep
"Now you'll see." he said.
Doctor Groom shrank against the
wall again. After a moment, with
the motions of one drawn by an out
side will, he approached the figure at
the fireplace. Then Bobby savv.and
he heard Katherine's choked scream.
For now that his grandfather's back
was turned there was plainly visible
on the white of the collar, near the
base of the brain, a scarlet stain. And
the hair above it was matted.
(To Be Continued Tomorrow.)
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newspaper, was to use 35 airplanes,
which were to drop 5,000 incendiary
bombs containing chemicals which
would cause fires of such a nature
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No detention from business. No danger from chloroform, shock and blood poison, and
no laying up in a hospital Call or write Dr. ray. 305 Bee Bldg.. Omaha.
The Western Associated Jewelers
13th and Farnam Streets
Away from the high rent district. Direct Buyers and Supply House for 200
Branch Stores. Goods retailed at less than present wholesale prices. $5.00
Gold Rings $1.50; $5 Value Lockets $1 ; $5 Value Stick Pins $1. Many
other articles in proportion. See our line of Table Silver at $1 for
choice. Full assortment Wrist Watches for Men and Women.
Look over our offerings.
Taking Machines Too Payment Plan or Cash OPEN EVENINGS
BEATON DRUG CO., Omaha, Neb.
I When Buying Advertised Goods
Say You Kead of lhem in lhe bee
The Morning Hours
Are the Best
ifa an old story, oft repeated the early morning hours are the
best in which to do your Christmas shopping.
And it is true.
Stocks are newly replenished, complete and ready
Sales people are unfatigued and ready
Elevators are not crowded
Aisles are not congested
Delivery is certain
We realize of course that a great amount of the Holiday buying,
owing to lack of transportation facilities during the past week,
will have to be crowded in the few remaining days.
But those who begin shopping at 9 A. M. will accomplish more in
one hour than they can in any two hours later.
We request the co-operation of our patrons in this matter and
strongly urge them for their own comfort and convenience to
Shop Earlij in the Day
Associated Retailers