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$149,258 FROM
Farmers of Nebraska and
Iowa Contribute Forty-Eight
Loads of "Porkers" in
Two Months.
Patriotic farmers of Nebraska and
Iowa, during two months, have en
riched the Red Cross fund to the ex-
tent of $149,258.69 through their con
tributions of 48 loads of hogs, which
have been sold on the South Side
market for the benefit of the local
Two loads from Schuyler and one
load from Cedar Rapids, Neb., ar
rived Thursday, the total net proceeds
for the Red Cross amounting to $8,
635.11. Two loads from Schuyler
weighing 33,430 pounds, were sold to
J. V. Murphy for $16.90 per 100
pounds. The net for the Schuyler
chapter was $5,571.14. Bliss & Well-
man Commission company handled
them free of charge.
The Cedar Rapids load of 92 head
was consigned to Melady Bros. Com
mission company, who also donated
its services in disposing of the ship-
ment. lhe total weight of this load
was 18,440 pounds, and Swift & Co,
were the buyers, paying $17 per 100
pounds, lhe net for the Cedar Rap
ids chapter was $3,063.97.
T. T. Lapacek and Peter Hamata ac
companied the Schuyler shipment,
and the Cedar Rapids load was
brought in by D. E. Conant.
It Takes Time to Beat
f An Irishman, at That
Sergeant "Mjke" McCarthy, Irish
wit of the South Side police station,
is fond of playing jokes upon others,
but it is rare, indeed, that the son of
Erin is himself the victim.
"Mike" believes in a strict obser
vance of an eight-hour day, and that
there is no place like home after his
day's work is done. But his journey
homeward was delayed Thursday, all
because his watch failed to do its
duty, and kept him on his beat for
nearly an hour after the other officers
on the shift had reported in and de
"Guess the captain will have to de
tail someone to go out and notify
"Mile" when his day is up," said Desk
Serjeant ferns.
"Allied" Candidates Make
Talks Before Packing Men
A meeting was held by the "Allied'
c; u.uates tor city commission at the
1: orris Packing plant Thursday noon.
L:.(imates smith, J. owl, Ringer, and
-iii spoke to more than 1,000 men
Vl'c same speakers will talk at a
meeting at the Stock Exchange
bv.ikling today at 12:45. A meeting in
'ic .interest of the "allied" candidates
Tvi II also be held tonight in Rushing
Brief City News
M:Tie. Powell at the Boyd.
At Boyd's theater the evening was
devoted to a program of violin music
by Maude Powell, the well known
American violinist, assisted by
Arthur Loesser, pianist.
Recording the impressions created
by the event becomes a very pleas
ant process, as both artists were ap
parently in a happy mood, and gave
real inspiration to the audience by
means of their combined artistic re
sources. The program was opened by a per
formance of the first movement of
the concerto in D minor, by Sibelius,
a composition big in outline, and
serious in content Its interpretation
demands mental dualities whirll fan
not be said to be part and parcel of
me equipment ot every violinist, but
Madame Powell was able to deliver
it. nnrtjanfnne matr n A. II:
a -"-""-J uii-aaagc Willi Idling
The performance of Caesar Franck's
beautiful sontata in A, which followed,
was plainly a labor of love on the
part of both artists. The work con
tains line upon line and measure up
on measure ot beautiful melody, now
lyric, now imoassioned and a,' .11.-
ultant, all of which was reproduced
ny me two players in the fullness of
its beauty. The "Hindu Song," by
Rimsky Korsakoff, was a charming
Jiu, juiung the senses by its tender
ana welcome seduction. Against this
Bazzini's "Danre of Flvoc" ,.,.t
as a briliant contrast by reason of the
uKuincss ana enspness ot its staccato
passages, and the clean cut character
Of Its musical Outline Tn thi.
ber Madame Powell showed the re-
marKaDie completeness of her tech
nical eauioment.
The closing group brought a series
ui arrangements by the artist her
self, and a short
man. AH were pleasing and effective
ana aaaea to the pleasure of the eve
Mr. Loesser, at the piano, spent a
bsy evening. Besides collaborating
with Mme. Powell in the performance
ui me sonata, he played all the ac
companiments and an exacting group
of solo numbers a wpII yn i
these so well, moreover,' that the au-
oience insisted upon an encore, which
he granted in the form of a Mendels
sohn scherzo. Mr. Loesser is an
intensely musical pianist, drawing
out all the hidden beauties of his
numbers and producing a tone of
rxquisite beauty.
J. P. D.
Frank Keegan Wedded to
Miss Crowe at Kansas City
Frank Krptran
sentative of Douglas county to the
state legislafure, has been married in
Kansas City to Ellen Crowe, also of
South Side Brevities
Th Friendship club of South High school
wl.i hold a rummase sale at Twenty-fourth
Kiul Q rtreots Saturday mornln-
The XL, club Bive a program and
dance at Eagle's hall Tuesday night
Towl, engineer, lor commissioner.
Have Boot Print It New Beacon Press.
Lighting Fixtures, Burgess-Graden
Attorney Gerald M. Drew has re
moved to 606 Security Bid. D. $8S7.
Might as Well Save 5o Buy your
Butter-Nut Coffee in one handy S
pound can, $1.00 each.
Married Monday Albert Lea Col
well and Miss Elizabeth B. Lee were
married by Rev. J. M. Wilson, pastor
of the North Presbyterian church,
Monday night.
Prudent saving in war timea Is a
hostage for opportunities of peace.
Play safe by starting an account with
Nebraska Savings & Loan Assn. 211
S. ISth St $1 to J 5.000 received.
Entertain Drafted Men The Cham
ber of Commerce will entertain the
250 selective men who are to go to
Camp Funston Friday afternoon at a
luncheon at the club rooms Friday
Oranges Take Slump Oranges
which have been moving into this
territory at a rapid rate have taken
another slump in. price. Oranges which
formerly sold at 6 cents apiece now
are selling for 5 cents.
Store Choir To Sine As a special
feature of the Liberty day exercises
the employes of Burgess-Nash store
will sing "Amirica" Friday morning
at 10 oVlock. The chorus will be led
by the store choir of mixed voices.
Repair Dodge Road Large gangs
of men and machines are tearing up
the Dodge street road in two places,
making repairs. The first spot is the
hill running west from the George
Brandeis home and the second is the
curved road just this side of McArdle.
Jack Guild Called Jack Guild, who
enlisted in the aviation service several
months ago and has been awaiting
assignment, has been notified to re
port at Berkeley, Cal.. to take training
in the air school there. For several
years Mr. Guild has been the head
of the 1'nion Pacific "safety first" de
partment. Fine ftreplnce goods at Sunderlands.
! Seven Young Women of Wise
Hospital Complete Their
Studies; Dr. Cohn Gives
Seven nurses were graduated last
night at Temple Israel at the tenth
annual commencement exercises of
the Wise Memorial hospital training
school for nurses. Two of the gradu
ates will leave tonight for Camp
Grant to give the benefit of their
training to Uncle Sam's boys.
The commencement address was de
livered by Rabbi Frederick Cohn.
"To love infinitely and be loved."
Dr. Cohn told the nurses in his ad
dress on "Love and Service." is the
highest ideal in life. Nothing can be
compared with it.''
Colonel J. M. Banister delivered a
brief patriotic address in which he
urged his hearers to do everything
possible to help the nation in the
present crsis. '
"Disease has proved more deadly
than the sword," asserted Colonel
Banister. "The 'value of a woman
nurse to a wounded soldier just re
covering consciousness cannot be
Dr. Robert Gilmore, head of the
training school committee, also
spoke briefly to the nurses and their
friends. The invocation and benedic
tion were given by Rev. T. J. Mac
kay. Miss Helen Soninier, Mrs. S.
Newman and V. C. Pennett provided
Certificates were presented by Dr.
O. S. Hoffman, chief of the Wise
Memorial staff. "America" was sung
by the audience at the close.
A dance and reception were given
at Itirpiu's academy following the
exercises. A luncheon will be eiven
Saturday for lhe nurses. The hos
pital service nag, bearing 17 stars for
the nurses who have left the hospital
to serve their country, was hung on
the platform.
Those graduated were: Misses
Claire Nelson, Marie Johnson, Marie
Tones, Blanche Gannon. Esther
Fisher, Kathryn Nelson and Grace
Gypsy Smith Will Tell War
Experiences in Omaha May 5
Gypsy Smith will speak in Oma
ha Sunday afternoon. May 5, under
the auspices of the Voting Men's
Chistian association. Thousands o!
people in the middle west have already
heard the story of his experience's
along the fighting front, under the
title of "Behind the Lines in Francei"
R. S. Flower, acting general secre
tary of the local Young Men's Chris
tian association, says: "His message
is powerful and thrilling, and should
do much to stimulate the spirit of sac
rifice among men and women of this
city and country. It will aJso be most
helpful to every phase of Christian
work in this community."
Everybody reads Bee Want Ads.
Take Care of Your fires
America's greatest need
is for ships more ships.
Every available vessel is
being utilized in government
Many ships that have been
carrying rubber from Su
matra and Brazil have been
taken for active transport
duty. The number now left
to bring rubber to this coun
try is extremely limited.
This will necessarily force
a temporary curtailment of
tire production.
So make the most of the
tires you have.
Use GOOD, GOOD tires.
Take good care of them. Keep
them in perfect repair. See that
they are properly inflated.
Increase their mileage by care
ful driving. Keep out of car tracks
and away from bumps. Don't
scrape the curb or apply brakes too
Get every mile your tires have
in them.
Only in that way can you be as
sured of your car's continuous serv
ice and remember your car is a
vital war-time necessity.
So, again.
Take care of your tires.
United States Tires
are Good Tires
9th and Douglas Sts. phone Tyler 840
: I:w v i 1
How Is the Time to wanf '? sav? ny-
We have just received the
Purchase a Piano first shipment of our spring
If you pect to purchas. a rcllshl. instrument at low prlc. you should
not fall to our spacious' war room , vher you can ... th. targMt I to. f
standard piano, ov.r asssmhlod under on. roof.
New piano, strictly first class only $278.00 from that prlc. up to th.
STEINWAY (th. without rival), th. Hardman, Emerson, Stf.r A Son., "
Schmoller A Muell.r, and many other makes. Evsry piano fully guaranteed. Easy
payment. If desired New piano, for Rent. Instruments tuned, repaired, moved
and stored at lowest rat... W. s.ll svsrythlng In th. Musio Has.
W. Show Many High Grade Us.d Pianos and Playars.
250 Kohler & Chase Upr. 885 $400 Upright
JEmerBon Upright ..8110 $650 Steitiway Upright.
$350 Schmoller & Mueller $175 $450 Capon flayer
Schmoller & Mueller
Farnam St. Piano in th. W..t.
Tel. Douf .
Buy a Lib.rty Bond.
Gives Recipe for Simple Home-Made
Remedy That Quickly Darkens It
Mrs. A. Dixon, a well known Brook
lyn trained nurse, made the follow-
ng statement regarding gray hair:
'Streaked, faded or gray hair can be
quickly turned black, brown or light
brown, by the use of the following
remedy that you can make at home:
"Merely get a small box of Orlex
powder at any drug store. It costs
only 25 cents and no extras to buy.
Dissolve it in one ounce of water and
comb it through the hair. Full direc
tions for use come in each box.
"You need not hesitate to use Or
lex as a $100.00 gold bond comes in
each box guaranteeing the user that
Orlex does not contain silver, lead,
zinc, mercury, aniline, coal-tar pro
ducts or their derivatives.
"It does not rub off, is not sticky
or gummy and leaves the hair fluffy.
It will make a gray haired person
look twenty years younger." Adv.
Take a glass of Salts to Flush
Kidneys if bladder bothers
Just a touch or ttao with lee-mint and
your corns and tout troubles are ended. It
t.kss th. soreness right out, then the corn
or rallous shrivels and lifts off.
No matter what you have tried or how
many times you hav. been disappointed, here
is a real help for you at last
You will never hav. to cut a com again
or bother with bungling tape or plasters.
Hard corns, soft eorns or corns between th.
toes just shrivel up and lift off so easy. It's
wonderful. You feel no pain or soreness
when applying Ice-mint or afterward. It
doesn't even irritat. th. skin.
This new discovery made from a Japanese
product is certainly magical the way it draws
out inflammation from a pair of swollen,
burning, aching feet. Ice-mint imparts such
a delightful cooling, soothing feeling to the
feet that it Just makes you sigh with relief.
It Is the real Japanese secret for fin., healthy
littl. fett It is greatly appreciated by wo
men who wear high heel shoes. It absolutely
prevents foot odors and keeps them sweet
and comfortable.
It aosts littl. and will give your poor,
tired, suffering swollen feet the treat of their
lives. 8old and recommended by good drug
gists .verywhere. Advertisement.
Eating meat regularly eventually
produces kidney trouble in Bome form
or other, says a well-known author- "
ity, because uric acid in meat excites '..
the kidneyB, they become overworked:
pet slUp-p-iKh! clop nrj and cause all
sorts of distress, particularly back
ache and misery in the kidney region;
rheumatic twinges, severe headaches, '
acid stomach, constipation, torpid liv-.,
pr, sleeplessness, bladder and urinary.
The moment your back hurts or kid-. '
neys aren't acting right, or if bladder
bothers you, get about four ounces of
Jad Salts from any good pharmacy; :
take a teaspoonful in a glass of wat-,
er before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine; '
This famous salts is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juce, com- "
bined with lithia, and has been used,':
for generations to flush clogged kid
neys and stimulate them to normal
activity; also to neutralize the acids
in the urine so it no longer irritates,
thus ending bladder disorders.
Jad Salts cannot injure anyone;
makes a delightful effervescent lith-ia-water
drink which millions of men
and women take now and then to
keep the kidneys and urinary organs .
clean, thus avoiding serious kidney "
disease. Advertisement. -
A Never Failing Way
to Banish Ugly Hairs
Sure Way To Get
Rid Of Dandruff
There is one sure way that never
fails to remove dandruff completely
and that is to dissolve it. This de
stroys it entirely. To do this, just get
about four ounces of plain, ordinary
liquid arvon; apply it at night when
retiring; use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub it in gently with the
finger tips.
By morning, most, if not all, of
your dandruff will be gone, and three
or four more applications will com
pletely dissolve and entirely destroy
every single sign and trace of it, no
matter how much dandruff you may
You will find, too, that all itching
and digging of the scalp will stop in
stantly, and your hair will be fluffy,
lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and
look and feel a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvon' at any
drug store. It is inexpensive, and
four ounces is all you will need. This
simple remedy has never been known
to fail. Advertisement.
(Aids to Beauty)
No woman is immune to superflu-
ous growths, and because these ard "
likely to appear at any time, it is ad
visablo to always have some delatone.
powder handy to use when the occaT . .
sion arises. A paste is made with-i
some of the powder and water and r;
spread upon the hairy surface; ia
about 2 minutes this is carefully re
moved and the skin washed. You will
then find that your skin is entirely'
free from hair or fuzz. Be sure, how- ?
ever, to get real delatone. Adv.
Enjoy life! Don't stay bilious.,
silk, headachy and
constipated. ; H
Get rid of bad breath, sour
stomach, coated tongue,
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