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Property of Blaugas
Company Ordered Sold
. Federal Judge Woodrough has or
dered the property of the Nebraska
Blaugas company. Twenty-seventh
and Boyd streets, sold under fore
closure to satisfy creditors to the ex
tent of several hundred thousand dol
lars. The sale is to take place 20
clays hence at the east door of the
court house,, provided the company
does not satisfy its creditors before
then. B. H. Dunham was appointed
master to sell the premises and exe
cute the court's decree.
The concern has been operated by
a receiver, George P. Stebbins, for
several months. The suit was brought
in federalcourt by Allen W. Sleeper,
who owns bonds of the company to
, the extent of $180,000 and has ad-
T vanced several thousand dollars be
sides toward the operation of the
business. The Nebraska Blaugas
company and 19 other corporations
and individuals are defendants.
The company makes gas' plants for
homes. It is operating now and will
probably continue to operate even
after its financial difficulties I have
been adjusted by foreclosure.
Pastors Asked to Urge All
To Attend Patriotic Rally
Colonel J. if. Banister issues the
following appeal to the pastors of
"You are respectfully requested by
the ' executive committee, of which I
am chairman, to announce from your
pulpits Gunday the Washington and
' Lincoln day celebration at the Audi
' torium on the evening of February
12. Please urge all members of your
congregations to attend this meeting,
which has been arranged by the pa
triotic societies of the city. (The oc
casion will celebrate the birthday an
niversaries of Washington ' and Li;i
:oln and will also give evidence to
ihe soldier boys in uniform that the
tvhole citizenship of Omaha is stand
ing back of them and is anxious to
show appreciation of their work for
Uncle Sam."
Weather Clears and Heavy
Snow is Melting Rapidly
According to the reports to the rail
roads, the weather has cleared all the
way from the Missouri river to the
mountains and bright, warm sunshine
is the rule. The snow is melting rap
.dly. Temperatures out in the state
started in at 8 to 30 degrees below
tero. with the coldest in. the central
Portion. Wyoming and Colorado
temperatures are higher than those tf
Railroads report a snowfall of one
to six inches over Nebraska, with the
heaviest down in the southwest sec
tion. There was little wind accom
panying the storm and consequently
lut little drifting, not enough to inter
:ere with traffic.
Arniy Needs Men Familiar
With Handling of Horses
Army recruiting officers ate making
a special drive for the enbstment of
.nirti familiar with the . handling of
iiorses for service both fh this country
id in France. Remount stations in
i!'e United State report a great
Mortage of men to care for horses
and the demand must be supplied
inimediatelv. Veterinarians are in
great demand to care for the horses
now being purchased for the remount
ill rnv.ja.aaaA -
m Hhis I iiiivv I Jtvv rr-
' IlLU If II Hi I al I 1 4 I .1
I j
Propose to Have Dwellers in
Apartment Houses Form
Groups of Workers; Other
Proposals Are Made.
Red Cross auxiliaries in all apart
ment houses is a measure to increase
me numDer ot women workers in
Omaha, advocated by Mrs. C. T.
Kountze, head of the woman's service
"There are at least SO large apart
ment houses in Omaha in which a
treat deal of work could be done if
the women would organize for the
purpose. If there are no competent
supervisors for surgical dressings
among them, they can make hospital
i garments, the need for which is just
as great," said Mrs. Kountze.
Won.en living in a group of apart
ment houses on Sherman avenue bor
dering the Strehlow terraces are the
first to signify their desire to fall in
with the plan.
Organize Business Girls.
There is talk of organizing the
business girls in the large office build
ings for Red Cross work, but the dif
ficulty to be met here is in obtaining
enough supervisors and instructors
for night work.
A movement to enroll more mem
bers of the large women's organiza
tions such as the Omaha Woman's
club and the Association of Col
legiate Alumnae, both of which hold
several departmental meetings a
week, is on toot.
Visitors thronged the state inspec
tion warehouse in the Haubens build
ing between the hours of 2 and 6 for
the "open house," arranged so that
the public might view the work.
Heads of departments showed the
visitors through the different rooms
where receiving, censoring and pack
ing are being done. There was no
let-up in the work through the after
noon, even while the "reception" was
going on.
Tag 12,000 Packages.
Twenty girls of the D. T. A. club
spent three hours tagging 12,000 mus
lin bandage packages Friday night.
W. L. Butler, C. A. Inman, Walter
Campbell and Edward 'Goetz of , the
Marsh-Overland company volunteered
their services to stencil 60 boxes.
Mrs. W. R. Clarke of Lincoln has
been named assistant state instructor
for surgical dressings, with headquan.
ters in Lincoln, for the greater con
venience of women of the South
Platte district. Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. J.
O. Goodwin, state chairman, and Miss
.Marjorie Smith returned Friday from
a visit to central division headquar
ters in Chicago.
. The need for an automobile to carry
auppiics to auxiliaries irom tne baird
building was emphasized at a board
meeting of Omaha chapter Friday.
Gould Dietz is looking for some one
who will donate a' car.
Sunday, February 10, 1918-
Ntw Star Hour
"9 A. M. to 6 P. M."
New Stor Hour
"9 A. M. to 6 P. M."
Is the Word
Of the Hour
All of us have been asked
to conserve to save meat,
wheat, sugar, fuel, power
and many other things.
The blessing of an early
and sure peace rests on what
you, as a unit of red-blooded
Americans, do in getting on
without the large use of
these various things which
must be conserved.
Now it has become neces
sary to save daylight also
because saving daylight
means the saving of artificial
light, which in turn is a sav
ing of power and fuel.
By a ruling of the Fuel
Administration the new store
hours, beginning Monday,
have been scheduled open
ing at 9 a. m. and closing at
6 p. m., Saturdays included.
Then, aside from this, the
lights in the show windows
the eyes of the store and
possibly one of the greatest
advertising assets, are not
lighted at all this to accom
plish as best possible, the
conservation of fuel.
The shortened store hours
brings changed shopping con
d i t i ons procrastination
steals most of the morning
hours before 10 o'clock
while rioon finds the day half
gone, with a dozen things
left undone which should
have been accomplished in
the morning hours.
These of necessity must
then be crowded into the few
hours of the afternoon. ,
Get the habit and make
the most of the morning
Instead of shopping in the
afternoon, start from home
at 8 or 9 o'clock, we'll be
ready for you. '
Shop in the morning con
serve daylight and help the
merchants help Uncle Sam.
Valentine Day
You'll find here1 a splendid
collection of the new ideas in
a wide variety of selection and
at a price range of lc to 25c.
Everybody enjoys receiving
a valentine, and don't, by all
means, forget the kiddies.
BurM-Nah Co. Main Floor
It's a duty and a neces
sity that every man, wo
man and child should buy
War Savings Stamps. For
sale at Information Desk,
Main Floor.
The "Ask
Mr. Foster "
Travel Service
Information ,
This office is maintained for
your convenience, and whether
you desire information about
some near-at-home trip or are
interested in a tour of South
America or the orient, you will
find here the very latest and
most satisfactory data. The
manager in charge of this office
is prepared to plan the journey
and to give information concern
ing all details to relieve you
of all worry no charges or fees
Burfew-Nath Co. Balcony,
Main Floor
RING Your Films
to Burgess-Nash
If you will bring your kodak
films to us any day before
12:30, they will be developed,
printed and ready for you at
11:30, the next.
Likewise all films left before
4:00 p. m., will be ready at
3 :30 the next day.
We guarantee our work, too.
Our stock of films is always
fresh, you take no chance if
you buy your films at Burgess
Nash. No. 0 Brownie camera, $1.75.
No. 2 Brownie camera, $2.50.
No. 2A Brownie camera, $3.50.
No. 3 Brownie camera, $4.50.
Kodak albums specially
priced at $1.35 to $3.00. We
carry Eastman kodaks exclus
ively. Bur(-Nah Co. Main Floor
Here's an Unusual Value in
Taffeta Silks and Satins
At $1.69
WE say unusual value, because if we were to buy them
on the market today, they would cost us practically
what we offer them to, you for Monday.
The groups include pretty taffetas and satins, in smart
stripes, plaids, checks and plain colors. Very desirable
for skirts, dresses and suits, 36 inches wide, and very spe
cial, at $J.69 a yard.
Satin Charmeuse, at $1.95 a Yard
In a pleasing range of shades for street and evening
dresses. Browns, plum, navy, old rose, French gray,
taupe, reseda, gold, pink, flesh, Copenhagen, yellow, white
and black. 40 inches wide. Very special, at $1.95 a yard.
BurfMS-Naah Co. Main Floor
This Is Baby Welfare Week
In the Burgess-Nash Infants' Wear Section
An Occasion of Vast Importance to Mothers Who Want to Know
More About Dressing Their Little Ones in the Most
Healthful and Comfortable Manner
ULLY realizing that the interests of the baby are of
first importance to every mother, we have plan
ned this occasion as a source of helpful instruction
primarily to demonstrate the superior advantages of
our infants' wear section.
A Trained Nurse in Attendance
Mrs. Owens, a trained nurse, who has given years
of careful study to the care of babies, will be herejand
explain and demonstrate how to dress the baby in the
most healthful and comfortable manner.
We want all mothers to come, and extend a most
hearty welcome, not necessarily with the idea of buying:, but we want you to know and
appreciate what a great help we cant)e to you in supplying the accessories of the nur
series. Large numbers of Omaha mothers have the warmest praise for our admirable
infants' wear section. Its entire energies can be devoted to providing the best ap
parel for the little folks from the earliest moment of their lives till they are six years
of age. ,
Vanta Baby Garments Featured
Mrs. Owens will explain the advantages of the
Vanta Baby garments, showing why they are so en
thusiastically endorsed by physicians and nurses ev
erywhere. With Vanta garments, not a pin or a but
ton is necessary to dress the baby from top to toe.
A Pinless Diaper Pattern Will Be Given Free to
Every Mother.
Burgosa-Nath Co. Second Floor
No Need to Go South to Wear These
Hats, $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00
YOU can stay right here in Omaha and wear these
charming new creations and feel smarter and bet
ter dressed than you did in your winter velvet. Particu
larly nice for immediate wearing is the new bright and
shiny millinery shiny straw shiny
ribbons shiny ornaments, in fact,
everything in keeping with the new
season Spring, the brightest and
cheeriest time of the year.
Such novel features, as:
Pokes, Watteau Style, Short Back
Effects, Dress Hats, Tailleur
Hats, Street Hats
The creations are the .very latest
ideas just in from the east, and each
hat depicts that characteristic of in
dividuality and distinctiveness foundi
in Burgess-Nash millinery.
Bnrgesa-Naah Co. Second Floor
Our driving net
and putting course
affords splendid op
portunity to keep in trim. And
there is no charge whatever.
Burgeai-Naah Co. Fourth Floy
pliENTY of Yarns
For Knitting
A recent shipment brought a
splendid supply of knittin
worsteds and silk and woo
yarns so much in demand for
women's sweaters. The newest
shades are represented.
Khaki Yarns, $1.00
Khaki colored yarn suitable
for hclmeta, wristlets, soxs and
scarfs, at $1.00 a hank.
Burreu-Naah Co. Third Floor
New 1918 Spring Boots, Oxfords
and Pumps Are Ready for Inspection
rpilE lasts and patterns are exclusive, and they will not
JL be shown elsewhere in the city.
For Dressy Street Wear
Imported Russia army tan vamps with warumbo buck
cloth tops, perforated tip and vamps, light welt soles, two-
inch Cuban heels.
Brown French kid vamps with warumbo buck cloth
tops, perforated tip and vamps, light welt soles, twp-inch
Luban heels.
Two-tone lace boots, brown kid vamp, dark
golden brown kid tops.
All black Russian calf, dull kid top, two
inch Cuban heels.
All tan Russia calf, light welt soles,
inch Cuban heels.
For Dressy Afternoon Wear
Silver gray kid. Moose brown kid.
Military gray kid. Golden brown kid.
Fawn color kid. Koko brown kid.
Two-tone brown kid.
All made with hand welted soles, two-inch kid covered heels, plain
and perforate! tips, $8.00, $10.00, $12.00 and $13.50, the prices.
Educator and Kindercraft Shoes
For infants, children, misses and big girls, are the best wearing
shoes made.
Burgeaa-Nath Co. Second Floor
If You Have la Thought of Econ
omizing on Your Corset
O it now! A dollar spent oh correct corseting in time
will save more than the proverbial nine.
We have women in our corset depart
ment skilled in the corset art, and they
will advise you how to treat your figure
in order to obtain the very best results.
Warner Corsets y
really form the backbone of our corset
department so confident are we of the
permanent quality of Warner's Corsets.
And, irr-these times, when we must search
the market for dependable merchandise,
to know that there is a manufacturer
upon whom we can count for guaranteed
service, makes corset selling quite worth
Come in and be fitted to one of these
new models that have arrived.
Prices $1.00 to $6.00.
Burf.ia-Na.h Co. Second Floor
His Majesty, the Baby, No Doubt
Needs a New Carriage
AND it is with pride that we point to this display of car
rigaes, collapsible carts and sulkies.
Reed Body Baby Carriages
New and distinctive in de
sign. The color combinations
are most attractive, includ
ing old ivory, nile green, gray
and natural reed, with gears
to match the body and uphol
stered in real corduroy.
Some are equipped with
reversible gears. Prices,
$22.50 to $47.50.
SidwayColIapsible Carriages
Space for pillows and
wraps. Folds flat when not
in use, and can be easilv car
ried. Du Poht fabricoid waterproof hood. The springs
are adjustable to babv's Wftio-hr.. nrntoi'firio' trio oniriA fr-nr
jolts and injury. Prices, $19.00 to $25.00. '
Sulkies Are $5.50 to $12.50
Characterized by roomy seats, high backs and excel
lent springs. All reed sulkies, hand woven of high grade
genuine .imported reed, good steel wheels with heavy
rubber tires. Variety of colors, at $5.50 to $12.50.
Burftaa-Nath Co. Third Floor
UR Soldiers' and
Sailors' Shop
has been moved to the Third
Floor at the landing of the ele
vator. Here you will find every
thing that the boys at the front
or cantonment need and' waft,
in wide- and generous assort
ments; service flags, service
buttons, shaving outfits, swag
ger sticks, French talking ma
chine records, comfort kits, Red
Cross kits, emergency kits,
smoking sets, etc.
( Burgeis-Nath Co. Third Floor
Le Burgess-Nash Help With Your
Laundry Work
Til a
"Mina Taylor" Dresses
For Home and Porch Wear
Insure Comfort
WHAT a comfort it is to be dressed in a garment that does not
hinder you, from reaching upwards without experiencing a
tightening at the arms !
What a comfort it is to wear a garment which permits freedom
of movement of the body a dress in which you will be at perfect ease
at all times !
Then let your next home dres3 be a Mina Taylor. These fine
garments embody every essential of comfort.
They are made large and roomy at every point where roominess
is needed through the waist, across the shoulders, at the arms, and
through the hips.
See the splendid assortment of Mina Taylor Dresses now on
display on our Second Floor. You will find here a Mina Taylor that
is just your size in your favorite color and it will have the little
frills and fancies you usually add to home dresses when you make
them yourself.
From $2.25 to $5.50 Per Garment
We Have Mina Taylor Aprons, Too,
at 50c to $2.50
Burgaaa-Naah Co. Second Floor.
F.Urti-ir WmMncr lvUrhln. 75.00
"Quicker Yet" electric washing machines, dolly
style, swinging wringer, $75.00.
Wash Boilers, $2.19
G a Ivan
ized iron
wash boil
ers, with
s t ationary
wood han
dled, No. 8
size, $2.19.
Wash Boilers, $2.95
Copper bottom wash boilers, ex
tra heavy tin, at $2.95.
Clothes Props, 19c
Clothes line props, 8-foot, size,
for 19c.
Clothes Baskets, $1.29
Willow clothes
baskets, wood
bottom, good size,
special, at $1.48.
Clothes Hampers, $1.19
Splint clothes hampers, medium
size, with cover, special, at $1.19.
Ironing Boards, $2.19
Automatic ironinjr boards, with
stand, reinforced with steel brace,
stands very firm and rigid, $2.19.
Clothes Line, 45c
Galvanized wire clothes liae,
100-foot lengths, 45c.
Clothes Lines, 25c
Cotton clothes lines, at 25c.
We Feature Scores of Time and Labor-Saving Devices,
Which Every Housewife Will Appreciate, Whether
or ix oi one uoes tier Uwn Laundry Work.
Water Power Washing Machines, $15.00
Washing machines operated by water power
from your hydrant, priced at $ 1 S.00.
Quality Washing Machines, $13.95
Quality washing machines fitted with roller bearings, easiest oper-
atinc hand rriArhinn nn tha morlrof t .- nm
- v. w iiucu ai .1.93,
Big Wonder Mop
Outfit, $1.00
Consisting of triangle shape ce
dar oil mop, 1 triangle shape pol
ish, 1 dustless dust cloth and bot
tle cedar polish, 2 handles, for $1.
Floor mop, special, at 25c.
Wringers, at $4.95
"Horse Shoe" brand clothes
wringers, warranted for 3 years,
hardwood frame, li-inch rubber
rolls, for $4.95.
Clothes Pins, 7 Dozen for 10c
Hardwood clothes pins, at 7 ddz
en for 10c.
Clothes Racks, $1.25
High folding, 54-foot drying
?pace, at $1.25.
Gas Plates, $2.50
8-burner laundry gas hot plates,
at $2.50.
Wash Bench, $2.25
Hardwood wash bench, holds
two tubs, at $2.25.
Wash Boards, 39c
Extra wide, well made. SDecial.
at 39c. 1
Ironing Boards, $1.25
Basswood ironinc board, with
stand well made, for $1.25.
Water Pails, 35c
Galvanized iron water nails.
first quality, 35c.
Bnr(is-Nash Co. Down Stain Stor
Wash Tubs. $1.49
IrBlv anized.
iron wash tubs.l
extra large size,)
nrst quality, ev
ery one guaran
teed, at $1.49.
Vacuum Washer, 69c
"Rapid" vacuum washer, with
wood handles, special, Monday,
Irons, at $1.25
"Dover" sad
irons, set of
three ironB,
stand and han
dle, five-piece
set, for $1.25.
Electric Irons, $3.45
"Gloria" electric irons, with de
tachable plug, full size, at $3.45.
Curtain Stretchers, $1.29
Basswood curtain stretchers,
full 6xl2-foot size, special, $1.29.
Scrub Brush, 5c
Tamnico scrub brush, rood size.
for 5c
RGESS-itai G
-Telephone Douglas 137
Newness Is Creeping In Daily at Burgess-Nash