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Briei City News
flu Boot Print lfc New "Uaacon Preaa
Metal dies, pn-ssw'k. Jubilee Mtg. Co.
EJeo. Fan ..60- Burgess-Granden.
Platinum Wedding Rl tujs Edholra.
Try the noonday 35-cent luncheon
tt the Empress Garden, amidst pleas
ant surroundings, music and entertain
ment Advertisement. x
Allesres Desertion Ella Taska, suing
Fred Taska for divorce in district
court, alleges desertion. They were
married at Plattsmouth, Neb., July
21, 1902.
Two Divorces dranted Judge Day,
Bitting in divorce t court, freed Vir
ginia Crippen from Jack Crlppen and
granted a decree to Nettie Shafer from
James L. Shafer.
Two Couples Freed William A.
Pierce was freed from Nina S. Pierce
and Clara Kent was granted a decree
from Arthur Kent by Judge Leslie,
sitting in divorce court
Says Wife Is Cruel James T. Saw
yer is suing Fannie M. Sawyer for
divorce in district court on grounds of
aHeged cruelty. They were married
at Grand Island, Neb., November 21,
Says Hubby Scolded Too Much
Essie. I. Smith is suing Obed W. Smith
for divorce in district court on grounds
. . . . i -i . i . i. 1 1 mi. .
mai ne scoiaea ner ioo mucn. iiicy
were married at Rockport, Mo., March
11, 1911.
Ice Cream Social The Phileapha
class of the Trinity Methodist Sun
day school will hold an ice cream so
cial on Friday on the church lawn at
Twenty-second and Blnney streets.
Home-made cakes will be served with
the ice cream.
Keenan Changes Positions H. J.
Keenan, for several years local freight
soliciting agent for the Northwestern,
has resigned to go With the Western
Paper company. He is succeeded by
George Remington, promoted from the
office force.
Ballard Dunn of Union Pacific
Elected Chairman of the
Local Branch of Rail
ro'ad War Board.
The Omaha branch of the railroad
war board of the Council on National
Defense has perfected its temporary
organization by the election of Bal
lard Dunn of the Union Pacific as
chainman. Committees to take up the
work will be named by the chairman
it a meeting to be held soon.
The meeting at which the local
branch of the railroad war board or
ganized was held this morning and
was attended by representatives of all
roads centering in Omaha. There
was no delay in getting busy and it
was decided to get in line to co-operate
with the parent board in every
While the Omaha branch of the
board will originate from time to time,
its principal aim will be to assist the
Council on National Defense in work
ing out transportation problems, both
freight and passenger. The board also
. vjll co-operate with the Nebraska
public welfare commission in conser
vation in the handling of grain, food
stuffsjand fuel, offering, and accepting
suggestions on all matters coming
within the scope of its powers.
Members of the local board will
immediately inaugurate a campaign
that will have for its purpose the con
servation of railroad equipment, espe
cially freight and coal cars. It will
get in touch with shippers of Ne
braska and will urge upon them the
necessity of loading cars to capac
ity in the shipment of all commodities.
It will also urge that there be as little
delay as possible in handling cars and
impress the importance of preventing
accumulation at points where they
ere not needed.
Ask Anyone Who Has Used It.
There are families who always aim
to keep a bottle of Chamberlain's
- Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy in the
house for use in case it is needed and
find that it is not only a good invest
ment, but saves them no end of suf
fering. As to its reliability, ask any
one who has used it. Advertisement.
Bee Want Ads produce results.
Sundblad Finds Bulk of Men
Caught in Lottery Are Mar
ried and Have Dependents.
Dis- Exam
trict. ined.
First 19
Second ... 0
Third 0
Fourth ... 55
Fifth 34
Sixth 25
Totals ....133
Pass- Re-ex-
ed. amined.
12 7
0 0
0 0
47 8
29 5
18 7
Exemption boards urge drafted men
notified to appear for examination on
the first jll to come early and avoid
the rush.
Men who appear voluntarily before
any of the boards before examination
days will be given the physical test,
board chairmen announce.
The last of the week and the first
few Says of next week are expected
to witness a rush that will tax the
facilities of the six exemption boards
in Douglas county.
All exemption boards would rather
have drafted men appear for exami
nations as early as possible instead
of waiting until the last minute, when
physicians will be required to work
day and night in order Jo keep up
with the rush. -
Figures of the six exemption boards
show the bulk of men examined thus
far are married.
Only a few single men have ap
peared. Most married men havi announced
they will file claims for exemption.
Nearly All Married.
"From the talk of the men exam
ined in our district it would appear
as if most Omahans between 21 and
31 years old are married and have
large families," declared Acting
County Judge Sundblad, chairman of
the Fourth district board.
"I've heard so much about 'poor,
dependent wives,' that I've begun to
thing a lot of the young married wo
men are cripples.
"From the talk of some of these
young married 'bucks' one would de
duct they are burning both ends of
the candle and toiling constantly in
an effort to keep a few crusts of
bread in the family larders.
"It looks as if, should one of these
married men cease work for even a
day, their wives would be thrown into
a cold world to starve."
In the Fourth district, however,
several men were exahiined today
who said they would not claim ex
emption. All types of men appear before
boards for examination. Huskies, who
look as if they could eat three Ger
mans every morning before break
fast, announce they will claim ex
emption, while human wrecks, who
look as if a stiff Flanders wind would
blow them away, seen anxious to
fight. !
Heavyweight Examined.
A 350-pound man was examined by
the Fourth district physician Wednes
day. He is six feet, two 'inches tall
and towers over the man of ordinary
This individual is an ex-navy man
and was intensely pleased when he
was drafted. He had failed to ob
tain entrance to the navy or army,
but had a "hunch" maybe the draft
boards would take him.
"He would make good material, in
my opinion," said Acting County
Judge Sunblad, "but his weight will
keep him out of the draft army. I
felt sorry for the fellow. He wanted
to get in so badly."
The Sixth, taking in most of the
men from the rural districts, although.
handicapped with only one doctor, is
working hard and examining the men
as fast as they come in.
Most of the men from this district
are in fine physical condition, but a
good share will claim exemption be
cause of marriage.
The slacker found in the Benson
district was registered Wednesday
jous: photo
and will be put in the place of the first
exempted man. Dr. Reed, chairman of
the district said,: "We will find a place
for this man if we have to form a new
regiment to accommodate him."
Third Starts Late.
The Third district is probably the'
largest district and no examinations
have been given here at all. A re
quest has been filed with the governor
for four additional doctors so that the
work can be put through faster, as
about 170 men must be examined each
"The statement is not true," said W.
G. Ure of the First district, that the
men are claiming exemptions as a
general thing. "A large number of
the men in this district are anxious
to fight."
"One fellow was rejected because
he had only two teeth in his upper
jaw. Why, the fellow was nearly
heart broken."
Another remarked: "I want to get
into this quick. No one is dependent
on me and if the United States won't
let me fight I am going to join the
About 60 per cent of the men ex
amined in the Fifth district will ask
exemption, according to C. W. Fos
tei chairman of the district. At
least they have asked for papers to
"We will examine men tonight at
the army building," said Mr. Foster.
"They can get in touch with me at
the court house or by calling Doug
las 1267.
"We find many things to encourage
us as the examinations proceed. 1
received a letter today from an Oma
ha man who has moved to Idaho. He
says he will not claim exemption on
any ground, but is anxious to fight.
He writes to find how he may be
transferred to the Idaho district that
he may get in without delay."
Master Bakers to Stage
Real Old-Fashioned Picnic
The Master Bakers club will hold
their annual picnic at Eltnwood park
Thursday afternoon, August 23 It
will be an old fashioned picnic with
all kinds of events for the women
and children, a fat man's race, a ball
game between the master bakers and
the helpers. Families and friends of
the master bakers will attend this old
time basket picnic where ice cream
and lemonade will be served free. The
committee in charge of arrangements
are F. B. Martin, Charles Ortman and
Charles Frenzer.
Thursday, August 2, 1917. STORE NEWS FOR FRIDAY, . Phone D. 137.
Our Third Annual August
Affords Saving Possibilities of 20 to 33
Under Prices Later This Fall
THE sole reason for a great fur sale in August is the possibility of large econo
mies and that reason justifies this very extraordinary offering.
Months of planning and preparation have been given
to this sale co-operation with leading furriers familiar
with the large disposal of fine furs which we have made
through previous summer sales.
We commend the offering as an exhibition of particu
larly high grade, fashionable furs, as well as an oppor
tunity for economy. , '
, Every piece represented had to be proved worthy of
the Burgess-Nash guarantee of quality, to insure the en
tire satisfaction of every customer. ; Therefore, you may
be sure that every fur piece sold will be exactly as rep
resented, and - '
Back of Every Piece of Fur Sold Is the Burgess-Nash
Guarantee of Quality, Authenticity of Style, and Thor
oughly Satisfactory Wear.
Furs Stored Till Nov. 1
Should you desire, you may make your selection and we will . carefully store
them for you until November 1, upon payment of only 25 per cent of their value.
You thus not only secure first choice from our large stocks, but take advantage of
these -extraordinarily low prices, without the necessity of making full payment for
the furs until they are actually needed. , ' '
Burfcss-Naah Co. Second Floor.
Speculators Given Ten Days to
Close Deals at Price
of $1.03 Per
The Clearing House association of
the Omaha Grain exchange has elimi
nated all future speculation in Sep
tember corn. It has ruled that hence
forth no trades will be accepted ex
cept to close existing contracts.
By resolution ttie Clearing House
association has held that all members
of the Omaha Grain exchange with
short open trades in September corn
are given until the close of business
August 10 to settle at $1.03 a bushel,
providing they signify their intention
to do so. If they fail to so signify
the failure will be construed to mean
that delivery is contemplated. Fail
ure to make delivery as provided for
by the rules of the exchange will re
sult in a settlement of the September
trades at $1.63 cents a bushel, the
maximum price.
Wheat receipts today were six car
loads and prices were up 2 cents a
bushel, the grade, stuff selling to $2.80.
Corn was up 12 cents, going to
$2.272.38, with the receipts at sixty
seven carloads.
Oats advanced a cent to a cent and
a half, selling at 727S cents a bushel.
Receipts were twenty-four carloads.
Entire Fourth Expected -To
Gather at Fort Crook
The entire regiment of the Fourth
Nebraska will be in Fort Crook, it is
expected, by the last of this week.
Companies G, D and K, the supply
company, sanitary detachment, ma
chine gun and headquarters compa
nies have been at the fort for some
time now, several since spring. The
remainder have been on guard duty
over the state, where it was thought
elevators and bridges might be in
danger. As soon as the whole regi
ment is assembled it will be selrt to
Deming, N. M, probably for train
ing. The men hope to get into action
in Europe before winter.
"We want to be doing something."
they all say. "We can't stand this
waiting much longer. We would far
rather be out on the battle line fight
ing for Uncle Sam."
At Grand Island, Ashland, Rulo,
Columbus and Belmont the troops are
expecting orders to report to Fort
Crook any time. '
Harry Collins is Pinched
Again by Federal Officers
Harry Collins, colored, proprietor
of a pool hall at Thirteenth and Dav
enport streets, was arrested by Dep
uty United States Marshal Quinley on
the charge of selling morphine. Col
lins was out on bond awaiting action
by the federa'. grand jury on another
similar charge. On this second charge
he waived preliminary hearing and
was bound over to the grand jury un
der $1,000 bond, in lieu of which he
went to jail.
Minnesota's Lakes and Woods
Your Nearest Vacation Land
Bright, sunshiny days, cool nights,
10,000 lakes to choose from. Ideal
places to rest and rusticate, and to
fish, tramp, camp and canoe. Good
hotels and ooarding houses board
and room $10.00 per week upward.
Low fares via the Chicago Great
Western. Call or write for free fold
ers and let us help you find a desir
able place. E. P. Kretz, G. P. & T. A.,
C. G. W. R. R., 1522 Farnam Street,
Omaha. Advertisement.
Store Opens
8:30 A. M.
Store Closes
5 P. M.
Thursday, August 2, 1917.
Phone D. 137.
Let Nothing Keep You From Sharing in
These Wonderful Values Friday in the
Do wmi Sftsdirs Store
The Coolest Salesroom in the City in Which to Shop But of Course Early Morning Honrs Are Best
Extraordinary Clearaway Friday of Women's,
Misses' and Children's Summer Footwear at $1.00
Sixes for Misses and Children, 8
to 2, bit; girls, 2tf to 7.
Six for children, 3 to 8 only
very special.
x. m
t-iyti) a ftpniMAPV in overv rpsnppt. thii anlendid ranee of selection the iact they are
Hi shoes for present wear and,, best of all the extreme values offered. The cost of making
alone would be more than the sale price Friday to say nothing of the cost of the material.
Women's, Misses' and Children's
Pumps, Reduced to $1.00
They include white canvas, Mary Jane pumps,
with strap, rubber soles and heels, sizes 8 to 2, for
misses and children, sizes 2i2 to 7 for big girls
and women, at $1.00.
Burgess-Naah Co. Down Stair Store
Women's Summer Pumps
and Oxfords, $1.00
Odd pairs and small sizes, including blacks,
in gun metal and patent kid, reduced for the clear
away to $1.00 a pair. Much less than one-half the
regular price.
Corset Covers, 15c
Made of fine quality long
cloth with embroidery trim
mings, come in all "I E
sizes, Friday at kJ
(Down Stairs Store.)
Corset Covers 19c4 r
Crepe corset covers, trim
med with embroidery edging,
sizes 36 to 44, splendid 1
wearing quality, Friday e7fc
(Down Stairs Store.)
- Gingham Dresses, 85c
An odd lot of dresses, made
of very fine quality of gingham,
in sizes 2 to 6, spe- OC.
cial at OiJC
(Down Stair Stors.)
Jar Holders, 10c
Handy fruit Jar. holders for
holding individual jars, with
handle to lift jars in j A
and out of water, each J VfC
(Down Stairs Store.)
Combination Suits, 69c
A lot of women's combination
suits, made of nainsook and
crepe and trimmed with em
broidery or edging and CCkg
insertion, all sizes, at w7v
(Down Stairs Store.)
Canning Outfit, $1.65
Made of heavy galvanized
iron, consisting of large kettle
with tight fitting cover, wire
rack and jar lifter; d1 CC
Friday the outfit V 1 OU
(Down Stairs Store.)
40-inch Batiste, lOVsjc
A splendid fabric for sum
mer wear, in beautiful striped
effect, in all the wanted shades,
special for Friday, fj fiJL
J.VZ s
(Down Stairs Store.)
Gabardine, Yard, 19c
36-inch sport skirting in
striped and lavender, pink and
blue, also black and white
plaids, for Friday, a 1 Q
yard .....,.. e
(Down Stairs Stors.)
Tissue Ginghams, 15c
Large assortment of tissue,
ginghams, choice patterns from
which to select, Friday 1C
at, a yard 1 ej I
(Down Stairs Store.)
Reception Voiles, 15c
Friday we place on sale our
entire stock of beautiful 40
inch reception voile at, 1
a yard IOC
(Down Stairs Store.)
Wash Goods, 5c
Yards and yards of voiles,
dimities, batistes, etc., in a va
riety of colors and pat
terns, a yard C
(Down Stairs Store.)
Sport Skirts, 79c
A snort skirt of tan colored
khaki, in sizes 22 to 26 waist,
just a few left "7Qt
(Down Stairs Store.)
Men's Belts, 15c
Another lo't of men's sample
belts, direct from the factory,
on sale Friday C
(Down Stairs Store.)
Men's Collars, 12V2c
A clearaway of men's rubber
collars, broken lots and sizes,
specially priced for 1 OJL
Friday, each, at l&2l
(Down Stairs Store.)
Union Suits, 47c
A final clean-up in men's
union suits, balbriggan and ath
letic style, broken 17i
sizes, each " C
(Down Stairs Stort.)
Men's Underwear, 25c
Your choice of the entire
Down Stairs Store stock of
men's two-piece underwear,
Friday, each garment, OE
(Down Stairs Stora.)
Men's Pajamas, 49c
Odds and ends of men's pa
jamas, some soiled and others a
trifle mussed or mismatched,
very special "Value, AQf
(Down Stairs Store.)
Seamless Sheets, $1.00
81x99 or 72x99-inch seamless
sheets, good weight, soft sheet
ing, hemmed and ironed ready
for use, greatly under
priced for Friday, each, P A
(Down Stalra Store.)
Lace Samples, 5c ,
Sample pieces of laces, em
broideries and net, specially
priced for Friday, each, C
(Down Staire Store.) '
Summer Corsets, 69c
A large lot of net corsets,
medium low bust, 2 pairs hose
supporters, long hip, fiQ
sizes 19 to 30, special, UsVl
(Down Stairs Store.)
Pillow Cases, 22c
42 or 4 5x3 6-inch of good
weight soft material, hemmed
and ironed, special for OO
Friday &a&C
(Down Stairs Stors.)
Lunch Cloths,- 39c
Heavy mercerized damask
lunch cloths, a yard square,
hemmed ready for use, OQ
special at OJC
(Down Stsirs Stors.)
Auto Hats, at 25c
Women's auto hats and bon
nets, some with veils, wonder
ful values, Friday OP-
(Down Stairs Stors.)
Trimmed Hats, $1.93
In milan and milan hemp,
small or large shapes, all pret
tily trimmed, clear- d 1 QQ
ing price Friday. . . P elO
(Down Stairs Store.) ,
Children's Dresses, 45c
Linen colored dresses, also
dresses of plaid gingham, sizes
2 to 6 years, splendid ICf
values at tJC
(Down Stairs Store.)
Children's Dresses, 59c
Choice selection of children's
dresses, in ginghams and plain
chambrays, sizes 2 to CQ
6, very special at.... OJJC
(Down Stairs Stors.)
White Goods, 9c
27-inch check and stripe, dim
ity, good assortment of checks,
white only, your choice Q
Friday, a yard 7C
(Down Stairs Stora.)
Specials in Notions
Children's hose supporters, a
pair, 10c.
Rick-rack braids, all widths,
bolt, 10c.
Silk finish crochet cotton, a
spool, 4c.
Buttons of all kinds, doz., Sc.
Bone hair pins, box, 5c
Dust caps, each, 10c
Elastic, all widths, yard, 5c
Skirt belting, yard, 5c
Hair brushes, each, 10c.
Linen tape, 6 bolts, 10c
Bias tape, bolt, 5c
Beeswax, cone, 2c.
Drinking cups, each, 5c.
Darning cotton, card, lc.
60-in. tape measures, ea., lc.
Kid curlers, dozen, 10c
Wire hair pins, paper, 2c.
Silk thread, spool, 3c.
Shirt bands, 2 for 5c.
Burg.aa-Na.h Co. Down Stairs Stora
Corset Covers, 29c
Nainsook corset covers, lace
trimmed and all over embroid
ery, also pink mulled trimmed,
prettily trimmed with lace and
insertions, all sizes, OQ
Friday at aGUC
(Down Staire Store.)
Women's Hose, 15c
Gauze lisle finished seamless
hosiery, wide hem tops, double
soles, heels and toes, black and
white, seconds of the better
quality, but so light as not to
affect the wear, spe- 1 C
cially priced, pair. .. . IOC
(Down Stain Stora.)
Banded Sailors, 49c
In white only, with gros-grain
ribbon band, very special val
ues for Friday, A Q
(Down Stairs Store.)
Bath Towels, 14c
Bleached turkish towels, good
weight soft and absorbent,
generous size, Friday only 14c
each, or per dozen, JJ gg
(Down Stalra Store.)
Ribbed Hose, 19c
Misses' and children's fine
ribbed lisle finished, seamless
hosiery, double heels and toes,
black only, sizes from 7 Vt to 9,
slightly imperfect, spe- 1Q.
cially priced at, pair.. 1JC
(Down Stairs Stors.)
Drying Frames, 45c'
Very specially priced drying
frames for drying A.Kf
fruits and vegetables. . "eJC
Down-Stairs Stors.
Vegetable Slicers, $3.45
Slicer for cutting vegetables
for drying purposes. Adjustable
to cut any thick- dJ A (?
ness, at VOttO
Down-Stairs Store.
Drug Specials
l-qt household ammonia, 13c
1-gal. household ammonia 49c
Rubber gloves, extra heavy,
pair, 39c
Peroxide soap, 7c
Peacock, a good drink, 2
pint bottles, 25c.
Excel floating soap, cake, 4c.
1-lb. talcum powder, good
quality, 15c.
Cold cream, special, 10e.
Vanishing cream, special, 10c
Sloan's liniment, 16c.
Mi -pint bay rum, 35c.
Whiz, special, 9c.
Porslyn sanitary brush, 49c
1-lb. hospital cotton, 48c
Lilac rose soap, 7c. . - -Tar
soap, cake, 4c
Pumice soap, cake, 4c
Toilet water, 15c. ?
A lot of other toilet goods
at 10c
Burr-N.h Co. Down Staire Stora