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Commander of Nebraska Bri
gade at Capital City to Con
fer With Other Officers
of State Troops.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Neb., July 17. (Special
Telegram.) General George Harries,
commander of the Nebraska brigade,
was in Lincoln this afternoon confer
ring with Colonels Paul and Hall of
the Fifth and Sixth regiments. Lieu
tenant Colonel Hollingsworth of the
Fiftk.. and- Lieutenant Hunt of the
regular army, and Major James V.
Heidt, who has been appointed mus
tering omcer for Nebraska.
Inspection of companies of the
"Dandy Sixth" regiment began to
day, when Lieutenant Hunt went to
Omaha tonight to inspect the Omaha
companies. lie will inspect others as
fast as he can get to them.
This afternoon assignment of lieu
tenants appointed this morning, was
made: Lieuteant Ted Metcalfe to
Company C, Omaha; Cecil C. Cool,
first lieutenant, Machine Gun com
pany, Lincoln; Fobert Fergeson to
Company B, Omaha, and Andrew J.
Pethod, second lieutenant to Com
pany 11.
Another appointment made by the
governor is that of Hawy H. Kline of
Omaha, as chaplain of the Sixth regi
ment. Mr. 4 Kline with' the Salvation
army in that cjty. a
Inspectors to Come Here
The Omaha battalion of the Srxth
Nebraska regiment, the machine gun
companyvand the band will be in
spected and mustered into the fed
eral service today, accordingto infor
mation received at headquarters from
Adjutant General W. E. Steele, x
All of the captains of these organi
zations have been notified" to have
their men in readiness for the inspec
tion. Lieutenant C. D. B. Hunt of the
regular army, who arrived in Lincoln
Monday, will make the inspection.
The following order was issued by
Lieutenant Aubrey S. Kenworthy, ad
jutant general of the Omaha bat
talionf "Members of the Omaha battalion,
including machine gun men and band
men, are hereby ordered to report at
the Omaha Auditorium at 9 o'clock
Wednesday morning. Members out
of the city will take first train in, ac
cepting receipts for all moneys ex
pended. "These organizations will be in
spected by Lieutenant C. D. B. Hunt
of the regular army and will be mus
tered into the federal service."
Captain Phillip Risch of Company
D of the "Dandy Sixth" Nebraska has
received orders to mobilize his com
pany. A federal officer will be here at
7:45 Tuesday evening to inspect the
company. The members of the com
pany will be allowed twelve days in
which to take care, of their business
before they leave. They probably
will go to Camp Cody at Deming,
N. M. -. '
Deshler Sends Sixteen
Boys to "Dandy Sixth"
Deshler, Neb., July 17. (Special.)
Sixteen boys from this town left here
today to enlist in the "Dandy Sixth"
regiment of the Nebraska National
Guard. Deshler is a German Luth
eran town and has been attacked by
public speakers in the past on the
grounds of disloyalty. This is the
proof offered by Deshler in , their
Theodore Hopman, Herbert Thie
man, William Brittain, Harry Fessc,
George Ehlcrs, Clyde Edwards,
Charles Cholcher, James Powers.
Leonard DeBray, Harry Meisner.
George Sittlcr, Cort Sprader, Frank
Hackborth, Fred Furgeson, -Ralph
Cherry, Ernest Nunenkamp, William
Koester and Edward Bcckler arc the
boys that have volunteered their serv
ice to the government.
, JIarry Sittlcr is the leader of the '
town band at Deshler and Theodore
Hopman is a professor in the. Mis
souri Lutheran- Parochial school.
Government Takes Over
The Tri-State Canal
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, July 17. (Special.) At
torney General Willis E; Reed was
successful in his trip to Washington
to represent the state in the con
troversy over the rights of Nebraska
settlers to water in the Platte river,
which is disputed by the people of
Wyoming, the following telegram
reaching the legal department of the
state today: ;
-"Complete successful Secretary j
Lane granted rehearing, and today i
completely reversed his former dc-;
cision. Government now consents to
act as trustee and general supervisor j
of Farmers' Canal company of Scotts- ;
bluff and Merrill counties, making net j
savings to farmers of over $700,000. ;
Unable to estimate the great value to j
state and federal government. Lcav-1
ing for Lincoln Tuesday." - ' j
Beach and Hc Named j
To Take Soldiers' Votes
(From a Siaff Com-Bpondent.)
, Lincoln, July 17. (Special.) State
Chairman Ed D. Beach of the repub
lican state committee who lives in
Lincoln and Senator John R. Henry
of Howells have been appointed elec
tion commissioners under the law
passed by the last legislature to re
ceive the vote of the soldiers who
may be out of the state on military
duty at the next election.
This, according to an interpretation
of the law means they may have to
To Overcome Redness,
Tan, Freckles, Wrinkles
I.umler Studio
Lincoln, July 17. (Special Tele
gram.) Governor Neville today ap
pointed and commissioned the follow
ing as officers of the new Sixth regi
ment: Majors J. Raymond Hogate, Blue
hill; Otis E. Davis, Auburn; Eugene
T. Harris, Omaha.
Hogate and Davis come from the
Fifth regiment and Harris from the
First lieutenants Theodore (Ted)
Metcalfe, .Omaha; Cecil F. Cool,
North Platte; Henry H. Kline,
Omaha; William L. Crosson, Has
tings; Dwight P. Griswold. Gordon;
Robert L. Ferguson, Lincoln.
Second Lieutenant Andrew T.
Pethoud, Lincoln.
go to France, if the 'war is on at the
time of the election and obtain the
Hastings Gives Pavement
Ball for Red Cross Fund
Hastings, Neb., July 17. (Special
Telegram.) A novel entertainment
was given here tonight in the form
of a public dance on new asphalt
pavement in the business district for
the benefit of the Red Cross. Corn-
meal was spread on the pavement to
give a gliding surtace. Music was
given by the Ingleside state hospital
band. Compahy G led the grand
Nebraska Mustering-
Off icer Arrives for Duty
(From Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, July 17. (Special.)
Major James B. Height has been ap
pointed mustering officer for Nebraska
by the president and arrived at guard
headquarters yesterday, going imme
diately at Work on his assignment
Cause of Despondency.
Despondency-is often caused by in
digestion and constipation and quickly
disappears when Chamberlain's Tab
lets are taken. These tablets
strengthen the digestion and move the"
bowels. Advertisement.
Nebraska Will Benefit Because
of Overenlistments in the
Hawaiian Islands; Re
duce County Quotas.
(From Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, July 17. (Special.) The
fact that Hawaii has enlisted 1.990
more men for the army than the draft
calls for Jias necessitated the recon
struction of the figures affecting Ne
braska. Lee eKJtcalfe, secretary to the
governor, has been busy today in an
effort to rearrange the figures for Ne
braska, which means that because of
the over-enlistment in the islands,
each county in this state will be bene
fited its proportionate share, not very
much, but just enough so that Mr.
Metcalfe has had to go over the en
tire state apportionment and make an
apportionate reduction for each
county. .
It has also been discovered that one
county in the state, .Hamilton, enlisted
more men than the quota assigned,
S.S4 per cent.' These figures had to
be taken into consideration, with the
end in view to making an apportionate
reduction in all counties.
Authorities at Washington have no
tified Governor Neville that the quota
of men to be raised by Nebraska this
time is 1.5,900. Deducting the 5,691
men who have eulisted in this state in
the National Guard, federal or some
other service, leaves the number to
be drawn from the draft 8,209. Deduct
from the overenlistment in the islands
the "quota for Nebraska of 24, leaves
the total to be drawn by the draft
as 8,185 in the state. The 5.54 per cent
of over-enlistments in Hamilton
county will not affect the state total,
but will lower each county's quota
a very little.
House State Departments
In Little Chicken Coops
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, July 17. (Special. )Thc
State board of Janitors, under direc
tion of the State Board of Public
Funds, is now" building little "chick
en coops" in the senate gallery for the
use of (he departments which have
not room enough in their present
crowded conditions.
The first "chicken coop" will be for
the chemical department of the pure
food commission. Seats in the gallery
of the senate chamber are being torn
out and lumber is being taken up to
build out the floors so there will be
room for more of the little "coops."
Dr. Webb Made Supervisor
Of Health in Lincoln Schools
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, July 17. (Special.) Dr. J.
H. Webb of Omaha has been selected
by the Lincoln board of education as
health supervisor for the Lincoln
schools at a salary of $2,000 a year.
State Live Stock Sanitary
Board Meets Here Today
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, July 17.-(Special.) The
state live stock sanitary board will
hold a meeting in Omaha tomorrow,
according to notice given out by State
Veterinarian Dr. Anderson.
Grand Island Has
Municipal Market
Grand Island, Neb., July 17. The
people of Grand Island had their
first experience of a municipal gar
den recently when different members
of the Garden club, under the direc
tion of Superintendent Catterson,
opened market at the postoffice
square. Permission to use the ground
near the postoffice has been ob
tained from the government."
All vegetables usually raised in the
garden were offered for sale bv the
different members. The market is to
be open every Saturday morning from
8 until 10 o'clock, and pjans are un
der way for holding the market three
times a week later in the season.'
More benches and sun shades are
to he erected to care for the staples
as the sales increase.
Gothenburg Company
Camps in City Park
Gothenburg, Neb., July 17. (Spe
cial.) Company L Fifth Nebraska
regiment went into camp here Mon
day for a two weeks' stay. The camp
is beautifully located in the city park.
Owing to lack of accommodations the
home boys are staying at home
nights, but report for duty at 7:30
each morning. The women of the dif
ferent churches are serving meals to
the boys in the basement of the Meth
odist church. The members of the
Gothenburg fire department bought
an army and navy phonograph for the
Gfiorgs Mfltchanit court reporter In equity
dlvlolon of district court, and wife, and two
children have gone to Lake Koronli, Minn.,
for a two .weeks' fishing trip.
Sillman Addresses the
, Citizens of Keya Paha
Springfield, Neb., July 17. (Special)
More than 1,000 citizens of Keya
Paha county gathered at a patriotic
mass meeting held in the park at Bur
ton Sundy. An excellent program
had been arranged by the County
Council of Defense. O. S. Sillman of
Pierce, delivered the address and held
the large audience spellbound for al
most three hours. x
Slacker Never Heard
, Of Registration Law
Sidney, Neb., July 17. (Special
Tejegrani.) Arnold Kiery, aged 26
years, was arrested yesterday by
Sheriff Sutton this morning on charge
of failing to register. He says he
resides at Okato, Minn. He was
taken before United States Commis
sioner Oberfelder and was bound over
to federal court in $500 bonds, which
he failed to furnish. His excuse was
that he had not heard of the regis
tration law.
Jail Delivery at Table Rock.
Table Rock, Neb., July 17. (Spe
cial.) Ora West, alias joe Nichols,
who was arrested Saturday on the
charge of robbing the home of Peter
Miller June 24, escaped from the town
jail Sunday. Some one from the out
side had pried off the door. His es
cape was not discovered until Mon
day, when Officer Johnson went to
the jail to take him to court.
without pwres
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