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British Authority Not Consid
ering Air Attacks on German
Cities Until TJ. S. Flyers
Thousands of Russian
Prisoners l)ie in Germany
Washington, June 23. Many hun
dred thousands of Russian prison
era in Germany already have died
aniNmore are dying from famine
end tuberculosis, according to a let
ter aent yesterday by Messrs. Boro
dine and Sakhnovaky in the Russian
London, June 23. Public agitation
for the adoption of air reprisals
against German cities as a reply to
recent Zeppelin and airplane raids on
Great Britain has been the subject ot
seeral private conferences between
military and political leaders here.
The hope was expressed at these
meetings that public clamor would
not override the saner strategic con.
siderations and that any elaborate
system of reprisals would be post
poned until tne assistance 01 Ameri
can airmen is available.
"The German air raids," said an
official to The Associated Press today,
"were comparatively easy to perforin
because they were largely over terri
tory in German possession or across the United States.
Milwaukee Packer Does His
Bit by Allowing Boys Free
dom to Do Theirs for
Chicago Aldermen Decline to
Allow Educational Institu
tions to Be Brought.
Into Politics.
Chicago, June 23. Patrick Cudahy,
the Milwaukee packer, is "doing his
bit" for the country by reluming to
active business life -vliile his sons
have entered the military service of
the sea where the enemy airman could
travel unseen and unopposed.
"On the other hand, British airmen
in executing a reprisal must carry a
load of bombs over a route that lrom
the start crosses hostile territory.
Throughout the night our airmen
nust run the gauntlet ot land guns
A little over a year ago the an
nouncement of Mr. Cudahv's retire
ment was made. Today he was on the
Chicago Board of Trade and gave
out the statement that he was again
in the harness.
Michael Cudahy, who took up the
and air fighters. The most expert air- active management of the packing
men would be necessary for such ven
tures, the percentage oi losses would
he large and the strain terrific on the
. flyers and tire element Ot surprise
' largely would be lacking against the
enemy." ,
1 hus it becomes a question wiietner
concern when his father stepped out,
and who has run the business a year,
is now a first lieutenant in the regu
lar army.
John Cudahy, another son. has en
tered the officers' training camp at
Fort Sheridan. -The latter is a lawyer
the dumber of skilled pilots and the Hie last Wisconsin state elec-
puwcrluLunachines required can be
spared witnout impeding lar more im
portant military operations.
One Mart Meets Death;
Three Hurt in Landslide
tion was democratic candidate
lieutenant goyrnor.
Mother Ships Take Best
Of Care of American Tars
Base of American Flotilla in Brit-
One man is dead, one,in Mercy hos- j?h Waters, June 23. Jackies of the
pilal dangerously and perhaps fatally
injured and two others were slightly
American patrol flotilla are getting
tne best ot care and tare, as one
hurt when buried by a caving bank result or the adequate equipment of
north of theWickham brick yards, in flotilla s mother ship and the efc-
Council DluHs. The Northwestern cency oi ine men wno man it.
railrnad i rntftnff a new street tn 'It is really marvelous what vou
take the place of North Kighth street, Americans can do," remarked a Brit
slicing oft the side of a hill nearly 150 ish officers "The ship not only keeps
feet high. The men were members Hie fleet in trim but bakes the bread
of a steam shovel crew. The shovel and performs innumerable other serv-
and the body of the dead man were ices for the men." , .,
still covered at 10:30 o'clock, last The mother ship is' the Only place
night. The accident happened a few in the British isles, where the bread
minutes before 6 o'clock. f other than "war bread" is made, A
The dead man is known as Tack I baker, formerly with two of the bior-
Mcade. the man in the hospital is' gest hotels at a famous Atlantic
Jack Simons and the one of the two coast resort, turns out daily several
others most painfully hurt Is Jack hundred loaves of the finest white
Downs. He sustained iniuries to one bread. The meals for the iirlcii-e nn
leg and severe bruises, but was taken board are cooked by a chef from one
tcythe camp wljcre all of the employes qf New York's popular Broadway ho
whp do not live here are boarded. tela, v In fact, life is so pleasant
W. E. Roberts, of the Roberts Con-1 aboard this bee-hive of inrimtrii-e that
traction company) Chicago, who is in five members of the crew have not
charge of the work, said that nothing set foot ashore since its arrival, pre-
was known here of the dead man and ferring the ship's accommodations,
his companions, as they were tran-
'j"ir'few1'nays"n tmployed Qers Are Chosen . .
on Business . .- wjrZ
r iyien IJllVe. 10 ,neg VrOSS ' ?omniissioned .oiticers has been
Clmdron. N,h . W 5!.vCS.,l.l lores ry regiment to
.' RedCro 'mas.
Jaeger presided. Harry toff ee was l VaT. OTM
secretary I s "u uiiuuus,
tucurj. one at Atnmrin nn vnri l h, anl
Stirring, patriotic addresses went the nihrr Vnrt I .,., I','-
made "bv Tudee If. M. Grimes nfl Thr tnm,ni ...ill K.
North Platte, Attorney Mets of Alii- by Lieutenant Colonel James A.
ance, President Klliott of the Chad- Woodruff with Captain Beverly C.
ron State Normal. Kfrc Anna ffn . riimn -- nAi..k d.l.
chairman of Crawford Red Cross of the regular engineer corps.
wih-i i v'a. l.iiaiicui lin cuiull, I
Chairman Dawes county Red Cross Persistent Advertisintr is the Road
Chicago, June 23. In a riotous ses
sion today, which followed a week of
public clamor over the ousting of of
ficials of the school board, the city
council by a vote of 49 to 22 on re
consideration refused to confirm
Mayor Thompson's school board ap
pointees. The action was taken without the
presence of ihe mayor, who had de
clared the session adjourned some
time before the confirmation was
called up.' lie loft the chamber and
the alderman reconvened the meet
ing. -
A resolution bv Alderman lohn C.
Kennedy, socialist, moving the im
peachment of Mayor Thompson was
sent to the judiciary committee.
Nine school board trustees, two of
them holdovers, were appointed re
cently by the mayor and confirmed by
the council. The first act of the new
board was to elect Edwin S. Davis,
president in place of Jacob M. Loeb,
who had come into bad favor with
Thompson. Lewis Larson and Angus
Shannon, for many years secretary
and counsel for the board also were
replaced. The removals and the idea
of making the public schools the sub
ject of a political disturbance caused
much public criticism and the alder
men, who had voted for the confirma
tions met today to reconsider their
Mayor Thompson's action in ad
journing and attempting to prevent
the council repealing its former act
was characterized by States Attorney
Hoyne as arrogant and tyrannical in
a statement in which' the prosecutor
said "as a matter of first impression I
believe Thompson's action furnishes
grounds for his removal from office by
proceedings at the instance of the at-
tornejreneral or the state s attor-
Aircraft Program Is
Approved by Presiden
Washington, June 23. Unqualifi
approval of the great aircraft Dro
gram for which congress will be
asked to provide an initial appropria
tion of $600,000,000. is given by Presi.
dent Wilson in a tetter to Secretary
oaxer mane pudiic today by tne War
Feminine Contingent Is Added
to Pay Roll of Ryan Car
Company Because of Scar-
city of Labor.
Chicago, June ti. It has come
actual women in actual overalls' do
ing the work of men just as they
have for some tune Jbeen doing in
England and France.
A little group of grinning, be
trowsered and healthy-looking women
went to work in the lumber yard of
the Ryan Car company in a suburb
today. Superintendent Cristopher
iaviason explained:
"Labor is becoming more and more
scarce, and we advertised for women
a few days ago. Five hundred replies
were received. In aaveek or so there
will be fifty or sixty at work and
eventually 200- They do men's work
and receive men s pay.
"We think women make as good
laborers as men. We are not figuring
that it will take two women to do the
work of one man; one woman can do
it. J. hey work nine and three-quarters
hours, the pay is 3U cents an hour.
We are going to place women ai
mechanics assistants in all sorts o
skilled labor.
chapter, Chadron, and Father M, E. to Success,
. uoian, pastor St, f'atricks church,
'' Member of the Grand Army of
me KepuDiic in unitorm sat on the
platform. Pledges were started for
Cliadron'i proportion of tl)e $10,000
assigned to Dawes county for the Red
cross war jund.
" Mavor Donashue started the finna,
tions with $100, Robert Hood of the
First National hank and Charles Cof
fee each gave $100 and other pledges
ipiiowea in rapiu succession.
'A committee was appointed to cai)
nia me cuy tomorrow. .
Board Says Roads Would
Welcome All Waterways
; Washington, June 23. The rail
roads' war board, in a communication
sent today to the army chief of en
gineers, gave the followins as a no-
sitiorj of the railroads of the country
regarding commercial transportation
on navigable waters. I
"The railroads will welcome any
practicable1 water transportation and
they are prepare to co-operate cor
dially with responsible persons or
corporations who may provide such
water transportation by the exchange
of traffic, the issuance of joint bills
of lading, and, if necessary, where
conditions justify It, by joining the
water carriers in the building of
tracks to connect the railroads with
the wharves and landings, of water
i carriers. ,
Banks Must Increase
Their Reserve Balances
Washington, June 23. All Reserve
nanus were notified by the Federal
Reserve board . today that' member
banks should increase as promptly is
possible their balances with the re
serve banks to meet, the requirements
of the recent amendment to the re
serve law. The Board suggested that
the, reserve banks observe a spirit
ui nocjaiiiy aim co-operate with
member banks as far as practicable.
"FTderal Reserve banks in central
reserve cities New York, Chicago
and St. Louisshould' request their
member banks located in such cities,"
said the board's letter ,v "to increase
their balances to comply with the new
. requirements not later than June 27."
U. P. Pays Big Judgment
For Death of, Conductor
-Sidney, Neb., Tune 23. (Special
lelegram.) J. J. Halligan of North
nauc was in ' the city today and
lunccieu a judgement in tavor of Mrs.
Phillips against the Union Pacific
Railroad company for $19,522, return
ed for the death of Mrs. Phillips' hus
band, who was a conductor and killed
i" wreck occurring in a blizzard
-vurcn i.', I'Jii.
The railroad company fought the I
case vigorously, taking it to tjie fed? I
British Soldiers Unearth
Skeleton of Mammoth
With the British Armies in France.
June 22. Excavating near the bat
terer! remnants of Ihe Hindcnburg
imc, ormsn somiers struck a strange
ooject, wnicn proved to be the tooth
of. .a mammoth. The ' discoverey
caused great excitement among the
troops who flocked to the place, re
gardless of the danger of drawing
shell fire from the Germansj The
skeleton of this pre-historic monster
now has been definitely located and
the gradual exposure of it is proceed,
ing under a scientific direction. It wilt
be a decided novelty in natural his
toric research, this updigging of a
mammoth in the very forefront of
the world war.
Airplanes Are Solution "
Of U-Boat Problem-r-Pfjary
Lincoln, Neb.. June 23. Airnlanes
as a means of combattjng the German
submarine menace was advocated by
r A J. ' I T. 1 . T. T, ......
near Aumirai Kouert li. rcary, ci.S.iN.,
retired, in an address delivered last
evening at the graduation of Lancas
ter county grade school pupils.
"A quick way to make the wealth
and force of the United StatcVjclt is
to send as big a fleet of aircraft as
possible to 'the western front." as
serted Mr. Peary. He said the United
States should master Germany in the
air first and then send airplanes to sea
to bunt down submarines and drop
bombs on the underwater boats. Mr.
Peary returned to Washington this
Russ Workmen and Soldiers
Want Coalition Governmen
Petrograd, Juen 23. The congress
of the all-Russian' Workmen's and
Soldiers' delegates by a vote ot 543 to
1JO today adopjed a minority resolu
tion approving the creation of :
coalition government, tha statement
of the socialist members on the" gov
ernment's general policy, and caSing
on tne provisional government ener
getically to prosecute its political pro
gram, especially in the direcTion of
peace without annexations or indem
nities. '
The resolution also favored a vigor
ous struggle against all attempts at
counter revolution,- insisted on the
immediate convocation of a consti
tuent assembly and the creation of a
single organization representing the
entire organized democracy of Russia,
including peasant delegates to which
the socialist minister wguld be respon-
sinie tor an tneit interior and exterior
May Not Draft National
.. .Guard. Before August 5
Washinnton. Tune 23. Drafting of
tne National buard into the federal
armies for war service may be de
layed until August 5, because it has
been found that under the present
plans for drafting the guard in three
increments, July 15, July 25 and Aug
ust 5, the relative -j-ank of its
officers would he established on, an
unfair basis. The National Defense
act provides that National Guard of
ficers shall take rank as of the date
of draft.
The additional time gained by post
poning the draft until August 5,
would be valuable to the department
in making ready the divisional camp
sites at which the state forces will
be mobilized and also would permit
inc assemming ot additional equip
ment for the troops.
KVi jAtth i--?"?,
I J UK MIU!toim. a i i . M
President Grants Goetbals
Power to Act; Denman Wants
Federal Investigation
of Metal Cost'
Washington, June 23. The contest
between Chairman Denmln of the
Shipping board and Major General
Goethals, manager of the board's
cmcicuty neci corporation, tor au
thority to exercise powers granted
by congress in providing a merchant
fleet will be settled bv President Wit.
son giving Geneifal Goethals the au,
tnorily. with directions that hr hn,M
all the ships, both steel and wooden.
General Goethals will be author
ized to commandeer immediately all
shipping now building, speed up its
construction and SDend the S.ifllinnn.
000 appropriated bx congress for ship
Chairman Denman will retain
powers necessary for operating and
chartering shiDS and as nrrsiai f
the fleet will continue to pass finally
on contracts for construction. .
.May Not Commandeer.
The power granted to the oresident
to commandeer steel supplies prob
ably will not be delegated to anyone
for the present. The eovernment. it
is said, hopes to arrive at some ar
rangement as to steel prices which
will make it unnecessary to com
mandeer. 1
Missouri Bank Looted;
Robbers Flee to Hills
Springfield. Mo.. 1 une 23. Knur
robbers who early todav blew thr caf
or me waynesville, 41o., bank arid
escaped With $1,300, after a fight with
townspeople, were at lame in the
mountains of Shannon county- tonight,
after making a spectacular escape
from a posse who surprised the rnh.
bers while the latter were replenishing
uie radiator oi tneir motor car trom
a creek near Mountain Grove, Mo.
Ihe pursuers came upon their
quarry at a sharp turn in the road.
tne latter evidently believing that they
were not being closely followed. .
fight took place in which several shots
were exchanged and the auartet dis
appeared in the foothills. Three hun
dred dollars of their loot, in currency,
was (-opped in their flight. 'No one
was believed to have been hurt in the
fight. .
Anthrax Among Cattle
In Furnas and Madison
Lincoln, June 23.-fSnesial Tele
gram.) Anthrax has aDneared.amonir
cattle in f urnas and Madison counties,
according to State Veterinarian J. R
Anderson. The herds, one of which
was afflicted with the disease lasf
year, have been quarantined. Ten cat
tle have died. The state veterinarian
said investigation had disclosed the
anthrax germs could live indefinitely
tne sou. Because ot tnis, tie sain,
was practically impossible to know
when the disease was under control.
Government to Investigate
Lines That It May Control
Washington, June 23.r--Inquiry as
production, prices and transoorta
tion of cpal, steel, copper and other
basic ahaterials over which deDartment
supervision tnay be proposed during
tne war, was aecwed upon today by
e Senate Interstate Commerce com
mission. Coal will be the first sjibject
taken up next luesday.
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i from Maine to California.'
Six Fleets of Goodrich Test Cars, heavy cars and light
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iTho answer or this' natipn-wida
test of the Test Car Fleets an
answer told in 300,000 tire miles
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resilient fabric tires is the UNIT
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value service.
YoiiOwelt to theMenat the Front
Join the Red Cross Give Your Utmost Now . ;
Local Address, 20?4 t?arnam St. Phone Douglas 4334
1 ' mr Tm 8 ThU hi
r 111 Tl Li K
A Nebraska Corpora
tion handling a safe
and conservative - 7
investment, desires to
engage the services of
a few high grade stock
salesmen. Applicants
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people are reading the want
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War Aims of Austria
Are Officially Outlined
Copenhagen, Juue 23.-r-Assumption
that the "survey of Austrian public
opinion on war aims," circulated by
Hie Austrian corresnnnde nre hnrnn
represented the 1 Austro-Hungarian
governmen Ps program of peace terms
is Confirmed hv an artirl in tl. I .m-
berg Gazeete, reproducing these con-
unions oi me omciai government pro
gram. The article, fnr ulnVh hwh -ii1,Ar.
ity is claimed, says that Serbia and
Montenegro must find their tuture
economic development in close eco
nomic association with Austria-Hun
gary. In other words, it proposes a
customs union. It declares that Lov-
Cen mountain in (nnt,nirn m,.cf
be retained as the key to the Gulf oN
l.aLaro ann That -A mania nmt t
given autonomy under military and
economic suzerainty of Austria-Hungary.
Disrustinor Pniimatila tlij.
says that this question is for Austria-
nungary laentical witn tne JJanube
problem and arrangements must be
made for a free open Danwfce route,
not subject to the control of tny for.
eigu power. Finally that Austria
Hungary must bare -a better military
frontier against Italy, more fully pro
tecting Trieste and lie Tyrol.
Negro Chauffeur Who Ran .
Down Girl Hanged by' Mob
Houston, Tex., June 23. Ben Har
per, a negro, charged with being the
driver of an automobile which ran
down and killed QSWe May Goodrmn,
a 12-year-old girl, of Navasota, Thurs
day, wa6 hanged by a mob at the
scene of the girl's death, near Court
ney, Tex., early today. Seven other
negroes are being held by officers in
connection with the girl's death.
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