Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 21, 1917, Page 12, Image 12

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The Boy Scout Is
To Your Home
Coming ?
The Boy Scout is on the way to your home today.
He's coming to get your promise to give
One Day's Pay to Save a Soldier
One day's pay! Your earnings for only one of the 365 days in the year. A small
thing to aska small sum to give
It is only one cent for each three, dollars you earn.
Yet that "One Day's Pay" from you and from me the income from each
Omaha home for just ONE DAY will raise the $210,000 that the Red Cross needs as
our share to help save the American soldiers who will be wounded on the battlefields
of Europe who would otherwise perish for want of a drop of water, a bandage over
a bleeding chest or the skilled touch of a woman's hand on a feverish brow.
So the Boy Scout is coming for your pledge. You will give it cheerfully even
gladly. Doubtless you are one of the thousands who have said you would one of the
thousands who told the 200 patriotic women who telephoned every home in Omaha
.Wednesday that you would
"Give One Day's Pay to Save a Soldier"
One day's pay from all of us will furnish Field Hospitals Base Hospitals Am
bulances Nurses Drugs Surgeons Bandages and the scores of other things ne
cessary to bring back to health the sick or wounded American soldiers fighting for
you and me.
The Scout Asks No Money Only a Pledge
The Scout will hand you a pledge card. Write in the amount of "One Day's Pay"
for your family. Sign the card, and write your name and address plainly. . That's all.
The Scout will take your pledge and in return will give you a window sign, like
the picture at the top of this page.
Hang this sign in your window. It will show all Boy Scouts who pass your door
that you have made your pledge.
It will show your neighbors and all who pass your home that you have "done your
bit" to help some American soldier perhaps your own son, brother or sweetheart to
escape the fate of dying alone and unaided in that awful waste between the first line
trenches that horrible stretch of ground where thousands writhe in agony from
wounds that sear like red-hot irons.
We must not let the American soldier perish there and he will unless you and I
provide the Red Cross with funds to send men into that hell where "angels almost fear
to tread," to rescue him from "No Man's Land."
We Have Helped!
i 1
f -
Have Yom?
Don't be ashamed to look at your
own house. Put this sign in your
window. Show the world that you
have done your part to save a
dying soldier.
ill w i rrr s. r-" -X. - 1 1 i
wants is your pledge card. The Red Cross will look after the collection of
the money when your pledge is turned in.
And, remember, you have four months in which to pay.
One-fourth of your pledge is payable July 1 another one-fourth Au
gust 1 another one-fourth September 1, and the rest on .October 1. An
official receipt will be sent to you by the Red Cross for every penny you pay,
' Help the Scout to Save a Soldier
Do not hold back your pledge because you may think it too small. Sign
for what you can give if it is only $2 or $3 you can spare, give it give
more if you can. ,
Every cent counts.
If you haven't talked this matter over with your family, do so today
tonight at once.
Remember, the Boy Scouts have 40,000 homes to visit.
It is a tremendous task but they have accepted it cheerfully even
eagerly because it is one of the things they can, do.
They cannot fight in the trenches they can only help you to fight
with your dollars.
So, Thursday and Friday and Saturday, they are giving their time
their youthful vigor and unbounded patriotism to their country.
They are asking for YOUR AID in a noble cause the cause of hu-
manity. We know that you will give it and that you will . v
Be Ready When the Boy Scout Calls
SPECIAL NOTE It is possible for the Omaha Ad club, on behalf of the Red Cross, to
go before the thousands of Omaha homes with these full page messages of mercy, only because
of the splendid patriotism of the great Omaha daily papers, each of which has generously
donated $1,000 in advertising space to this great cause.
- :r J