Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 27, 1917, AUTOMOBILES, Image 30

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Burns Up the Track at Ormond'
Daytona Beach, Laying
the Vanderbilt Record
Away in the Shade.
In 1916 t the Ormond-Daytona
beach races Willie K. Vanderbilt,
with hii Mercedes car, rated at that
time at ninety horsepower, did mile
in 39 seconds!
Joe Dawson in a Chalmers stock
car May 4 this year on the Atlan
tic beach did the mile in 38.1 sec
onds, or nine-tenths of a second (aster
than Mr. Vanderbilt accomplished
with his Mercedes of the earlier days.
Dawson's drive was accomplished in
even attempts, the last being his
best Five of these attempts were
all lower than the time of Mr. Van
derbilt in 1906. Dawson had no fa
vorable wind and his car was a stock
machine,, less only the fan.
Great Newa litem.
The cat1 of Mr. Vanderbilt was of
about 600, cubic inches displacement,
while the motor of the Chalmers car
(hows but 224 cubic inches. The
weight of the Mercedes was more
. than 4,000 pounds, white the Chalmers
.win weign not over 4,uu pounds.
. When Vanderbilt placed the rec
ord at 39 seconds before the world
officially It was the greatest item of
newa of the day and commanded
front page positions on papers all
over me worm. Europe wouia noi
credit the record and insisted that
. the Florida air had affected the
American watches. Europe positively
retused to accept the record and an
international controversy, which
lasted many years, arose.
' , Excites Great Intereat.
Dawson'i drive has excited world
wide' interest also and yet the peo
ple of the world will hardly be as
excited by hit wonderful drive at a
speed of nearly ninty-five miles an
hour as was the case when Vander
bilt did hit mile in 39.
At the time of the Vanderbilt drive
hnudreds of press men rushed to him
and one of the most frequent inquiries
was regarding his ability to hold his
car to the beach at the speed he
made. Dawson with a car of less
than half the weight caused no such
excitement The drive of Dawson
aroosed in the mind of Fred Wag
ner, the official starter: Joe Tracy,
official representative of the Ameri
can Automobile association; Prof. R,
A. Leavell of Iowa state college, the
official timer, who handled the elec
trical instrument, and of ' numerous
Jacksonville tradesmen Vwho wit
nessed the drivf thoughts of ear-.
Her days. . i
Kearney to Have Garden
In Lincoln Highway Park
Kearney, Neb., May 26. A plan to
beautify a atretch of the Lincoln
Highway approaching Kearney and
to garden one of the Lincoln High
way parks of the city has been de
cided upon by the Nineteenth Century
club. An effort will also be made
by the women of the club to 'induce
Kearney residents to plant trees and
encourage future' beautification of th
Lincoln Highway m the vicinity.
Howard G. Gamer), 15-year old at
tendant of South Side High school,
won third prize pf $20 offered by
the American Humane Educational
society, in an essay contest for Boy
Scouts, the subject being "Our Dumb
Animals Their Sufferings, What We
Owe Them and How We may Help
Master Gamerl is a son of Mrs, R.
F. Bowers of 4213 South Twenty-
sixth street, and member of Boy
Scout" troup No. 19. He worked
nearly three months on the essay be
fore he was satisfied with his effort
He was in competition with thou
sands of Boy Scouts of the country
and he bears his honors in a manly
The Omaha Humane society will
give him an additional prize of $20,
making the total money considera
tion to his credit $4ft .
Thousand Flags Fly in and
About the Franklin Factory
The Franklin Automobile company
of Syracuse, N. Y., has held thirty,
two patriotic meetings, unfurling one
flag at least, made in true "Betsy
Ross" fashion, m
Evidence of patriotic spirit has
been manifest among the 2,599 em
ployes of the company, and the idea
of "show your colors" has resulted
in a big demand for flags from all
departments and buildings.
The experimental and woodshop
delegation had no auccess in attempts
to secure the kind of flag planned for
its fifty-foot cole. Members our-
chased material and had a flag, ten
by twelve feet in aize, made in the
trim shop of the factory. This was
not enough to satisfy the men of
this department, ao the woodworkers,
who had contributed largely towards
the flair, made a special case for the
reception of Old Glory after sunset
'It is estimated that fully 1.000 flaas
have been placed in conspicuous
places inside and , outside of the
Franklin works, all the result of con
tributions from the workers, fully 50
per' cent of whom are men of foreign
Earentage and 25 per cent of foreign
irth. ( .
Omaha Bank Clearings Mark
r Up Gain of Sixty Per Cent
Omaha bank clearings for the week
show a gain of over 60 per cent. .The
total bank clearings for the week were
$33,786,251.21, while the clearings for
the same week a year ago were $20,
448,775.20, the gain thua being over
Many Improvements Made
In the Pullman Motor Car
Fourteen years is not a long time,
hut it seems like ages when one con
tidcrs the improvement made by the
Pullman motor car in those years,
according to F. E. Miller of the T.
G. Nrrthwall company of Omaha,
represtntative of the Pullman line.
"Although the average motorist
would be inclined to laugh were he
to see one of the first models of the
Pulimam coming down the road, it
wasn't a bad car at that, as cars went
in those days.
"About 1903, the six-wheel trucks
for railroad coaches started to come
into prominence and the Pullman
company .began to adopt them for
its sleeping coaches. The idea of the
easier riding caused by the six-wheel
carrying truck of a Pullman passen
ger coach appealed to the designers
of this six-wheel automobile, and so
they christened the motor car the
"Eight of these cars were built be
fore the uselessness of the extra set
of wheels became evident and the
same chassis was mounted on four
wheels. From that time on the growth
of the Pullman company has been
slow but steady and regular each year
increasing the output of their cars to
meet the growing demand and bring
ing out a type that was always
abreast of leaders in new ideas and
Barney Oldfield Out' to
Lower Some World's Records
New speedway records now depend
as much on the efficiency of tire mak
ers as on the automobile manufactur
ers, according to Barney Oldfield. .
During the last five yeara Oldfield
has taken part in few contest events,
devoting his efforts to time trials and
exhibition driving. This year, how
ever, he intenda to take an active
part in all the- big auto races. He
is working out daily on the speedway
in Cincinnati in preparation for the
Memorial day contest in that city.
Oldfield will pilot a new type of
racing car thia year. The design is his
own and he is of the belief that it
will revolutionize the racing game.
The new racer has an enclosed
body, built like an egg shell. Driver
and his mechanician will be protected
from injury, by track accidents, while
the shape of the body will give the
minimum 'A wind resistance, which
is one of the greatest causes of
power loss in racing. The new car
is built of aluminum, its roof being
trussed and all joint! reinforced by
oxide welding. The engine was built
especially for the car, which is ex
ceptionally light when compared with
the weight of other racjng machines.
With bis Firestone equipment and his
new machine Oldfield this year ex
pects to lower several world's records.
Lincoln Highway Work
Started in Wyoming
Cheyenne, Wyo, May 26. Work
for the improvement of the Lincoln
Highway across Laramie county was
started this spring just as soon as the
snow was ott the ground, w. Kicn
ardson. consul of the Lincoln . High
way association, atates that the sev
enty miles of the Lincoln Highway
in the county will be the best stretch
of dirt road in' the United States when
the work is completed, running; from
the Nebraska-Wyoming atate line on
the east to the Albany county line on
the west. . .
Convicts have been employed for
practically the entire winter in road
work tnrougn yranite canyon on tne
route of the Lincoln Highway,. This
section of tne road has been widened
to forty feet and all grade reduced
w n minimum.
" . A FIVE PEOPLE ; j j
Il .' No ' , jl
I Saxon "Six" service I
"second best" when you can juat
aa easily have the best. I I
And it ia clearly evident by now that 1L
Saxon "Six" it the beat car in its af g
price data, Ml
So if yoa choose another in the price
class of Saxon "Six" you roust make
.up your, mind to do without the ad
vantage of Saxon "Six."
You'll have to content yourself with
lei smoothness, less quietness, less
flexibility, less acceleration, and pay
more in higher upkeep cost.
But will you be content? We think
If for practically the same price you
'can have all that your neighbor
enjoys who owns a Saxon "Six," why
should you put up with the short
comings of some other car? Why take
No fine phrases can dispute the cold
facts of Saxon "Sixes" abler per-.
formance. .
A 'scrutiny of the records shows that
Saxon "Six" has both publicly in
open testa and privately in owners'
hands surpassed the best effort of
other "Sixes", and "Fours" in it price
It will win yoU in a tingle road trial.
Saxon "Six" is tab. Detroit. -
Noyes-Killy Motor Co.
Omaha Distributor -
2066-68 Farnam Street Phone Douglas 7461
i. H i V.. ,.,.,,.,. I L, ,IJlHLU'.t0l
T-YT,-- .rij. -m, , , JfWil
Cushion Tires Work Well
When Making Long Trip
Although tire and car manufac
turers recommend only pneumatic
tires on touring cars, not a few mo
torists, driving the smaller cars and
yearning to eliminate all possibility
of punctures, have successfully used
cushion tires, particularly on rear
wheels. On long tours their use has
in many instances proved both com
fortable and economical. The latest
example of this use of Goodyear
Motz cushion equipment comes from
Clarence E. Horton, a motorists of
Buffalo, N. Y., who is touring from
that city to Los Angeles in a Ford,
fie writes in part:
"I have Goodyear-Motz cushions
cn rear end and they are causing a
great many inquiries. At each ga
rage at which we stop the merits of
the tires must be explained. I do not
suppose many persons use them on
a pleasure car, but reasonable driving
doesn't appeal- to make any percep
tible difference in comfort, as we are
using only the front seat. My line
in the past has been freight solicita
tion, but really, I am getting to be
quite a tire booster."
Homer George Makes Record
Run Through Southern States
Homer George, Atlanta, Ga ama
teur cross country champion driver
of the south, made a trip from At
lanta to Birmingham, 214 miles, in
six hours and fifty minutes, over the
rough mountain roads of North Caro
lina' and Alabama, breaking former
records by two hours. He also holds
the records from Atlanta to Chatta
nooga, Atlanta to Jacksonville and
Atlanta to Knoxville.
On every one of his record-breaking
trips, Mr. George has used a
Chalmers car, equipped with United
States "Royal Cord" tires. There
have been no tire changes on any
of these runs. v
Along the
Automobile Eow
"The Pierce etreet knob, well
known to Omaha motorists, holds no
terrors for the Dorris," asserts H. H.
Cannon, district representative of the
Dorris Motor Car company, and
straightway he proved it. Starting at
the bottom of Eleventh street the
Dorris climbed in "low" straight up
to Tenth street and then without a
murmur continued over the knob.
This is a long, hard pull and is a good
demonstration of power, particularly
when it is done without a hitch, as
the Dorris does it.
Announcement was made last week
of another garage for Omaha, to be
called the Capitol garage. Thil
garage is located at 1407-21 Capitol
avenue and ia owned by Fred Myeri
and Charlea E. Klinger, formerly ol
the Horseman bar. It will accomj
modate 125 cars and will b managed
by J. H. Vandiver.
We fired the first gun of our new
agency, asserts Carl Changstrom,
proprietor of the Standard Motor Cat
company, in selling a two-ton Indi
ana truck to Ed Brainard.
Kragicek Ordered to Board
Up Store Doorway Partition
John Kragicel:. 2203 South Thir
teenth street, was sentenced to thirty
daya in jail for having intoxicating
liquor in his possession in the soft
drink parlor over which he lives. He
denied ownership of the liquor. His
sentence was suspended on condition
that he would board up the connect
ing doorway between the lower and
upper floors. '
Rokm Rawley, Prop.
' Excelsior Motorcycles
Accessories and Repair
Repair Work Specialty
4MB South 14th St.
Phono South 1404
"Good roar Sonics Station"
Wenger Bros.
1325 Park Avo.
Storage Repairs
Prompt Service,
Courteous Treatment
Agency Paterson Cars
Phone Harney 518
The Tire Shop
Successors to Zwiebel Bros.
2SI8 Farnam St, Omaha
"Ceodyoar Sorvica Station"
DuBijesi Garage Co.
4tta tMr St.
Car Washing
Tb Valeanizing
WeJwat 3780
We cssy a ftrl steak of
Soodyvar Tiros.
CootVoer Segrfa. Station''
Goodyear Tires Are Easy to Get
in Omaha
WE have the friendship of the larger portion of
the motoring public in Omaha We want
to hold it; to continue to grow and prosper.
We want to add new friends, wherever we can.
We think the best place for our appeal to new friends,
and for our regard for old, is in our part of the exchange
between us in the tires we build.
For that reason, Goodyear Tires will in themselves
express the policy of our whole institution: value given
for value received.
They have always expressed that, and they always will, so
long as sincere purpose and able effort can accomplish it
We are selling Goodyear Tires on the basis of the
good that is in them, and on nothing else.
We employ no lure of delusive discounts, definite mile
age guarantees, so-called "free service."
Every one of these fictitious inducements has to be paid
for we lump the saving and put it back into the tire;1
And the money you pay us for tire value buys tire
value, and that alone.
If you are a Good year Tire user, you know already what
the Goodyear method means to you your tires have
computed it for you in extra miles delivered, in extra
months of service, in consistent freedom from trouble.
if you are not a Goodyear Tire user, you owe it to'
yourself to learn what it can mean to you in temper,'
time and dollars saved.
Any of the Goodyear Service Station Dealers in
Omaha- will be glad to furnish the equipment for -your
instruction a set of Goodyear Tires.
They'll do the restj depend upon it
The i Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Akron, Ohio
Goodyear Tires, Tubes and "Tire Saver" Accessories
and Goodyear Service are eay to get from Goodyear
Service Station Dealers everywhere in Omaha.
7U Sign mt Ma
GaeeVear 5mfca
SllU Dtmltr
Authorised Sales and .
4911-17 South 24th Street
Tel. South 420 .
"Goodyur Sarvice Station."
Goodyear Tires
Channel Bar Bumpers. . .$4.95
1-ton jack $1.65
Spotlight with mirror. . ,$2 95
H.Tolin. Oil Boat by Tot
The Motor Supply
1917 Farnam Strut
Douslas 7895
"Goodyear Serine. Station" J
2063 Farnam St.
B.H.r Ford Repairing
G.t Our Price. Fir.t
Goodyear Tires
Ford Supplies '
Auto Accessory Co.
Edwin L. Uh, Manager
Douglas 5194
"Goodyear Service Station"
Best electrical and self-starter
courses. No books Easy to
learn. Good Pay. Stay six
weeks or longer, aa you choose.
Abundant repair work on all
makes of ears.
National Auto Training
2814 N. 26th St., Omaha, Nob.
'Goody..r Service Station"