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maha Sunday Bee
News of the Week, in Social Circles : Activities in Women's Realm
Conservation of Food and Clothing Problems and
Sale of Liberty Bonds Are of Interest to Society
CONSERVATION his been the
I 1 great theme of the week. Omaha
home keepers attended the
meetings at the Auditorium
Faithfully and earnestly ever since
Tuesday evening. They were visibly
impressed and went away resolved to
economize more than ever before.
The feature of. the congress which
was most interesting to society peo
ple was-the address given on Thurs
day afternoon by Secretary W. G.
McAdoo concerning the Liberty
bonds. There many prominent maids
and matrons were -to be seen listen
ingintently and when the call came
for volunteers to buy bonds Omaha's
society girls were the first to raise
their hands high in air, saying, "I
will buy a bond." '
Brides in seasons past have re
ceived all kinds of interesting and
valuable gifts. Stocks and bonds have
figured with huge checks and real es
tate as acceptable bridal gifts. Now
comes the time to see who will be the
first June bride to receive the pa
triotic and valuable gift of a Liberty
loan bond. The Omaha woman who
first invests in one of these bonds, be
she bride or no, will be a person of
great importance m our midst.
Another meeting which drew many
society women was the talk on cloth
ing problems Friday morning. One
womau suggests a "clothes exchange"
where, people of less means may come
to buy at reduced rates the clothes
which well-to-do people have taken
from their store rooms for the pur
pose. A field of possibilities lies in
the suggestion. It might prove high
ly interesting to establish such an ex
change. Fashion magazines usually
carry advertisements of firms who
buy partially used party gowns or sell
renovated clothing. Here wc might
have a glorified rummage sale. Since
"the gift without the giver is bare,"
each donor would be expected to put
the clothing which she gave in rea
sonable order. It would then be con
veyed to a store room fitted for the
purpose and arranged as nearly as
possible like new clothes. Here shifts
of society girls might sell their sec
ond hand pumps, party dresses, old
furs, suits and so on with economic
gam to llie buyers.
ROM a strategic point of vantage on the his
toric old cannon wlncn guards tne main en
trance of the fine school on the lull, the
nrtttv hiizh school lassies watch their sol
dier bovs in blue training to serve Uncle
Sam. The lire photographer snapped this lovely group
as they perched about the cannon captured at Morro
Castle' in Cuba during the Spanish-American war.
There's a wee bit of wistfulness in the smiles the
lassies lavish on the youthful soldier boys. They are
patriotic and are thrilled at the sight of their uni
formed school hoy friends coached in the necessary
drill regulations, but thy don't like to think of the
possibility of their being called out in a few years,
just the same.
For youth is youth and school might proe a
boresome place, you know, without the boy across
tit aisle, and someone to carry your books and some
one with whom to dance at cadet officers' hops and
and you know the rest I
Visitors Enliven
1 Social Atmosphere
M.-s. Wilson Austin plans to return
to Pelham Manor Wednesday after a
month's visit with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. F. McGrew.
- Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Seacrest of Lin
coln spent the past week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Kushton.
Mrs. G. W. C. Whiting arrived Sat
urday from Del Rio, Tex., to spend-I
two weeKS witn ner parents, ir. ana
Mrs. C. A, Sweet, before going to Fort
bnelling, where her husband, Captain
Whiting, has been ordered with the
Thirty-sixth infantry.
Mrs. E. L. Loinax arrived Tuesday
from San Franfisco and is the guest
of her cousins, the Rev. and Mrs. T.
J. Mackay, for some time. This is
Mrs. Lomax' first visit in several years
to Omaha, which was her former
Mrs. J. H. Mcintosh of New York
arrived Monday to spend the week
with her mother, Mrs. C. B. Rustin,
who has been jll at Clarkson hospital.
Mrs. Mcintosh returns east to attend
the graduation of her daughter, Mar-
crrv. from Vassar.
Fred W. Clarke, jr., is here from
Wyoming visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. F. W. Clarke. Mr. Clarke
had expected to return to Douglas
before this, but has been having trou
ble with his eyes and is under the
I doctor's care.
Mrs. I. J. Baker of Coshocton, O.,
a classmate of Dr. Gertrude Cusca-
den at Ohio Wesleyan university,
spent the weck-ehir with Dr. Cusca
den and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Selby.
She leaves Monday for Portland, Ore.
Mrs. A. A, Keyser and children
from Dover, 0., are visting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Treitschke.
Mrs. David . Simpson and Mrs.
Teftjme Kemnfon of St. Joseph. Mo..
formerly of Omaha, arrived Friday to
spend some time with old friends here.
Miss Margeruite Loman of Lincoln
will be the guest of Miss Gertrude
Donovan at the Maderian club party
at the Field club Friday evening.
Residence Changes.
I Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rugg are giving
np tneir apartment in ine iormanaie
to spend the summer on the ranch of
their son, C. C. Rugg, in Montana.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barker and
family move Monday from the Black
stone to the L. G. Doup house.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Gailey left
Thursday for New York. Mr. and
Mrs. Gailey expect to be at a Hotel
until thev find summer Quarters, prob
ably outside of the city.
Miss Mayme Hutchinson has moved
to the home of her brother, Mr.
Charles E. . Hutchinson, 123 North
Forty-second street.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Selbv moved
last week to their new home at 1300
FHty-second avenue.
End of School Year Brings Younger
Set Home; Fair Graduates Abound
SCHOOL girls are being gradu
ated from eastern schools and
are flitting away, to visit school
mates or coming quickly home
1 for the summer. Some will bring vis
itors home, with them and then after
i short stay will go elsewhere for va
cation visits. Miss Dorothy Belt will
'come home a week from Saturday.
She may bring friends with her for a
i short visit. Each summer she and
her parents spend some time at Pryor
Lake, Minn., and this year will be no
Miss Flora Buck, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Buck, graduates this
year from Vassar. The Misses Ger
trude Thompson aTid' Bess Heaton
will leave in about ten days to attend
the graduating exercises, which will
take place about June 12. The three
will travel for some time in the east
before returning to Omaha.
Miss Elizabeth Robertson, daughter
of Mrs. E. L. Robertson, returns from
Principia school in St.' Louis, June 3.
Her sister, Miss Gladys, leaves shoTt
ly to attend her first reunion at Brad
ford academy, Bradford, Mass. She
will spend a week en route with Mrs.
G. E. Hamlin, formerly Miss Helen
Streight, in Chicago. After the re
'union she will spend some time with
her former roommate in Wooster,
Mass., and will return in about two
months. x
Miss Ruth Carter, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. R. L. Carter, graduates this
year from St. Mary's at Notre Dame,
ind., about June 12. Her plans for
coming home are not yet definite.
Miss Marjorie Cavers is expected
from Glen-Eden at Poughkeepsie. N.
iY., about the first week in June. Her
father, Mr. J. A. Cavers, plans to go
east to join her.
Miss Helen Anderson left Wednes
day for Kansas City to be the guest of
former school friends, with whom she
will motor to Central college, Lex
ington, Mo., for the class reunion.
Miss , Emma Elzabeth Wright,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George T.
Wright, who is attending Sweet
'Briar cojlege in Virginia, is looking
forward to a visit to Norfolk, Va.,
as the guest of Lieutenant and Mrs.
James D. Maloney, U. S. N., and
also her aunt, Mrs. Charles M. Cald
well, at Newport News, Va., before
coming home early in June.
Miss Esther Connolly, daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Connolly will re
turn from St. Mary's-In-thc-Woods
about June 14 by way of Chicago. She
may stop in that city for a short visit
with school friends. 1
Miss Virginia Crofoot will return
from Miss Maderia's school in Wash
ington about June 8 to spend the sum
mer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
L, F. Crofoot. j r
Miss Helen Curtis finishes her sec
ond year at Rockford college, June 15.
She may return to Omaha or may go
directly to Minnesota where her
mother, Mrs. W. S. Curtis, expects to
go about July 1. '
Mrs. S. V. Fullaway went east this
week to attend the graduation of her
daughter, Emma. from Miss
Whcclock's school in Boston. They
will go from there to Philadelphia to
remain until July 1.
Miss Callie Faddis, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. K. M. Faddis and Miss Bcu-
lah Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank E. Clark, who graduated last
year from Brownell Hall and this year
attended the National School of Do
mestic Science and Art in Washing
ton, reached home a week ago Friday.
Before they left school some of the
girls gave a tea for the benefit of the
Red Cross which netted about $75.
Dr. and Mrs. H. M. McClanahan left
Saturday evening for White Sulphur
Springs. W. Va.; Richmond and Old
Point Comfort, where they will take
the boat for New York. There they
will be joined by their niece, Miss
Margaret Gamble, who attends Miss
Dow's school at Briarcliff Manor, N.
Y. School will close June 2.
Miss Myrne Gilchrist, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Gilchrist, and Miss
Gertrude Langdon, daughter of Mrs.
Don Lee, who attend Hamilton col
lege, Lexington, Ky., will leave-"for
home about June &
Field, Happy Hollow and Council
Bluffs Rowing Clubs Open Season
OUNTRY club openings last even-
Umg temporarily broke the spell
which has been hovering over
our fair city. A country club
patroness said the other day: "Oh,
really, you ought not to say so much
about the absence of people from the
clubs. If they are to be kept up at
all people will have to go, and if you
say that people don't go then others
will stay away." Truth to tell, this
cool "spell" of weather cast a chill
over outdoor festivity which not all
the attractiveness of these pleasant
places of amusement has been able to
Last night, though to begin again
really was a marked change, just as
at the opening of the Country club a
month ago, all the members gathered
fgr a really delightful reunion. The
similarity to the Country club opening
was carried out in the weather of the
day before, for rain threatened to spoil
all the handsome new frocks which
were worn for the first time on these
occasions. Despite war talk, these
really are new dresses, for all the
popular modistes have been entirely
too busy making them in the last few
weeks to accept any more humble
American flags furnished the chief
decoration for the clubs. Their pres
enceyn all nooks and corners and on
every wall space lent a patriotic as
pect to the parties. Many hostesses
tound nags appropriate lavors lor
their dinner tables, so that' although
gayety reigned it shared honors with
patriotism. The Fickl club, the Haonv
Hollow club and the Council Bluffs
Rowing association were the three
scenes of opening parties.
The Field club opened with a lajjlc
d'hote dinner and dance for which
over 200 reservations were made.
Among those who entertained were
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Shotwell. whose
guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Stur
levant, Mr. and Mrs. B. Kvcnild and
Mrs.. Alfred Bloom. Mr. and Mrs.
John F. Dale had with them Mr. and
Mrs. Rightcr Wood, Mrs. Sidney L.
Smith, Miss Martha Dale and Mr.
Alexander Loomis. ,
The largest party at the Field club
was entertained by Mr. Albert Krug,
-who had twenty-six guests.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kilcy had a
party of ten at the Field club dinner
dance. Mr, and Mrs. C. F. Schwager
had seven guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Parmer enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trimble
and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donahue.
Mr. Harley Conant entertained Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Rogers, Mrs. Har
wood of New York and Mr. and Mrs.
E. M. Slater.
With Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gam
ble were Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Howe,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Windheim and
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Wilder..
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pratt. Mr. and
Mrs. H. H. Fish, Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Farnsworth and Dr. and Mrs. W. J.
Bradbury dined together.
Mr. and Mrs. Lynne f. Uphani, Mr.
and Mrs. Guy L. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Herdman, Dr. and Mrs. A. B.
Somers and Mr. and Mrs. Harry O.
Steel were together.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. McCarthy en
tertained at the dinner dance for Mrs.
Harry Hebner of Chicago. The other
guests were Miss Irene McKnight and
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Schifferle.
Dining together were Messrs. and
Mesdanies Robert Manley, George
Laie, William R. Wood, Jack Sharp,
Harry Nicholson, Claire Baird, Ed
Baird, Paul Burleigh, Ed P. Boycr.
Dr. and Mrs. II. A. Wahl had as
their dinner guests Dr. and Mrs. W.
K. Foote and Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
' Dr. and Mrs. J. F Anson enter
tained Dr and Mrs. W. H. Walker,
Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Wilson and Dr.
and Mrs. W. Anderson.
Mr. W. L. Randall, jr., entertained a
party of six.
Dr. C. E. Griffey, G. A. Seabnry and
J. H. Osborne each had parties of five.
J. C. Hartnett, J. B. Blanchard. E.
I.. Kemper, Arthur F. Mullen, Wilbur
Brandt and K. W. Powell had four
somes; J. H. McDonald. E. M. Reyn
olds had three each; C. R. Jewell, P.
A. Wells, C. L. Modesaatt, Howard
H. Smart, Dr. John Mack, Dr. C. E.
Hunter, Dr. E. Carson Abbott, Arthur
A. Mullen, J. B. Blanchard and E. F.
Riley had reservations for two.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. McDonald
had as their guests at the opening
dinner-dance at Happy Hollow club
Messrs. and Mcsilames Archie W.
Carpenter, Thomas Fell. John Har
vey, h. L. Guuther and Dr. and Mrs.
A. B. Somers. Mr. and Mrs. John H.
Tlussie had twelve guests.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Luikhart enter
tained Messrs. and Mesdamcs J. C.
Buffington, J, W. Welch. J. S. Wood,
C. C. Ryan and J. C. McXish.
With ' Mr. and Mrs. George Ras
musscn were Dr. and Mrs. J. B. I'ul
ver and Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Henske.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorcc H. Kushton
and Mr. and Mrs. William Locke were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. William M.
Dining together were Mr. and Mrs,
H. N. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wel
ler and Mr. and Mrs. W. McAdams.
Parties of four each were enter
tained by C. L. Deuel, Chester Nie
man, M. M. Robertson, George W.
Carter Edwin R. Perfect, L. M. Holli
day, George F. Engler, Dr. A. D.
Cloyd, C. S. Hayward, W. R. McFar.
Social Calendar
Omaha Woman's Golf association,
play at Field club.
May dancing partj given by Re-
gina club.
New Bridge Ljmcheon club, Miss
Isabel Milroy, hostess.
Brownell Hall field day, 3 p. m.
Thimble club. Ms. J. W. Nichol
son, hostess.
Breakfast for Miss Margaret Parks,
Mrs. Arthur Daly, hostess.
Odix Dancing party at Field club.
Happy Hollow club, dinner-dance.
dinner-dance at Carter
Lake club.
Midweek dinner-dance at Country
and Field clubs.
Dinner at Country club for Mr.
and Mrs. Luther Drake, given by
Mr, and Mrs. M. C. Peters.
Mile Woman's Golf tour
nament. Comus club, Mrs. E. B. Ferris, hos
tes.'' Mitchell-Charles wedding.
Opening dinner-dance of Seymour
Lake Country club.
Opening golf play for women of
Field club.
Madorian dancing parly at Field
for Miss Flodcll Higgins,
Misses Maude Pierce and Thelma
Carlylc, hostesses.
All Saints' .Sunday school felc at
home of Mrs. W. W. Hoagland.
Allison-Maloy wedding.
Week-end diiincr-dance at Country,
Field and Happy Hollow flubs.
Linen shower for Miss Avoncll
Sticklcy, Mrs. Harry Driscoll,
Goodrich, A. J. ' Jackson, J. P.
O'Kccfc, E. S. Folsom and Lec Huff.
Groups of three were with Mrs. J.
A. Spcncc, II. K. Burket, .Franklin
Mann, L. II. Flitton, G. L. Bradley,
Guy Liggett and George F. Gilmorc.
Many twosomes were among the
reservations at trappy Hollow cluli
tast evening. Messrs. ii'l Mcst'-'n""-M.
D. Cameron, 'A. J. Jackson, L. C.
Gibson, C. G. Urinime, i ..i. vcu
man, Howard Goodrich. H. O. Wil
helm, George B. Darr, J. J. Minnick,
Yale Holland, J. M. Gillan, L. V.
Nicholas, A. W. Bowman, W. R. Wat
son, K. C. Scott, A. W. Friend. A. H.
Hewsher, A. C. . Munger, John T.
Yates, Dr. Ewine Brown. G. M. Dur-
kee, A. J. Cole, C. G. Gamble, T.
Balbach, C. II. Marley, Dr. R. W.
Bliss, James C. Morton and C. C. Sad
ler were amo,ng the diners.
Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Lord entertained
a party of eight; Mr. and Mrs. W. K,
Craig, ten; Mr. and Mrs. George A.
Roberts entertained five, and Ej G.
Guinter had a party of eleven at
Happy Hollow.
Many prominent Omaha people
have taken advantage of the recent
readjustment in membership lists at
the Council Bluffs Rowing association
by becoming members of that club.
Repairs have been made in the club
house and grounds during the winter
and with the water better than ever
the season promises to be a pleasant
one for Omaha, as well as Council
Bluffs people, to enjoy. The opening
dinner-dance held last evtning was
well attended by Omahans.
Some of the names on the member
ship list are: C. N. Dietz, Gould
Diet, Dr. Felix J. Despecher, J. E.
Davidson, Victor Dietz, R. C. Edens,
George A. Flack, R. O. Haskins, H.
A. Holdrcge, C. W. Hull, General
George H. Harries, Dr, F. S. Owen,
V. R. Owen, H. K. Owen, W. E.
Reed, Byron J. Reed, Amos Thomas,
feed, Byron J,
. S. White, Vi.
ictor White, W. F. Wil
son and Lloyd B. Willis.
All Flock to Northern Lakes.
Summer cottages about Minneapo
lis and St. Paul are much in demand
by women folk of 'the men at the
Fort Suelling training camp. Mrs.
Harold Pritchett with Mrs. John L.
Kennedy went to Minnctonka Friday
to look for a cottage for Mrs. Eritch
elt, whose husband is at the camp.
They return thiis evening. If suc
cessful in their quest Mrs. Pritchett
will go back the first of July and ex
pects to take Miss Elizabeth Davis,
Miss Mcliora Davis, Miss Daphne
Peters and Miss Betty Bruce with
her. Mrs. Victor Caldwell and Mrs.
John Caldwell are going to Christmas
Lake July 1, and probably Mrs. Hen
Gallagher, Mrs. Yost and her
daughter, Mrs. Offutt, have engaged
rooms at the hotel at Christinas
Lake. Mrs. Charles Kountze is con
gratulating herself upon having en
gaged a cottage last year at Minne
tonka for this season, not knowing
then that her brother, Robert
Hums, would be in camp there.
Mrs. Howard Baldrige. while not
making any plans to take a cottage,
expects to go up to St. Paul in a
week or two to see her son, Mal
colm. Social Gossip.
A. P. Guiou left Wednesday for
Hollywood, Cal., to sec his father, C.
H. Guiou
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Connell, with
their daughter, Mrs. E. A. Creighton,
and children, leave next week for At
lantic City, where the former have
taken a cottage for the summer at
E. M. Morsman and his niece, Miss
Mabel Harper, arrived home Wednes
day from a winter in California. Mr.
Morsnjan was quite ill while there,
but is much improved.
Mrs. Lloyd Holsapple returned
Wednesday from several weeks' visit
Patrick. VV. M. leffcrs. C. W. IJmlike. 1 at Hudson. N. Y.
land, Albert Edholm, R. C. Hoyt, J. E. H. G. Streight, Williams, C. E. Mrs. Paul Gallagher
and little
June Fete Saturday ,
For Church Benefit
A varied program on the lawn atv
2:30 o'clock, refreshments served On
small tables set in the rose garden
and a matinee dance in they house at
the close will be the three forms of
entertainment at the June fete at the
home of Mrs. W. W. Hoagland Sat- "
urday afternoon. The children of All '
Saints' Sunday school, under the di
rection of Mrs. Franklin A, Shotwell,
have charge of the affair and will take
part in the program with many of
their friends.
The program includes a Boy Scout
drill by Troup No. 9 with Morley
Young, scoutmaster; "America," sung
by Mrs. A. I. Root; a suite of three
dances, including "Night," by Miss
Grace Smith; "Firefly," by Miss
Esther Smith, and "Nightingale," by i
Miss Eleanor-Smith; a solo dance,
"To a Wild Rose," by Miss Virginia
Miss Mary Coll will present her
pupils in the dances, which form the
last part of the program. Miss Ade
laide Fogg will give Brahm's Fifth
Hungarian dance. Six little girls,
Misses Harriet Rosewater, Josephine
Thomas, Maxine Reichenberg, Ger
trude Marsh, Kathryn Elgutter and
Margaret Shotwell, will give the pret
ty dance, "Little Fairy Snowflakes,"
and Tourdion.
One of the most attractive numbers
will be the Japanese love song by
Miss Alice Duval, followed by a
geisha drill in costume by Misses
Jane Horton, Helen Krug, Verna
MacCaulay, Emma Hoagland, Gretch
en Goulding, Kathryn Alleman, Mar
garet Scott, Virginia Upham, Margery.' '
Clary, Eleanor MacCaulay and Mary
Jane Lemere. Miss Marie Neville
and Miss Adelaide Fogg will appear
in the "Pastoral"; little Katherine
Carton will give the "Gipsy Beggar,"
and Margaret Shotwell and Dorothy
Higgins will dance "Tarantella."
The concluding number will be
"Pompeian Flower Girls," which in
troduces Misses EJeanor Scott, Ruth
Griinmel, Marie Neville, Virginia Car- .
lisle, Dorothy Norton, Adelaide Fogg,
Helen Noon, lone Fogg, Yda Geerdts
and Lcona Hunter as the dancers.
The money raised from this fete will
be applied on the church debt, wbich
all the organizations of All Saints'
'church are striving to wipe out. Ad
mission price for adults is 50 cents,
for children 25 cents. Tickets may be
purchased from any of the children or
at the door. "
One of the pretty sights of the aft
ernoon will bt little Miss Gertrude
Kountze, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Luther L. Kountze, in her fncy cos-,
tume animal dress, selling animal
cookie's donated by merchants.
Saturday is also the birthday of the
hostess, Mrs. Hqagland, which lends
additional interest to thejarge June
fete. ,
eral weeks' visit with her parents, Mr.'
and Mrs. Kincaid, in Kansas City.
Miss Hilda Hammer is at Pough
keepsie to attend her class reunion at
Vassar. Afterward she will visit a
former college friend at Norwalk,
Mrs. Miriam Patterson Boyce ar
rived home Saturday, accompanied by
her little daughter, Jane, who has
been in Chicago with her graiidpaiH
cns, Mr. and Mrs. Boyce, during her
mother's stay in New York.
Miss Elizabeth Carr, who has been
spending a month at Kingston, N. J,
with her aunt Mrs. Joseph' Garneau,
?,",d, Mr- -panieati. returned home
Wednesday Mr, Garneau is still seri
ously ill. '
R. Beecher Howell returned Wfd.
cesday from three weeks in the east.
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