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THE BEtt: tfMAHA. WEDNESDAY. ' MAY 23, 1917.
tXDhig Cattle Ten to Fifteen
- Lower; Lambs Strong to
Thlrty.Pive Centa ,
. Higher.
: Omaha, May JJ,II1T. )
, iteceipta were. cattle, Hon. Ibtw,
EloUI Monday..,,,,, 7,00 1,011. f.lM
UmaU Tuesday ie.000 11,600 4,500
Two days this weekelMtfl to, on ,rm
Came dayg laat week. .14.7M 17,273 11.974
bam day f w'ka afO. 19,790 10,642 9,610
Sara dan Wlcs aco.lMU 19,920 ' J, 626
Kama days 4 Wkl ago 7,248 16,970 18,362
Sana days laat year... 9,804 Z7,4 U.1Q0
Receipt and disposition of lira atMk at
,Tne union atocx yards, Omaha, for twenty.
Sour boon ending at I p.-m. yesterday,
r Cattle Bora. Btaeep. W?b.
v., n. at, -..,, a . j
iWabaah 1 1
Missouri Paclflo SI' I
Union Pacific 75 41
C. ft N. W, eaat., 31 ' 11
CAM. W., wait.. 70 56
C, St. P., H. O.. ft . 39
C, B. a, aatt.. 14 8
C,&4Q.. wat.. 71 v M
C, R UP,, aaat 31 4
C, R. 1 4 P., wh( .m.
Xlllnola Cantral r
Chi. Great Watt... la 1
, , Total receipts.. ,.m ' 131
-' ' ' . Cattle, ' Hova.
a jaorna m co..,.. lit
Swift A Co..... 1,014
Cudefey Packlnc Co. .1,103
Armour Co. ...... ,.1,749
Bchwarti Co..,
J. W. llarphy
Lincoln Paaklnr Co., 4!
B. O. Pack! nf Co...,, ,16
Kohr Packing Co,
Cudahy, from K. C. -.81
WiUon 249
W. a Vansant Co.... IS
V. B. Lewta ......... 109
J. B. Root A CO i 23
J. H. Bulla 44
X. F Hum 2S
Werthelmer A Degon 6ft ,.
H. F.- Hamilton. j. SS
Sullivan Bros. 81
HlBtloa 39 .....
Huffman IS
3 . Both 41 ....
'Meyers ...A. 33
Glaaabarr 4
Baker, Jones A S..., 64
Banner Broa. 14 .....
John Harvey 264 ,, ,
Pennle A Francis 10 ,,,,
Jensen A Lunarem.. 1
ODay . 19 .....
Other buyers 234 311
ToUla , 7,411 10,247 4,212
Cattle Receipt wara vary large. In fact,
the largest for a Tuesday for a long tlma
back, making tha total for the two days
n,9 neaa, ma largest er any recent week
and 3,000 head larger than for tha tame
period a year ago. Most other markata were
liberally auppllvd with oattte, with tha re
ault that there waa a lower tendency to tha
trada everywhere.
Tha market at thlt point waa generally 10
4914c lower en ktllari, the decline belni; moit
noticeable on the medium grades, stockars
and feeders wcra In lightly supply and about
Quotations on cnttlsi Good to eholoa
beeves, fll.l6fpl8.2a; lair to goo it btteves,
111,40(912,26: common to fair beeves, 910.26
ayii. good to oooice heifers, 910.60
11.11; good to choice qowi,;
fair to good cows, 8.7lf9.76; common to
fair cow, $7,000)8.50; prima feeding stenra,
$9.74910.90,' good to oholoa feeders, 19.00
910.00: fair to good feeders, fft.BOat.QO;
common to fair feeders, I7.0bty9.26; good to
cnoice stackers, 9t.K0o10.K0: stock httfers,
8.244910.34; etork cow, 97.00010.00; stock
ralvea, 98.004910.10; veal salves 99,0049
13.40; beef bulls, it ass, etc., 7.36010.16.
Representative alas:
No. Av. Pr. At. Pr.
did batter bis early bfts, and at noon, when
other buyers all had their orders pretty well
oiled, was trying to buy boga at 10e lower.
Some of the later sales had an easier tone,
but no real decline had been' noted and
whatever weakness there might have been
was oitaet by early strength. What tha
last hogs would bring was problematical,
but It looked as though all but the beat
grades would have (to nil at lower price
or be carried over. Of the sale that had
been made there waa a good sprinkling all
the way fom 911.60 up to 116.05. tha latter
price being the top.
Representative salest
No Av Hh. Pr. No. Av. Sh. Pr.
73. .214 . 440 14 65 47.. 239 120 14 75
80.. 214 160 13 90 68. .248 20 16 45
tl. .191 ... 1& 90 129.207 440 14 00
19.. 394 ... 16 Oft
Bhiwp On the general run of offcHni
that la, fed lambs, both of woolad and thnrn
varieties ths market waa active at strong
to 10c higher prices. On paper some of the
aies looaea 10 oe mors than that, but dif
ference In quality was responsible tor part
"w uuiura in nuinmr or ftaua. Hirii
era wanted tha Iambs, and with only mod
erats receipta at all points the undertone
waa strong, iraotng starting in good season,
and pretty much everything being cleaned
up "f auvEi mirr me miaaie oe too fort-
A new Dish mark of tSO.M w m.H.
wooled lambs.
A 250 360 advance In anrln 1mh .
tha feature of the day's trade. Mate of
mm uiuorniaa mat brouvht lie sn Mnn.
day reached 919.60, a flat 35a tin turn Nr.
tlvos wers scarce, a small package or two
eelllng aroond f 19 00. No aged atock waa
nere on waicn comparisons could be based.
What few buncht bt cllppod ewes were
herr wero anything hut good. Wooled
went ac ins record ngura of 116,66.
UbOtatlons on sheen and ltmh. i..k
WOOlfid. tit SAAtC IK- .hnrn t OAu be.'
eprlng lambs, 317.604)1M0; yearling, ehorn!
ta.uvtuio.nvi winri, mora, fls.BOlf.1'6;
ewes, shorn, tll.7fi4914.00; ewes, cull shorn,
Kepreaontatlve sales;
Cash Demand for Wheat is
Slow, but Trade in Corn
and Oats is Quite
3S OQll f.dln. lint....
203 fed l.mlj.
SI n.tlv. .print Umb...
IQ4 f"rt Umb.
JU fd Iambi
11 ffl limba..,
10 cull lamb. '
I7l dipped lamb.
Av. Pr.
iS 10 00
, 63 H 76
(6 s II 00
14 II 10
II 80
10 00
11 71
.. T0 10 10
II 104 11 10
17 Ill II 70
34 ...1107 ,1 J 00
40. ...... .1121 J U
1 14(1 II 10
111 M 00
l Ill 11 40
II 1111 11 76
4 1131 II 10
II 1111 11 10
II 1121 11 it
00 I 10 II.,.,.... Ill 10 Tl
4 IS! 11 II
10 7SI 11 II
4.. (01 11 to
14 Ill II 00
1 400 11 00
17 Ill 11 li
10 774 11 II
17........ Ill 11 71
0. 10 10
HoS Uneven neaa was lha nHivlnal
ture of today's hog market, Prlcea were up
and down all morning.
After making early offers a flat lOo lower,
most of tha packers raised their hands and
In tbs and bought the bulk of their hogs
at about ateady figures. One packer never
Cattle S4eady--Boga Mostly S Cents Higher
Sheep Higher. .
Chicago. May 22. lattt Raenlnt.. ?J fifth
ivau, ncaay; Deer cat lift, IB.QOQ
13.64; stockurs snd feeders. I7.60lo as-
cows and heifers, I6.40WU.G0; calves, 410.60
Via. vs. t
Hogs Receipts, 14,000 head: .market
mostly so nigner than Monday'a average;
bulk of sales, !16.00W16.&0; light, 116,60
16.36; mlxjd, I1MI016.&O; hctivy, HC.70
14.66; rough. 116.70IH15.S6: tia. UOTKA
14.66. -
Sheen anl Lambs Racelota. 7.0AA firi
market higher; wethera, 13. 764916.00; awes.
fiuvvnti lamoa, fi&.ibWJiU.fO,
St. rants Uvo Stock Market. "- -
St, Louis. Ma 21. Cattle .RauMlnta a iaa
head: market atearfv: natlv h. .iw..
17.60113.00; yearling steers and heifer.
14.60013.00; cow, $6.0049 11. 00; atockers
and fenders, $8,00910. 00; prime tout hern
war alters, sd.uuvii.60; beef cows and
hoi few, $4.26499.00; prime yearling iteers
nnd helfnra, $7.60 10.00; native calve.
Hogs Receipts. 1,400 head; markot
steady? light, $15.90316.40; plgit, $9.7649
H.2ft; mixed and butchers, 916.80flH6.46;
good heavy, 2l.404j16.fti; bulk. $19,9049
Bheep and Lambs Receipts, l.iflO head;
clipped lambs, $14.004916.76; clipped awe,
$9.6014.00; Bering iamba, 119.00,920.00;
canners, $6.00498. 00.
City Llva Stork Market. ,
Kansas City, May 23. CaUle fteoelrtls,
9.100 head; market strong; prima fud atoflra,
$12.664913.31; dressed beef steers, 10.00
13.60; western steers, $9.25013,16; cans,
$7.264911-23; heifers, $9.004912.26; stockers
and feeder, 9B.00QlO.76j bulls, $8,000
10.60; calvns, $$.00lVOO.
Hogs Recolpts 16,000 head;' markot
hither; bulk of aalrs, $I6.S016.W; heavy,
$16.30016.46; packers and butchers. $16.00
CH.16; light, $16,600)14.16; pigs, (11.60(9
Sheep and Lambs Receipts. 4.000 head;
mantel nignsr; lamos, 916.004930.26; year
linns, $14.00017.00; wethers, $13.00016.00;
was, $12.004916.26,
St. Joseph Live Stork Market,
St Joseph. Mo,. May 22. Cattle Receinta.
t.ftoo head; market strong: steers, (9.60O
18,26: oows and heifers. 27.OOIbl2.B0! calva.
Hogs Receipts. 10.000 head: market
alow, top, 110.26; bulk ot sales, $16.69
16.26. v ,
Sheep and Lambs Receinta. 1.200 head-
market strong; clipped lambs. $16.0049
17,26; clipped ewes, $12.004912.s0.
London Stock Market. 1
London, May 23. American seourltles
were dull, but firm, on the stock exchange
today, 1 .
Omaha. May 22, T
The local cash demand for wheat was.
rather alow today, but there was a nrattv
active Inquiry for corn and oats.
Toe caan trade, however, was very outet
on account 01 ngoi oiierings, mere being
only seventeen cars of wheat, twenty-seven
urs ot corn ana eleven cars or oata re
ceived. The sales of canto, wheat wara mt.
tremely light and while the market waa
nominally several cents lower, there was not
enough wheat sold to give a definite Idea
of tbo changes in values. The corn market
was quoted generally from steady to ftr,
lower, but the bulk of the offerings gold
acoui "ao unaer yesterday s market.
The premium on white corn waa about the
n me as on yesterday, the white selling sen-
ernlly about IHo to 3c above the yellow and
about 2c bove the general run of mixed
corn. Sates of the commercial grades of
wnite corn were made at 91.66 to 91.6&H
while the yellow ranged in price from
$1,624 to $1.63 and the mixed brought from
ll.tlS tin 11 H4U. '
The oats market ruled from stedi in K
lower and most of the offerings were dis
posed of at an early hour, the bulk of the
samples selling about under the market
ot me previous day. ro. 1 wmte sold sen.
erslly at 70c, No, 4 whits brought 6o and
sample white ranged In price from 67c to
(18c, There was no rye orbarley received
today and both of these cereals wars Quoted
nominally uncnangea.
Clearances were; wneat and floor equal
.0 233,000 bushels; corn. 40,000 bushels: oats.
Primary wheat recelnts were 710.000 hnah.
els and shipment 1,286,000 bushels against
receipts of 614,000 bushels and shipments of
9i,'vv Duaneis mac year,
rnmary corn receipts were B26.D0O hash.
els and shipments 486,000 bushels against
receipts of 666,000 bushels and shipments of
Dow.'tuu ouaneis last year.
rrimary oats receipts wers 691.000 bushels
ana sniuments 1. 038.000 bushels ssalnat re.
colpts of 408.000 bushels and shipments or
iui,vvv ousneis isai year.
Chicago ,. 76 , 271 280
Minneapolis .......... lJ . , . . -
Duluth 172
Omaha LI 27 11
Kansas tjuy as. xa
flt. Loiils .66 38 19
Winnipeg ,,12.) ...
These sales wero reported today:
Wheat Ham pie hard winter: 1 car. $-2.72;
car. te.iv. no. a mixes, numim : 1 ap.
$3.70. No. 2 spring and durum: 1 oar,
$2.68. .
corn no. 2 white: I oars, S1.I5U: l-l
car, $1.66. Xo. 1 white: 1 oar, 81.66.
No. 1 yellow: 1-4 ear, 81.62. No. 2 yel
low; oars, fi.ei; 1 cars, si.ea: 1 ear.
$1.62U, No, 3 yellow: 2 cars. 21.62: 4
cars, $1.6344. No. 2 mixed: ft oars, $1.62U:
car, $1.62. No. I mixed: 1 car' (near
nnei, 11. ea; t cars. si. 684: 1 ears. 81.62.
No. 4 mixed: 1 ear, $1.62, No, mixed:
car (near wnite). 91.62.
Oats No.' 1 white: 1 car rshtnoera
weights), 70Ho; 6 cars, 70o. No. 4 white:
1 car (snipper a weignts), 700t 2 cars, 690,
Sample white: 1 car. 69ci. 2 cars. 8c: J
car, 67c. 1
Omaha Cash Pr mm whmf Vn e ,.
i.-iuoz.m: no. 2 hard. I2nta aa? n a
hard, $3.77492.87. Corn: No. 3 white. 21.66
flfl.BGU; No. 2 white. 21.64Ufil.6fi; Nn. 1
wnite, si.Qitpk-tftft; wo, white. 81.68 H 42
64: No. 6 white. 2t.6301.llu . Nn 1 v.i.
low. Jl.v3H491.42; No. 2 yellow, $1.63-a49
L'4i: NO. 4 VellOW. 21.63C) 1.13U Nn 1
yellow, 21.41H491.69j No. 6 yellow, $1.6149
NO. Z mixed. Sl.62tai.62iA: Nn 1
mixed, $1.6tK$1.63!4; No. 4 mixed, I1.61H
491.62; No. & mixed, 41.6101 61 No. 4
mixed, 91.60H491.6t. Oats: No. I white,
70Hfi)71ot standard, 7070c; No. I white,
t9H4)70c; No. 4 white, 6&4969HC Barley:
uran 93l.00O2l.00.
Malting, $1.24981.47; No. 1 feed. $1.1649
Rye: No. 2. 22.20492.22: No. 2.
1.30. !
Local range of options:
Open. fHlgh. tLow.j .-Close Yes.
WhL I P f I I
July I 1 40 2 40 2rt f 2 94 32T
Sept I 9 06 I I Oft 200 I S 00 III
Corn 11 1 I
July 1 66 1 86 166 f 1 66 164
Sept. I 2 47 I 1 47 147 I 1 47 146
Oat 11 1
! July f 64H U 8f H 64H
.Sept. 1 631 64 63H 64 ft3H
Chicago closing prices, furnished The Baa
by Logan Bryan, stock and grain brokers.
mo nouin Biiieentn street, um a na :
Art. Open. High. Low. Close. Tea.
WhtTT i i p r
July I 22 9 24 12T I 22 182
Sep, S 12 111 201 a 06 210
July 1 65 1 6644 114 1 10 164H
1 09
64 H
28 30
38 SO
23 60
23 70
SO 67 H
20 85
I' 1 464147'i 1 48 147
1 10 104 M 1 08 H 10' 44
06 5S ': 66 66
66 H C5S y M 664a
38 $0 38 20 29 30 38 2f
2$ 50 38 20 38, 16 38 10
22 60 22 42 23 62H 23 25
n.Vi 22 fit 22 67 H 23 62
20 70 10 60 20 67 20 62
20 87H)20 76 20 85 20 77
Choking Off of Fntnro Dellvsry Beducca
ChlC(l20. M-'tV 33. AutAtnarla
of future delivery trade in wheat tightened
t U4.-U h sneni loaay tnat business waa
reduced for the most part to scanty deal
ings In a single option September. Bear
ish crop advices had also a depresulng ef
fect on value. The market cloned unsettled
e to 6c net lower, with Juiv t- 92
September at 12.06. Corn gained 4c to
1 1 Ho, and oats lost H94ic to c. Pro
visions finished lrreicular. ranirfn fi-nm 11
off to (4f To advance.
Predictions current that a complete stop
of all option buslneus In wheat soon might
be witnessed as a result of existing arbi
trary rules were not unanimously agreed to.
Unlimited short selling l atlll permissible
and enough of It has been devoIoDlna- to
cause a material constant setback In prices
of lato. According to some authorities the
extreme tension which has resulted in the
present oinerwtse stringent regulations re
garding wheat should relax after harvesting
won ujiuer way. yn ino otnor nand dif
ferent opinions were exoreaaorf fiw in
broad sense lha only buying of new wheat
mis year wouia do for actum u&ers and
would be therefore on a virtual hand to
mourn oa bib.
VAs far as news had any lnfluem-e nn the
wheat market the principal factor today
was the confidence which crop advices gave
that the government's May figures on the
uomestio vie a would Oe axcet1t1 ta a mih.
Stan tl I degree. Reports of Increased shin.
menu from Australia to the United States
also were taken Into account.
Corn prices bulged owing to scarcity of
uaau uiierinaf ana oecsuse or Continue! COLO
weather and lack of sunshine. Bearish es
timate or large increases of planted acre
age in seven surplus producing states
formed only a transient handicap on the
Although at first the oats market avmi
pathlsed with the strength of corn, slow
ness of shipping demand from the east
acted later as a weight on quotations. Sea
board exporters were said to be out of the
Holders of Drovtslons dlanlavad evident
willingness to reallxe. Higher prices on
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat: No. 1 and
No. 2 red. nominal: Na 2 hard. 82.00: N'n.
9 hard, nominal. Corn: No. 2 yellow, $1.72"4
491-72: No. 3 fellow. 11.71 U 491. 72U : Nn. 4
yellow, 91.7044. Oats: No. 2 white, 7044
71 c: standard, 71H4972& Rye, nominal.
Barley, $130491.60. Seeds; Timothy, $6.76 0
.00: clover, $12.004917.00. Provisions: Pork.
$32.30; lard, $22.8&22.46; ribs, $2O.12H0
20.67 H.
iuiter Hignar; creamery. 22H4939c
EffES Hither: receinta. 22.410 fun'.
flrsta, 24H036Ho; ordinary first. 82&33c:
at mark, caaas Included, 324936c,
Potatoes Receipts, 11 cars; unchanged.
Poultry Alive higher; fowla, 31 He
Wall Street, f Encouraged,
Shoots V. S. Steel to New
Record Trading Covers
Wide Scope.
Am. Tel. Tol. $00 121 130H
Am. Z.. L. A S.... 1,200 234 12 H 23
Anacomla Copper.. 2)2,800 22 81 H $3H
Atchison '2,800 102 100 101 H
All. 6. as W. I. K.S. 3.900 106 104H 104
Baltimore V Ohio.' ),900 70 69 70
uuue hup. cop. 600 46
1,600 30
Z.VUU 191
Coffee Market.
New York. May 23. Coffee futures nutet
again today, aales being estimated at only
4,260 bags. The market opened at an ad
vance of one point on a little covering. May
sold at 9.18c, or five points above last
night's close, while December sold at 2.48c.
or two points net higher, Trading was not
active, enougn to grvo tna market any de
cided tons, however, and the close waa Ir
regular at net five pofn-U higher to one point
lower. May. 8.16c r June. 1.1 Bo: Jul v. -nt-
August, 8.26c; September, 8.31c; October,
8.86c: November, 8.40c; December, 8,46c;
January, 2.61c; February, 8.67c; March,
2.63c; April, 8.680.
Spot dull; Reo 7s, 10c; Santos 4a, 10o.
No fresh offers were reported In the cost
and freight market fxom Santos, but there
waa a small sals of Rio 7s at sttc. Ameri
can oredit.
Tbs official cable reported an advance of
60 rels In the' Rio market with Santos soot-
unchanged snd futures unchanged to 26
rels lower. Rio exchange on London was
182d higher. . '
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Sloax City. la.. May 22. Cattle Recelnts.
500 head: market, stock era atron kiiinm
dull and lower; beef steers, tll.OOfjiS.OO;
butchars, $9.604911.00: fat cows and heif
ers, $8.004911.00; canners, $6.00498.00;
atockers and feeders, $7.604910.60; ci.lves,
$8.60(912.00; bulla, atags, etc., $8.004910.60;
feedlnscowa and heifers, $7.264910.00.
Hogs Receipt. 8.000 head: mat-to a
ateady to 60 higher; light, $16.404915.66;
mixed, 116.70916.00; heavy, 18.9016.20:
pigs. I12.000l3.t0j bulk of sale, $16,459
Sheep and Lambs Rerelnta. 1 fine ha. 4.
market strong; yearlings, $100916.00;
wethers, $12.604916.60; ewos, $12.50913.75;
f I 111 Mill I HlM 1 I IS
. aiiimiiiiiiiitiiiiiniiiiiimnniiiini!iit8!t ,
- ....... nlllillHIUIUIMIIIjlUlltllillllUIUilfMillllllllllllllri
y. : .
What yui;xpo:i;"i
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Omaha Gas Company
New York. May -!J. Indeclilon marked
to. early coarse of today', antiv. .nrf
broailor market. Dot thin oonultlon va. al-
oioai wiiony rKimta m the final tour.
Wh.n United Htatea Steal led the e-nner.l
Hat to new maitmum. for tho current move
ment. Trarilnr covered, wider Kope, taklnc
Into . greater extent than recently the
ran., ineiaia, on. ana apecaltle..
Wall Blroet profeaaed to see favorable
portenu in the declalen of the United
Biaiee supreme court, wh en postponed re.
artumenta of Impending- ''truat" suit, for a
year. The (rowing popularity of the liberty
k&an was another encouraging Influence.
There were Intimation, aluo ot an early an
nouncement by the Interstate Commerce
commission regarding the plea of tho rail
road, for Increased rates. United States
Steel, steady advance of 141 point. g the
new record of 137,. put that stock within
points of Its record. Absorption of steel
pa most impressive and .Infused fresh
vitality Into the market after an Inter.
medate period of lassitude.
Other equipments and th. munition, lag
ged by comparison, tho, only noteworthy
features Of that division belli. Hlrival.
8teel. which roe. IH to 631 am Bethlehem
Steel new stock, which failed to hold more
than m part of It. nominal advance.
AH the copper, and allied share, war.
higher til 1 to I points on very large no.
cumulation. 43alns in this group ran from
1 to I points. Utah, Inaplratlon and Ara.rl
can Smelting were most In favor.
The Indulry for oils took in virtually every
issue of that description. Texas company
registered a gross lain 'of ! point., while
Mexican Petroleum, Sinclair' Oil and Cali
fornia Petroleum preferred advanced 1 to
almost t points. Motor, mad. further re
coveries from last yeek', setback and high
priced specialties and utilities were again
featured by Industrial Alcohol and Gas,
those issue, rising 1 to 2 points at their
best. All classes of rati were Included in
th. 1 to I points advance. z Total Mies,
MZI.OOO shares.
Bonds were Irregular and tacking in espe
cial features. Total sales, par value, 2.
179,00(1. United states bond, ware un
changed on call, but counon ss fell u n..
oent on Mica. : . ,
. . . Sale. High. low. Close.
Am. Beet Sugar. ; 3.300 2 anu. nu
American. Can..-.,. 34,100 41 (i 4Vs , 48
iu. vr rovna. s.avo 71 70 . 707,
Am. Locomotive 0.500 704 su' 7
Am. Smelt. 4 Ref.; 11,000 1041, lOli, 101V.
no,... out! I1U HO
Cal. Petroleum...
-"J --V..... ...
central leather.... 12,100 89
Chesapeake A Ohio 1,000 CO U
4,500 ; 74V.
1,000 11154 110K 111
ChL, M. St. P..
;o N. W. .
C. R. I. a p., ctfs.
Chlno Copper
Colo. Fuel A Iron.
Corn Prod. Ref....
Crucible Steel
Cuba Cane Sugar,.
Distiller'. Sec...
Erie ;
-Oeneral Electric.
Q'neral Motors....
Ot Northern pfd.,
Ot. N'o. Ore., ctfs..
Illinois Central..,
44 4S54
16344 111
7H 73
1,100 7H
1.100 'Stu.
lfi.OOO 24
1.400 44
2.000 IIS
7,000 :s u
000 16l7i 158
11.800 103 100i 101V,
z.avu luefi 1UB lus
1.800 34 4 33 "1 I44
200 102
inspiration Copper. 43.300
Int. :i. M. pfd
int. racket. .......
Int. Paper
Kan. CUty. So
Kenliecott Copper.
Iulsvllle A Nash.
Maxwell Motors...
Mexican Petroleum 32,400
Miami Copper 3.400
Missouri Pacific...
Montana Power...,
Nevada Copper...'..
New Tork Central.
N. T.-, N. H. H..
Norfolk & Western
Northern Pacific,,.
Paclflo Mall
Pacific Tel. A Tel.
Pittsburgh Coal..
31 V.
600 121
7,300 00U
,3UU Z7
1,000 100
4.700 26
1.100 10
200 19
1.100 123
!,600 103
200 24
101 101
58 60
!5 156
47 41
121 132
101 103
23 33
Rep, Iron ft 8teel,
Shattuck Ariz. Coo,
Southern Paclflo...
Southern Railway.,
Htuaeoaker cor.... 16.200
Texas Co.
Union Pacific.
Ray Con. Oopper.. 14,400 30
36 -J6
82 79
7,200313 109 113
10.200 137 136 136
u. o. ina. Aiconoi. Hl.suu 127 130
United States Steel.824. 100 13744.1341 12744
U. a Steel pfd.... 1,200 118Tll8 111
Utah Copper...... 11.800 115 IIS 114
Wabash pfd "B"., 1,200 24 1 24. 24
Western Union 600 93 93 93
Westlnghous. Elec 10,100 64 is 68
Total sales for the day, 1,035,000 shares.
Sugar Market.
New Tork May 22. Sugar--Raw. steadv:
centrifugal, 6.02c: molasses,- 6.14c. Refined,
Will You Recognize the
Wde o Mystery," When
You See Her at 1
Boys' Suits In
Feature Sale
THESE suits are very closely priced to provide thor
oughly dependable boys' clothes at a popular ex
penditure., .
They are made ;from carefully selected woolens;
they are honestly tailored and the styles are readily
recognized as new and correct.
rCIose inspection of their quality finds no point over
looked to build them as durably as possible.
MODELS Practically everything' that's new including
novel pinch and plaited back effects; stitched
and loose belts; patch flap and welt pockets.
FABRICS A remarkable 'assortment. Pure wools that
,' cover a wide ; range1 of springtime colors and
designs. "
Brinf the boys in todmy and get them a new summer guit.
My Liberal Credit Terms makes it easy for you to buy what
you want and pay as you go along.
- , Via Rock Island Lines
Alexandria Bay, N. Y., and return S45.45 to' $46.95 '
Asbvury Park, N. J., and return f $55.80 to 859.10
Atlantic City, N. J., and return $57-30
Bangor, Me., and return....... S56.70 to 867.45
Bar Harbor, Me., and return $59.90 to 870.45
Boston, Mass., and return ..S54.60 to $62.10
Buffalo, N. Y., and return ....$42.41
Burlington, Vt, and return ....J. $50.90 to $51.50.
Chautauqua Lake points, N. Y., and return .841.10
Toledo, 0., and return ....$35.10
Charlottetown, P. E. I., and return $64.35 to $83.65
Concord, N. H., and return $51.20 to $59.10
Detroit, Mich., and return ;$35.10
Pabyan, N. H., and return $52.25 to $67.25
Halifax N. S and return .$61.60 to $85.10
Lake Placid, .N. Y., and return $49.10 to $50.60
Moncton,'N. B.( and return r.. -.856.00 to $77.95
Montreal, Que., and return $45.20 to 855.51
New York, N. Y. and return v $55.80 to $59.1-0
Old Orchard, Me., and return . $52.90 to $63.11
Portland, Me., and return .$52.90 to $62.45
Portsmouth, N. H., and return ... $52.90 to $59.10
Pictou, N. S., and return .861.35 to $84.15
St. John, N. B and return Sofi.OO to $73.45
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and return... $49.15 to $51.66
Toronto, Ont., and return. , $40.10 to $42.41
Yarmouth, Me., and return ....$52.90 to $63.15
New York City and return.. 858.50 to $62.10
One direction via Buffalo or Niagara Falfe, other direction .
via Washington. D. C. x
N Yark City and return.. $70.50 to $72.10
i One direction via Savannah, Ga. and steamer";
. other direction via Niagara Falls or Buffalot
f i o via Washington, D. C. " -
Boiton, Mass., and return -$57.80 to $60.20
One direction via Montreal, other direction via Niagara ,
, v - Falls or Buffalo.
Boiton, Mass., and return $57.80 to $69.15
One direction via Niagara Falls or Buffalo, other direc
tion via New York and Washington, D. C.
Boston, Mast., and return $76.95
Ona direction via Savannah, Ga. and steamer, other direc- ,
tion via Niagara Falls or Buffalo or Montreal.
The above is only a partial list of Eait.rn points to which excur
ion feres ar. available, and many other attractive Circuit Tours are
offered. .(,-..,
Tickets carry final return limit of gixty dayg from date of sale, .
and vary liberal stop-oven in both direction.
Chicago Limited at 6:08 P. M. Daily
For further information inquire of -
Division Paetenger Agont
14th and Faraam Sts. - W. O. W. Bldg.
.steady: fine granulated. .T.SOOI.SOc. fu
ture, opened easier and prices at noon were
2 and 6 points lower under continued HquU
datlon and selling by leading Cuban laur
eate. Later the list eontlnued to decline la gym
pathy with the easier feeling In th. .pot
market Closed easy and 10 to II point,
lower. Sales. 13,400 tons. May, 6.04o; Jury,
5 10c; September, 6.18c.
Signed and sealed bids will be re
ceived by W. W. Wyckoff, Secretary
of. the Board of Education of the
School District of York.-Tf ebraska,
up till Thursday noon, June 7th, 1917,
for the erection and construction of
3 new school buildings at York, Ne
braska, according to the plana and
specifications prepared f by Berling
hof & Davis,, architects, and on file
with the Secretary of the Board.
Separate bids will be received for
heating, plumbing and electric work.
Plans and specifications may be
seen at the office of Berlinghof &
Davis; architects, 414 Security Mutua)
Life Building, Lincoln, Nebraska, and
at office of Secretary. Contractors de
siring plans and specifications for
their individual use may obtain one
set from the architects on making a
deposit of twenty-five dollars ($25),
which will be returned in case a
regular bid is filed, and plans and
specifications returned in good condi
tion on or before the date of receiv
ing bid.
Each bid to be considered must be
accompanied, as evidence of good
faith, by a certified check of five per'
cent of the amount of the bid, made
T-1 - a - .Tir tit if . v rt
jjayauie iu vv. vy. nycKOii, secre
tary. ,
The Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
By order of the Board of Educed
H. S. King, Pres., ' .
, W. W. Wyckoff, Secretary. '
Berlinghof & Davis, 'Arch.
The Bell
Telephone Policy .
V 'a','
We endeavor to conduct
our dealings with the public,
our employees and our ln-
, vestprs along the lines ot this
L To furnish courteous,
efficient, and dependable
telephone service.
' I. To tell the public the
, truth about our business.
8. To be conservative and
-economical ' In the man
agement of our affairs.
4. To pay our ' employees
-' good wages.
5. To earn for our secur
ity holders a reasonable
return on . their . invest
ment We believe that such suc
cess as we have had Is be
cause our business has been
conducted along these lines.
Are You Going
Away forN
the Summer?
,If bo, why not itort your tuniM
hold goods in our FIREPROOF
STORAGE, where yon know they
will be absolutely safe. The rates
re reasonable.
Omaha Van
& Storage Co.
Phone Douglas 4163
806 South 16th St.
The Road to Success
Is Good Health
Don't negfeet that ailment which
now seems trivial. Iswill grow If
you don't take means to cheek It.
will make yon feel like a 2-year-old.
Brown Park
Mineral Springs
25th and O Sts, South Side
Phon. South STS
OstMsathk Physldsn ta CVsrt