Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 28, 1917, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 14, Image 14

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Your dealer hat supply
of fresh Suakist
Oranges awry day.
Theae are tha uniformly
good oranges Order
dozen today. , .
Uniformly Good
30c 6s 3c
Now on Sale at ;
Leading Grocers and
Department Stores
Blue Bell, Gooches' Best, Sunkist
Flour,, all the leading brands of
flour at less than wholesale cost.
Per sick, 48 pounds. .. .83.25
With each order of 12,00 or over.
Strictly Freeh Country Eggs, per
own 33
Beechwood Creamery Butter, per
pound 45
E. C. Corn Flakes, per pkg
Fancy Table Potatoes, peck. .85
25c can K. C, Baking Powder, per
can .......... i... .......19a
Large can Table Peaches. .17V4
Free Delivery. Mail Orders Fillad Promptly at Above Prices. -213
South 24th Street. . Telephone Douglae 2514.
of grocery buyers who arc making daily savings at tha Baikal Stores' every day low prices, a few of hun
dreds arei
APPLES: Washington White Win.
ter Per main. Best Apples, now,
per boa. . .$1.96, 12.19 and 12.42
ORANCESi Sweetest ever) no
need to waste high pricod sugar
on these. They keep fine, too get
a ease, only 83.17 P to 83.68
Per doien. 21. 24. 26
end several other siaee. . .. (
LEMONSi A carload now in,
the best juicy kind, doa, 16c to
I9& Get a case, Lemons will
soon be much higher -ceae,
Get our prices on Flour before
buying. Market tends upward."
Loganberry juice called LOJU. It's
a splendid drink, 30c bottle, 24
MAPELENE, maple ' flavor, 35c
bottle for ., . . , , i . . . . , . .28
15.00 Orders Delivered Free Within a Reasenable Distance. Smaller Orders, Over $1.00, for S Cente.
Ste 'r - The Basket' Stores f' Jis-S ' -
I nine ! in
1 IVY 1 AD
J(ome Economics department
Simple Desserts
With Cornstarch
- Of the innumerble recipes masquer
ading under different names, a great
many of thennmaybe traced to a
common origin sweetened flavored
Jiquid stiffened with cornstarch. Peo
ple who scorn the humble "Cornstarch
l'udding" will gladly eat it if prop
erly garnished and served under an
other name. , The only problem in
cooking cornstarch is to cook it long
enough for the raw taste to disappear
this disappearance being a sign that
the starch granules are in condition
to be easily digested. Thirty to forty-live
minutes' cooking in a double
boiler is none too long for the
thorough rooking of the starch. If egg
is added, it had best lie stirred in
during the last five minutes of cook-
Large caii Table Pears, .t.174
Large can Table Apricots. 17 tte
Sunbright Cleanser, 3 pkgs. .10(2
Swift's Pride Washing Powder, 8
pkgs. for. i.'..10
Extra large sweet Navel Oranges,
60e Btie, per doien .30
No. 1 Pot Roasts, per lb. .17 He
Fresh Hamburger, lb IK
Fresh Home-Dresser Chickens, per
No. 1 Steer Chuck Steak, lb., 20
No. 1 Pork Chops, per lb. . . .23
rrT'rrnTr ffffT Tr-THii
SEEDS, flower or garden, 2 pack-
ages, for .5
Sunbright Cleanser, 3 S-cent cans,
10, one package....... .14
Blueing, bottle ..6
Clothes Pins, 36 for 5
Toilctecr, use it instead of Sani-
fhish) 25c can.. 21
Ammonia, bottle f)
Rex Lye, can g
9 Bars Diamond C Soap. . . .25
Shinola Shoe Polish, lOe boa 81
25e Shinola Home Sets 18c
lOe Jet Oil Shoe Polish. .... .Se
Thread, 3 spools... ...13c
Raisins, Seedless, bulk, Ib..,.l4c
Seedless, pkf. i , ' .", . ,18e
Seeded, pkg. i'. ...... . J , .13e
Currants, washed, bulk, )b...'.22e
. 11 -ounce pkg. . 14c
, I Oft JT St01eS
Practical housewives find tha sav
ings due to the use of Silver Churn Oleo
margarine enable them to buy many additional
dainties for the table.
But aside from economy, Silver Churn
gives rn oaf gatufactory rcaulta for table nM '
and cooking purpose. Government inspection
is your assurance) of parity; Armour's Oval
Label guarantees its quality. . Ask for
Silver Chora by
13th 4 Joaea
w. i-
th A
Readers ire cordially invited" to
k Hill Orosi my questions
bout household economy upon
which she may possibly give help
ful advice; they ire also invited to
give suggestions from theit expe
rience that may be helpful to
others meeting the same problems.
ing, for egg is not improved by long
cooking. A plain cornstarch mold,
made from a pint of milk and suf
ficient to serve four people will cost
'about 14 cents and provide about 1,000
calories, or units ol food value, ex
cluding egg, the pudding would cost
only 10 cents plus, and would furnish
something over 900 calories.
1 pint milk Few sralna Hit
I t. vanilla 4 T. ciirnsturfh
ti to 1-1 c. ausar t atf. If dcalrcd. .
Heat milk in double boiler, reserv
ing 14 cup to mix with the cornstarch.
When milk is scalded, add cornstarch
paste and ill other ingredients, ex
cept vanilla if egg is not used. Stir
till mixture thickens, then allow : i
cook thirty to forty-five minutes, stir
ring occasionally. If egg is added, beat
it slightly with the salt, add sugar,
then stir into cooked corpstarch mix
ture the last five minutes of cooking.
Add vanilla, pour into wet molds and
chill. Turn out and serve with cream,
fruit juice, or a special sauce. '
Sometimes only the yolk of the
May First will be the last of
liquor. The people have voted
it out. But there is one drink
that will always remain. You
cannot use it to excess.
will never be prohibited. It la
a food drink. It is man's
most perfect food. Contains all
the elements of nutrition; the
sole food for the baby: a build
er of bone and muscle in the
growing child.
Alamito Milk Is
Milk is a culture for germs. It
must be free from germs before
it is safe for consumption. It
is made safe by pasteurizing.
Alamito Milk Is
When good milk is perfectly
Jasteunzed, you may indulge
reely. No food gives more
nutriment. No food is as cheap.
Today's watchword is "Econ
omy." Limit your other foods,
but increase your milk supply.
Your health and your purse,
will benefit.
: Ask Your Grocer, or
Phone Douglas 409.
The Alamito Dairy
Company v
PmcIim Fancy Mulr ........14.
Pmiwa Lara shw, lb 14e
PMra Mountain Bartlatt, can. .2Ie
Paaehaa Mountain HalVM 23c
Apricota Lara, can 13c
Crackara Graham, lb 14c
Dataa Dromedary, pkff . ,.13e
Corn Flakaa National, pkf., Scl 3 tor S2c
Cora Flakaa Krlnkla, lars. ISc pkf.. 12c
Milliard S-. tumbler. Si 3 for 22c
Catsup Armour'a 25c ala ...21c
Lataup Hewaare, m wa...
Our Sanitary Markota handle the
boot of Maata, both Fresh and Cured.
CHEESE Full Wiaeoasia Cream or
brick, lb ....SO.
Sail Whlt.ll.h, lb., 7ct 4 Iba 25c
Herrmf , Rolled Mop, lb 4c I 3 lbs, 10c
Aaaorted Mackerel. No. 1 18c
No. I 44c. No. S ........ Sc
S-lb, Pall.... M1.47
Milker Herrinf, S-lb. pell.. jl.ia
Criaco lc, Sac, 11.64
Sawtay SSc end See
BUTTER7-Boet creamwr. lb. carton.
at ......
Cood Tu B
Butter, lb. 44c
name, x
St, Omaha, Neb.
Q Ste. So 1740.
Aahland I
egg is added during cooking, and the
stiffly beaten White is folded in after
the pudding is removed from the
stove. Or the white may be convert
ed into a meringue and served on .top
of the pudding. To make a meringue
beat egg stiff with a few grains salt,
fold in IT. powdered sugar and.
t. vanilla,.' -.'
Variations of Cornstarch Pudding.
Chocolate . Cornstarch Mix 3 T,
cocoa or grated chocolate with the
cornstarch paste. Increase the sugar
to , c..' . . ,
Coffee Cornstarch Scald the milk
with 2 to 3 T., ground coffee, strain
and proceed as usual.
Caramel Cornstarch Melt !4 c.
sugar extra in a frying pan aver a
slow flame, add to scalded milk and
proceed as usual. , .
Fruit Mold Place a small quantity
of! sweetened fruit in fhe. bottom ol
one large, or several individual small
molds. Pour Cornstarch pudding over
the fruit.' When the mold is turned
out, the fruit is on- top, making a
very attractive dessert.
A small quantity of crushed fruit,
such as- 1-3 c grated pineapple may
be stirrrd into the pudding just be
fore molding. ... i
. iBVIT CROW, v ;
1 c, fnilttjutoev aweet't eear white.
enod well - J - Fovi Brains aalt ,
1 T. curnaterch . :
Cook cornstarch and sweetened
juice as directed' above. Remove from
flahie and fold-in stiffiy. beaten egg
white. Serve in tall glasses, garnished
with fruit and whipped cream. Especi
ally good with berry juice and berries.
Almond Sponge Make a plain corn-
starch pudding, remove frpm name,
fold in two egg whites beaten tilt stiff,
and 'i c. blanched chopped almonds.
Mold, c,hill and serve .with custard
sauce.: i . . '
Cl'fiTARn SAt't:K.
1 ft milk .'.'.'.'. , Few iralha lt- '
! Mta xolka. , t t, Taallla,.
3 T. auaar .'. . . t ...
Scald milk, pour onto other ingredi
ents except vanilla, .strain into double
boiler and . cook till sauce thickens,
stirring . constantly. Remove from
flame, add vanilla and cool. ,
Santa Fe Employes to Get Bonus.
San Bernardino, Cal April 27. All
employes of; the A. tchison, Topeka &
Santa Ff railroad will receive July 1
a 10 per cent bonus on six months'
pay, accdrding to 'an announcement
made here tonight. :
V I 11 SMS
. t, MI. WV
PIG PORK LOINS, PER LB . . ......... ... . . .1878c
Steer Pot Roast, lb
Young1 Veal Roant, lb. . ,
Young Veal Chops, lb
Steer Shoulder Steak, lb.....
PiB Pork Roast, lb
Pie- Pork Butts, lb .
Steer Porterhouse Steak, lb.
Sparr Ribs, -lb. . ...... . . .
.17 Vic
.15 We
Deliveries Mad to All Parts of the City
1610 Harney Street.
CHOICE FOREQUARTERS LAMB, Freih, not froier,', lb.'.. .
PIG PORK LOINS, PER LB. . ...,. ..
FRESH DRESSED CHICKENS, PER LB. ............. w . .
Young Veal Roaat. Mr lb. ...... ..1JV,C
Younj Veal Chop,, lb 17V.0
Steer Pot Roaat, lb ..M'ic
Steer Shoulder St.ak. lb. ....... .17 V,c
Steer Porterhouae Steek. lb.......32Vae
Pif Pork Roaat. lb.... 1SJ.C
Pit Pork Butt,, lb. ............. M'ic
Snare Rlba, lb..,.. .,(.. .ISVic
Dtllvertea Made to All Part, ol the City
113 South letk Street.
The Washington
Leads in Price
Choice Steer Sirloin Roast, 1b....t0c
Choice Steer Shoulder Roast, per lb. '
at ITVitaodlOc
Choice Steer Rib Roast, lb. . . . . ,llVc
Choice Steer Boiling Beef, !b....t2Vac.
Extra fancy Hindquarters Lamb, per lb..
at e.02
Extra fancV Forequarten Lamb, per
lb., at i U
Lamb Stew, per lb.'. .,....-,..... ISe
Choice Steer Sirloin Steak, per lb.. SOc
Beef Tenderloin, lb ......3S
Extra Lean Pork Chops, lb. .SSe
Strtetly Sugar Cured Breakfast Raeon,
per lb., at ITVfy
Strictly Sugar Cured Regular Hams,
per lb., at 25Vc
Strictly Sugar Cured Pknle Hams
per lb., at UV,e
Freeh Caught White Fish, Trout and
Black Bess, per lb 3S
l.tve Lobeters, racfc SOe
Extra Large Hard Shelled Crabs, each
at i
AN erders south to Martha and weal to
All orders Berth to Ames Am had west
T L All erders must be In hall an
Home-Grown Vegetables
Found on Market fable
The gentle springtime' is showing
some of its effects on the vegetable
and fruit markets of the city of Oma
ha. They are overflowing with suc
culent good things from the ground,
many of them raised around Omaha
in early hotbeds and others coming
here from the far parts of the country.
Strawberries are abundant and at
little prices. The quality is also su
preme and the berries are of the finest
sort of tempting color. .They come
here at this time of the year from
Louisiana. . ,
Potatoes have not advanced in price
during the last week, but are holding
their own. The lowest price quoted
on them is 85 cents a peck or $3.40 a
bushel, no reduction, you see, even if
you take a) bushel.
New potatoes are showing up in
bigger sues than heretofore and thus
heralding the time when the crop.
Do You Waste
These Things in Cooking?
'Dry Stale Bread and Crusts. Put
through medium knife of food-chopper
and store in jars with perforated
tops to prevent rancidity. Keep but
tered bread or toast separate and use
soon after preparing. " Use .for fish,
vegetables, and meat scallops; gravy,
soup, and! bisque thickenings; for
griddle-cakes, cake, muffins, biscuits,
and fritters, puddings, blanc-mange,
and cereals, as well as for all sorts of
crumming purposes.
Stale Cake. May be usd in pud
dings, fritters, gelatins, blanc-mange,
fruit molds, and in making fresh cake
and steamed puddings..
Orange, Grapefruit,: and Lemon
Peel. Should be scraped of all mem
brane aid used at once for sugared
peel, for candy, or used in making
cakes, puddings, cookies, and in gar
nishing sweet dishes. If desirable,
collect it gradually, keeping it in
slightly salted water in a cool place
for four or five days. Use fresh in
re-enforcing fruit beverages, gelatins,
and sherbets.
Trimmings From Salad Greens.
Stew in water or stock, together with
a little pickle spice, add rice to thick
en (three tablespoonfuls to a quart ot
vegetable stock) and, at the end of
the cooking, strain and season with
a bouillon cube. A real blood tonic.
Use cress in the same way, also mince
For the invalid as well as
those in perfect health
Bakerk Cocoa
is an ideal foo d bev
erage, ptire, delicious
'. ' ,. ''.;.-:'v'' '."' .-
Walter Bakr 8 Co. Ltd.
Extra Lean Regular Hami, lb 24e
Sugar Cured Hbidh, lb..... 20 c
No. 1 Lean Bacon, lb , 33s4c
Sugir Cured Bacon, lb .283(c
From S to p. m. Pork Chops, lb., 18c
From 10 p. m. Lamb Chops, lb Be
Wall Orders Filled at These Prices
Phone Doutlaa 2793.
. . .Mc
Extra Lean Regular" Huna.- lb.
Sugar Cured Hanta, lb..... .
No. 1 Lean Bacon, lb .;,
Sugar Cured Bacon, lb......,.,
From to 9. p. m. Country
or lb. at
From to 10 p. m. Pork Chop.,
lb., ISe
Mall Orders Filled at Tbeae Prices
Phone Douflu 2307.
Market Always
and Quality
ft bars Diamond O Soap. ......... .25c
8 cans Peas ,...2Bc
Two L-lb. pkffi. Tea Stf tings. .... .25c
Fresh Bulk Sauer Kraut, S lb 16c
Fancy Bulk Breakfast Cocoa, lb. . . .25c
Fancy Kidney Beans, 2 lbs 25c
Fancy Sifted Peas. 8 cam..., SSc
Freiili Roasted Coffee, 35c special, per
lb., at . 28c
Sugar, 10 lbs., for.. $1.00
All Brands Creamery Butter, lb...4Sc
Fresh Country Butter, lb 40c
Green Onions, i hunches. .. .. . ... .Sc
Fancy Large Radishes, 8 bunches. .10c
Fancy Home Grown Asparagus. I
bunches for ISc
Fancy Leaf Lettuce, bunch.... Se
Cauliflower, 2 for..... 2Sc
Fresh Spinach, peek... ......ISt
Head Lettuce, large head 10a :
New Potatoes, par lb .....10s
Bermuda Onions, lb ............. 10c
Sweet Oranges, per dosen ...18e
Thin Skinned Lemons, dotcn 20c
Extra Fancy Strawberries, Quart. , .20c
per pint, at...., ,18c
Mth St., leave every day at 9:30 A. M.
to 46th St, leave very day at I P, M.
faeur before delivery leavee.
blXA'.TYLIVR 470
rxa MiooLt wist .
wilt get its full groSvth and potatoes
will be plentiful and, let us hope,
cheap. The new ones sell at about
2'A cents a pound.
Cabbage and cauliflower are good,
but sell also at around i-'A cents
a pound. ,
Cucumbers are also big and fine. '
Asparagus is on the market in full
force and very fine asparagus it is,
Fresh string beans and green peas
are plentiful at 20 cents a pound.
Fresh turnips, carrots, radishes and
lettuce, both leaf and head lettuce, are
abundant and at moderate prices.
Rhubarb the succulent and whole
some spring vegetable, is also plenti
ful. Apples from the west are still on
the market at prices per box about
what they have been all winter And
oranges are also abundant at the for
mer prices.
any leftover sprigs, and sprinkle over
steak or fish.
Cauliflower Leaves. Cook twice as
long as the cauliflower, chop, season
as greens, and use to supplement the
flower itself.
Celery Tips. Spread on papers,
dry, store in jars, and use for season
ing. Use fresh as a basis for soup, a
garnish for salad or meats, and for
frying in a thin batter.
Leftover Vegetables. Peas, car
rots, Lima or string beans, corn, as
paragus, radishes, green peppers, cab-'
bage, cauliflower; use alone, or in any
combination in soups, either in stock,
or with bouillon cubesT salads, or scal
lops. Turnips, carrots, beets, Lima
beans, potatoes and so forth. Use in
vegetable hash, soups, casseroles with
ham or smoked fish. Stewed or scal
loped tomatoes use in casseroles,
with baked beans, in soups, to make
aspic, in sauces, and bread or cereal
Vegetable, Parings. Scrub vegeta
bles well and out all narinss. includ
ing those from potatoes, into a gen
eral stock-pot-
Cooked Cereals. Use in stock-pot,
soups, scallops, meat, fish and vegeta
ble loaves, griddle- cakes, waffles,
muffins, puddings and croquettes,
iettover scrambled. Coached or
Fried Hggs. Use minced in sand
wiches, potato or fish salad, or souo.
Rice Water. Use in stock-pot. or
as base tor soup.
Sour Milk. Use In makinsr biscuSs.
all kinds of grain muffins; steamed or
iaiajr Hoxefoni Taehn) ti America.
.; . J
Coat With Eftg-O-Latum Keep Per
fectly Cue When Worth
Double or Treble
Remember what you paid for sgga
last winter 40 cents to (0 cents a
dosen? They'll be higher next win
ter, because hens are lewer and the
demand greater.
Preserve spring eggs now. Means
a saving of 20 to 40 cents a dosen
next- December and January, or a
profit of 100 per cent to 200 per cent
oti your money.
Egg-O-Latum can be applied at the
rate of one dozen eggs per minute
and at a cost of 1 cent per dosen.
There is no evaporation, no air-cell,
no contracted odors, no deteriora
tion; the yolk remains whole and in
the center of the eggs; poaching,
boiling, frying and beating as if un
der a week.
It is guaranteed to keep fresh egga
nine months to a year so that they
cannot bo told from eggs laid within
a week.
Couldn't Tell From Fresh
"I tried out a Jar of Egg-O-.
Latum last summer and It
worked fine; used the eggs In
winter and you couldn't tell them
. from fresh eggs, Ogden Feed
Co., Ogden, Utah,"
"Please send me two Jars of
Egg-O-Latum. I have used five
' Jars and find preservative very
satisfactory. Have also dlstrib
. uted some among various Cath
olic institutions, namely: St
Louis, Mo.; Waterloo, la.; Kirk
. wood. Ma They all think very
highly of the preparation. Rev.
A. V. Nicolas."
Don't pay exorbitant prices for
eggs next winter. Begin preserving
now, before the moulting season and
hot weather. Little trouble; no risk.
Beat the food speculators. Sell your
surplus at the fancy prices.
Egg-O-Latum Is prepared In 60
cent Jars, enough for (0 dozen eggs.
At dealers or mailed postpaid. Full
information free. Geo. H. Lee Co.,
602 le Building, Omaha. Neb. Adv.
. - ?
sWWi fc"--'If JT.: . ..'
Bee Want Ads Bring
Best Results
baked brown, whole wheat, or grjliaiu
bread, spice cake; spiced cookies,
plain cake, ginger-bread and ginger
drop-cookies, butter cakes, boiled
salad dressing.
Sour Cream. Use in making fruit
ice creams, cream fruit sherbets,
chicken gravy, cheese cake, cooked
salad dressing, uncooked cote-slaw
dressing, whipped in mayonnaise, to
enrich creum-of-tomato soup; and in
shortening any of the quick grain
breads, gingerbreads, and in .making
dark-colored cakes.
Bacon, Ham and Ssussge Fat Use
for sauteing when savory tastes are
desired, in seasoning spaghetti, savory
rice, savory hominy, browning meat
for stews, .ir casseroles, in shortening
gingerbread or spicy cakes of dark
color, in making spice and ginger
cookies, and in shortening quick grain
breads, or the trusts for meat, vege
table, or fish pies.
Chicken Fat. Try out and ose jn
making "three-minute oie crust,"
cakes, cookies, and for sauteing.
Beef Fat and Fat from Stock-pot.
Try out and use with one-third lard
for deep fat frying, or plain for saute
ing; beef fat alone for shortening
cakes, cookies, puddings, biscuits,
dumplings and pie crust.
Odds and Ends of Fruit Use in
fruit salads, fruit gelatins, fruit cups,
fruit soups, fruit beverages, tapiocas,
compotes of rice and farina, and in
case of juicy berries, as raspberries,
strawberries, and so on; use in drinks
and for corn-starch puddings.
Leftover Fish. Use in croquettes
with rice or potato, creamed as a
sauce over brown rice, in salads with
celery, cabDage, radishes, or shredded
romaine, cress or lettuce, or use to
season cream-of-fish soup, or for stuf
fing peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers or
cabbage leaves.
Bits of Cheese and Rinds. Put
cheese scraps through food chopper
and use in Welsh rarebjt; cheese sauce
for fish, rice, or hominy; in vegeta-'
ble scallops; creamed potatoes; Ger
man style; cheese croquettes, etc;
grate cheese from rinds and use on
spaghetti, in creamed vegetables, td
make cheese sticks, cheese biscuits,
cneese pie crusts tor truit pies, cheese
toast, and serve with stock vegetable
suups. i icionai iteview.
Oh, Horrors of War!
Father-in-Law Asks"
Son-in-Law Drafted
A well-dressed, middle-aged Oma
han asked Captain McKinley, the of
ficer in charge of the army recruiting
aratinn if 'th 4r.f k;il ..1,1 I
.. -, uill WUU1U UC-
come law. The captain said he judged
irom newspaper reports that congress
would pass it '
"Good!" exclaimed the visitor. "I
have a son-in-law who doesn't amount,
to much, but he michr mat .ni'
soldier. Here's his name and I want
you to draft him into the, army as
soon as the bill becomes law." ''
Hungerford to Contract .V
For No More Potato Land
A LT TT . , r-
iimni,. nungerrora oi Lrawtord,
president of the Hungertord" Potato
Growers association, whose Omaha '
omree are at- the mphm a i?;rAAn.u
and Howard streets and whose lands
are in Dawes and Box Butte coun
ties, the famous potato-raising coun-
yjt vj. .ituiMan., is in inc city con-
B ...... . . uii.uin, ecuci.ry-
treasurer, and attending a stockhold-
iri i it u v m h .
v uivbiiuK ui liic et-SHOciarinn.. m r
this meeting Thursday Mr.: Hunger-
II " wiinicm vnargc Oti
tha farming department,: - reported
uii mc association Had already -sold
all of the tracts he could conserva
t!,el .Pro,nise to properly seed and
till this spring, whereupon the asso
ciation Vntmii in ..all Ct .L- t.
their potato tracts for this spring
and to engage exclusively in the sale-
..ten idi ui ana rancn lands . in -
DawM find Rnv Ri.ft :
evidenced by their large advertise-
iMciu on me iana page ot this issue.
, vv,a,lvJI Kiiin
throw another large sub-division open
.., iu oner nntatn tra.e A ia
this spring, but under contract for
idimiug in lyio. ,
n.:...i. t:i a ,
riivaie inai for opeeaer .
Is Held in Judge's Office
- jiauQt, 4UUI U1UC1.CB HO
compiaint" to be written ,after the..
ninc oi Aicycr xyictyt OiiU hartley -
itrft nrhn haA ka .r...J ...lal.
I I avii Ki will! .
golden rule summons for speeding by
muiurtyuc umccr rarrano. . .
"Mr KUin iA ... J.c..
.s.u aav til J UlillfJ
Thursday night after, he had- been ,
APrviH with mmmnn. (n- r.a.J,'n 1 '.
explained the judge. "He told me thai '
ht wa en in cr at thai 1-9ai nf amLt.i.v
v "v 'oil. ui aikjiiiccil
miles an hour when arrested.- I told
ntm ne am not have to appear in
COUrt. He haft l(Vr Kai arraeral '
- Six other men whom Officer Far
rand lummnnrl itifn a-nnvr (n- .
; vuuit iui aittu-
ing appeared and were fined. They
re; v. vy. morion, iuj uavenport
street; J. C' Weeth, 1917 Wirt street;
ournnam, io sahler street; Al Don
oghue, S425 North Twenty-fourth
street, and W. F. Maher, 2629 Cass
street. :
M. Polonsky, 1913 North Twenty-1
fifth atrerr. uaa t.A t? tn J .. '
i - ciiu W919
for passing a stopped street car.
Altmayer Talks Here
On Live Salesmanship
Larry Altmayer, special reoreseni :
tative for the Dry Goods Economist! '
addressed the buyers, ..managers and .
executives of Burgess-Nash compan '
and M. E. Smith & Co.. at a special
luncheon at the Rome hotel.
Ihe luncheon was a . committed
meeting of the two organizations, to
iuruicr mcir arrangements tor the
general inspiration meeting at the
Boyd the latter part of May. These:
meetings are doing a great , deal in
showing the young men and women ,
the great advantages of takinff uo the
dry goods business, either retail or .
wholesale, as a life work. j - .
Burglars Get Two Tons f! ;?
Of Food from Grocery;
Burglars operating with a birmc
tor truck looted the grocery store of
W. A. Barry, 4401 South Twenty
fourth street, South Side, during the
night and took away 'nearly two tons.
of provisions. s
The most valuable part of the bootv
consisted ot ouu pounds ot sugar.
1,200 pounds of flour, 200 pounds of'
rice, 100 pounds of beans and sixty
five pounds of butter. .
Police Officer Geralski Fohnrf
door of the store open and life? dis
covered that the place had ..--m
looted. i