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50,000,000 BUSHELS
Department, of Agriculture Be
ports Condition April 1 as
, 63.4 Per Cent of Normal.
Washington, April 7. A prospec
tive slump of more than 50,000,000
bushels in the winter crop of wheat,
as compared with last year's crop, is
the first war feeding problem to con
front the country. Official estimates
of the Department of Agriculture to
daythe first for the 1917 harvest,
forecast that much of a decrease, al
though the acreage is much greater.
The winter wheat crop will be
abput 430,000,000 bushels. Last year
481,744,000 bushels were, harvested
and 673,947,000 bushels were pro
duced in 1915. Condition on April
1 I was 63.4 per cent of a normal com
pared with 78.3 last year; 88.8 in 1915
and 86.2 the ten-year average. The
condition decreased 22.3 points from
December 1 to April 1 compared with
an average decline of four points in
the last ten years between those
Condition of winter wheat in the
important growing states on April 1
Ohio, 80; Indiana, 65; Illinois, 60;
Missouri, 62; Nebraska, 35; Kansas,
45; Oklahoma, 74. '
Condition of rye on April 1 wa
86.06 per cent of a normal compared
with 87.8 last year; 89.5 in J915 and
89.6, the ten-year average.
The food problem of the coming
year being one of the paramount
questions affecting the United States
in the war, extraordinary interest
centered in the government's report
today showing the condition and pro
duction forecast of the winter wheat
crop planted last autumn.
The extent of the winter wheat crop
usually about two-thirds of the entire
production of wheat in this country,
is a vital question, inasmuch as the
allies will depend to a large degree
upon American supplies and Argen
tina has placed an embargo on wheat
and flour exports.
Acreage is Largest,
The winter wheat area last autumn
was 40,090,000 acres, one of the 'larg
est acreages ever planted. How much
of this acreage will have to be aban
doned because of conditions which
prevailed during the winter has been
a cause of much speculation, Re
ports from different sources reaching
Department of Agriculture have indi
cated there was some winter killing
of winter wheat in many sections of
Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana
Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas
and Texas, and of hard red winter
wheat in the western and southwest-'
em plains, particularly in Kansas and
Oklahoma. Whether the extent of
the damage is more than the average
was uncertain. Lack of adequate snow
covering during the winter has been
reported and prolonged and severe
drouth conditions have followed.
Much of the winter sown acreage that
hat been abandoned undoubtedly will
be sown to spring wheat because of
the indicated shortage of the winter
crop and the prevailing fcigh prices.
' a Notwithstanding the heavy decrease
in the prospective winter wneat (rap,
the-production of rye is forecasted by
the Department of Agriculture at 60,
000,000 bushels, the largest output of
that crop ever recorded in the United
States. Last year the production of
rye was 47,383,000 bushels, in 1915 it
wat 54,050,000 bushels, and the aver
age of the previous five years was
37,568,000 bushels.
Money Order and Mail t
Service to Germany Stops
Washington, April 7. Postmaster
General Burleson today suspended
mail service to Germany during the
war and also instructed all postoffices
to refuse at well any mail destined
for Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg,
Bulgaria and Turkey, as it cannot be
dispatched, at present without pass
ing through Germany. Mail from
the countries last named which may
be received in the United States will
be sent forward to destination.
Postmaster General Burleson also
has suspended postal money orders
between the United States and the
German empire. International money
order offices will decline to pay or
ders drawn upon them by German
offices on and after April 6.
Large Submarine Is
Sighted Near Tampa, Fla.
Tampa, Fla., April 7. Captain
Lindquist and crew of a fishing smack
from Sarasota today reported that
they saw a large submarine in the
gulf yesterday. The craft rose within
a mile of them and there were men on
its deck. Captain Lindquist reports.
He hailed, but had no response, and
' saw no marks of identification.
11 A. M. to 2 P. M.nd
S to 8 P. M.
i 50c Sunday Dinner
Chicken Gumbo Soup
Boiled Ox Tongue with Spinach
Fried Spring Chicken,
Country Style
Small Tenderloin Steak
Chicken Fried
Roast Toung Turkey,
with Dressing, Cranberry Sauce
Stuffed Young Duck
Apple Sauce
Roast Spring Lamb,
Mint Sauee
Prime Ribs of Beef, au Jus
Mashed Potatoes
' Boiled Potatoes
Stewed Corn ,
Apple Loganberry
Banana Cream Pie
Fruit Salad
Strawberry Short Cake
Vanilla Ice Cream
Tea Coffee Milk
Senator G. E. Chamberlain, chair
man of the senate committee on mili
tary affairs, who has introduced into
the upper house a measure providing
for universal military service. The
Chamberlain bill is the same as the
one framed during thte last congress,
with slight modifications'. Represen
tative Kahn of California, ranking re
publican member of the house mili
tary affairs committee, has also intro
duced before the lower body a bill
providing for universal military serv
ice. The Kahn bill is the system pro
posed by the army seiier. 1 staff, and
,is generally credited by military men
with being the most thorough ot the
Former Shenandoah Man
Killed in California
Shenandoah, la., April 7. (Special.)
When the car ip which he was rid
ing on a mountain road on the way to
Los Angeles plunged over the side of
the roadway Claude Comer, a cousin
of Guy Howery of Shenandoah, was
pinned between the jar and a tree
and crushed to death. Mr. Comer was
born in Shenandoah December 28,
1883. He moved to Tulare, Cal, in
Brazilian Ship Sunk
In Middle of Night
Rio Janeiro, April 7. The captain
of the torpedoed Brazilian steamer
Parana cables that in addition to the
killing of three members of his crew,
several sailors were wounded by the
explosion of the torpedoes. He said
that' the ship was attacked at mid
night without warning and denounces
the conduct of the Germans as bar
barous. Fire Years
at 1324
. Farnam
f v v5 f I
Dr. cllenney Says:
"Dentistry is something thai the average man or woman knows
little about, and because of that, and the fact that it is so vitally im
portant, job mine soiees your aenust with can.
Boat Silver
(A I Best 221s f I Heaviest Bridge J
.9 VI Gold Crowa....4 vYork, per tooth. 4
worth tlS to 128.
14th and Farnam Sts.
1324 Farnam Street
Phono Douglas 2872
NOTICE Out-of-towa patrons
can got Plates, Crowns, Bridges
and Fillings complete is 1 day.
Hoursi 8:30 A.
M. to 6 P. M.
and Saturdays
Till 8 P. M.
Not Opea
, Sunday
Yesterday He
Today He's
. mi
uon oi particular notes. ,'
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Head of War Department Goes
Over Proposed Measure With
House Committee.
Washington, April 7. Secretary
Baker told the house military commit
tee today the plans of his department
for training 1,000,000 men during the
next year. He urged immediate enact
ment of the general staff bill, includ
ing the selective conscription provi
sions, recommending just bne change
in the bill as made public yesterday.
That was to provide for the organiza
tion oj iccnnicai linns, wciuuiiig amu
mobile and aerial engineers, signal
men, etc. Thisssuggcsted addition to
the bill reads:
"The president is authorized to
raise and maintain, by volunteer en
listment or draft, as herein provided,
special and technical troops as he
may deem necessary and embody
them into organization and to officer
them as provided in the third para
graph of Section 1 and Section 8 of
this act."
Chairman Dent of the committee,
with Representative Kahn of Cali
fornia, ranking republican member of
the committee present, made this
"I cannot say yet what the atti
tude of the committee will be regard
ing the question of selective con
scription, as the committee is not yet
familiar with the bill and I could only
judge by the questions asked the
"Secretary Baker is convinced that
the draft system is absolutely essen
tial and that the voluntary system
would not work adequately. Thje
argument that has been all along
made, of course, is that under a draft
system every body would be treated
alike and that it would not be the
case under the voluntary system.
"Under the present laws the ages
for eligibility to enlistment are from
18 to 35 in the regular army and 18
to 45 in the National Guard and the
new bill changes this to make it 18
to 40 years old in both cases.
' Secretary Baker told the committee
there are enough small arms to equip
the first 1,000,000 men; that within
fourteen or eighteen months most of
the heavy ordnance necessary would
be available and that within two years
there would be sufficient equipment to
put 2,000,000 men on a complete
fighting basis. He said there were
7,000,000,' of which he estimated 4,
000,000 were available for service
after eliminating those in factories or
in arts and sciences, where they per
form work necessary for preparation
of the country for war and the men
who have dependents or military de
fects," Secretary Baker opposed a sugges
tion that there be written into the
bill a provisions that the president
might fill up the ranks of the National
Guard by draft only after the volun
tary system failed.
Shenandoah, la., April 7. (Special.)
Miss Auda Z. Bloom, 16 years old,
of Coin, la., was married Tuesday to
Charlie Boli, 24, of Shenandoah. They
will make their home in Tennessee.
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Eleven Draft Horses Lost in
Blaze at Union Fuel
South Yard.
A spectacular fire, which threatened
the gas works and started rumors
that the army quartermaster depot
had been set on fire, totally destroyed
the barn and eleven horses at the
south yard of the Union Fuel com
pany, Twentieth and Hickory streets,
between 11 and 12 o'clock last night.
Strenuous work by the fire depart-
Sent prevented flames from spreading
a huge gas storage tank on the
same block. The army depot, two
blocks west, was in no danger.
Archie McCoy2471 South Twen
tieth street, a fireman of one of the
hose truck companies, was severely
burned on both hands, while fighting
the blaze. He was taken to the po
lice dispensary, where Drs. Shook and
Nigro dressed the burns.
Defective wiring is thought to have
started the fire. Damage totalled
over $6,000, according to A. B. Cook,
president of the company. It was fully
covered by insurance, he said..
Andrew Brackbill, the night watch-
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man, said he received the alarm from
Mike Malovicha teamster, who was
staying with him at the yard over
night, expecting to get a job in the
morning. The fire seemed to be along
the ceiling, which was wired for elec
tic light, he said. The two men tried
to rescue the thirteen draft horse in
the barn, but succeeded in saving only
The horses were worth $250 each,
the barn over $2,000, and it contained
about $1,000 worth of harness, hay
and feed.
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Senator Rule May Introduce
Bill Providing This Method
of Filling; Ranks.
Des Moines, la., April 7. (Special
Telegram-) Senator Rule of Cerro
Gordo county, chairman of military
affairs in the Iowa senate, may intro
duce a bill in the Iowa senate Mon
day as a committee bill, providing for
conscription in Iowa to fill the ranks
of the National Guard.. The guard
now has 4,500 men and 9,000 are
needed in all. An age limit has not
yet been determined. Some senators
favor ages from 19 to 23, while others
favor 18 to 25. As 'the legislature will
adjourn at the end of this week the
bill may not get through both houses
before adjournment.
"Gus" Miller is Riled by
Pro-German's Argument
The court house is no place for per
sons with pro-German proclivities to
express then sentiments. At. unpa
triotic individual with German sympa
thies started an argument with Miss
Alice Dellone, one of the juvenile
court deputies. He never finished his
Myriad Interpretations
ui npuai ci
From Which
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part of the wordy debate as to whether
Germany was justified in certain
things, for Probation Officer Miller
came along about that time. "Gus"
heard about three sentences and then
ousted the pro-German from the of
fice, advising him not to return again.
Dublin Police Put Ban Upon
Public Meetings This Week
Dublin, April 7. The reasons for
forbidding public meetings and pro
cessions in Dublin next week unless
authorized by the military are given
in an official proclamation today. The
document states that there is reason
to apprehend that the assembly of
persons for the purpose of holding
meetings in any public place within
the Dublin metropolitan police dis
trict will give rise to grave disorders.
It was during Easter week last year
that the Sinn Fein rebellion broke
Franz Bopp Sends Word
He Will Surrender
San Francisco, Cal., April 7. Franz
Bopp, former German consul general,
...J.. . - . e . , . :
uuuci yiiauu sememe iur viuiauug
American neutrality, telephoned to
federal authorities here today from
St Helena, Cal., that he was on his
way here to -urrender. V few min
utes pre-iously federal agents an
nounced he was a fugitive, believing
he was heading for the Mexican bor
der. He is at liberty under $25.00C
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