Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 27, 1917, Image 10

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All Kindt Cattle Slow to Ten
Lower Sheep Show Very
little Change.
Omaha, March it, 117.
Cat (I. hoKi. Sheep
.no 7,00 17,tt"0
90S .r4
7.S1K 1,494 i:.,723
fi.SOR f.,ft Ml
7,14 Mfl 14,112
T.4&0 7.176 ...nfU
Reetpt were:
Ba limit Monday
Bam day laat wecl. ..
Ham day X vka ago.
San day S wka. a ;o.
8am day 4 wki. age.,
Sara day laat year...
Receipt and disposition of Ike stork it
the Union Stock yards for twenty-four houra
edlng- it I p, m. yesterday:
Cattle. Hog. Sheep. H'r'e.
r., m. a st. p a i
Wabash (
Missouri Pacific. ..... 1
Union Parlle U 21 &C
0. X. W, eaat 44 , 3
C, N. XT', went 0 3i
t. St. P. 0 29 I
C B. Q, east.,,.. S
C B. Q'. wet 79 34 18
C, R. I. 4 P.. aaat.... 7 ..
Illinois Central ...... & ...
Chicago, Gt. Western. 1
yoarltnft, fair to tocd. UlEf t.tfl;
wether, filr lo choir, 9lo.80fl2.3i; ewe,
good to choice. 9U. 40912. 09; ewes, fair to
food, tIO.O0tfll.4O; iwti, plain to culla,
17. 9099.60.
RepresentatrV sales:
324 Mexican IsmHs ,
201 Mexican lambs
274 Mexican lam be
141 fed iamb
I B 00
16 00
16 00
14 0
Total receipt! 370 101l 7
C ttl. Hon.
Jl orris f'o.
Swift Co
Cudafcy Pk,. Co.. ..
Armour at Co. . .....
Hermans A Co.....
J. w. Murphy
Lincoln Pkr. Co...:.
Swift. Denver
Wilton Pks Co....
Hennlna-r k Oliver
W. H. Vanaant Co.
Benton, Van. 4fc JUnta
Hill Son
r. B. Lewis
J. B. Root ft Co....
J.M. Bono...
h: f Huh.........
Roseiistork Bros. ...
F.CI. KellOff.
Ellis CO.
tigllf van Broe. . . .
Rolkachlt, JCreb.
Mo. Kan. Calf Co.
Hluln. .,
Huffman ,,,'..',,...'
. Olassbsrt ,
Banner Bros.-
John Harvey i
lltnnls 4s Fr.nels..,
Jensen ft Lunar....
Other buyam ....
1 ,n
"ii '
, 54
j" m
' 71
' 921
lit .
. 4
9 )
,'. s ,
2 -
' 103
l.Olt ,
. 1,111
2 167
- 1.021
; Total.
1,101 1,111 11 140
Cattl. Rseelpt, wero libera), belns tha
laraeet 'for a Monday for several weuka
Oak and. larger than a year agd by 1,000
lead. Ainumber of trains were late n ar
rlvlne and, as rtber markrt points were all
Heavily loaded and Importing mors or less
it a decline, the trade hers was slow to
. around lOe lower. It 'was lata In the dsy
eeforo anything Ilka a rlearanoe was made.
One reason for the Aullneen Is to be found:.
In' the quality of the receipts, there being
' a long etrlng of eommon trashy norlhara
nttle Included In the reoelpta.
Quotations on cattloi Good tooholco laevea,
III. Mtll. 40; fair to goo,' beeves, 110.700
11.00; eommon to fair beeves. M.2C10.00;
good t. ehotco helfera, fl.00O10.00; good to
choice oowa, 91.710)1.71; fair to good cows,
$l.00.7ft; oammon to Ir uova, 10.009
7.101 prlmo feeding ateers, II.IOtrlO.16; good
to obolea feeders, f 1.7601.60; fair to good
feedera, 11.0001,76; common to fair feed
era, I6.76t)l.00' good to ohfllre stockers, stock heifers, t7.liOr.00; stock
cows, lo.ooeo.oo: stock calves, Ii.oo0io.oot
real calves, H-OOf U.Oftf beef bulls, stags,
ate., 11.0001.601 bologna bulla, fl.OO0(.U.
RepreaeBtatlvo sales;. -
i : Mar CTawaa '
Vo. "- At.
700 90 10 ,
ooi i oo
... III. i so
... ou I il .
...1041 10 16
...1001 10 76
...1011 11 00
- At. Pr,
. 600 97 00
. 107 I 11
. 770 I 70
.1001 I 71
.1110 1 10
.1010 10 to
.1111 11 II
Cattle Unsettled. Hogs Meady and Sheep
Are strong.
Chlcesjo. III.. March 2. Cottle Flecelpts.
10.000 hind; market unsettled; netlve beef
cattle. 19.160 12.06; stockers and feeders,
17. 0009. SS; cowe and hellers, 1.60010.60;
calvea. UUOff 1.1.00.
Hoes Receipts. 60.000 heed; market
steady at Baturday's a.erage; bulk, 114.10
016.10; light, 114.16016.00; mixed. 114.60
916.16; heavy. 114 .46016.16; rough, 114.46
014.60; pits, 110.60014.00.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 20,000 head;
market strong; wethers, 111.16011.76; ewes.
11.00013.40; lambs, 112.76016.40.
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
St. Louis, March 20. Cattle Recetpfa,
4.600 head; market lower; native beef eteera.
17.60012.00; yearling steers and. heifers,
IH.60M1.76; cows, 16.36010.00; storkers and
feeders. 10.00 0 10.00; prime southern beef
steers. IS. 00010.00; beef cows snd heifers.
14.2600.00; prime yearling steers snd
heifers, 17.600 10.00; native calves, 16.000
Hosa Receipts. 16.300 heed; market
steady; lights, 914.(6014.16; pigs,' 11.000
13.60; mixed and butchers, I14.6O0I6.1A;
good hesvy, 916.00016.10; bulk of sales,
. Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 1,400 hesd
market steady; lambs, 111.00016.40; ewes,
11.60012.36; . yearlings, 9II.r014.I6.
' Sloul City Llv. Stock Market.
Slou City, Ia Warrh !. Csttlo Ke-
celpte, 1,000 heart; market 10016c low,
beef gteers, 90.00010.60; butchers. Ii.600
13.60; fat eows and heifers, 17.600 10.60;
cajiners, li.60 0 10.60; - stockers and reed
ers, 97.6001.60; calves. 91.6001.60; bull.
stags, etc., 97.6901.60; feeding cows and
Hon Receipts, 9,000 hesd; msrket
steady; light, 914.36014.60; mixed, 914.600
14.16; heavy,; pita, 110.600
13.00; hulk of sales, 914.60014.00.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, . 100 hesd;
market steady; ' yearlings, 112.00013.26
wsthers, 10.60013.60; awes, 910.I0OU.60,
lambs, 919.00 0 14.10. .
Offerings Are Often in Excess
of Demand During
the Day.
: Kan City Lire Sleek Market.
Kanaa City Mo., Man-h 24. Cattle Rv
celpu 16.000 head; market, steady: prime
fed tier. Sll.7eolK6fl: dreaeed ner
ateers, $9.60011. 60; wmtrn ateera, 19.00-
12.00; cowe, .oo,lo,lt); Hellers, ifl.ootp
11 26; tockera and ffedera. 17.75010.60
bulla, 7.0U10.00; calvea, lt.00(ti:.BO.
Hosa Reuelpta, 12 000 ' head; market,
ateady; bulk, 14.S0$14.90; heavy, 9I4.909
6.06; packvrs and ttutckora, iM,6UOlb.t.;
llltht. I14 00OH.65; l.lfn, 110.00 12.00.
Sheep and lAmpe Kecetpta, T,2Q nean;
market, ateady; lam be, til. 604916.00; year
linn, 0013. 76; wethers, Ml. 60(912.80;
ewea, 410.60O12.2S. 1
' IJve Stock In Slvhl.
Receipt! of live stock at the five principal
western markets;
, . Cattle,
Omaha ............. 9,400
Stoux City 1,000
Knnaaa City. IS, 000
St, l-ouli....fc 4,1100
Chicago 19,000
Hone. Sheep.
1,0 17,000
6,000 100
12,000 7.200
IS 300 1.400
EfrOOO 20,000
Totals ,
.49,400 90,900 46,700
.. 119
.. 996
T 26
I 21
I 96
I 60
I 00
1. ....... 140 TOO 1........ 960 100
2 010 76 1 1090 10 10
,.w.,, . sows."
1.,....., TOO I 7fl 4.
10...,.,.. 985 00 ' 7.
. a... i to i.
,,rtt..,U9 1. , 1.
9... 1991 99
v" x BULLS. '
L. ...... T40 I 71 . .
1........U40 III 1.
I ..,1160 t 00 ' 1 ..1399
Is....... 120 f 00 . 1...;..., S30 T 60
......... 101 t (9 30 419 10 00
14.. ...... 691 I 7 II. M H I 6
Hoc Thar waa juat a normal Mon
day aupply of hoars here, thoufh arrUala
of 101 care at about 7,900 head war nearly
four tlmea a Ursa ai t weak a to. Offer
ings vera nearly 1,000 ameller than' two
weeks ato, and a few hundred short of
ine rem pond ins Monday laat year.
Receipts at Chteaca overran estimates.
and lower prices wera predicted there, but
under the Influence of rather moderate,
cuprites tne local trade wae mostly steady,
Shipper demand was neither as broad nor
aa ursent as at the close of laat -week,
and the boa; order buyers bought showed
an easier tendency, being no more than
teady t la qultr a few Instances 6c
lwr. . l ';.. '
Packers atao got some hogs that looked
weak to a nlckol lower, particularly on
early rounds, but theae sales were scatter
ing, and, when bulk of the offerings was
tvauhad It was at prleei that wera about
M;tidy with laat week's close. Movement
ws never very active, and as waa tha case
Saturday tha laat rounds M'ere dreggy, D
aJrable hoga wr praottcally all uleand
up. and .ackera were not making much
of an attempt to boy the few bunches of
common light and highly mixed hogs that
wtf sttll in first bands.
The general Quality was ndt nearly as
- good as It was Saturday, lack of the real
good heavy hogs which -wtrr fairly plenti
ful the closing days of Inst week, being
especially iiotloeable. On thie account oin
packer droves figured aa much as a drine
lower on paper, but quality considered the
teneral market was not chuna-pd to auy
quotable extent. A epread of I14.60014.I6
. caught tha bulk of the sates. There waa
ri'jtte a scattering below this, aad abovn
114.70 aals wore mighty svarue, though
the extreme top equaled tha record of
114.40 inad teat week. .
Representative sates..
N'O. Ar. Sh. Pr. , No. A v. St.. Pr. ,
99. .170 110 14 -1 09. .171 e It 45 .'
JS..104 ... 14 40v TI..2S0 120 14 9l
.4..19& 100 14 90 74,.:. 4 14 03 :
74. .234 ... 14 !0 4S..S86 "...14 90
!4,.U1 ... IS SI 41. .It. 0 It 10
SheepWTotal receipts of sheep ahd Jaml
were the largest for any on day tn eetr
oral weeks, arrivals counting out auveniy
one cars or about 17,000 head. These flg
nree.were misleading as to actual offerings
thongh, for some twenty-five loads were
'jf heart ng and feeding lamb ivhlch were
;rlng tbrourh, and two or three cars Verc
llrecet to packers. The total run wis fmir
times aa heavy aa a week ago. more than
1.00 larger than two week ago, and twice
is large a a year ago.
Deducting the lam be that were Dither con.
-.arnod direct or going through actual of.
. .'.ring were still ahov forty cars, a fair
tatidey run, and following, the tone of
arir Ctrteago wlree packers made their
opening bid at lower prices. 'There was
- fatrly firm undertone to the market,
chough, and before they were able to buy
much of anything buyers had to raise
Ihetr offers to a good steady basis.
The general market, while unevon, waa a
hjy steady affair, flight at the opening a
'ew lembe sold that might have been ae
irr.'but before the close sales Were made
that wen?, if anything, stronger. Bulk of
th offerings moved upwards from 114.40,
tvhll 21 i.O&O LM0 was paid for best We it
cans, the latter price being given by paek-e-rt
for the first 41 me here. Th Uinli
that brought theae latter price were of
light and handy weight snd at rift I y good
being more desirable than anything kere lb
latter halt of last week.
, Only a couple of bunch f Sheep were
on sale. A two-car bunch of Navajo ewe
that sold-t 111,99, a new record, waa th
, principal off art ng tn the mature class. The
market, waa quoted steady. '
The week opened with a lively demand
for feeding and shearing lamb and a supply
Uiat was none too larg was cleaned up In
good season at steady figure. Moat of
the offerings sold around 914.16(914.46, Y
Quotation on aheep and lamb; lamb,
light and handy-. H..oH.o( limbs,
heavy, 14.09ff 14.0 Ismb. uilppnf, 911.69
K.4: lambs. ahearlng, 114.9014.00:
erllnga, good, to oaoic. 91X.&VOU60;
St. Joseph Stork Market.
Mt Jnnutili. Marrh M..r.mill Knrelnti.
Is 00 head; market steady to Ific lower;
steers, 9.600 12.0(1;' cow and heifers, 15.60
JJill.OO; calves, 9T.0Og 14.16.
nop nncpipiav- ,uud nean; marnm
iteady to loo lower; top, (15.00; bulk of
ales, II4.40O14.95.
Hheep and Lamb ttecelpls, 12,000 head;
market steady to l&o lower; lambs, 91 4.00 (p
14.60; ewes. 111. 00012.00.
'coffee Market. . t
New Tork, March 29. -There wa a re
newal ef liquidation In th market for cof
fee futures today and prices mad new low
ground for the movement, setting about
26 to 40 point he low th high level of last
week. The market opened unchanged to t
point lower, under selling which seemed to
come partly from houses with cotton trade
connections, while scattering Wall street
llquldatlm may have been prompted by a
less favorable view of political news from
Russia, very little support waa in evi
dence and after selling at 7,7 (c, July eased
off tQ 7.710. while Perember declined frotiw
.Olo t g.09c. Closing price ware th
lowest of th day, showing a net loss of I
to T point. Sal, 14,600 bag. March,
7.42c; April, 114c; May, 7.6ln; June, 7.62n;
July, 7.70c; August, 7.77c; September, 7.92c;
October, 7.99a; November, 7.o; iecember,
I.Ooc;. January. 1.06c; February, 1.12c,
Spot, qutet. Rid 7. ivi Santo 4j ,100,
Sera of th offer reported In the cost and
freight market were said to be a shade
lower, with other about unchanged. Santo
9 and 4 were offered at 94 o and 4a at
9,40c, London credit.- One of the cotton
trad houses, Interested also In coffee, re
ceived a' cable from Havre reporting a
higher market there,., wing to th total
prohibition of Imports, " ' .
Th official cable reported a" (TeeUns of
160 rel at Rio,, with Santo j spot
changed, and future unchanged! to 26 rel
lower. Santo reported a cleafeinc of 94,
900 bags for New Orlean. ' ,
New Tork, Marrh 2. Offer In gn were
most often In excea of demand during to
day broad trading In the stock markei
the net result being a number of materia
declines. For some reason the sperulativi
element seemed leas ODtlmlstlc regarding tn
effect of war preparations and sold freely
throughout the session.
Pressure wa at It height In the final
hour, the liquidation of that period neini
.concurrent with western advices inaicaun
serious crop deterioration and a drop In
Russian exchange accompanied by rumors
ot a Teatonio driv on tn eastern wi
War and eml-wr hares registered e
tremo declines of 4 to 6 points, with proml
nent Industrials, metals, motors, oi Inf. ship
plnga and rarfl. Th leu specific special.
tlea, with few exreptiona, fell away in sym
pathy. Unit en Ptatea Hieer. wnian asmi
chanced hands In many large Individ
hlnrlta. fhi etna ted between 114 and 114U
cloning at the minimum, a net reversal' of
1 points. Bethlehem SMeel new stock ateo
closed at It lowest quotations or uaft,
Iom of 4V4 nolnts.
; Shippings were Irregular when not heavy,
marines making cross dec Ine oi 2
points, with 2t to 4 points for Atlantic
flulf and west Indies. United Fruit ana r
clfto Mall. Central Leather, International
Harvester and Industrial Alcohol were in
eluded among the other backward Indus
Transcontinental and granger were
heaviest of the rails, Canadian Pacific fall
In 4. to 141V. with an averase of
points' for fnlon Pacific, Southern Paclfity
and St. Paul, whlls coalers yieiaea l u
do nt.
Isolated strength In several utilities and
specialties waa attributed to pool activities,
Ohio Oas featuring the few strongest stocks
at an extreme advance of l point to
134. Total sales amounted to 860,000 shares.
Bonds were Inclined to Increase on mod.
erate demand Snles. par value, 92.610.000,
United States bonds were unchanged on call,
Number of aates and quotations on lead-
in a atocks were.
nans. nign. ww. tnose.
7,000 96 92 92H
MOO 41 4 47H .47
7,300 714 MY 6t
11.200 74 714 71
1,400 106 104 1044i
700 112V 1H
' 700 127 127 14 127
- 2,00 37 96 25
12,700 95 93 8
2.I0Q 0B 1(M 104
40,200 62 69 68
2,200 82 80 79
609 99 69
1,100 46 46 46
400 34 28 22
1,200 166 161 161
17, mo 95 91 91
8,00 2 60 90
86 82 83
. 900 119 117 117
A - 3
4, en
Am, Meet Bugar...
Am, Can
Am. Car A F'ndry.
Am. Loco
Am. Smelt. ; Ref.
Am, Sugar Ref. . . ,
Am. Tel. A Teh.,,
Am. 2., L. A ...
Anaconda Copper,,
Atchison .........
Tin. Id win Loco
Its It! more ft Ohio.
Brook. Rap. Tran..
H. A S. Copper....
Cal. Petroleum. , . .
Canadian Pacific.
Central Leather..,
C. -o ;
C, M. A St. P......
C. A N. W ,
C, R. 1. ft P, Ry..
Chlno Copper
Colorado F. ft I. , .
Corn Products Ref. 11,000
Crucible Steel .... 12,400
Distiller' Sec 600
Kri 14.600
Oeneral Klectrlc...
OL No. pfd
at. No. ore, ctf..
Illinois Central, V.,.
Int. Consol, Corp..
In qp I ration .Copper.
Int. Harvester. ...
I. M. M. pfd. ctf..
K. C, Southern....
Kennemtt Copper.
T ft N, , .
Mexican Petroleum
Miami Cooper
M K. ft T. pfd,,.
Mo. Pao new
Montana Power...
National Lead
Nevada. Copper. ...
New xorK central,
N, T., N. H. A H..
Norfolk A Western
Northern Pacific,.
Pacific Mall .......
Pennsylvania .'...
Ray Consol, Cop..
Hop. Iron ft Steel.,
Shattibk Aril. Cop.
Southern Pacific.
200 166
1,200 116 114 114
1,7110 3ft 34 Vi 34. 'A
300 106 104 104
709 13 13 13 V
9,000 01
47,200 ia
l',600 47
6, 200 93
2,000 41
. 700
2,(00 100
1,100 46
1.000 138 no
,60 107 206
1,800 64
16,100 30
81,700 101
7,100 64
1 400 29 ,
(UOft 9S
60 60
. , JIB
99 89
49 46
.... 128
90 90
41 41
.'.. 46
.... 30
.... 100
61 61
24 24
97 .91
. 54
96 -29
Evaporated Apple and Dried Fruits.
New York, March 86. Evaporated Apple
Firm; fancy nominal new crop, cholc,
9c prime. 9c.
Dried Fruit Prunes, firm; California,
0 10 o ;' " Oregon, 8 At 1 0 of Apricots?
steady; extra choice. nc; fancy, zoo.
Peaches, ateady; choice, 8o; extra choice,
9u; fancy, 9c. Raisins, quiet; loose
muscatel, nominal; choice to fancy seeded,
909o: ndlss, 10911c; London
layers, nominal.
1 OU and Hosla. .
Savannah, Oa March 26, Tur pen tine
Firm, 44c; sale, 41 bbls,; ship men t. 398;
Htock. 9.8C9.
Rsln Firm; receipt , 14 bb!s.i ihlpment.
1,031; toch, 70.228. Quote: A. fl. C, D. K.
I. ,46: F. O, IT, I, 16.95; K. 14. IS. 65; N, Wa,
96.70; WW, 96.76. , .
5 Pry Ooods Market.
New Tork, March 94. Cotton good were
very firm today. Gray good were active
and yarn firm. There wa a good demand
for dress good, dealer buying for iprlitg
and fall.f Raw atlk wa iteady.
Indo Storks and Uond.
London, March 26. -American securities
were neglected on the stock exchange tatlay.
pnver oar, io per ounce
Money 8 per cent
Discount Rate short bill and tbre
month. 4 per cent.
Southern Railway. 12,200 .30
MUfleoaker Oo,... TOO 103 108U 162i
Texas Company... 200 2.? 229 224
Union Pacific 11,100 149 140 140
U. S. Ind. Alcohol, i.800 lT is. i.;aai
u. o. oieei iss.iuw uti 114 114
V. S. 8tel pfd..., 1,000 118 118 111
Utah Copper 10,500 lt 110 111
Western Union.,,. 00 9T 96 99
Westing. Electric. 4,600 61 61 61
Wabash pfd, "B". . 2,400 3 24 16
Total sale for tft day, 940,900 ihare.
' Nr YotK Money Market.
New Tork, March, 2. Meroanta Paper
40 4(4 per cent. - ,
Sterling Exchange 60-day Mils, 94.71;
commercial 40-day bill on bank. 94.71;
commercial 40-day bill, 94.70; demand,
14.76 9-14; cables. 94.11 T-16; Franc, de
mand, 96,14; cables, 96.91; mark, de
mand, 99c; cable, 49 o; kronen, demand,
4.11. SI; cable, 911. IT; guilder, demand.
40o; cable. 40 18c; ltres. demaml, 1-77;
cables, T.7flj- ruble, demand, 9.4. 60; ca
ble, 928.50.
Sllvr Bar, 71oj MenWaa dollar.
66& '
Bonds Government steady; railroad easy.
Time Loan Steady; 90 and 90 days, 8
03 Pr cent; sis months, I04 per cent
Call Money Steady;, high, 1 per cent;
low, 2 per cent; ruling rate, 2 per cent
last loan, 2 per cent) closing bid, t pr
ecgt; offered at 2 per cent.
U, 8. 2s, reg... 99 M-, K. A T, 1st 4 744
do coupon.... 99 M. P. con. 6s. .103
U. 8. Js, reg..,.100Mont. Power 5s. 99
do couDon.,...lu0fe"N. T. c. aen. vs. lie
U, S. 4s. reg. ...101 N. T. C. 4s.,107
do coupon...,. 109 New Hav. c 6s. 101
A T, AT. c, 4106No. Pao. 4a 98
Anglo-French 6 92 do 3a 96
Atch. gen. .., 4au. b, ret. ts
B. ft O. 4s 92 Pao, T, ft T. 6s.. 100
Tieth. St. ref. 5s. 100 fenn. con, 4a.l05
Central Pac, 1st. 90 do 4s ll
C. A O. o. 4. .16-19 Reading gen. 4s. 94
B. AO. jt, 4a. 97 So. Fac, cv. .-,.10U
C..M.ftHt.P.C 6.104 do ref. 4..., 91
C, H.I. P. 4.. 76 So. Ry. 6s J01 "
CAS. ref. 4s. 44 Union Pacific 4. 97
v. n. u. c 4. soa oo cv. m
Krle gn, 4 66 U, 8. Rubber 6s,102
Detieral Ulec. 6. 106 U. S. Steel 6s. ..106
Ot. No. let 4. 99 W. Union !'.. 96
"l, u. ret 4.... s ,wn, oi (j., is.!. I
k. C So, ref. 6a W 'Bi4
L. A N. un. 4a', . 94 ,
Bank Clearing.
Omaha, March -36. Bank clearlnta for
Omaha today were 96,175.617.12 and for the
corresponding day last year, 93,6.3,031.01,
Wheat and Cora Make New High
oa Extemlv Early Buying.
Chicago, March 29. Snow In Kansas and
Nebraska offset to lomt extent alarming
crop reports today bad caused a
sharp advance In prices. The market closed
weak at 11.10 to 91. 90 for May and
11.53 to 91.63 for July, with th range1
a a whole c off to lo up compared with
Saturday's finish. Latest trading left corn
at o decline to advance, oat down
o to o and provision unchanged to 9c
Crop advice, that were . classed aa th
worst yet thl season, led to a . rush of
buying In the wheat pit at tha atari, and
carried July and September to a new high
price level. Damage In the winter belt waa
represented a so sever that forecast were
circulated Indicating that th government
report In April, would put th crop condi
tion at one of the lowest stages In many
years, with Kansas and Nebraska per
centages under 70. Announcements that a
famine was threatened In Argentina tended
further to Increase bullish sentiment and so,
too, did active military measure by the
United States, aucb aa the calling out of
llltl and tbe atep to increase naval
enlistment on a. large scale.
Despite neavy profit tahlns on the cart
of holder, th wheat bull retained con
trol of the market until the last hour, al-;
though a the session approached an end
considerable ekeptlclsm appeared to be de-1
veloplng as to whether th crop Injory
reports had not been wildly exaggerated.
word of light snowfall in western Kansas
snd Nebraska proved sufficient at this
Juncture to Increase selling pressure and to
turn quotation at th finish sharply down
grade. The tact was evident that the rap
idity of th advance sine Thursday nan
weakened th technical position of th bulls
and had mad at least a temporary aet
bark almost Inevitable.
Corn weakened with wheat. Earlier, how
ever, th market had risen to new top llvel.
On the advance heavy profit taking by
bull leader formed th order of the day.
Oats followed other cereals. A featur wa
the sal of 100,000 bushels for Immediate
shipment to New Orleans.
Some slowing down In th demand for
hog made provision a little easier, i rom
was neglected altogether, at times.
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2 red,
92.04; No. 3 red and No. 2 hard, nominal:
No. 2 hard. 92.01, Corn: No. S yellow, 91.19
01-1; No. I yellow, 91.1701-1; No. 4
yellow, 9M9OM.- Oats: No. 2 whit,
3065c; standard, C3066r. Rye: No. 2
and 3. nominal; NO. 4, 91-6601-68. Barley,
91.0CO1.45. Seed: Timothy, 93.7605.76;
clover, HJ.OOOHM. Provisions: Pnrk.
931 .66: lard, nominal: rib, 917.47019.17.
Butter FlMn; creamery. 33040c.
i Eggs Higher; receipts, 8,8 Iff ca'sei;
firsts, 3702lo; ordinary firsts. 20CT;
at mark, case Included, 26028c.
Potatoes Higher; receipts, 48 car; Wis
consin and Michigan, 92.80O2.46; Idaho,
Colorado, Oregon and Washington white
I2.80O2.60. '
Poultry Alive higher; fowl. 22c;
springs, 33c. .
St. Louis Grain Market.
St. Louis, March 26. Wheat No. S red,
92.1203.14; No. 2 hard, 92.06O2 16; May,
91.91; July, 91.90OL10.
Corn No. 9, 91.1801-19; No. I white,
9119Ol-20; May, 9114; July, 91-14.
Oats No. 2, 94o; No. 2 whit, nominal.
Features at the Day; oa Various Leading
Commodities, -
New Tork, March 94. Flour Firmer;
spring patents, 99.80016-06; winter patents,
19. 4509.70; winter straight 99.05tjH.3Q;
Kansas straight, 99.80010.006'.
Wheat Spot, Irregular; No. 2 hard, 92.19;
No. l northern. Duluth. 92.31; No. 1 north
ern, Manitoba, 92.27 f. o. b. New Tork.
Corn Spot, steady; No, I yellow, 91.30
o, l i. jvew lorg.
Oats Spot, 'eady; standard, 7c.
Hay Firm; No. 1, nominal; No. 2. 9110
CI 15; No. 3, 91.09; shipping, 90c 0(1 .00.
Hop Steady; state common to choice,
1016. 36042c; 1916, ?09c; Paciflo coast,
1916. 10O13c; 1915, 809c.
Hide Steady; Bogota, 43044c; Centra)
America. 43c.
Leather Firm; hemlock firsts, 67c; sec
ond. 66c,
Provision Pork, firm; mess. 936.50:
family, 938.00040-00; abort clears, 937.009
39.00. Beef, firm; mess, 925.00 0 26.00; fam
ily, 937.0028.00. Lard, steady; middle west,
920 40020.50. Tallow, firmer; city, 15c.
nominal; country, 12Ol3c; special, 13c.
Butter Firm; receipt, 4,371 tub;
creamery higher than extra. 4203c;
creamery extra (92 ecore). 42c; first.
39041c; second, 25038c.
Eggs Strong; receipts, 11,774 cases;
freeh gathered extra first, 3030c;
firsts. 29O30.
Cheese Irregular; receipt, 2,429 boxes;
state held special. 27027c; state average
fancy; 3627.
Poultry Live, unsettled; no price quoted
Dresstd very firm; chicken. 18029c;
fowl, I9024c; turkey. 18034c
Cotton Market.
New Tork. March 29. Cotton Tutor
opened barely steady; May, 19.03c: July,
18.17c; October, 18.80c; December offered at
ll.68o; January, 18.68c
The cotton market closed barely steady
at a net loss of 1 to 20 point.
Cotton futures closed steady; June, 18.870
July, 1872o; October, 18.23o; December,
18.310 January, 16.40c; spot, quiet; mid
dling, 19.20c.
Liverpool, March S6. Cotton Spot, firm J
good middling, 1268dr middling. 13,98d;
low middling. I3.40d, lea, 6,000 bales.
Sugar Market.
New Tork, March 2 6. Sugar Raw, ftTmf
centrifugal, 5.65c; molasses, 4.77c; refined,
firm; cut loaf. 8.16e; crushed, 9.00c; mould
A and cubes, 7.50o 'XXXX" powdered, 7.15c
powdered, 7.10c; fine granulated, , 7.004$
7.fl0c ; diamond. "A." 7.00c; confectioner A,
6.S0c; No. 1, 6.85c. Sugar, future opened ,
firm and active on buying from outdd
source and trade Interests, prompted by
the firmnes of the spot market. At noon
price were 6 to 10 point net higher.
Closed firm and 1 to I points higher.
Sale. 67,000 tons; May, 4,83c; July, 4.90c;
September, 4.94c,
Minneapolis Grain Market.
Minneapolis, March 26. What May,
91-86 01-86; July, 9L90. Cash: No.
1 hard. I3.042 05; No. 1 northern,
tl.9401-98; No.' 2 northern, 9I.90O
Corn No. 3 yellow, 91.1601.17.
Oats No. 3 white. 6196:c
Flaxseed 12.8502.94. ' "
Flour Unchanged.
Barley 91.01O1.2I.
Rye 91-6201-63.
Bran 936.00O36.60. '
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