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    THE? OMAHA SUNDAY - BEE: MARCH -4, ' 1917.
11 A
C!ash Corn of Last Year's Crop
Reaches Record Mark
Hard Wheat High.
New high grain prices were marked
up by the Omaha Grain exchange
when cash corn of last year's crop
sold at $1.03 and No. 2 hard wheat
sold at $1.96 cents per bushel. - i
Zarly last fall a carload of prime
yellow corn of the 1915 crop sold at
$1.03. But Saturday not only one, but
a dozen carbads, sold at $1.03.
The previous top cash price on No.
2 hard wheat was $1.95 per bushel.
That was last fall and then but one
carload reached this mark. Saturday
six cars sold at $1.96 per bushel.
And for th consumer, say the grain
men, the worst is yet to come. The
opinion of many of the dealert that
$2 wheat and much higher priced
corn will be In evidence before the end
of another week.
' Option Is HighV
While tilt cash price attained by
corn was startling, the option, was
staggering. Corn for May delivery
sold as high as $1.07H; July delivery,
$1.07K, and next September, $1.05?,
a bushel. ,
For a Saturuay the Omaha re
ceipts were just fair. There were
thirty-seven cars of wheat; forty-four
of corn, and twenty-five of oats on the
Wheat sold all the way from $1.9054
up to $1.96, an advance ot 3 to 6'A
cents over the prices of Friday. v
There were no sales of corn under
$1 per bushel, the ruling prices being
$'-.011.03. The advance was 3', to
4 cents a bushel
Oats topped the market, but the ad
vance was less than on wheat and
corn, it being l'A to 2 cents a bushel.
The range in prices was narrow, the
sales being made at 5858c a
Give your Want Ad a chance to
make good, Run it in The Bee.
Police find Only Fifteen Cents
in Home of Man Who
Turned Burglar.
Because his family of four small
children, all under 6 years of age,
were starving, is believed to "have
prompted John A. Andi rson, 600
South Twenty-eighth street, to rob
the boarding house managed by Mrs.
M. Houston, 2021 California street,
Friday evening. When officers called
at Anderson's home they found his
family destitute and only 15 cents in
the place.
Although when caught he had a col
lection of valuables which he had ran
sacked from rooms of the boarding
housei police believe that his inten
tion was to get food for his family.
"Many nights we hive had to send
our children to sleep without any sup
per," Mrs. Anderson told detectives.
"I urged Johr to quit stealing and
he promised me faithfully. 1 wanted
him to get a job and go to work.
In police court Anderson pleaded
guilty to the robbery and was bound
over to the district court on $750
bonds. He also admitted .o the theft
of the blue serge Suit which he was
wearing at the time of his arrest.
Miss Alice Paul Chosen
Head of Woman's Party
Washing ton, March 3. Miss Alice
Paul of Pennsylvania was elected
unanimously today as national chair
man of the national woman's party
formed yesterday by the amalgama
tion of the Congressional Union for
Woman Suffrage with the former wo
man's party organized in Chica last
June. Miss Mabel Vernon oi ..tvada
was elected secretary and Miss Ger
trude Crocker of Illinois, treasurer.
An executive committee of ten was
Officers an delegates of the wom
an's party unanimously agreed that
the suffrage demonstration at the
White House Sunday afternoon
would take place rain or shine. The
grounds are to be surrounded by suf-
irage sentinels.
Committees for
King Ak for 1917
Named; Time to Pay
The Ak-Sar-Ben committees from
among the board of governors have
just been appointed by President
Buckingham for the ensuing year.
They are as follows:
PtnaneeHaveratlck, Brandeta, Dlete.
Parade Hlchattln, Haunuere. Judaon.
Ball Brown, Buckingham, Hoefort.
KltualJudeon, Buckingham. Beaton.
Amuaement Branileta, Saundera. Haver,
llouae Dleta. Blank, Burkina-ham.
Printing Hoaford, Brown. Black.
Light Naah, Haveratlck, Richard.
Music Naah, Hoaford, Beaton.
RailwayBlack, Brandela, Judaon.
Puxchaee Beaton, Dleta, Richard.
Memberehlp gaundere, Naah, Brown,
Siaedue Ball Brandela, Judaon, "aundere.
The officers of the board are Ever
ett Buckingham, president; Gould
Dietz, vice president; G. E. Haver
stick, treasurer, and J. D. Weaver,
The new Ak-Sar-Ben buttons are
expected to arrive at any time, after
which all those taking out member
ships will be given their buttons.
Those taking out memberships now
will not have to undergo ihe tortures
of initiation.
Hogs Reach Top Price
Of $13.55 on Omaha Market
With the hog market at 20 cents
higher than the previous day, hogs on
the South Side market reached $13.55.
The top Friday wa; $13.30.
Packers and speculators snapped up
;he supply early with great avidity,
cleaning out the visible run by 9
o'clock, which is very exceptional in
the local stock yards.
The bulk of the offering sold at
C'3.25 to $13.45, wl.ich was an easy
20 cents above the bulk of Friday,
while the top was a quarter above the
top of Friday.
City Hall Denizens Will
Go to Capital Tuesday
A delegation of city hall people will
go to Lincoln next Tuesday noon to
appear before the house committee
on cities and towns in connection with
a ciatl service bill being fostered by
city officials. The hearing has been
set for 4:30 p. m, in the state house.
Kidnaps Two Little ,
Girls from Kansas
And is Caught Here
Stricken with a mania to run awaj
with neighbor children. Miss Ruth
Mohrman of Morrill, Kan., traveled
to Omaha with Edith Davis and Ruby
Winkler, each 6 years of age and
children uf neighbors of the Mohr
man family.
The actions of Miss Mohrman on
a train and at the Carlton hotet
aroused the interest of George Town
ley, who otified the police. The
Kansas woman and her two small
traveling companions were taken
from the Carlton hotel at i a. m. by
the police.
Miss Mohrman's mind appears to
have been affected. She would give
the police no intelligent reason for
running away with the 6-year-old
girls beyond to state that she just
wanted to take them for a train ride
to Omaha. She said she had heard
of Omaha for years and wanted to
see this city.
Relatives of the children and Miss
Mohrman are on the way from Kansas
Remarkable Value Giving in This March Sale of Home Furnishings
35.00 2S.0O
35.00 . 25.00
35.00 25.00
35.00 25,00
25.00" "17.98
70.00 52.50
5 Smith's Axminster Rugs,
8 Smith's Nepperham Rug's,
10-6x12 .......... V.. .
9 Biglow ArdbiU Wilton Rugs,
9 Biglow Bagdad Wilton Rugs,
9x12 v....
J 3 Ardsley Axminster Rugs, 9x12 27.50
18 Smith's Saxony Rugs, 9x12. . 30.00
5 Biglow Ardbill Wilton Rugs, . i
8-3x10-6 60.00
14 Biglow Bagdad Wilton Rugs,
8-3x10-6 47.50
10 Smith's 6000 Wilton Rugs,
9x12 42.50
49 Smith's Nepperham Brussels
Rugs, 9x12 24.00
1 7 Smith's Manor Brussels Rugs,
9x12 20,00
18 Smith's Hudson Tap Brussels
Rugs, 9x12 18.00
25 Smith's Nepperham Tap
Brussels Rugs, 7-6x9-0. ..... 17,00
15 Smith's Colonial Velvet Rugs,
7- 6x9-0 25.00
10 Smith's Kerman Axminster
Rugs, 4-6x6-6 12.00
40 Smith's Nepperham Brussels
Rugs, 6x9 14.00
27 Smith's Colonial Velvet Rugs,
6x9 21.00
15 Smith's Axminster
Rugs, 6x9 , 21.00
32 Smith's Nepperham Brussels
Rugs, 8-3x10-6 20.00
65 Smith's Manor Brussels Rugs,
8- 3x10-6 18.00
3 Smith's Saxony Axminster
Rugs, 8-3x10-6 ....8-3x10-6 25.00
5 Smith s Colonial Velvet Rugs,
18 Smith's Extrs Axminster
Rugs, 8-3x10-6
17 Smith's Colonial Velvet Rugs,
9x12 ..
12 Smith's Carlton Axminster
Rugs, 9x12
3 Smith's Kerman Axminster
Rugs, 9x12 ...............
36 Smith's Axminster Rues.
36x72 '. 6.50
50 Smith's Velvet Rugs, 36x72.. 4.50
30 Smith's Colonial Rugs, 27x54 4.00
45 Smith's Axminster Rugs, ' ,
18x36 1.60
75 Smith's Extra Axminster
Rugs, 18x36 2.00
Large assortments of Odd Rugs at reduced
20 pieces Best Grade of Printed Linoleum,
12 ft. wide, worth regularly 90e per sq. yd.,
sale price ... ..69c
, 7.98
31.00 18.98
28.60 18.98
35.00 22.98
35.00 25.00
35.00 25.00
Beginning Monday and Con
tinuing All Week
A Sale, which brings it within your power
to refurnish the home or place a new pece of
furniture or a new rug here or there at a most
surprisingly small cash outlay.
Manufacturers' Sale
, More than
one thou
sand R u g s
for1 your se
lection, at
Less Than Cost Price
At the Mills Today
We made this purchase previous to
the big advance in prices. A saving of
25 per cent to 40 per cent on every pur
chase you make. , , "gjjjj'
9 Wilton Rugs, 9x12. ....... .832.50"
8 Biglow Bagdad Brussels
- Rugs, 9x12 ,
10 Oneida Bagdad Brussels
Rugs, 9x12
12 Blelow Bagdad Brussels
Rugs,' 8-3x10-6 31.00
12 Electra Axminster Rugs, 9x12 32.00
29 Smith'Si Extra Axminster
Rues. 9x12 32.00
18 Katonah Velvet Kugs, 8x12
4 Smith's Axminster Rugs,
Furniture Bargains (Extraordinary
Manufacturers' Sample Lines, together with Floor Samples and
au uuu rujces num uur iveguiar siock, on oaie at rrices
Actually Less Than Makers' Cost Today
Beds, Bedding
, and Pillows
Beginning Monday and Con ?
tinumg All Week y
Three striking characteristics mark this f
March Sale. High quality, unusually broad 5
assortments and remarkably low pricings. No 1
home furnishers should miss it $
Ti- - " ,U
Vernis Martin Beds, made
by the Simmons Bed Co.;
continuous posts; $7.50
Value, only . ........ .$5.25
$9.50 Vernis Martin . Beds, heavy thick
fillers, at $6.25
$20.00 Wood Beds, golden oak, fumed oak
and the mahogany finish; on sale, $13.50
$30.00 4-Poster Mahogany Wood Beds, ex
tra heavy posts, test quality manufac
turers' samples .$22.50
One-third off on all Sample
Beds in the Napoleon style;
mahogany, oak and Circas
sian walnut; one of each.
,$12.00 Layer Felt Mattress,
full size, full weight. $7.75
Roll edge 45-lb. fancy art
ticking Combination Felt
Mattress, full weight $5.00
1 $20.00 continuous post Brass
Bed, neavy tillers. . ,14.50
$18.00 continuous post Brass
. flea, iu liners...,, si
$15.00 Brass Bed, 2-inch posts, only $9.50
$6.00 Link Spring, 6-inch raise, protected,
corners, with extra heavy bands on edge,
well supported;. ...$4.60
(5.50 Spring, same style, in this sale. .$3.95
Good, strong link fabric Spring, only $2.45
$4.25 Sanitary Couches.'drop sides. .$3.00
$3.00 folding canvas Army Cots, only $2.25
(Joil spring, ixv coils, guaranteed 20
years, $8.00 value $5.00
$2.25 folding Wood Cots,
woven wire. at. .. .11.50
Good, clean Chicken
Feather Pillows.. rr.73e
$2.50 Pillows, 7 lbs. to the
pair, art tick SI.50
I $5.00 Goose Feather Pil
lows, by the pair. .$3.50
Bed Davenports and Duofolds
Large site Bed Davenport, opens up with
one motion, golden or fumed oak, best
springs in seat and back, heavy back and
ends, Spanish upholstering. ...... .$26.50
Duof old or small size Bed Davenport $26.50
$45.00 genuine Spanish leather Davenport,
large or small size,, golden
or fumed oak, only. .$35.00
30.00 Kitchen Cabinet, ev
orjrthing complete ..$19.50
Gliding aluminum top, glass
ugar and spice jars, drop
flour bin, bread
and cake box,
etc., best finish.
$5.50 breaKiast tauies, urop leaf, round or
square $3.75
Kitchen Tables, with drawer, 2H or S-ft.
size, at , , .$1.7.5
45-inch top round 6-ft. Extension Dining
Table, in the fumed or golden oak, in this
sale $9.50
$26.00 Dining Table, 4-ft. top, extends 8
ft, at $15.50
Sale Begins
Monday, Continues
All Week
48-inch top round Extension Dining Table,
in the fumed or golden oak, $17.50 table,
opens 6 ft. .$14.50
$32.00 Dining Table, 54-inch top: this is a
very large table; the best quality extra
heavy base, fumed or golden $23.50
Buffet, golden oak, colonial design, $22.00
value $17.50
$27.60 Golden Oak Buffet, extra large,
only $20.00
$35.00 Buffet, William and Mary or Queen
Anne in the Jacobean finish. . . ... .$25.75
Dining Table, 54-inch,' William and Mary
design $24.50
One-third off on all odd piece China Clos-
. eta. one of a pattern, samples; fumed oak,
mahogany or golden oak.
25 off on all Ladies' Desks, any finish.
25 off on walnut, fumed oak, golden oak
or Jacobean Buffets, Tables, China Clos
ets or Chairs, on all sample pieces. .
Dining and Bedroom Chairs
Fumed oak Dining Chairs, $4.50 values,
real leather, full boxed, slip seats, 6 of
a pattern ., $3.00
Golden 'Oak Dining Chairs, wood seats,
$1,50 value $1.00
$3.00 wood seat' Dining Chairs, fumed
oak $1.75
All manufacturers' samples of $4.00 Bed
room Chairs and Rockers and Sewing
Rockers, oak, mahogany, etc $2.65
All $3.50 Sewing and Bedroom Rockers and
Chairs, in all woods, in this sale. . , .$2.50
Arm Rockers, golden oak, $2.50 values,
at ...$1.60
Arm Rockers, golden and fumed oak, $4.50
values ...$3.00
8 patterns large Arm Rockers, leather,
spring seats, golden oak, fumed oak, ma
hogany and all woods; $8.00 and $9.00
values, in this sale $5.60
8 patterns large Arm Rockers, golden oak,
leather, spring seats; regular price $7.60,
at ., $4.75
All $22.50 Library Tables, extra large size,
all woods, the best quality made. .$16.50
Odd Library Tables, samples, $10, $12.50,
and $14.50
Serving Tables, golden oak, fumed, ma
hogany ft off
Extra Large Dressers and Chiffoniers
Also Bedroom Suites, 3 pieces, in ma
hogany, Circassian walnut, golden oak and
American walnut, also odd Sample Dress
ers, Chiffoniers, Dressing Tables, etc., one
of a pattern.'
One extra large $57.50 Circassian walnut
Dresser $37.50
Also $34.50 Circassian walnut Dressing
.Table to match $24.60
Four odd sample Circassian walnut Chif
foniers, $32.60 value, only one of each,
in this sale $22.50
One $75.00 extra large Circassian walnut
Dresser , $46.00
One $60.00 extra large Circassian walnut
Chiffonier to match $39.00
Two complete Bedroom Suites, in Cir
cassian Walnut, extra large, well made,
consisting of dresser, $98.00; chiffonier
$85.00, dressing table, $67.00; total value
$250.00; on sale, for only. . . . . . .$175.00
One $125.00 Circassian Dresser, massive,
for ..$75.00
One $100 Circassian Chiffonier to match,
for $65.00
One $45.00 Circassian Chiffonier.
One odd lot $18.00 Dressing m
takl.. .in.U in.. ( .L WT
WV.UD, ai.iajiv IUIUVI, IU MU
oak and mahogany $9.71
One American or Black Walnui
Suite, 8 pieces, $37.50 dresser.
$82.50 chiffonier, $32.60
table, total $102.50; special
price in this new suite, $85.00
One Walnut Suite, $27.50 dress
er, $26.50 chiffonier, $24.60
table, 3 mirrors; total, $78.50
only $58.51
$20.00 Fumed Oak Dresser, Co
lonial style, for $14.75
Fumed Oak Chiffonier to match
$20.00 Dresser and Chiffonier, in golden
oak, only ,...$14.75
$12.00 Dresser in golden oak,
only $8.95
$10.00 Dresser in golden oak,
only $6.96
$95.00 Dresser in golden oak,
massive and extra large, Co
lonial pattern $59.50
$75.00 Chiffonier to match,
only $45.00
$65.00 Dresser, extra large,
golden oak, for 139.50
$50.00 Chiffonier, extra large, to match,
for J32.50
Extra large Mahogany Bedroom Suite, 8
pieces, $05.00 dresser, $60.00 chiffonier,,
$55.00 table; total, $210.00; , close-out
price on this sample suite. ..... .$139.00
26 per cent off on all odd dressers, chif
foniers, dressing tables, etc., samples,
where we have only one of a kind in ma-
hogany, Circassian, oak and walnut.
Furniture for the
Alts Novelties and Odd Pieces '
Bassinett on wheels, rubber tires,
white enameled with real bed
springs: $4.60 article for.. $3.50
Children's Beds, white or bronze,
drop side, large size, $9.60 bed,
1 on sale . ; $6.60
Kid's all cotton Mattresses.. $2.50
$3.50 Baby Walker, $2.00i Baby Walkers,
$1.50, and good, well made walker, $1.00 ;
Folding Nursery Seat, fits over the large
toilet seat, for the baby, only. . . . .$1.00
Children's $3.00 High Chairs $1.78
Bow Back High Chairs si.bu
Children's $3.00 Arm Rockers $1.50
Children's Arm Rockers, fumed oak. $1.25
Reed Nursery Chairs, with table, . ..$1.00
Reed Arm Rockers, only. $1.25
$1.75 Children's Cradles, only $1
$3.50 Children's Wood Beds, folding,
for $2.50
Folding Sulkies, one motion, the best
t made, handle and all folds up, $3.95
With hood $1.00 extra. 1
Semi-folding Sulky, rubber tired,
for $2.50
One Motion Collapsible Go-Cart with hood
and rubber tires, $8.00 value, at.. .$5.00
$1.26 Kitchen Stools, only. $1.00
$3.50 Folding Card Tables, mahogany fin
ish, the best card table on the market,
for $1.75
$1.50 Sewing Table, only 95c
On Sale in
Furniture Dept.,
Third Floor
on KM
Wonderful Bargains
Curtains and Draperies
Tremendous assortments for
selection in the great March
At Half Price
All Curtains and Draperies
greatly reduced this week.
Curtain Specials
, Regular '
1 Price.
Curtains.. ?15.00
Curtains, ,
Curtains. ,
. Cluny
13 Duchess Curtains,
5 Duchess Curtains.
17 Duchess Curtains.
80 Cable Net Curtains
25 Cable andFiletNet
SO Cable Net.......
Sale '
7.50 pr.
6.25 pr.
, 5.00 pr,
4.25 pr.
V ' 'i
3.00 pr,
15.00 pri
10.00 pr.
7.50 pr.
2.25 pr.
, 2.50 pr,
; 1.50 pr.
Portieres Specials
5 Silk Portieres. . . .$15.00
3 Silk Portieres.... 18.00
8 Silk and Linen
, Portieres 12.50
, . 8 Silk Portieres. ... 15.00
8 Plain Rep For-
tieres .......... 8.00
5 Silk Portieres.... 18.00
20 Light Portieres. . . 5.00
Couch Covers
$7.50 pr
9.00 pr.
6.25 pr.
7.50 pr.
4.00 pr.
. 9.00 pr.
2.50 pr.
s ' ' ' Regular Sale ,
, Price. Price.
2 Couch Covers.. $8.00 $4.00 '
36 Door Panels. . . . 2.50 1.25
14 Door Panels. ... .50 .25
4 Door Panels.... 1.00 . .50
100 yds. Bungalow
Net ........... .40 .20yd.
200 yds. Cretonne.. .20 .10yd.
850 yds. Cretonne.. .38 .19yd.
' 125 yds. Cretonne . . .50 .25 yd.
200 yds. Colored
Madras ........ .30 .15 yd.
100 yds. Fringe .05 .02 yd.
3 Rope Portieres.. , 9.50 4.75
6 Rope Portieres. . " 6.50 , 3.25 ,
63 Rope Portieres. . 4.00 2.00
450 yds. Drapery Silk : .80 .39 yd.
House Furnishings of Every Description Greatly Underpriced This Week
All New, Perfect Goods No Seconds Offered in This Sale. Only a comparative few of the splendid values shown
here llSted. If yOU are in need Of hnilRpflirniarn'no-afhiciCiolo ia vnv antf-nnnn-miHr
- -- www kj VAAAtJ kJCl XaJ J UU1 V vfV' s
Brighton Wringer, fully warranted,
. $3.95 value. .$2.79
Clothes Basket, small size, $1.15
, value ;...79c
Clothes Basket, medium size, $1.35
value ..98c
Clothes Basket, large size, $1.60
value ...$1.29
Oblong Clothes Basket, small size,
fi.ov vaiue 99c
Oblong Clothes Basket,
medium size, $1.75 value
for $1.74
Oblong Clothes Basket, large size,
$2.25 value $1.98
6-Cup Aluminum Percolator, $1.49
value 98c
l'2-Quart Aluminum. Percolator,
$1.49 value 98c
10-Quart Aluminum Preserving Ket
tle, $1.49 value $1.19
Casseroles, $2.25 value $1.39
Vacuum Hand Washer, 50c value,
for 39c
Ironing Board, $1.25 value 89c
White Combinetts, $1.50 value,
for .,. $1.29
5-Piece Set Mrs. Pott's Sad Irons,
$1.10 value 69c
Electric Iron, fully warranted, $4.00
value $2.48
12-Quart Gray Preserving Kettle,
49c value ......29c
No. 8 Tin, Copper Bottom, Wash
Boiler, $2.25 value. . . . .... .$1.48
No. 9 Tin, Copper Bottom, Wash
Boiler, $2.75 value ....$1.68
O'Cedar Oil Mop and 1-quart oil,
$1.60 value $1.15
Chemically treated floor
Shine Dust Mops, 50c val
ued for 39c
Folding Clothes Racks,
$1.29 value, for 98c
PaV,Jry H A YD EN'S First