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By MELLIFICIA. Febnury 13, 1917.
For the Visiting Frenchmen.
Oh, these fascinating French men I
How many hearts of our young girls
are palpitating at the thought of the
"distingue" foreigners. They are be
ing feted and invited to teas and gen
erally talked to death. At least four
of the debonair gentlemen are mak
ing their headquarters in the city,
stopping at the Blackstone, attending
the meetings of the French society
and proving perfectly delightful lions
for the afternoon teaa. The latest
tea, in honor of one of these gentle
men, was given Sunday afternoon by
an attractive girl of the older debu
tante set and her equally charming
elder sister.
"Cultivating the gentlemen P said
one charming matron, "why, my dear,
all the gills are perfectly crazy about
" them."
At the lecture given by Prof. Al
bert G. van Heclte of Louvain uni
versity before L'Alliance Francaise
last evening very interesting pictures
of the Belgian refugee children were
shown. The lantern, however, which
was used to project the pictures upon
the screen, was rather noisy in ac
tion. This fact led one of the French
gentlemen to remark drolly to one
sitting near, "Ah, madame, we' have
not only it picture machine, we have
ze talking machine." Another one
who remarked a boat the pleasant teas
at which they are being entertained
contented himself with saying, "Ah,
lose teas I
For the Belgian professor and his
engaging Belgian wife. Miss May
Mahoney had a few Belgian relief
workers in for tea this afternoon.
Prof. Hecke has taught some of Miss
Mahoney's friends whom ahe visited
in Belgium and is acquainted with the
Prince Henry de Croy who wa Miss
Mahoney's goest in this city. This
evening Dr. and Mrs. Harold GHford
have asked Prof. Hecke and his wife
for dinner. ,
With the Bridge Clubs.
Mrs. Will Schnorr will entertain
. the Junior Bridge club at her home
Mrs. John Redick entertained the
Tuesday Bridge club at her home to
day. Spring flowers formed the dec
orations. Because of the absence
from the city of a number of the
members, four guests were invited.
They were:
M"oamM Veelames
Charlia K. Meta, Arthur Rogers,
Paul Uellarher, Harry Tuksy.
Unique Children's Party.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McKitrick en
tertained on Monday evening, the
guests coming dressed as children.
They played children's games; went
to school again and teased the teacher,
and when school was dismissed re
tired to the cloak room, where they
found their lunches in souvenir bas
, kets and buckets. Hollis Johnson as
the "Dutch Kid," and Davey Larson
as "Ole Larson," ware particularly ef
fective costumes and were naughty
boy'' . ' ; : . ; v' '
On the Calendar. '. I
The St. James Orphanage Sewing
club will meet Thursday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Peter Cunningham.
The Fidelia club will entertain at a
valentine dancing and card party to
morrow evening at the hall on Thirty
ninth and Webster streets.
Mrs. E. C Jensen will entertain a
few tables of guests at bridge in
formally at her home Wednesday in
honor of here sister, Mrs. Edmund
V. Krug of Pasadena, Cal who is
visiting their mother, Mrs. John F.
Snowbound Coming Here.
Mrs. Will J. Coad arrived in Omaha
Friday from a visit in St Paul. Mr.
Coad returned a week before. She
had expected to reach home almost a
week earlier, bat was stalled in a
snowdrift at Mankato, Minn, for sev
eral days. The passengers did not
actually suffer, but the delay was very
tedious. Finally Mrs. Coad took a
train for Chicago and came home by
that roundabout route. Since her ar
rival in Omaha she has been ill from
the effects of the experience.
Minneapolis was a wonderfoDy gay
place during Mrs. Coad's visit, for the
winter carnival was in progress. The
whole city was given over to the car
nival spirit Men wore costumes rep
resentative of their different dubs,
wore them on the streets, to work
and everywhere. The national skiing
(contest took place and skating and
(tobogganing contests were staged.
Mr. and Mrs.' Coad, who were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Park Learned,
took part in some of the events.
Entertain for Visitors.
Mrs. Ed Vestal of Knoxvifle, Teruu,
who will be the, guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R. L Frantz, for two or
three weeks more, a being; entertained
at numerous miunnu uuoi. l lancn
eon at the Blackatone on Sattrrday
is planned by a number of her friends.
Mrs. M. Dailey entertained at a
theater party in honor of her daugh
ter's guest. Miss Dorothy Daven
port, of Evanston, 111.
For Bride-Elect f ,
Mrs. M. B. Cameron entertained to
day at a prenuptial luncheon at the
Blackstone in honor of Miss Marie
Hodge, when covers were laid for
' eight guests.. The table was at
tractively decorated with a basket of
pink Killarney roses and favors in
the shape of little band boxes with
ping roses on top and filled with can
dies. The place cards represented
band boxes, which were bursting open
with pink roses and bearing the name
' Marie.
Welsh People Meet
The Cambro-American society of
Omaha was entertained Thursday
- evening by Mr. Jean Jones. Bishop
Arthur Williams and Mrs. Williams
". were the guests of honor and con
tributed to the program of the eve
ning, ine next meeting; will be m
the form of a celebration of St
Davids day. the Welsh national dav.
on March 1. Mr. John T. Yates will
De tne speaker ot the occasion.
To Honor Mrs. Mai-rirn
' Mrs. Edward MacDowetl, wife of
the fnremnar Anvriran nmAu, mII
be honor guest at the Valentine dinner
ot tne uet ciud tonight at the Hotel
Mrs. MacDowetl is remaining over
until late WeHne-erlav ftmnnn mnA
will be honor guest with Miss Lillian
"My Valentine" Q
Q By Nell Brinkley
MY VALENTINE I made her. Will her face fit into your heart?
Many a man's heart looks just this way on the Good St. Valentine's
Day out of it looks eyes and a smile that you with another sort
of eyes and smile looking out of yours may not think beautiful but that
fill his heart with a bubbling, throbbing wine that all but just spills over,
and are the very eyes and smile of the face that "launched a thousand
ships" to him.
Sings the Lover: "Oh, flower -face, the peak of your black hair and
the point of your little chin are of such fashion that they fit just in my
heart line on line. So do I prove that you are mine my Valentine
there is no quarrel about itl NELL BRINKLEY.
luncheon of the Omaha Woman's
Press club tomorrow at the Loyal.
Miss Fitch has come to direct re
hearsals of "The Amazon."
Notes at Random,
Mrs. Blackburn, who has been the
guest of Mrs. A. G. Buchanan for
the lasty three weeks, left yesterday
for her borne in Des Moines,
Dr. J. A. Fuller, son of the late
John A. Fuller, will leave Friday for
his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Mr. U C Kosewater returned last
week end from Los Angeles,
Miss oelda Brown leaves this eve
ning for New York.
S. M. Brown. W. J. Mortne. Mrs.
Paul H. Ellis, W. White, J. A. Beaty,
S. B. Campbell, E. E. Rhys, J. H.
Langhren, Mrs W. Butts and E.
Ormnras saton (vary
day will help you
stay wsIL Order
Sunldst now and keep a
supply of those uniformly
food orange in the) houaaj
Uniformly Good
Oranges r.
H. -Barrett of this city, are among the
winter guests at Hotel Clark, Los Angeles.
Informal Entertaining.
Mrs. A. J. Rothschild, whose mar
riage to Miss Rose Orkin will take
place tomorrow evening, will enter
tain this evening at a dinner party at
the Blackstone,- when covers will be
laid for twenty-five guests.
Mrs. Fred Wallace entertained in
formally this afternoon at a Valen
tine tea in honor of Mrs. F. N. Heller
of Chicago, her house guest. The par
lors were decorated in red roses and
$ A Beautiful Birthday Gift 1
i Gran Samson, Editor Tel. H. 3S8T, ?
108-111 N. lain St, Omaha.
fifteen guests were invited in to meet
Mrs. Heller.
Mrs. Samuel Reynolds was hostess
this afternoon to the Kappa Alpha
Theta Alumnae association when
twelve members were present The
afternoon was spent in hemming
table linen for the sorority house in
Mrs. W. M. Giller entertained at an
informal luncheon at the Blackstone,
when covers were laid for six.
Fall Quarts
I Yrs. Old
San lust California Wine, per quart ..50c
Fro coupons for genuine" cut glav decanhira and dinner aeta.
Ail coupon out wiU b redeemed.
Tba Old R.lieUo Lkioor Hone.
Jf These
l KG douahmrts
arc good
For Goodness SakegE
HO Baking Powder
Parity Firtt
It will never disappoint yon try
h if you like good things to eat
OFi Ounces for OK
Edited btf Irma D. Grof& JDom&&cs
cfcietice- Deiartmen' Central JChfScAooL.
Table Decoration.
The holiday month of February,
with its three special days within four
weeks, sets one to thinking of deco
rations for the table. It is only too
true that table decorations have vio
lated every rule of good tastes for
we have blindly followed the dictates
of certain magazines whose cardinal
principle seems to have been "how
much can we pile on?" I hope that
day is passing, and that the party
table of the present is dominated by
the idea of simplicity. Effectiveness
of decoration is always best secured
by a tew well-chosen bits ot color.
In the choice of a centerpiece we
taboo immediately any large, high ar
rangement of flowers or greenery. A
low bowl or basket or a bud vase
containing one or two flowers, is al
ways in good taste. The new low
bowls containing flower standards in
sure artistic arrangement A tulle
bow on a basket handle aids in car
rying out a color scheme.
for a small table colored candles
with shades are a doubtful addition to
an artistic centerpiece. They are apt
to crowd too close to the flowers
and detract from their beauty. At a
large table candles are helptul. They
may, however, be used at a small
table in place of a centerpiece, a
group of two or three of them held
together by smilax. I once saw an in
teresting arrangement at an oblone
table for eight a single candle to
ward one corner and a single flower
in a slender vase toward the opposite
To carry out a color scheme there
are always nut cases, favors and place
cards. If all three devices are used,
two of the three should be unobtru
sive. For example, with attractive
favors, use small, plain-colored nut
cases and very simple place cards.
The place cards may be combined
with the rrat cases or the favors, as
seen in the downtown stores.
Some of the common mistakes in
ornateness are the use of ribbon or
paper streamers flat on the tablecloth;
the strewing ot paper decorations on
the cloth, and the use of decorated
paper tablecloths with other elaborate
decorations. It one chooses a deco
rated cloth, then srrrety other table
appointments, including china, should
be of the simplest, not to spoil its ef
fectiveness. It is sometimes said that
flowers should never be placed on the
cloth, but, personally, I have always
been pleased to find a blossom at my
plate though perhaps I should not
be I Very effective place cards mar
be made by tying a plain white card
to a small flower.
In striving for ah effectively dec
orated table choose one point of in
terestit usually is the centerpiece,
it may be the candles or the favors
and make everything else subordinate)
to that point of interest.
February Dinner Menus.
Clear Tomato Soap. Wafers.
Casserole of Chicken wrth Pea.
Baked Potatoes on the Hart Shell
Hot Biscuit
Fruit Salad.
Cheese Wafers.
Milton Pudding.
Hamburger Cakes wifh
Horseradish Cream Saaee.
Mashed Potatoes. Browned Parent pa.
Tomato Gelatine Salad.
Pineapple Rice Compote.
Chicken and Macaroni Baked.
(Left from Sunday Dinner.
Corn Fritters. String- Bean Salad.
Norwegian Prune Puddlns.
With Whipped Cream.
Broiled Lamb Chops.
Tomato and Choose Pudding-.
French Fried Potatoes. Lettuce Salad.
Caramel Costard. Wafers.
Beef Stew with Dumpling.
Scalloped Corn. Celery and Nut Salad.
Chocolate Pie.
Split Pea Soon. Wafere.
Steamed Halibut with Maitre dHotet Butter.
Boiled Potatoea.
Grapefruit Salad.
Steamed Cottage Pudding with Cherry Sauce
Rolled Shoulder of Mutton Baked.
Boiled Rice. Creamed Peaa In Turnip Cups.
Lettuce Salad. Thousand Island Dressing.
Peach Cobbler.
1 pt. canned tomatoes tt t. salt
1 c. bread crumbs Pepper
1-3 c. grated cheese
Mix, pour into a buttered baking
dish, sprinkle with buttered crumbs,
and bake twenty minutes in a moder
ately hot oven.
st k m r a R I
KLruft MM
WoftKS Wonders m$WM
Htsh abbomaa eoot fl
2 - mmWm1
erlaas liked into normal PfifeS:
1 Sway back ehen.rf SJ&XtSBg
(reccful. stylish liaee. ISif
A Nw "bridse" pre-
rent, in, pro- WSP&m
notes deep brestaiag and WSSStP
healthful poise -SSW'2
Wondtrlift Corsets are not "something like,"
nor a mere "improvement." They represent an
Original, Distinctive Patented Invention
Rendering an Invaluable Service Wholly New
The Wonderlift Bandlet copies Nature. It does
the work of tired, relaxed abdominal muscles in
Nature's way. It is elastic, and fully adjustable.
By restoring fallen organs and ligaments to
healthful position, the Bandlet re-establishes natural
symmetry and produces the best style-effect possible
to the individual figure.
' By relieving strain on nerves and muscles, it
tones up the whole system; brings back youthful
vigor and good looks.
There are eight distinct Wonderlift models for
every type of figure, from bony to super-stout
SS.OOo S7.50. $10 and $12
A very large number of women probably a
majority if once properly fitted in the right Won
derlift will never be persuaded to wear any other.
, Is Yen Ckr
men or micago at, tne tortutghtJy