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Two H.indred Thousand Dol
lars Additional Sought for
State Institutions.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
, Lincoln. Jan. 20. (Special.) 'The
closest scrutiny of our expenditures
will show there have been no extrava
gances." declare Judge Kennedy and
cx-Governor Silas Holcomb, members
of the Board of Control. The board
had raised criticism in certain quar
ters in asking the legislature for $200,-
UW more appropriations than two
years ago for the maintenance of the
fifteen state institutions.
The board is also asking $46,000
for a deficiency appropriation, which
it declares is more than met by other
funds which will lapse into the treas
ury. The legislature divides the ap
propriation into funds, and each item
must he taken from that particular
fund. There is no lump sum to draw
It is pointed out that the deficiency
four years ago was $100,000 and two
years ago $75,000. To offset the last
deficiency $89,400 in other .funds re
mained untouched.
In spite of the increased cost of
maintaining the 4.0C0 or so inmates,
which increased in number 10 per
cent in 1915 over 1913, on account of
war conditions, the two appropria
tions of those respective years were
about the same, $2,087,000, according
to the board's figures.
One itc,m in the deficiency list is
$625. salary for the first quarter of
C. O. Martz of Seward, consulting
engineer, employed to look after ef
ficiency in managing the lighting and
' heating plants of the institutions and
the wiring and plumbing and sewer
age. He is under a contract to save
twice his salary to the board in ef
ficiency systems.
The Board of Control, in all its in
stitutions, uses 36,000 tons of coal an
nually. It maintains electric plants at
the penitentiary to supply the capitol,
the prison, the orthopedic hospital,
the governor's mansion, the hospital
for the insane and the home for de
pendent children, and has similar
plants in Hastings, Omaha', Norfolk,
Grand Island and Beatrice.
Dodge County Poor Farm
Earns $1,000 in Year
Fremont, Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)
A profit of over $1,000 was made
during the year on the county farm,
the report of the committee on poor
farm of the board of supervisors
shows. The receipts from the sale
of live stock and other produce to
taled $4,507, against $3,489 for expen
ditures. The board adopted the plan
of invoicing the live stock and other
property a year ago and at the end
of tach twelve months an invoice is
taken and the profits figured.
Injured in Car Turnover.
Geneva, Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)
Yesterday afternoon while leaving
Milligan a new car driven by Fred
Barfo, with John Svech, turned over
twice. Mr. Barto received some
bruises, while Spech was not hurt.
BUls Introduced
House Rolls,
H. R. 217, Olson of Harlan Amends Sec
tion 8772, statutes of 1913, changing penalty
from jail to penitentiary sentence from five
to ten years, relating to procuring female
for prostitution.
H. R. 218, Burrows of dago To compel
railroads to furnish .shippers freight cars
with penalty In damages. $1 first
day a car, $2 second day and Increasing
amount 11 each day during failure to furn
ish cam after notice from shipper. Emer
gency. H. R. 219, Rlckard of -Webster-Relatlng
to payment of claims against estate of de
ceased persons, changing time of hearing
from sixty to twenty days, first hearing to
consider only funeral expenses and expenses
of last sickness, and within sixty days
notice to creditors of hearing,, claims draw
ing 7 per cent from date of allowance,
Hr R. 220, Hughes of Madison One year
penalty in penitentiary for stealing, receiv
ing or buying stolen automobiles, or who
ronceals an automobile knowing It to have
been stolen.
Obituary Notes
MRS. WILLIAM BALL, 46, mother
of seven children, died at her home at
Fremont following an illness of three
months. Mrs. Ball was born in Mary
land, but came to Nebraska soon after
her marriage to Mr. Ball In 1889. She
had since made her home here.
JOHN GLKASON, 3-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. John Gleason, Washing
ton, Neb., died Saturday at a local
hospital as the result of an operation
for appendicitis. The body will be sent
by Stack & Falconer to Washington
for burial.
died at Central City at the home of
her son, Willard Pennoyer, Friday,
aged 74" years. She had been ill for
two weeks and it was thought she was
I'ommodoVe (retired), died at his
home at Annapolis, Md., Saturday,
from the effects of a stroke of paraly
sis. Ho was 81 years old. Commodore
Phythian was a student at the naval
academy at the same time when Ad
miral Dewey was there. He was super
intendent of the academy from 1890
to 1894 and retired in 1897 with the
rank of commodore.
A thoroughly capable stock
and bond salesman, preferably
with promotion experience, is
wanted by large middle west
corporation whose business is
with the best class of baiiness
and professional men. We
must have a man who under
stands western people and
western ways and who can
meet the most intelligent ele
ment of the community on a
plane of mental equality. To
such a man we offer an ex
ceptionally desirable connec
tion, both from the viewpoint
of remuneration aod character
of work. The man we want
will be able to earn from
$3,000 to X6.000. or better, a
year, depending upon his abil
ity solely. Applicant must
positively be over thirty and
be prepared to furnish highest
references. State age and giva
your experience briefly in first
Address Box 1486
Qiinrfau Maiioc Mrm; on
vununj iiivvi,j iiuii uii
Issue at Central City
Central City, Jan. 20. (Special.)
Sunday at. the movies is the para
mount issue confronting the people of
this municipality and many f pro
nounced ideas have taken a definite
stand in the tanks of the pros and
cons. At the present time there is
ito ordinance on the hooks prohibit
ing the operation of the movie thea
ters on Sunday. It is stated, how
ever, that there is a state law of the
"blue" variety under which these the
aters may be prohibited from running.
On thy other hand, it is asserted that
drug stores and other places of busi
ness fall within this classification and
consequently an effort to close the
theaters would mean the closing oi
all other places of business 'in con
flict with the-statutes. Although no
definite step has been taken at this
time, an effort may be made to pass
an ordinance prohibiting the Sunday
operation of the movie houses. It
is not known just how the council
stands on the proposition, although
two members to date have made put
lic their intention of voting against
an ordinance of a restraining charac-
Bloomfield Firemen's Ball
Is Successful Affair
Bloomfield, Neb., Jan. 20. (Spe
cial.) The annual ball of the Bloom
field volunteer fire department was
given at the opera house Thursday
night and was the biggest affair of the
kind ever staged in northeast Ne
braska. Nearly 500 tickets were sold
and the hall itself was attended by a
crowd that cclipsed""all previous af
fairs in this or neighboring towns.
Bloomfield has one of the best equip
ped and most efficient fire companies
in this section and that the people ap
preciate it is evidenced by their liberal
patronage of the annual dance.
State Chairman Beach Consid
ers Suggestion of National
Chairman Woods.
(Krom a Staff Corropondnt.)
Lincoln. Jan. 20. (Special.) Lo
cation of permanent headquarters of
the republican state committee is
urged by Frank R. Woods, chairman
of the national republican con
gressional committee in a letter To Ed
Beach, state chairman of the repub
lican party of Nebraska.
Mr. Beach desires to take the mat
ter up with the state committee and
other republicans of the state before
taking definite action and desires that
republicans interested in the matter
write him giving their ideas on the
A fairly good balance was left from
the last campaign, sufficient to take
care of incidentals: such as stamps.
stationary, etc., but if permanent
headquarters arc mamtatnea it win
necessitate raising a fund.
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice. Neb.. Jan. 20. (Special.)
The farmers of Island Grove town
ship east of Blue Springs will hold a
wolf hunt next Monday, January 22,
the lines to start promptly at 10
o'clock. During the last few months
the wolves have carried away chick
ens and young pigs belonging to
farmers in this section and they pro
pose to exterminate the pest if possi
ble. Only shotguns and .22-calibcr
rifles will be allowed inMhe hunt.
At the farm sale of Henry Venner,
five miles north of Beatrice yester
day, stock of all kinds brought fancy
prices. A team of horses sold for
$400. and a 3-vear-old colt brought as
high as $199. Milch cows went for
$75 and $100 each.
The Beatrice High school basket
ball team was defeated by the Have-
lock five Friday night by the score
of 39 to 16.
Certificate No. 3287, a patent for
160 acres of land from the United
States to John M. Young issued in
1871, was placed on record with the
register of deeds yesterday. The
47-year-old instrument was signed by
Ulysses S. Grant, then president of
the United States, and was issued
from the land office in this city.
Perkins' Suit Against
Fremont City Dismissed
Fremontv Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)
A decision dismissing the suit
brought by Marc G. Perkins, editor
of a weekly newspaper, against the
city of Fremont to prevent its pur
chasing a new turbine and generator
for the municipal light plant was
handed down in district court by
Judges Button of Fremont and
Thomas of Columbus. The court
held that the action was prematurely
br&ught and ; ordered the suit dis
missed, taxing the costs to the plaint
iff. The city council had instructed
the board of public works to inves
tigate prices and proceed with the
purchase of the machinery.
Five Years
at 1324
We Please
You or
Your Money
Dr. McKenney Says:
"In this day of advanced Dentistry there is little
excuse for decayed, broken-down teeth and diseased
gums. We can put your teeth in perfect condition at
little cost."
Beit Silver
Filling 22k
Gold Crown.
$4.00 $5-58-510
CA I Heaviest Bridge
Work, per tooth.
Hour.: 8.30 A.
M. to 6 P. M.
and Saturdays
Till 8 P. M.
Not Open
14th and Farnam Sts.
1324 Farnam Street.
Phone Douglas 2872.
NOTICE Out-of-town patrons
can set Plates. Crowns, Bridges
and Fillings completed in 1 day.
tion. Lady
No Students.
arc YS
to the question of whatmedkane to keep
in your home, ever ready to take, when one
of the family succumbs to bad weather or
any of the common ills. Because such ills
manifest themselves in congestion, which is but
another name for acute catarrh of the mucous
membranes, through which we breatne and through
which our food is absorbed, the. first step is to
remedy this catarrhal condition.
A medicine that will relieve contfhs. colds and tfrio: that
will restore impaired digestion, correct irregular appetite and drive out all
mat dogs tbe
system, is tba
one for you.
that Pprtmn dnea these thintfs.
Dromotlv. surelv and tfently.
It's safe for aa It has stood the test of
yean, and it has won thousands to a devoted
adherence and advocacy as their family
remedy, above all others because it makes
Profit by This Yourself
The experience of others is the sorest guide. Every
community has some one who has been greatly benefit
ed by Perona. What it has done for them it will do for
others. Yoa are in need of a reliable famfly medicine yourself
why not nee the one that has done so much for thousands!
The Parana Company, Columbus, Ohio
is the new art that women have been
learning in this Art Embroidery De
partment for the past two weeks.
Come in and see it. Third Floor. -
Ibrandeis Stores
DESIGNER sail, lor 10c a copy en
ntwtUndt 12 months Is ,..$1-20
Total 10
Our Pric. for all
Ssvlsf -.SI .01
Splendid Sale of High-Grade Silks, $1100
$2.00 to $3.00 Values . JlYd.
Every year at this time, we offer unusual values from this Silk Store, and now, despite
the unfavorable market conditions that prevail, this Sale offers values, that are more than re
markable they are phenomenal.
Thousands of yards of 40-inch Silks, values $2 to $3, at $1.00 a yard
$2.25 40-Inch Taffeta, black and colors.
$3.00 40-Inch Radium, Plain and Novelty. . .
$3.uu 4U-lnch beautiful Chiffons.
Gold and Silver Embroidered ......
, $2.00 to $3.00 40-Inch Remnants.
Crepe Meteor, Satins, Charmeuse.
$3.00 40-Inch Matlasse in good colors.
i $2.50 40-Inch Soie De Raye; all colors.
Mill Ends of $1.00 Shirting Silk, $7 (48-In.) All-Silk Chiffon Velour., $2.95
Mill ends of 32 and 36-inch Satin Stripe Shirting Silks, For Monday we offer 48-inch All-Silk Chiffon Velour,
in a splendid range of color combinatibns. Worth $1.00, in navy and brown only. Very soft, drapy finish. A bar
yard 39c gain at $7.00. Very special, at $2.95.
Main Floor.
' V 4 V
New Shoes for Women
$4.95 and $6.00
Four Styles Now Ready
THESE PRICES for Novelty Boots are
extremely moderate. The nine-inch top
is one of the accepted features of the
Spring styles. The distinctive new notes
,come in the colorings and combinations.
Cocoa Brown, Powder Gray, Sea Green top with black
kid vamp ; Dull Copper a remarkably attractive quartet.
Two Spat Pumps at $6.00.
One dull mat kid and the other patent leather; point
ed toes, high throat, snug vamp ; Louis heels and light turn
soles little artistocrats.
Two Attractive White Spats.
TAILOR-MADE Broadcloth, at $2.98 and French
Felt at $1.98.
Main Floor.
Beautiful Blouses,
$5.98 to $15.00
Too Many Styles to Detail
The general trend of Fashion W
Blouses for the new season, clearly
evidences the fact that the large,
Square Sailor Collar has xome to stay
and also that Georgette will hold first
place in the lineup of materials.
Frills and Fancy Buttons are almost entirely de
pended upon to relieve the severity of one-color effects.
The introduction of brilliant tones, such as Peach--Blush,
Watermelon Pink, Kelley Green, etc., make the
, showing this season one of the most fascinating we
have ever seen. I 1 .
The variety of styles at $8.98 to $15.00 is much more
comprehensive than we have ever shown before thus early.
, Second Floor.
New Sanford Hotel
Awarded to the
Brandeis Stores
the contract to furnish all
Linen Luxor Window Shades,
Curtain Rods, Curtains, and
Cretonne Drap"eries.
This is another evidence of
the SERVICE which- this
great establishment is able to
afford. Supplying the small
est or the greatest need with
the same facility.
We will be glad to esti
mate on the Draperies,
Shades, Curtains and Rugs
for your new home.
White Goods
Our showing is very comprehen
sive, including all the most wanted
materials for the coming season.
We are offering a beautiful col
lection of New Embroidered
New line of White Novelties, in
checks, pretty cluster stripes, em
broidered effects suitable for
dainty blouses and dresses. 38
inches wide. Sale price, yard, 59
White Poplin, highly mercerized,
pure white. Launders perfectly.
For nurses' uniforms, middies,
skirts, suits, etc. 36 inches wide.
Special, yard 35
Good quality Corded and Satin
Stripe White Madras, 32 inches
wide. Yard 20
$2,000 Worth of Laces and Embroideries
To Be Sold at About 50c on the Dollar
We made this purchase from S. Steinfeld & Co., of 23d Street, New York City, who
are very well known importers of fine laces and embroideries.' '
A fortunate circumstance enabled Steinfeld to obtain these at a great concession,
and we, in turn, purchased them at prices which enables us to quote the figures that
follow. . .
SIX LARGE BARGAIN SQUARES on the Main Floor, will be devoted to the selling
of this merchandise. x '
It is an opportunity to economize not lightly to be passed by.
Dainty Lace Flouncinsrs. 12 to 22
inches wide; fine silk and cotton Worth 59c
designs I Yard
French Novelty Laces, beautiful
designs, full widths
Gold and Silver Lace Flouncings,
to 27 inches wide ,
Novelty Colored Flouneings, em
broidered with gold and silver on
silk tulle and fine cotton nets.
18 to 24 inches wide
Gold and Silver Laces, also Bronze
and Steel Effects
Heavy Bands and dges in gold
and silver
Gold and Silver Metaline Cloth, 36
inches wide ,
Silk Chantilly Flouncings, 18 to 24
inches wide
Oriental Net Top Flouncings, white
and cream, 36 inches wide.
Gold and Silver Laces, suitable
for hats
All-Silk Chantilly Flouncings
Fine Shadow Flouncings, up to 24
inches wide, white and black. .
Worth $2.00
and $2.50
Worth $1.50
and $2.00
Worth $1.00
Gold and Silver Run Laces
Net Top Flouncings, to 27 inches
wide , . . . v ...
Net Top Lace Edges, to 6 inches
wide. - White, cream and ecru. . .
Fine Shadow Lace Edges, white
, and cream
All-Linen Cluny Bands
Worth lo 25c
Fancy Wash Laces
Dotted and Plain Footings, white
and cream ,
Filet Vajs., Edges and Insertions
to match
French and German Vals., cream
and white
Piatt Vals., Bands and Edges. . .
Ecru Cotton Cluny Laces, Bands
and Edges
Edged and Plain Beadings ......
Worth 10a
r 5C
10c Edge Footings and Val. Edges and Inser
tions, special, Monday, yard 2(4t
50c 18-inch Net Top Lace Flouncings, with col
ored embroidered edgings, the 'yard 10
The Embroideries
A splendid assortment of Swiss and Nainsook
Embroidered Flouncings, 18 inches wide. Extra
fine quality and neatly embroidered patterns, suit
able for corset covers and skirt flouncing OP
and children's dresses. Worth 39c, yard,
27 and 36-Inch Beautifully Embroidered Skirt
and Dress Flouncing, in Voiles, Swiss and Cam
bric, with plain and lace edges. Regularly OQ
worth 85c, yard
27 and 42-Inch Embroidered Flouncing, in
Swiss, Voile and Nainsook, with plain hems, lace
edges. Suitable for dresses, skirt flouncing CQ
and baby dresses. Worth $1, sale price, yd. OJ7C
White and Colored Embroidered Edges and In
sertions, 3 and 6 inches wide. On the best quality
Swiss, Organdy and Nainsook, with open and plain
edges. Suitable for trimming children's J
dresses and underwear. Worth 10c, yard. . .
Fascinating Frocks, $25
We have sketched one of the most interesting models
in our collection of dainty frocks for the new season.
this dress is of Crepe Meteor and Georgette. The
Skirt features the new hip drapery. The blouse -shows
(half concealed), the use of metal laces.
Smart novelty buttons and a metal belt fastened to
braided material completes this style.
This is a f?tJc"k that will appeal to the woman who
wishes something that combines dressiness and ser
vice, and is at the same time distinctive enough to be
ultra-fashionable. '
All the new colors, such as GOLD, Copenhagen
Blue, Navy, Gray and Black.
Other charming frocks in the new Taffetas, Georg
ettes, Crepe Meteor and Crepe de Chines, ranging in
prices from $35.00 to $50.00.
Second Floor,
New Spring
Sport Skirtings
In the Dress Goods ftept.
Our assortment was never
more varied.
Velours and fine French
Serges are the most promi
nent materials, in very pleas
ing color combinations; large
and small checks, blanket
designs, rainbow stripes,
wide and narrow, and : a
plendid variety of mixtures.
Stripes and plaids - take
first place in the procession,
and the influence of Scotch
plaids is very noticeable.
$2.50 and,
$3.50 a Yard
Main Floor.