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Liberal Supply of Desirable
Beeves Makes Good, Steady
Market Undertone Firm.
' Omaha, January II, 11'.
Receipt, imi Cattle. Bora Sheep.
Esttrasts Monday I.4M 1.10, lv.400
Sam. day laat 11.411 li.1T)
Sana day 1 t'b ate. . t.I f.MI .
Ham. day t Was aco -
Sam day Wki aio..K,l 11,101 .'"
8am. day lest year.... s,44 11, Ml 11.13!
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
the Uolon Stock Tarda, Omaha, for twenty
four hoara ending at I o'clock p. m. yes
terday: RBCErPTS CARS.
Cattta Hoaa Sheen.HYs.
c m. a nt p.... 14
Missouri Pacific.... t
. Union Pacific 61
C N. W oast.. 19
C. N. W., weot.. SI
C. St P., U. O. It
C. B. Q., east.. 1
C, B. ds Q., west., 40
C. R. I. ft I, oalt
Illinois Central la
Uhlcage Ot West. 17
Total receipts.... 114
1 ,1
ii ' : 'i
4 I
H I 8
4 I 1
ii ii 'V.
'i '.1
II 47 I
Cattle. Hoita Sheep.
Morrla Co
Swift ft Co
Codahy Packing Co.
Armour A Co ......
,. 7! 1.317 1.013
.. Ill
Scherarts Co -
J. W. Morphy......
Lincoln Packing Co....
Codahy, Kansas City..
W. B, Vansant Co
Benton, Vansaht A Lush
Hill Son..
r. B. Lewis
J. B. Root 4 Co
J. H. Bulla
L. r. Hubs
Roeenatock Bros.......
P. O. K.I Ion
Wertheimer ft Degen...
H. K. Hamilton
Sullivan Bros
Rothschild Krebs....',
Mo. A Kan. qelf Co...
Christie ,
HiKlns ;
Other buyers ..........
. 171
11 .
.1,011 0,071 0,000
Cattle The week opens with a tolerably
liberal run and arrivals were made up very
largely of butrher slock and atockers and
feeders. Offerings of deslrabls beeves were
comparatively limited and there was a sur-
Detent demand for these to make a good
steady market Prices for .anything at alt
useful In the- way -or beef compared very
favorably with last Thursday and undertone
to the market was better than It was at the
clou of last week.
Cows and helfera also found more favor
vlth buyers and at rather Itrraer flgures.
Supplies of this kind were limited, however,
and the movement at no time overly brisk.
Veal oalvas, bulls, stags, ate., wore Just about
Inquiry for stock e.ttl. .and. feeding
steer showed some improvement and at
tractive offerings of both heavy and Mont
tocM sold to better advantage than toward
the oloao of uVet week. I Stormy weather
Interfered with trad somewhat, but the de:
mend waa good and (h. undertone to the
market firm. - -
. Quotations on eattlet Oood ; to - ehotes
yearling beeves, 010.IIB11.IO
ohole weighty cornfed beeves, flO.OOO
11.09: fair to good corn fed beeves, fO.IOrt
10.00; common to fair oornfed beeves. 17.76
.40: good to choloo grass beeves,
i.l.i ralr to good grass heaves, 07.oooi.oo
common .to fair grass beeves, fo.1007.10
good to choice heifers, 97.004yl.IO; good to
cnoie cows, s7.ooai.ov; fair to good cows,
$0. 00O7.00; oommoa to filrcews, 14.104
1.00; prims feeding steers, 11.0000.10; good
to choice feeders, 11.0001.10; fair to good
feeders, 17.0000.00; common to fair feeders.
O4.is07.oo; fair to choice atockers, 07.7(0
1.10; slock helfera, 10.2101.21: stock cows,
1.00 07.00; stock calves, 17.00 0 0.00; veal
calves, 10,00 010.00; beef bulls, stags, etc,
oe.ovvT.70; bologna bulla, Ot.M0O.OO.
Representative sales:
Ar. Pr. No.
A. Ft.
004 If u
III T 71
707 I 10
. 011 17 it
. Ill 7 M
. Til I to
.0)1 I 00
1014 I 10
1011 I 10
e..,.....iori s so
II. 117 111
.1111 I It
Home Thera was Just a fair Monday hog
run here, some ntnaty-olght loads, or 7100
head, being reported In. This is mors than
4,000 smaller than slthw last week or the
cor re ponding Monday of last year, bat it
larger man two weeks ago by over
head. ... .
Shipping demand! wag not overly argent
today, and while to tha and outside buyers
maua a rair purchase, they got tbolr bogs
at pries that were steady to not over a
nickel higher. Packers did not start very
aarly, and at first they talked easier prices,
but trade firmed up later, and bulk of the
packing hogs finally sold on a' steady to to
higher besla A big run at Chicago had a
bearish Influence here all through tha mar
ket and movement wag sot vary gotten at
any time of tfc.. day.
Most of the offerings had been cleared
trp by uldforenoon. but buyers slowed down
before a olearano waa made and tha elooe
was about aa mean as could be Imagined.
Tha last train In. along with seme mixed
ana ugni nogs ion rrom tu early trade,
found tha early strength more than lost,
being met with bids that war as much
aa to too lower than Saturday, or around
10O below the early market Soma sellers,
to escape carrying bogs over on a night
that promised to b cold and stormy, out
loose at the decline, while a few held on
and the ten or twelve loads that were still
In the pens at noon Included soma llghta
on which buyers warn not oven making
offers. .
The best that could bo Bald of tha gen
eral market waa. that It waa vary uneven,
most of the hog. aelllng steady to tc
higher, with aom lata toloo lower, and
others, which. If sold, would show thst
much decline or more. The general qual
ity was not aa good as Saturday and the
market waa a Utile better than It shows
up on paper. Bulk of the offerings sold
at I10.100rl0.l0. Some underweights and
plain mixed bunches sold on down to 110.00
and under and several loads of good buteh
rs and heavlea landed at 110.70. tb ton.
Representative sales i
No. Av. Sh. Pr. Ka. Aa,
Bh. Pr. i
,.. 10 II ,
40 10 II
It 10 15
'130 10 41
10 10 It '
... 10 It
... It 70
04.. 140
11. .111
II. .lit
10 00
10 i
40. .110
21. .141
72. .Ill
II. .311
00. .144
40-10 30
.. 10 40
.. 10 10
IO..I10 ,120 10 00
It. .121 ... II 1714
Sheep Juet a decent run of sheep nnd
lambs showed up this morning. Arrivals
were estimated at forty-two cars, or 10.100
head, which Is only about half as largs
as a waek ago. and 1,000 smaller than a
year ago, though It la nearly 7,000 larger
than the small rm two weeks ago.
Chicago fell several thousand short of the
Bomber estimated, and with a moderate sap
ply prices there recovered from last Friday's
slump. Locally there waa a broad outlet
movement starting early at prices that were
largely lOOlic higher. Part of the offerings
were late in getting to the barn, but a fair
clearance of the early arrivals had been ef.
footed before 10 o'clock. Anything desirable
in the fat lamb lias sold upwards from
112.00, and there waa a good showing
around 111.70011.71. Prime light fed wast
rn such as sold at 111.71 Saturday, or
choice Meitcann woald, probably have landed
around A load of good clippers
brought, showing about the seme
advance as wool aklna.
Higher prices were In order on mature
atoek, most sales being aoywsy loo abova
last week's cloea Same of tha h
hero brought l 710t.ll, tha utter price be-1
Ing a new record for th market and ith
that there was nothlog that considered
choice on offer. Another cut of tha year
lings that Bold at 112.00 laat Friday dupli
cated the price today, this shipment being
a little weightier than Friday's.
Uemaad for feeders ooatinues good, al
though there waa not enough here In the
feeder lino today to. t -. out the market
A deck or so of decent light (cedars sold
as high aa
Quotations on sheep and lam be: ' Lambs,
good to choice, 111.00011.10; lambs, fair to
good, 111.00011.10; lambs, clipped, 110.710
11.70; lambs, feeder. 112.00011.21; yar
llngs, good to oholce, 11 1. 00 0 12.04: year
lings, (air to good. 110.00011.00; wethers,
fair to choice, 10.10010.10; ewes, good to
choice, II 1001.14; ewes, fair to good, II 21
00.00; plain to culls,; owes,
Kepresentatlvs sales:-
No. -x .. .' '
244 fed lambs......,,,,
144 fed lambs
250 fed lambs
til clipped lambs.......
42 fed ewes. . . ., ,
111 fed irthers. ........
Av.V 1
r ii 11 y
II 10
11 II
11 71
I 71
it oo
..... 71
..... 70
..... 01
CalUa Market Firm. Hogs Strang,
Chicago. Jan. II. Cattle Receipts. 31.000
head; market firm: native beef cattle, 07.00; western steers, I7.70O10.20: stock
ers and feeders, lt.Ot0l.IO: cows and hell
ers. 14.10010.10: calves. lo.7tOI4.2f.
Hogs Receipts. 07,000 head; market
strong. 0c to 10c above yesterday's aver
age: bulk of sales, 110.01010.10; light 110.26
010.11; mlsed, 110.100 10.00; heavy, 110,66
erii.eo; rough, oiv.oo0io.7o; piga, 97.100
Sheep and Lam he Receipts, ll.OOo bead
mantel nrm: wethers. lf.7VOll.oo:
17.60ttl0.16; Umbo, IU.70O14.I0.
Kaajae City Live Mock Market
Kansas City, Mo., Janr- II. Cattle Re.
oeipta, 14.000 bead: market ateady; stock
era and feeders, 10c higher; prime fed steers,
ie.7ft0ii.iv; dressed beer ateers. ll.voo
v.eo: western stsers. 07.00011.00: cows.
ft.3iO3.00: helfera, IC.i0O10.t0; stockers
and feeders. 10.1001.00; bulls, 11.0001.00
calves, l 60BU. 60. '
Hogs Receipts. 17.000 head: market
higher: bulk of ss lea. I10.16B 10.70: heavy.
110,70010.10; packers and butchers, 110.400
iv.ys; ngnt tiv.v&tviv.oft; pigs, os.7io.oe.
Hneep and Lambs Rece ots. 1.100 head
market higher: lambs. 113.000 12.10; year
lings, lll.iO0ll.eo; wethers, It.iOOlo.lO;
ewes, oo.tO0l.ot.
M. Loals Live Stock Markets.
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. It. Cattle--Recelpts.
1,100 head: market, strong; native beef
steers, 17.60ft 11. 10; yearling steers and helf
era, 11.50011. to: cows, It.tOOI.iO: stockers
and feeders, &. 4001.00; prime southern beef
steers, tl.ootyl.en: cows and belters. 14.360
7.60; prime yearling steers and heifers, 17.60
00.00: native cslves. II.OOOH.OO.
Hogs Receipts,1 20,000 head: market,
lower; lights, 110.40010.71; pigs. 11.160
10.00; mixed and -butchers. 110.40010.00
good heavy,; bulk of sales.
Bheep and Lambs Receipts. 1,200 head;
maraec sieaay; iambs, oi s. 70010.70; owes,
IO.iOOO.7i; yearlings. IU.00O12.20, 1
Kansas City lie Stock Market.
Ksnsas City, Hoe. 11. Cattle Receipts.
le.oee neso: maraei steady; prime fed
steers, 110.70011. 10; dresssd beef steers,
ll.00O10.76; western steere, !7.fO0U-OO;
cows, 16.3100.00; heifers, 14.10011. 00;
stockers and feeders, 10,20 01.00; bulls, 11.00
07. so; calves, IV. 10011. ftv. .
Hogs Receipts, 13,000 head: market
steady; bulk of sales, oiv.3O0lo.7O; ties
H0.00O10.7t; psrkera and butchers, 110.46
B 10.70; light 010.00010.00; pigs. It. tOO
1.16. ,
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 11,000 head:
market ateady; lambs, 113.00 011-10: year
lings, Ill.iOOll.tO; wethers, ll.i0O10.2t;
owos, OS.OV0V.Bft.
Sloax City Liv Stock Market.
Stout City, la., Jan. It. Cattle Re-
celpte; 4,000 head; market for killers
steady atockers steady and a shad lower:
beef steers, ll.to011.OO: butchers, 17.000
0.20; fat. cows and heifers., 10.000 0.00;
fanners, stockers and fsedera,
11 60 01.60: calves, 10.00 01.10; bulls, stags,
etc., It. 60 0 7.00;. feeding cows and belfers,
16.00 !.6.
Hoge Receipts, 7,000 head; market 60
10c higher; lights, IO.7i0IO.lO; mlsed.; neavy, 010.00010.70; pigs,
ll.ooevs.fto; puik or sales, 110.10010.40.
Bheep and Imbs Receipts, 1,000 head
market steady; fed muttone, 11.00 0 10.00
wethers, 1100010.00; ewes, 11.26 01.21;
lames, via.uvayia.aa. ,
Live stack la Slant.
Receipts of live stock at th Ova principal
wvsivra maraeia yesieroey:
St. Loals 6, too
Chicago . ,
Kansas City 11.000
Omaha 7,000
Sloua City 4,000,
.10,400 111,100 14,000
M. Joseph live Slock Market.'
St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 10. Cattle Receipts,
1,200 bead; market steady to 10c Metier:
ale re, 7,i0Otl.t0; cows and heifers,. 16.00
0io.ev; csires, v'.oovis.ov. v
Hoes Receipts, 1,100 head: market
steady; top, .110.71; bulk of sales, I10.36O, 1
Sheen and I-embe Receipt. 1.000 heavl-.
market 10c higher: lambs, IU.00Ol2.7t:
ewes, II.OOOI.IO,
Coffe Market,
New Tort. Jan. 10 The market fee enf.
fee futures opened somewhat irregnlar, with
prices I .points lower to 1 point higher in
response to some outalde liquidation of
March and unimportant coverlnse of the
lata months. Subsequently moderate unload
ing by trade Intereats and oaaler Arm offer
ings produced weakness and tha close wsa
4 to I points net lower. Sales were estl.
mated a 00,000 bags; January, l.40ci Feb
ruary, l.ilc; March, Lite; April, I tic; May,
t.Olo; Jane l.70o; July, l.7lo; August, 1.10c;
September, I. Itc; October,; November,
e.eeo; uecemoer, v.voc npot, steedy; Rio
7s, lOe: Santo 40 11c. Cost and rrelrht of.
fers were about 10 points lower with Santos
to quoted at 10.10 0 1V.I6C. London credits.
The official eablea reported a decline of 7i
reia la aw la ana oc 30 rels in Santos fu.
tores, ....
Oottoa MmrtaM.
Nw York, Jon. Cot ten--ri. tart
panod Stwulri evJnaftry. IT.IOoj March,
it.too; May, it.ioo; July, 17. lie; Ootobcr,
Cotton- flwot auiot: mlddlln uniind
17 41c 8i, 00 bale.
Paturts oloMd tadr: JtuiOArr. IT. 1 Je
Manth. IT.lTo, May, 17.41c; July,. 17.S0e
October, n.ifto -
under Salurtey' final ptiooa.
urooi. jml. it.C0tton bml mi
food mid d llnf, 11. lid; mlddllni, 10.01
low middling. lft,T7d. Bate, s.ogo balta.
, HtfV Market,
tow iTork, Jan. lft. 8uaar Raw. tami-elv
tady; centrifugal, 1.31c; molaaaea,
Renned. steady : rut loaf. T.IOr: rpnahnH
7.7&c; mould. A. T.lfto; cube, T.Zfa; XXXX
powdered, .IOo; powdered, M6c; con fee
u la tod, .7o; diamond A. i.76c; confer-
itrs A. I.CCOt No. 1. I.lta. Aalda frnm
Jenuair, which waa higher on eoverlag,
me maricet for nigar ruturea waa generally
tu- an TOitarfja MiiiiiK dv omani
eat, prompted by the eaaler ruling
raw market At noon pricea were 1
higher to 4 lower.
" Ommhm Ray Market.
Prairie Ray- choice nvlana. illlO: Ma.
1. lll.OO01t.OO; No, t. 110.00011.00: No. I.
li-goovioov. unoiee miaiana,; no. 1,
llV.ftOll.OO;' N. X, I.0010.00; No. I, 18.00
Of.vv. unoice lowiana, ii.duvio.oq: no. I.
Ii.uu0i.evi no. I, fi.vvayi.vv; to, 1, 11.000
Straw Choice wheat u Quotable at il.ODA
1.60; choice oat or rye, fO. 1007.00.
Alfalfa Choice, 117,50011.00: No. 1.
$10.00017.00; itandard, 116.00010.00: No. L
tia.OO01i.OOi No. I, 110.00012.00,
Metal Market.
New Tork. Jan. U. Mo tale Lead. 17.00
bid. Bpelter unaeltled; apot, east St. Louie
delivery, ttte aeked. Copper, firm; electro
lytic, fin.t, aeoond and third quartan, fST.IB
vsx.ev.fttiron, ateaay; no. i nortneru. 31.60
091.10; No. 1, 31.OO03t.OO; No. 1 aouth-
ern, 111.6003000; No 1, 20091.IO, Tin.
atrong, 44.OO0 44.1i.
At Xjondon: fipot copper, ilSO: futurea.
lUt; electrolytic, 141. Spot tin. lllOj fu
turee, HIT I.e. Lead, 10 10a. Spelter. 41
10a. -.
B-vauotated Airplea aad Dried Mta
New Tork, Jan. 10. Uvaporated Aoolea
wuiei; lancy, ww, onoiee, fie; prune.
Dried Fnilta Prune, dot) : Callfornlu.
IfflOW: Oregona. Itt0e. Aprlcota,
quiet; choice, 17c; extra choice, 17c; fancy.
ISc, Peachea, quiet) , choice, lc extra
choice, Kf; fancy, c. Ralalne, ateady;
choice to fancy aeeded, 8010c; aeedleaa, 100
unci bonuon layara,
Minneapolia Grain Market,
Mlnneanolla. Jan. 16. WhMi v
Il.im01.l84t: July. 91.10)4. Caeh: No.
naru. ll.ftKBl.lItt: No. 1 aertharn.
tllHl.rft; No. I northern, 11.140
Corn No. I yellow, 1114 0Hc.
Oata No. 1 white, IIMOtlKe.
Flaxseed 13.0003.03.
OU ai
Savannah. Ga.. Jan. 16. Turnentln
Firm; 40c; sales, 301 bbts,; receipts, 100
bbla.; ahlpmenta. Ill bblsj stocks, 31,313
Rosin Firm: sales, 1.073 bbls.: reoeinU.
033 bbls.; shipments. 3.700 Bbls.; stocks, 07,
031 bbts. Quote: A. B. O, D, K, F, a. 10.37:
H. L 18.36; K.-04,60; M. 90.70; N. 11,06
WO, 97.i WW, '
tmUm Bioek Market.
London. Jan. 14. American earaHtlM
were Wiy ateady on the Stock exchange
hero today.
BHver Bar, 0d per ounoe.
Money 1 per cent, '
jjiaoount itaies nnort bills, oper cent;
three montha, I per cent.
. lry Goods Market.
New York. Jan. 16. New fall caftan milt.
Ings and high priced ehlrtlncs for anrin
maunfacturtng purpoMs were opened today.
Verne were quiet. The markets were 111 led
with wholesale and retail buyers
Hogs. Sheep.
10,000 1,300
17,000 13,000
17,000 1,000
7.100 10,100
1,000 1,200
Wheat Sells at Decline, but
Corn and Oats Make1 Sub
stantial Gains.
Omaha, January II, 1117.
Today waa the first big day In points
receipts that the local cash market has
had In several weeks, and while the tables
were loaaea with aamplaa, the traders am
noi nave mucn trouble in eeiiinv tneir stun.
although wheat sold at a decline. The de
mand, however, for ail cereals was excellent,
with corn and oats making subauntlal galna
and ry end barley selling a fraction under
aaiuraays price. No, 3 hard wbeat sold
up to 9i.9O0i.oi, but the bulk of the offer
Ings went at 91.19, while the No. 3 hard
ranged in price from II 16 to 9110,
the bulk atotn at I1.061.I7. There waa
quite a few cars of durum and mixed wheat
sold, tne durum bringing from 91.8301.6O,
and the better grades of mixed selling from
fi.affl,?l, I
The corn market wss quoted from 0
higher, and while the sales of yellow and
mixed com were heavier than tha whit.
there was no premium paid for either of
inese varieties, ail the commercial graves
of corn selling from 930!3e.
The oats market was quiet, duo to light
receipts and the demand would prboably
have taken care of larger offerings, but, as
ii was. tne market was auotsd from on
changed to o higher, with the No. I white
ringing 3o and the No. t whit 64 c
J was in mooa aemana at tne nrevall.
Ing pricea. the No. 3 barley onoted ll it i
decline of c from Saturday's market. Bar
ley waa very aulet at unchanged to 'it
lower, and the only car sold waa a ear of
no. 1, wntcn brought ii.or.
Clearances were, wheat and flonv
to 1,034,000 bushels: corn. 422.000 hfMhia
oau. l.zso.oov buanels.
frimary wheat receipts were 1.433,000
bushels, and shlDRiente 444.000 hunt, n la
against receipt of 1,000,000 bushels and
nipmsnu oi bushels last year.
Primary com recetDts werel.300.000 biuh.
els, and shipments 469,000 bushels against
receipts of 1,347,000 bushels, and shipments
ui no,wv DHsneis last year.
rnniary oata receipts were 700.000 howfe.
i, and shipments 630,000 bushels aaalnst
receipts of 060,000 bushels, and shipments
oi ivd.uvv ouaneis last year.
Whaat. Cnrrt rwta
-nioago ao 140
Mlnneanolla 400
Duluth .....1,.. 31
Omaha , 107 101
Kansas City 174 . 61
Ht. Louis .........167 71
Winnipeg 91
Theee sales1 were reported today:
Wheat No. 3 hard winter! 3 cars. 91. 11
1-1 cars. 91.10: 21 cars. 91.00. No. 3 hard
winter: 3 cars fdsrk), 91.90; 1 car, 91. Of
oars,; 1 car, 91.07: 11 cars, 91.07
7 cart. 9100; 1 car, 91.36. No. 4 hard win-
3 cars. 91.03: 3 cars. ll.02Ut I cairn
i. si. vampie hard winter: 1 oar, 91.10;
1 car,; im cars, 11.70; I car. 91.40
3-1 car, 91.19. No. 3 spring: 1 ear, 91.10.
no, s aurum mixed: 1 eara. 11.06.. No.
durum mixed: 6 cars, 91.93. No. .
mixed: 1 ear, 91. 01; 1 oar, 91.09. No.
mixed: 9-9 car, 9100; 1 car, 91.36. No.
mixed: 1 ear, 41.81; I care. 1.W; 3 cars.
11. is.
Rye No. 3: 4 cars, II 43
Barley No. 4: 1 car. 31.00. RfivtMl
I car. 96o: 1 car. 06c. Baranle: l.k eur.
loo. .
Corn No. I white: 1 oar. 92Uct S
shc. no. 1 wnita: 1 car, oac: l car.
n3o. No. S yellow: 9 cars, 93o; 13 ears,
Tia. no. 1 yellow: 0 ears, 93c; II cars,
o. a yenew: i car, ic. No.
yellowt 1 car, 01c. No. I mixed: 9 eara.
m-ftc; 11 cars, zic. no, 1 mixed: 19 cars,
c; si care, no. mixed: 1 car.
sxttc; a ears, vtc: 1 oare. ooc. No.
mtxeai 1 oar, sic, sample mixed: 1 ear,
N90, . ,
Oata No. I white: 9 rare. S4Ue. fltand.
ard: 1 car, 64c. No. 9 white: 4 can. 63c.
No. 4 White: I oars. 6IUof'l-K car. llUa.
mpn woiib; cars, u;i "o.
omsha cash Prices Wheat- No. t bard.
fi.eawi-i; no. s nara, i.9l01.H No.
hard, 91.1101.13; No. S spring. 91.960
02; No. 9 nnrlng. 91.0301.90. Corn: No. 0
wnne, filfsac; no. 0 white, O3 0 93o:
No. 4 white, 910O3o; No. 9 white. 910
01o; No. 0 white, 91091cj No.' 1 yel
low, 930l3e: No. I yellow. 93092Uc;
No. 4 yellow, 910O3e; No. I yellow. 910
iq; no. d ye. iow, vioiiko no. a mixea.
iHVie; no. 1 mixed, O30O3o; Ho,
mixed, 910Olo; No. I mixed, 910
iioi no, nuxea, yic uats: NO. ,1
white, 94064e; standard, 63 064c; No.
3 white, 63063c; No. 4 white, 110
oao. jtiariey: no. 1 xeea, 01.001.11; re.
jectea, ny: no. I. 01.4301.41
NO. 9 91.1101.42,
Omaha Faturee Market.
the market for the most part waa very
quiet today and lacked any interesting fee
turea. Homo export business was reported,
but there waa evidently not enough busi
ness to encourfege any heavy buying and
closing pricea on wneat ruieo ft trifle lower.
The bulk of the trade in the pit was
confined to the wheat market and corn and
oats were extremely quiet, with cloning
prices uncnangeu on an tne options.
laocai, range or options:
Art. Open. High. Low Cloae. ) gat.
' WhtTT T f ! I
j May 1 IS 1 i 1I2H 1 tl m
' July 1 ii 1 41 H 144 1 Ai 146 U
Rep. 1 10 1 30 130 1 10 ISO
May U U U U
1 July 03 9 ft
Oata. i .
May B4 U UK U H
July 004 60 H 60 , 60S 10
Chicago oloalng prices, furnlehed Tha Bee
hy Logun ok Hryan, stock and grain brok
' era, 111 South SUteenih atreat, Omaha:
Art, j Open. High. Ieow." CToae. Sat.
wht, i "
Mar 1 ISH M 114 1 14 1MH
July 1 00 1 00 HftL, 1 4N h no
Bept 1 IftH 1 114)4 1 14 lift
1 May $t 01 8
July 17 ,H 97 17 97
Oata., 1
May . . 7U . 67 U i IT 00
July 04 00 04 (4 04
Jan. 59 IS SO II 19 SO SO SS 10 SO
May 30 00 II 00 21 00 II 70 M 07
Lard. I
Jan. IS 63 16 00 16 60 16 S3 11 IT
May 16 96 I 10 06 16 96 16 10 03
Rib f
Jan. 14 07 14 77 14 17 14 73 14 73
May 16 13 I 15 U 1& T IS 13 16 16
Prices of Whet Tend Upward Owing 1
larger Shipments.
Chicago, Jan. 16. Notwithstanding that
decreases in the United States vlslbio supply
gave a 1111 10 tne price 01 wneat today, the
market afterward underwent a aag, owing
to absence of any Important new export
buying and because of welcome snow In the
south west.
Quotations closed heavy, le net lower to
o aq vance, wim May at 61.O4U01.I4:
and July at 41.14. Corn finished unchanged
to a shade higher, oats up o to 0 c and
provisions varying iron. 7o decline to 1
rise of 60.
At first the bulls found a good deal of en.
couragement In the announcement by a lead
ing autnonty mat the total amount
wheat available for export from the United
Statea between now and July 1 hid twnn
reduced to 74,000,000 bushels, whereaa tliS
prooaoie ciearancea ror ifiurope this week
from Galveston and New Orleans alone wem
put at 8,000,000 buehels.
it waa said also that vessel tonnan th
Oulf porta waa becoming more abundant. As
me aay wore on. however, without any evl
dence of a renewal of big purchases for
curuur, no vsnr aains were ror th mnmt
part displaced by losses, though not of a
radical character.
improvement In crop prospects son th west
1 a read 1 1 or nnowTsiiia that svs.a..Uai
both necessary moisture and protection from
cold received much .notice from wheat
irmaerv aunng me last nan vor th session
Attention also was given to statements that
the greater portion of what iMt v.
been purchased for Europe slnco Saturday
worn waa Arm throughout the dsv. ii.i.
aa a result of a good demand from the sea
board and, owing to scarcity f rural of.
ferlnga There also were further orop dara
age report from Argentina. Oata hardened
un cum, ma, nowever, waa light.
Previsions averaged lower. lni.unot t .
falling oft In exports as compared with laat
year. Besides, there were good sited de
liveries of lard and rtba oa January con
tracts. Chicago Cash Price Wheat; Na t
nominal: No. I red, 91-00: No. 1 harY
9l.041.9&) No. 3 hard, nominal. Corn
No. 3 yellow, 0Sc: No. 4 vello- asi
37c; No. 4 white, 970OOe. Oats: No. 3
white, 64067ts; standard, 6O067U
Rye: No. 2, 11.40. Barley. r....
Timothy, 3.O06.6O; clover, 913.00017 oo"
Provlnlons: Pork: 1 30. 60; Urd llittila
16.67: rlha, 14.36014.76.
Butter bowercreemery, 31 037c .
Eggs Hlrher;' receipts. 3.070
firsts,, IS 0 tit; ordinary I rats, 38043c; at
mark, cases included, 40040c.
Potatoes Steady; receipts. 45 cars: Wis
consin and Michigan white. 11.0001.90
Id ft ho, Colorado, urefon and Washington
white, O1.OO0Z.OO.
Poultry Alive, hldfeer; fowls, 19c
springs, 10c. 1,
Quotation ef the Day on Various Leading
New Tork, Jan. 16. Flour Easy; spring
patents,; winter patents. 98.000
0:16; winter strairhts. 30.0003.16: Kansas
siraignis, B.Doapf.70.
wneat spot irregular; No. 3 hard.
92.10; No. 1 northern, Duluth, 93.20
No. 1 northern. Manitoba. I2.22U. f. o. b.
ew lorn.
Com Spot steady: No. 2 yellow. 11.00
& 1. 1. new -X-oric, ,
Oata 4 pot firm: atandard. 04 67c.
Hay Steady: No. 1. 11,10: No. 2. 41.000
i.vt; no. s, VwVTaic; snipping, ibOtOc.
Hops Steady; state, common to choice.
110, 46050c: 1016. 0ft 14c: Pacific cc
1910, 11014c; 1916, l&llc.
Hides Oulet: Borota. 41042c: Central
America, 41c.
LeatherFirm; hemlock firsts. 67c: sec
onde, 65o,
Provisions Pork, firm; mess, 932.000
.u latniiy. iai.&uaa.&o: nnort c enr.
131.00033.00. Beef.- steady; mess, 923.000
Je.ou; latniiy, 9.bOSZ7.00. Lard, easy;
niiaaie west, oib.TUQl&.HQ.
Tallow null; city. 10c: countrv. lliB
4.)c; specie. i, JlC.
Mutter steady; receipts, 4,430 tubs
creamery. 4O04Oc; firsts. 39038c: sec-
onus, it fMOC,
JSgge fStronc: recelnts. 0.030 caemi
fresh gathered extra first. 64c; firsts, 62
7tc, venonas ana poorer. ,sp52c: refrlc-
era tor seconds to firsts. 27iS0p.
Cheese Firm repel fit i 7k. hna
held specials, 24t3i24c; state, average
Poultry Alive. Btadv- ni nr(K mmttA
dressed, stronger; chickens, 20 037c
fowls, 17023c; turkeys, 20033c.
Poultry Dressed: Turkeva. drv otckeA
10 over live. No. 1; ducks and geese, scalded.
So over live. No. 1: hens and snrinn.
scalded, lo over live, No. 1. Live: Broilers.
lie; Dana, ioc; springs, 17c; stats, 14c; old
roosters, lie; geeee, 14c; ducks, 14c; tur
keys, any slae Over 10 Iba, 32o; turkeys.
to iv ion.. io; capons, 9 ids., and over,
ISo ; gulneaa. each 36c ; guineas, young.
each, under lbs.. 40c; uaba. Homers. per aoa.
Butter J8o.
Bgge Presb. No. L case. 311.00: Ne. 1.
mmm, i.v, craa oaea,
Cheese quotations by Urlau A Co.:
Cheese Extra fancy douieatlo nIm
domestic Bwiaa. ioc; block Swiss, 32o; twin
cheese. 26c; triplets, 26c; dalslea, 26c;
young America, 27 c; blue-label brick, 3&o;
umwurnr, dvvi iinvr vorm wniie. Z9c; - ttOr
quefort, 06c
Beer cuts (Wholesale Pr cesl Rlhs N
1, 10e; No. 3, 17o; No. 3, lie. Loins:
No. 1, 23c; No. 3, 10c: to. I, 16c,
Chocks: No. 1, 13c; No. I, 11 c; No. I,
10 c. Rounds: No. 1, 10c; No. t, 16c;
e, iiTiu. riKiiM. no. i, 110I NO.
3, 10c; No. I, 9c.
Oysters "Klng uoie" northern, callona:
Standards, 91.00; selecta, 92.00; counta, 93.36.
m wn 9 rosen special : w nit ing. skinned,
llo lb.; whiting, round, lo lb.
HallbOt, OOaat frosen. lbc lb' salmon, fall-
irvsan, io.; aaimon, silver, froxen,
10o lb.; whltefleh, medium, 13c lb.; white
fish, large, 16c lb.: whltefish. iumbo. in ih
catfish, large, 14c lb.; catfish, small. 16c
lb.; black ood, loo lb.; pike, yellow, cpund.
tie Ibi ptke. yellow dressed. 14a ih nick.
ere), round, 9o lb.; tllefiab, for ateaks, 11c
lb.; herring, round, 7o per lb.; herring, pan
frosen, 0c lb.; sunflsh, 0o lb.; croppies, ec
tb ; trout 16c lb. o
Preah Fiah Catfish, lararb ne small, t
lb.; halibut, steamer, lOo lb., salmon. 16 o
ih ; trout, market: see trout. 'Oc lb.:: Span
lab mackerel, large and medium, 16c ib.j
blueflsh. medium, 10c lb.: black haaa. iapm
30c lb.; black base, order else, S4o lb.: black
baas, small. 17c lb.: rod snantier. l&n Ih
flounders, lSe lb.; codfish, eastern, 14a lb
Smoked Pish White chubs, bay flab. io-lb
basketa, llo lb.; kippered salmon, 10-lb.
baskets, ISo lb. finan 'addles, 16 and 90-lb
boxes, 14o W; kippered ood,lMb. boxea.
Fruit and vugetable anoutlona umiaht
by OillnOky Fruit Ca.: ;
rruite crangos: 324. .aoss. ism
360s,. 910a, 3.00 box; alt other sixes, 93.26
box;' extra fancy, special 26c box hivhne I
Lomona: fanny, 300s, 360s, $6.00 box; choice. I
jura, ses, se.ou oox. uraperrult, 36s, 93 60
box; 40a, 90s, 93.76 box; 64a, 04s, 00a, 94.00
box. O rapes: Malagas. 97-00010.00: Km.
pvrora, marast price, Banana, 40 1.
Apples Jonothans. fancv. Ol.EA h.
Jonothan, extra fancy, 1 2. 00 box; Orlmea
uoiaen. rancy, i.,t box; Arkansas Blacks,
extra -fancy, 93.60 box; Arkansaa Blacks,
iftncjr, t,.vu mxi ArKansas JHiacxs, choice,
1.00 box: Tork Imperials, 96.00 bbl.
Vegetable Potatoes. 92.00. Sweet nntatn..
94.30 bbl.; sweet potatoes hampers. 92.10
namp. iiery. lauuornta. 91.00 doa. Turnips,
carrots, parent pa, 3, Cabbace. In lb.
RuUbageee, 3e lb. Lettuce, head, era tea,
93.00 crate. . Cauliflower, 93,90 Orate. Cu
cumbers, 92.24 dot. Tomatoes, six baskets,
90.00 crate; tomatoea, baskets, 91.10 baaket
Oniona, red, 4o Uv; enloo. sianish. 12.26
Cranbeiiloe Bbbxi 310.00 khl i
93.29 box. ,
Cider Uotta. 94.39 kea: Hotta bfala. IT.SE
Oleomargarine Natural mine, .m ik
Premium, 34c; Challenge,-' 33c; Kersey,
svw, idiy, iic; Lincoln, 17 o White,
ir id. ; Hnownake, 32c.
Miscellaneous peanuts: No. 1 raw. lh..
0c; roasteed, lb., 4c; Jumbo,- raw, lb.,. 0c;
Jumbo, roasted, lb., 10c. Dromedary dates.
cane, 3.(0, piga, ease, oi.oo. No. 1 Eng.
lUb. walnuts, lb., 10 c.
Kansas city Oeaeral Markei.
City.- Jan: 14. WkMb-K. . ,
hard, Il.l0tyl.0li No. I red, Il.l8tl.l3
May, 11.11 i July. 1.46.
uorn no. 2 mixed, 064706; No. 1
hlte, OtHIHfltc: No. 1 yellow, llliieosc
May, 06e06o; July, 06e95c.
Oata No. 2 white, 47t67oi No. 1
mlsed, !4Uc.
Butter Creamery. 41c: Urals. 3IU: uii.
onds, 87o; packing, 20c.
e.ggs f irsts, II c.
Poultry Hens. 1614c: roosters. 12u.a
turkeys. 840. .
M. Loals General Market,
Bt. LOUIS, Jan. 15. Whsat No. 1 red.
e.wi no. nam, UH.1..:..
.840401.84; July. 11.47,
Corn No. 3, 18c; No. I whits, OSKc
OatNo. I, 50c; No. I white, nominal.
New York Money Market.
New York. Jan. 16. Prim. Mm-.n.n.
reper a eta per cent.
Sterling Exchange Sixty-day' bills.
, wimiierciai eixiy-aay OI1IS Ob OaiutB,
14,71: commercial sixty-day bills. 14.71 u ,
demand, 14.76; cables, 04.70 T-10,
silver Bar, 74c; Mexican dollars, 57c.
Bonds Oovernment. steady: r.ilm.H
Tim. Loans Easier: sixty dava lu'ai
per cent; ninety days, 3403 per cent; six
months. 3 93 per cent.
Call Money steady; highest, I per cent;
lowest, 1 per cent; ruling rate, 8 per cent:
last loan, 1 per cent: closlna bid. l u.
cent; offered at 1 per cent.
U. B. Is. reg.... 9901M. K. ft T. 1st 4s 77
do coupon.... 09 Mo. Pac. con. Oa.104 ,
V. S. 8a reg.. .101 Mont. Power 6s. .looul
do coupon. ...101 N. r. Cen. db. 0sll2
U. i 4s. rog..ll0 N. T, City 4..110
do coupon.... 110 M. K. ft T. st 4s 77
AmT.ftT. o. 4lsl04 N T V M au . Z,!!
Anglo-French ... 03No. Pacific 4s... 0044
ten. gen. 4s.... osNo. Paclflo Is... 0814
. A O. 4 83Ora. R T. r.r a. iS
Beth. St. ref. OelOl Pen T a T a. m J
Central Pao. 1st. 03 Penn. con. 4.s.l07
S- .- i"-.4 "Penn. gen. 4s..l03
C. B. A O. 1L 4s. 0fUR.HtnV
C.. M. A St Po. 6.100 So. Paclflo cr. Os lo.
C.. R. I. A P. r. 4s 78So. P.CHI0 ref. 4s 04
S'2- J I' '. R.llway 5a. .102
D A R. O. con. la 84Unlen Pacific 4s. 00
Krl gen. 4. 73 do cv. 4a 05
ten. Kiertno 6,100 u. 8. Rubber 6a. 104
Of. No. 1st 4al01U. 8. Steel 5....10T
sinwest. union 4a 08
K. C. So. ref. Kb 00 rtam Ar n .... ,mu
L. A N. un. 4... 97 'Bid.
ight and Half Million
Pounds Sugar for Year
Grand Island. Neb.. Ian. IS. fSr,.
cial Telegram.) The manufacturing
campaign of the American Beet Sugar
company has closed after ar un 'of a
hundred and one days. A total of 8,
500,000 pounds of sugar was pro
duced. Other features of this vear'g rrrnrrl
were 'the granting of a bonus of $40
for each who worked the entire cam
paign with pro rata bonuses for men
who were employed only a few days
less, the voluntary payment of SO"
ecnta per ton extra for beets, even
though delivery was provided by con
tract and the increase of the contract
price for beet of $1 per ton in 1917
rer that.ot Wlo.
During the comintT summer months
the work of (remodeling, only partly
one during will be completed.!
Prirti Tend Moderately Up
ward, lint Trading; I
Xew Tork, Jan. 16. Price, tended mod
erately upward today, but tradlnc was nar
row and the turnover, about 400,000 shares,
was so small as to convey no actual signi
ficance. Oalns were mostly limited to
erstwhll, favorites, except rails which were
auu at all times, the only leatur in that
division been, a 414 point advanc, in Lon,
Island",' usually one of -th most Inactive
tevues In the entire Hat. -United
Statea Steel, which stain furnished
its customary lar,e precentsge to- the day's
operation, rose 1 points but. .closed at a
net gain of V of a point.. Other industrials.
equipments and munitions moved within cir
cumscribed limits except harvester corpor
ation (the foreign company), which made a
belated advance of 4 V, points.
An extreme recovery of zw, points rrom
Haturday's setback was recovered by United
states Rubber on a more definite ex
planation of the company's dividend policy,
in connection with the new bond Issue, but
Central Leather was heavy with Gulf States
steel, oils, tieneral alotors and Mackay
Metals as a group were firm to strong.
being sustained by higher quotations for
refined copper, with concurrent advances
such bl-producte as lead and spelter.
Some large domestic orders for copper, run
ning Into the second quarter of the year,
were said to be under negotiation. De
velopments over the week-end, especially
the very favorable bank statement which
caused a shading In time accommodations,
were among the factors making for more
cheerful sieculatlve sentiments. The un
certainties of the International situation
were indicated by a slight easing of sterling
and heaviness In rates on Berlin and Vienna,
neither, however, approaching recent low
western railway terminals reported larger
tonnage in consequence of the lifting of em,
bargoes and an Increase in available equip,
Firmneas In International Issues con-
trlbuted to the better tone of the bond mar
ket. Total sales, par value, 00,170,000.
united States bonds were unchanged
Number of sale, and quotations on lead
ing stocks were:
Sales. High. Low. Close.
Am. Beet Sugar... 400 13 92 S 12 'it
American Can 1.200 45 44 46
Am. Car t Foundry 1,100 6 66 66'4
Am. Locomotive... 1,000 1014 76 76
Am. Smelt. A Rer. 17,000 107 100 106
Am. Sugar Reflnlnf
am. tel. et ici.
Am. Z.. L. 8...
000 123
700 35
13,300 84
000 104
1,700 60
Anaconda Copper.
Atcnison ,
Bald. Locomotive.
Baltimore A Ohio
H. B. Conner...
I- 46
' 26
Cal. Petroleum...
Canadian Pacific.
Central Leather. .
28,100, 00
Chesapeake A Ohio
u m. Bt. raul. .
C. R. I. ft P. By.
Chlno Copper
Colo, Fuel eV Iron.
Corn Products Ref.
Crucible Steel
msttllerr Bees...,
General Electrie...
Clt. Northern pfd..
Ot. No. Ore ctfs..
00 108 V. 108 168
!O0 110 . 110 110
400 36
Dk 3614
Illlnos Central...'.
105 106
Inter. Con. Corp. . .
10 16
5504 68
inepiratton uopper.
Inter. Harvester. . .
,400 08
600 120
120 120
Int. M. M, pfd. ctfs.
Kennecott Conner. .
46 46
Louisville A Nash..
Hex. Petroleum. ....
Miami Copper
M., K. A T., pfd...
Missouri Pacific...
1.200 104 103 103
1,100 41 40 40
700 20 II 20
Montana Power.... ...
National Lead
New York Central. ' l;30 101, 101
40 '
x., jv n. r n., - ,.uo .7 !.
r.evaoa iODDer. . . .
2,600 34 22
700 134- ,J4t
Norfolk ft Western.
Northern Pacific, ..
racine Mali,...,,.
200 .n
Pac fie Tel. ft Tel.
Pennsylvania .....
Ray Con. Copper.
. 12,300 100
99 100
Rro. Iron A Steel
11 u
26 20
6, 07
Shattuck Ariz. Cop.
Southern Pacific.
Southern Railway.,
NtuaoeaKer i;o
Texas Company....
Union Pacific
Union Pacific pfd . .
U. 8. lnd. Alcohol.
V. S. Steel
11. 8. Steel pfd....
Utah Copper
Wabash pfd. "B' .
Western Union ... .
3,100 105 104 104
1,800 232 230 231
2,200 144 143 143
.... ... 84
... 121
19,400 112 111 111
500 120 110 126
1,700 106 104 104
200 9&tl ' 9644 BS4&
Westtnghouse Elee,
3.100 (3 62 63
Total swlgj for tha day. 40l.t)00 ohmres,
Title to Tract of
Timber in Black
Hills in Dispute
Rapid City, S. D., Jan. IS. (Spe
cial.) Steps are being taken by the
federal government to' prevent the
Warren-JLamb Lumber company of
this city taking possession of a large
amount of timber land which it pur
chased a short time ago from the
state of South Dakota, the action of
the government being based upon
claims that the title to the land never
passed from the government to the
state. .. .
According to the information avail
able, about six years ago arrange
ments were made between the govern
ment and this state whereby the tim
ber land in question was to be trans-,
ferred to the state in exchange for
other land belonging to the state.
The transfer from the state to the
government was duly made and it is
understood that the land lias since
been thrown open to entry.
ror some reason the timber land
was not transferred to the state, but
evidently this was overlooked by the
state authorities, lor a short time ago
the timber on the land was advertised
for sale by the commissioner of school
and pulic lands and at the time of the
sale was purchased by the Warren
Lamb company.
The government now steps in 'and
claims, the transfer of the land to the
state never having been made, the
sale is void and that no title to the
same was acquired by the Warren-
Lamb company by reason of the same.
C. C Warren, president of the com
pany, and Judge Levi MeGee are now
in Washington and will interview the
secretary of the interior in an effort
to make the best ot the matter they
Carl Bicknell Killed
In Motor Car Upset
A It:- XT-L T IE C I
p. sttuaiiic, iicu., jan, ij. vopeciat
Telegram.) Carl Bicknell, aged 20,
son of J. V. Bicknell, was fatally in
jured and William Rice, son of J. E.
Rice, slightly injured in an' automo
bile accident about two miles north of
Alliance, last night.
The car struck a bad piece of road.
became unmanageable upset and
pinioned Doth men beneath until re
leased by men in another car follow
ing. The men were returning from
South Dakota, where they had been
looking after cattle. ' ' ' '
- - - , . j
Real Estate Dealt at Harvard.
Harvard, Neb., Jan. IS. (Special.)
A number of real estate transfers
have been taken place. in this vicinity.
H. E. Beldon sold his well improved
eighty acres, in the town of Harvard,
four miles from the city, for $140 per
Vre. A quarter section three miles
south of town was sold t referee
sale last Wednesday, at $122 per acre.
This is all broken out, but there are
no improvements. A quarter section
in Union precinct Hamilton county
nine miles north of this city, was sold
123 123
36 36
82 84
104 104
50 66
83 83
40 40
24 26
158 150
88 89
03 08
11 ' 00
54 64
46 46
21 11
63 02
20 26
3244 3244
last week lor fiy,uuu taso.
Republican Valley Editors
Talk Shop With Big Four
Hastings, Neb, Jan. IS. (Special
Telegram.) The Republican Valley
Editorial association and the Big Four
Editorial- Editorial association of Clay
county, met in joint semi-annual ses
siontoday. I.
President J. N. Clarke of the Cham
ber of Commerce welcomed the
with the
A, ' a a TvstltsBtarBra 141 Alii. iiaVsi. I
By EDWARD B. HO..TON, on Our
Mammoth Orchestral Organ
Dl1y Mit.. 2:15: Wight. 8:15. Thl WMk:
sophie nirKPB Ibrenda fowler.
Altiindir Kl Alic Lyndon Doll A Co., Fnnk
.V-" " 1 '' w wRiy. rriBw: uaMtry,
'e ; Boat SMtt (nuat Saturdaw SuhiIbu.. Jh-
Nlghta, I0o. 2fte, 50o and 75c
J-ir--ir Even'gs, 15-25-50-75c1
Glob. Trotters Heater. EMI. swarti .nd s .real cm i? u
eacUie travelarmeo. Hickman, Klale Uream, Irr
,n. 'Hr' Yi'tfme Wat., lulls Clifford, Club Trio
sd Klaubls Betutr Kborua Tun for .11 : .11 for fun.
(Fle.1 Pwf.rsi.RM Friday Nltsl.
t Ladles' Dial. M.1U1.. Ev.ry Week Day.
Tonight . ' n A W ik Matinae
Tomorrow D W I If Tomorrow
The Musical Comedy
"Bringing Up Father"
From the Famous Cartoon..
Mat., lSe and 25c; Night,, 25cTo 75c
Tuesday and Wednesday
A Thrilling and Romantic Tale.
Bee Want Ads
Produce Results
tST In a Rural Satire- 4i
' Rothrack 41 McCrsde; Gladys Cor- i I,
i riell; Lulu Ceata V Crackerjaeas. J
y L Bryant Washburn and Nell Craig '
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how good advertising maybe
in other respects, it must be
run frequently and constant
ly to be really successful.
guests at a luttfhcon and a response
was given by A. Tipton of Campbell.
Various phases of the publishing
business were discussed this afternoon
and tonight (he editors held a ban
quet. Bank flearioge.
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"Great Expectations"
The Best Dressed and Best Known
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Mrs. Vernon Castle
The Serial Supreme.
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