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If Back Hurts
Begin on Salts
Flush the Kidneys at once when
Backachy or Bladder bothers
Meat forms uric acid.
Xo man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by
flushing the kidneys occasionally, says
a well-known authority. Meat forms
uric acid, which clogs the kidney
pores so they sluggishly filter or
strain only part of the waste and
poisons from the brood, then you get
sick. Nearly all rheumatism, head
aches, liver trouble, nervousness, con
stipation, dizziness, sleeplessness,
bladder disorders come from sluggish
The moment you feel a dull ache
in the kidneys or your back hurts, or
if the urine is cloudy, offensive, full
of sediment, irregular of passage or
attended by a sensation of scalding,
get about four ounces of Jad Sajls
from any reliable pharmacy and take
a tablespoonful in a glass of water
before breakfast for a few days and
your kidneys will then act fine. This
famous salts is niade from the acid
of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lithia, and has been used for
generations to flush clogged kidneys
and stimulate them to activity, also to
neutralize the acids in urine so it no
longer causes irritation, thus ending
bladder disorders.
v lad Salts is inexpensive and can
not injure: makes a delightful effer
vescent lithia-water drink which all
regular meat eaters should take now
and then to keep the kidneys clean
and the blood pure, thereby avoiding
serious kidney complications. Adv.
Quickly relieved by Cuticura even
.vhen all else seems to fail. The
Soap cleanses and purifies, the
Ointment soothes and heals.
Sample Each Free by Mall
With JR-p. bonk on the akin. AMre poet -card:
"Cuticura, Dept. 33F, Boitnn." Bold avorywhere.
I'm simply covered with
jruption-What can I do?
" I can't rest, I can't sleep, and most
I all, I hardly dare go out, for when it
tarts itching, I simply have to scratch,
matter where I am."
"Don't worry a bit-just get a cake
f Resinol Soap and a jar of Resinol
Ointment. .Use them according to di
rections and I am sure you will get
prompt relief, and that your skin will
:c alt right in a few days."
Resinol Soap and Ointment sold by all' druggists.
for that skin trouble 1
It Gets to That Sore Spot
Lite Magic
A-a-hl That's delicious relief for
.hose sore muscles, those stiff joints,
that lame back.
Musterole is a clean, white ointment,
made with the oil of mustard and
other home simples.
It does the work of the old
fashioned mustard plaster, minus the
plaster and minus the blister!
You simply rub Musterole on the
" pot where the pain is rub it on
briskly and usually the pain is gone.
No muss, no bother. Just comfort
;ig, soothing relief first a gentle
"low, then a delightful sense of cool
ness. And best of all, no blisters like
the old-fashioned mustard plaster used
;o make.
Use Musterole for sore throat, bron
.'litis, tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck,
asthma, neuralgia, headache, conges
Ton, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago,
pains and aches of the back or joints,
sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chil
I lains, frosted feet and colds of the
'host (it often prevents pneumonia).
Brief City News
Flat in am Wedding1 Rlnr Ed holm.
H fUmt Print It New Beacon TrM.
Bmt Ml far tha Ha-CtktrnVat I no.
Dr. W, K. Toot, now at 1011 Ftrat Nat'L
II. H. Cfctibonie has opened law of
fices at 512-13 Faxton block.
Dr. J. P. Slater, Dentist, now at 1121
First Nat. Bank. New phono Tyler 736.
Meat Choice S(pr Shoulder Roast
or Steak, per In., 1240. Home-Made
Hamburger or Sausage, two lbs. for
2-"ip. Home-Made Weinies or Frank
furters, per lb., 15i:. At the Wash
ington Market.
Mandeixm Camp Meets General
Charles F. Manderson camp No. 1,
Sons of Veterans, will hold its regu
lar meeting in the court house Thurs
day night at 8 o'clock. Secretary
Ritcher urges all members to attend.
n -Gold Ring Company The Nu
Gold King company, manufacturers,
importers and wholesalers of finger
rings, has tiled articles of incorpora
tion with tho county clerk. The capi
tal is $2ii,000. Jacob B. Kastman and
Anna 8. Kastman are the incorpora
tors. Now Investment Company Capital
ized at $25,000, the South Omaha In
vestment company, which will do a
general real estate and loan business,
has filed articles of incorporation with
the county clerk. Henry Ehrman,
William Nelson and Albert Wcgner arc
the incorporators.
Polish Club Klecttf Michael Kala
maja was re-elected president of the
Polish Citizens' club at a meeting held
Tuesday evening at Twenty-fourth and
Bancroft streets. Other officers elect
ed were: John Rakowski, vice presi
dent; Andrew Sobozyk, secretary, and
J. B. Koxal, treasurer.
1'lnc Fireplace Goods Sunderland.
County Attorney
Orders Probe of
Mrs. Talley's Death
In order to determine what caused
the death of Mrs. J. A. L. Talley,
3110 Hamilton street, who died sud
denly in the Brandeis building Tues
day noon, County Attorney Magney
has ordered a post mortem examina
tion of the body.
Mis. Talley fell in i faint in the
Brandeis store and was removed to
the office of Dr. Medders, who says
that when she was brought into his
office her pulse was near norma! but
that despite this she died four min
utes later.
He said death was not due to heart
disease and could have been caused
by poison or drugs. It was on this
statement that the county attorney
ordered a post mortem examination.
Mrs. Talley was 50 years of age.
Her husband, who is a salesman, was
out in the state at the time of his
wife's death but he hurried to Omaha.
The body is at the N. P. Swanson un
dertaking establishment.
Officers of Independent
Elevator Are Elected
J. F. Coykendall, secretary of the
Great Western railroad, came over
from Chicago to attend the annual
meeting of the Independent Eleva
tor company of this city. At the
meeting. S. M. Fellon, president of
the Great Western, was elected presi
dent of the elevator company; G. W.
Wattles, Luther Drake, K. T. Hamil
ton and E. E. Bruce, all of Omaha,
directors. At the meeting of di
rectors, Mr. Coykendall was re-elected
secretary and treasurer. ,
The report of the secretary shows
that the Independent Elevator com
pany did the best business in its his
tory. Sent to Jail for Carrying
Concealed Weapons
When Ecj Prend, Harry Curtis and
Tom Ryan, charged with carrying
concealed weapons, were arraigned
before Judge Sears of the criminal
court, the judge looked the trio over
carefully and then entered the fol
lowing stiff sentences on the docket:
$200 each and costs, or ninety days
in the county jail. The prisoners
hinted that his honor might as well
said "$200,000,000 each and costs" as
far as their chances of paying the
lines were concerned. They will there
fore be County Jailer Clayton's guests
for the next three months.
Clifton Hill People
Enjoy Dance and Social
More than 300 persons attended the
successful meeting of the Clifton Hill
community center Tuesday evening,
which was held at the Nebraska
School for the Deaf. Following a
literary and musical program, the
meeting concluded with a dance.
Next Tuesday the Clifton Hill
school will have charge of the pro
gram. On January 23 the "Old Dis
trict School" will be presented.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it. 25c at all druggists..
Union Pacific Bridge
Opens Second Track
At 12:01 noon the new Union Pa
cific bridge spanning the Missouri
river was entirely completed and the
second track was opened for tralfic.
A month ago work on the new
bridge was sufficiently finished to per
mit its use for travel over one track.
But it was not until today that work
on the approaches was accomplished
so that both tracks could be em
ployed in the movement of trains.
Petersen & Pegau Baking
Co. Name of New Bakery
The U. P. Steam Baking company
has changed its name to the Petersen
& Pegau Baking company and in
creased its capital to $200,000, accord
ing to amended articles of incorpora
tion filed with the county clerk. Peter
F. Petersen and LcKoy M. Pegau are
the members of the firm.
Three Wives Are Widowed
By Divorce Decrees
The following decrees have been
granted in divorce court:
Elizabeth Andrews from Walter
Maria Tagg from Harold E. Tagg.
Gussie Seibel from Philip h'eibel.
Dr. A, If. Good of Pitkin. '.In., Is viit
InR h1n ulster, Mrs. W. B. Whithorn. Tha
doctor is on hit way to Knirlaml to rv
In a military htmpllal undtir tho Drill.,
rr. King' New Life FUU.
lingular TiowM movement in essential to
your health. Tak? lr. King's New !Jf
Pills nnd hv n daily inovrmcnt. t&c. All
drtirvrtbls . AilvTttrn.'iiK-nt.
Ads in The Bee of Forty Years
Ago Show of What the Rail
roads Boasted Then.
By A. R. GROH.
"Through to Chicago without
change of cars." says an advertise
ment of the Chicago, Burlington &
Quincy railroad in The Bee of one
day in January,-187, forty years ago.
"Celebrated Westinghouse Air
Brakes on our express trains," cries
an advertisement of the Chicago,
Kock Island & Pacific railroad in the
same paper.
"Only direct route, being the short
est and first completed, between
Omaha and Chicago," says the adver
tisement of the Chicago & North
western railway, and adds the further
inducement that its "trains are
equipped with Miller's Safety Plat
form and Coupler."
They refrain from stating their
running time between Omaha and
Chicago. But here is an ad of the
St. Paul & Sioux City and Sioux
City & Pacific railroads which proud
ly announces that the run from
Omaha to St. Paul is made in eight
een hours, "ten hours ahead of any
other road." The schedule today from
Omaha to St. Paul is about eleven
Fast Train Then.
Something of the speed of travel
in those days is shown by an adver
tisement of the Pennsylvania lines in
The Bee giving the schedule from
Chicago to New York. This road's
"crack" train left Chicago at 9 a. m.
and was due in New York at 7:35 p.
m. the next day, thirty-five hours
and thirty-live minutes. The fastest
time today is twenty hours.
There were seven trains coming in
Sage Tea Turns
Gray Hair Dark
It's Grandmother's recipe to bring
color, lustre and youthfulness to
hair when faded, streaked or gray.
That beautiful, even shade of dark,
glossy hair can only he had by brew
ing a mixture of Sage Tea and Sul
phur. Your hair is your charm. It
makes or mars the face. When it
fades, turns gray or streaked, just an
application or two of Sage and Sul
phur enhances its appearance a hun
dredfold. Don't bother to prepare the mix
ture; you can get this famous old
recipe improved by the addition of
other ingredients for 50 cents a large
bottle, all ready for use. It is called
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound.
This can always be depended upon
to bring back the natural color and
lustre of your hair.
Everybody uses "Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Compound now because it
darkens so naturally and evenly that
nobody can tell it has been applied.
You simply dampen a sponge or soft
brush with it and draw this through
the hair, taking one small strand at
a time; by morning the gray hair has
disappeared, and after another appli
cation it becomes beautifully dark and
appears glossy and lustrous. This
ready-to-use preparation is a delight
ful toilet requisite for those who de
sire dark hair and a youthful appear
ance. It is not intended for the cure,
mitigation or prevention of disease.
This Druggist's Customers
Satisfied With,
Kidney Medicine
I have been selling Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root ever since it was intro
duced in this City and I can truth
fully say that it has produced noth
ing but perfectly satisfied customers
ever since 1 have handed it over my
counters. All of my patrons say it
is a remedy of merit in kidney, liver
and bladder trouble, and I believe it
must be a fine remedy else my cus
tomers would not all claim that they
were benefitted.
Vcrv truly vours.
L. J. HAINES. Druggist.
Dec. 18th. 1915. Galena. Kan.-as.
Mixed ..
Freight .
:.10 p. m.
5:15 p. m
11:15 a. m
and seven going out of Omaha daily
in 1877. Today there are seventy,
seven coming in and seventy
six going out daily. This was the
complete I'nion Pacific schedule:
Leave. Arrive.
IMS p. m.. .145 p. m.
4:4." p. m,
5:00 a. m.
8:.?0 a. m
Harry P. Deuel's name was signed
to the advertisement of the "C, K.
I. & P." and "C. B. & O." adver
tisements as Omaha ticket agent. J.
O. Phillippi was general Omaha
agent for the latter road.
Small Roads Absorbed.
Several other roads set forth jheir
advantages in the advertisements,
little roads that were later absorbed
by the growing systems.
The Sidney Short Line stated that
it was the shortest line to the Black
Hills, and that it used a new sixty-one-span
truss bridge across' the
Platte river.
And here is the ad of the Cen
tral Railroad of Iowa. What did the
Central Railroad of Iowa have to of
fer the traveling public? Well, sir. it
had "Track Built of Steel Rails," as
the advertisement says.
And while we are talking about
the traveling public, observe the lux
ury which Omaha offered in the way
of hotels. Here is the advertisement I
of the "Grand Central Hotel, Largest
and Best Hotel between Chicago and
San Francisco. Opened new, Septem
ber 30, 1873. George Thrall. Prop."
Gen. Joseph R. Webster
Dies at Washington, D. C.
General Joseph R. Webster, former
ly of Lincoln, died Tuesday at Wash
ington. D. C. following an attack of
apoplexy and subsequent heart fail
ure. He was ?7 years old.
General Webster earned his military
title in the civil war. He was a
member of the Loyal Legion of Oma
ha. He was also an attorney general
for Nebraska in the early davs and
held the chair of equity in the law
school at the I'nivrrsity of Nebras
ka. For the last seventeen years he
has been in the office of Ihe solici
tor of the Department of Interior.
General Webster is survived by his
wife and one daughter. Funeral serv
ices will be held in Lincoln Saturday.
Woodrough Holds Short Court
Session at Grand Island
Federal Judge Woodrough returned
from Grand Island, where he held a
short session of tho January court. No
cases will be tried in the federal court
here until next week.
Five Years Old Tomorrow, (Jan. II):
Name. School.
Johnson, Lucille St. Agnes
l'avlik, Joseph Assumption
Six Years Old Tomorrow:
Hupner, Annie Bancroft
Kotlik. Agnes. .Edward Roscwater
Mrrtens, Herman Saunders
Williams, Henry, jr Si. Patrick
Zupan, Joe West Side
Seven Years Old Tomorrow:
F.rickson, Carl Mason
Fritscher, Robert Kelloni
Fuller, DeWitt Lincoln
Vicrling, !'. Robert Columbian
Eight Years Old Tomorrow:
II r bek, Amelia J u n g in a n n
Kopeckv, Agnes St. Mary's
Yick, Gerald Saratoga
Nine Years Old Tomorrow:
Besla, John Brown Park
Polivka. Helen. F.dward Roscwater
Persistent Advertising Is the
Road lo Success.
Watch Your
Sneeze! It may be the
forerunner of bronchitis or
a bad cold. It is nature's
warning that your body is
in a receptive condition for
germs. The way to fortify
yourself against cold is to
increase warmth and vital
ity by eating Shredded
Wheat, a food that builds
healthy muscle and red
blood. For breakfast with
milk or cream, or any meal
with fresh fruits.
Made at Niagara Falls, N. Y
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer Co.,
Bingham ton, N. Y.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do
For You.
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmc,r & Co.,
Binghamton. N. Y.. for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about the kidneys
and bladder. When writing, be sure
and mention the Omaha Daily Bee.
Regular fifty-cent and one-dollar size
bottles for sale at all drug stores.
r,OJ,I MBDAL Haarkm Oil Caput. lea will
hrlnfr now life anl quirk ly relievo thai
slnppofj-un concealed filing. They will
t borough ly rlfanne an J wash out th kld
rwys 'd bladder and gently furry off the
111 effffts of nxc-aftes of all kinds. The hJ
InR, noothtnfT oil woaka right into the walla
ami lining of tho kidneys and expel the
poisons tn your system. Keep yonr kidneys
in Rood nhape by daily use of Gol.D
MKIMIj Haarlem Oil Capsules and you will
have good health. Go to your at
once and secure a package, of this tlrtae
honored, world-wld remedy. H la not a
'patent medicine." Tt la passed upon hy
(J. H Onvernment ehemlala nd declared
pure before romln Into this eountry. GOLD
MKHAIj If th pure, original Haarlem Oil,
imported direct from the anrtent labora
tories in Holland, where It in the National
Houachold Kemedy of the aturdy Imtch.
iMok for the name, OOI.D MBDAL, on
every box. Accept no nubntttute Tour
druggist will gladly refund your money If
not aa represented Advertlaemant.
I wi badly rupiured whlla lifting a trank
several jeara ago. Doctora said my only
hope, of cure was an operation. Truasea did
me no good. Finally I got hold of aome
thtng that quickly and completely cured
me. Toftrn have passed and tho rupture
has never returned, although I am doing
hard work aa a carpenter. There wai no
operation, no lost time, no trouble. I have
nothing to sell, but will give full Informa
tion about how you may find a romplete
ure without operation. If you write to me.
Kugeno M. I'utien, Carpenter, 19C, Marrel
tun Avenue. Manaaquari, N. J. Better cut
out this notice and show it tn any others
who are ruptured you may aave a life or
Hi least atop the misery of rupture and the
wurry and danger of an operation. Adv.
Burgess-Nash Company
Wednesday, January 10, 1917.
Phone D. 137.
Announcing for Thursday a Clearaway of Winter
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats
rnHIS sale, r-nminir at a time just aa the old hat is Retting
J. have several fresh, smart hats to finish the season with,
ond Floor Section is included in this sale. Two lota
Choice of Any
Trimmed Winter Hat
"shabbv." enables the thrift-wise women of Omaha to
Every trimmed and untrimmed winter nat in our oec-
Choice of Any
Untrimmed Winter Hat
Let these words be sufficient to the wise Be here at 8:30 Thursday morning.
Burgti-Nasri Co.-Second Floor
This Mid -Winter Sale of
"Mina Taylor" House Dresses
Is a Timely Offering of Interest to Every Woman
rpHE first complete and thorough showing of authoritative styles for spring and AJS
I f- 1 qi 7 w iiiimtratn hut W of the many mode s nc uded. examples only of tho very large and comprenen-
. . . ; , . , i. i i: v v
Dive Variety 1IUIII nilltll "U lll.J manv jwm w.v... v....
V 1 A. X VmLlt
This Dress
Made of Renfrew
gingham in sport stripe.
Colors, preen, blue, pink.
Plain, full waist with
fastening on left side of
front with large pearl
buttons. Three - quarter
sleeves. Large organdy
collar and turn-back cuffs
of white organdy. Full
skirt. Lower part from
knee down of reversed
stripe. Broad, loose belt.
This Dress
Made of Pacific cam
bric in pink, lavender,
gray, and blue; regular
sizes, 34 to 44. Full waist
and skirt, joined with elas
tic at waist line. Three
quarter sleeves, collar and
cuffs made of plain white
cambric. Hemstitched in
color to match material.
Patch pocket also trim
med in white. Loose belt.
Regular sizes, 34 to 44.
This Dress
Made of American cambric
in pink, blue, and gray; two
tucks on each side of waist
to form fullness back of
waist stitched on shoulder
and a pointed tab is left to
form yoke effect; sleeves,
bias cuff to match fancy
bias collar and set on belt.
Trimmed with 1-inch band
of plain material; large pearl
buttons arc used as trimming
and fastners; sizes regular,
,'14 to 44.
Burgeas-Nash Co. Second Floor.
This Dress
Made of stout per
cale in light colors
only. Fancy cut waist,
yoke, effect over
shoulder, two points
where waist fastens
down front. Round
collar with deep
points in front Loose belt
and length sleeves;
regular, 34 to 44; stouts,
41 to 47.
This Dress
Made of Scout percale,
fancy cut waist, yoke ef
fect over shoulder, two
points where waist fast
ens down front. Round
collar with deep points in
front, sleeves with
turn-back cuffs. Plain
skirt, fancy long-pointed
pocket trimmed with two-
minted tabs to match col
ar and front of waist;
regular sizes, 34 to 44.
Free Lessons in Knitting and Crocheting
Mrs. Brown, a skillful teacher, will be in charge
of a demonstration here Thursday of
and her services are free and at your command to help
you learn any of the new stitches; to teach you how to
make any article.
A special showing of articles made from 1-leishcr yarns will
be on view in the Art Embroidery Section.
You are invited to come and consult with Mrs. Brown.
Bur(c.-N.fa Co. Third Floor
An Interesting Clearaway of
Dancing or Party Slippers
WELL-DRESSED women everywhere look well to the selecting
of their party or dancing slippers. This clearaway Thurs
day includes all this season's lasts and patterns at an unusual
price reduction
At $3.25
Choice of black kid beaded strap slippers or black and white
satin slippers.
At $3.95
Black kid, beaded vamp, Louis heel; black kid, opera beaded
vamp; patent kid with ornament; bronze kid with six-bar strap.
At $3.65
All the odd pairs and short lines of evening slippers, reduced
about half price.
At $5.00
An assortment of gold and silver cloth slippers, very effective
for evening wear. Co. Second Floor
Our Mid -Winter Sale of
Goes Merrily On
WITH scores of women buying every day who are an
ticipating their season's supply stocks are replen
ished with fresh, new merchandise tables heaped with
dainty undergarments all at mid-winter sale prices. As
an ldeatpr Thursday
Envelope Chemise, $2.50
Oepe de chine envelope chemise, two
rows of lace, ribbon straps, in the mid
winter sale, Thursday, at $2.50.
Envelope Chemise, at $3.50
Jap satin envelope chemise, fine lace
trimmings, ribbon strap, $3.50.
Crepe de Chine Envelopes
$3.98 to $7.98
Crepe de chine envelopes, fine trim-,
mines, some hand-embroidery designs in
front, at just about half regular values;
price range, $3.98, $5.98 and $7.98.
Gowns at 50c
GOWNS of nainsook, trimmed
with rows of lace insertion,
lace edge and ribbon CA
beading OlC
Gowns, at 75c
Several very pretty styles of
nainsook or muslin, slip-over,
empire, hiirh or low neck styles,
daintily trimmed. At least !
twelve styles.
Bnrc-NBh Co.-
Corset Covers at 25c
OF nainsook, loose fitting
style, with rows of lace in
sertion and lace edge. Several
very attractive styles ftp
and values dSOC
Corset Covers, 50c
Nainsook, daintily trimmed
with lace insertions and edges,
special values.
. Second Floor