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"The Pied Piper"
By Nell Brinkley
Copyright, If 17, International News Service
By MELLIFICIA, January 4, 1917.
Goings and comings during the hol
iday season have brought to light
all sorts of queer experiences. One
of the best jokes was told at a recent
wedding. An out-of-town man came
to Omaha to attend the Phi Lambda
Epsilon dance, given at the Black
Ulane last Friday evening. When he
arrived in the city he immediately
bethought himself of a young woman,
a former acquaintance, whom he
wished to accompany hisji to the
party. Accordingly he called the
young woman's home and made his
So far, so good. Soon, however,
the young woman began to reflect.
Who was this young man; did she
know him? She knew a man of his
name; it was not an unusual one. Then
she questioned her young brother,
and from his description of the man
in question she decided that a sad
mistake had been made, but how
could she rectify it? She had no idea
of the young man's whereabouts; she
could not reach him by Jiote or by
telephone; io fact, she couldn't do
anything but wait.
When the hour of the dance came,
the young man appeared and the
whole mystery was unraveled. The
out-of-town man had known her sis
ter, now married; had telephoned to
ask this sister to go with him to the
dance, had talked to the unmarried
maid, thinking that she was her sister,
1 and finally was nonntiissed In find
that she was not. , But as all good i
tones snouia end, tney went to the
dancing party and had a perfectly
grand and glorious time.
That story led a staid married man !
to tell of how once when he was
young, his younger brother got into
a mixup and was scheduled to take
two young women to a party. Elder
brother said, "I'll take one of the
girls," for he thought he knew her.
But when he called for Fair One No.
II, much to his surprise, he had never
seen her before. Fortunately, he
looked enough like his younger
brother to pass himself off as such.
The charm couldn't work very long,
of course, and so before he arrived
at , the party he had to make his ex
planations. He succeeded in convinc
ing his companion that he had tele
phoned for her in the first place, with
the happy result that they were de
voted friends for a long time after-
wards. . ...
Now these stories may gain a little'l
ipjcc 11 two names are added to them
F4r them in their places and mail
your reply, care of the puzzle editor;
ohyi no,. don't bother, the names are
Rogers and Clarke. ,.: .,.
Lap Year Dance.
The Prairie Park club gave a icap
ear dance Saturday evening. The
club rooms were , beautifully deco
rated by Messes. Haynes and Nelson,
i he following were present:
B. . Kent.
I.oula Nelaon.
1. H. Clarlmon,
A. H. Olmaleed, .
H. A. Tolanri.
: W. V. Kaynehle.
U. L. Mlrker,
I. . B. Toal, , '
' B. O. Clay. '
R. It. Lawln, 1
Uuy H. Purneag,
C. A. Roblnaon, .
A. O. Rorhoford.
W. W. Kerr,
Dr. J. K. Roll.
A. A. Wodrmoyar,
C. c. Haynoa
Ada Watt,
Kllaabrlh Roaa,
Francoa Roaa.
Myrtle Tfrotk. '
FaiiBle Watt.
O. H, Khoam.
A. I.wKe.
Frefd fluncler.
( harlea Neflf,
J. A, Abbotts '
T R MartCenile.
.K. A. Mlllor.
R. H Hrywood,
C A. Strand.
3. B. Bene.
Tl. J. Scanncll.
IT, J. c. Hookup,
W. N. Nlrhnla.
John C. Tarbot
of Duluth, Minn.;
Mrrcedee Abbott.
Klhcl B. Weldner. '
Ovhella, Adair.
m Hathermgion,
H. Harf la -
of Lincoln, Neb,;
Tn. C. H. Roaa, :
Original Cooking Club.
Mrs. Ward M. Burgess entertained
seven members of the Original Cook
ing, club at luncheon at her home
today.' Other club members were un
able to be present.
Fiance Dangerously 111.
Hiss Helen Hayden, daughter of
M., and Mrs. William Hayden of
Birmingham, Ala., formerly of Oma
ha, who with her sister, Miss Clara,
isjvisiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs, Thomas Flynn, received word
the morning of the dangerous illness
of. her fiance, Mr. I. B. Jones of
Washington, D. C. Miss Helen Hay
den will leave this evening for the
east, but Miss Clara Hayden will con
tinue her visit in Omaha until fur
ther word is received.
Jfrs. Flynn entertained the young
pejjple at luncheon at her home to
day, when about thirty young women
wejre guests. Uther plans for the
entertainment of the visitors have i
been indefinitely postponed. '
Luncheon for Mrs. Coutant.
One of the largest affairs of the
day was. Mrs. George Haverstick's
luncheon at the Blarkstone compli
mentary to her guest, Mrs. C. K. Cou
tant of Chicago. The decorations
weie baskets of Killarney roses. After
luncheon auction bridge was played
in "the parlors of the hotel. Covers
weie laid for the tallowing- eucsts
Jaittee Chadwlck,
MarV Crelrh.
F. FltHorald.
A. If. Fuller.
L. jL Garner,
L. C, Olbeon.
VT. JO. Goodrich.
K. W Ounlhcr,
Fre4 Kmc ol
Flirt Crook. .
John Baldwin.
Joha Dempeler.
F. K Pearce,
C. A. Sweet,
Helen Hlbbard.
' F. hi. Kantmrn.
Arthur Plnlo.
Ada AlklnHon.
B. F. trummer,
J. W. tlannelt,
N. A. Kurla
of Idaho,
ti. R. Hariri.anl,
Philip Poller.
Caapcr Toet. '
K. I,. Burke.
Uoorle tbmtree.
C K. Coutant.
Nellie Wakeler.
Beeale Allen, ,
Luncheon and Sun Party.
Miss Helen Jifane Horton enter
tained at luncheon at the Commercial
club today, followed by a party at
the. Sun, for a number of girls of the
achipol set. Mrs. C. ' B. Horton
chaperoned the group. The guests
Mlaaea ' -
1 Mlaaea t
Kathleen Olvaen.
Ruth Nlcum, r
Eleanor Potter,
Marjorle Paraona,
Elva Bmlth,
Mildred Troaell,
Olive Walton.
Franeea Foot,
FJeanor I,tne,
Jaaecl Oakley,
Dorathy Paraona,
Joaephlne stuben,
l,oue nineteen.
Wrttetlcy Club.
Tjhe Omaha Wcllesley College club
met yesterday afternoon" at Brownell
Hall for a business meeting. The
tlu meets the first Wednesday of
THE Pied Piper of Hamelin' came over the meadows in faery
tale land and piped away the little children of the village so
sweet was his music. They trooped out behind him, and over
the hills, and they did never come back. And. in Hamelin their
mothers and fathers wept. There is a' Pied Pip'cr with golden gleam-
each month. Of the twenty-five mem
bers only ten were present yesterday.
Mrs. J. B. Prichard was. hostess for
the occasion.
Entertain for Guests.
Mrs. Charles C George entertained
at luncheon today for her guests, Mrs.
Harris Roome of New York City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. George will enter
tain at a pretty dinner this evening.
Russell roses in the center of the table
and surrounded by tall pink candles
will be used. Covers will be laid for;
Meaara. and Meadamea
Charlee 0. George, Oaprffe TunniclllT,
Harrla Roome - O. C. Redlek.
of New York, r
' Mlea Mtnftedelle Oaorte of Oftloabura, 111.
Mr. Oeorie Wrliht ot Council Blulta.
New French Society.
. Madame August Mothe Borglum
and M-iss May Mahoney are asking all
who are interested in the French lan
guage, literature and art to attend a
meeting Saturday afternoon at 4:30
o'clock in the public library, prelimi
nary to the organization of a local
branch of L'Alliance Francaise, This
federation originated in France many
years ago, but now maintains organi
zations in many European capitals,
as well as 158 groups in this country.
Louis de la Marre, general secre
tary of the society and its official lec
turer, comes to Omaha January 24 to
assist local men and women in organ
izing and to give a lecture in French
as well. .
L'Alliance Francaise is instrumental
in maintaining the Romance language
department at Columbia college in
New York. . -r .
Bobsled Party.
' Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Lonergan gave
a delightful bobsled party Tuesday
evening in honor of their son, Charles.
The guests were met at the end of the
Florence car (line and taken to the
Loncrgan home, five miles northwest
of Florence, where an oyster supper
was served. The party was chaper
oned by Miss Lucile Craven and Mr.
Philip Uoak. 1 lie guests were: -
Oladye Hroderaon,
Lillian Itrodnraon,
Via Harrington,
Viva Bmlth.
tlnrke Rhea,
Karl Pulte.
LaRoy Craven. "
Florence Uenaon,
Mildred O'Brlcit, '
C'harlae Lonerran,
Arthur Chelupeky, -William
Luncheon Postponed.
On, icnvtnt ,st the illness of her
mother, Mrs. Esther M. Allen, Mrs.
F. J. Birss has postponed until next
Tuesday the luncheon which she had
planned for today in her honor.
Past Festivities. - . ' .
Miss Ethel Anderson entertained
at her home New Year's day. Games
and music furnished amusement for
the following guests: , i
Meaara. ana Meeaamee.
Jamea Wllfort
Chartoe Rlehardeon
it. f. Fiiaaeraid
A. P. Anderaon
rhyllia l!eher . .
Loulae Moore '
Marnaret Wllfort
Anna Hchloifet
Tamea ITaher
.lamea Flteaerald
. Robort Unhor
Vernon Capile
w- Her
Roaa Wllfot
Margaret Moore
Helen Anderaon "
Kllaabelh HogaR .
Kdward Wllfort
Vincent lxwery
Harry Anderaon
John Buckley
Henry Leaner
Personal Mention. - ,
Dr. P; T. Barber has returned from
Lone Beach. Cal.. where he was called
,n n,i.i ii,. r,..,.-i c i.:B tu
! C. Barber.
I Mr. James insor of Maurice. III..
has been making? a short visit at the
J. H. Rushton home.
Mr. and Mrs. v. A. powler of Dav
enport, la and formerly of this city.
- - . Lti ..
who have been the holiday guests of
Miss Hallie Wilson at the Colonial,
leave tomorrow for their home. ,
Family Reunion.
. Mrs. J. S. Marshall entertained at
a Webster family reuntqn dinner on
New Year's day in honor of her
mother, Mrs. James - Webster, a
pioneer resident of Omaha, who had
about forty children, and grandchil
dren present,
Mr. and Mrs. James Young, the
tatter a daughter, came from Black
foot, Idaho, for the occasion. The
guests besides the children .were: ,
Meaara. and Meadamea.
Jamea Young, A. P. Gladden :
Blaekfoot, Idano.' Albert Turner .
Harry Getty
Will Getty
Marl Turner
Albert Weberg .
Jamea Marahall
' Mlaaea
Vonla Van Claava
A. I Webater '
Guy Van Cloave
George Cheater
James webater.
Verne Van Cleave .
Jamea Van Cleave
Anderson-Brooks Wedding.
Miss Kathryn Elaine Brooks of
Rushville, Neb., and Dr. William
Vance Anderson of this city, son of
Mrs. M. C. Anderson, were united in
marriage at the home of Mrs. S. H.
Wilson Wednesday evening at 7
o'clock by the Rev, T. J. Matkay,
Only the relatives of the young people
were present. Dr. Anderson is asso
ciated in business with Dr. Leroy
Crummer. They will make their
home in Omaha.
Future Events.
The University, Mixer club of
Creighton will give its New Year's
dance January 9 at Keeps academy.
Box Party for New Play. '
Additional box parties for Sister
Mary Angela's new play, which is to
be held at the Krug theater January
22 to 28, inclusive, with three matinee
performances, are a's follows:
. Meaara. and leadamea
John Latenaer, T. J. Mahoney, '
Dean Cole Martin, W. J. JeRera.
Gene Melady, v '
Meadamea ' Meadamea . -
Kalherlne Noah, Duff Greene,
Mr. John Lynch. "
Smith College Club Plans. .
' Local Smith college alumnae, meet
ing at the home of Mrs. A.! L. Gor
don Wednesday, decided to exhibit in
Omaha a moving picture film depict
ing life at Smith, the college build
ings, campus and other features of
their alma mater. ' Plans for mak
ing available a Nebraska scholarship
to Smith were also discussed. Mrs.
Lloyd Holsapple will be hostess for
the February meeting.
Press Club Election.
New officers named at the Omaha
Woman's Press 'dub annual meeting
at the Fonteuelle Wednesday are:
President, Miss Ella Fleishman of
The Bee; vice president, Miss Eliza
beth Kern, World-Herald, and secre
tary. Miss Henrietta Rces, also of
The Bee. Miss Faith Lee Het is
the retiring president,
Miss Rose Rosicky will have press
club members to tea at her home Sun
day afternoonr January 14, when prize
plays, short stories and poems in the
club's recent contest will be read.
For Out-of-Town Guests. -
Mrs. John A. Bruce was hostess at
luncheon at lie Blackstone Wednes
day followed by an Orpheum matinee
party, honoring Mrs. George Hoer
ner of Hastings, Neb., who is the
guest .' r a few days of Mrs. Herbert
Hoerncr. Mrs. Ward roses decorat
Lowers the Cost of Good Living
Not Touched by Hand in Making or Packing
ing hair, a white boly and sea-blue eyes, with a passion-flower behind
his ear, who comes a-piping in this little world and it isn't a faery
talc I And When the little maids hear his music passing by, silver
and seductive as the drip of pale honey, they shake what they have
froin their busy laps and out of their home-gardens they go and fol
low him over the world. And they never come back. And their
ed the luncheon table, at which cov
ers were placed for:
Meadamea Meadamea
Myron Haywnrd, . Herbert Hoerner, ..
John B. Pulver, B. Kvenlld,
O. P. Goodman. C. R. Maxwell.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rushton will en
tertain at a dinner party this evening
at the Blackstone in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Frederick Usher of Pitts
burgh, Pa., who are visiting their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Usher. The
decorations were in roses and stevia,
arranged in baskets, and covers were
laid for the following:
Meaara. and Meadamea
F. A. Howe, O. M. ftumnor,
B. P. Rector, " Howard Ruehton,
B. F. Howe, J. H. Ruahton. m
- I
School Set Affairs.
Miss Mildred Rockwell was host
ess this afternoon at a Strand party
to the Nevesew club of Central High
school. After the matinee the girls
had tea at Kogers. Mrs. A. s. Rock
well chaperoned the party, which was
as follows;
Mlaaea Mlaaea
Francoa Foote, Francoa Wall.
Dorothy Gray, Marjorle Guild.
Dorothy Canan, - Gwendolln McCoy,
Bthel Wldner, ... Mildred Rockwell.
Irene Dyball,
Miss Katherine Denny entertained
at a luncheon today at her home in
honor of Miss Winifred Smith, who
leaves Monday for St. Mary's semi
nary in New Jersey. Seventeen of
her school friends were included in
the guest list. The decorations were
in yellow and white, the narcissus be
ing used with yellow ribbons. After
luncheon they spent the afternoon
dancing and playing cards.
Miss Ethel Piel, who leaves next
Monday to resume her work at Na
tional Park seminary in Washington,
was the inspiration for a card party
this afterndon, given by Miss Ruby
Klingbcil. Poinsettias were used in
decorating the parlors and the fol
lowing guests were present:
Mieeea ' . Mlaaea
Margaret Holden, Katharine Reynolda,
Ruth I.leder, Katherine Ritchie, .
Martha Uelgor, Honor Norrle,
Grace Brown. Virginia Haltlne,
Margaret McCormlck, Margaret Oilman..
Peart Kllngnell.
... Mre. Bruce Toung.
Miss Josephine Platner will enter
tain at a luncheon and Orpheum party
tomorrow, when the guest list will
include members of the school set.
The billiard room, which will be dec
orated in the holiday greens, bells
and poinsettias, will be the setting
for this pretty luncheon. The guests,
who will he seated at small tables, arc
as follows:
Gertrude Koenlg,
Lydla Burnett,
llga Langdon.
Jnecphlne Wllllama,
Charlotte Denny,
tlnolee Mann,
Dorothy Morton,
Margaret McLaughlin,
Mary Wright.
Dorothy Davie,
Charlotte Abrama,
Dorothy Hippie.
Mary Ulffnrd, ..
Marie Neville.
Donna McDonald,
Gertrude Peycke,
Blale Schmidt,
Dorothy Arter,
Anne Axtell. ,
Katherine Denny,
Lillian Head,
Joalyn Stnne,
Virginia White.
Winifred Grant,
Katherine Goea,
Exodus of School Set.
The follow students have returned
to Lincoln to resume their work at
the state university: Anne Russell,
- .HhgllKiptBookFrtt ..
Geraldine Johnson, Elizabeth Gould,
Louise Bailley, Florence Jenks, Kath
erine Newbranch, Helen Giltner,
Uertrude JJonavan, Margaret McCoy,
Elizabeth Crawford and Messrs. Ly
ell Rushton, Richard Balliman, Gene
Nlson and Richard Perley.
Engagement Announced at Tea.
At a large ta at her home on New
Year's day Mrs. I. C. Russell of Ann
Arbor, Mich., announced) the engage
ment of her daughter. Miss Edith, to
Lieutenant John Singleton Switzer,
U. S. A recently with the Fourth
United States infantry stationed at
Brownsville, formerly at Fort Crook,
but now at Fort Leavenworth.
Lieutenant- Switzer is a popular
young. man in Omaha society circles.
He was one of the ushers at the Pen-field-Bacon
wedding last fall. He is
a graduate of the University of Mich
igan and a member of tne ZetaPsi
Miss Russell is a daughter of the
late Prof. I. C. Russell of the Univer
sity of Michigan, who was noted for
his geological ' research work in
Alaska. During Ak-Sar-Ben she was
the guest of Mrs. J. S. Switzer at
Fort Crook. The wedding will prob
ably take place late next fall, although
the date has not yet been set. Lieu
tenant Switzer left Tuesday evening
for Fort Leavenworth, where he will
be for several months.
Events to Come,
The Phi Tau Pi fraternity will give
a dance at the Blackstone hotel oh
Thursday, January 11;
Mrs. Ronald Paterson is entertain
ing at luncheon Saturday for Miss
Ruth Hamilton.
The Delta Gamma Sororify will be
entertained at its monthly luncheon
Mr. A. K. Headley, recently of
Portland. Ore., where he has been
associated with the Lipman-Wolfe
Furniture Co., one of the largest
mercantile houses on the Pacific
coast has accepted a place on the
selling force at Raymond's.
Mr. Headley formerly lived in
Omaha and for a number of years
was connected with a local firm
here. He Is well known to many
Omahana whom ho will be glad to
meet at his new quarters The Ray
mond Store, 1513-15 Howard street,
where he will be actively engaged
In dispensing Raymond Service and
looking after the Interests of Ray
monds customers.
r (if?-
Mr. A. E
r. a . . .
fathers and mothers are sad, because they know that the child who
has heard the piping of love is a child no more that that maid who
arose to follow him over the world will never come back again!
'Hark the Pied Piper LoveP Close your ears little pigeon for
I would have you, my little child, a little longer."
Saturday, when Mrs. Hugh Wallace
and Mrs. B. J. Hull will be the host
esses at the home of the former.
Miss Winifred Brandt will have an
informal party at her home tomorrow
Pleasures Past
Miss Catherine Hastings enter
tained at an Orpheum party, followed
by supper and dancing at the Fonte-
iielk'. tighteen young people were
included in the party.
Personal Mention.
Mrs. Thomas Piper or Philadelphia
with her small son, Thomas, jr., ar
rived Sunday to visit for several
weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. Mulvihill.
Retiring Officers Entertain.
The members of the' Prettiest Mile
Women's Golf club were entertained
by its retiring officers Tuesday even
ing at the home of Mrs. Edward R.
Burke. The officers for the new year
were installed: Mrs. P., J. Crecdon,
president; Miss Lillian Paul, vice
president; Mrs. L. D. Hopkins, sec
retary; Mrs. Glenn Smith, treasurer.'
The business meeting was followed
by an enjoyable social program, in
charge of Mrs. Vincent Hascall.
Miss Ruth Madden gave a piano
solo, Mrs. Fred M. Crane a recita
tion and vocal selections were given
Call Tyler 1000
When' you have something
which has outlived its useful
ness to you. A small want ad
will very likely reach the party
who can use it, and you will
have the price of something
you desire.
Try it today. )
by Mrs. Robert Adams. There were
seventy-five members present."
Stork Special. -
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Dave Stein New Year's morn
ing. .
Brownell Hall Trustees
. Call for Building Plans
Two or three sets of plans for the
new Brownell Hall will be presented
at the next meeting of the trustees.
Wednesday at their meeting with
Bishop Williams, ex officio president,
a committee was appointed to call for
and receive plans for the new college
The plans are to show a group of
buildings, including administration,
chapel, auditorium, gymnasium and
dormitories. Estimates of cost are
also to be submitted. The group is
to be built ii; Fairacres.
Second Minnesota Boys
Will Go Through Saturday
The Second Minnesota infantry,
enroute home from the Mexican bor
der, will be ir Council Blurts m ..a'
time Saturday. The men are travel
ing on two sp ;ial trains over he
Burlington, In Council Bluffs they
will be transferred to the Northwest
ern and carried on to Fort Snclling,
inhere thev r .jtcred out.
- aiiiaaii u t I
J3$t? J$$H'thA.ll i
to vow
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rib C