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Brief City News
Platinum Wedding Klns Edholro.
Hnve Root Print It Nw Beacon Treu.
Tim Cleaned, 10c, at Carey's. Weo. SI2.
Elertrie Rradlnt Mmps for Xmaa.
to $i,0. Burg-ess-Oraiitlen Company.
Roht. C. Drnesedow A Co.,
Omaha N'at'l Bank. Listed and unlisted
securities: bank stocks; several 7 per
cent guaranteed gilt-edge Investments.
Xew Printing Company Henry G.
1'lke and Leo Dlers are the incorpo
rators of the Magic City Printing com
pany, which has a capital M 118,000.
Flagman Ordered at Crossing The
Missouri Pacific Railway company has
been ordered by the city council to
maintain a flagman at the crossing or
Twentieth street and Florence boule
vard, i
Best Meal for the Monar Clalrem'nt Inn.
Land for Dot The Wlnspear
triangle, a tract of land along the
river north of Burt street, has been
set aside by the city council for dock
age purposes. The tract has a water
front of 750 feet.
Firemen Given Pensions The city
council allowed Captain Henry C.
Jaacks and Driver Samuel Crowley of
fire company No. 4 monthly pensions
of $57.60 and 150, respectively, be
ginning January 1.
Extends Free DeUvery General
Agent Warner of the American Ex
press company announces that, com
mencing January 1, express companies
will extend their free delivery serv
ice to the Dundee district, to Happy
JIOIIOW UUUIWVO.IU vu liic nna .v
street on the south and Hamilton
street on the north.
Pleads Guilty and Goes to Pen
I'lcadlng guilty to a charge of "break
ing and entering," Harry Sherwood,
who, together with Walter Nyman,
robbed the State Dry Cleaning com
pany's plant on November 3, was sen
tenced to from one to three years in
the state penitentiary by Judge Sears.
Nyman received a like sentence a week
Andlrffat for Christmas Sunderland'a
Wallace Talks on
The Psychology of
Advertising to Club
"A woman goes into a store and
asks for a certain brand of oatmeal.
She does not even see the word 'oat
meal.' She merely gives the name of
the brand, and she gets it," said R.
B. Wallace, president of the Omaha
Ad club, in his talk at the club's
round table in the Commercial club
rooms last night. "A man walks into
the cigar store for a cigar, but he
does not say, 'Give me a cigar.' He
uses the name of a certain brand.
.Mr! . J - tl UlB .an? If mOQria
that the customers have absorbed
certain impressions, they may be sub
conscious impressions, but the will
acts thus sub-consciously in these
The speaker pointed out that adver
tising to be effective must get these
sub-consious impressions planted in
the minds' of the public. "Psychol
ogy: What Does It Mean in Ad
vertising?" was the subject of Mr.
Wallace's talk.
He pointed out the ancient custom
of hanging out pictures before the
shops and taverns, instead of printing
the name of the shopkeeper or a
lot of information about his wares.
"Thus in Shakespear's time they had
the Boar's Head Tavern," he said,
"with a boar's head hanging over the
door. Another man named Cox kept
a shop in London and instead of
spelling out his name (for the people
couldn't read), he had a pair of fight
ing cocks carved out and had them
hung over the door. Thus the place
of the cocks or the place of the bear's
head came to stand for something
definite. It came to stand for the
place where choice drinks was served
or where the best sandwich of a cer
tain variety could be found."
He showed that these impressions
in the minds of the public can be
created only by constant advertising
and repetition.
Domestic Relations
Bureau Is Sought
Welfare Board
A department of domestic relations
is contemplated by the Board of Pub
lic Welfare for next year.
The board held an executive meet
ing yesterday evening and discussed
the program for. the new year. Fur
ther consideration will be made next
Monday evening. It is expected the
, board will ask the council for $20,000
for 1917.
The needs of a domestic relations
department are appreciated by the
members and Superintendent Schrei
ber bajieves the work of the board
would be materially helped if this
branch should be added.
Several new investigators will be
engaged shortly after the first of the
Mayor Dahlman met with the board
and learned of the work which has
been done this year.
Leaves on Short
Antn Trm; Ts Nnt
TTparrl Prrnn Sin ft A
Ed Williams of Benson is missing.
Sunday evening he left the C. W.
Francis Auto company's headquarters
on Farnam street and said he was go
ing to Blencoc, la. He has not been
heard from since.
Williams is a member of the busi
ness firm of Williams Bros.. Maxwell
auto agents, in Benson. Blencoe is
only about fifty-five miles from
Omaha and it takes but a few hours
to reach there by auto. 'Williams'
brother fears that the missing man is
the victim of an auto accident.
Fireman Injured
In Distillery Blaze
Fire early yesterday did damage
estimated at $500 . the grain storage
building of the Willow Springs dis
tillery, Fourth and Pierce. Jack My
ers, city firemar, stationed at Elev
enth and Dorcas streets, living at 4174
Cass street, was burned about the
head and neck when some burning
grain fell on him. His injuries were
not serious. The fire was gotten under
c . ntrol with little difficulty.
Bad Couith? Fuel-Inn? Orlpnr?,
These ailm.'ntg waken your system, don't
Walt. Use Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. It
allayx Inflammation, kills serine i5c. All
ilnigftsts. Advertisement.
Something Worth While Going Up
' 1
Dr. Joseph F. Newton
Accepts London Call
Dixon, 111., Dec. 12. Dr. Joseph
Fort Newton, formerly pastor of the
People's church here, but now of
Cedar Rapids. Ia., has accepted the
offer of the City Tcmple at London,
England, which he occupied for five
weeks during last summer, it was an
nounced today.
Woman's Legs and Lungs
Save Her from Bandit
When Mrs. L. London, who con
ducts a grocery store at 1902 North
Twenty-sixth street, arrived at her
place of business at 6:30 a .m. Monday
and inserted a key in the lock, she
was accosted by a man who de
manded her money and valuables. She
screamed and ran and her assailant
made his escape.
Dry, Hoarse or Painful
Coughs Quickly
M-Mad ltmea tnat
Yaa a Doea tk war
South Siders Want Council to
Give Them Three Hundred
of New Lights.
Three hundred lights at least are
expected by South Siders, when the
city .council acts this morning on (he
apportionment of the 1,070 street
lights. Rumor had it yesterday that
all but 100 of the lights had already
been promised to different parts of the
north side, but this did not discour
age local boosters, who will be at the
council meeting in person.
West Q and West L street districts
are sections here most in need of
lights. There is a strong demand in
the southeast section of the city along
the highways leading to Mandan park
and farther north. It is figured that
thirty-five lamps will satisfy here.
Commissioner Parks will present
the request for recognition of the plea
of South Siders. He will be backed
by business men and property owners.
Chance for Recreation.;
Business men of the South Side will
have a last opportunity to join the
noon recration class now being or
ganized by . Iv. Herman of the
Young Men's Christian association.
The first meeting was held a week ago
but the attendance was so poor that
the organization meeting was post
poned. The gathering will be in the
gymnasium in the Temple hall at
Twenty-fifth and M streets.
Banner Dedicated,
A large beautiful banner artistically
stitched by students of the Society of
Children of Mary of St., Francis
church, was dedicated at special serv
ices yesterday afternoon bj Rev.
Father Michael Gluba. Music was
given by the choir, assisted by Pat
rick O'Neil, tenor,
Two Deaths Reported.
Edward C. Porter, jr., aged 25
years, died last evening at the home
of his parents, 2105 N street. The
funeral will be held Wednesday aft
ernoon at 1 o'clock at the home. Rev.
S. H. Yerian of St. Luke's Lutheran
church will officiate. Interment will
be in the Graceland Park cemetery.
Elon Russell, aged 50 years, died
last evening at the home of his
brother, Andrew Russell, 1920 Drexel
street. The funeral will be held
Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at
Brewer's chapel. Burial will be made
in the Bailey cemetery.
Novel Lilt of Priies.
The Rota Rosa club will give a
grand card party at the Columbian
hall Thursday, December 14. There
will be ten prizes. Some of the prizes
are a turkey, a goose, a bushel ot
potatoes and a 10-month-old live hog.
The latter will be a cut for all.
Omai Lose Game.
The Omai came out a loser last
evening. Despite a brilliant finish by
Peterson, the team encountered so
many splits and played to such han
dicap odds that they lost their third
and deciding game to the Moose five
by less than twenty pins. The handi
cap in the balance amounted to seventy-two
pins per game.
The C. C C. B. Parlors were an
easy winner over the' Shamrocks.
Baker was high, with 601 pins to his
Mafic Cltr Gossip.
A reading will bfl given at the Highland
Interdenominational church, Twenty-seventh
and Monroe atreeta. by Rev. MK. P.
Cornish Wednesday evening at 7:0. The
title of the piece ia "Chrlstmaa Carol."
The basket bait schedule for the local
church league has been given out by E. H.
Herman of the "T." The teams .consist of
players, the age limit being 16 years.
Mrs. Paul Fleming, colored woman, who
swallowed a half ounce of carbolle acid yes
terday morning at 10:30 o'clock at her room
at 2409 N street, is recovering at the South
tilde hospital.
Daniel J. Klynn, aged OS years, died Sat
urday srenlng at his home. 2100 J street,
South Side. The funeral will be held this
afternoon at 1 o'clock at the home. Inter
ment will be in the Bellevue cemtery. Rev.
R. L. Wheeler will officiate.
Omaha and Sioux City
Debating Teams Clash
The affirmative team of the Omaha
High school debating squad will meet
a team representing Sioux City High
school in the high school auditorium
this evening. The negative team goes
to Sioux City, where they will meet
the Sioux City High school affirma
tive team. Both teams have he same
question, "Resolved, That the United
States Should Abolish the Monroe
Take It In hsnd at oneel Drive it out of your
ijstera before it mini your health ytfur happl
neei your very life's welfare itself 1
Don't be blind to its dangera, because it works
ao quietly. Catarrh wrecks more livet than we
Are yon making that common, dsntreroun
mistake of thinking Catarrh a trifling ailment?
Are you fooling yourself with the idea ft'a only
a stubborn, obstinate head-cold that in time
will "cure itself" T
Don't deceive yourself any longer. Catarrh
ean't cure itself. While you heedlessly neglect
it, you're fast becoming a hawking, spitting,
foul-breathed nuisance an object of disgust to
everyone you meet Worse still Catarrh may
get down to your lungs.
Once Catarrh settles on the lungs it's no
longer Catarrh it's Consumption. Consumption
comes from neglected Catarrh, and over two
million people die every year from Consump-
(Graduate in Medicine and Surgery, Dub- CURE YOUR CATARRH NOW don't let It
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North America, who've already received my
advice, gladly testify to what it has done
for them. I'll cheerfully send you names
and addresses ot those who hsve sought my
aid. Now they, are cured of Catarrh, as they
willingly bear witness.
Write to me and see if you can be freed
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Simply answer my questions yes or n.,
writ your futl nsme and address pMnly oil
the dotted lines, cut out the Ires medical ad
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lay. Address
192 Trsd. Building. Boston. Don't wane any
tims delays are dangerous. Do it NOW.
n IT OUT Tufa rniisnu
It entitles readers of this paper to free
medical advice on curing Catarrh.
Is year throat sore?
Do you sneese often?
Is your breath foul?
Are your ayes watery?
Do you take cold easily?
Is your bos stopped up?
Do you have to spit often?
Do crusts form in the nose?
Are you worse in damp woanWf
Do you blow your nose a good deal?
Does your mouth taste bad moraines?
Do you have a dull fooling In your boad?
Do you have to clear your tkroat aa Ha.
Ia there a tickling sensation In your
throat? '
Do you have an unpleasant dlschargo
from your nose 7
Does the mucous drop into your throat
from the no.?
The prompt and positive action of thli
simple, inexpensive homemade remedy in
quickly healing the inflamed or swollen
membrane of the throat, chest or bron
chial tubes and breaking up tight
coughs, has caused it to be used in mors
homes than any other cough remedy.
Under Its healing, soothing influenoe,
cheat soreness goes, phlegm loosens,
breathing becomes easier, tickling in
throat stops and you get a good night's
restful sleep. The usual throat and
chest colds are conquered by it In U
hours or leu. Nothing bettor for bron
chitis, hoarseness, croup, whooping
cough, bronchial asthma or winter
To males this splendid cough syrup,
pour 2ty ounces of l'inex (50 cents
worth), Into a pint bottle and All the
bottle with plain granulated sugar syrup
and shake thoroughly. You then nave
a full pint a family supply of a much
better cough syrup than Jvou could buy
ready-made for $2.50. Keeps perfectly
and children love its pleasant taste.
Plnez is a special and highly concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, combined with guaiaeol
and is known the world over for its
promptness, ease and certainty In over- i
coming stubborn coughs and chest colds, i
To avoid disappointment ask your
druggist for "2V4 ounces of Pinex" with ;
lull directions, ana don t accept any
thing else. Guaranteed to give absolute
satisfaction or moneypromptlv refunded.
Ihe ruiex uo., f t. wayne, ma.
first aid for
skin troubles
"Will Resinol Ointment really
stop ttis dreadful itching andclear
my eczema away?"
"Madam, if you only knew aa
much about Resinol as doctors do
how safe it is to use, how promptly
it acts you would not doubt, you
would use It at once. Usually it
stops itching immediately and soon
removes every bit of eruption.'-
Retbol Omunent Is so nearly fletlvcolorad
that it can be used on exposed surfsccs with
out attracting nodus attention. Sold by all
Idrugsiitt. For sampls tree, writs to Dept.
J7-R, Reaiaol, Baltimore, Md.
Comfortable, fully equipped rooms,
$1.00 a day and up.
Quick Service Lunch Room, the
best in the city.
Music with Meals.
TabU d'Hot Dinnar, 35c.
"I never tmploy a salrsman who nuffero
from bad feW," nays a big merchant. "I
know that nq man or woman who uffrt-H
from foot troublfta can poMlbly do Juntlce to
any kind of a Job, because bad feet torture
a man'i body ao that hla mind can't be on
hi work." Thouaandi of man and women
are handicapped In their life race by bad
foet. It to such a unelerm handicap now
aday becaune a very simple home remedy
will Ftave them. A 26-rent package of
Wa-Ne-Ta will bring Inntant relief to font
sufferers. You drop two or three of these
tablets In a pan of hot water and bathe
the feet In It for a few mlnutfs. The paina,
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ishes llkn niafflc and the feet are cool and
comfortable In no lime. Delightful for une
In bath. Leaves akin soft and sanitary.
If your drugrtst hasn't Wa-Ne-Ta, we win
gladly send you a sample package If you
will send us 10 cents to cover oost of
mailing. L. C. landon Co., South Rend. Ind.
Buy Your
at the
of the
Dec. 4-16
BEE Building
Store Hours: 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturday.- Till 9 P. M.L-
gess-Nash Com
7ie Cfirisimas Store for GveryBocfy
TUESDAY, DEC. 12, 1916.
Look for It at Burgess-Nash
The Christmas Store With Everything for Everybody
BIG, generous stocks of expertly selected holiday merchandise conveniently arranged
for easy selection plenty of happy, contented salespeople and where thorough
satisfaction goes with every transaction.
Burgess-Nash Holiday Delivery Service
TS PREPARED to render the" most efficient service in Omaha. It thoroughly covers
1 Omaha, South Omaha, Florence, Benson, Dundee and all suburbs and with daily
delivery to all parts of Council Bluffs.
It will be a powerful help in (rcttinit your Christmas packages home.
And in this connection, may we again request, for the sake of all concerned, that you plan to
Do Your Christmas Shopping Early But 10 Days Remain
Will be daintily boxed upon request, and
wrapped ready for mailing or delivery free
of charge at the Service Bureau.
Shop on a Transfer
It's the most convenient way to shop.
Saves time and worry. Ask the sales per
son to start you with one.
Sample Line of Leather Goods Novelties
at About 50c on the Dollar
EVERY one suggestive of Christmas gift-giving and at about half the usual retail
price. ,
Hat Brush Sets, 69c
Real ebony and grained ivory hat and cloth brushes, In leather cases,
made to retail to $1.60, sale price, 69c
Military Brush Seta, $1.49
Real ebony military brushes, in leather cases; made to retail to $3.00,
sale price, at $1.49.
Arts and CrafU Bags, $1.00
LOT ONE Just one of a kind the popular arts and crafts finished
leather medium and large top or back strap purses, pretty hand bags
with oxidized copper finished frames, all pretty purses; others have extra
coin purse and mirror, made to retail to $5.00, at $1.00.
Ba(s Usually ts $8.00, al $1.95
LOT TWO One assortment of bags arts and crafts design; silk
lined; values up to $5.00, at $1.95.
Ba(s Usually to $7.50, at $3.95
LOT THREE Arts and crafts leather bags, including values to $7.60,
at $3.95.
Beaded Bag, Usually to $10.50, at $4.95
Fine imported beaded bags, silk top drawstring style. Top match
body of beads, fitted and made to retail to $10.50; only a small lot, $4.95
Sewing Seta, 19c
Complete 7-piece sewings in leather cases;
also a few music rolls, made to retail to 50c,
at 19c.
Music Roll, at 79c
Real leather music rolls and cases, made to
retail up. to $2.00, sale price, 79c.
Buriaaa-Naak Co. Mala Floor.
Sample Line of Jewelry Novelties
at About 50c on the Dollar
YOU'LL appreciate the' display, both from the range of selection and the econ-(
omical point of view.
Novelty Jewelry, Usually to $2.50, at 95c
At this price are Included German silver mesh bags
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bracelets; vanity eases; jitney purses; imita- fC
tion ivory comb and brush sets; hair brushes; JfljC
mirrors; trays; powder boxes; hair receivers, etc. ,
Novelty Jewelry, Usually to $1.00, at 29c
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rings; rose leaf beads; jet beads; pearl beads; Otis
ivory pieces of various kinds, etc. sbtC
Novelty Jewelry, Usually to $1.00, at 69c
Imported oriental bar pins, brooches, coral,
amber, jade and cherry red beads.
Novelty Jewelry, Usually to $1.50, at 79c
Back combs, barrettes, casque combs, hair
pins, Geraldine Farrar combs, hair pins, etc.
Burfsss-Nash Co. Mala Flow
Novelty Jewelry, Usually to 50c, for 19c
Combs, barrettes, .hair pins, hat pins, tie
clasps, beauty pins, waist sets,: bar pins, beads,
etc. j 1
Mesh Bags, Usually to $10, for $3.95
Sample mesh bags, German silver mesh, with
imported enamel frames, for $3.95,
IFT Suggestions
I for Chris mas
l-pint Thermos
bottle, $1.29.
1 -quart Thermos
bottle, $2.29.
Gillette safety ra-
tor, in nickel case,
for $3.85.
Perfumes, in fan
cy Doxes, Z5e ana
Heavy, white iv
8 13 I ory combs, 59c.
1 13 I Pebeco tooth
Uil. Jt laste. 50c size, 29c.
Hind's Honey and
Almond cream, 50c size, 29c.
Racarma rose toilet water,
for $1.00.
Perfumizer for toilet wat
er bottles, 65c and $1.50.
Burfsss-Nasb Co. Main Floor
Women's Union Suits at 75c
WHITE cotton union suits, fleece lined, low neck
and sleeveless, or Dutch neck, ankle length.
Women's Union Suits, $1.00
Light or medium weight, white cotton, low neck
and sleeveless; Dutch neck and elbow sleeves; high
neck, long sleeves, ankle length ; regular sizes, $1.00
extra sizes, $1.25.
Children's Union Suits, at 50c
Cotton fleece lined, with drop seat, white or
cream color; 50c each.
Children's Union Suits, at $1.00
White or gray, part wool, high neck with long
sleeves, $1.00 each.
Burfoss-Naah Co. Main Floor
Two Contests for Boys and Girls
THE three little girls who write the best
letter about what they would 'do with a
Western Electric Junior Range
Will each receive a complete range free
for Christmas. The contest is open to all
little girls under twelve years of age. All
that is necessary is to write a letter on the
.subject, "What I would do with a Western
Electric Junior Range if I had one.'
The three little girls who write the three
best letters will each receive free a Junior
Range complete, as shown, with kettle,
skillet, bake pan, Junior cook book and cord
with switch and plug, ready for attachment
to the electric light socket.
The only other conditions besides the age
limit, are that one of the cards which you se
cure in loy lown
must be filled out by
a parent or adult
and mailed or deliv
ered on or before
Dec. 20, 1916
Toy Department,
Burgess - Nash Co.
where the Junior
range is on display.
Demonstration Models of
Meccanno, Structo and
Erector Free
TO the boys who build the best models
from their sets of Meccano, Structo or
Erector, we will give the demonstration
models now on display in our Toy Town.
For the best model of Mec
cano the demonstration
For the best model of
Struct', the dem
onstration model.
For the best
model of Erect
the demon
stration mod
splendid prizes, boys, and all you are re
quired to do, after building your model is
to bring it to our Toy Department on the
4th floor, where they will be judged Sat
urday, December 30th.
Demonstration models now on display in
Toy Town in the Down Stairs Store.
Burgsaa-Naah Co. Down Stairs Stor.