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Returns from Other Ninety
Two Counties Qive Wilson
30,817 Plurality.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
: Lincpln, Nov. 20. (Special Tele
gran.) With all counties in with the
exception of Douglas, the official
count gives Wilson 30,817 plurality;
prohibition, 39,943; Hitchcock, 7,508;
Neville, 2,311; Howard, 13,628; Pool,
21,713; Smith, 14,859; Hall, 19,854;
Clemmons, 1,732; Reed, 14,898; Shum
way, 5,310; Wilson, 10,150.
On the judicial election Morrissey
for chief justice receives 10,528 ma
jority and Cornish for associate jus
tice gets 6,249 over Barnes, the fourth
man, with Dean second with 4,246 and
Sedgwick with 3,159.
Including Douglas Unofficial.
Official returns from all the state
except Douglas county and Douglas
county unofficial give the following
Wilson .7. . .168.100
Huahts fll7.034
Bernion '"
Hanly '
Wilson's plurality 41.066
Wilton's majority SI. 017
Hitchcock 142.SSS
Kennedy 130,402
Hitchcock's plurality 11.SB1
Neville 142,63
Sutton 136,767
Nevllle'i plurality ,. 6.877
Clemmons, ..T". ISMS'
Thomal '. 132.340
Clemmons' majority 1.638
Charles W. Pool, democratic candi
date for re-election as secretary of
state, received the largest majority of
any state candidate, 29,190.
Vote Without Douglas.
Without Douglas the total vote
cast at sthe election was 259,751 and
the highest number of votes cast for
any office was on governor with a
total of 249,720, the lowest on attor
ney general where 240,262 votes were
cast. The prohibition amendment
received a total of 223,429 votes, while
the food amendment received . but
The vote of democratic presidential
electors ran from 134,031 for Bau
mann down to 132,808 for Requartte.
Republican electors ran from 103,214
for Richards to 102,293 for Carroll.
Armstrong on the progressive ticket
for elector, the only one not with
drawing, received 589 votes. Carroll,
who did not have the progressive en
dorsement on the republican ticket,
was the low man because of such
action, Johnston, being the lowest
republican elector with the pro
gressive endorsement, receiving 102,
445 votes.
Socialist electors ran from 5,386 to
5,209, while prohibition electors ran
from 2,598 to 2,468.
, Rest of the Ticket. -
On the rest of the ticket the vote
ran as follows with Douglas omitted:
Senator Hitchcock, , 121,204; Kennedy,
113,796. Majority. 7,608.
Governor Neville, 121,337; Sntton, llt,
038. Majority, 2,311.
Lieutenant Governor Howard, 122,848;
Ssumway, 108,720. Majority. 13,628.
Secretary of State Pool. 127,483; Walt,
106,786. Majority, 21.713.
State Auditor Smith, 121,830; Harsh.
106,871. Majority, 14,869.
Treasurer Hall.- 126,735; Reynolds, 106,
081. Majority, 19,864. 1
State Superintendent Clemmons, . -114,-640;
Thomas, 116,272. Thomas' majority,
Attorney General Reed, 124,120; Devoe,
109,222. Majority, 14,888.
Land Commissioner Shumway, 117,341;
Beckman, 112,031. Majority, 6,810.
Railway Commissioner Wilson, 122,786;
Clarke, 112,636. Majority, 10,110.
Resents State University Hall. 124,692:
Landls, 110,708; Seymour, 108,691; Basaett,
8,863. Hall's majority, 21,101; Landla' ma
jority, 6.117.
Chief Justice Supreme Court Morrissey,
107.093; Fawcett, 96,566. Majority. 10,528.
Associate Justice Cornish, 100,801; Dean,
98,798; Sedgwick, 97,711; Barnes, 94,662;
Martin, 91,843; Hastings, 88,661. Majorities
over Barnea (fourth man): Cornish, 6,249;
Sean, 4,246: Sedcwlck, 3,169.
Congressional Ticket
On the congressional selection the
vote follows:
Magulre, John (Dem. and P. I.) 16,894
Reavla, C. F. (Rep. and Prog.) 21,021
Abel, Glen H (Soc.) 7J92
Reavls' plurality, 4,127.
(Douglas county not included In returns
Lobeck. Charles O. (Dem.) 2,867
Baker, Ben S. (Rep.) , 2,169
Porter, O. C. (Soc.) 133
Stephens, Dan V. (Dem. and P. D... 28,055
Warner, Wm. P. (Rep. and Prog.). .. .26,641
Woodcock, J. M. (Soc.) 748
Stephens' plurality, 2,614. i
Stark. Wm. L. (Dem. and P. I.) 18,798
Sloan, Chas. H. (Rep. and Prog.). ...24,064
Itner, John (Soc.) 680
Sloan's plurality, 6,256,
Shallenberger, A. C. (Dem. and P. I.). 22,686
Barton, SilaV R. (Rep.).; 18,293
Elliott, W. C. (Soc.) 1,062
Shallenberger's plurality, 4,393.
McDermott. E. B. (Dem. and P. I.). .22,317
Kinkald, Moses P. (Rep. and Prog.) . .23,559
Canrlght. John (Soc.) 2,171
Stebblns, Lucien (by petition) 474
Klnkald's plurality, 11,242.
Vote in Douglas.
The total vote in Douglas county
was 42,934, according to official fig
ures compiled by Harley G. Moor
head, election commissioner. There
were 38,141 ballots cast in Greater
On the prohibition amendment
there were 14,888 "yes" votes and 25,
389 "no." The "wet" majority in
Douglas county was 10,501.
The majority for prohibition in the
entire state was 29,442.
A man about town wagered $500
that the "wet" majority would not be
as much as 11,000. A couple of more
men about town put up $250 each and
grabbed the bet, thinking it was
"grapes." Official figures show that
the first man had the right "dope."
Sale of Liquor Ordered
Stopped in Drug Stores
Beatrice, Neb., Nov. 20. (Special
Telegram.) fn order that Beatrice
may be kept strictly dry, Mayor
Saunders issued an order this even
ing, ordering all drug stores in the
city to stop the sale of intoxicating
Dangerous Bronchial Cough.
Dr. King's New Discovery will give quick
relief In bronchial Irritation and bronchial
asthma: allays inflammation, eases sors
spots. All druggists. AdvsrtlsemenL
Rider," a statue of Captain "Bucky" O'Neil of Colonel Roose
velt's regiment, made for Phoenix, Ariz. Replica on exhibi
tion at the Omaha Fine Arts Society show now.
HXfJ h 4 Wrr
A steady stream of art lovers
viewed the Fine Arts society exhibit
of contemporary paintings and sculp
tures of Gutzon and Solon Borglum
at the Hotel Fontenelle for the free
exhibit Sunday. Following the pop
ular concert at the Auditorium for the
Associated Charities benefit, the gal
lery was crowded.
The Borglum bronzes prove the
special drawing card, since this is the
first opportunity most Omahans have
had to view the works which have
made these two native sons famous.
ThesLincoln seated figure and the
head of Lincoln are prime favorites.
Children flocke(t to the exhibit in
great numbers and proved themselves
keenly observant art critics.
One young Omahan, son of a ma
tron prominent in the art society,
studied the seated Lincoln intently,
noting the tall hat which reposes by
the side of the martyred president
"Mother, I'm trying to imagine that
hat on Lincoln and I'm wondering
if it would just fit him. It looks
rather too large," was his comment.
Mother dutifully explained that in
the '60s hats were not worn to fit
so precisely as nowadays.
Members of the exhibition commit
tee who puzzled their brains over
what a bronze "Bolivia" might -be
when the advance list of the sculp
tures were sent by the Borglum broth
ers were set at rest when the statue
was unpacked and disclosed a figure
of the dashing General Bolivar, for
whom the , South American country
was named.'
"But 'Bolivia' it was in Gutzon
Bo'rglum's own handwriting and so
we had 'Bolivia' printed on the cata
logue," said Mrs. Warren BlackwelL
Father Is Trying
To Get Son Out of
Canadian Army
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Nov. 20. (Special.) At
torney General Willis E. Reed has
had his attention called to the fact
that Louis G. Hoveland, an American
citizen, has been pressed into the mili
tary service of Canada and will soon
be sent to France with other recruits
for the British army.
In a letter received by the attor
ney general this morning from the
father of the young man. G. B. Hove
land, who for many years was a busi
ness man at Newman Grove, but who
now resides at Eddyville, Mr. Hove
land says his son went to Alberta,
Canada, about two years ago to visit
his sister who resided there with her
husband. He went to work for his
brother-in-law and has lived there
ever since. He claims he is still an
American citizen, but the Canadian
authorities have pressed him into
service anyway.
Attorney General Reed will take
the matter up at once with the au
thorities at Washington through Sen
ator Hitchcock, who is a member of
the senate committee on foreign rela
tions. Plattsmouth Saloon Men
Will Enter Other Lines
Plattsmouth, Neb., Nov. 20. (Spe
cial.) Plattsmouth has seven saloons
at this time and sinee the election
which will put Nebraska dry after
May 1 next year, those engaged in
the traffic have been casting about
them glances for other lines. One
firm has determined to engage in the
drygoods lines and will carry ladies'
furnishings, including tailored suits,
and cloaks. Another man has decided
to establish a book bindery here, a
line which Plattsmouth never did
have, and having been in that business
for the greater portion of his busi
ness career and knowing the busi
ness thoroughly, he will no doubt suc
ceed. Another one will engage in the
confectionery business and will carry
a line of soft drinks to sell. Another
has said that he intended to operate a
pool hall. Another will enter into
business in Omaha and the other two
have as yet not decided as to what
they will do, although one will enter
some line here in Plattsmouth.
Notes from Beatrice
' And Gage County
Beatrice, Neb., Nov. 20. (Special.)
The state conference of the Young
Women's Christian association will be
held in Beatrice next Friday, Sat
urday and Sunday. Delegates will
be present from points in Iowa and
Nebraska, and a number of officers
of national repute will appear on
the program from day to day.
Louis Norton Hathaway and Miss
Mildred McCuisiton, both of Hebron,
were married here yesterday morn
ing by Rev. C. F. Stevens. The groom
is in the employ of the Lincoln Tele
phone and Telegraph company at
Bishop Tihen has appointed Rev.
Robert Bickert of Cambridge, Neb.,
as pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic
church of this city to succeed Father
A, Petrasch, who resigned last week
on account of his health. He has gone
to Mountain Grove, Mo., to spend the
The Burlington road Saturday paid
its taxes in Gage county for the year
1916, which amounted a $31,246.80.
Arthur Borson, colored, was arrest
ed Saturday night at his- home on
South Tenth street on the charge of
bootlegging. Harry Dawson was sent
to the Borson home by the police,
where he purchased a pint of whisky.
Thee officers then raided the place and
found a quantity of whisky and ten
bottles of beer. He was lodged in jail
and will be given a hearing this week.
Five Shots Are Fired
At Farmer and Woman
Beatrice, Neb., Nov. 20. (Special
Telegram.) An unidentified man
fired five shots af Charles B laker, a
Barneston farmer, as he was riding
in a top buggy last night near
Barneston with a young woman. The
bullets pierced the top of the buggy,
but the occupants escaped unhurt.
Bloodhounds were used in trying to
catch the would-be assassin, but with
out result.
East Wing of State House
Will Be Timbered Up
(Prom a Staff' Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Nov. 20. (Special.) The
east wing of the state house will be
fixed up so that there will be no dan
ger of it falling down this winter, the
board of educational lands and funds
having authorized the state engineer,
Mr. Johnson to begin at once work
for the temporary relief of the situa
tion. ,
Timbers will be placed in such a
way that if the walls should fall out
ward, the roof and the floors will still
Prominent Plattsmouth
Man Dies Suddenly
Plattsmouth, Neb., Nov. 20. (Spe
cial.) Joseph Kuhns, the foreman of
the Burlington Lumber yards, was
taken seriously ill Saturday evening
and died early yesterday morning. Mr.
Kuhns came to Plattsmouth about
nine years ago from Albuquerque and
has been with the Burlington since.
He was 62 years of age and a Mason
and commander of the Elks lodge of
this place, also a member of the Epis
copal church. No arrangements for
the funeral have been made. He has
children in California and brothers in
the eastern states.
f sssnp (Qbffif hmm
There is one sure, alt mtt to
avoid a blotchy, pimply skin. A
good or bad complexion comes from
within. If you want tcJcMComplexion,
a clean skin rosy cheeks and good
health, your blood must be pure and
the poisonous matter must be carried off.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
assist nature to remove all poisonous
waste matter in the system. They act
on the liver and bowels like calomel yet
have no dangerous after-effects. They,
are reliable safe and cannot harm
are used by women folks everywhere.
Constipation is nearly always the
causeof allailmsntsof women. Tbe in
testines must be made to do their work
as nature intended in a normal way.
Have color In your cheeks. Takeout
ortwotabletsnightlyand note the pleas
ing results. All druggists 10cind25c
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Former Lincoln Man Convicted
of Attempt to Blackmail
Ex-Ambassador Thompson,
Port Angeles, Wash., Nov. 20. The
jury in the case of Frank J. Richards
of Lincoln, Neb., charged with at
temoted blackmail ol David E.
Thompson, the Nebraska millionaire,
formerly ambassador to Mexico ana
Brazil, returned a verdict of guilty to
day after being out twenty-one hours.
Kichards was accused or tnreatenmg
to publish a biograph of Thompson in
the event that Thompson refused to
pay him $J4,uuu, which Kicnaras al
leged was due him on a partnership
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 20. Frank J.
Richards, found guilty at Port An
geles, Wash., of attempting to black
mail D. ,E. Thompson, former am
bassador to Mexico, was president of
the Lincoln Commercial club nine
months before going to Washington.
He had lived in Lincoln fifteen years,
managing all that time the Lincoln
hotel, of which Mr. Thompson is
principal owner. He has a mother
and a brother living in Lincoln and
a married daughter in Washington.
Flush Kidneys
With Salts If
1 Back Is Aching
Noted authority says we eat too
much meat, which dogs
, ' J
Take glass of Salts when Kidneys.,
hurt or Bladder bothers
No man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by
flushing the kidneys occasionally,
says a well-known authority. Meat
forms uric acid which excites the kid
neys, they become overworked from
the strain, get sluggish and fail to
filter the waste and poisons from the
blood, then we get sick. Nearly all
rheumatism, headaches, liver trouble,
nervousness, dizziness, sleepliness
and urinary disorders come from
sluggish kidneys.
The moment you feel a dull ache
in the kidneys or your back hurts
or if the urine is cloudy, offensive,
full of sediment, irregular of passage
or attended by a sensation of scalding,
stop eating meat and get about four
ounces of Jad Salts from any phar
macy; take a tablespoonful in a glass
ui wairr uciorc urcaKiasi auu in a
few days your kidneys will act fine.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined with lithia, and has been used
for generations to flush and stimulate
the kidneys, also to neutralize the
acids in urine so it no1 longer causes
irritation, thus ending bladder weak
ness. Jad Salts is inexpensive and can
not injure; makes' a delightful effer
vescent lithia-water drink which
everyone should, take now and then
to keep the kidneys clean and active
and the blood pure, thereby avoiding
serious kidney complications. Adv.
A new unt hu Juit appeared vbieh hat
no frivolous flavor to it, It teerai to chief
ly appeal to the loyalty of the girl who
find fat the man of her ehoie the counter
part of her dad and mother. The idea is
The mle ti partfealarly catehy. Here
ii a part of the chonu eat from a copy frit
In The Sweet Long Ago
jdH you bring back the oldn lore-days, the golden
lm-dijs of Ions a - g o; you bring back all the
old-luhioned melodies mother and dad-dy used to -
kripwj the buhlul misses, the tender
Cant yea bring beck
kium by moonlight glow.Ob,I wUb I could find gone
Although the range U only an octave,
without high notes, the harmony afforde a
very striking effect and brings out the voice
most effectively.
The aone Is said to be the ouiekest hit
written in some time, having only been pub-
llsbed recently.
Hunting Trip On a Wet Day
Bring Painful Results.
Once upon a time Charles Mullen
of Philadelphia went gunning. It
wis a dismal rainy day, and long ex
posure to cold and wet brought on a
severe attack of rheumatism. He
was confined to his home.
A friend recommended Sloan s Lini
ment, citing his own case as evidence
of its effectiveness. Mullen bought a
bottle and applied it to his aching
limbs. Soon improvement was no
ticed and he was able to return to
Mr. Mullen Writes: Since that ex
perience I have never been without
Sloan's Liniment in the medicine
chest." You will find it soothes
bruises, sprains, toothache and re
lieves lame back, neuralgia; in fact
all external pains. At all druggists,
25c, 50c. and $1.00 a bottle.
W '"a """ T
"TiSS. V .illllNIHi.
Miss Cora
The Story Telling Lady
- all this week as
well. Hundreds of little
children have come to
hear the wonderful
stories this lady has to
tell and scores of
them have come back
again and again
The interest which this
gives the child in the best
literature is worth the time
they spend here, aside from
the entertainment they get
come here some day
this week.
Sessions daily, 2:15 to
3:15 and 4:00 to 5:00 and
on Saturdays at 10:30 and
Second Floor.
Blankets and Comforters
- At Very Modest Prices
Give thought and consideration to your comfort
when the thermometer drops below freezing. Pre
pare now and really enjoy the Winter.
The Genuine "Beacon" Bed Blankets, size 64x78
inches. In white, tan and gray. Beautiful qual
ity, wool finish. Permanent nap. Neat mohair bind
ing, fast color borders. Regular $2.39 quality, sale
Price. Pair $1.98
All-Wool Bed Blankets, made from finest Cali
fornia and Oregon wool, long, staple grade. Thor
oughly woven, perfect, permanent nap. Size 66x80
inches. Beautiful plaids, plain white and grays.
$7.00 values, Tuesday, pair $5.98
Best Grade Silkoline Covered Comforters, filled
with white, sanitary cotton; soft and fluffy. Good
weight. Hand tufted and stitched. Our regular
$1.75 quality, sale price, each $1.49
, Plaid Blankets, none better made. From the
Nashua and well known Beacon mills. Beautiful
weight; woolnap, permanent finish. Size 66x80
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colors.' Tuesday, pair $2.45
Save $10 on This Range
"Laurel" Cast Iron Combination Gas and Coal
Ranges on Sale Tuesday, at a Saving of $10.00.
These ranges cook and bake perfectly with
either coal or gas.
To make your Thanksgiving Dinner a success,
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know of.
Gas Cooking Top and Burners same size as
on any family gas range.
Full Size Oven, 18x18x13.
Nothing to remove no tools required to
change from coal or wood to gas.
) I llr
J I LAWKl I fj
"Summit" Laurel Gas
and Coal Combination
Range, full nickel trim
med; white splasher on
high closet. Regular price
$75.00, at... go
Everything in
Pots and Pans
and Cooking
A full guarantee of satisfaction with every, range.
We sell "Caloric" Pipeless Furnaces.
' Basement.
The most effi
cient kitchen
Complete Stocks.
The Great Sale of
Thanksgiving Linens
CONTINUES all this week. The time to pre
pare for the great day is NOW. The feast
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We have made such thorough preparation
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59c Damask, 39c
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ior finish satin Damask, 2 yards wide. Specially
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assortment of pretty patterns ;
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loped Scarf and Pin Cushion Top to match.
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When baking with gas, heat is used twice. .
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ity as "Summit," but plain
er in finish. $65.00 values,
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Two New and
Nobby Boots
'' Havana Brown r
' and Nut Brown Kid.
EIGHT and nine
inches high, lace
style. The Havana
brown is a light turn
sole, with a wood cov
ered heel of same, long
forepart and plain
vamp. With a stylish
wave top.
, The nut brown is a
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ens, bedrooms and spare
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ors. Regular $1.45 value, for
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