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Brief City News
rMtaaa WxMta EJfcolm.
Hot Boot IMeS la New Beaeao. Free
UchtlBf Fixtures Burgg Ormpden Co.
Carer's Cm. Ktk end Lake. Wed. Hi.
fined One Hundred Lottie Flnne
gn, 119 North Ninth street, in ar
raigned in police court charged with
keeping a disorderly house. She was
fined 100 and costs. Several inmates
were given small tines.
Dentists Incorporate Drs. Mach
and Mach have filed articles of In
corporation with the county clerk. Dr.
John Mach, Dr. Milton Mach and Dr.
Kenneth McMartln, a dentist, are the
Incorporators. The capital stock Is
Judge Woodrongh Better Judge
Woodrough ot the United States dis
trict court, who injured his left hand
while sawing wood Monday morning
and which became infected as a re
sult, is rapidly recovering from the In
Jury at his home.
St- Andrews Boys Meet St. An
drew's Boys' club met at the home of
Kenneth Gevman. 2414 North Forty-
fifth street, Wednesday evening. Ed
win Gray, president or tne ciuo, reaa
e. miner on "The First Silk Culture."
All members were present. The next
meeting is wttn itanaau rnipps,
Patrick avenue.
Not In Holcluo Mrs. H. O. Fried
rlchs, wife of the manager of the
piano department of A. Hospe, was
the Omaha woman on the Missouri
Pacific train which was held up in
Kansas, and not Mrs. H. O. Fred
ericks. Mrs. Fredericks was In Omaha
at the time, but similarity of the
names caused the error. -
Walts for Recount "Bob" Druese.
dow is watting for a recount in Cali
fornia and several other places in the
country before he pays his eleeuon
bet ot S5 to his office girl, Miss Marie
Spell man, whose political judgment on
the relative strength ot Hughes and
Wilson was better than his. Every
morning Miss Spellman asks her em
ployer to pay up, and as regularly he
sidesteps on the matter ot 4 possible
Fine Fireplace Goods Sunderland.
Sold Several Times The piece of
property a half block west of the
Omaha club, which has Just been sold
by Payne & Slater to the Prairie Life
Insurance company, has now ohanged
hands for the fourth time In the last
year. It was originally the property
of Mrs. Gertrude T. Bdney. An old
frame house I on the ground. Since
it got Into the market a year ago it
has changed hands four times and has
made good money on each transfer.
It is 66x131 feet.
Wants Pay Alter Discharge James
W. Graoe, 23 Helen apartments, for
merly connected with the Love-Haskell
company. Insurance, has filed suit
with the clerk of the district court,
asking for a $1,350 Judgment trom the
company for ha alleged breaking of
an oral contract Mr. Grace states
that he made an crvl contract with A.
J. Love by which l-.j was to receive a
salary of 3,ouo a year ana a eot.
yearly bonus. The plaintiff complains
that he was discharged from his position.
Buford Proves
To Be Some Persuader
Little Harry, Buford, patrol chauf
feur at central police station, rivalled
Billy Sunday in effectivenesj yester
day, when lie preached a heart-to-heart
sermon to Richard Bennett,
porter at the B. F. Goodrich Rubber
company. The rubber company re
ported the theft of several hundred
dollars' worth of merchandise and a
valuable watch stolen from the desk
of an employe. Buford came in to
make a purchase, while detectives
were on the way up, and he was told
about it.
Suspicion was directed toward Ben
nett, and Buford questioned him and
learned that he had been gambling.
The sermon commenced immediately,
and soon Bennett confessed to steal
ing the watch and told where he had
pawned it. He stood pat on the theft
of the merchandise, however. By the
time the detectives came, he was will
ing to accompany the officers to the
pawnshop, where the watch was sub
sequently found. .
Bennett was arraigned in police
court and sentenced to thirty days
in the workhouse.
Unable to Tell Who
Put Bullet in Jaw
How Eric Fredrickson of Archer,
Neb., came to be shot through the
fleshy part of his jaw last night is a
mystery which even he cannot solve,
he says,
He walked into a cigar store at 1402
Farnam street last night and asked for
a doctor. When Police Surgeon Kully
came, he exhibited a small caliber bul
let hole in his cheek. He says he
was standing in front of a saloon near
the postoffice when a man came up to
him and shot him, and then ran away.
tie said he did not get a good enough
look at his assailant to give a descrip
tion. He is being detained at head
quarters for investigation.
Mail Carriers to Give
Concert for the Charities
The mail carriers' concert will he
given at the Auditorium Sunday aft
ernoon for the benefit of the Associat
ed Charities. Beulah Dale Turner, so
prano, will take part. The band con
cert program will be:
March From Tropic to Tropic. . .Alexander
Overture echaiMplel Charles Bach
Spanish Fantasia L Paloma Ynidler
Orend Selection-!! Trovatore Verdi
Walter-Crescent Allea
Tattoo Comle Fahrbacb
March Punjab Drake
Overtures silver Bell Schleppeorell
Grand Fentalsa Religiose Refuge. ..Bennett
Selection Lucia di Lammermoor. .Doniiettl
Patrol The Blue and the IJray Dalbey
National Anthem The . Star-Spangled
Culls From the Wire
A new panel of twenty taleitmen wr
druwn at St. JoMph under order from
Judno Thomas F. Ryan of the criminal
court to Insure the completion, perhaps
today, of the apodal venire of forty from
which will be chosen a Jury to try Prose
cutor Oacar p. Mc Daniel, alleged wife
Pennione amount! nr to 72,000 were paid
to 331 college and university professors
and 137 widows of professors, during the
last year by the Carnegie Foundation, ac
cording to annual reports of the president
and treasurer, VrS Henry S. Pritchett and
Robert A. Franks, at the annual meeting
ot the trustees at New York.
Formation of the National Industrial Con
ference board with twelve of the most Im
portaot Industrial organisations of the coun
try In Its membership, as a "clearing house
of Information" In the proposed study of
problems confronting manufacturers of the
United States, was announced at Nw Tork
at a meeting of the National Founders
sssoclatloo, an organisation of Iron manu
facturers. A. B. Cowan, district commercial superin
tendent of the Western Union Telegraph
company in charge of Illinois and Iowa,
was appointed general manager of the
Mountain division, comprising sight states,
with headquarters at Denver. The now
appointment will be effective December 1,
Mr. Cowan will succeed W. J. Uoyd, form
erly of Chicago, who asked that he be re
tired after ftfty-ous years of servlcs with
lb Western Unlom.
Ninety-Five Commercial Club
Hustlers Spend Day in
Scout Work.
The ninety-five men who hustled
for more Commercial club members
yesterday afternoon dragged them
selves into the club rooms at 6:30
o'clock last night, washed up their
faces and brushed their hair for the
H. O. Wilhelm, captain of the crew
that set out to drag in the 100 new
members in a single day, headed the
table and managed the evening's en
tertainment. A little hot coffee, a
few slices of hot bread and some
good steak brought new life to the
lanca comrades.
Many of the men who signed up
for membership during yesterday's
campaign were at the tables.. Every
man signed was invited to attend the
dinner and get acquainted and be ini
tiated. . -
The band played ragtime, the col
ored boys danced southern plantation
clogs and the workers delivered im
promptu speeches.
A few weeks ago Wilhelm and his
Hosts attacked the city with a view
to bringing in 100 members in a
three-day campaign. This time they
went out determined to bring in 100
in one day. The task was almost too
much for them, but they came with
a good day's kill just the same.
Now that the work of the various
teams hustling Commercial club
membership yesterday has been
checked up, it is found the committee
brought sixtv-seven membtrshins
actually in the game bag in the eve
ning of a single day's work, and that
some fifteen others promised to send
their checks in by mail at once. Others
are contingent upon this or that so
that it looks as though the 100 mark
for the single day, which was the
goal set, will probably be practically
reached when all the results of yes
terday's work are finally in.
Concert at Gretna by
Creighton Glee Club
Last Saturday evening Prof. Henry
Bock, musical director at Creighton
university, and sixteen members of
the Wee club went to bretna, where
they helped make up a program ar
ranged in honor of Father Wallace of
that p'ace. A home talent play was the
main feature, yet the club successfully
entertained between the acts. Joseph
Ostdick gave a violin solo. John Fer
ris rendered a well received violin
solo, while two numbers which will be
used ht this year's concert, to be
staged some time in February, were
rendered by the club.
It is planned to stage a light opera
as part of this season's concert and
already practice is being held each
Tuesday and Saturday.
High School Students Who
Backed Candidate Addressed
by F. S. HowelL
Thirty-nint young high school
Hughes workers who helped reduce
the Wilson majority in Nebraska
held a banquet at the Rome hotel
last evening.
F. S. Howell, chairman of the re
publican county central committee,
gave them a short talk.
"I regret that the latest returns
from our recent election have some
what cooled the ardor of the pre-election
republican spirit," "id Mr.
Howell, "but a lesson Is to be learned
from one of these campaigns. After
the heat pi the battle has passed we
settle back into an American spirit.
the campaign was a partisan one
where we chose our would-be stand
ard bearer and followed the best
fight that we could to take him to
we nave in this room a type ot
the American citizen and when you
are grown to manhood the future of
the United States will rest in you.
"We sometimes lose dignity in po
litical discussion, but when the elec
tion is over and our president is
chosen it is the duty of every patri
otic citizen, regardless of preference
or tor whom he may have worked,
to assist that president so far as it
is in his power so to do. If he then
does not measure up to your ideal,
cross swords with the party that put
mm tnere, tour years nenct.
The boys showed their appreciation
and republican spirit by giving Mr.
Howell three cheers, followed by
their high school yell, The following
were in auenuance:
Fred Hammell, Wsslsy Ruonet,
Robert BS. Henna, Ralph Khn,
Gran Porter, Weber Onlson,
Edward Munvoe, Gearsa Read,
Milton A. Nelson. Jamea Progestins,
L. H. Green, David Robel,
Tula! Parker, Norman Oarlan,
Karl Kntidaan. Harold Smith,
Georae Buffett, William Campbell,
Willard Lamb, James Granger.
Alfred Kaetman, George West,
Harry Mandel. Carl Harlow,
Prank Toner. Bernard Martin.
Harold Smith. Julian Harrta,
Charlea A. Pule, Jamea T. Lewis.
Otto Nelson Jr., Henry W, Thurman,
ijioat Anaeraon, entries neieon,
Maurlee Street. Albert Ortgeley,
Jonathan Bdwarde, Joe Brieve.
Harold Herring.
Dies From Injuries He
Received Playing Foot Ball
Mexico, Mo., Nov. 15. Hiram Cole,
a 19-year-old student of Central col
lege, Fayelte, Mo., who was injured
in a foot ball game with the Missouri
Military Academy team Monday, died
in a hospital here tonight. Young
Cole never regained consciousness
from the time he was tackled and
struck his head against the froien
IH3-I5I5 Hoard St.
Suggestions for the laving Boom at Our Everyday
Low Prices. Get them before you buy, it will pay you.
Mahogany finished rocker;
lour; spring seat
Mahogany Rocker, antique cane panel
back, auto velour seat.
Mahogany Rocker, In tan, blue and (in m p
velours, back and seat lew.f O
Kumed rocker like iDnstraUon, genuine (tQ TC
leather, auto spring seat POe I O
Overstuffed Davenports In tapes
tries and velours blue, rose and
mulberry. Prices
$29.50, $45; $55, $61.50
Leather davenports Ilka this Illustration, superbly fcCQ 7C
upholstered JOe7e0
l-e. r 1 1
$19.75 $24.75 28.75. These are In genuine quartered oak
frames, upholBtered In a durable fabric, smoothly surfaced tOQ TC
In Imitation leather. The Bed Davenport here shown Pe7 O
The most1 you can do for your
teeth visit your dentist twice a
year and three times a day use
ir. Lyra's
For The Teeth
Powder Cream
Band 3c stamp today for a gensroas trial package of aitbsr
Dr. Lyon's Perfect Tooth Powder or D.nur Cream to
L W. Ltd. Sons, lae, 577 W. 274 St, KW Terfc City
Burgess-Nash Company.
Thursday, November 16, 1916.
Store New for Friday,
Phone D. 137.
T-, f
Remnants of
Silks at 29c
BIG lot of short length! of si Use,
1 to 2H yards In a piece, in
cluding taffetas, foulards and
messalinea, wide rang of desir
able colorings; were 60c to 69s
the ymrd, Friday, the yard, Me.
Burieee-Neaa Co. Boo. Steers Stat,
Were $1.00, 69c
OUR special number in corsets,
an, allover embroidered model,
medium In bust or hip length,
very comfortable, two pair of
hose supporters attached. Regular
price $1.00, reduced to 89.
Bursas a-Nash Caw Poem Statre State,
$2.25 Spreads $1.79
Heavy crochet bed spreads, as
sorted patterns, full double bed
site, hemmed edge, snow white;
Friday, only $1.7 each.
. Huck Towels, 7c
Bleached huck towels, medium
size, good weight, plain white or
with red borders; Friday, only
7e each.
Battenberg Centers, 39c
24-inch battenberg center
pieces, round or square, sew de
signs; Friday, only, each 39c.
75c to $1.00 Scarfs, 59c
Fine scarfs, 18x54-inch, lac
trimmed, assorted styles, alt-over
broken lota that were 76c, 86c and
$1.00, at one price to close, Fri
day, 89 each. Ca. Daw Stairs Start.
Odd Lot of Cot
ton Goods at 5c
VARIOUS odd lots of all kinds
of cotton goods, including 36
inch fancy printed silkalines; a
most desirable lot, at, yard, Sc.
Burgeaa-Naeh Co. Down Stairs Store.
Two Big Specials
In Blankets at
59c and $1.98
SIZE 66x80 and 70x80, fancy
plaid and gray, white and tan,
wool-finished, double blankets,
nicely bound, with pretty borders;
on sale at, pair, 11.98.
Blanket at 59c
Gray, white and tan single
blankets, several hundred to select
from, but you will find these to
be such a desirable bargain that
the lot cannot last all day; limit of
four to each customer. We ad
vise forenoon purchasing. 4
each, 59c.
Bursese-Naeh Co. Down Stake Store.
39c Wool Flan
nels at 18c Yard
STRIPED and plain colored, 27
inch wool flannels for dresses,
waists, shirts and children's gar
ments; new remnants of the 39c
grade; at, yard, 18c.
10c to 15c Flannels
Friday, 8V2C Yard
86-inch unbleached
shaker flannel
I I -men IOC grout: m-1 Belt, to
mono IlanneiS I cheoea frees.
27-inch 12V4c grade) at, yard
ner..?? QVzc
27-inch 10c grade
white baby flannel
Burfess-Nssh Co. Down Stain Store.
Extra Special
Women's Serge Dresses
Specially Underpriced, at
PRACTICAL dresses some
are embroidered with beads
and silk, others with novelty
trimmings, all have large collar;
some tailored models; we con
aider them extreme values at the
price, Friday, SS.95.
Women's Serge
Dresses at $9.95
Pretty plaited models of a
good quality of serge, with col
ored embroidery trimmed belts,
also the fitted styles, with white
flannel collars; the colors are
burgundy, navy and brown, also
black ; special, at $9.95.
Children's Cotton Dresses, Were
$1.00, Special, 79c
Made long sleeves, and trimmed with red or blue
ties, and buttons, black and white checks only, for ages
6 tO 14 years, Bureee-Ns Ce Oewa Steers Store.
Boys' Chinchilla Overcoats
That Are Usually $5.00
PARENTS with a boy or two to clothe
will appreciate the very special
overcoat value in the Down Stairs Store
for Friday. , ,
Boys' overcoats, made of a good qual
ity chinchilla in blue or gray, button-to-the-neck
styles, belt or full back.
Coats in sizes for ages 2V4 to 9 years,
that were intended to retail at $5.00;
very special for Friday, at $3.45."
Bsrfeee-Neek Ce. Deem Stairs Store.
The Best SHOE Values in
the Down Stairs Store Friday
npHREE unusually big values for Friday Women's
1 Bhoes at less than the cost of making, girls' sample
shoes at one-third the regular price, boys' sample shoes
that cannot be duplicated.
The women s shoes in two lots
Wnmn' tnin metal calf . Were to $4,
Women's tan Russia calf
Women's black kid skin
Women's patent colt
Girls' Shoes to $3.50 for $2.55
The girls' samples in dull calf skin,
gun metal and kid, were $3.00 and
$3,50, for $2.55.
Boys' Shoes to $4.00 for $2.55.
The boys' samples in black calfskin,
tan oil grain and kid skin, were $3.60
and $4.00, for $2.55.
Burteaa-Neok Ce. Dowe Stain Store.
7f a
Men's Flannel Shirts, $1.45, $1.15
jLAT collars, coat style, pockets; gray, tan, brown
mixed, navy blue ; all sizes to 17 ; these are extreme
values ana snouia interest any
man who has need of extra-warm
clothing ; Friday, $1.45 and $1.15.
Men's Under Shirts, 98c
Sample Under Shirts, all wool samples
on the road this season, only soiled and
mussed, but the price quoted is less
than one-half what they would sell for
if not samples; Friday, 98c.
Men's Sweater Coats
Shaker knit rope stitch and made of
worsted yarn, all weights to coats that
weigh 28 pounds to the dozen; made
with pockets and rough neck collar, also
without collar, one number with white
stripes around the body; prices for Fri
day, men's section, Down-Stairs Store,
at 13.46, $2.98, 11.69 and 98c
Men's Hosiery, 15c
Gray and Oxford wool and black fleece lined cotton hose; extra
value, ISc. "Hickory" one-half hose, black, gray and tan, 12 Me.
Burssss-Wesh Co- Down -Stairs Store.
Cold Weather Needs for the Home
Majestic Electric
Heaters, f 3.7S Tal
lin, at ...$2.50
Furnace scoops, D han
dle, at 39c.
Perfection blue flame
oil heater, smokeless and
odorless, 4-qt. font, spe
cial, $2.95.
Blued steel elbows, spe
cial, 8c
Laundry stoves, 2-hole,
special, $2.98.
Buck's Round Oak heat
ers, very economical to
operate, good size; spe
cial, $7.50.
"Alcazar" combination
coal and gas range, full
nickel trimmed, white
enameled splasher back,
complete with boiler and
warming closet, special,
Blued steel stove pipe,
full size, at 10c.
Barfoeo-Naeb Co.. Poem-Jtalr. Store.
Hods ,
16-inch japan
ned coal hods,
open, special, 19e
16-inch japan
ned coal hod,
with hood, spe
cial, 25c.
Remnants of
Dress Goods 29c
Short lengths of dress goods, hv
eluding challis, plain weaves, suit
ings, checks and stripes, lengths
1)4 to S yards, good selection of
colon; were to 49c the yard, Fri
day, at yard, lie . .
Barfoaa-Nasa Ce. Does, Seatra Store.
Women's Hose 25c
WOMEN'S black cotton fleeced
lined hose with split soles,
full fashioned, regular made foot;
special, at, pair, 25.
Children's Cotton Hose, 15e
Children's black cotton hose;
plain or fleeced lined; seamless)
Friday, at, IS.
Burgoaa-Naah Co. -Dtn Stair. Store.
Women's Union
Suits at 50c Each
WOMEN'S union suits, white
cotton, law neck and sleeve
less, Dutch neck and elbow sleeves,
high neck and long sleeves; all an
kle lengths; per suit, SOc
Children's Vesta, 25c
Children's plain or ribbed fleeee
lined vests, sample sises only, js
Burioea-rtae Co.. Door. Stairs Stare,
Notion Specials
50-yard spool sawing silk; spool
forSH. ..TUT.
200-yard spool machine thread,
spool. 2M,
Children's hose supporters, at,
pair, 7c.
Shopping bags, each, 10c.
Novelty wash trimmings, It
yard holte for a.
Fancy trimming buttons, all
styles and kinds, dosen, !.
Steel thimbles, each la.
Bone hair pins, box Be.
, Kid curlers, all sizes, dosen, to. 1
Large bottle machine oil, So.
Rick-Rack braid, bolt of yards, 1
t 7&
Darning cotton, 4 spools S.
Pearl buttons, dosen, 2 He.
Scissors and shears, pair, MM.
Bias tape, 12-yard bolt, for as.
Tatting shuttle, eaoh 8.
Safety pins, 2 cards, Be. "
Wire hairpins, package, 1. ,'
Men's shirt bands, each 2 He.
Biarsooa-Nsaa Coy Poem atair. Stare. ,
Toilet Goods
Household ammonia, 1 quart, 10,
One lot toilet soaps. 10c values, 7.
Urge powder puffs, special, 10.
Peroxide, 20c bottle for 10.
Cold cream, special, at 10. ,
Talcum powder, ISo size, 10.
Tooth powder, special, at 10c.
Bacabelli pure eastils, bar, 10.
Hot water bottles, 2-quart sise,
guaranteed, 11.26 kind, ,
Cocoanut oil soap, 7 cakes, 25.
Surgeei-Wasa Co-Doerm Stair, Stesa,
Val Laces at
lc per Yard
VAL lace Insertions, assortment
of patterns; very special, Fri
day, at, yard, lc.
Neckwear at Is '
Odd pieces of women's neck
wear that is somewhat soiled and
mussed; special, Friday, at le.
Sample Pieces of
Laces, Nets Etc. 10c
Sample pieces of laces, nets and '
embroideries, from to 1 yard
long; special, Friday, at 10c.
Embroideri, 5c
Lot of embroidery edges and in
sertions: assortment of designs;
special, Friday, at 5 the yard.
Handkerchiefs, 3c.
Women's handkerchiefs, assort
ed styles and kinds; special for
Friday, each, 3c.
Mufflers at 15.
Mufflers for men and women,
big line for selection; special, Fri
day, at IS.
Buraoae-Naeli Co. Down Stair. Stan. :
Diamond "C" Laundry Soap,
10 Bars 24c
Cudahys White Borax Naptha,
10 Bars 34c
Codahy's Pearl White Soap,
10 Bars 34c
Fels-Naptha Soap,
10 Bars 38c
Light House Cleaner,
3 cans 10c
Sani Flush, ' , ,1
1 can 17c
BurfM.-Neul. Cfc Down Stein Star