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Prof. Pinard Urges School Girl
Be Taught Laws of Eight
(Correspondence of The Associated Press.)
Paris, Oct. 24. "French families
could be as large as those of any
country, not excepting Germany, '
said Prof. A. Pinard of the French
Academy of Medicine in an interview
with the Associated Press.
Prof. Pinard, who has devoted the
last two years to the care of "war
babies," is one of France's most emi
nent physician and perhaps the best
authority on the phsiology of re
population. He declares that the
trouble with the birth rate of France
is a voluntary resistance, with econ
omic reasons at the bottom of it.
The state must get at those reasons,
lie says, and overcome them by ap
propriate legislation, while the in
dividual must learn more concerning
what makes a numerous and phys
ically superior populaton. Eugenics
he regards as certain to have an
enormous influence on the future of
the human race, while a theory of
his own that he has named Eugen
neticjue, will facilitate the practical
application of eugenics. He is now
appealing to parliament to enforce
the applcation of his doctrine by ob
ligatory education of the future
mother while she is still a school girl
Puericultute, as he calls it or moral
and physical education combined he
wants taught as currently as reading,
writing and arithmetic.
: Mother Against Mare.
"Blind reproduction must disap
pear," was the professor's comment
on eugenics. "In our country the fu
ture mother is not from any point of
view placed on an equal footing with
a thoroughbred brood mare.
"We have laws for the protection
of both animals and children after
birth the child alone lacks protec
tion before birth, and the result is
such as shown by the statistics of the
Baudelocque clinic; out of 10,000 chil
dren that left the clinic alive, 5,397
were prematurely born.
"Legislators look upon my propo
sition as revolutionary even im
moral. I am not afraid of their ap
preciation, for I am Frenchman
first, then a 'puericulteur.' To render
the fatherland more powerful, to pre
serve and improve the human species
and tighten family ties, are ambitions
that are moral enough for me even
if they are revolutionary,
, War Babies Best.
"Nevelr before were there born in
Paris such, strong and handsome
babies as during this war," Prof.
Pinard declared. "They are a strik
ing example of what may be accom
plished by better care of mothers and
their offspring the result of a
spontaneous effort from every direc
tion to do something for France, for
the defenders of France, and for the
wives and children of the soldiers left
at home without protection. At the
bureau of vital statistics, upon the
declaration of the birth of a child,
every mother was sought out and, if
she needed assitancc, she got it, while
mothers were prevailed upon more
than ever to nurse their own children;
in consequence, the 'war generation'
will be a rugged one. ,
' "Large families are not found
among the thoughtful and prudent,'.'
Prof. Pinard points out, as proof that
restriction of births is the result of
reflection. "They are only among
those whose circumstances permit
them to neglect prudence, or amonf.
those who do not think, who live
from day to day. from hand to mouth,
and never worry about the future.
Prudence embracing economy a
native quality in the French char
acter, carried to excess, is, if not the
only cause, the most potent influence
in the restriction of births,
"France of late years has been oc
cupied in saving and spending; new
social laws have continually increased
public expenditures and added to the
family man's taxes, until just before
the war the budget amounted to 125
francs ($25) a head for every inhab
itant. . ,
Cost of Children. ' "
'The man with a large family is
more heavily taxed under our system
than the childless couple or the
bachelor, many of whom escape taxa
tion altogether. The cost of raising
a family went up continually, while
the heads of families did not derive
from these social laws the profit that
was promised to offset the disad
vantages. "The possibility of remedying the
situation by legislation has already
been proven," said Dr. Pinard, who
urges the adoption of the law pro
posed by Monsieur Benazet, deputy
of the Indre. . "The law of 1813 that
dispensed young married men from
military service resulted in an in
crease of 12 per cent in births in two
years. " -"
, "The 'regretted General Gallieni,
who realized the danger and was a
man of action, succeeded by mere ad
ministrative measures in obtaining a
like result in Madagascar wheri he
was governor-general of that colony.
In 1900 there were 38 births per 1,000
inhabitants there; they rose to 45 in
m, to 47 in 1902 and to 51 in 1903.
Parliamentary action on such ques
tions is slow; it required some mo
mentous event, such as the present
war, to stir every mind to the neces
sity of action. ,
Family System Right.
"The bringing up of children in
public institutions is a failure," Prof,
Pinard declares. "France will re
people itself only through the family.
That systems which separate the
mother from her offspring are de
fective, is proven by the report of
JJr. Drouincau on 200,000 children
confided to the 'Assiastance Publipue,'
of whom only a third were brought
to manhood.
"Instead of substituting itself for
the mother, charity or common jus
tice must enable the mother to raise
ber own child properly." -
Irish Health Fails to
Please American Officials
(Correspondence of ttu Asaoelaisa Frees.)
Dublin, Oct. 5. The Irish Times
reports the arrival of regular weekly
batches of men and women stated to
be compulsorily returned from the
United States in consequence of the
strict requirements of the American
immigration law. Some of the home
comers, it is said, will try again when
their health gives -better prospect of
satisfying the American medical offi-era.
THE COUNTESS OF KINGSTON, hero in this country to .id
disabled Irish soldiers and sailors. The Earl of Kingston,
a captain in the" Irish Guard, had his legs shattered, but after
a period at a base hospital in England returned to the front,
where he now is.
London Financiers Prepare an
Elastic Currency System to
' Compete With America.
4' .
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A i f At Ak."
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French Soldiers
Get Tons of Mail
(Corrpondiio of Th AuoclateS Prn.)'
Paris, Oct 10. The French sol
diers' correspondence now amounts
to nearly 4,500,000 pieces per day.
They receive an average of 4,000,000
ordinary letters, 300,000 registered
letters, 10,000 postal and telegraphic
money orders, and 50,000 newspapers.
It keeps busy a staff of more than
2,000 special employes at the central
clerks sufficed during the first three
months of the war, for an average of
600,000 letters and 40 000 pacakages.
i The present staff handles 220 tons
of matter per day, and it requires
forty-four cars of the French standard
size to distribute it among the prin
cipal headquarters behind the front.
The soldiers' mail now equals the
ordinary peace time postal traffic for
the entire country and the letters
alone are triple the ordinary distribu
tions in the city of Paris.
Persistence Is the Cardinal Virtue
in Advertising.
(Corr-Mpondenec of tho Associated Press)
London, Oct. 10. The most definite
attempt to deal with the financial side
of the trade problems that will-arise
after the war is proposed by the de
partmental committee, , which sug
gests the establishment of a British
trade bank, under royal charter, with
a capital of 10.000,000 sterling and
a first issue of from 2,500,000 to
5,000,000, a further issue being made
afterwards, if possible, at a premium.
The bank would not accepti deposits
t call or notice, and only open cur
rent accounts for parties who pro
posed to make use of the overseas
facilities which it would afford.
The bank would enter into bank
ing agency arrangements with exist
ing colonial or British foreign banks,
and would have power to set up
branches or agencies where no British-foreign
bank of importance exists.
Where desirable the bank would co
operate with the merchant and manu
facturer and possibly accept risks
upon joint account, and would he
come a center for syndicate operations,
availing itself of the special knowl
edge which it would possess through
its information bureau. .
British Equipped.
In leading up to its conclusions (lie
committee says that from careful
study of the evidence taken and
knowledge of banking arrangements
and facilities, there exist to a con
siderable extent afc, the present time
in this country the machinery and fa
cilities for the financing both of home
trade and of large overseas contracts
and for carrying through much of the
business which has been done by for
eign banks.
"The British banks afford, we be
lieve, liberal accommodations to the
home producer," the eport proceeds.
"Similarly the colonial banks and
British foreign banks and banking
houses render immense assistance to
British trade abroad and certainly in
the far east and in many' parts of
South Africa banking facilities do not
fall short of those of any other na
tion. We find also that in the case
of large contract operations British
contractors, with the assistance of
financial houses, have in the past
been ready to provide large amounts
of capital and to take considerable
risks in connection with the oper
ations which they have undertaken.
Lack of Harmony.
"Our arrangements r faulty in
our not co-ordinating ..u. , of the
facilities mentioned. We recognize
also that the British manufacturers
may be frequently in Want of finance
of a kind which a British joint-stock
bank with liabilities as above de
scribed could not prudently provide,
read Tires
Help the Grip of the Brake
Goodrich Fair-List Prices
Sum WjKlH til. IhfcgTr
30x3 $10.40 34x4 22.40
30x3H 13.40 34x4tt 30.05
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33x4 I 22.00 1 1 37x5 I 37.35
WHEN you slam on the
brakes in the tight pinch
of sudden danger, it puts confi
dence in your heart and firm
ness in your hand to know that
you have Goodrich Black Safety
Tread Tires under you.
i . i
Note the common sense of
the non-skid pattern of the Good
rich Black Safety Tread. Its five
parallel fingers and cross-tie
throw a right-angled bar against
any skid forward or side.
' That is why, rain or shine,
it helps put fair weather under
your car.
Moreover, that simple, effect
ive design takes the wear off
the body of the tire, and gives
it longer life.
Small wonder that when
one considers Goodrich Black
Safety Tread Tires are sold on
a one-price basis, the same
prices to everyone the Fair
List Prices knowing motor
car owners regard them as the
ideal fabric tires.
Tfie B.F. Goodrich Qxsmkron,Ohio.
Best m the Long Run
Phono Douglas 3308.
Omaha Tire Repair Go.
' HENRY NYGAARD, Proprietor
2201 Farnam Street Tyler 1552
whereas the German banks in par
ticular seem to have been able to af
ford special assistance at the inception
of undertakings of the most varied
description and to have laid them
selves out for stimulating their pro
motio i and for carrying them to a
successful completion.
"The trade bank would in many
ways be benficial to the development
of British industry and manufactures,
ft might in certain cases, after care
ful examination, agree to make ad
vances for the extension of existing
manufacturing plants or perhaps for
the amalgamation or co-ordination of
certain works, so as to reduce the cost
of production. It would assist these
works to obtain orders abroad and
give them reasonable facilities for
executing these orders.
Socialistic Idea.
'If financial assistance is erven bv
the government to undertakings in
connection with what are known as
'key' industries, the business should.
it possible, be done through the me
dium of the institution, and it should
be appointed an agent for carrying
through the foreign commercial and
financial transactions in which the
government is interested." ,
'Among many other suggestions is
one for an up-to-date information bu
reau which will be independent of
the commercial intelligence depart
ment of the Board of Trade, but in
close touch with it. This bureau
should organize and keep up to date
the status of firms abroad. It should
secure the earliest information from
abroad of new business openings,
large contracts offering state and
other loans and issue proposals.
The scheme has been fairly well
received in commercial and banking
Cattle Show in Argentine
Marked by Good Prices
(Correspondence of Th Associated Press.)
Riipnns Air, amntin. n. A
The Argentine Rural society celebrat
ed its fiftieth anniversary with the re
cent annual cattle show at Palermo,
which was favored by 6ne weather
and good prices. For the first time
American citizens acted as judges of
the blooded stock shown. The Short
horn bull, Camp Hero, bred in this
country by Senor Pedro T, Pages,
was given the championship, but the
animal was not placed on sale, the
owner choosing to retain it for stud
The reserve champion Durham was
disposed of for $50,000 paper and an
other animal of the same category
Drought $55,000. More sensational
sales have been witnessed, but consid
ering present conditions the recent
show gave decisive proof of the repub
lic's financial ability and confidence in
the future of the grazing industry.
A Good Cough Bomedr.
Dr. Bell's Pins-Tar-Honey will esse your
cough, soothe the raw spots and prevent
serious hint aliments, ito. Atl drugftits
Satisfactory Furniture
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