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Friday, November 10, 1916.
Burgess-Nash Store News for Saturday.
Saturday Will Be Another Busy Day-The, Fourth of Our Uniqu
Phone Douglas 137
Here's your "SUGAR PLUM" for Saturday
with a purchase amounting to $5X0 or over
This $5.00 v s
Silk Petticoat
Made of beautiful taffeta silk of superior quality, in
an unusually attractive style, with elastic top. All the sea
son's newest shades and popular bright colorings, includ
ing newest changeable effects. Full sweeping petticoat with flounces
and silk underlay; regular price, $5.00. :
T. .. . .,, BURGESS-NASH CO.
r Limit oi one (1) to a customer.
Women's "Burnasco" Quality SILK
FINE quality black, in extra sizes, double garter tops, full
fashioned, regular made foot.
Women's Black Silk Boot Hose, 60c
Extra sizes, with mercerized double garter top, full
fashioned, regular made foot, Burnasco quality.
Women's Black Cotton Hose, 39c
"Burnasco" quality, extra sizes, double garter top, full
fashioned, regular made foot. Bur,M.-N..h c..-m nr.
Women's Fleeced Union Suits 85c
WHITE Cotton, fleece lined, dutch neck, elbow sleeves
or low neck and sleeveless, ankle length, sizes 40,
42 and 44..
Women's Cotton Union Suits, $1.25
Low neck and sleeveless, ankle length; dutch neck ana
elbow sleeves; also high neck and long sleeves, sizes 40, 42
and 44, at, $1.25 per suit.
Every woman will be
interested in this announcement
Too Many Trimmed Hats Brings About These
Extraordinary Reductions for Saturday
'THAT'S exactly it Too many trimmed hats in our stock at this time and this is the
group WC 6 decided to reduce tne number by clipping the price quite severely. Four
that were to $5.00 for
Burgm-NMh Co. Second Floor. ' " "
Just received "for November
Selling, new creations in
that were to $12.50 for
that were to $7.50 for
that were to $35.00 for
Burf -Nh Co. Main Floor.
Men's Sterling
Belt Buckles $3.50
HAND cut pierced monogram
sterling Bilver belt buckles,
complete with leather belt, two or
three initials, choice of a good, se
lection of styles, at, $3.50.
La Vallieres, $1.00
Sterling silver la vallieres, dain
ty styles, set with fine quality
white stones, chain and pendant,
each in a gift box, at $1.00.
Pearl Bead, $1.50
The most popular bead of the
day. A 27-inch graduated white
pearl, special, at $1.S0.
Perfume Ball, 50c
Dainty enameled perfume balls
on a silk gros grain ribbon, SOc.
Bread Trays, $1.50
Sheffield plated bread trays,,
with thread pattern border, $1.50.
Mustard Jars, 25c
Cut glass mustard jars with sil
ver plated tops, 25c:
Burn..Na.h Co. Main Floor.
Yes, These Burgess-Nash
SUITS at $25.00
Are the Biggest Values in Town
1 Kl .1 - .
ai nywnere in ear tne rnce
AND if you will go in Saturday and look through L
the line there is no doubt hut. that vnn will snv
so yourself. fcA
"""j gai mem, possesses an me poinis mere are
to a suit thorough satisfaction with the way it fits,
the, way it's made and the way it looks and wears,
strictly hand-tailored throughout made to conform
with the rigid requirements of the
"Beirgess-Maslhi Stamdairdr
which means the best possible at the price. In styles
and fabrics everything that is new is represented,
The tailoring shows the master touch of America's
greatest designers.
Altogether these suits prove for themselves that
they are the best values in town at the price. We
have your size prove it for yourself.
And When It Comes to
OVERCOATS at $16.50
Georgette and Crepe de Chine Blouses at
$5.00, $5.95, $6.50 to $10.00
THE most wonderful blouses and the most wonderful values in blouses
it has been our privilege to offer in a long time.
, One hundred of them in a special purchase just received from one
of the best New York makers, on sale Saturday.
Georgette and crepe de chines, in flesh, white and navy; many
new styles, in the group, featuring new sleeves, new "jabot" ideas, deep
yokes, narrow box plaits, new cuffs, new collars specially priced,
i BurgeM-Nuh Co. Soeond Floor, k . .
"Party and Dancing Slippers"
The Newest Lasts and Patterns
MODELS that will not be found elsewhere in
the City.( The prices range from $4.00 to
BLACK and. white satin with Louis heels,
$4.00 the pair.
BEAUTIFUL beaded vamps, in black and
white satin: also 'mat kid with Lnnis ViopIo
$5.00 the .pair. !
DATENT kid, glazed kid and dull
-I- kid evening and spat Datterns
with Louis Covered heels, $7.00 pair.
And the most dainty display of
fancy novelty slippers we have shown.
I - Burgess-Nash Special Boots, $4.00.
Our Burgess-Aash special boots for women in dull calf
kidskin and patent are the best possible values, at $4.00 pair
Burgeaa-Nash Soeond Floor.
Gloves for Women and Children
JJ OMEN'S French kid gloves, made of selected French
National skins, sewed pique or overseam, handsome
emoroicierea Dack and y2-mch bandalette cuff. Black,'
wiiitq.aiiu tuiuia. A.Ull llle pair.
Women' Glace Kid Gloves. $1.25 tn SI Kn
Women's 2-clasp overseam glace gloves,4lack, white
ana colors, at $i.ou ana $1.25 tne pair. , ' '
Wah Leather Gloves, $1.75 and $2.00
;In pearl, ivory, sand, French gray and pegalle, excep
tional quality leather, guaranteed washable. .
Children' Glove, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50.
In a large variety of styles, some with silk lining, others
have warm fleece lining; $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 the pair.
Burf..-Naah Co. Main Floor.
Drug Specials
Hot water bottle, guaranteed, 2
quart size, $1.25 value, 59c.
Pebeco. tooth paste, SOc size 29c
Combination fountain syringe
and hot water bottle, guaranteed,
2-quart size, 95c.
Java rice powder, 50c size, 25c.
Hughes' Ideal vulcanized rub
ber back, bristles guaranteed not
to pull out or push in; also a white
ivory comb, special, at 95c.
Honey and Almond cream, 19c.
FREE Three cakes of Palmolive
soap with a 50c jar of Palmolive
cream or a SOc box of Palmolive
face powder, 80c value at 44e.
White ivory powder box and
puff, at 50c.
Burfou-Naah- Co. Main Floor.
Chrysanthemums 10c
T ARGE, fresh cut chrysan
themums with long stems,
for 10c. v
Roses, in all the shades, fresh
cut, dozen, 49c.
Violets and carnations at spe
cial prices.
Bur(....Nah Co. Mala Floor.
Saturday Evening
' 5:30 to 8 p.m.
Splendid Service,
Best Cuisine.
Buri..-Naah Co. Crkk.t Room
You Cannot Duplicate the Values
Study, if you wish, descriptions of new fabrics.
new weaves, new effects, new ideas Then come and
find tb.em all literally built into Burgess-Nash Over
coats. We can afford to emphasize almost to the
point of "bragging" in advertising such merchan
dise, smart styles, all the desired weaves, nil th rioo
style features and the price is but $16.50. Co. Fourth Floor.
WERE TO $3.00
You can irot
off easy with
your election bet
with one of these
hat specials Sat
urday at $1.45.
Either soft or
stiff styles, in a
variety of shapes
and shades. Hats
that' were $3.00,
specially reduced
to - close out
quickly, at 11.45.
BurfO...Na.h Co. Fourth Floor.
mm:, !
Boy's Knickerbocker SUITS
With 2 pairs of Pants, $4.95
K NICKER styles for ages 6 to 17 years. Coats, Norfolk,
loose belted and pinch back styles, pants lined through
out. Extensive range of materials and colorings. At $4.95.
Boys' furnishings
Boys' caps in variety of styles and patterns, at SOe and J 1.00. .
Boys' hats, very latest styles, at SOc and 1.00.
Boys' leather dress gloves, fleece lined, at 65. pair. -Boys'
gauntlet glove, leather facedf'fleec lined; special, at 55c
and $1.00 a pair.
Burgo...Naah Co. Fourth Floor. .
Meiil Here's a; GLOVE "Snap" You
Can't Afford to Overlook at $1.15
..- , . .: ;.
BIG assortment of dress and lined, both silk fnd wool lined gloves, consisting of cape skin,
suedes, kid, and in fact, all the leathers used in the making of good gloves for men!
rAminff o4- Vi Kaivinniniy n-f 4-Vi t spIxita mni!nn sno . tl.!. ....11 "- . -.- t l
v wiv ui-giuimifi wi "! Rivvo Treating DCttBUll, HUB Will m Call tfc ., V
substantial saving to the man "who knows." Sale price, pair, $1.15. . . .
Men's Sample Union Suits $1.98 and $1.45
All the sample union suits from a flgua, Ohio. mill, makinar noth-. -
ing but high grade underwear. Worsted yarn and some mixtures of wool
and cotton. A saving ot over on union suits; it should claim rour at
tention ; sale price, $1.98 and $1.45.
Men's Coat Shirts Saturday at $1.00
Men's plaited and soft shirts, stiff and French cuffs, reduced V
for Saturday's selling, sizes 14 to 17, all coat style, sale price, $1.00.
Burtoo.-N.ah Co. Main Floor.
Every Express Brings Us-
At $25, $29.50, $35 and $50
AND they were never so good-looking. They're ample and generous as to cut, gracefully
------ .-.. ..-..-w, ... vi lur or mr inmming. oome nave belt and
loose hanging back, others show the outline of the -figure.
Velour, Vicuna, Bolivia and Broadcloth in black, navy, beet root, chartreuse, gold and
brown. Fore than a hundred styles.
New Plush Coat Arrivals
Manv new stvles in loose swino- tvnoo witn i n , . .
. , . t , . , , -j f-" ...v.. ..r. DuaiJCB in tuiiuia, new iurs ior tnm-
.ming, linings beautiful, plush quality standard, $23.00 to $50.00.
Pretty, New Trimmed
Hats That Were
$5.00 to $7.50
THAT'S the big millinery item from the Down
Stairs Store for Saturday. Made of good qual
ity silk velvet in the" favored sailor shapes and chic
turbans, colonial pokes and other smart models.
It's clearing time in this section of our store and
this is the way we do It reduce the price for quick
disposal $1.79. Bur...-Na.h Co. Down Stair. Star..
Again Saturday We Offer You
Women's High Shoes to $4 at $2.19
One big lot, including shoes intend
ed to sell to $4.00, your choice, $2.19.
Women's patent colt with Cuban and low heels
Women'i gun metal calf, cuban and low heels.
Women's vici kid, button, lace, cuban or low
Women's tan calfskin, low walking heels.
Women's patent colt with cloth tops.
Women's patent colt, button, kid top.
Women's dull calf with medium and low heels.
Women's kid lace comfort shoes, rubber heels.
The entire lot is composed of sensible, ser
viceable shoes, at less than the cost of making.
. Burg...-N.h Co. Down Stair. Stor..
These Serge
Were Intended to Sell to $17.50
AND they're worth it, too, made of super
ior quality of serge, in the very latest
styles, pleated effects with
colored embroidery belts, fit-'
ted basque and plaited skirts
made tunic effect. Some have
satin sleeves, flannel collars
and button trimmed. .
The colors are navy, bur
gundy, green and brown;
sizes, for women and misses.
French Serge
.Dresses at $5.95
Here's another remark
able value in the Down Stairs
Store for Saturday. French
serge dresses- in the most de
sirable colors, with satin col
lar, button trimmed, pleated
waist and ribbon ties.
Bur(....Na.h Co. Down Stair. Storo.
Burgess-Mash GoMPliY.
"pP DVD r-MTv'e! Sr,NBE
DirtiiiRUI-4cM Moor.
aaal w a. a aw Wt I W HI Vnlaf