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Arrested at Des Moines in Com
- pany With Oirl From
The Day of Days
(Krom a surf Correspondent.)
' Des Moines, la., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) R. Van Wie, general
for the Guaranty Life Insurance com
pany of Davenport, is held here on
charges of violating the Mann act
and is awaiting action under $2,5000
bond in the federal court
; Van Wie wasarrested this afternoon
with Grace Eske, an Aberdeen, S. D.,
stenographer, at the Holland apart
ments, where they had registered as
,man and wife. The arrest followed
receipt of a telegram from the father
of the girl, William Eske. The girl
nade affidavit today that she was
brought here by Van Wie, and he en
tered a plea of guilty on arrignment
It was given out at the marshal's of
fice that Van Wie has a wife and
daughter at Indianapolis, Ind.
4 - . Need Farm Experts.
' "We must place a doctor of agricul
ture in every community, must ar
range for him to spend all of his time
at the work and must pay him ac
cording to his ability and the work
he performs," said President G. C.
Crceland of the Ontario Agricultural
college in addressing members of the
Agricultural round table at the state
teachers' meeting Friday. Present
methods, he said, are not calculated
to instill into entire communities the
(progressive tendencies brought to
them by the few who received an ag
ricultural training elsewhere. He said
lit , nnlv through these farm ex-
Iperti that permanent results in the
way o! progressive agrrcuuuic wum
be obtained.
Estates Pay Tax.
Fifty-nine estates paid $29,668 in
collateral inheritance tax tcr the state
in October, according to the report
of Quincy A. Willis, deputy treasurer
ot state, int estate oi wuour n.
McNeill of Mahaska county, paid the
largest tax. The state received $10,-
1395 on $186,759, which went to col-
lateral heirs. The tax assessed is 5
sper cent of the total sum which went
to collateral heirs.
' New Business Firms. "
Articles of incorporation were filed
with the secretary of state today as
follows: , Iowa Gas and Electric
company, Washington, la., capital
stock, $600,000; George S. Carson is
chairman and H. F. Derbyshire sec
retary. The Centerville Motof com
pany of Centerville, capital stock,
6.000: oresident. W. G. Turner! sec-
Sretary-treasurer, T. E. Calle n, both of
' t CI .... w- P.nnaHii nm.
'pany of Cedar Rapids, capital stock,
($50,000; president, John M. Redmond;
' secretary-treasurer, M. M. Thompson.
(Trego-Bevington Auto company, Des
Moines, capital $10,000; president, R.
jW. Trego; secretary, Elmer L. Bev-
mgton. The Schowb-Miller Engi
neering company, Iowa City, capital
stock, ?9,UW; president, . a. mil,
low Cityl secretary-treasurer, M,( E.
$chwob, Iowa City.
..... . , Hatton Tuition Cist. '
Thomas D. Hatton, whose parents
.formerly lived in Creston, but now
make their home in Dakota City, will
test out the tuition law maintained by
the Des Moines school board through
i a case in the supreme court. The
I district court here ruled that Hatton
owed the Des Moines school district
$50.75, He has appealed on the
grounds that this was his home. He
was not permitted ".to graduate from
i the high school because of this unpaid
tuition.; ; v , '"v.' ..-
National Guards of
Sundry States Eeady
; To CastTheir Votes
' ' Ef Paso, Tex, Nov. 6. All details
have been completed in National
Guard camps in this division for tak
ing the vote of guardsmen tomorrow.
In the Pennsylvania camp election
. commissioners have arranged -for the
'soldiers to vote under their super
vision. Each company has selected
its own. election officers and ballots
'will be distributed tomorrow morn
jing by the commissioners. The bal
, lots will be collected after the sol
idiera have voted and wilt be taken
; back to Harrisburg. ,
t A similar arrangement has been
jnnde in the Massachusetts and Con-
necticut camps here and at the Dela
ware camp at Deming, N. M.
Roth Claim Montana.
Helena, Mont., Nov. (. Wllsoa will carry
Montana by at least IS.OoO, according to a
toracast mad today by tho dcmocratlo na
tional oommuiM. i n republican slate com
mittee claims the state for Hushu by 11,000.
Mow to Can Coughs and Colds.
Keep out of drafts, avoid exposure. Sat
and live rliht and taks Dr. Klits'a New
Discovery, la ase over years. Guaran
teed. All druttlts.-Advertlsemerit.
Trunk, Bag or Suitcase
ShovJd Corns From
' "Omaha's Beflt Bag-gsn Builders."
Life insurance is an txception (1)
to the rule "Don't buy a thing until
you need it;" and (2) in that its cost
has not increased along with prae-
1 ticaiiy everything else. 11 one waits
.until h actually needs life insurance,
. he cannot then get it. Insurance com
f panics insure only sound lives. Im
: paired lives are denied all the atand
jard policies. The percentage which
i companies reject is greater than their
i death rate percentage. : .
If you have no life Insurance, the
Him to miks your application ia when
j you are in good health. While the
. cost of insurance has not advanced,
yet the premium does increase with
each year of added age. The younger
the age at which policy is taken, the
smaller the premium.
The Midwest Life
1 . of Lincoln Nskrsaks
' M.-I. SSELL, President
Guaranteed Cost Ufa Insurance
f Continued from Paso. One,)
tween Sailly-Sailliscl Tn7 St. Pierre-
Vaast wood they were able to .recap
ture some positions in the wood and
in the village, of Saillisel, just to the
After long interval, the resump
tion of active operations in Dobrudja
is reported from Bucharest, which
announces a Roumanian victory. Rou
manian troops are declared to have
taken the offensive north of Hirsova
and driven Field Marshal von Mack,
ensen 1 troops irom several villages,
which were set on fire as they were
being evacuated.
German Official Report. '
Berlin, Nov., 6. (By Wireless to
Sayville.I The British and French.
using the strongest forces, made con
tinuous attacks yesterday on the
Somme front. The war office an
nounces that the German troops with
stood tnse attacks unshaken.
The statement follows:
"In the continuous battle on the
Modal KM f.o.b. Toledo
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2047 Farnam Street
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Somme, the fifth of November was
another fighting day of the first class.
The British and French, with the
.strongest forces, made a powerful
advance against the front of General
von Bclows' army. Troops under
General Baron Marschal von Deim
ling and von Gamier withstood the
attack unshaken. The allied enemy
on the entire front from Les Sars
to Bouchavesncs, a distance of twenty
kilometers along which they attacked,
suffered the heaviest losses and ac
complished nothing except a small
local gain in the north part of St.
Pierre-Vaast wood. The enemy left
ten officers, 310 men and booty in our
hands.' Northeast of Le Sara more
than seventy prisoners and eleven
machine guns were brought in. -
. "Near Soisson-an attack by a weak
French detachment was repulsed.
"On the right bank of the Meuse
(Verdun front) in the Hardaumont
sector, there was violent artillery and
hand grenade fighting."
French and British Reports.
Paris, Nov. 6. A violent attack by
German troops was made last night
on the positions captured by the
French between Sailly-Saillisel and
the St. Pierre-Vaast wood. The war
office announced today that this as
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211 5fi
for a Healthy Active Winter
The Wlllya-Omrlanel Company, Toledo, Ohio
,'. "MMktaU.S.."
-f J I Jjejes ayi ,
sault was repulsed with heavy loss
to the Germans.
London, Nov. 6. A strong German
counter attack last night compelled
the British to relinquish a portion of
the ground they had captured in the
neighborhood of Butte de ,Warlen
court on the Somme front, the war
office announced today.
Hughes Will Carry: .
-' South Dakota' by
; 10,000, SaysNorbeck
' Sioux Falls, S. P., Nov; 6. The
campaign closes in South Dakota to
night with Hughes and Wilson rallies
in several cities and with both repub
lican and democratic leaders predict
ing victory. With a normal . total
vote of 110,000, Hughes backers de
clare the republican nominee will
carry the state by a plurality of at
least 10,000, while Norbeck. the re
publican gubernatorial candidate, is
expected to pile up a plurality much
larger than that. The election of all
republican congressmen, as well as
the success of the entire state ticket
ia also predicted. j
; Democratic leaders, on the other
This is the big, roomy, comfortable Overland
with the famous 35 horsepower Overland
Motor developed to perfection in the
building cf more than 250,000 now in
every-day use.
It is absolutely dependable, as thoroughly
reliable In Winter as in Summer.
Come in and get one today and go about your
winter duties and pleasures in comfort and
without risk.
Inc., Omaha Branch
hand, declare a great surprise is in
store anH:onfidently predict that Wil
son's strength in the state is great
enough to carry the entire state dem
ocratic ticket to victory. ' 'i
A bitter fight on prohibition ends
with the dry forces predicting a vic
tory by 15,000 votes, but opponents
of ' the1 proposed amendment are
equally confident of its defeat. The
proposed woman suffrage amendment
has a fighting chance and may carry
by a close margin is the general be
lief. Several other proposed amend
ments and five measures submitted
under the initiative and referendum
law will also be voted on.
' To set the genuine, call for full name,
sis-nature of HJ. w. QROVB5. Cures a Cold
In One Day. tie. Advertlasment. . .
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25cat all druggists.
Modal SS-4 1 . e. b. Toledo
20th and Harney Streets
Douglas 3290 .
- u
The Vogin of the Separate Skirt
A fashionable costume is a distinc
tive, separate skirt and a becoming
blouse. Skirt styles express a world
of originality in these extensive as-
sortments of ours. The fabrics are
quite the best the season offers and
the tailoring is beyond criticism.
The Prices $6.50 to $35
Apparel Section Second Floor.
Skating Skirts, $12.50 and $15
Advance Notice
Remnant Sale of Silks
and Fine Woolen Fabrics
Further Particulars Tomorrow
Hundreds of desirable lengths have
accumulated during the past sev
eral months of selling. Many waist
and dress patterns of Belding's and
Haskell's high-grade silks in all
weaves and colors.
Fashionable Serges, Broadcloths,
Poplins and Coatings, all at greatly
reduced prices. .,
More About the Sale Tomorrow
For Public Schools' Sake!
Do Not Fail to Re-Elect
Or. E. Hobvtchiner
He it not on a slate, but always on the job.
' He has practical ideals. Has accomplished much,
. and will accomplish more when re-elected.
Candidate for
Vote for P. C. HEAFEY
For re-election for Water Board on the Democratic ticket. '
He helped to cut the water rate from 85c to 17c per
thousand gallons. .
My opponent has served
ten years in the of f ice
, Vote for Murphy
County Attorney
Thos. Falconer
(21 years In biulneM In Omaha.)
who with four others, Willi. Berger, R. A.
Flesher, R. J. Sutton and P. W. C oak ley
"A Practical School Board of Practical Man,"
tandi for the following platform:
No. 1 Equality to all before the Board
of Education, which means a fair
and impartial hearing in all matters
pertaining to the public.
No. 2 We are absolutely opposed to
the star chamber meetings.
No. S We favor the re-establishment
of the Teachers' Training School.
No. 4 We favor the Standardisation of
School Buildings.
No. 6 We are opposed to the unneces
sary delay in making the much
needed improvements.
and has been endorsed by seventeen Improve
ment clubs of Omaha.
Does It not appeal to you, Mister Voter,
the right man for the right placet
It does to us as citisens of Omaha.
W. A.
)) El 51
li ia
District Judge