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Kennedy's Tour Stirs Much En
thusiasm Among Voters
. , Down There.
Wa'hoo, Neb., Oct. U (Special.)
Reciting the merits of the republican
party and its history of achievement,
urging the election of Charles E.
Hughes, Judge A L. Sutton, Con
gressman Charles Sloan and the en
tire republican state ticket, John L.
Kennedy of Omaha, republican candi
date for United States senator, ac
companied by the" Saunders county
candidates and a following of voters
from alt parts of the county, made a
campaign ' across Saunders county
and closed with a meeting here last
night at the court house.AvKich was
attended by thJargest and most en
thusiastic audience which has turned
out to a political meeting here for
years. Most of the county candidates
were present and appealed to the vot
ers for their support,
Kennedy Meets Old Friends.
County Chairman C. V. Bruce of
Malmo presided. He introduced
Judge Samuel Lippjncot of Memphis,
Xeb., a pioneer ofNSaunders county
and of Nebraska, who years ago was
a justice of the peace in Omaha, be
fore whom Mr. Kennedy tried his
second ,law case in Nebraska some
thirty years ago. Judge Lippincot is
also a veteran of the. civil war.
Charles H. Slama, in introducing Mr
Kennedy, said: "He is not a politi
cian, but a man possessing all the
stern and unflinching qualities of a
statesman; a man that won't truckle
and a man that can't be bluffed."
Mr. Kennedy's speech, which lasted
an hour and a half, was vigorous and
forceful and his allusions to Charles
E. Hughes, Congressman Charles
Sloan and Judge A. L. Sutton
brought out bursts of applause.
At Brainard an hour was spent by
Mi'. Kennedy calling on the voters.
Brainard is a Bohemian neighbor
hood. Many of the leading Bohe
mians assured Mr. Kennedy today
that they would vote for him because,
they said, -they admired his attitude
on strict neutrality and his unwilling
ness to make any other appeal than
to the patriotism of the American
voter. Mr. Kenneelv was introduced
about town hy Dr.f. G. Marron, C 1
J. Smersh, ' Theodore smersh, G. A.
I711r ond T. V (mu.r. , .n,,h11,.a.
candidate for county clerk, and Mr.
Smith. ,
County Candiatea Join.
At Valparaiso Mr. Kennedy was
ders county voters and county candi
dates who accompanied him during
the remainder of the day. Kt spoke
to a street audien&r in the public
square andMiis speech was received
with considerable enthusiasm. The
many democrats who applauded Mr
Kennedy and who exclaimed "Good,
good, that's the stuff." V. W. Wen
strand, candidate for re-election as
county attorney; C. A. Cook, candi
date for representative; J. M. Lam
per, candidate for representative;
Malcolm Anderson, candidate for
county treasurer, and Henry Pickett,
candidate for re-election as clerk of
the district court, and F. E. Alder,
candidate for county superintendent,
spent the day with Mr. Kennedy's
party. . ,
At Ceresco the campaigners stop
ped for dinner. Mr, Kennedy was
joined here by C. W. Bruce of Mal
mo, chairman of the Saunders county
republican committee, who spent the
day with him. The party consisted
of numerous automobiles and some
forty persons. Mr. Kennedy was in
troduced to the voters at Ceresco by
Dr. F. T. Wright and Malcolm An
derson. While in Ceresco Mr. Ken
nedy met several old friends among
the ministers of the Swedish MJssion
church, which was holding its con
ference there.
Swedes Off Hitchcock.
Much indigination is .being ex
pressed by the Swedish people be
cause of the attempt of Nelson T
Thorson to deliver the Swedish vote
to Senator Hitchcock by the activity
of the Omaha Posten., It is the opin
ion of the Swedish people in this sec
tion that-ip person can deliver the
Swedish vote. . One prominent citi
zen of Swedish descent said in Wa
hoo today:- "No leader can deliver
the vote of the Swedish 'people of
Nebraska to any candidate, much
less to Hitchcock."
At Mead a lively street meeting
was held. Mr. Kennedy was intro
duced by W. W. Wenstrand of Wa-
hoo, republican candidate for re-election
as county attorney. Following
this a meeting was held on the street
at Cedar Bluffs. The party from
Ceresco to Cedar Bluffs was under
the guidance of A. L. ClBuse of Mem
phis, republican candidate for sheriff.
Henry Gustafson, Nebraska president
of the Farmers' union, was visited, at
his farm today by the various candi
dates. He predicts a republican vic
tory. No Division of ;
.. County This Year
Broken Bow, Neb., Oct. 13. (Spe
cial.) The , county division fight
came to an abrupt end this week and
the question will not be an issue in
this campaign. The hearing before
the county board on the petition for
.the proposed northeast county, was
concluded and the board found that
the petition did not contain the names
of a majority of the electors in the
proposed new county and, therefore,
rejected it. I
The divisionists proposed to divide
Custer county into three parts.
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drargUta. Advertlaement. , ' - - -
Former towa Governor Pre
sents Republican Case With
. Best of Results.
(From a Btarf Correspondent.)
McXTook, Neb, Oct. 13. (Special.)
Closing a four-day speaking tour of
Nebraska, in which he made nine ad
dresses, Leslie M. Shaw, former gov
ernor of Iowa and secretary of the
treasury in the Rocwevelt cabinet,
spoke to a good-sized audience at the
Opera house here last niglit.
Governor ' Shaw talked for two
hours and thirty-five ; minutes, yet
held his audience to the end by his
convincing manner of presenting the
facts as he saw them, corncerning the
tariff, the Mexican situation, the
Adamson bill and a few other politi
cal situations in the same manner
which has always left his audiences in
the mood to think about what he has
said after he had gone.
States the Facts.
"I shall not argue these matters,"
said he. "I shall simply tell you the
facts and let you do your own think
ing. . If 1 can get you to thinking
about these very important matljers
for yourselves, I have- accomplished
the object of my visit to Nebraska."
Mr. Shawsaid that no man would
hire a lawyer simply because he had
been admitted to the bar. He must
first by careful study and experience
show that he has an aptitude for the
law,' and then he vanild tie given the
)b..-"The reason why the democratic
party always makes a failure of hand
ling the affairs of the government is
because thev have not had the expe
rience necessary to run the govern
ment, for they only get a chance once
in twenty years and then only, for a
short time," said the secretary, "and
so it is not to be expected that they
could do a successful job." -
Experience Needed. "
"To do a successful job of running
this government, a man must be a
statesman; he must have had experi
ence in statecraft, just as the lawyer
must have experience in the law,,, or
llic uuviur in mum 111. , wu...
not hire an allopath to do the work
you wanted done by an osteopath,
nenner wouiti a iapnsi cnurc-ii jwi
Presbvterians on its governing board.
A man must have experience in the
business he has charge of.
"There is not a man in Nebraska
who'would have hired Woodrow Wil
ton to be at the head ot a railroad
s corporation, a store,, a bank or a
farm,. yet we put him a;, the head of
the greatest institution on the lace ol
the', globe and expect him to make
fciuccess ot it.
i ; Statesmanship Wanted. .
"We arc facing a situation which
will need a man of experience, a man
who understand law and a mail expe
rienced in statecraft. When at the
close of the war, the nations of the
world are gathered about that'great
table to solve the great problems of
a new international treaty, this coun
try must have a man of experience
as its representative. He must be a
man, firm in his convictions, strong
in his demands and, at the same time,
have the respect of the other nations
Of the earth. Woodrow Wilson has
not shown a capacity along these
lines. He has done today what he
thought was the best thing to be done
today without any regard for what
h did yesterday or what he might do
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omorrow. He has been honest in
loing it, bclieveing it the best thing.
ut it has limply demonstrated his
inexperience as a statesman and his
ack of those essentials of statesman
ship which must characterize the man
who must he president of the United
States when the war is over."
Makes Good Impression.
"The best political address I ever
heard in my life," said A. Galusha, a
well known merchant of McCook and
former secretary of state.
"1 never heard anything like it,"
remarked A,ftarnctt, chairman of the
republican county committee and pre
siding officer at the meeting. '
"1 wish Governor. Shaw could be
kept in Nebraska tlie rest of the cam
paign," remarked Senator Cordial,
who served in ihe siale senate uv
terms. "We would 'carry .ihe stale
without the question of adiubt,"
This indicates live' success which
Mr. thaw's tour has been, ihe only
regrettable feature being the small
amount of interest taken in the cam
paign, democrats as well as repub
licans being unable to draw the
crowds as in former years,
People Lack Interest.
"At this time, when the people have
been given greater power in the af
fairs of government than ever before,
they show a lack of interest at a time
when our country is facing a crisis,
which is simply discouraging," said
Governor Shaw during an address at
Falls City. -
"However, with this discouraging
rondition," said a newspaper man
who accompanied Governor Shaw on
his tour of the state, "there is a strong
trend from those who have been unde
cided as to whom they would support,
toward Mr. Hughes. This was appar
ent throughout the entire trip and was
the report given by those in close
touch with the situation.
In many instances former Wilson
nen have come out for Hughes, espe
cially was this marked after Mr. Shaw
had spoken, . 5
Kenned; Is Strong.
John L. Kennedy is strong in all
the places visited, while Sutton is
close behind him. Reavis is especially
strong in the First district, as is also
Sloan in the Fourth and Barton in the
Fifth. While Barton's opponent has
always had a strong following around
McCook, republicans say there is tittle
doubt Barton will carry the district.
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