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"When We Build Castles in Spain"
By Nell Brinkley
Copyright, 1916. International Xtwi Service.
J6 MELLIFICIA September 20.
Airs. Draner Smith. Mrs. H. Gilford
I and Mrs. F. S. Hanna. who were ap
pointed a special extension coi'mit-
tee ot tne social sememcm una -mer,
have been so successful in their
efforts that the association has de
cided to accept their recommendation
that the extension work be continued
in a new location.
Mrs. Smith, Mrs. oittora ana jars.
Hanna, asisted by a corps of seventy
five volunteer workers, carried on the
extension work near the West Side
ool of the South Side this sum
mer. There they found crying need
for the assistance which the settle
ment Tenders. While at the present
I location there are only a icw iurciBii
nations represented, the majority of
,h.e hems Bohemians, in the new
liiistrict there are at least twenty-
Iseven foreign peoples living in
kvMtrhrrl rirrumstances. Most 01 tne
, ... ..... , .
Imcn are empioyeo in y.r.i,.8
fiouses nearby. .
In view ot the report oi me cxicu
kion committee in regard to this state
,f affairs, the association lias de
cided to give up its present quarters
,n Thirteenth street ana as soon
Possible begin work among tnese
lieedy people. At a recent meeting ot
Ihe association board committees
Kre appointed to secure a new head
livorker ana a suuaDie uuuuuih-
t Carter Like Club.
Jhe music department of the
imihi Women's club took luncheon
ft:he Carter Lake club house thit
fternoon. About fifty guests were
resent. Cosmos and asparagus tern
lormed the decorations. A short talk
rogram followed the luncheon, at
Ivhich Mrs. E. M. Syfert, president
Ipoke, Mrs. Eugene Jonnston ta'Kea
ln the music at the biennial meeting
.f -4he Federation of Women's clubs,
Mm. Wagner 1 homas sang, ana Mrs.
IV O. Malstrom gave a musical
I eThose who entertained at tne Dig
Ilarvest Home dinner at Carter Lake
!jb last evening were Miss Mary
Marston, twelve;., tne women s
Swimming club, sixteen; L. li. I.
lUepen, twelve; J. F. Boon, twelve;
rreeiana, twelve; r. j. mrii,
I Hi A. W. Fitzsimmons, R. V. Hart,
)f. C F. Patton. W. L. Killy. Mrs.
K."0. Knox, C. E. Reese, Mrs. Hiss,
i:.,H. Ward, Ot. W. M. layior, novo
inch. H. W. Havilmd, . Miss fciia
llrown, C. B. Horton, W. F. Weber,
Iv-L.. Keller, Dr. r. r. Rani, l.. a.
Jmion. C I. Cain. W. B. Stallard.
I . J. Gilford. P. L. Harris, G. N.
lAulabaueh. Georee Tierney. C. G,
ofcox, L. Hiller, H. T. K. wmtlock,
. U Madra ana a. r. kuxmc. ,
Kt5Happ Hollow Club.
I Iwo hundred ana ntty guests are
xnected at the Harvest Home dinner
1 1 (Happy Hollow club Thursday ev-
nmg. " s." .
The -Women a Bowling club met
f hursdav Mrs. George B. Han- will
aire eight guests at luncheon; Mrs.
H.-.L. Martin, four, and Mrs. C. F.
I V'eller, seventeen.
Further reservations for tomorrow
ivening have been-made by W. -H.
I ones, four; M. M. Robertson,' three;
, . Goodrich, four; C A. Abraham-
on, four; H. K. Burkett; ' -E. W.
iunther, eight; George A. Roberts,
i. W. Marrow; J. M. Aikin; James
)rummond, three;' J. F. Prentiss-,' J.
V. Parrish. three: Vr. W. F. Melroy.
ur: W. C. Fraser; S. W. Carver: Dr.
"aimer Findley, six. ' : . j
it Sevmour Lake Country Club. '
I i One of the happiest occasions of
ne year was tne Dirtnaay party given
x inc cjud issi dikhi. . inc icsuvi-
es Opened with pageant' of the
lomns ana a grand marcn, more
lan 100 guests were seated at dinner
pd tn only one instance ; did the
jirthdays of two members of one
imily fall in the same month. The
iecorations were Unique and a huge
irthday xake, from which each guest
as. served a portion, occupied a table
i the center ot tne dining room.
Thirty-five women golfers gave a
ncheon todav complimentary to Mrs.
I H. Parratt, who leaves ahortly for
rr home in Fremont ' Mrs. Parratt
?s been an active member of the Golf
sociation and a handsome electric
imp wis 4he token ot .remembrance
See our castle when we're little, but
When we're twenty it just needs to be big enough for two
ILEVEN'S castle must be shining with the morning sun gold and
blue, with banners floating from every turret, tieven reaas a
faery-tale book with her knees under her chin, pressed against her
heart to it bony little cage. The half-tamed rose nods in the wind at
her back. The gooseberries pop in between her hard little teeth one by
one! more" dreams real onest night, for you, young ladyl And
' Eleven turns dreamy eyes and a freckled nose to the great blue sky and
builds her castle in Spain I
1 Her castle mounts pile on stony pile until it scrapes the sheer blue
of the sky. Its war-like pennons ripple. among the whipped-cream clouds.
Iti roofing is like as not close-laid lollipops! There are hosts of win
dows where a princess can lean and see the Plains of Lombardy the
blue Mediterranean and the Big Horn Range in Montanal A sapphire
lake washes all day long in silver rings at the "water-stairs."
And Eleven, in golden plush, and pearls and ermine, with a deer
hound, and a crown in the day time, cornea down those water-stairs to
t the Country Club.
(Mrs. J. D. foster will entertain six-
een club friends this evening. Mr,
fid Mrs. W. A. C. Johnson will have
ine guests. Mr. and Mrs. U. U Ked
k will have a party of seven.
Mr. and Mrs. William Tracy Burns
ill have seventeen guests in honor
I Srs. Chaunce Dewey, .of. Manhat-
in, Kan.
Mr. and Ms. E. G. McGilton will
ave as their guests at dinner this
Measn. and UMdamn
.org H. Payne, B, H. Bnnnar,
:in and lira. Palmar Plndlay.
Mr. Elmer A. Cope will entertain
t the Country club this evening for
Lisa Marguerite Colcord and Mrs.
harles Rensen of Atlanta, Ga., who
re euest at the D. t. Patterson
line. Ten guests will be included
the party.'
Mist Alice Duval will give a bridge
party for Miss Hector, combined
with a shower for Miss Louise Bed
well, an autumn bride. Saturday
afternoon at bridge. Miss Hector will
be the honor guest of Miss Edith
Hamilton, bundav. a party ot young
people will accompany her back to
Logan by motor.
Miss Dorothv Denmson Dumop ot
Providence, R. I., who js visiting her
aunt, Mrs. O. B. Williams, is a very
popular guest. Numerous informal
affairs are being given for her each
day. Sunday afternoon, Mrs. u it.
Johannes will entertain in her honor.
Comua Club Party.
,',Mr.: and Mrs. Charles Lanstrom
entertained the members of the Co
mua club and their husbands at their
home Monday evening. ' Decorations
were ol goldenrod, , and a color
scheme of yellow was carried' out in
the refreshments. Club guests were:
Mrs. Jessie Hern. Mrs. T. A. Truel-
som of Stanton, la.; Mr. Lee Larmon
and Mr. Donald Hood. . Prizes were
won by Mrs, Charles Lanstrom, Mrs.
T. A. Truelsom, Mr. E. B. Ferris
and Mr. Lee Larmon. Thursday af
ternoon the club wilt meet with Mrs.
J. F. Dimick.
Press Club Tea.
Mrs. Martm Harris will entertain
the Omaha Women's Press club at
an informal tea at her apartments
in the Dwight, next Tuesday after
noon at 4 o clock. Mrs, Harris will
give a short talk on the one-act play,
and a general discussion of the drama
will tollow.
Bridge Party.
Mrs. t. A. HiKRins entertained at
the second of her twin bridze parties
at her home today. Decorations were
exactly similar to those of yesterday,
ahasta daisies, and the same number
of guests were in attendance. Four
tables were set for the game.
Original Cooking Club.
Mrs. Samuel i. Burns, jr.. enter
tained the members of the Oriiinal
Cooking club at luncheon at the Coun
try eiuB today. J hose present were:
llMdam.a HudtinM--
Moahler Colpattar, rharlea T. Kountta,
Luth.r Kountaa, w. H. Popplaton,
Oaorca B. Prlns, . W. H. WhMlar.
the Field Club.
iMr. and Mrs. A. L.'Meyer will nave
i truest at dinner this evening. .
! Saturday evening E. A. Wells will
ave a dinner oartv of eight -
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Allen will
ve a family dinner party of nine at
je club this evening.
In the Calendar.
(The Dietz club will have a dancing
irty Thursday evening, septenv
Vr 21.
(The Qui' Vive Dancing club will
bid its parties this season at Turpin's
sancing academy every alternate Fri
kv becinnina- November 10. The
ira. Hughes' Orchestra that has
layed during the season at Happy
jnllnw club will furnish the music
IMs. J. P. Lord will entertain the
Ives of visiting physicians at tea
iday afternoon.
'Mica luanita Hector of Loaran. la.
'.' -a. much-feted guest of the week
ist' evening Mr. Leon Nelson gave
' i little dinner party at the Happy
a-illow club tor Miss Hector, i nurs
'Iv'eveninB Mr. and Mrs. C H
iliton will entertain at the Field
' Ub.-in her honor. Friday afternoon
to' Minneapolis. Miss Mona drove
every inch of the way, while her
father and mother sat back at their
ease in the tonneau. Most remarx-
able of all, not a single accident not
even a puncture, happened to mar the
pleasure of the ride.
ihe Lowells went ny way oi tne
Iowa, lakes. Storm and Soirit Lake,
and from Minneapolis went for short
trips to Lake Minnetonka and Christ
mas Lake. They made a leisurely
journey, stopping over when oaa
weather beset them, ana enjoying ev
ery moment of the trip.
Rlchey-Dickman Nuptials.
The marriase ot miss emma uick-
man and Mr. Charles Reen Richey
takes place today at the home ot the
bride's parents in Rapid City, S. D.
Sorority Tea.
The Sigma Chi Omicron sorority of
the University of Omaha gave a tea
for a number of new girl students at
the home of- Miss Katherine Richey
on Saturday. The decorations were
in purple and gold, inose present
be rowed upon the "flood." The castle swarms with pages and lackeys
and old wives with white kerchiefs; there's a youth in motley and a
minstrel with a gold and black harp strung to his velvet back.
And they sail up and down the stairs and through the rainbowed
gardens, with steaming dishes and peacock feathers, and a golden mist
of grandeur wraps the castle round I And the sun smites fire from the
coat-of-arms in some high stained window. A great sigh lifts the blue
flowered apron above the little beating heart and Eleven eats another
gooseberry I However, there's a prince.
Twenty swings in the porch hammock. Twenty was once eleven.
Under the band on her forehead in the new Greek runner style she lifts
blue eyes and builds her castle in Spain anew. Mer awning-stripe snoes
tiptoe gently, pushing the swing forward and back, like a boat in a
languid sea. And her castle I Just big enough for two. A little brown
' Mluaa
Rita Carpantar.
Rtta Barantarn,
Rathar Knapp.
Kathcrloa Rich?.
Marlon Pamraall.
Ollva Brain,
Ruth Patars,
Halan Johnaton,
KllaabalU Barryman.
Scottish Rite Woman's Club.
Important business will be trans
acted by the Scottish Rite Woman's
club Friday at 2 o'clock at the cathe
dral. After the meeting refreshments
will be served by a committee includ-
Adalla Stlna.
C. McCllntook.
F. J. Andaraon,
yesterday, Miss Sybil Nelson gave a
prettily appointed tea at her home
this afternoon. Pink snap-dragons in
baskets, tied with tulle bows, were
used on the tea table, and the living
loom was decorated with pink asters.
Seventy guests were present. Those
assisting at the tea table were:
Maadumra. Meadamaa.
H. Y. Cook, Herbert Daniel.
Haro'd Sobotkcr. Cheater Nleman.
Mlaaea Mlaaea
Alice Duval, Ruth Dlabaush.
Graoa Slabaugh.
Notes of Interest.
Mrs. Fred Fitzgerald leaves Satur
day for Jersey City, N. J., to join Mr.
Fitzgerald in their new home.
Mrs. Ellen Hershey left for Stras
burger, Neb., Monday to visit her
daughter and family.
Mr.' Charles W. Young of Buffalo,
N. Y., left last evening for his home
after spending a few days with his
son, Mr. Raymond G. Young, and
Mrs. Young.
Mrs. Herbert Rogers entertained at
luncheon at the University club today.
house with a sun parlor in the back, a rambler over the door ("we must
have every window hinged to swing open even if it does cost a little
more"), a little brick wall and window boxes, a "good chimney," some
of those darling Italian poplars and a peach treel "Five rooms is all I
can take care of at first," ruminates Twenty, "until Jackie makes a little
more." A little brown house with a blue and white kitchen, a tea wagon
and plenty of "clothes closets I"
Just big enough for two and some day three.
Oh, I forgot just to say however, there's a prince the same old
prince I
When we are little our' castle is so monstrous big and fine when
we are Big our castle's but a nest. Time moves the pieces in the game
widens the cage of the beating heart and softens the dream.
Palay Stlna.
Meadamea '
Hayes Oeantner,
M. C. Warran.
Luncheon and Box Party.
Mrs. I. C. Wood entertained at
luncheon at the Hotel Fontenelle to
day, followed by a box party at the
Orphcum matinee. Her guests were:
Meadamea Meadamea
Donald Marrae ot Robert B. Wallaea of
Council Bluffs, Council Blufla,
M. Shirley. B. A. McDermolt,
A. P. Condon, H. 0. Krana.
B. K. Barrett,
Fidelia Club Party. 1
The Fidelis club entertained 100
guests at a card party at the Happy
Hollow club this afternoon. Tables
were placed for bridge and high-five
and twenty prizes were offered. The
hostesses tor the occasion were:
. Uesdamee Masdatnea
t). T. Callahan, A. r. Mullen,
B. C. Ferrell. C. T. Klayla. ,
A. r. Howk, J. B. Crea,
M. T. White, Patrick Oanroy,
Catharine Bchapp, Nellta MacNamara,
1, A. Kervan, J. R. O'Hamlln, '
J. H. Lynch. T. S. Miles.
Charles Caufhlaa,
Return From Motor Trip.
Miss Mona Cowell, the versatile
young society - girl, has proved a
''lucky stone to take along for an
automobile trip. She and her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cowell, returned
yesterday from a most enjoyable trip
B'nal Ami Dance.
The B'nai Ami club will entertain
at an informal dancing party at the
Hotel Castle ball room Sunday even
ing, October 8. Preparations are be
ing made by the club for another
dancing party to be given Decem
ber 24.
Afternoon Tea.
In honor of her guest, Miss Juamta
Hector of Logan, la., who armed
We Feature
All Coiora All Qualities.
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rot Women .7Ss ts 2.0oB
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36 Afr Urdft Booi frre
Drexel's Arch Preserver
This is a most wonderful
shoe. Made on scientific
principles to preserve the
beauty of the foot.
Stock is fine glazed kid
and so constructed that the
arch receives the support
necessary, doing away with
the bunglesome, heavy metal
arch prop inserted in the or
dinary shoe. It is neat and
attractive and light on the
We have them in two
styles broad or narrow toe
low or medium heels.
Parcel Post Paid.
1419 Faraam.
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