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Brief City News
TowsnMd". for Sporting Ooodo."
in Bust Print II Now Beacon Proos,
U(htlB( Ftatureo BurSMO-Oraian Co.
Half Karat WXU IMamondo 17ft Edholm.
"Business is Human Service" That
Is why business la good for tenants of
The Bee Building, where service 1
the first consideration.
"Todajm movie rrogram." class!
(led section today. It appears in The
Bee exclusively. Find out what the
various moving picture theaters offer.
Man and Wife Fined C. E. Davis
and wife, 601 North Eighteenth
street, were each fined 2B and costs
In police court on the charge of keep
ing a disorderly house.
Ronmanla Cut Off If you want to
send money to your friends over in
Roumanla, you can't do it through
tho nnntnfflne any more. Mr. Wills
,of the money order department has
Just received word mat tne war na
cut that country oft from these facilities.
Paroled to Business Man James
Hardin. 16-year-old wanderer, who
for two years has been making his
own living, was given another chance
to "make good" with the assistance of
a "big brother" to whom he was
paroled. This Omaha business man
will act as his advisor.
Safety First Train Here Friday
General Passenger Agent Basinger of
the Union Facinc has requestea
Mayor Dahlman to boost public Inter
est in connection with the United
States "safety first" special train
which will be here Friday and Satur
day. The mayor will co-operate.
Ask Mandamus for Permit Appli
cation for a writ of mandamus com
pelling City Building inspector
Bridges and Commissioner Withnell
to erant a Dermit allowing Sunder
land Bros, to erect a two-story brick
barn and sraraae has been filed in dis
trict court. The site is Twenty-first
and Leavenworth.
Savs His Wife Ahustos Him
Charles W. Shook, practicing Omaha
physician, has filed petition lor di
vorce from Clara, alleging that short
ly after their marriage, on December
9, 1913, his wile oegan to aouae mm.
He complains that her actions consti
tute extreme cruelty. Dr. Shook is a
Crelihton college graduate. Nina L
Grady has filed a petition for divorce
from James P. on the grounds of
Fined Hundred for Toting Gun
Toting a gun to protect himself
against Imagined attacks of high
w men c.nnt William C. Barcley,
former waiter in the Des Moines club,
a fine of 6100 and costs when ar
raigned before Judge Sears. County
Attorney Maznev recommended the
fine on the plea of Barcley that his
wife, who is in a delicate condition
at Des Moines, Is expected to Join him
In Omaha soon. Barcley pleaded
Buy Yc-nr Fruit Jars "ow Mason
(marts, with line caps, 48c dozen;
with lacquered caps, 44o dozen. Sure
seal tars, oer dozen, pints, 47o: quarts,
54c: one-half gallon, 83c. Brass Jar
caps, dozen 16c. Zinc caps, dozen 23c.
Extra heavy rubbers, dozen Be. Lem
ons. 300 or 361' size, per case, 17.00.
Butterlne. Princeton, lb., 23c. Extra
Princeton, lb., 23c; empire, lb., 19c;
Maenolia. 2 lb. roll, 30c. Fresh Hall
but for Friday, lb 15c or less at any
of Tht E:tsl;et fltrres.
Woman Buys Card
So Hubby May Take
Her to the Big Ball
"Hello, is this Samson?"
"Yep," answered Secretary "Dad1
Weaver of Ak-Sar-Ben.
Then the charming feminine voice
at the other end ot tne teiepnone line
went nn '
"I want to know if I can pay $10
and buv a membership in Ak-bar-een
for my husband as a present to him.
"Sure nun." answered "Dad.
"That's a good idea, a mighty good
' And this is not the only call Sam
son has had on this subject. It is
plain enough. The ladies want to go
to the ball. Their husbands have not
ininH Samson's ranks this year, as
serting they could not afford it. The
wives have a 1U Dill siuck away m .
bureau drawer somewhere for hub
K,,'a riirietmas! so thev are lust go-
imr tn make Santa Claus walk a few
months early this year, thus being
good to hubby and at the same time
treating themselves to Ak-Sar-Ben
Westrand Pays Visit to New
' Home of Grain Exchange
John F. Westrand, one of the prime
movers in the making ot tne umana
grain market and at the time junior
member of the Saunders-Westrand
Grain company, but now livin
Pender and owning elevators in
der, Crofton and Fordyce, Neb., was
tUm .vrhance floor watching the
..ut anrl vistinff with old friends.
Mr. Westrand asserts that all
through the northern portion of Ne
braska, where his possessions are lo
cated, the small grain is the best that
has ever been harvested and that corn
promises far better than an average
Lumbago and Pains 111 the Back.
At the tlmt Iwlnso of pain In the back
apply Sloan's Llnlment-
. once. Only 25c.
Dan Cupid Slips a Double Noose Over
the Boss and His Attractive Stenographer
Little Matrimonial Surprise
Party Is Sprung by Wilbur
L. Burgess.
No wonder Cupid smiles! The
chair at the stenographer's desk is va
cant and the boss ts missing, too.
Wilbur L. Burgess, president of the
Burgess-Granden company, and Miss
Wilhelmina Stadter, 1916 Douglas
street, were quietly, oh so quietly,
married in Omaha last Saturday
night. Then quietly, oh so quietly,
they motored to the railway station
and fled from the curious gaze of the
multitude and will be gone for some
two weeks.
Miss Stadter has been stenographer
to Mr. Burgess for the last three or
four years. Even some of the closest
associates of the pair did not suspect
that a romance existed there.
But it did exist, for auietlv the ar
rangements were made with the Rev.
M. V. Higbee ot the worth rresDy-
terian church, and quietly the pair
slipped to the court house on Satur
day and obtained the license. Then,
when darkness had fallen, just to
elude their friends, the couple mo
tored to the home of the Rev.
Mr. Higbee, at 2011 Maple street,
and there the ceremony was per
Just exactly where the couple is
spending the honeymoon at present
not known to umana acquaint
ances, but the railway tickets were
good for Chicago and Minneapolis.
It is confidently expected ttiey win
be back in Omaha within two or
three weeks, when they will be at
home at 2964 Harris street.
To the license clerk at the court
house Mr. Burgess gave his age as
over twenty-one, and Miss Stad-
ter's age was given as "over
Wilhelmma stadter lias uvea in
Omaha for the last fifteen years with
her aunt, Mrs. J. T. Blair, 1916 Doug
las street. She is the daughter of J.
G. Stadter, formerly of Larson, la.,
but more recently of Denver.
Mr. Burgess is president of the
Burgess-Granden company of Omaha,
vice president of the Omaha Manu
facturers' association, an active mem
ber of the Commercial club, the Ad
club and many other organizations in
the city.
Man Sent to Jail
for Debt He Owes
South Side Store
Tust as his hard luck tale was about
to be taken in as fact by Police Judge
Reed and court officials on the soutn
Side, an ill-fated letter, declaring his
identity opposite to his first infor
mation, dropped from his coat pocket
to the tloor ot the court room, result
ing in conviction and jail sentence.
Jessie Bogue, who was brought into
court for owing a bill for $9 at a local
store, declared in defense that he was
a stockman who was expecting
money from a brother who lived in
the north side.
The letter was from the brother
and when read by the judge was
found to contain an emphatic re
fusal on the part of the brother to
loan any money.
Judge Reed sentenced the man to
thirty days in the county jail.
Ice Man Jarred by Auto
Which Comes Up From Rear
When Ray Rnbcock, 2019 L street,
an ice man, stepped back out of his
wagon with a piece of ice at Twen
tieth and Pierce streets he was slight
ly bruised by the fender of an auto
mobile driven by George A. Hume,
218 South Nineteenth street, Hume
stopped the car, called a physician to
bind up a cut on Babcock's ankle and
brought him down to the police sta
tion to report the accident.
Stationary Engineers to
Have Picnic Saturday
The stationary engineers of Greater
Omaha have decided they will hold
their annual picnics at home, this
year's outing to be held Saturday at
Krug park.
It is expected the night men will
attend in the afternoon and the day
men in the evening, which, was not
convenient under the old plan of go
ing by special train to an outside
All drus.-rlsts.-
Lee Fleming Resigns as
Driver of Police Patrol
Chief Dunn had the city police
chauffeurs on the carpet yesterday
trying to find out what was the cause
of some friction there and also to
give them a talk on driving. At the
close of the hearing Lee Fleming
handed :n his resignation as patrol
Various Forms
Of Headache
Its Sweet, Juicy Flavor Is
Wholesome, Satisfying
and Lasting
Three Hundred Thousand Bush
els Sold to New York and
Half as Many to Gulf Ports.
been bearish on December and May
corn, but they have changed and now
they are predicting that for these
months the cereal will be much high
er. Some of them arc even talking
dollar corn, due to the fact that crop
reports indicate an enormous short
age throughout the entire southwest
and in most of the corn-growing area
east of the Mississippi river.
Omaha grain dealers assert that the
conditions of two years ago are cer
tain to be repeated and that with the
splendid corn crop that is assured for
Nebraska this market will be flooded
with buyers from the south, the
southwest and the east. At this time
cash corn on the Omaha market is
selling at 79;481 cents per bushel,
an advance of several cents during
the last week.
Another red letter day was marked
up at the Omaha Grain exchange.
Wheat advanced 1 to 2 cents and sold
at $1.46(0)1. 49)4. Corn, however, un
der heavy offerings, ruled from '
cent lower to Vi cent up, selling at
79!-i8 cents. The first of the
new oats put in an appearance and
its excellent quality forced the mar
ket up Yi cent to 1 cent. The ruling
price was 424-? cents per bushel.
There has seldom been a day when
the demand for wheat for export was
greater. During the early morning
300,000 bushels were sold for export
through New York, and a little later
150,000 bushels through gulf ports. It
all goes out carrying the Omaha in
spection, obviating the necessity of
any further inspection. The wheat
receipts were 178 carloads and the
shipments almost as great.
A feature of the Omaha option
wheat market was the fact that New
York buyers were taking the grain
for export at prices 9V5 cents above
the Chicago price, for December de
livery, this price being on the basis
of $!.47'j per bushel for cash wheat.
Heretofore Omaha grain men have
621 Residents of Nebraska
registered at Hotel Astor
during the past year,
1 000 Rooms. 700 with Bath.
A cuisine which has made
the Astor New York's leading
Banqueting place.
Singli Rooms, without bath, fiM to fM
- Doub-la ).os to 4.0
Single Rooms, with bath, ;o to 6so j
Doublo a.oo to jj
Parlor, Bedroom and bun, ( iom tiM
At Broadway, 44th to 45th Streets the center of New York's social
and business activities. In close proximity to all railway terminals.
---satore Hours: o:JU A. rvi. to a r. m. aaturaay i ui o r. m.
I Burgess-Nash Company.
Rev. W. H. Moor and
Florence Smith of
South Side to Wed
Miss Marie Florence Smith, for
fourteen years teacher in the South
Side schools, the last eight years serv
ing as principal of the Hawthorne
school, will be married this morning
at- St. Martin's church to Rev. Will
iam Herbert Moor, vicar of the Epis
copal diocese at Trenton, N. J.
Kev. Mr. Moor lett umana oniy
last March, after eighteen years of
service in Omaha, first as assistant at
St. Martin's, where the bride is a
member, and latterly as secretary of
the Nebraska diocese.
The resignation of Miss Smith, who
is the daughter of Mr. Frederick M.
Smith, 4230 South Twenty-second
street, was accepted by the Board of
Education Monday evening.
The newly married couple will be
at home in 'irenton after October 1.
City Hall Operators Fall
Fast to Cupid's Darts
The telephone exchange m tne city
hall seems to be marked by Dan
Cupid and his darts.
For several years every operator
at this station has resigned for mari
tal reasons.
Anna Byers, known throughout the
municipal building as "Ginger," 1 has
left to become a bride. The tele
phone officials state they have a long
waiting list of operators who are
anxious to be assigned to this P. B.
X. board.
Wonderful Window Week
Here Again This Fall
The Week of Wonderful Windows
is again to be celebrated in Omaha,
beorinning with September 27. This
will also be the opening week of the
Ak-Sar-Ben festivities. This will be
the second annual celebration of the
Week of Wonderful Windows, when
all the reailers will give especial at
tention to the handsome decoration of
their display windows, keeping them
curtained off until the signal is given
at a certain hour in the evening to
throw them open to the gaze of the
multitude on the streets.
In order to really enjoy tobacco
you want to taste the flavor.
There is only one way you can
do this and that is by chewing it.
And the most wholesome and
most satisfying form of chew ever
invented is high-grade pressed
plug, like Old Kentucky.
.. m rn.r to t,..t wd. A f ruity-sweet Oiew 01 urn
tones properly to underitand the causes Kentucky has more satisfaction in
whlob produce the aflectton" says Dr. J. W. '""iuvj u
Ray, ot Blockton, Ala. Continuing, lie says,
"Physicians cannot even begin the treat
ment ot a disease without knowing what
causes give rise to H, and we must remem
ber that headache U to bo treated accord
ing to the same rule. We must not only be
particular to glvs a remedy Intended Jo
counteract the cause which produces the
headache, but we must also give a remedy
to relievo the pain until the cause ol tho
trouble has been removed. To answer this
purpose, anti-kmnl tablets will be found
a most convenient and satisfactory remedy.
One tablet every ooe to three hours gives
oomlortandrestln the most severe oain
of headache, neuralgia and particularly the
headaches of women." ......
When we have a patient subject to regular ,
attacks of sick headache, we should caution
him to keep his bowels regular, for which
nothing Is better than "Actolds," and when
he feels the least sign ot an onopmlng at
tack, he should take two A-K Tablets. Such
pstlents should always be Instructed to
carry a few antl-kamnia tablets, so as to
hi them read, for Instant "The",
tablets are prompt In action and can ie
depended on to Produce relief in a very .
lew minutes. Ak for A-K Tablets.
ntl-kamn!a tablets at. ell druggists. I
Wednesday, August 23, 1916.
'everybody store"
store news for thursday.
Telephone Douglas 137.
"Purple" is Officially Considered the Sea
son Color in Millinery by Women Who Know
WHETHER it be "Royal," "Inky," or "Bishop" purple purple it must be; Severnl
tables just full of them, in fact, we believe the largest selection to be 'found."
Big Ones! Little Ones! Plain
Onesl Veiled Ones! . . '
The Linen ; !.-.
DISTINCTION of lini Is the ftat
. consideration, all the skill and
art of the world's best designers being
concentrated on new and effective
shapes. ; . ' '.
Napoleonic lines are turned op
from the face In front, or at piquant
Bide angles, Demure poke ' shapes
appear to be very popular along with
the smartest of. close-fitting hata.
In the bright lexicon of the BURGESS-NASH
new millinery there is no such word as ''common
place," and the hat of your choice will eurely be
found among Wis large ana vanea coiiecnun.
1 1
The Trims:
Their own gorgeous color requires but
a Bingle tailored steel or silver novelty to
give them the final ultra-smart appearance
A new shipment just arrived, priced at $5.00 to $15.00. Co. Second Floor.
ThursdayLast Call for
Hot Weather Corsets
A CALL to clearaway hot weather corsets at a most
profitable time for you when there is still several
months to get good wear out of them. Large assortment
from the'topless models down to the medium bust num
bers. Choice of sport tricot, elastic coutil, -fancy batiste
or summer net. '
One big table Thursday, regardless of former prices
or newness of merchandise, at , A
69c, $1.00, $1.75, $3.50
$1.50 Brassieres at $1.00
Made of cluny lace, perfect fitting, hook front ef
feet. A splendid value at $1.50, Thursday specially
priced at $1.00.
BurnasvNuh Co. SmsmI FImt.-
BurgeM-Nash Co. Everybody' Store 16th and Harney Streets
Newest Ideas
In Neckwear
TF YOU have plenty of frilly,
-L fluffy collars and collar and
cuff sets, you can make the new
gown or suit look dressier and
there ! no limit to the possibilities .
of an old suit or dress with pretty
new collars. But choose them
: Dtp collars are. msontlal and the
nat smart im ara sealloDod. For tho
draw - then are iotud Gtort.tU oropo ,
on oo, Hturt Ooorcott .rap. collars with
pints n tho or nnrast la washiM.
Mttr,' :
i BoHlne and stand-up collars are Jmst
the thlnt for suits this season. Tho. ar.
ffoetlvely mad. of Ore ondlos tnd Voile,
and some have euff set., too. Prltoo,
SO. to S1.7S,
BurioM-Naofc Co. Msta FImt.
it than a whole plug of ordinary
Take choice Burley leaf sun
ripened mellow and luscious
press it into golden-brown plugs
by the most modern methods,
without allowing a particle of the
natural juice to escape; and there
you have Old Kentucky, the per
fect chew.
There's no other plug tobacco
made that has the delicious, appe
tizing, wholesome flavor of Old
Your dealer has Old Kentucky
in ioc plugs. Get a plug today.
Sterilized Unsweetened
For Every Cooking Purpose
Whether foe cakes, puddings, custards, cream soups or
gravies wherever you have been using bottle milk or cream
you can get better results with Cottage Milk.
It is more economical thin bottle milk every drop can be used. It is
alwars on your shelf ready for use so you don't hare to plan your cooking
and baking a day ahead.
It is good to the last drop. In bottle milk the richness goes Into the
cream which Is generally used for coffee or cereals while the blue milk is
used in baking and cooking. And this blue milk hasn't the proper food
value to insure satisfactory and uniform results. With Cottage Milk you
can use part of it full strength for cream and dilute the rest for cooking
purposes and always have the proper food value.
Cottage Milk Is of the highest quality and uniformity at all times.
Il has mora than twice the food value of bottle milk. Order a
supply today. Once you learn the quality, conven-
iance and economy ot cottage miik you u never go
back to bottle milk.
The Milk Without the Cooked Taite
In Two Sizes 5 and 10c
. At all Good Dealer.
American Milk Company
?5 JHBa I
7rmm?& mm
ffiiiB'n Htl
' ii'tew:rmou''&& ill
w- M,-lXtiMiSfyr:tsl:zi::l-:i
stew mmr m i,va,.i,.ji.".r"t, rj r j..'. r j"ot",i..i'-7mt'I j,'. . m
YeaDeatsr'eWfaeW mWSSitMiMkM' I
In the Stockinet Covering
' tn txtluiv Mrnsur JtUurt. rami af flirt ftr
Here is the pick of the world's greatest ham
production the choicest few of all that Armour pre
pares yearly. Buy a whole Star Warn.
Smoked in juice-retaining Stockinet, it
cooks better and comes to your table with
the true ham flavor intensified. You
don't know how good ham can be
until you ve tried Star.
Star Bacon is of the same
bigh quality aa Star nam.
Both ar. Armouruval 1-.001
Products backad by a hall
century of experience In
the art of perfect curing.
Boot. Bnd.ti, stir., . 13th aa.
Joan It.. Dour. loss.
W. &. W lklnson, Ulr.. 99tK
k Q Its. T.I. So. 1740
Araeatf iii 1 a i ru. 1 a i .m mvnwiKi. "u .1 1 a 1 1 1 11