Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 11, 1916, Page 10, Image 10

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Cash Wheat Soorei Another
Sharp Advance, Jumping;
- Three to five Cents.
Omaha, Await It, ltlt.
Caen wheat eeered another sharp advance
and ruled from Ic la to over yeeterd.y.
prlcea. Thara erae as excellent caah de
mand (or all tradea of wheat at th
higher prlree, and although tha racalpla
were very heavy, tha tradera eaperlanced
llttla dlltlcully In disposing of thalr sample.
Tha lop price paid for No. i hard wheat
waa 11.41. but tha aamplaa generally aold
at 11.4091.41. Tha No. I hard covered a
vide range, the loweet price helng 11.11.
and two aamplaa of the cholceet eelltng at
tl.4eOI.1S. No. 4 hard wheat aold from
I. It to with the bulk selling around
The corn market waa a little aaaler and
ruled from o hither to tie lower, the bulk
at the aamplea folnf at lower price..
The oata market waa Quoted generally
from He lower to Ho higher, the better
K ranee declining in pncee ana me tv.
while ajlvanelnr a auarter.
There were no aalaa of rye and barley re
ported, and there marketa war quoted
nominally unchanged.
Liverpool eloee: Wheat atrong. ld
higher; corn, IV. 9 Id hlrher.
Primary wheat receipt, were 2.117,000
tniahele and ehlpmenta 1.101,000 buehela,
aralnet receipt, of 1,111.000 buehela and
ehlpmenta of 401,000 buehela laat year.
Primary corn recelpta were 400,000 bueh
ela and ahipmenle 100.000 buehela. against
recelpta of 011.000 buehela and ahlpmenta
of 400.000 buehela laat year.
Primary oata receipt, were 1,101.000 bueh
ela end ahlamanta 184.000 buehela. afalnat
receipt! of 111,000 buehela and ahipmenle
of 111,000 buehela laat year.
. Wheat. Corn. Oata.
Chiea. Ill
Omaha. 1 'J
w 117 11 0
HI Louie 104 M '
eauA ulea araee v.nnrted today:'
Wheat No. 1 hard winter: c.nfc 11.41:
I ear, 11.40. No. 1 hard winter: 1 car,
11.41; cere. 11.41: I can, 11.411 4 cere.
II lOVii care, 11.40. No. I hard winter:
i lu? tut "l car. 11.40: I oar.; I
i e. ... .... 11 III U: 1 car. 11.10
1 ear.; can,; 4 care, 11.14.
We. 4 hard winter: 1 car, 11.11; l car.
11.11: 1 cere. 11.11; 1 car, 11.11; 4. care,
it e n 1110: 1 care. 1 car,
ll.f: car, Sample hard winter:
1 car, lt.IT! I care, I car, .i.iii
pert oar.. 11.10. No. I iprlna: l
rA-. ma. i white: I cara. too. No. I
hliei 1 car. 7H4c. No. white: I ear,
He: 1 ear. 7 Oft. No. I yellow! 1 car, lOVjo.
No. I yellow: 1 care, ioc
i , i No. 1 mixed;
Ne. I mixed: t cara, '
1 car. Tie: I
1 car, 1114 e.
Sample mixed
t car, loo.
Na. yellow
I cara. 7!Ko.
No. 4 mixed:
Title. No. I mixed:
-M e mlven! 1 COT. tit.
I t car, TlleOS I car. 4U
Oai-ata.derd: 1 J"!!
I sera. 41.o; I care, 110. 4 "bite.
I carl .10. Sample: T car 4t01 I car.
"rK'.i'Sai PrlsWheat: No. I hard.
....X. ... ta. Vt.rrl 1I1UA1.41: NO.
r&7 li.i' No? aprln,. Il.lie
.ermr. it.uai.4i; NO.
I a No. I durum.
' ., na white, loatovio
1. 7 white. Ttueiloi Ne. t white. Tl
. e Mh(t.. lectTtUe
WJ'?V.-..V Teeiio- tOBIOHo: No.
Teuaie., Ni. 4 yellow. T0O7IHO;
Ni l yellow! 78011 No. yellow, 71 J
TlOi No. I mixed, 780110; No. I mixed.
7l07lc; No. 4 nun, '""'j".
. -Tl-.. .a,tu.. Ne. I mixed. 440170.
u. e white. 41041140: etandard, 41
4Soi No. I white, 4mO410c! No. i
"J,.!1 iiaiiu. Barley: tie Ulna. 77010c
No. T feed. llOllo. Bit! No. 1, tltjllo;
No. e, M0t7c
Weal her BalletU.
Rummary tor the corn and wheat retrlon
.. la aortlan. of Montana,
....... eortlone af North Dakota, South
n.kot. and Nebraake, northwaet Kanaaa,
Minnesota, penlona of Iowa, eouthweet Hie
, Wisconsin- extreme Berth-
weat'llllnota, and northern Kentucky. They
were Hint to moderate, except one lnon
uit.h.n end Watertown. B. P.!
Campbell and Alexandria, Minn.! pakdale
and Holdrege, Neb., and two Inchea at
print-field. Ho. Maximum temperatureo
Wedneedar wore II ar above In tha plalna
etatee, Mlaaourl valley, Iowa and portion;
of Illlnola, and 100 to 101 In porUouo of
Kanaaa eod northwoatera Oklahoma, and
moderate aleawhere. ;
Omaha, Aatraat to, till.
The wheat market opened atroiul but o
Ollned on proSt-laUnt by lonfe
There waa conelderable buylns In tha pit
toward tha oleaa an the market aloaed
" While croft tirptrto etlll elva out buck
ruet reporta and claim heavy loeeea, the
world'a vtelble eupply of wheat la nwser
than It waa a year aio. ,
While September corn advance o, the
December cloeed " lower, beoauae of the
rnol weather and lae recent ralna la aav
erel aectlone of the corn belt.
h. verv little Interact In oata.
but tha market held up wall and cloeed at
cteedy prlcea.
Omaha cloalnf prloea as futurea for this
Timothy, tl.tO; clover. 17.00014.00. Pork:
127 00; lard. 111.15; rlbe. Ill iH,50.
Butter Firm; creamery, zivztc.
Koye Unchenved : recelpta, 1,401 eaaee.
Potatoee Uneettled; recelpte. to oari; Jer
sey Cobblare. 1I.1&4I1.11: Vlrxlnla barreled,; Ulaeourl. 11.11; Ohio, 11.0001.01.
Poultry Alive uncnangea.
Qaotatloaa of the Day on the Leadlas Com
New York. Aur. 10. Flour Btronc
eprlnf petente, !7.7(,08.1t: winter patent!.
I, .2db; winter eiraianie, i.v-'.
Wheat Spot, Irregular; No. 1 durum.
11 HV.: No. 2 hard, I1.S7 ; No. 1 northern,
Duluth, 11.1414; No. 1 northern, Manitoba,
II. tt'e, f. o. b New York.
Corn Spot, eaay; No. 3 yellow, IT;, c. I. f.
New York.
Oete Spot, eaay; No. I white, !HVe.
Hay Firm: prime, 11.10: No. 1, 1111:
o. 2, 1, 1001. It: No. I. 1106.
Hodo Steedy: etate. rommon to choice,
lilt. 14011c: 1114. I07o: Paclno coaat,
lilt. 11014c; 1114, 1010c.
Hldee steady: Boiota. llaoilne cen
tral America. II c.
Leather Firm: hemlock Urate. 170; aeo-
onde, 16c.
rrovlelone fork, nrm: meee, ass. zoo
21 to: family, 121.00 0 21.00: short clrers.
120.10 0 27.00. Beef, steedy: mess. 111.000
11.10: family. 11l.ll20.t0. Lard, nrm;
middle weet. 111.10011.10.
Taow Steady: city, ItlOTc: special,
I71C. .
Butter Firmer! recelpte, 11,131 tune
Raoe Irreguler; recelpte, 11.701 eesee. '
Cheese Strong; receipts, j.ltl boxes.
Poultry Live weak: no price settled.
Dressed, Arm: broilers, 2330c; fowla, 170
2tc; turkeya, 21 0 320
Butter No, 1 creamery. In cartona or
tube, 10c; No. I, He,
Poultry Broiiere. loc: nena. llo: ceese.
full feathered, 10c; roosters and atags.
lOHo: ducka, llo; turkeye, 23o; capons,
llo: sulneaa, Ito: atiueba tOcOlt.OO per
doe.; plgeoae. tl.oo per doa
Cheeee imported Bwloe, lb., 46c: domea.
tlo Swiss, lie: block Swiss, lie: twine. 17c;
trtpleta. 17Hc; dalelea, 17tec; Young Amer
ica, llVjot blue label brick, II He; llm
berger, loot New York white, 20c; Rocquo
fort. llo.
Beef Cote RIDe: No. I. lb . lie! No. I,
llo: No. I, line Loins: No. t, 1314c
No. t, !0Uo; No. I, 17Hc Chucks: No. 1,
llo: No. 3. unci No. I. IOVjo. ttounde:
No. 1, HHos No. I, llUjo; No. I, lido.
Platee: No. 1. tool No. I, IKc; No. I. o.
Fish catfish, lb.. 11017c: halibut, liMo:
red aalmon, HHo: wbltefleh, llo: trout, 170
olke. Ito: pickerel, no: ouuneaaa, tee
black baaa. 14c: eroDOlea. lie: carp, to: cod.
nan. llo: tuerien. io: rea enapper. lie;
Spanish mackerel, llo: aunfleh. to; Jumbo
whiurien. llo: riounaera. no: oetive meex.
erel, 120! roe shed, too; froge, doe., 11.710
Fruit and veaetable nrlesa fornisbed by
Ql Insky Fruit Co.
rruita urangea: see, ioub, esse, sevo. oox.
4: Ilia 14.10; llOa, Ills, ll.7; 174a, 100a,
llta, liOa, 10 11. Lemons: Golden Bowl,
100a, 110a, bos, II. SO: Silver Cord, 100a, Ills,
li. 00. Apples: Oravenateln, box. 11.26: old
Ben pavte. tl.oo. ueoiauoua iruita: woto-
redo pachee, Carmena, 101a, box, 10c: 10a,
too; Colorado reaehee, larger alxeo, tl.oo
California Elberta or Crawforda, 11.11: Call.
fornla Elberlaa, Iota. 11.10. Peara:
Bartletta. Cel.. box. 11.11 : Buseock or Klem
Ish Beautlea, 11.50; l-tler or choloa t-tler,
11.11; choice l-tler, I.' Of'; fancy, t-tler
Clapps, 11.11; l-tler choice, l-tlar fancy,
1.00; l-ller choice. 11.71. Pluma: Largs
red er blue, box, 11.01, Orapee: Malagas,
erata. 11.00: Thompaon Seed less. 11.70.
Watermelone: Lb., 10. Cenuloupea:
M. B. atandarda. crate. nonye. 13.16
flats, 11.40. Banansa: Bunch. I1.7I0I.II.
Xurleotar Crate. 11.71.
Vegetablea Sweet potatoee, Alabama, bu,
hampera, 12; notatoea, bu lie; ontona,
Spanlah, erata, II; onions, Cel.. lb., itto;
aueumbera. beaket. llo: peppere, besket, too
celery. Mich., doe., 40c; peee. Telephone,
basket. II: head lettuce, doa,. 11: corn,
high trade, doa., lioi tomatoes, basket, llo;
beete, oarrota and turnips, basket, too;
shallots, radlahae. doa.. I0"a garlic, lb., loo.
Mlecellaneoua Craokerjack. checkers and
oornpopa, caae, 11.501 Mj caeea, ope
olal; Peanuts, No, 1 raw, lb., Itto; Jumbo,
lo; popcorn, caae, 11.10: file, box, loo.
Demand for Desirable Beef
Steers Continues With Values
lOo Up from Last Week.
ReclDti wre:
Official Monday
Official Tuesday .
Official Wednt-nday
Kail matt Thursday
Four dan this weflk.lM7
Same days laat wtk .17,493
Same dayg 1 weeks aolO,nS
Same days 1 weeks agolop83t
Same days 4 weeks afol5.7S7
Same days last year.. 17,241
Tha fnllnwlnv lhl mmri the reCfttDta Of
cattle, hogs and sheep at the South Omaha
live stock market for the year to date, as
compared wun last year:
191. 1916. Inc. Dec.
Cattle .... 6H9.11J MS.714 lfl9,4t
Hflti S 10 ft 1 t(i5 !9fi 437.794
Sheep 1,:67,639 1,161,101 93.666
The folio win r table shows the a re rare
prices of hone at the Omaha live atork mar-
ket Tor tne last few rtnys wun comparison
9I5.11I14. 1I13. 19i:. 11911
MltWispnlU Grain Markets
Vlnneapolla, Aur. 19. Wheat September
11.49 fi1.4tV4: December, ll.49491.49U,
Cash: No. 1 hard. H 64; No. 1 northern,
91-Htt01-SH; No. I northern. 1.441,61
Flour unohan red.
Barley eiio.
Rye 11. OS 01 01.
Bran I19.00OJ0 l.
Corn No. I yellow, 18014c.
Oats No. t white, 4S04SH
Flax 84VS4 ll.UflH.H.
C'-or a
Open. I High.
1 II 1
i 41 1 44H
Tl !
141 Vi
Chloao eloelng pneea, furnlehea The Bee
by ljoaen ai Bryan, eioca aim iws iiteee
ma tluuin
Art. ! Open. HUn. ILow.
Vspt 144-141 14114 141 H
Ileo. 141-U 111 14IH
Mar lil-161 1 II 160H
Com .
aept ISH . !H HW
Ueo. tin 11 71H
M.r TlK-ti , ll ilk:
Sept 4IH-H 41 44
Dec 47., 41 4T
Mar 10-S II 41
Bept II tl-ll II II l 1
Deo. II U II 41 II II
Sept II ll-IT II IB II 17
Oct. II It II 17 II 17
Deo. II II II 11-13 II 10
Bept 14 tl 14 II II t
on. II It 14 17 11 10
1 47
1 II
' 44
21 M
It 0-
it to
it so
II 96
14 00
11 76
Kansas City General Market.
Kanaaa city, Aug. 10. Wheat lo to lo
up; No. I hard, li.SHei.46; No. I red,
i.V4f i.t, nop tern oer, 91.11; uecemoer,
11.11 : May. 11.41.
uauui nana-eai no. 1 wnitc. ibso
No. I mixed. 419410.
M l-tmU (iraln Market.
M. Louts. Aug. 10. Wheat Ne. 1 red,
11.41 1.11: No. t hard. I1.4SU01.B1; Sep.
tarn bar, 1.4a41.4-4; December, 11.4414
corn no. 1. sso: no. 1 wane. ssa: nep
Umber, iloj December. Tlo.
MtMo. I, ifjuitto. No. 1 wnite, 490.
Llrerpool Omm Msrkfrft. .
Ltrsmool. Aug. 10. Wheat Spot. No.
Manitoba, 14a Id; No, I red weatorn winter,
14S io.
.'. Coffat Market.
New York. Auk. 10. Coffee The reac
tlons of yesterday afternoon were more than
recovered In the market (or coffee futures
here today owing to the continued firm
nesa of cost and freight offer and reports
that importers were showing more disposi
tion to meet in price views of srasiiian
shippers. The opening was amulet at an ad'
ranee or 1 to points and business con
tinued comparatively quiet during the day
but offerings were light after the realising
of Wednesday and September contracts
sold up to I.TOo In the late trading or
about voints net nigner. December ad.
vaneed to I.TIo and the market closed at
a net advance ol I to 10 points. Sales,
II.T90 bags 1 August, l.llci September. 1.70a
October, l.7loi November, l.7&o; December,
i.iio: January, i.sso: February, i.bso
March. I.Mo; April, 1.91c; May. 1,01a; Juno,
s.bbo; juiy, s.iia.
spot oortee, quiet; itto 7s, mo; Santos 4s.
lOHOlOTio. It was reported that there had
been a fair business In cost and freight
ooffeo late yesterday and offers from Brasll
today war steady with quotations ranging
rrom about io.too to n.too lor Bantoa
liondon credits.
.The official cable reported no change
in Braatuan markets except for Santos fu
tures which were rela lower to 10 rets
Pom Talk, VMUr ta Drtvtoc DawB tk
ChJoaco. Aug. II Peace talk la the Hun
garlan Chamber of Deputies helped today
to cool off the ardor of speculator who bad
been anxious to buy wheat. Vreeh advances
In quotations failed to hold and the market
closed unsettled. ttOHe net lower, with
September at 11.4401.44 and December at
1.474- Corn lost la to 1f1Ho and oats
Otto to H9KC. The outcomo in pro
visions waa an advance of KOtbc.
Before any word had come hinting at a
renowns of peace efforts, the majority of
tvneat traders snowed signs or a dtaposi
Hon to bo much more cautious than yester
day concerning upward swings of the mar
ket. Assertions that crop damage . had,
perhaps, already been discounted enough by
the big rlM In values led to some weakness
at the start, but report of unseasonable
frost in Canada brought about a temporary
bulge that lifted the market well above
yvsterday tiptop figure. Thoa the com
parative timidity on the buying eld grew
tacreaatngly evident, and the response of
price waa quictt wnea ta raot was made
known that Hungarian leader had pub-
ni'iy sanao lae Vienna government to
clar conditions for endliur the war.
Additional news about frost In Alberta
rallied the wheat market to some itt-nt
before the close. Inasmuch as the Alberta
crop Is at a critical stag and particularly
fuacsptlbto to Injury by frost, the chance
; of another big e-tensloa of damag area
a quicaiy laaen into aocount, but never-
tlteiese was not sufficient to offset xopt
In part the advantages of the bears.
Rain In Iowa and Nebraska, together
wnu piwiwni os saower eisewnera and
depressing Influence the com market
Iocroaatnf eamplalat of drouth In Ullnol,
howevar, taaded U chock tb decline.
Oat gave way with wheat and oora.
opecaiauv soiuag preesur wa Beavy.
. Hog at the highest quotation la li
year the Provision market aKmi
upgrade. It was said that export business
Qt late ha been much larger than was
g4nerauy Bitppoaea.
Caah Price : Wheat. No. I red, f.44U
1.4Si No. I red, 1.4IHM6i No, S
hard. fl.4SHl.4tVi; No. I hard, 11.400 v-u. o. 9 yenow, VBTfec; no,
yeiw, iMi io, i wmtot iuo. Oat:
No. $ whit, 41 1414c; standard, 444e.
y- simiiii Mrnyi eveyss.
Nw York CMa Market.
New Tork, Aug. 10. Cotton Futures
opened tady. August, 14.1loi October,
le.joot vecemoer, jt.ovoj January, I4.0oi
Marcn. ie.isc! May, le-ssc.
Futlrea closed barely steady ! AutuiL
14.00CI October, 14,16o: December!
January. 14.41c; March, 14 l6o; May, 14.110.
Spot, steady; middling upland. 11.44a, na
Liverpool, Aug. 10. cotton Soot, easy
good middling, I.TId; middling, I.Md; low
middling, l.4d. Sales, 7,000 bale, 1,100
oaies lor speculation ana eiport.
Omaha, August 10, 1916.
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
7,424 4,8U 16,464
6,306 7,771
.ft7 7,928
3.300 6,600
13,91 J
27.021 01.049
47,390 41,409
3Z,63Ei 49,269
32,144 39.499
36,399 28,263
37,961 62,114
Jul- 34.
July IS.
July 34.
July 37.
juiy 29
July 21
July lw
Juiy 31
Aug. 1
9 4 b SU I 64 9 71 13
I 1 I 64 I 77 t 47 6 16
IftH 73 I 61 T 17 9) 46
t 11 I 16 I 19 7 16 I 66
I I Ml Ml I II 0 44
I 40 t 3s I 63 I 61 1 66 6 6"
I 14 I 19 I 66 7 07
t 0 43 I 46 I 66 T 13 I 69
144 I 30 I 63 7 76 I 04
t 00U 00 I 41 1 66 0 It
I 06 3 00 I 04 T 13 76
0 14U (1 7 68 8 43t 92
16H 43 7 7 8 331 I "ll 7 04
0 10 7 85 I I7 T 931
1 SOU. 0 37 M 22 8 19 7 90 1 10
9 40 14 I I 66 3 161 7 3 7 38
8 48 61 I 18 7 78 T S7
I 66 I 90 ' 7 90 7 23
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
the Union stock yards, Omaha, for twenty
four hours ending at 3 p. m. yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. HYi
C. M. t St. P... 1
Missouri Pacific .. 6
Union Pacific .... It
C. N. W east.. ..
C. A N. W., west.. 47
C, St. P., M. AO.. 3
C, B. Q-, east... 8
C, B. A Q., west.. 18
C, R. I. A P., east 1
Illinois Central .. I
Chi. Oreat West.. 4
Total receipts,.. .131
26 II 'i
24 V. V.
it i!
103 70 I
Morris A Co..
Swift A Co
Cudahy Packing Co..
Armour as Co
Scnwarts A Co
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co..
a O. Packing Co....
W. B. Vansant Co..
Benton, Vansant A I.
F. B. Lewis
J. B. Root A Co....
J. H. Bulla
L. F. Husx
Rosvnstock Brort, ....
Werlhelmer A Degea.
H. F. Hamilton ....
Banner Bros.
John Harvey
Jensen A Lungren .
Pat O'Dsy
Other buyer
Hogs. Sheep.
1,239 3.000
1,275 1.198
1,318 1,391
1,171 2.011
"713 !!!!!
TOUI 1,601 0,176 14.140
Cattle Receipt were fairly liberal to
day, about 1,100 head, but the quality wai
not as good as It was early In the week.
supplies for the four days have been tol
erably liberal and the demand has been
good for desirable beef steers, both corn'
teas and rangers, with the trend of values
for cattle that were good enough to at
tract competition. For the moat part values
were firmly held today, but the movement
lacKea me and snap, and it was well along
towara noon osrors anything like a clear
ance had been made. Compared wtlh
week ago values are right around lOfjlSc
higher for good stuff, and not far from
steady oven on the medium and common
Cow and heifer were quotably steady
and In the neighborhood of 1001 60 higher
men may were last ween, ueraana is
broad and the feeder buyer ar takin
a good many of the thin cows and helfera
at ostier prices than the killer ar will
log to pay.
There wa net a great deal of antivitv
In stock cattle and feeding steer. Volume
of business ha bean fair so far and price
nave seen strong 10 JtfOUDC higher than
the closs of last week.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice
oeeves. 9s.eut71v.v5; rair to good beeves,
II. 10491.16; common to fair beeves. 17.769
..ib, iwa u onoice yearlings, 9.b0 910.10;
fair to good yearlings. 16.1609. 60; common
to fair yearlings, 7. 00O1.60; good to choice
grass beeves, 18. 00O9.36; fair to good grass
beeves. 17.3607.76; common to fair grass
beeves, 96,6007.00; good to choice heifer,
9.7607.60; good to choice cows, $0,000
.86; fair to good cows, 16.0001.10; com
mon to fair cows, $8.1606.71; good to choice
feeders, $7.6008.40; fair to good feeders,
$7.0007.60; common to fair feeders, $6,000
6.10; good to choice stockers. $7.6006.00;
stock heifer, $6.7606.76; stock cows, $6.60
OI.60; stock calves, $4.7601.60; veal
calve, $9.00011.00; beef bulls, stags, ato,,
$6.1607.26; Bologna bulls, 16.60 06.36,
Representative sales;
lower, while flat 10c declines were quoted
several bands. General quality was
aulta a little better than yesterday. Best
stuff sold at $10.90, as against yesterday's,
$11.20 top, with some not so desirable
around $10.76.
Old sheep were, in trade parlance, poison.
There wa not a great many here, but pack
ers did not want them under any consld
atlon and none had been sold to killers up
to midday, even small packages that came
with strings of lambs being refused.
Feeders continue tnetr upward cour.
several bunches that moved before midday
being called strong 'to as much as a dim
higher. A top of $10.00, which Is a new
record, waa paid for one load, sorted up
real well, and others sold around 19.86.
Some pretty good aged breeding ewes landed
at 17.6007.76.
Quotations on sneep ana lamne: LamDe,
good to choice, $10.76010.90; lambs, fair
to good, 910.zbv10.itt; iamos, reeaers, v.xv
10,00; yearlings, good to cnoice, 7,25iy
7.66; yearlings, fair to good, $7.0007.26;
yearlings, feeder. $0.6007.76; wethers, fall
to choice, $6.7607.60; ewes, good to choice,
16.6006.76; ewes, fair to good, $6.7604.60;
ewes, plain -to culls. $4.0006.76; ewes, feed
ers, $4.60 06.10; ewes, breeders, all ages,
II. 26 9.00.
No. Av. Pr.
346 Idaho feeder lambs 66 t 86
28 cull feeder lambs 64 I 00
169 Idaho feeder lambs 63 9 26
619 Idaho feeder lambs 67 t 80
218 Idaho yearling 90 7 85
600 Idaho lambs 66 11 30
1994 Idaho lamb 66 11 20
810 Idaho lambs 72 11 20
199 Idaho lambs 06 11 00
3 4 ti Idaho feeder Iambs........... 66 9 86
169 Idaho feeder lambs ei s ne ,
619 Idaho feeder lambs 67 t 10
38 cull feeder lamb 03 v zd
4r.t Oregon Ism be 68 10 76
464 Oregon feeder lambs 62 I 16
8t Louis Live Stock Market.
St. Louts. Aug. 10. Cattle Receipts, 4.400
head; market, lower; native beef steers, ,
17.Ou01O.26; yearling steers and heifers,
$8.60010.00; cows, $6.6007.76; stockers and
feeders, $6.8001.26; Texas steers, s&.ouw
8.60: or I me southern steers, $8.00 0 900;
cows and hejfers, $4.6008.00; prime year
ling steers ana neiiers, fi. native
calves, $6.00011.76.
Hogs Receipts, 11,000 head; market.
higher; pigs and lights, $8.7610.46; mixed
and butchers, $10.30010.00; good heavy,
$10.86010.60; bulk,' $10.2010.46.
tmeftD and Lamm rteceipu,, ,zuu neaa
market, lower; lambs, $7.00010.60; slaugh
ter ewes, $6.0007.26; bleating ewes, $9,000
10.00; yearlings, $
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 10. Cattle Re
ceipts, 7,600 head; market lower; pr-me
led steers, 9y.but710.z1; aressea oe?i steers,
$7.0009.36; western steers, $6.6006.76;
cows, $4.60 O 7.26 ; heifers, $6.60 0 0. 60 :
stocker and feeders, $6.00 08.00; bulls, J6.2&
08.60; calves, $6.60011.00.
Hogs Receipts, 8,000 head; market
higher; bulk of sales, $9.90010.30; heavy,
.0919010.16; packers and butchers, $9.86
010.20; light, $9.16010.20; pigs, $8,600
I. 35.
Sheep and Lamb Receipts. 1,000 head;
market weak to 60-lower; lambs, $10,100
II. 10; yearlings, $7.6008.36; wethers, $7.26
07.16; ewes, $6.7607.60.
. Ch'tv- Stock
Chicago, Aug. 10. Cattle Receipts, 4,000
head; market steady; native beef cattle,
$6.90010.60; western steers, $6.6608.60;
stockers and feeders, $6.0007.86; cows and
heifers, $8.6009.36; calves, $9.00013.06.
Hogs Receipts, 19,000 head; market,
active; 16030c higher; bulk, $1.16010.60;
heavy, $9.66010.60; rough, $9.6609.80; pigs,
i8. 2609,10.
Sheep and Lambs Receipt. 16,000 head;
market, weak; wethers, $6.7606-26; ewe,
$1.4007.66; lamb. $7.60011.26.
Slonx City Live Stock Market.
Sioux City, la., Aug. 10. Cattle Re
ceipts, 700 head ; market steady ; beef
oteers, $7.0009.76; butchers, $6.7607.10;
fat cows and heifers, $6.7606.76; canners.
$4.0006.60; bulls, stags, etc., $6.6006.36.
Hogs Receipts, 3,300 head; market 60
10a higher; light, $9.2609.60; mixed, $9.60
01.06; heavy, 19.05 10.10.
Sheep and Hogs Receipts, 8,000 head;
market steady; awes, $6.6007.00; Iambs,
Mediation of Bailroad Labor
Controversies Has Much to
Do With Market.
New Tork, Au. 10. Subject to the re
straints Imposed by a large and obstinate
ehort Interest, today'a market made runner
upward progress, much of which was sur
rendered In the heavy profit taking of the
last half of the session. The Improvement
In speculative sentiment, engineered largely
by the acceptance of mediation by the rail
way brotherhoods, atlmulated a demand for
high-grade Issues, although the Inquiry from
this source. It afterward developed, waa not
fa.r reaching.
Price movementa In the forenoon were
slightly Irregular, but galna predominated,
with Reading again the leader, that etock
adding Ih to yeeterday'a advance of al
most 7 points, but closing at a net lose of
H4. Mercanllle Marines also denoted fur
ther accumulation ott the approaching pub
lication of the reorganization plan and
United States Steel helped to lnsplre con
fidence by Improving allghtly upon Its high
Drice of the preceding day.
During the Intermediate atage there waa
coniilderable activity In the rubber Issues
Identified with the Motor Industry, as wen
Consolidated. United states industrial
Alcohol, Distillers' Securities. There nere
Intervals of strength In munitions and Gen
eral Motora waa distinguished for. Its ex
treme gain ox 2& polnta on a lew traneac
Prices neaan to droOD on publication Of
the united States steel tonnage report tor
July, which ehowed a nominal decrease In
unfilled orders and made further headway
on the failure of the Union Pacific directors
to Increase the present rate of dividend.
Steel rlosed at a net loaa ot ft ana union
Pacific forfeited 1. Total aalea of slocks
amounted to .Kfi.000 sharee.
Negotlationa connected with the new
British loan are approaching completion, ac
cording to Intimation from authoritative
oimrters. The terms, it Is believed, '
embody certain attractive features which
were lacking In the Anglo-French under
takings. Easier tendenclee were shown by
sterling and francs In the day's quotations
for foreign excoange ana maras were
llrht v firmer.
Tradlna In bonds waa relatively restricted,
with an Irregular undertone. Total saloa, par
value, 93.325, odd.
United states bonds uncnangaa on can.
Am. Beet Sugar. .. . 5.700 (0 ii SS
American uan ... s.env in oei
A rr J, Foundry 5.200 59tt 58U. 68
,,oo lii i t4Va
suo lie, liv tie
500 1304. 120U 120
00 23 32U 821.
1,000 II l II ti S1K
5,400 10314 102 102
cent; closed at 1 per cent; offered at 2tt
per cent-
Time leiana Eaeler: sixty days, imti
per cent; ninety daye, 293 per cent;
alx moatha, l9 Per cent
Mercantile Paper 1 per rent.
Sterling Exchange Sixty-day btlle.
M.71; demand, 14.75; cables, 14.717-11.
Bllver Bar, eae; Mexican aouara. etc
Bonds Government, ateady; railroad, Ir
U. s. ret. Is, reg.181,. N. un. 4a tltt
U. a nf. II. CU.IIUM.. K. Mk T. let
U. S. in, reg 100 4 74H
U. 8. 3s. cou...10H,'Mo Pc. con. la. 101
U. 8. 4a, reg.,..10tHont. Power Ce. . .17
U. S 4s, cou 110 N. T. C. deb. Is. 112
Am. smelt a. ,ip7eM. T. city 4V.a
Am. T. T. cv. (1165) 107
4KB IC.'iN. T.. N. H. ft H.
Anglo-French 5e.. 23 cv. 6s 11!
Atcnison gen. 4a.vznjivo. rac 48 Viet
B. O. 4b (OViNo. Pac. 3s 66
Bethlehem Steel O. 8. L. ref. 4s... 11
ref. Es 100 Pac. T. as T. 6a. 100
Cent Pac. 1st. ...17 Penn. con. 4e..l04
C. & O. ov. 4s..l4 -Penn. gen. 4s.l01
C, B. ft Q. Jt. 4e. 17 Reading gen. 4s. .46
C M. ft St P. St. U ft 8. F.
cv. Is 107 ref. 4a 11
C. R. L ft P. So. Pac. cv. 6s... 104
ref. 4s 7! So. Pac. ref. 4s... 90
C. ft S. ref. 4e..83So. Rr. 6s 101
D. ftR. O. con. 4a.78U. P. 4s 6
Brie gen. 4s 73 "U. P. cv. 4s 3
Oen. Elec. 5s. ...104 u. S. Rubber 6s. .102
Ot No. 1st 4a..99U. 8. Sleel 6s 105
I. C. ref. 4b 11 West. Union 4S.I4
I. M. M. 4s 107 Westlnghouse
K. C. S. ref. 5a.. 89 Kler. cv. 6s... 117
Bid. Offered.
M. Jeavph IAt. Stork Market,
St Joeeph, Mo., Aug. 10. Cattle Re
ceipts. 1,700 head: market slow and weak;
ateere, 97.00910.00; cows and hsltera, 94.00
98.001 caivee, le.ooey li.oo.
Hogo Recelpte, 8,000 head; market 160
!0c higher; top, 910.16; bulk of aalea, 9.76
f 10.10.
Sheep and Lambe Receipts, 8,000 head;
market 10925c lower; lamba, 910.269
11.36; ewes, 97.0097.35.
Omaha ....
Chicago . . .
Kanaaa City
St Louis ,,
St. Joseph
Sioux City
Total ....
live Stack la Sight.
. 9,000
. 11,100
. 9,000
. 1.300
. 61,100
Cattle. Sheep.
8,300 18,000
4,000 16,000
7,600 1.000
4.400 4.200
1,700 1,000
700 9,600
91,100 ,3,700
Av. Pr. No. A. Pr.
..1049 9 90 17 914 97 00
190 7 00 3 149
9 16 60 929
I 15 1 Tit
7 26 1 lit
4 50 5 T69
9 79 11 101.
9 II J 1090
I 90 1 100,
( 60 1 110
.. ,20
.. 920
.. 140
7 7
9 90
t (I
t 40
9 00
Oaaaaa Hay Market.
Omaha. Aug. 10. Prairie Havw TJnland:
Choice, 910.00; Mo. 1. I9.60910.0t: No, 9,
ll.ooai.oo: No. I, ll.00O4.40. Midland:
Choice. 9t.IO91O.O0s No. 1, 9t.l09l.60; No.
91.00 9 9.00: No. 9, 94.009t.OO. Lowland:
Choice, 99.0099.60; No. 1. 97.00 9 9.0t; No.
I, is.eocj7.eo: na a, ii.oofpo.oo.
Alfalfa Choice new. tll.OOOll.Ot: No. 1.
10.00911.00; standard, 91,00 91.00: No. I,
Straw Choloa wheat Is quotable at 16.00;
cholc. oata er rye, 96,6096.00.
Osaaaa Hay ktarkst.
Omaha. Aug. I. Hay Roaolnta lleM.
with tha market ateady on all sradea
Upland prairie: Choice, 910.11: No. 1, 91.00
910.0.: NO. 1, 17. 00 09.00: NO. 9. 91.009
1.00. Midland prairie: Na 1, 9t.tt9l.0t;
No. I, 97.00 9 9.00. Lowland prairie: Choice,
17.40; No. 1, 91.01: No. 2. 94.0091.10; No.
9, 99.t09i.0t. Alfalfa: Ftrmari Choice,
112.00; No, 1, 910.50 911 60.
Metal Market.
New Tork. Aug. It U.tale Lead, tl.oo
aaked. Spelter dull; a pot Beat St Louie
d.ltvary, 98.37. Copper ateady; electro
lytic, ,21.00 9 21. 00. Iron steady and un
changed. Tin firm; spot 999.1l93l.97.
At London: Spat copper, f-110 lOe: fu
tures, 1101 10s! electrolytic, 1124; spot tin,
flit loai futures, 1171 lot: lead. (II la td
bull spelter, itl.
Craae oil Again Bedaaed.'
Plttabwrga. Pa.. Aug. 1,. Another change
la the price af all gredee of crude oil but
Raglans waa announced by tha principal
parchaelng agenclee today. Five cents a
barrel wa. the poated reduction, making
tae new pnooe aa rouowa: renaayivania.
crude, ti ll: Cebell. 91.17: -Mercer Mack.
Corning and New Caetle, 91.18; Someraet,
91.71, naglano remained at to oenta.
Bit Geeda Market,
-New Tork, Aug. 10. Dry Oooda It
anncunoed today that fruit ot tha loom
bleached oottona are lo be advanced shortly
to 10 eenta a yard, one-half cent a yard up,
and the new price will be guaranteed until
November 15. cotton geoda ruled firm. Can
tea ellk trad. wa. ape.t by revolutions.
1 179
1 940 10 00 9 190 li 91
Hogs Tha market was another more or
less Irregular and aharply higher affair.
Shippers again got an sarly start, and paid
price, that ware a dime or mora higher
for what hoga they could uss. Other buy
ers paid a tup of 910.10. setting a n.w high
mark for tha year, and establishing a record
tor this seaaon of the year.
With the outalde buyera such atrong com
petitor, on .verythlng except weighty
gradea, packer, did not waste any time, but
came out early and filled their ordera at
flguraa that were In no caae leea than a
dime higher, and from that on up to as
muca aa 1.91110 aoove yeeteraay in a good
many eeeeB. The market wee very active
and moat everything wee cleaned up before
9 0 clock, wnicn meane tnat bulk or tne
hoge had aold before any definite reporta
were received at other merketa. Aa waB
tha cae yealorday, olos. waa aotlva and
The general market was an or idoibc
hlghsr, and In a number of Individual caees,
especially on packing hoga, 2V advancee
were quoted, nuia oc louaysaaiee ai .s.euv
1.76 la the highest ever Been at thla time of
year, though In the general run of stuff
valuea are not quite so high aa at the eea
aon'a best time. The day'a top of 910.10
la the hlgheat ever paid on this market ex
cept during the monttui of March and April,
1910, and la only Tta abort of the record
for the yarde, Aa compared with laat
week's cloee. valuea show an advance of 46c
Na At. Sh. Pr.
II.. 264 10. 91 1
It t 40
It 9 91
tt 9 It
... l
... I 71
... 9 91
310 9 99
it 10 i
10.. 911
No. Av.
22.. 311
31. .311
II.. 114
12. .274
99.. 110
60.. 913
40. .Ill
14.. Ill
... 91 It
... , 41
140 ,13
110 9 0
10 I 70
... t 10
41 I 90
... 10 ot
Sh.p Th blggaat lamb run of tha year
to data wa. here tnia morning, aeventy
cara. ar about 11.000 head, being on hand.
Thla tnakea tha total for the week to data
far larger than tor any similar period ao
far una rear, arrivals rooting up at.e.e
head, aa aaetnat 41,409 laat week, tl.ltt
two week, ago ana 02,114 last year.
Today'a heavy run save pack era tb. op.
portualty Uiey have been looking for and
they wok run advantage 01 it, punning
prlcea back daw. under the mark.
Be Here put up a pretty attff acrap before
conceding the . decline, paok.ra war. aak
laa. but they might Just aa well have
bucked a atone wall, for buyera had tha
upper hand and they know It For all that
th. mov.meni ataneo in pretty good aaaaon
and tha bulk of the oftortngs had changed
handa before 11 o'clock. Prlcea have been
pretty uneven all week and consequently
comparisons are hard to make, but today'e
aalea war. la a. caae leas than a quarter
Turpentine ana Bosln.
Savannah. Oa.. Aug. 10. Turpentlni
Firm; 42o: aalea, 949 bbla.; recelpte, 49S
bbls.i ahlpmenta, 12 bbla; stock, 15,170
Roaln Firm; aalea, 1,951 bbls. ; recelpta,
1.960 bbla.; ahlpmenta, 3,202 bbls.; .locks,
61,114 bbls. Quote: A, B, 15.50; C, D, 96.70;
E, 96.76; F, 96.00; O, 96.00; H, I, K, U, N,
WO, WW, 16.40
Bank Clearings.
Omaha. Auguat 10. Bank clearlnga for
Omaha today were 94.044,600.61 and for the
corresponding day laat year, 93,840,56o.&0.
Am. Locomotive
Am. Smelt ft Ref.
Am Sugar Ret....
Am. Tel ft Tel....
Am. ., L. ft 8...
Aanaconda Sopper.
Bald. Locomotive. .
Baltimore ft Ohio.
Brook. Rapid Tran.
ft tf. uopper. . . .
Cal Petroleum . .
Canadian Pacific...
Central Leather . .
Chesapeake ft Ohio
C, M. ft St. P
C. R. I. ft P. By..
Chlno Copper
Colo. Fuel A Iron..
Corn Producta net
Crucible Steel ....
Dl.tlllera' Secur. . .
Oeneral Electric ..
Ot. Northern pfd..
ut. no. ure ctta. ..
Illinois Central . . .
Inter. Con. Corp. . .
Inspiration Copper.
Inter. Harveater
Int. M M. pfd. ctta 95,800
K. C. Southern 700
Kennecott Copper.. 6,600
Louie, ft Naah
Uex. Petroleum....
Miami Copper ....
M., K. ft T. pfd....
Mlasourl Pacific ...
Montana Power ...
National Lead ....
Nevada Copper . . .
New York Central.
N. T.. N. H. ft H..
Norfolk ft Western
Northern Paclfio
Pacific Mall
Pao. Tel. ft Tel
Ray con Copper...
Reading 18,000 103
nep. iron at Bieei.. i,iuv
8hat. Aria. Copper.
Southern Pacific . .
Southern Railway..
Studebaker Co. ... 10,600 121
Tenneasse Copper. .
Texaa Company . ..
Union Pacific
Union Pacific pfd..
!!. S. Ind Alcohol.
U. 8. Steel
U. S. Slsel pfd
Utah Copper
Wabash pfd "B"..
Western Union . . .
Weea. Electric
11.300 7414 7Zft 7Ztt
4,800 86 11 16
500 86 84 94
1,700 66 66 6
600 18 II It
J,40 V 175 175
600 66 15 56
2.200 12 61 tl
2,100 17 16 tt
1,100 20 11 10
1,700 41' 48 48
1,600 46 44 44
14 13
19,700 72 61 tt
4,600 46 46 46
10,600 87 16 96
1,100 170 169 168
1,200 118 117 118
36 26 26
700 102 101 100
1,800 17 16 16
4,400 49 49 49
96 11 13
26 26 24
48 47 47
9 l 17
94 14 3i
92 5 IllJ tl
.... It
17 17
Autos Come Together
And One Driver Fined
C. W. Lsrton. Mi Arbor street,
was fined $5 and costs in police court
on a charge ot reckless driving. Lar
son was arrested on complaint of C
H. Cullison, 2527 Devenport street,
with whose auto he collided at
Twelfth and Dodge streets. Cullison
asserts the collision, occurring by
reason of the fact that Larson did not
comply with the regulations by giv
ing the turning signal at the inter
section of the streets.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
to Success.
Hall Room Thief Makes
Two Hauls at Windsor Inn
C. Brown of the Windsor hotel re
ports to the police the theft of $7
from his room, while D. Smitherman
of the same hotel lost $8 and two
baggage checks. When the latter
called the Burlington station he found
that the possessor of the checks had
preceded him and made away with
his baggage. G. G. Kyne of the
Havens hotel took a friend to his
room Wednesday night and when the
latter left $40 of Kyne's money went
Wires Omaha Police to
Apprehend Runaway Wife
D. B. Perkins of Alliance has wired
the Omaha police to apprehend his
wife and D. L. Lilley of Gillette,
Wyo., who, he says, are enroute to
Omaha. With the pair is Mrs. Per
kins' mother.
B. I. Taylor, city commlMionar of Sioux
City. In charga of streeta and public im
provements, ta making a tour of Inspection
over Omaha's paving, sewer and park sys
tems. City Engineer Bruce la taking tha
visitor over the city.
Market Break
Motor & Oil
Intrinsic Pius Speculative
Value of Listed
New York Curb
Mining Issues
Analyzed and Diaacciad in tb
Industrial and
Mining Age
Published Weekly Since January,
Sold by Subscription Only. $5 a
Simple Off and ic teai htt tm ear see es
ef nfrnctim if yea ertfe imawe'ialeji.
27 William St.. N.w York.
"'700 'ii
4,800 10s 10114 1044
800 60S 80 69
4,800 19214 191 130
800 11114 111 1114
8UV 20ft 014 ZD14
10 4
23 S
23 H
200 27
8.200 2U
28 127K 127
1,100 28 25 25
800 18214 19014 110
11,800 141 18IU 139V.
.UU .13, 611
RUU 11, 1IU
48,600 88
700 1184,
9.200 71
1,200 17 27
200 14 ll 14
9. 001 51 61
78 H
Total sales for the day, 165,000 share
Xiondon Stock Market.
London, Aug. 10. The stock market had
a cheerful tone today and some of the funds
hardened. American securities were lead
ing features and dealings In them were
more frequent than for some Urns past.
Americans closed' firm.
Money and discount rates were steady.
Silver Bar, Sld per ounce.
Money i per cent,
Discount Rates Short bills, 6 8 per
cent; three months, per cent.
New Tork Money Market.
New Tork, Aug. 1 0. Money On call.
Arm; high, 3V4 per cent; low, 1H Pr cent;
ruling rate IVi per cent; last loan, i per
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12 bars Laundry Queen White Laundry
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tion, now enlarging business, desires a few competent,
capable, honest salesmen. See us today. Salary and
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